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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hamas Asked for Trouble. Israel is Giving it to Them.

Hamas was warned. (This was a live feed. Sound begins at 1:38.)

Israeli Gaza raid kills 180, wounds 800
27/12/2008 12:09:29

Israeli warplanes have carried out a massive airstrike on Hamas security compounds inside the Gaza Strip, killing at least 180 and wounding 800 others.

At least 180 people have been killed and 800 other Palestinians have been wounded in the Israeli blitz, a Press TV correspondent reported from the Gaza Strip.

Video footages showed the bodies of dead people including men, women and children on Gaza streets.

Hamas radio reported that Gaza police chief Tawfiq Jabber was among the dead.

Israel F16 bombers and apache helicopters carried out at least 30 simultaneous raids on at least 30 separate targets in Gaza City.

Israeli tanks are said to be moving closer to the impoverished region which has been under a strict Israeli-imposed blockade.

Israeli authorities have announced that they would continue the attacks.

"This is only just the beginning of an operation launched after a security cabinet decision. It could take time. We have not fixed a timeline and we will act according to the situation on the ground," Israeli Military spokesman Avi Benayahu told army radio on Saturday.

The strikes have caused widespread panic and confusion among the Gaza residents who have refused to withdraw their support form the Hamas resistance movement.

Hamas does not recognize Israel as a legitimate state.

A Hamas spokesman said Israel will pay a heavy price for the attacks.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum told our correspondent that Tel Aviv carried out the strikes after receiving green light from its allies and certain regional countries.

Barhoum described the raids as 'collective punishment' of Palestinians.

Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas in West Bank said in a statement that he "condemns this aggression" , according to an aide, Nabil Abu Rdeneh.

Source: Press TV


  1. If only women had taken over after Reagan...
    Instead, the Eunich in Chief is busy promising free Healthcare to illegals/New Citizens to be.

  2. But with 200 mortars and rockets raining down on Israel since the truce expired a week ago, and 3,000 since the beginning of the year, according to the military's count, pressure had been mounting in Israel for the military to crush the gunmen.

  3. Re:
    Doug's storm in Hawaii

    Gov. Linda Lingle said Hawaiian Electric Co. was taking an emergency generator to the compound on the east side of the island where Obama has been staying. Lingle said she had asked the utility to notify her when it had been delivered.

  4. Doug, free health care? How will he get the nurses and doctors to work for free? Maybe Castro will show him how.

  5. We were told that we're fat, ugly, gluttonous consumers using a disproportionate percentage of natural resources. Even Obama said that we couldn't keep it up. Now, he's trying to reinflate us and the world prays for success.

    Mark Steyn nails it here.

  6. "If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders--what would you tell him to do?"

    "To shrug."

  7. about fuckin time...

    and to egypt and jordan and any others that dont like it?

    kiss my ass...

  8. Bush is very disappointed in Israel's decision to carry on the cycle of violence. This is only going to harm the peace process and make his goal of a two-state solution by the time he leaves office that much more difficult.

  9. A problem, however, for Israel, is WTF they can actually do that will yield decent results. Full occupation of Gaza certainly doesn't have much appeal.

  10. Ash said...
    A problem, however, for Israel, is WTF they can actually do that will yield decent results. Full occupation of Gaza certainly doesn't have much appeal.

    Decent Results?

    180 Hamas dead is a decent start...

    There is ONLY a military solution......

    Reoccupation of gaza? naw...

    The constant rebuttal of Palios's murder, rockets, stabbings, ied's, missiles by Israel by using airstrikes and KILLING the leadership and armed attackers is the only way...

    Today a small down payment was made for the 3000 rockets, mortars, kidnapping, stabbings, shootings, suicide bombing the palios have done in the LAST 10 months...

    Hamas seeks war...

    I say, give it to them...

    and if the 1.5 million palios dont like in it gaza? storm the sinai border with your brother arab county and go there...

    they broke the border months ago for ipods and viagra they can now flee to rafah for safety..

    Gaza needs to be destroyed as a islamic/arab nationalistic hotbed...

    destroyed is the key word...

    so ash, start a collection for your friends the palios, I'd suggest blankets and ready to eat meals...

    they might get hungry and cold camped out in the Sinai....


