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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Ordinary Swedes Have Enough and Attack Antifa Leftists

Earlier in the day Antifa protesting calling ordinary  Swedes racists:

Prior to that, a Sweden First group had to deal with politically correct Swedish police and Antifa:


  1. I am so sick and disgusted at this defeatism. We have to wake up.

  2. Here is how Google portrays it:

    GOTHENBURG, Sweden (Reuters) - Dozens of people were arrested on Saturday as neo-Nazis and anti-fascists clashed with police during a march by the extreme right-wing Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) in Gothenburg, Sweden on Saturday, police said.

    The NMR gathered hundreds of people for the march. Membership in Nazi organizations is not illegal in Sweden and the NMR had a permit from the police to march.

  3. NEXT


    A rally of neo-Nazis in Sweden has ended in clashes with both anti-fascist counter-demonstrators and police.
    The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) group had planned a march through the city of Gothenburg on Saturday.
    Scuffles broke out between police and the shield-carrying NMR group when, police said, members attempted to deviate from the agreed route.
    Dozens of people have been arrested, including the group's leader, Swedish media reported.
    Counter-demonstrators are also believed to be among those detained.
    Several hundred neo-Nazis gathered in Gothenburg for the rally, along with a large group of counter-protesters who lined the route.


    Irish Times
    Dozens arrested as neo-Nazis and anti-fascists clash in Sweden
    Extreme right-wing Nordic Resistance Movement mounts rally in Gothenburg

  5. Patriots are "Nazis". It is way past time to put and end to this.


    US embassy issues warning about neo-Nazi demonstration in ...

    RT-Sep 29, 2017
    The US embassy in Sweden has issued a warning to its citizens ahead of a planned neo-Nazi march in Gothenburg on Saturday.
    Sweden's literati wrestle with the far right 28, 2017

    Extra police called to Gothenburg to manage neo-Nazi demonstration

    The Local Sweden-Sep 27, 2017
    Police from across Sweden will be called to Gothenburg to help manage a planned neo-Nazi demonstration in the centre of the city.
    Story image for gothenburg sweden from The Local Sweden

    Swedish PM Löfven hits out at Gothenburg neo-Nazi march
    The Local Sweden-Sep 20, 2017
    Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has criticized a neo-Nazi march through Gothenburg, saying it is time to think about how to counteract ...

  7. Ordinary Swedes have had enough and attacked Antifa. You won't get that unless you dig. Really disgusting.



    Edmonton terror attack: Chaos in Canada as cops stabbed by man with ISIS flag and pedestrians ploughed into during terror attack
    The cop was sent flying 15ft into the air and knifed 'several times' by the attacker who fled on foot

  9. “The driver was apprehended and taken into police custody,” Knecht said. “It is believed at this time that these two incidents are related.”

    The incidents bear striking similarities to recent terror attacks in Europe.

    “These incidents are being investigated as acts of terrorism,” Knecht explained.

    Edmonton police, the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) and its Canadian Public Security Agencies are investigating the incidents as acts of terrorism under Section 83.2 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

    “We believe the individual acted alone, but we’re not ruling out that there may be others.”

    Police said there was no warning of the event. The name of the man arrested has not been released.

    Edmonton police are expected to provide another update at 3 p.m. MT Sunday.

  10. I bet his name would be released if it was Fred Clark.

  11. Newsweak reports ...


    The demonstration by the far-right Nordic Resistance Movement not only passes the holy building, but also falls on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, The Local reported.

    “It’s the day of the year when many Jews who normally don’t go to the synagogue will gather there.

    “On this day, the police have decided to grant the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement permission to march through Gothenburg, no more than a stone’s throw away from the synagogue,” Aron Verständig, chairman of the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, and Allan Stutzinky, chairman of the Jewish community in Gothenburg, wrote in Svenska Dagbladet.

