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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bipartisanship and Joe Biden's Judgement

Success In Iraq No Accident
By Mike Baker -

There's good news in the deaths of two top terrorists in Iraq that goes beyond simply removing murderers from the planet.

Job security isn't what it used to be for terrorists in Iraq. U.S. and Iraqi officials announced on Monday that the two top leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq were hunted down and killed in a week long operation near Tikrit. Abu Ayyub Al-Masri, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and his murdering cohort Abu Omar al-Baghdadi were discovered in a hole in the ground during a combined Iraqi-US military and intelligence operation. There's a satisfying synergy to learning that these two butchers were found in a hole in the ground.

It is especially important to note that the operation's success involved the Iraqi military and intelligence service, supported by U.S. personnel. This was not the U.S. acting on its own, or with a token level of assistance by Iraqi elements. A success story over the past couple of years has been the ability of the Iraqi military and intel organization to assume responsibility for security operations. Over the past year in particular, the Iraqis have shown an increasing ability to target and degrade the Al Qaeda in Iraq structure.

Admittedly a long time in the making, the training and building of the Iraqi forces has always been seen as a critical component of the effort to create a stable and democratic post-Hussein Iraq.
That effort has been quietly moving forward as other aspects of Iraq, notably the dysfunctional nature of its politics, have garnered more press. But all the while, with occasional frustrations and setbacks, the Iraqi forces have been gaining experience, confidence and trust.

The public has improved its perception of the home team and that has allowed further success, as the population proves more willing to work with the military in combating terrorism and violent elements. This cooperation and relative goodwill will be crucial in the comings months as continuing political discord following the recent elections will test the country's ability to not backslide into sectarian violence.

It's a work in progress to be sure. But there's good news in the deaths of two top terrorists that goes beyond simply removing murderers from the planet. Its a story of hard fought success and the promise of stability for the future when the Iraqis once again are on their own.


  1. Please pray for the health and safety of Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. Joe Biden Recieves Lifetime Ban From Dave and Busters Restaurant Chain.

    Biden Says Who Needs Em


  3. A few weeks ago, during the signing of the health care reform bill, Vice President Joe Biden whispered in the president's ear. Not knowing his microphone was on, and because he's "Have mouth will travel" Joe, he — to use the media's code — "dropped the F bomb."

    I know that because I read it in a news report, it apparently being one of the most newsworthy aspects of the ceremony marking a seismic shift in national policy. The story observed that it wouldn't bother many Americans, because they talk like Joe, and it cited a survey that substantiated that.

    So I clicked on the link and discovered a few things about America.


    This is illuminating too: When polled, 30 percent of Americans said they're overweight, down considerably from a few years ago. Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says two-thirds of us are too heavy, some of us are kidding ourselves — or kidding the interviewers who ask indelicate questions.

    America is Thin

  4. The young man is fine, dear host. He was pick-pocketed in a thick crowd. It's what the pick pockets ended up with that's worrisome.

    There's only so much to be done about the workaday hazards of living in an urban environment anywhere. Interestingly, our daughter has suffered worse in the past in Richmond.

  5. And it really cannot be said enough: The command team in Iraq over the past two years needs to be cloned.

  6. Why should they be cloned, trish?

    The Tribes have not been displaced as the cultural and societal center pieces of Iraq, which was the goal of the operation, from the start.

    The US military failed in achieving that victory standard, for over eight years. They have managed to lower the level of public violence, but the political goals that the US set, they have not been achieved.

    The political position of Iran, in the region, has been enhanced. Was this one of the goals of US policy? If not why clone those that got it done?

    Since war is but an extension of politics, and we have failed, politically, why clone the fellas that have failed, so gloriously?

    What have they done that deserves to be replicated?

  7. "Why should they be cloned, trish?"

    Because they are actually THAT good.

    And somewhat to his own surprise, it was six personally rewarding months for my husband, whose experience with his Iraqi counterparts was both pleasant and fruitful.

    For an essentially AfPak guy, it was unexpectedly positive and enlightening.