  11. Tell the Palestinians:

    "Here is the juice. Do the math. Fire what you like at Israel from where you like. We will take the distance , add three kilometers and push the population back to the new border.

  12. 'Assalamu-alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuhu'

    Despite the massive casualties, Hamas remained defiant, vowing revenge and calling on all other Palestinian factions to join in the fight.

    "Today we are stronger then we've ever been," one spokesperson for the group said at a press conference. "We won't raise the white flag, we won't give anything up, we won't retreat."

    "We call on the Arab states in the region to take a stance against this massacre and not to be satisfied with just condemnations," he continued.

    Minutes after the first wave of air strikes hit areas in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinians reported a second wave which targeted installations in the center and the north of the Strip. Channel 2 reported that 60 planes were involved in the attack, and nearly 100 targets were hit.

    Hamas's Interior Ministry said that all security compounds in Gaza were destroyed.

  13. Despite the massive casualties, Hamas remained defiant, vowing revenge and calling on all other Palestinian factions to join in the fight.

    "Today we are stronger then we've ever been," one spokesperson for the group said at a press conference. "We won't raise the white flag, we won't give anything up, we won't retreat."


    Let's continue to kill them where they stand!

  14. Maybe it's time for Israel to declare it lost the war in Gaza...

    Just keep bombing for the next 6 months...

  15. Obviously, Hamas is trying to provoke a wider war.

    I agree with WiO about the need for annihilation but given the history of conflict in the area, I have no reason to believe that this latest round will amount to anything more than half measures on Israel's part.

    The problem is the crafty Palis have no problem sacrificing women and children and then propagandizing "the death of innnocents."

  16. whit: The problem is the crafty Palis have no problem sacrificing women and children and then propagandizing "the death of innnocents."

    the good news?

    times have changed...

    the world has it's own islamic retards causing shit in every major city in the world....

    the heartfelt tears for the palios is gone...

    this is not your father's palestinian....

    the world has PALIO weariness...

    They have been given everything they have demanded and used it for evil....

    Israel Left the gaza strip 3 years ago...

    Hamas has made it clear, they do not seek true peace, they seek ceasefires to re-train and re-arm...

    yep israel hit 100 selective hamas targets, with the vast majority of KIA being official hamas fighers...

    dont over estimate the world's reaction to the killing of hamas....

    with any luck a stampede will occur and egypt will be flooded with refugees....

    thus making the so called refugees of the gaza strip actual "refugees"

    tent cities... no high rises with elevators and billions on marble counter tops with newly purchased (EU funded) stainless kitchen goodies...

  17. Israel needs to acquire a couple of refurbished old B52s and introduce some efficiency into their military response. Using artillery to level sections of towns where jihadi propagandists aka journalists live, would also help.

  18. Even with oil prices collapsing, they have too much money.

    But not enough for buying a computer and learning science:

  19. 30 raids, 180 KIA
    The Israeli are averaging less than the US is in Pakistan, where we're netting 7 or 8 per bombing run.

    Another round of whack a muslim,
    that is all this is.
    Not very efficent whacking, either.

  20. dr: 30 raids, 180 KIA
    The Israeli are averaging less than the US is in Pakistan, where we're netting 7 or 8 per bombing run.

    Another round of whack a muslim,
    that is all this is.
    Not very efficent whacking, either.

    but it only took 3 minutes... And ZERO transport costs....

    Israel LIVES there... No need to move men, fuel and armor 6000 miles....

    total raid? 3 minutes... 205 KIA, 70 specific hq's destroyed 250+ wounded?

    sounds quite good to my ears...

  21. dRat,

    My suspicion the real number is nearer 18 than 180. Targeting empty buildings now has a long tradition in the Israeli air force.

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  23. All that may be true, wi"o" but it is meaningless, 180 new martyrs will not change the Arabs behaviour and does not gain Israel any new friends.

    In fact, we are seeing the chances of an Iranian mission dematerialize before our very eyes, as Israel shoots its' PR load on Gaza.

  24. "We were told that we're fat, ugly, gluttonous consumers using a disproportionate percentage of natural resources."
    Obama had planned to hole up in Granny's Cubicle, but since he's making a personal commitment to re-inflate us, he sacrificed, and humbled himself and his family in 30 Million Dollar Digs.
    ...would have used Kerosene lamps in normal times, but he and Lingle teamed up for a Bipartisan Demonstration of Cooperation, and ordered that Generator to be moved and used, the better to stimulate the State, and National, economies.

