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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Nasty 🤷🏼‍♀️ Forgot to Delete Her Twitter Account !

Hillary Said She Knew Nothing of Dossier, But She Forgot to Erase Her Twitter Account

Hillary Clinton has claimed that she had no knowledge of the infamous dossier that attempts to link President Donald Trump to Russian collusion, however her Twitter track record proves otherwise. She has been caught, yet again, in a number of lies.

The dossier was published in January by BuzzFeed ahead of Trump’s inauguration. As soon as the document came out, Clinton and others rushed to put out statements that they were shocked by the contents, and wished they had known about it sooner.

A piece by The New York Times this week tried to show Clinton was blindsided by the information BuzzFeed published.

“Even Mrs. Clinton only found about Mr. Steele’s research after BuzzFeed published the dossier, according to two associates who discussed the matter with her,” The Times wrote. “They said that she was disappointed that the research — as well as the fact that the F.B.I. was looking into connections between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia — was not made public before Election Day.”
The Times also noted that Clinton hired Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump during the campaign, and it was Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steele, the actual compiler of the fraudulent dossier. So Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the Democrat National Committee, helped pay for this 35-page document yet Clinton wants the country to believe that she somehow knew nothing about it.

Unfortunately for Clinton and her supporters, she forgot to clean up her Twitter account and it seems that as early as August of last year she was hoping some of that opposition research that she paid Fusion GPS for, a.k.a. the dossier, was going to come out.

On Aug. 6, she was just getting warmed up, tweeting, “Seriously what is going on with Trump and Russia?”

She used a supercut of a propaganda video with Trump commenting about Russian President Vladimir Putin as her cover. It seems that some of that research the campaign paid for was starting to be leaked to her and she was getting antsy for it to be published to the world.

So the next day she tweeted again, “We have some questions about Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia.”

On Aug. 15, Clinton linked to the same propaganda video, tweeting again, “We have some questions about Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia.”

On Sept. 7, Clinton tweeted the same propaganda video once again and added, “The worst part is, this isn’t the first time Donald Trump has praised Russia and Putin. #NBCNewsForum”

Later that month, on Sept. 22, Clinton tweeted, “Donald Trump’s ties to Russia may conflict with America’s interests—but they’re great for his bottom line.”

On Sept. 26, 2016, Clinton tweeted again about her suspicions saying, “What is the deal with Donald Trump and Russia?”

On Oct. 7, 2016, she was getting desperate and needed to rally support for her unfounded accusations. With no dossier in hand, and even a biased mainstream media refusing to go public with its sensational, unsupported, charges, she instead reached out to her supporters with a campaign statement.
“It should concern every American that Russia is willing to engage in such hostile acts in order to help Donald Trump become president,” the statement said.

Woah… left field much? That came out of nowhere, but did it?

Finally, on Oct. 31, Clinton realized the dossier was not going to be published like she wanted it to be, so instead she found whatever she could… a far-left Slate article that published an excerpt from the dossier… adding a caption that read, “It’s time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia.”

Clinton’s desperate attempt to paint herself ignorant now that she is directly linked to the dossier just screams dishonest incompetence. The American people are much better off now that this pathological liar did not win the election.

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  1. On Sept. 26, 2016, Clinton tweeted again about her suspicions saying, “What is the deal with Donald Trump and Russia?”

    The "Deal" was worth millions and it was being negotiated contemporaneoualy with the campaign.

    If Ms Clinton had "known" what the "Deal" was, she'd have said ...

    And would have caught Mr Trump in another lie.


    1. Michael Cohen’s appearances before the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on consecutive days this week offered the panels greater insight into the inner workings of the president’s business empire and how it considered expansion into foreign markets like Moscow.

      Sources familiar with Cohen’s interview Tuesday with the House panel said there was an extended focus on emails he received in 2015 from Felix Sater, a former Trump associate with a criminal past, about a potential deal to open a Trump Tower in the Russian capital. Cohen has downplayed those conversations, in which Sater bragged about his access to top Kremlin officials, saying it was about "a real estate deal and nothing more."

      A "Deal" worth millions of dollars, to the Trump Organization, one that required Putin's approval and Mr Trump was kow towing to get it.