  8. As far as can be seen, all the Team on the Ground has done, since the Obama Administration has taken over, in Iraq, is solidify the US defeat, by the Tribes of Iraq.

    In both Anbar, in the South and in the Shiite City of Baghdad the US has made payment to its' enemies, tribute paid in an effort to stem the violence.
    That has succeeded tactically, but should never be replicated, not by a military that maintains victory in battle as its' primary mission.

    When we could not win, militarily, we surrendered politically and called it good.

    Let US not replicate that, ever again.

  9. The video clips are only two years old. We rarely do a post about Iraq. The "Fix" proposed by Biden and voted for by many Republicans, bipartisans all, looks quite different from the present vantage.

    Iraq split into three parts by the US Senate would be viewed as raw unvarnished imperialsim and would be a far greater mess than the present situation.

  10. Look at Biden's comments about Petreaus.

    Compare Petreaus' performance, his steady hand, to the hysterical histrionics of the Amtrak astro- turfed drama queen from Delaware

  11. "Compare Petreaus' performance..."

    Lest it go without saying, Ray Odierno is no less the very epitome of a steady and amazingly capable hand.

  12. They are certainly capable managers, our current crop of Generals.

    But they are not winners.

    Not in Iraq nor in Afpakistan, yet.

    Not after almost a decade of effort.

    Performance does count, eventually.
    Even for US.

    As to an Iraq that was split into three parts ...

    An independent Kurdistan, Mat certainly would have applauded.

    Southern Iraq firmly in the hands of the Shia militias, leaning towards Iran. Which is what we have, today.

    The Sunni populous held tighter to the Saudi sphere of influence. That would not necessarily be a "bad" thing.

    What could have been, another "unknowable" as Rummy would say.

    As to the imagery of the US as occupiers and imperialists, if the Kurds had been granted independence, a debatable outcome.

  13. An independent Kurdistan wold have been a poke in the eye, of the Turks.

    Which after the 4th ID debacle, they certainly deserved.

    Though our host does not think it wise, to provoke the Turks. Even about events 100 years in the past.

    So the idea that there was real wisdom behind the concept of creating an independent Kurdistan is debatable, certainly not a sure thing.

  14. Iraq is what it is. The navigating wasn't necessariy of the highest order, but we've arrived at the finish. Time to thank the fans, pay the road crew, and load up the trucks.

    A few days back home to recharge, and repair a pretty badly beat-up ride. Got a race yet to run in Afpakistan that makes this one look like a Sunday afternoon go kart race.

    Except, the Afpak race has no "winner's purse." No proud sponsors sending checks. Just a race around a country larger than Texas, in the dark, with no roadmap, and no support crew.

    A joyless affair with no promise of reward at the end. One that has destroyed every world-class racing team that's ever "run it."

  15. trish,

    Re: art of persuasion

    Did something I said give you the impression that I was doing anything other than driving coffin nails? If so, pardon.

    No, Trish, there is no one here to persuade.

  16. "Did something I said give you the impression that I was doing anything other than driving coffin nails?"

    Into which coffin?

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. rat says: So the idea that there was real wisdom behind the concept of creating an independent Kurdistan is debatable, certainly not a sure thing.

    If a fake national people called "palestinians" deserve a state...

    The KURDS 1000 times over deserve one...

  19. His own, trish.

    After humping the hills and vills of the 'Nam, allen retired from the Marine Corps.

    He did not spend his career in Federal service, however.

    Those forty years from "Nam until now, a figment of his whirled wide web auto-biography.

    The dead head cannot remember his lies, he cannot get "the story straight".

    allen was never an Army Ranger, that's fer sure.

    He's dead now

  20. "misdirection" backs the Biden Plan, for Iraq, let's take note of that.

    He's still a Democrat, at heart.

  21. Trish, I've been waiting for a response to your post but now that it has come it appears somewhat tepid to me.

    That being said, let me comment merely on the art rather than the content.

    In toto? Excellent.

    However, I am especially impressed with the originality and insight of the term "mastubatory malice".


    I apologize in advance, but it is likely that in the future at some other blog or comments section I will steal the phrase (almost certainly without attribution). I hope you don't mind too much.