    Like Barney, we'd all really rather be stimulated.

  25. Hamas can rocket Israeli settlements for months on end and you don't hear a peep but let the Israelis strike back and all of a sudden the whirled calls for a halt to the violence."

  26. And of course, the media is filled with scenes of the "carnage and chaos" from Gaza.

    Sorry, folks, we've seen your manufactured crap too many times now.

  27. "Enough is enough." Tzipi Livni

    Well that's the truth. I hope they whack them real good.

  28. Shoot their PR load? They don't have any PR to shoot anyway, far as I can see. So they might as well shoot real bullets.

  29. Gaza and parts of the West Bank are never going to be anything other than trouble, not a functioning state. It would take some kind of divine intervention or religious conversion to accomplish that. Which I doubt will happen.

  30. Am waiting expectantly for the Big Zero's reaction.

  31. desert rat said...
    All that may be true, wi"o" but it is meaningless, 180 new martyrs will not change the Arabs behaviour and does not gain Israel any new friends.

    wrong DR...

    killing 200 or so of them is a positive step for change...

    as for MAKING new FRIENDS? who gives a fuck...

    DR: In fact, we are seeing the chances of an Iranian mission dematerialize before our very eyes, as Israel shoots its' PR load on Gaza.

    again, nonsense, Iran is shitting it'sself... as Israel destroys one of it's allies...

    just watch for IRAN do NOTHING as hundreds of Hamas retards are blown into hamburger...

    Iran is nothing...

    and now the world sees what it is...


  32. Backing Israel, the administration of President George W. Bush, in its final weeks in office, put the onus on Hamas to prevent a further escalation.

    "The United States ... holds Hamas responsible for breaking the ceasefire and for the renewal of violence in Gaza," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a statement. "The ceasefire should be restored immediately."

    Backing Israel As Term Winds Down

  33. Will We Be Plugging In Our Next Car?

    "Alternative vehicles may be closer than you think."

    Lots of good comments after the article.

  34. 'Assalamu-alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh'

    "Peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and His blessings".

    (I think)

  35. This idea crossed my mind as well--

    2. Marina:

    Unfortunately all this operation may be just Tzipi’s attempt to prevent Bibi from coming: “Look, Kadimah has guts too, you don’t need Bibi to survive next years”. But WHY NOW? What about all these monthes and monthes when they could act and did nothing? As history had proven, Kadimah actually has no guts. If elected, Livni will be the same appeaser as Olmert was: let’s give away Golan for nothing, let’s divide Jerusalem for nothing etc. etc. Before they started to plan this operation Kadimah was behind in polls. And now they lead, at least in some polls. F…

  36. Lots of good comments after the article.

    I've read thru the first few. Most seem to be the same erroneous/ ignorant opinions that I've had to correct on this here blog. Bob, you think you're ready to set those fellows straight? :D

  37. Jihadi is, as Jihadi does. As expected, Cedarford shoots down the only person to be advocating for a non-fossil fuel solution.

  38. Second air raid is hitting Gaza now.

    For those who know what Twitter is:

  39. Methuselah, you mean Cedarford spouts his crap somewhere other than Belmont Club?

  40. He gets around. He's been here a couple of times at least.

  41. There was a mix of comments there, Mat. People don't seem to be walking to a single drummer.

    Well, you know me, I'm an 'all of the above' type guy.

    My wife, by the way, is all for electric cars, so I'm getting that all the time.:)

  42. Blago declares he is "fighting for the people of Illinois".

    Well we're sure glad to hear that this afternoon. I was worried that he might be concerned about his own ass. But 'tis not so, just a malicious rumor.

  43. Well, you know me, I'm an 'all of the above' type guy.


    I know Bob. Glad we've made some progress.

  44. My wife, by the way, is all for electric cars,..

    That's a keeper. :)

  45. Nondecisive military action is not worth the powder used.
    A token attack, or two, will not change the course of Hamas.

    As to losing an ally, why wi"o" Hamas is no ally to iran, but proxie. Big difference.
    They are strawmen delegated to their own destruction. But limiting Israels real world options.

    Targeting a few overt installations, killing a couple gross of the Hamas operatives along with the expected females and children, thrown in as colateral damage.