    2. A "Deal" that Mr Trump denied, contemporaneously with the negotiations with Russians, and beyond.

    3. A "Deal" that dealt with Russian banks that had been sanctioned by the US

    4. Ir Ms Clinton had "known", we would not have needed an investigation to ferret out these truths from Mr Cohen's email library.

      These tweets by Ms Clinton indicate suspicions, but no knowledge.

      The title to this thread ...


  2. in a speech at George Washington University in March 2008, Hillary Clinton said that she landed "under sniper fire" during a 1996 trip to Bosnia. The war ended in 1995, but tensions within the country were still high.

    "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base," she said in 2008.

    The Washington Post debunked this claim days after Clinton made it.

    Old news footage reveals that there was, in fact, a greeting ceremony at Tuzla Air Base when Clinton landed. She met an 8-year-old Muslim girl who read her a poem, and video of the landing shows Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, calmly walking away from the plane and then greeting people on the tarmac:

    In the footage, Clinton held a bouquet of flowers while she spoke to people gathered on the tarmac. Another shot showed her strolling near the plane with a group of young people.

  3. Replies
    1. All I am stating is the obvious faikure of Ms Tiffany to make a plausible case for her theory.

      Which is not to say that Ms Clinton is any more believable than President Donald "Bone Spur" Trump.

      Not at all.

      If the Trump DOJ does not bring Ms Clinton to the dock ...
      It is because there is no real case ... Or ... Mr Trump is an ineffectal President.

      Emasculated, as it were.

  4. Replies
    1. .

      “Seriously what is going on with Trump and Russia?”

      Very telling.

      I doubt there are many people who would seriously argue Hillary didn't know about the funding for Steele and the Dossier but come on Tiffany. You sound like you're writing an episode of Finding Bigfoot or ghost writing a Pam Geller article.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    3. .

      You sound like you're writing an episode of Finding Bigfoot or ghost writing a Pam Geller article or writing a Quirk Quote


  5. ...No longer afraid to be called racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, or xenophobes – because they know they’ll be branded these no matter what – the new right is going directly after their perceived enemy, rejecting traditional content, creating their own entertainment, and organizing on a scale that should make Hollywood take pause in their daily putdowns. Social norms are no longer barriers, and some are even willing to flout the law…all to even the playing field. These are the fruits of Tinseltown and Big Media’s years of abuse, and nothing shows this phenomenon better than the Internet sensation He Will Not Divide Us. It’s a cautionary tale for the kind of blowback Hollywood celebrities should learn to expect if they continue to disrespect The Deplorables.

  6. As they said in the day: Fuckin A

  7. 100 years and 100 million deaths later, Communism still has its converts. Why?



  8. The Trump administration is exploring ways to relocate tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans to the U.S. mainland for an extended period as parts of the territory remain devastated more than a month after Hurricane Maria.

    Officials at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development late last week started to develop a plan to provide housing to some of Puerto Rico’s displaced population, according to people familiar with the matter. And given the shortage of available options on the island, the possibility of evacuating large numbers to the mainland has emerged as an option.

    The Bloomberg news script put the number in the tens of thousands.

    To start

    Florida politics will be transformed with the addition of tens of thousands of Puerto Rican refugees.

    US citizens all.

    1. No more "Ganging Chad" counts.

      Not with the addirion of "tens of thousands" of Democrats being relocated to Orlando and Miami.

      Mr Trump's policy on Puerto Rico ...
      Penny wise ... Pound foolish

    2. .

      Puerto Ricans Voting

      They may move to Florida but the question is what is their voting status.

      Puerto Ricans may be US citizens but they can't vote in US elections.

      Would their status really change if they are merely moved to the US 'temporarily'?

      Maybe they would change out 'culture'.



  9. ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Masoud Barzani, who spent decades leading the long-oppressed Kurds, confirmed on Sunday he was stepping down as president of the Kurdistan Regional Government after his drive for independence backfired.

    The United States and other Western powers joined the chorus of opposition to the vote. The Baghdad government rejected it as illegal and sent troops to seize the oil city of Kirkuk, which the Kurds regard as the heart of any future homeland.

    In just a few hours, the city the Kurds regard as sacred was gone, along with other Kurdish-held territory across the north.