    “Aside from out of fear for our own security, it evokes uncomfortable associations for us Jews. During the Holocaust, it wasn’t unusual for the German Nazis to conduct their horrendous atrocities on the most important days of the Jewish calendar,”

    The Jews are afraid, the NAZI are on the march. Herw, there, everywhere.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


      > 'Go to Auschwitz,' Trump supporter yells at protesters

      > A guide to the far-right groups that protested in Charlottesville


      Protesters with the March for Racial Justice calling for racial equity and justice pass by the US Capitol in Washington.. (photo credit:REUTERS)
      Jews to march on 2nd day despite initial upset over Yom Kippur scheduling.

      American Jewish students and groups were set to join the March for Racial Justice in New York and New England on Sunday, despite some disappointment over the scheduling of the first day of the march on Yom Kippur. The march is calling for a reversal of laws, policies and practices the movement says hasten inequality, dehumanize people of color and “maintain white supremacy.”

      “For generations, the Jewish community has stood with our allies and marched, sat-in, walked-out, blocked bridges, protested and educated our shared society about these issues in a struggle to transform the policies that produce injustice,” a statement released by the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) said. “We continue their legacy and stand in full solidarity with the organizers of the March for Racial Justice on September 30th and October 1st.”

      The main march is being held in Washington, DC on Saturday and Sunday, with sister marches taking place in other cities.
      Students affiliated with the American Union of Jewish Students, WUJS, Hillel International, Torah Trumps Hate and Hitoreri: An Orthodox Movement for Social Change will participate in the second day of the march, on Sunday. The first day fell on Shabbat and Yom Kippur.

      The March for Racial Justice Committee also released a statement embracing the Jewish community’s involvement and emphasizing the importance of members of all races, ethnicities and communities joining force “in the face of an administration that condones widespread oppression of all those most vulnerable among us.”

      “We believe that none of us are free until all of us are free,” it said. “We are marching in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters who are observing the holiest of days on the Jewish calendar. Holding fast to Jewish tradition is also an act of resistance, in the face of growing antisemitism. We recognize and lift up the intersection of antisemitism and racism perpetrated by white supremacists, whether they wave Confederate flags, don swastikas, beat and kill people on the streets in Charlottesville, deface Holocaust memorials or threaten and harass members of our communities and our religious and community spaces.”

  12. At Breitbart it is reported ...

    WATCH: Fifty Arrested As Hundreds March in Anti-Semitic Protest Near Synagogue in Sweden

  13. While closer to home the National Review reports

    President Donald Trump’s tax-reform plan is in total a very expansive steaming pile of irresponsibility — and the president’s argument that it will lead to sustained 6 percent economic growth is pure fantasy — but it does have one attractive provision: raising taxes on blue-state progressives.

  14. .

    I doubt the neo-Nazis are 'ordinary' Swedes. The fact is, the neo-Nazis and Antifa deserve each other. Two-sides of the same coin. Let them fight it out.

    If you want to hand out permits, do it for some field somewhere away from 'ordinary' people.


    1. Outside of Kiruna, Sweden somewhere, in the wintertime.

    2. I'm an ordinary Swede, whose ancestors got the hell out while the getting was good.

      I will say when we visited Stockholm it was a clean orderly very attractive city at that time, some 40 or so years ago.

      I, as is always the case, lost a chess game on the lawn in a park to my brother. Even tried to solicit the help of an elderly Swede on my side, but he, in a good mood, said 'nat fair nat fair', and grimaced when I made my next mood, which was the beginning of the end.

    3. If you first visited sweden forty some years ago ... and never went back

      You are not an ordinary Swede
      You are NO KIND of Swede

      Born and bred in Idaho, dumbass, no where near Sweden

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Where ever a Swede is born, there is Sweden, dumb ass dead beat dad.

      I have Swedish artifacts, bibles, and all sorts of Swedish books are the rancher, lots of paintings, letter, stories, recipes, sagas,,,,

      You don't know anything about Sweden or Swedes, so quit trying.

      You are too old to learn new tricks.

  15. Another muzzie kills two women on a train in France this day. Murder weapon ? Knife. Shouted the Akbar too.

  16. Tillerson’s Wasting His Time Negotiating With North Korea!

    'I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man…

    …Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!'


  17. Steve Bannon tells us doing "... what has to be done."

    Will result in six million dead.