    Halfstepping to and through Gaza will not bring Israel any victory, nor respite. And halfstepping is what they are doing.

  46. Nondecisive military action is not worth the powder used.

    dRat is correct.

    Why are not the phone internet radio TV electricity water gas and other utilities targeted? This looks to me as just another useless PR operation by leftist losers trying to look to be doing something when in fact they're nothing of real substance.

  47. ..they're ^doing nothing of real substance..

  48. She keeps her husband on the straight and narrow, is what she does.

    I have to sneak out to the casino for a free cup of coffee, and twenty free dollars of wampum play!

  49. Exactly, mat, wi"o" is behaving as if some decisive battle for Gaza is underway, when all Israel has just done is whack a dozen dozen of the rank and file Hamasians.

    While, as whit provided, a chorus of complaint and renewed moral support for the Palis, in Europe.

    Perhaps moving Hamas from militia installations and into the Mosques is the preferred plan, but it goes against the grain of political warfare, in the 21st century.

  50. btw HAT TIP TO ME...

    I called it...

    Said as soon as Christmas was over....

  51. Heheh,.. Must be some damn good coffee. :)

  52. Dr your monday morning quarterbacking is quite telling...

    Unless Israel clusterbombs Gaza they are not serious?

    Why not learn about the targets selected...

    Or how the drones were already watching for the fifty missile crews that were targeted and hit in the second wave?

    Israel did not pull this trigger lightly

    AND it's not over by a long shot...

    it's time for patience...

    it's been what 12 hours?

    I see ground forces going in and going UNDER gaza...

    whack a mole works if you kill all the skilled moles...

    Israel hit a graduation ceremony of Hamas...

    How many times have we (here at the Bar) got upset that AMerica would not hit the alqueda at a funeral or meeting?

    Rules of Engagement have CHANGED, just like what happened in Iraq that allowed the USA forces to win, Israel has CHANGED the Rules.

    Just like with the valuation of assets in the world a reset button has been push, not a correction, but a reset.

    Israel has reset the game.

    All old standards of appeasement are done.

    As for mat's point about food, fuel and medicine I understand but it's also a pr game...

    think of it... the gaza strip is NOT IN THE DARK tonight..

    1.5 million palestinians are not terrorized, whereas if i was a hamas member i'd be nervous...

    Phone systems are computers are up and WE ARE LISTENING...

    HAMAS members are going to ground...

    should be interesting to see if any closet fatah members dont do some blood letting...

    let the games begin....

  53. btw, DR complains that Israel aint DOING ENOUGH

    I am happy they are doing....

  54. Sorry, WiO, but this is nothing but theatrics.

  55. My usual complaint, about the current doctrines, wo"o" is that they preclude victory from the outset.

    The Israeli have NEVER been willing to undertake the tactics that would be required to end the war. They will not clear Gaza and relocate those folk to Egypt. Or do the same on the West Bank and Jordan.

    Less than that, there will be no solution, the Bush sponsored "Two State Solution" is a farce, since, as you have oft said, there is no Palistine.
    But there is still a Trans-Jordan.

  56. WiO,

    dRat has it exactly right.

  57. "My usual complaint, about the current doctrines, wo"o" is that they preclude victory from the outset."

    Spineless societies breed spineless politicians -- see, for example, the current Western averting-of-eyes rather than deal with Somali pirates (a situation which even the French military could resolve in an afternoon, if they had the will).

    But no-one ever accused Israeli society of being spineless. Maybe there is more going on here than CNN recognizes.

    Put yourself in Iran's position. Do you let the Israelis shot up your pawn with impunity -- and thereby lose face in the Arab world?

    Or do you get Hizb'allah to launch an attack from Lebanon to take the pressure off? But if you do that now, are you giving the Bush Administration one last chance to disarm Iran permanently? Or do you delay Hizb'allah's attack for 3 weeks, and hope that a very new C-in-C Obama does not reach for the red button to prove to the world he is not the spineless wimp everyone thinks he is.

    And while everyone's eyes are focused on Gaza, just where are those rumored Israeli missile-carrying submarines?

    Yes, this could certainly be just another pulled punch from Israel that resolves nothing. But there are probably a lot of people in various parts of the world (not just Iran) who are not sleeping too well right now.