    Some accused Barzani of having led his people to disaster.

    Stand Tall

    1. Barzani is doing what he promised to do a couple years ago, step down after an independence vote.

      He's already a year or more past his term.

      The Kurds have been after independence forever, this is just another bump in the road.

      I am disappointed in the USA in this matter.

    2. .

      In just a few hours, the city the Kurds regard as sacred was gone, along with other Kurdish-held territory across the north.

      That was going to happen regardless. It was just a matter of time.

      The Kurds took the city and the oil fields around it in the confusion created by the ISIS invasion. There was no way Baghdad would let it stand.

      This is just the start of the disputes in Iraq. The Sunnis are also pissed.


  10. Wow !

    They're surfing 35' - 45' waves off Maui today !!

    I expect Doug is right in the middle of all the action !

  11. Mr Trump won AZ with a 3% edge.

    Establishment Republicans, meanwhile, are scrambling to find a candidate to replace Mr. Flake and wage a primary challenge against Kelli Ward, a former state senator who aligns herself with Mr. Trump. Ms. Ward, derided by critics as a fringe candidate and a conspiracy theorist, was beaten badly by the senior senator from Arizona, John McCain, in a 2016 primary, and party leaders fear she would lose to Ms. Sinema in the general election.

    “It definitely opens up the Senate for potentially a full spectrum of conservatives to win — or potentially lose the seat entirely,” said Representative Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican. “The possibilities are almost endless.”

    Mike Noble, a Republican pollster, called it “bedlam out here in Arizona.”

    “Everyone’s phones are blowing up,” he said. “This is essentially a free-for-all.”

    Gifting the Democrats Mr Flake's seat in the Senate ...
    That's Winning ???

    1. And your Libertarian Party holds how may Congressional seats ?

      I forget the number.

    2. My guess is that it is zero, though.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Quirk's Party is every bit as well represented in Congress as your Libertarians.

      And Quirk's Party is "the thinking man/woman's party", not a bunch of thoughtless pot smokers who can't find Aleppo on a map.

    5. Zero.

      That's the definition of losing, year after year after year after year.

      A party of losers, for losers, by losers, always losing.....that's Jack's party in in a few words.....

      They couldn't manage the sewer and water system in a small city.

  12. Here's the real scoop - a Guide to the Perplexed -

    Robert Mueller should resign

    By Michael Goodwin October 28, 2017 | 10:11pm

    Robert Mueller Reuters

    Forgive yourself if you are confused about developments in the Russia, Russia, Russia storyline. In fact, there are so many moving parts that you shouldn’t trust anybody who isn’t confused.

    Consider this, then, a guide to the perplexed, where we start with two things that are certain. First, special counsel Robert Mueller will never be able to untangle the tangled webs with any credibility and needs to step aside.

    Mueller, whose office is apparently leaking the “secret” news that a grand jury has approved charges against an unidentified defendant, assumed his role with one big conflict, his relationship with his successor at the FBI, James Comey. That conflict has morphed into several more that are fixable only by resignation.

    That became obvious last week when events showed that any honest probe must examine the Obama White House and Justice Department. Mueller served as head of the FBI for more than four years under President Obama and cannot be expected to investigate his former colleagues and bosses.

    But without that necessary step, his work would be incomplete at best. So it’s time for him to say ­bye-bye.

    The second thing we know for certain is that Hillary Clinton had a worse week than Mueller. Much worse.

    The revelation that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee secretly funded the discredited dossier on Donald Trump’s supposed connections to Russia rocked the political world. The Clinton connection, denied by the campaign for a year, throws more doubt on the entire Trump-Russia-collusion narrative and shows that Clinton worked with Russian officials to meddle in the election.

    The Washington Post reported that her campaign and the DNC paid millions of dollars to a law firm, Perkins Coie, which hired a shadowy company called Fusion GPS, which hired a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to compile the dossier, much of which was said to be based on Kremlin sources.

    The bombshell sent Clinton into hiding, and no wonder. She probably thought three degrees of separation from the dossier would be enough to insulate her. In her absence, her defenders offered a dog’s stew of evasions, half-truths and diversionary attacks.