    Cop rammed, stabbed...
    U-HAUL slams pedestrians in horror attack...
    Report: ISIS flag in vehicle....DRUDGE


    1. Burqa ban in Austria signals coming political earthquake - 10/1/17
      The refugee issue is altering the political balance of power across Europe. More

      October 1, 2017
      Burqa ban in Austria signals coming political earthquake
      By Rick Moran

      A Austrian law banning the full face covering of women, known as the "Burqa Ban," will go into effect today and strong support for the law may signal a rightward shift in a nation governed from the center since the end of World War II.

      National elections are looming on October 15 and support for the burga ban by the two nationalist parties could propel them to power in a coalition government.....

  19. College Professor: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology

    Timothy Meads Timothy Meads |Posted: Sep 30, 2017 12:30 PM

    Pennsylvania State University-Brandywine professor Angela Putman recently asserted in an academic paper that the notion “if I work hard, I can be successful” is merely a product of white ideology, reports Campus Reform.

    Angela Putman conducted a study to critique and examine “ideologies within college students’ discourse that are foundational to whiteness.” Her resulting conclusion published on Thursday was that “meritocracy”, or the belief that people should rise based on the fruits of their own labor, is a "white ideology." In her mind, this "white ideology" is unfortunately widely accepted in academia.

    But, Professor Putman argues that professors can change this "ideology" by teaching students “how racism and whiteness function in various contexts, the powerful influence of systems and institutions, and the pervasiveness of whiteness ideologies within the United States.”

    Putman believes that it is somehow a bad thing to teach students personal responsibility. Emphasizing a collectivist mindset, Putman puts forth the idea that Americans are falsely "socialized to believe that we got to where we are… because of our own individual efforts.”

    This “ideology” she says, perpetuates whiteness and racism throughout society. Once students learn more about "white ideology," they will hopefully “resist perpetuating and reifying whiteness through their own discourse and interactions,” and challenge systemic “manifestations of racism and whiteness.”

    Until students learn the hidden dangers of believing in the value of hard-work and a positive attitude, “whiteness ideologies may be reproduced through a general acceptance and unchallenging of norms, as well as through everyday discourse from a wide variety of racial positionalities.”....

    She must have been an affirmative action hire of some type.

    1. Avoiding the hidden dangers of believing in the value of hard-work has been taken to an art form by our advertising sector here in USA.

    2. Only America's vanishing farmers trudge onward following along in the older ways of hard work and marital fidelity, sobriety, religious attendance, and honest dealing.

    3. I am for perpetuating and reifying whiteness through their (my) own discourse and interactions, with others.

      Many people I know often tell people to:

      1) Take a shower
      2) Get a haircut
      3) Wash clothing
      3) Sped the time lost begging by going to the employment office

  20. Truedope:

    In a statement issued Sunday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also condemned the violence in Edmonton as a "terrorist attack".

    ""We cannot – and will not – let violent extremism take root in our communities. We know that Canada's strength comes from our diversity, and we will not be cowed by those who seek to divide us or promote fear. Edmonton is a strong and resilient city, and I am confident that its citizens will support one another to overcome this tragic event."

    1. Truedope, please wake up.

      Violent extremism has already taken root in your communities.

      What you gonna do about it, Truedope ?

    2. Here are all the photos of the Canadian attack:

    3. And here are the photos from the Marseille attack:

  21. For thousands of years, before the Romans, the military used some term that meant "unit". A military unit. Strength comes from unit cohesion. We recognized that when the US allies selected a Supreme commander during WWII. We showed that we can work as one and not as a freak show from the Barbary Coast.

    The Romans learned "Divide and Rule" from Phillp of Macedonia and centuries later Napolean used the same tactic.

    There is no more specious piece of fatuous vacuous drivel than the moronic, "strength comes from our diversity"

    1. That was good.
      I shared most of it to my fb page.
      Giving you full credit of course.

    2. Thank you Doug, and we have an update on Canadians newly found strength through diversity:

      Police chief Rod Knecht said at a Sunday afternoon news conference that the man, who came to the attention of law enforcement in 2015 for “espousing extremist ideology” is believed to have acted alone.