  58. They will not clear Gaza and relocate those folk to Egypt. Or do the same on the West Bank and Jordan.

    This is hard to do, because nobody wants them, who would, and it's tough to relocate two or three million folks, however many there are, that don't want to go, to places that don't want them. Hence, there's a real problem, which seems to fester and fester, with the option of just killing 'em all still being off the table. So we get actions like today's, which may also be timed with elections in mind. Hopefully they hit them hard enough to shut them up for a good long time.

    Since relocation seems an impossibility, and killing them all likewise seems an impossibility, I salute Israel for doing the next best thing, slapping them down hard.

    We should take a lesson from Egypt and control our borders in a like manner.

  59. George is going back to
    Texas, the most we can hope from him is to pardon Ramos and Compean.

  60. 39. cedarford:

    The EU knows deep down it’s ideology is untenable. No way would Greece stand for 3,000 rocket attacks directed at it’s civilians from Albania, no way would France tolerate the same from an elected body of Germans in the Palatinate directed by “revenge” and return of Alsace-Lorraine.

    Nor is the European drive to selectively establish moral equivalency and peace at any price working out. By seeking to stop a war from reaching a conclusion and by stating both sides in a conflict are “morally equivalent” all the Euros and the UN have done is suceed in establishing about 40-50 unresolved global conflicts where both sides are told they are morally equivalent (thus, in the right…). Left unfinished, for decades. And both sides arm and anticipate future conflict in peacetime, that can flare up at any time.

    Of course Right-Wingers have their foibles too, like screeching about their beloved noble Georgian “Freedom-Lovers!” paying a steep price for stupidly starting a war, that Russia then happily finished.

    All I am saying, is give war a chance.

    Once started, wars may in fact produce less casualties and a more lasting peace if taken to conclusion. Nor are the civilians that support war or unrelenting conflict and hostility towards another people best left immune to consequences. Geneva and all the vaunted “human rights” crap aside - unless civilians think they will pay a steep price or do so, they will continue to support sending someone else’s sons out as gunfodder to fuel their dreams.

    This seems sensible enough.

  61. Abbas Hopes The Israelis Put It To Hamas, It Is Reported

    It's a tough neighborhood, for sure.

    from WorldNetDaily, first with the news....

  62. Here's one fellow's theory--or fantasy--as to why the Supreme Court scheduled hearings on Berg's case on January 9th and 16th, which is rather odd, it's true. Were that he were right.--

    Dave Melendez said...

    I found this interesting post on the ObamaCrimes blog. I would love to hear your comments...


    Ok—Now I See The Big Picture!
    by Tom Waite, December 24, 2008

    In my previous analysis of the Berg v. Obama Supreme Court case, I said that the Supreme Court Justices were very sly by scheduling a January 9th conference date in order to discuss Berg’s writ of certiorari. Because just one day earlier, congress is to open up the Electoral College’s sealed votes from each state, count the votes and declare a presidential winner. But now there is a new development, which seems very perplexing at first but I believe I can shed light on this news and reinterpret it as a sign of political chess.

    The new development is that on December 18, 2008 Berg filed an injunction (to stay the congressional electoral vote count on January 8, 2009 until Barack Obama proves his qualifications, i.e. that he was born in U.S.A.) and he submitted it to Justice Antonin Scalia. Now the very perplexing news is that this injunction has been granted a conference date of January 16, 2009! I know—you’re all rubbing your eyes in disbelief and also when you put into context that the inauguration is on the 20th of January, I have no doubt that you’re saying, what the…???

    Whenever I try to type a website on my comments, I never get posted on this blog, so I’ll creatively refer you to the following website, type in three ‘W’s’ and then a dot and then type ‘americasright’ then a dot and finally type ‘com’. Read the story ‘Berg’s Application for Injunction Curiously Moves On at Supreme Court’ under Tuesday, December 23, 2008. Jeff Schreiber (the person running this blog), is a law student and he can’t fathom the reasoning behind the Supreme Court’s decision to set a date to discuss Berg’s injunction that is well after the time congress will have counted the Electoral College’s votes. In doing so, Jeff feels this conference on January 16, 2009 to discuss Berg’s injunction will be a moot issue.