    The comfort you can take is that any future use will lack the spot-on precision of the original.


  22. desert rat said...
    "misdirection" backs the Biden Plan, for Iraq, let's take note of that.

    He's still a Democrat, at heart.

    Hey asswipe, don't put words in my comments...

    And dont start up with that NAME calling thing since you NEVER stop calling names...

    The KURDS deserve a state MORE than your FRIENDS the dealth cult retards, the Palestinians. They deserve one more than MOST of your other friends, the Arabs as well...

    The better question is iWHY do I support freedom for the Kurds?

    Because I dont like the fact that the Syrians, Iranians, Iraqi's and Turks (all Moslems, all the time) OCCUPY the KURDS real historic lands....

    and the KURDs, unlike arab nationalism is rooted in history....

  23. The Palestinians, they are not my friends, "misdirection".

    In fact I don't think they're much of anything of importance. Just a couple million folk, stuck between a rock and hard place.

    The whole of the area, the size of Maricopa County.
    Simple solutions evade the participants, so at some point an unsatisfactory solution will be imposed.

    As it has been in the past, circles and cycles. Scenes we've all seen before.

    Demographics rule.

  24. As to Kurdistan, I thought it a viable plan to create it, if the enemy was the status que of Islam, as presently constituted.

    It would have created great trials and tribulations in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Possibly causing the dissolution of one or all of the regimes in place in any of those countries, at the time.

    I was all for it.
    But the Government of the United States, the one allied with the status que of Islam, demurred.

    So, today, the idea of Kurdistan, as promoted two years ago, by the current VP, is open to partisan ridicule and derision.

    It certainly is not a policy option, today.

  25. DR said:

    He did not spend his career in Federal service, however.

    While I know you are not thinking about me or talking about me, despite repeatedly mentioning my name, I do have one question: What gave you that idea?

    O, and DR, I was not a Ranger.

  26. Trish,

    After reading your "masturbatory" comment, I considered my options.

    Since this blog does not provide a forum for considered debate, but rather serves as the vehicle whereby a small fixed number of contributors can engage in sadomasochistic flogging, persuasion is not an option.

    I'll check back in a few months to see if any new contributors have joined.

    It's been real.

  27. Take care, allen.

    O, and Trish's husband has a most lovely guidon that flew its way abroad with JSTARS: "N Is For Knowledge."

    Ranger is holy.

  28. (Though she'll never REALLY forgive him for doing it just cuz he'd always wanted to. Just to see if he could.)

  29. Did we just lose another one?

    Attrition at the EB is brutal these days.

    A toast to those gone but not forgotten.

    We should have cups or something that could be hung over the bar.


  30. "He's still a Democrat, at heart."

    The Biden plan was not a Democratic plan, it was a crackpot plan. One that no one with a modicum of sense bought into.

    It would have led to all-out civil war with the US in the middle of it as referee.


  31. Actually, Quirk, there is a certain logic to the notion of splitting Iraq into three parts where each of the 3 main factions would have a dominant majority. The problem, and it is a biggie, is that to do so would smack of Imperial Hubris.

  32. It could have smacked down the Civil War that is yet to come, Quirk.

    Referencing the continued civil disturbances in Kirkuk, there is still the great probability that factional war will break out, after the US actually withdraws its' combat power.

    The case could be made that the borders and areas of influence would have already been determined, while the US enjoyed its' monopoly of power, rather than kicking that can down the road.

    Given the very real possibility that Syria would have destabilized, with the Kurdish region there pining to join the Kurdish Republic. The net gains could have been substantial, with very little risk or cost, to US.

  33. We should have cups or something that could be hung over the bar.


    Did I miss something in the last couple spins of the world? You snooze, you lose?

    Some worthy lines in that Onion article. Could be archived for quick retrieval to be used for next incident.

    "In the interests of the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff, we must insist that [INSERT NAME] never set foot
    in the Elephant Bar again

  34. Keeping the "story straight" reference is to a "b" movie made by J. Travolta and Sam Jackson that revolved around "renegade" Rangers taking down a drug ring on Howard AFB in the closing days of the US basing there.

