“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, April 30, 2010



  1. I can top that easy...having some wine and listening to Norah Jones and enjoying the warm spring evening.

  2. You must have been watching porn, deuce. And what the hell is that hair on the chest? I don't have that, and my pecker doesn't waver around like that.

  3. All I see is the word, "Sharing."

  4. That is the best freaking video ever, Sam.

  5. What's the hair on the chest, is that a girl or guy?

  6. And let me just say: ADM Thad Allen is THE MAN.

  7. Were the admin a little more in charge of its own message, it would simply repeat what Thad says.

    Alas, there are off days.

  8. Do you want to talk about off days? I left the stove on all night with nothing in the pan. It was on a very low simmer mind you but still it was on. We were lucky.

  9. "We were lucky."

    So on second thought let's not think of them as off days, shall we? Rather, lucky days.

    Perspective, perspective, perspective.

  10. The U.S. government scrambled on Friday to ward off an environmental disaster that could cost billions of dollars as a huge oil spill reached coastal Louisiana, imperiling shrimp fishing grounds, oyster beds and fragile wetlands with a rich variety of wildlife.
    With oil gushing unchecked from a ruptured deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana, President Barack Obama's administration heaped pressure on London-based energy giant BP, the majority owner of the blown-out well, to do more to shut off the flow and contain the spreading slick.


    "The problem here is we have a leak that's uncontrolled right now, leading to a source of oil that's not infinite, but it's very very large, and we're not going to know the total impact and the oil release until we actually shut it down," Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said on CNN.
    "I think 5,000 barrels per day is a good estimate for now, but I think we need to understand, we can have something catastrophic happen down there, we need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, and that's where we're headed."

    Oil Spill

  11. I'm lucky not to have burned down something over this many years. Due to often intensive activities involving a very large and ancient cast iron skillet - and the absence of a good exhaust fan - I always have to remove the battery from the smoke alarm nearest the kitchen.

  12. It doesn't matter what you call it, Trish, it was an off day for me.

  13. I nearly burned down the house attempting to deep-fry some won-tons, or something-a-rather a few years back now. Kitchen window drape caught fire burned up with flames licking the ceiling. Talk about a close one.

  14. Talking about "Lucky" bet on that horse in the Kentucky Derby. My wife follows these things, she being raised right across the border from Kentucky, and having gone to the University of Kentucky. Her calls on these things are often very good on this stuff.

  15. Talking about "Lucky" bet on that horse in the Kentucky Derby. My wife follows these things, she being raised right across the border from Kentucky, and having gone to the University of Kentucky. Her calls on these things are often very good on this stuff.

  16. That's the thing it never smoked or smelled or anything indicating it was on. No smoke alarm went off or anything. Although, my pan has this slimy sticky stuff that I can't, for the life of me, get off of it.

  17. I smoked a smoke on the porch, after having helped Walt, now dead, crushed under his own SUV, with harvest, then went to bed, only to wake up with the Fire Department banging on the doors. The wife was really mad. She said, you could have done a better job of it, as she doesn't really like it here, and would rather have a new home.

  18. I never burned anything down except for a few eyelashes and some hair in the frong of my head.

  19. When I was up at the lake, by myself, reading, I took one of these quart plastic bottles of lighter fluid, and sprayed it on the charcoal, which wasn't going so good, where I was making some steaks, sprayed from a few feet away. Whole damned porch nearly exploded, the flame came right up the spray. Don't ever ever do that.

  20. Today they closed the Louisiana Capline offshore crude terminal (off of St. James) due to the spill (likely do not want tankers spreading the spill and fire risk on the water). This is where crude oil import tankers tie up to unload for the Louisiana area refineries. Gasoline is up another 5 cents today wholesale.

  21. Rufus, what's your estimated PPG by July. I'm driving to TN and need to plan a budget.

  22. Another time, my sis and me ,who is six years older than I, were going skinny dipping, late at night one hot August night, in the lake, when the water is warmer than the air, and we had a fire, as usual on the beach. When we got out of the water, she putting a towel about her body, and me too, we had a smoke, and one of us threw a
    cig butt over there, in the bushes and it caught fire in the bushes. Just don't let fools play with matches! Or cigarettes!

  23. "It doesn't matter what you call it, Trish"

    Whatever you say. I'm not in the mood to quibble.