    However, I see it differently, the Justices of the Supreme Court aren’t sequestered in some castle. The Justices know exactly what the issues are and are constantly being bombarded with similar legal applications to be considered regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility for president. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, if the Justices wanted to dismiss Berg’s writ of certiorari they could have but they deliberately chose to discuss it 24 hours after congress officially counts the Electoral College’s votes; reason being Berg’s issue of standing will now be valid! Once Obama official wins the national vote (via the counting of Electoral College’s votes), Berg’s issue of harm being done to him by Obama now becomes legally valid it is no longer theoretical; thus Berg does have legal standing!

    Now in a political game of chess, the Supreme Court’s maneuvering of the January 9th date to discuss Berg’s writ of certiorari can be seen as a move of check against Obama. Obama is now in a corner but still can move his king chess piece and similarly with the writ of certiorari, Obama still could refuse to deliver evidence proving he was born in United States. I understand why the Justices set a date one week later (January 16) to discuss Berg’s injunction to stop congress from counting the Electoral College’s votes, this move can be seen as check and mate! Meaning Obama’s king can’t move in any direction on the chessboard, thus he’s trapped and has lost the game!

    Setting a date to discuss the injunction on preventing congress from counting the Electoral College’s votes isn’t a moot issue; in this context any judgment is retroactive! So that even if congress has counted the Electoral College’s votes and have declared Obama the presidential winner; if the Supreme Court finds Obama ineligible to be a presidential candidate, they can retroactively cancel the results of the January 8th Electoral College’s vote count!

    And that’s why the Supreme Court is allowing for a January 16th conference on Berg’s injunction to stop congress from counting the Electoral College’s vote on January 8th. It’s not a moot issue, it’s a very deliberate political game of entrapment or as in chess it can be seen as a move of checkmate. Because the Supreme Court is basically giving Obama no wiggle room to maneuver and escape from the January 9th’s conference of Berg’s writ of certiorari. The Supreme Court is ultimately saying to Obama, if you don’t hand over your evidence to us on January 9th, you will be forced to hand over your evidence to us on January 16th, otherwise we’ll retroactively cancel the results from the Electoral College’s votes that were counted back on January 8th!

    So now I see the big picture and the ultimate endgame that the Supreme Court has in mind for Barack Obama. Just like in chess, the winner is the person who sees many moves in advance; in this case the winner is the Supreme Court! They’ve set a checkmate legal trap for Obama, whereby even if there are no objections by any members of congress, the Electoral College’s votes are counted and Obama is declared the presidential winner on January 8th. The Supreme Court has deliberately chosen to wait until January 9th to discuss Berg’s writ of certiorari, whereby Berg’s legal standing (harm that can be done to him by Obama) becomes valid! And finally, the Supreme Court has made it perfectly clear to Obama by its deliberate action of allowing for a January 16th conference regarding Berg’s injunction to stop congress in counting the Electoral College’s votes; that unless he hands over his evidence to them on January 9th—they’ll retroactively cancel the Electoral College’s voting results from January 8th!

    I’m smiling so much now because all this time Barack Obama has hired teams of lawyers to go to court and ask to dismiss all these lawsuits that have one similar theme—show proof you were born in the United States. But now because just one of these ‘nuisance’ cases (as Obama sees it) has made it to the Supreme Court, the Justices have already out maneuvered Obama and his team of high priced attorneys. First, they’ve cornered Obama with a move of check by setting a conference date of January 9th (24 hours after congress counts the Electoral College’s votes) to discuss Berg’s writ of certiorari; the case can’t be dismissed—Berg will have legal standing! And finally the Supreme Court has made its devastating move of checkmate by allowing a conference on January 16th to discuss Berg’s injunction to stop congress in counting the Electoral College’s votes! There’s no more wriggle room left for Obama because essentially it’s a fait accompli by January 9th for him to hand over his evidence to the Justices otherwise, if he doesn’t comply by January 16th, the Justices’ will have it within their power to retroactively cancel the results from the January 8th Electoral College’s vote count!

    So Obama tried to play a game of legal chess against the Supreme Court—well guess what? Obama—you’ve already lost! Checkmate!

    December 27, 2008 1:43 AM

  63. But, again, bob, the State of Hawaii certifies his birth, Their witness so testifies, time and again.

    It has carried the day, to date.

    The current Justices can, if they desire, define 'natural born' any way they please.

    See Roe v Wade for verification of that Supreme ability.