    Their claim that nobody in the campaign or the DNC knew anything about the deal doesn’t pass the smell test. When as much as $12 million goes out the window for a document that aimed to win the election — and failed — everybody knows something.

    While the link to Clinton answers some questions, it raises others. For example, while it is certain her campaign spread the dossier among the media last summer, it remains uncertain whether the dossier was used by the White House and the FBI to justify snooping on the Trump campaign.

    One hint that it was is that Comey, while still in office, called the document “salacious and unverified,” but briefed Obama and President-elect Trump on its contents last January. And the FBI never denied reports that it almost hired Steele, the former British spy, to continue his work after the campaign.

    1. The mystery might soon be solved because the FBI, after months of stonewalling, agreed last week to tell Congress how it used the dossier and detail its contacts with Steele.

      If the bureau did use the dossier to seek FISA warrants to intercept communications involving the Trump campaign, it would mean the FBI used a dirty trick from the candidate of the party in power as an excuse to investigate the candidate from the opposition party.

      Somewhere, Richard Nixon is wondering why he didn’t think of that.

      There is also the issue of the “unmasking” of Trump associates caught up in the snooping, with the names leaked to anti-Trump media. It is essential to investigate that angle, but it would lead right to the Obama White House, which is why Mueller is not the man for the job.

      As for Clinton, the dossier revelation was not her only new problem. In fact, the second blow might be the most serious yet.

      At the urging of Congress and Trump, the Justice Department lifted its gag order on an informant who can now testify to Congress about bribery and other wrongdoing surrounding Moscow’s gaining control of 20 percent of US uranium production.

      The 2010 transaction was approved by Obama officials, including Clinton, then secretary of state. About the same time, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank involved in the transaction. Later, tens of millions of dollars — $145 million by one estimate — were said to be donated to the Clinton Foundation by individuals having a stake in the deal.

      The informant’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, told Fox News the speech fee and the donations amount to a “quid pro quo” for Hillary Clinton’s help.

      “My client can put some meat on those bones and tell you what the Russians were saying during that time,” Toensing said.
      Clinton called the accusations “baloney,” but that’s what her team said about any connections to the dossier — before the truth came out.

      Finally, another event is worth mentioning: the release of thousands of files from the JFK assassination trove. There were lots of juicy tidbits, but no final clarity, which raises the horrifying idea that, 50 years from now, we might still be waiting for the truth about Russia, Russia, Russia.

      Heaven help us.


    2. Funny, not a single plausible reason for Mr Mueller to resign

      The title to this post by "Draft Dodger" Peterson is ...


    3. The War Criminal, Self Confessed, and Dead Beat Dad can't read. But we've all known that for years....

      Mueller, whose office is apparently leaking the “secret” news that a grand jury has approved charges against an unidentified defendant, assumed his role with one big conflict, his relationship with his successor at the FBI, James Comey. That conflict has morphed into several more that are fixable only by resignation.

      That became obvious last week when events showed that any honest probe must examine the Obama White House and Justice Department. Mueller served as head of the FBI for more than four years under President Obama and cannot be expected to investigate his former colleagues and bosses.

    4. .

      I watched Trey Gowdy (former prosecutor and now GOP chairman of the House Oversight Committee) being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox a couple minutes ago.

      He was asked, should Mueller resign. He responded, "Why?" No one has produced a bit of evidence to prove the insinuations against Mueller". He said, 'Everyone says Mueller and Comey are friends but what does that mean? I have a lot of friends and associates but that wouldn't prevent me from prosecuting them if it was called for. The only thing that counts in these investigations is the quality of the evidence presented not personalities.'

      Trey Gowdy.

      Uncle Bob.




  13. Sweden: Synagogue windows shattered in Muslim-dominated Malmo


    “Stones shatter window of synagogue in Sweden,” says the Jewish News, as if the stones decided to pick themselves up and hurl themselves through the synagogue windows.

    Or maybe Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, those legendary bad boys, were up to some mischief in Sweden.

    But in the fifth paragraph, we do hear: “Fred Kahn, a former leader of the local Jewish community, told JTA that most incidents are perpetrated by Muslims or Arabs.”

    You don’t say.