      Sources confirmed the identity of the man as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif. RCMP K-Division’s assistant commissioner Marlin Degrand said the man is a Somali national.

      The public safety minister’s office has said he is a refugee.

      Knecht said four injured pedestrians suffered injuries ranging from broken limbs to brain bleeds. Two remain in hospital, the most serious with a fractured skull, and two have been released.

  22. It's a little like 'strength comes from chaos', come to think of it.

    1. It's why Quirk, when he's at his best, always acts alone. No distractions. Perfect monotheistic concentration and strength. No little nasty godlettes about to screw things up. No discussions. A perfect unity of will, idea, tactic, execution....unstoppable every time I've witnessed it.

      No sharing of the courage booze either.....

      An art form....

    2. Teen caught having sex with wiener dog, again

      WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police in Warren, Ohio say a teenage boy admitted to having sex with a dog again.

      Police said a family member found the 17-year-old boy naked in bed with the dog at a home on Homewood Avenue SE. They reported it to Trumbull County Children Services.

      The teen spends half of his time with Children Services and the other half with his family.

      It’s been almost exactly a year to the day since the then-16-year-old was charged with animal cruelty for having sexual contact with the dog. Those acts happened before Warren’s bestiality law took effect.

      Now he’s facing two misdemeanor counts of bestiality and animal cruelty charges after police said he admitted to doing it again.

      During an extensive interview at Trumbull County Children Services, the boy confessed to having sex with the dog in July and September, according to investigators.

      He is being held on a probation violation at the Juvenile Detention Center.

      The wiener dog mix named Pee Wee is being examined by a veterinarian to see if it received any injuries during the encounters.

      “The dog is currently with the Animal Welfare League, checking for any injuries because from what the suspect stated, each time he would have sexual intercourse with the dog, it would be for an hour or more,” Det. Nick Carney said.

      He said this case is far from over.

      “My concern with the interview is if he would do this to an animal, what would you do to a small child? So this case is not open and shut. There is some follow-up work I have to do that I can’t really talk about right now.”

      Investigators are waiting on the results of the vet examination. They said if the dog was seriously injured, the charges could be adjusted.

    3. Case of a kid who should have kept his mouth shut.

      "They never catch a fish that doesn't open its mouth"

      Who are they going to believe, a silent kid, or a barking dog ?

    4. Which is worse:

      1)Humping a pooch

      2)Shooting to death a deer

      Think carefully now.

      And why.

  23. There is a large Somali community in Edmonton and Alberta. Local human rights activist Ahmed Abdikhadir told the CBC, that he felt “anger and frustration” at the news it was a possible terrorist attack, but also fears it could cause backlash against minority communities.

  24. Bill Clinton starting bringing Somalis into the US. We are now blessed and enriched with these gems. They are some of the dumbest bastards on the planet:



    Somalia Avg. IQ: 68

    1. We have 100,000 and counting. Why?

    2. We need to be able to compete.

      Bring in the world's dumb shits, then we can compete.

      That all I can come up with.

    3. Gives the kids in the Detroit Public School System a fighting chance to be First in Class.

    4. Are you an IQist?

      Take the test to see if you are guilty of IQism;

      1. Would you rather have an airline pilot with an IQ of 69 or 115?
      2. Would you rather have a doctor with an IQ of 69 or 115?
      3. Would you rather have a baby sitter or teacher for your children with an IQ of 69 or 115?
      5. Would you rather have an airline pilot with an IQ of 69 or 115?
      6. Would you rather have an accountant with an IQ of 69 or 115?
      7. Would do you think would need welfare, someone with an IQ of 69 or 115?

      If you said "no" to all questions you are obviously an IQist. If you said "yes" you are surely a Democrat.

  25. Watch Out. Denmark Is Deploying The Military To Secure Its Borders
    JAZZ SHAWPosted at 7:01 pm on September 30, 2017

    The open borders policies being pushed by the European Union aren’t nearly as popular across the continent as Angela Merkel might have you believe. Another example of that fact surfaced on Friday when Denmark announced that they were dispatching more than one hundred members of their military to the German border to augment and relieve police units currently handling the work. If Brussels has anything to say about it, they’re playing it close to the vest for now. (Daily Caller)

    Denmark will deploy armed soldiers to its southern border and a number of potential terror targets Friday.