  24. Another time, my sis and me ,who is six years older than I, were going skinny dipping, late at night one hot August night, in the lake, when the water is warmer than the air, and we had a fire, as usual on the beach. When we got out of the water, she putting a towel about her body, and me too, we had a smoke, and one of us threw a
    cig butt over there, in the bushes and it caught fire in the bushes. Just don't let fools play with matches! Or cigarettes!

  25. Only the Good Lord could possibly know, MLD. If I were making a budget now, I would plan on $4.00/gal, be prepared for $5.00, and hope for $3.50.

    But, really, too many unknown, unknowns. ANYTHING could happen. One would be: The economy falls off a cliff, and the price of gas actually goes down.

    My Dad always said, "Take half the clothes you think you'll need, and Twice the money." :)

  26. One pretty reliable outfit thinks it's more like 20,000 barrels/day. That would be 840,000 gallons/day.

  27. $4.00 or $5.00 a gallong? Good Lord, that's highway robbery.

    My Nana always said, "Make sure you have clean underwear on in case you're in an accident."

  28. If that oil ever gets over to the L.O.O.P. it'll shut off almost all of the oil imports to the Gulf from Louisiana, Eastward, I think, and maybe some to Texas. If it gets over to the Houston Ship Channel then I guess we're looking at all Gulf imports. Or, almost all.

    Obama will Tap the "Reserve," and, quite likely, impose rationing.

  29. Billions, and Billions, and Billions will be lost if that oil gets over to the Destin, Santa Rosa area. That white sand will Never recover. Not in a hundred years.

  30. The mantra of the Tea Party and Mrs Palin!

    Ecological disaster strikes LA, worse than Katrina, but for the lack of displaced people.

    Because they drilled, baby, they drilled.

  31. (CNN) -- A sheriff's deputy in central Arizona was shot Friday afternoon by an alleged illegal immigrant, authorities said.

  32. PARIS (Reuters) - Belgium's vote to ban full face veils in public is the furthest any European country has gone to confront a tiny minority whose choice in clothing has come to symbolize the issue of ...

  33. The Pinal County deputy, who was not immediately identified, contacted authorities after being wounded in the desert, saying he had been shot by an illegal immigrant with an AK-47, said Lt. Tammy Villar, a sheriff's spokeswoman.
    Pinal County is between Phoenix and Tucson and has been described as a key transit point for illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. Sheriff Paul Babeu said an estimated 80 percent of illegal immigrants eventually pass through his county along the way to other locations.

    Earlier this week, a CNN crew spent 12 hours on patrol with Pinal County deputies. In that time, the deputies captured more than 50 suspected illegal immigrants and about 2,000 pounds of marijuana.

  34. Earlier this week, a CNN crew spent 12 hours on patrol with Pinal County deputies. In that time, the deputies captured more than 50 suspected illegal immigrants and about 2,000 pounds of marijuana.

  35. I've seen the slick referred to as "Palin's Pond."

    Early on I saw a figure for "insured cost" being around $35 Billion. Only Jehova knows what the cost may end up being.

    If we end up with "Rationing," and a Crashed Economy it could run to a $Trillion.

    For half that I could replace every drop of oil we use in the United States.

  36. And, we'd never ship another Dollar to the Middle East or Africa, or Venezuela.

  37. Wait till this stuff starts coming out about BP's Criminality, and Corruption Beyond Pisspoor

    The MMS is right in there getting their money, too.

  38. Right on Time:

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has declared a state of emergency in several Panhandle coastal counties because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Friday's executive order covers Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Bay and Gulf Counties.

    The order says "The resulting oil slick is generally moving in a northerly direction and threatens Florida's coast."

    From Drudge.

  39. Wall Street Journal -

    ATHENS—Greece's leaders said Friday the beleaguered country is close to reaching terms of a bailout with fellow euro-zone nations and the International Monetary Fund.

  40. Houston Chronicle -

    AUSTIN - Gov. Rick Perry told federal officials Friday that Texas would not participate in health insurance pools for high risk individuals that are being set up under the new national health care law.

  41. PHOENIX - ABC 15 TV in Phoenix is reporting that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will announce his candidacy for governor Monday.