    “Stones shatter window of synagogue in Sweden,” Jewish News, October 25, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

    Hurled stones shattered the window of a synagogue in Malmo, a city in southern Sweden.

    The incident occurred earlier this month but was reported Tuesday in the Swedish media after police arrived at the building on Monday night because of a separate incident, which turned out to be a false alarm, the Aftonbladet daily reported.

    Fredrik Sieradzki, a spokesman for the local Jewish community, told the TT news agency that the earlier incident happened on Oct. 7 and that it is not yet clear whether it was a hate crime targeting the congregation. There are no suspects.

    Dozens of anti-Semitic incidents are recorded annually in Malmo, a city where first- and second- generation immigrants from the Middle East make up one-third of a population of roughly 300,000. Several hundred Jews live there.

    Fred Kahn, a former leader of the local Jewish community, told JTA that most incidents are perpetrated by Muslims or Arabs.

    1. .

      Typical Robert Spencer...

      Fred Kahn, a former leader of the local Jewish community, told JTA that most incidents are perpetrated by Muslims or Arabs.

      So this one must have been committed by a Muslim or an Arab? Couldn't have been done by some right wing nut, a neo-Nazi, skinhead, or a member of the Swedish Democrats party, you know, the guys who call blacks monkeys and sell anti-Semitic literature.

      But our resident faux farmer keeps putting up this stuff.


    2. Most incidents ARE perpetrated by muzzies and arabs, nitwit.

      Everybody in Sweden knows it, and the vast majority in the USA know it too, even if you are two or three decades or generations behind the times, as usual.

      Quirk, you are not fighting WWII any longer, as magnificent as you were in that conflict.

      You must keep up, excellent fellow.

    3. .

      And you should stick to faux farming something you are highly qualified for. Forget the political discourse.


  14. "Vat ve needt ist goooot KING !"


    Read your Bible, grandfather. A good King is always sooner or later followed by a bad one. What we need is a functioning Republic.


    Century after revolution, some Russians crave return of tsar
    Anaïs LLOBET

    AFP•October 28, 2017
    Mikhail Ustinov is one of many Russians who long for a return of the country's royal family (AFP Photo/Naira DAVLASHYAN)
    Moscow (AFP) - Mikhail Ustinov's ancestors were executed in 1917 for supporting the tsar but a hundred years later the 68-year-old yearns for the return of monarchy to Russia.

    "Russians are monarchists in their soul, even though the Soviets tried to destroy our soul," Ustinov, who is a self-proclaimed spokesman for the Moscow monarchist community, told AFP in his small apartment on the outskirts of the Russian capital.

    Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ustinov has dressed in stylized military fatigues in a nod to the officers of the Tsarist army who were fiercely loyal to the monarch and heavily persecuted after the October Revolution.
    Executed with his wife and children by the Bolsheviks in 1918, the last Russian tsar Nicholas II was rehabilitated and buried in Saint-Petersburg in 1998 and canonised in 2000 by the Orthodox Church.

    "I want to die wearing my uniform and declaring love for the tsar, like my grandfather, great-grandfather and all of my family," said Ustinov, a portrait of Nicholas II behind him.

    Ustinov said his family was decimated during the revolution, which he calls a "coup d'etat."

    More than 28 percent of Russians are in favour of the country becoming a monarchy again one day, according to a study by VTsIOM, a state pollster, released in March. That figure increased from 22 percent in 2006.
    Monarchy sympathisers are especially prevalent among the younger generation: 33 percent among those between 18 and 24 years old and 35 percent of 25-34 year-olds......

  15. Al Jazeera(english) is running an impressive program showing the fighting up close in Libya and other places.

  16. October 29, 2017
    Robert Mueller's well-timed indictment
    By Martin Marcus

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans to indict someone this week, we are told. Nobody knows whom or for what, but I know why. People suspect that a Trump ally will be indicted for something vaguely related to colluding with the Russian Government. We do not know any more details than that because we just cannot find any crime there. So why is there such a hurry to indict a Republican now?

    The key is that the indictment comes in late October. Right before a November election. There is pattern of October indictments against Republicans.