    Some 160 soldiers will take over the workload of 128 police officers until further notice. They will support controls along the border to Germany and guard sites such as the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen, the National Police announced Thursday.

    The synagogue has been under constant surveillance since February 2015, when a security guard was shot dead by a man of Palestinian descent. The gunman, Omar El-Hussein, opened fire outside a free speech event prior to the shooting at the mosque, killing one man and injuring a number of police officers.
    Denmark has actually been guarding its borders since January of last year when terror threats across Europe had them in a heightened state of readiness. The EU went along with the idea, but attempted to set a limit on how long they could do it. That agreement was supposed to expire on November 12. Denmark’s Immigration Minister was rather blunt in saying that lifting the border controls was something that’s simply not going to happen....

  26. There is a large number of Somolian in Minnesota too.
    Big business hires them and coordinates living accommodations to keep the wages lower.
    Little Falls, St. Cloud, Rochester, Long Prairie,...

    Not long ago there was a knife attack in the St. Cloud mall.
    I think the guy was taken down by a concealed handgun carrier. Or an off duty officer.

    1. Where dumb Swedes congregate, dumber ass moslems will surely be found -

      Why jihadi fiends grow in Minnesota

      NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, August 30, 2014, 10:32 PM

      Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, of New Hope, Minn., was suspected of fighting alongside Islamic State militants and was killed during gunfight in Syria.

      Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, home of the Twins and the Timberwolves — and the unlikely incubator for a growing number of radical jihadists.

      As many as 15 Somali-American men from Minneapolis-St. Paul left home in recent months to enlist with radical groups and join the fighting in Syria, according to the FBI.

      “They all had the same issues,” said Mohamud Noor, acting executive director for the Confederation of Somali Communities in Minnesota. “They are young men who are looking and looking for their identity.”

      Two of them reportedly turned up dead last week on the same Syrian battlefield far from home: Douglas McAuthur McCain and Abdirahmann Muhumed.

      McCain, 33, was a convert to Islam who became increasingly radicalized in the years before enlisting with the terrorist forces of the Islamic State (ISIS), authorities said.

      Muhumed, a 29-year-old father of nine, was apparently involved in the same firefight with Free Syrian Army fighters that left McCain dead.

      ISIS posted a recruitment video on YouTube featuring recruits from Britain and Australia. The FBI says at least 15 men from Minneapolis-St. Paul have joined the fighting in Syria in recent months.
      ISIS posted a recruitment video on YouTube featuring recruits from Britain and Australia. The FBI says at least 15 men from Minneapolis-St. Paul have joined the fighting in Syria in recent months. (ALHAYAT MEDIA CENTER)
      “Allah loves those who fight for his cause,” Muhumed posted on his Facebook page earlier this year. The homegrown terrorist bolted Minnesota in 2012.....

    2. The Swedish morons in Minnesota elected a muzz Keith Ellison as their Congressman, with all his ties to CAIR, the muslim brotherhood, Louis Farrakhan too.

      The Swedes in Sweden have gone one the muzz the keys to the country.

    3. What this country needs is a literacy test for voting.

      And, I'd thrown in property ownership too, however minimal.

    4. In a recent survey only about 1/4th of the country could name the three branches of government.

  27. Colin Kaepernick donated $25,000 to group honoring convicted cop-killer

  28. Las Vegas gets a big shootup.

    Awaiting details....


  30. For all the assholes , taking smug satisfaction in Stephen Paddock's tribe;

    Paddock was living with Marilou Danley. Marilou Danley had been married to Geary Danley.

    Geary Danley was an Antifa supporter, a violent Trump hater, and a registered Democrat.

    This information was available on his FB page until it was closed this morning. Did they share similar political views?

    This was a Country Western event taking place, i.e white Christian conservatives and Republicans.

    Was this political?

    Paddock seems remarkably similar to the shooter, 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, who wanted to kill a field load of Republicans. Hodgkinson also.died from injuries sustained when he was shot by police.

    You better reserve some of that cheap glee that you are pouring.