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Friday, October 13, 2017

The Real English Have Had Enough - You won't see this on the BBC

Published on Oct 7, 2017

07th October 2017 The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) led by founder John Meighan marched across London in their tens of thousands. Fans from clubs all over the UK marched peacefully alongside Veterans Against Terrorism before laying wreaths on Westminster Bridge Speakers included former SAS soldier ‘Big’ Phil Campion Music: License purchased from Soundstripe here Music: The Last One by Caleb Etheridge f


  1. 'ear ! 'ear !!

    An' we 'ad a 'uge turn-up !!

    1. I wonder if it's something with the climate ?

      Certainly seems to be a high percentage of baldies among those lads.

    2. And, no, you won't find that on BBC.

      I know, I watch it once in while, and it sucks.

    3. The bloody British upper classes seemed to be lacking.

      But then they aren't the backbone of the nation.


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