    A previous indictment that came at this time of year was against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. On October 25, 2016, Arpaio was indicted for contempt of court. On November 8, 2016, he lost his re-election bid. In 2017, he was denied the right to a jury trial, convicted, then pardoned by President Trump.

    On October 30, 1992, Former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger was indicted regarding the Iran Contra Affair. On November 3, 1992, President George HW Bush lost re-election. On December 11, 1992, a judge quickly threw out the indictment. Later that month, Bush pardoned Weinberger, thus preventing subsequent well-timed indictments.

    Another, even more abusive example of a set-up involves a conviction. Senator Ted Stevens was convicted on October 27, 2008 for failing to report gifts. On November 4, 2008, he barely lost re-election. In 2009, Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder learned that prosecutors withheld evidence, sent a key witness away, and possibly allowed another witness to perjure himself. Knowing that Stevens was about to reveal this in court, Holder beat him to it and dismissed the case. Stevens was exonerated, but he still was an ex-Senator and the prosecutors were not punished.

    The pattern is that Democrats like to indict and convict prominent Republicans just before an election to soil the Republican brand. On November 7, there will be two gubernatorial, one congressional, and several mayoral elections, so the Democrats have plenty of incentive. Is Mueller a Democrat? Nobody knows, but Democrats really, really like him.....

    Mueller has packed his investigation staff with Hillary supporters.


    1. It begins: A few honest Dems speaking out on Hillary’s Fusion-GPS denials - 10/29/17

      It will be a very slow and painful process for them, but the historic remnant of honest Democrats is coming to terms with the realization that serious, genuine corruption is at the heart of the production and use of the phony Steele dossier. More

    2. Now that President Trump has invoked the Watergate comparison, it is appropriate to note that President Nixon’s departure from office was in response to criticism from Republicans, who came to believe he had engaged in a cover-up of a third-rate burglary. When Republican Minority Leader Senator Hugh Scott told him that he should resign, he did so promptly.

      Hillary is covering up a far larger, far more disturbing program of spying on its electoral opponent. One that corrupts the most fearsome spying apparatus in the world, the NSA’s ability to monitor all electronic communications.

      Now that two senior and well-respected Democrats are calling BS on Hillary, a crack (albeit still small) has appeared in the dam. When the FBI’s informant finally speaks publicly to Congress, there will more cracks, especially if he brings hard evidence in the form of recordings and documents.

    3. If the FBI's informant lives that long....

  17. from Newsweek -

    Dana Boente’s Resignation Could Endanger Mueller’s Probe

    With the resignation of Dana Boente on Friday as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, President Donald Trump has an opportunity to replace another Obama-era holdover in the Department of Justice line of succession. If Trump demands that the department fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and if enough officials resign or get fired rather than carry out his order, the decision to do so could fall to Boente’s successor.

    As Attorney General Jeff Sessions has told the Senate Judiciary Committee, Trump has been interviewing candidates for some of the 93 open U.S. attorney positions. Democratic lawmakers and legal analysts have claimed his involvement in that process is inappropriate. But the Eastern District of Virginia role is especially important, thanks to an executive order that Trump signed in March.

    The order altered the line of succession at the top of the Justice Department. The order includes three U.S. attorneys, meaning that making departmental decisions such as whether to fire Mueller could fall on one of them.

  18. The Titan II was the largest operational land based nuclear missile ever used by the United States. The missile had one W53 warhead with a yield of 9 Megatons (9,000 kilotons).

    The facility's highest state of alert was November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was shot.

    When news of the shooting broke, the keys used to launch the missile were ordered to be placed on the tables at the launch consoles to prepare for a possible launch. The Pentagon did not yet know whether the Soviet Union had committed an act of war. The keys were not, however, placed in their switches.

    At launch, orders from the National Command Authority would have specified one of three pre-programmed targets which, for security reasons, were unknown to the crew. The missile base that is now the Titan Missile Museum (complex 571-7 of the 390th Strategic Missile Wing) was, at the time of closure, programmed to strike "Target Two".

    The missile's computer could hold up to three targets, and the target selected was determined by Strategic Air Command headquarters. To change the selected target, the crew commander pressed the appropriate button on the launch console. Target 2, which is classified to this day but was assumed to be within the borders of the former Soviet Union, was designated as a ground burst, suggesting that the target was a hardened facility such as a Soviet missile base.
    Targets could be selected for air or ground burst, but the selection was determined by Strategic Air Command.