    The sometimes controversial Arpaio, known for his cracking down on illegal immigration, only said he will announce his decision, refusing to shed light on what it may be.

    The 77-year-old Arpaio has been the Maricopa County Sheriff since 1992.

  42. Some of the California setups were almost as simple as turning on a valve compared to these deep water mamoths. of course BHO and Nancy decided to say no to California/Oregon.

  43. Wife reminded me we used to watch the little rocking horse pumpers on piers and man-made islands off the coast.

  44. " of course BHO and Nancy..."

    I also got an earful on artificial constructs.

    Would I ever go back?


  45. Back where.
    You never cease to (intentionally) confuse and confound.

  46. Too much Legal Immigration, already!

    Most Americans do not know just how many legal immigrants we let in each year. The Department of Homeland Security just issued their statistics for new legal permanent immigrants in 2009. Last year, we issued 1,130,818 green cards, the fourth highest year since 1914. From 2000-2009, we issued over 10 million green cards, the highest decade of American history. Currently, there are 38 million immigrants, 24 million of whom are in the workforce. This does not include temporary workers. DHS did not release the 2009 figures yet, but they issued 912,735 temporary employment authorizations in 2008.

    Most of these immigrants are low skilled and from the Third World. Less than 10% of new green card holders are from Europe. People of extraordinary ability, investors, and immigrants with advanced degrees made up less than 8% of the new immigrants.

    Faced with these numbers, how can anyone argue with a straight face that we don’t admit enough immigrants?


    Turbeaux said,

    That’s absurd. It is impossible for illiterate and unskilled workers to become contributing and productive members of American society. Not only that, but they are also not compatible with America society. Wow, only 8 percent of new immigrants are actually qualified.

  47. You're an acquired taste.
    Like hot piss.

  48. Oh, doug, go to NYCity, out to the Statue of Liberty, the people greeter for the United States of America.

    Read what she has to tell the whirled.

    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

    The only "Qualification" required to come to the United States, is desire to improve one's self.

    If we're going to change that Standard, we should have changed that inscription, when we refurnished Lacy Liberty.

  49. I see no reason to favor parasites over producers.
    I don't think Lady Liberty would mind, given present circumstances, esp wrt the Welfare State.

    ...which was far from the minds of our founders.


    The Arizona Hysteria

    Racist! Nativist! Profiler! Xenophobe!

    "Finally, legal immigration should be reformed and reflect new realities. Millions of highly educated and skilled foreigners from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe are dying to enter the U.S.

    Rather than base immigration criteria on anchor children, accidental birth in the U.S. without concern for legality, and family ties, we need at least in part to start giving preference to those of all races and nationalities who will come with critical skills, and in turn rely less on the social service entitlement industry.

    They should come from as many diverse places as possible to prevent the sort of focused ethnic tribalism and chauvinism we have seen in the case of Mexico’s cynicism.

  50. Hispanic kids are not "improved" by NEA Monopoly schools,
    anymore than healthy HS graduates are "improved" by the Leftist Dogma spouted on college campi.

  51. Your last three posts may be right on, doug-o, but not the course charted, for US, by our elected leaders of both political parties.

    When we did the refurbishing of Lady Liberty we did not change the inscription, so that remains the Standard.

    As it should.

    That our public schools are not what they could be, not the fault of the students, where ever their country of origin may be.

  52. "Back where.
    You never cease to (intentionally) confuse and confound.


    You know how women are often spoken of as the great mystery Dougo?

    Trish takes the meme to the extreme.

    She should come with the equivalent of a Rosetta Stone.

    Or perhaps, more appropriately, a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.


  53. Whoops, there I go again.

    I keep forgetting that my nemesis, LT, is still out there lurking in the foothills surrounding the EB waiting to ride in to the defense of the fair lady.

    I can see him now riding in with his mask and white John Deere cap approaching in his trusty white Toyota, Carl.

    "Whoa Carl, easy big fella, easy...slow down...look out for tha...Damn not again!............SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!"



  54. Sure would be nice if anyone in Media would just let someone who knows something talk and answer questions.

    A caller got on one of the shows yesterday, and I learned more in 30 seconds than my previous knowledge combined.
    ...but 30 seconds was all he got, then it was back to whatever the "issue" was being discussed.

    A critical fact is this:
    When the column is filled with oil, the weight of that column moderates the pressure.