  64. I laid a little wood to C4's commie ass over there.

  65. Not saying it's going anywhere, Rat.

    Here (with Rufus in mind, promised to keep him updated) is the latest from Idaho Energy Complex Newsletter--(I can't stand Snake River Alliance, I wish they'd all freeze to death)


    Welcome to the 12th issue of the Idaho Energy Newsletter. We hope to bring regional journalists a collection of recent news in the energy field, with an emphasis on nuclear energy. This newsletter is a product of Alternate Energy Holdings Inc. (, which has proposed a $4.5 billion,1,600-megawatt advanced nuclear reactor/biofuels refinery for Elmore County, Idaho (

    You may also be interested in Don Gillispie’s blog at Don, the CEO of AEHI, gives his take on energy-related issues and we invite you to visit and comment.

    Please call or write if you have any questions,

    Martin Johncox

    Alternate Energy Holdings Inc.


    Southern California to receive power from Utah geothermal plant

    Raser Technologies Inc. plans to begin sending power from its Utah geothermal plant to Anaheim, Calif., in a few weeks. Raser’s plant could eventually power 200,000 homes and could become one of the biggest geothermal finds of the past quarter-century, according to scientists. Raser joins geothermal and wind energy producers in Idaho who are also exporting power to neighboring states. The federal government has leased 244,000 acres for geothermal development in the past 18 months. “Utah is a coal-dependent state and they should first be offering that electricity to Utah utilities,” said Don Gillispie, president and CEO of AEHI, which is seeking to develop nuclear power plants in Idaho, Colorado and internationally. “If you’re a merchant power plant of any type, you have a duty to your host state to offer them power first.”

    Anti-nuclear group members value confrontational stance

    “Cooperation” and “Finding common ground” ranked low as priorities with members of the Snake River Alliance, according to the group’s 2008 membership survey. Members placed three times as much priority on the SRA’s role as “nuclear watchdog” compared to “renewable energy”; in addition, “public involvement” and “peace and justice” were the lowest priorities. According to nuclear energy developer Don Gillispie, president and CEO of Alternate Energy Holdings Inc., the survey results fit with SRA’s history of opposing specific developments (i.e, proposed nuclear facilities), but declining to voice support for developments that fit within its purported mission scope (i.e., wind farms). “The SRA has established itself as a force of opposition and obstruction and we can see from its own membership survey that it has little concern with consensus building and similar worthwhile objectives,” Gillispie said.

    Company’s rates reflect failures in power system

    Some residents of Elmore County, site of a proposed nuclear power plant, will see their monthly charge increase by an average of 14.55 percent beginning Jan. 1 to cover increasing costs. State regulators approved the increase for Atlanta Power, which had asked for a 55 percent raise, Additionally, regulators also allowed Atlanta Power to continue assessing customers a surcharge for the 2007 failure of the company's only hydroelectric turbine but lowered the surcharge from 33.6 to 28.9 percent.

    Wind developer scores victory with regulators

    An offshore wind farm that has faced stiff environmentalist opposition cleared an important hurdle this month when the state gave it permission to run 12 ½ miles of power cable to link it to land. According to Cape Cod Times, Cape Wind Associates wants to build 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound and has cleared most other regulatory hurdles. The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, which opposes the wind farm, says it may appeal the decision.

    Midwest utility expresses interest in nuclear

    Representatives of the Omaha Public Power District have met with Baltimore-based UniStar Nuclear Energy as the Nebraska utility moves through the early stages of assessing the development of a nuclear power plant. UniStar and its partners have submitted four of the 26 reactor applications pending before the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, including one in Missouri.

  66. That geothermal is interesting, isn't it Bob? Have you had your land surveyed for geothermal?

    I think you all will get your Nuke plant. Everybody's having fun experimenting with all the alternatives, right now, but I think everyone realizes we're going to have to do some more Nuklar, too.

  67. I heard some people in Memphis are starting to look out their windows at the Mighty Mississip, and think about "current" power.

    That could be interesting.

  68. I'm sure I don't have any geothermal. I don't have that much land anyway. I've never seen any sign of any heat at all coming up. There are some places up the Snake River that might have a little potential, but I think they're in the Frank Church Wilderness Area, so off limits.

    The main structure of the boat is constructed of titanium and aluminium and is connected to the twin hulls by ball joints fitted with springs and shock absorbers.

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