    All they had to do, "Keep the story straight"

    It also references the Tillman misadventure in Afpakinstan story, with the Rangers keeping it "straight".

  35. The continuity and costuming on that Travolta movie, some of the worse I've seen.

    That movie, the storyline showed promise, but there was a lacking of seriousness in its' execution.

  36. Basic : John Travolta & Samuel L Jackson Interview

    John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson talk exclusively about their roles in Basic and the story. The footage also contains two exclusive film clips of the two in action.

    There is always the possibility of two truths. The truth we see. And what’s behind it.

    One appears to be reality. The other is reality.

    From acclaimed action-director John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, Predator) and screenwriter James Vanderbilt comes Basic, a riveting, multi-layered military suspense thriller. Joining John Travolta, Connie Nielsen and Samuel L. Jackson is an ensemble of some of today’s most compelling young actors including Giovanni Ribisi, Brian Van Holt, Taye Diggs, Cristian De La Fuente, Dash Mihok and Roselyn Sanchez.

  37. Like I said, allen was no Ranger, he could not keep his story straight.

    Glad he agreed.

  38. Well, well.

    We have rat, ash, WiO and Joe Biden all agreeing on something.

    The circus has finally come to town.


  39. "...would smack of Imperial Hubris."

    Good golly, depending on whose estimate you believe, the US has launched a war that resulted in between 100,000 and 600,000 Iraqis being killed, as well as, 2,000,000turned into refugees and your only concern about further action that would have likely resulted in another 100,000 dying was that we would be viewed as having hubris.



  40. We never should have gone there at all Quirk ole boy and I wouldn't counsel trying to split Iraq in 3 or how they should run their government or there water and electricity systems or their oil exports. But, if that is your bag, then furthering the reach of your Imperial ambition and redrawing the map for them one more time is just more of the same - Imperial Hubris.

  41. Imperial hubris?

    Our hegemony is better than anyone elses, for everyone.

    Get behind it or get over it.

  42. "It would have created great trials and tribulations in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Possibly causing the dissolution of one or all of the regimes in place in any of those countries, at the time.

    Rat, you gotta stop licking them damn frogs.

    At the time of this discussion, Turkey was (and still is I quess) a prime ally in the region. Trials and tribulation? They'd would have fone bat-fuck crazy and I'll give you one guess as to who would have been blamed.

    Iran and Syria? They would have loved it. Any kind of external threat like this would would have unified their countries against an external enemy. Any opposition movement in Iran would have drifted away.

    Iraq and Afghanistan? Hell, why not the entire middle east>

    "Referencing the continued civil disturbances in Kirkuk, there is still the great probability that factional war will break out, after the US actually withdraws its' combat power."

    So on the chance that factional war might break out in the future you want to make sure and precipitate it now.

    "The case could be made that the borders and areas of influence would have already been determined, while the US enjoyed its' monopoly of power, rather than kicking that can down the road."

    Monopoly of power? Biden was spouting this drivel before the surge. As I recall, we were hanging on by our fingernails.

    As far as kicking the can down the road, that is the best case scenario. I'd love nothing better than to see Iraq relatively stable until we can get our ass out of there.

    After that, once we are out of there, we can make up any stories we want rationalizing and justifying how we ended up there in the first place.


  43. "...and I wouldn't counsel trying to split Iraq in 3 or how they should run their government or..."

    Then what the heck is this...

    "Actually, Quirk, there is a certain logic to the notion of splitting Iraq into three parts where each of the 3 main factions would have a dominant majority."

    You confuse me Ash.


  44. Oh by the way, rat, your movie review reminded me I have to pull together the horoscope.

    Taurus was actually due yesterday I believe.


  45. Sorry for any confusion Quirk. For the record - I opposed going into Iraq in the first place and I still think it was a mistake to do so.

    BUT - if you accept the logic that it was a good idea to occupy the place and try to fix up their governance then splitting the country into three regions has some positive aspects to it.

