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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The April Fool -Jeb, (Joe effing Biden)

Let's hear it for the the safe pick for the April Fool, Joe Biden.

Vice president calls for changing attitudes about violence

March 31, 2010 9:19 PM

Biden on violence against woman

PEORIA, Ill. -- Vice President Joe Biden, speaking Wednesday at an anti-violence event in central Illinois, called for "educating the whole society" to dispel cultural attitudes that lead to sexual assaults.

Biden was joined by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., at the Center for Prevention of Abuse fundraiser, attended by 1,100 people at the Peoria Civic Center.

The vice president, a former Democratic senator from Delaware, discussed his work to pass the Violence Against Women Act in 1994. In advancing the legislation, Biden said, he had to confront state laws that permitted rape within a marriage and combat cultural assumptions that women "ask to be raped" when they wear short skirts or walk alone late at night.

"No man, no man, no man, under any condition other than self-defense, has the right to raise his hand to a woman. No condition. None. Zero," he said.

The vice president, who said he used to target men's groups when talking about these issues, reminded the men in the room they too are potential victims of rape.

"Why don't you report it? Because you're ashamed," Biden said. "You don't want your friends to know a man raped you. ... How about women in our society? How easy do you think it is for a woman to go home and say, 'I've been raped'?"

Biden also thanked those at the event who assist victims of assault and abuse.

"You're doing God's work," he told them.

He also praised Durbin for his anti-violence work in the Senate and LaHood, a former Republican congressman from Peoria.

Biden said LaHood was "literally the first name that was raised to be in the Cabinet ... which goes to show you this is an all-Illinois team."

While in Peoria, the vice president stopped by two local institutions, George's Shoeshine and the Spotted Cow, an ice cream joint.

George's is a favorite stop for LaHood, and also has been visited by President Barack Obama and former Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Owner George Manias, who has shined shoes for 63 years, said of Biden: "He talks just like an ordinary person, a nice guy."

In honor of Biden, the Spotted Cow renamed its chocolate chip ice cream "Chip off the Old Biden." During the visit to the ice cream parlor, Biden, Durbin and LaHood met with local business people.

--Michelle Manchir


  1. Andy Jack, Sky News Online

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    Attempts to blockade army bases were among the attacks

    Eighteen gang members died in the ensuing gun battles, in which gunmen attacked in force in bulletproof vehicles, using hand grenades and assault rifles.

    The attempts to blockade soldiers inside their bases were part of seven attacks across two northern border states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon - areas that have seen escalating violence in recent months.

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  2. If every women had a permit to carry you would sure see those charts skyrocket. It seems the government likes to dictate so why not just add one more to the list. Oh wait, then they can find a way to put an extra tax on that whether you want to or not.

  3. God Lov'im. Just keep him away from the Red Button.

  4. Oil up a "Buck." Pushing around on $85.00/bbl.

    Gasoline continues its climb. Ready for $3.00 gas?

    Will it kill the comeback?

  5. Oil marching toward $85, wish it was an April Fool's joke.

  6. The Joke's on "Us."

    We had a Very "Bearish" inventory report, yesterday. So, why is oil, and gasoline still rising?

    Ford reports their sales are up 84% in China. Triple in India.

    It ain't "all about us," anymore.

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  9. Talk about hypocrisy:

    A self-confessed murderer and gunrunner is executed in Dubai and the world does not hesitate to make unfounded accusations, pointing a collective finger at Mossad. As usual, the usual suspects on this site follow suit.

    A South Korean naval vessel is sunk in disputed territory and the whole world bends over backward not to make accusations against the most obvious perpetrator, North Korea.

    Such is life. That is why XXXXXX should pay as little attention and give as little information as possible.

  10. ISM Manufacturing Index - Up, Up, and Away

    Several good articles in a row from Carpe Diem.

  11. An armed society is a polite society.

  12. "Talk about hypocrisy..."