    As soon as gas begins to come up with the oil, the weight is reduced, and if you don't get it shut off in time, the resulting pressure can blow up just about anything.

    Must be a hell of a feeling as they are monitering and the density starts going down:

    You know the chances of a shit storm are rapidly going up.

    Still seems like it would have been a good idea to leave the fire burning at the site, esp after the platform collapsed.

  55. The differences between Alaska and LA are critical.

    Rocks are cleaned off rather quickly - the wetlands are like a giant sponge, and will take forever.

    AND it happened at the worst possible time, when all the animals arrive to lay eggs and etc.

    ...not to mention the additional bad luck of the winds and currents.

  56. Supposedly intelligent people @ BC were suggesting it was not an accident.

    Putting them in the same category as the truthers.

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  63. 2020.10.10酒店賣假酒 獲取不法所得!不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因?竹聯幫寶和會行事風格凶狠,不只捲入館長槍擊案,這次酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容還被檢舉涉嫌販賣假酒,上個月新北市刑大與財政局菸酒查緝隊前往酒店業者所經營的,香閣里拉酒店、維多利亞酒店、百達妃麗酒店、百家妃麗酒店、百富妃麗酒店,兵分六路各帶回洋酒檢驗,這次跟著逮捕行動二度前往,當場扣走上百箱的酒,只是這突如其來的【酒店小姐】【酒店公關】酒店上班到底都在做麼?行動,讓酒店業者跟酒店酒店小姐酒店上班措手不及,無奈配合調查。包廂內原本還在狂歡,霹靂小組突然衝進裏頭喊卡,酒店小姐酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?,穿著火辣,但這回也不是查人也不是查毒品,而是桌上的假酒。酒店門口堆滿整箱的酒,警方不只站在門外守著,裡面還有查緝隊人員逐一清點。這頭點完還沒結束,另外一個角落也同樣放了另外一個牌子的洋酒。數量多到根本放不下,連忙呼叫轄區中山分局員警支援,上個月新北刑大與台北市財政局菸酒查緝隊進行第一次搜索,當場把可疑的假酒帶回送驗,確認有異狀後,這次二度查扣,上百箱的可疑假酒全被帶回。知情人士:「比較流行就大摩,再來就是,譬如說這個XR蘇格登也很多,還有類似皇家禮炮這種,大概就是幾千元上下,不會去仿路易十三那種,因為銷不好。」檢警人員調查,近來接獲檢舉在台北市中山區酒店有業者竟然拿出假酒販售,從中牟取暴利。常見假酒分為兩種,一款是偽造酒瓶、紙盒和標籤,內裝食用酒精和香料;另外一種惡劣廠商,將回收來的酒瓶重新整理,裝入劣質原料再售出,與原廠售出價格落差3到5倍,常見的以蘇格登、XR還有大摩,而涉案的還是竹聯幫和堂寶和會。知情人士:「其實他們做的比較廣,就是說當然還是以立威為主嘛,主要是不管,只要是有利益或有知名度的賭場或百家樂啊,都有加減涉入啦。」寶和會近年來竄起,以中山、大安為據點,作風剽悍,還曾捲入立院旁槍擊案,寶和會不僅插旗酒店、夜店還經營地下錢莊,成員較年輕,利用凶狠行徑出名後,還會鎖定知名人士替寶和會立威,這次涉嫌教唆砸下重金對館長開槍,與寶和會作風接近,恐怕也脫不了關係。

  64. 2021.01.05酒店打工 酒店工作內容
    1、不論是自己Google找經紀或朋友介紹,酒店打工在職前都會有行政或是至於你適合哪種店家就要依照你的條件能配合的上班時間 (【酒店小姐】【酒店公關】學姊們教你
    6、不要讓自已喝醉!!和客人拚酒是最傻的行為,雖然喝酒難免,但能閃則閃,保持自已清醒才是安全又健康的!。很多人想到酒店上班,卻沒有良好的管道。梁曉尊的網站提供大家可選擇的管道!女孩們在與曉尊用LINE對話 或者利用留言版留言時,我們的回答總是簡單且衷懇的。我們成立這個網站,是想揭開這行神秘的面紗,當然也希望招募到優秀的人員。所以我們的回答絕對是符合妳的期待。