  46. Well, Quirk the moment the 4th ID was turned away, Turkey fell out of the "ally" slot.

    It has not returned.

    I accepted that from the minute the tanks stayed on the boats and headed south to the Suez.

    Performance counts.

    The Syrians could have been seriously stretched, to the breaking point, if regime change in Damascus was the objective.

    It obviously was not.

    We strive to maintain the status que.

  47. And that post that no one commented on:

    "Did Obama and the Democrats Use the SEC Case Against Goldman for Politics?"

    Do the Republicans really think they can make political hay with the approach they are currently taking regarding financial reform? Are they really that dumb to think that siding with the big banks and Wall Street is going to do them any good at the the polling booth?

  48. Meanwhile, the Oil is still "flowing."

    (although, not quite as rapidly, or as cheaply as we had hoped.)

  49. And, a Nuclear-armed, Saddam, is not setting world oil prices.

  50. The irony, of course (and, I guess this is why an "elective" war is almost always a bad idea,) is that if I had been given the equivalent of one year's war expense in 2003 I could have us off of imported oil by now.

    The thing is, though, that Bush didn't know this, the Congress didn't know this, and I didn't know this.

    It all depended on affordable "enzymes," and Novozymes didn't jump this hurdle until late 2009 (about time all the refineries would have been built, and been coming online.)

    Oh well, maybe "next" year.

  51. Blogger rufus said...

    "And, a Nuclear-armed, Saddam, is not setting world oil prices."

    riiiiighat, as if. Only in the demented dreams of Saddam and a few lonely neo-cons.

  52. Sadomasochism, are you serious?

  53. I was always under the impression that the manner of the bar is why people were here. They could gear off subject and express themselves as they pleased. No?

  54. Because the EB lacks a common point of view, and always has, it is much, much more, ah, lively than most establishments.

    Also, of course, there is the liquor license.

  55. We could always do dinner theater.

  56. That's what I'm saying. Lord knows I'm not here for the political entertainment but sometimes I get what I want.

    Listen, what I've been going through the last couple of weeks a good spanking might just be what I need.

  57. Um.


    Blue, that's YOUR cue, I believe.

  58. Trish, I think you're barking up the wrong tree with that one. I have to give him credit, though, he does try.

    Sarcasm goes a long way some people can take it and some people can't.

  59. "I have to give him credit, though, he does try."

    : )

  60. HOROSCOPE – TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

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  63. Scorpio is Taurus's polarity. They have more in common than most polarities but it will never last.

    I read my own Tarot.

  64. Red, you trying to get me in trouble or is it Melody just being a very naughty girl?

  65. "Scorpio is Taurus's polarity. They have more in common than most polarities but it will never last.

    I read my own Tarot.


    Nitpicky and delusions of granduer. You must be a Capricorn.

    I merely transmit what the stars reveal to me.


  66. It's not hard to figure some one's sign when they announce their birthday in public.

  67. And I'm supposed to remember your birthday. Riight.

    As I said, delusions of granduer.


    I do have to admit though that the comment about the sex change operation wasn't my own.

    I forgot the horoscope was due until today and I was having trouble finding timely subjects for the 2010 Horoscope section.

    I needed some filler and thru that in.


  68. "Red, you trying to get me in trouble..."

    Are you shitting me?

    Red would be satisfied with a good hanging.

    I never get what I want.

  69. It all depended on affordable "enzymes," and Novozymes didn't jump this hurdle until late 2009 (about time all the refineries would have been built, and been coming online).

    I hope you take note of this as it demonstrates the folly Doug and I've been telling you about for years, governmental meddling in the free energy market, or any other market for that matter.

    That it comes from you?

    Just another tasty sample of irony.

    I love irony.

  70. Trish, you can have what ever you want all you have to do is ask.

  71. And let's hear it for Virgos.

  72. No, actually, if the government Had meddled more it would have worked out great.

    As it is, that 12.5 Billion gallons/yr of ethanol that we're getting from the program they Did institute is coming in mighty handy. And, cheaply too, I might add.

  73. If nothing else, we are plentiful