  19. CNN/Fusion Love Connection

  20. We don't need no stinking death sentences.

    Video captures inmate brutally attacking her for 43 seconds. Why didn’t anyone help?

    He was serving a 16-year sentence for beating his wife to death with a pipe in 2003. He had been aggressive in prison, too. Twice, he assaulted staff members with sexual intent, prison records show. Five times, he set fires.

    Anderson looked up and saw Whittington about six feet away, approaching her with his pants lowered and his genitals exposed.

    Whittington grabbed Anderson by the neck and threw her to the ground. He straddled her and repeatedly punched her in the head and face, the prison video shows. Then he choked her and tried to sexually assault her.

    One inmate standing nearby jumped up and down, waving his arm, trying to get the attention of another officer stationed in a control booth. It was that officer’s job to call for immediate backup if an officer was attacked.

    In April, authorities say, a convicted murderer at Bertie Correctional Institution set a fire, then beat Sgt. Meggan Callahan to death with a fire extinguisher that she had brought to douse the flames.

    Then, on Oct. 12, prison employees Veronica Darden and Justin Smith were killed inside a sewing plant at Pasquotank Correctional Institution. Four inmates have been charged with killing them as part of a failed escape plan.

  21. Female Cop Captures 9 Foot Long Yellow Anaconda With Hands

  22. Smear Merchants Profitable work if you can get it.....

    Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016

    Since April of 2016, Obama's campaign organization has paid nearly a million dollars to the law firm that funneled money to Fusion GPS to compile a dossier of unverified allegations against Donald Trump.

    OCTOBER 29, 2017 By Sean Davis

    Former president Barack Obama’s official campaign organization has directed nearly a million dollars to the same law firm that funneled money to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Steele dossier. Since April of 2016, Obama For America (OFA) has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie, records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show.

    The Washington Post reported last week that Perkins Coie, an international law firm, was directed by both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to retain Fusion GPS in April of 2016 to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump. Fusion GPS then hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to compile a dossier of allegations that Trump and his campaign actively colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election. Though many of the claims in the dossier have been directly refuted, none of the dossier’s allegations of collusion have been independently verified. Lawyers for Steele admitted in court filings last April that his work was not verified and was never meant to be made public.......

  23. BARCELONA, Spain — Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators descended on the capital of Catalonia on Sunday to show the world that not everybody in the autonomous region wants to be independent of Spain.

    “I feel like a foreigner in my own country,” said Patricia Perez, referring to campaigners fighting to create Europe’s youngest nation. “They make me feel like trash even though I’ve lived here all my life.”

    “They announced independence, and don’t care what the majority thinks — we don’t matter at all,” the 23-year-old added

    1. This is likely to happen in Catalonia in the next few days.

      Federal authorities, with associated paramilitary forces, will reassert its authority over most if not all of the disputed territories, radio and television broadcasting facilities, and border points, including airports.


    2. .

      Trump and Trumpkins are Dicks.


  24. The punditry world has never been as united as it is today: virtually everyone agrees that the independence referendum that was organised on 25 September in Iraqi Kurdistan was an unmitigated disaster.

    There is also a consensus on what factors caused Kurdistan Regional President Masoud Barzani to miscalculate so badly, so there is little point recounting those arguments here.

    The short-term consequences of the crisis also appear to be fairly obvious. Federal authorities, with associated paramilitary forces, will reassert its authority over most if not all of the disputed territories, strategic oil fields, and border points, including airports. Large population centres within the Kurdistan Region proper are unlikely to be directly impacted, but they will be made to feel the economic consequences of the reassertion of federal control. Meanwhile, Kurdish politics have already completely fractured, with the regional president and his party losing virtually all claim to legitimacy (having lost legal legitimacy a long time ago) while a series of actors continue blaming each other for the disaster.


  25. .

    I was responding to Obama/Trump, I have no opinion on Catalonia, or cats, for that matter.


  26. I'm for independence for both of 'em.

    1. I want an independent Idawyotana, too.

    2. Make the Californicators show passports, with a limited time stay.