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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Trump on Libya in 2011 & 2016





  1. It seems as if he went straight from the fax machine to the smart phone, and completely skipped over that whole thing about the inter-tubes, and the way-back machine. :)

    1. He's on record supporting the Iraq invasion, also. I saw him on Larry King Live, and Hillary referenced a Howard Stern tape.

    2. .

      Based on the video, Trump's support for the Libyan intervention is a no-doubter; but to be fair, any one who actually heard Trump's interview with Stern would hardly call it a ball's out endorsement of the Iraq war. describes it thusly...

      Stern asked Trump directly if he supported going to war with Iraq, and Trump hesitantly responded, “Yeah, I guess so.”

      You had to actually hear the answer to judge the commitment or lack therof.

      Besides that was in November, 2002. By January, 2003 a couple months before the war started, he was already questioning it on financial grounds.


    3. .

      But the real question, why would anyone be interested in what Trump had to say about the Iraq war in 2002, or for that matter, on Libya in 2011?


    4. Ask him; he made it an issue.

    5. ,

      No. I don't mean now. I mean at the time.


    6. .

      It doesn't seem like a real estate developer would have much cache as a 'go-to' foreign policy expert.


    7. A decent comment by The Quirkster for a change, putting Trump's 'support' for the Iraq War in proper perspective.

      Well done, Quirk.

    8. Trump had plenty of cash, even way back then.

  2. Assume Trump had opinions supporting intervention both Syria and Libya but with evidence, changed his mind. Compare that with Psycho Hillary.

    1. Why don't we just assume that Trump's a lying moron, and go get a beer? :)

    2. Trump won't tell US what he wants to do do going forward because 'It's secret'

    3. Trump wants you to elect him because 'he has good judgement'.

    4. Trump wants you to elect him because 'he has good judgement'.

    5. It has been idiotic for Obama to announce our withdrawal plans, for instance, way in advance.

      Trump has better judgement than that.

      And Hillary has ruled out 'ground troops' to clean up ISIS.

      Dumb, too.

      Both our candidates have pledged to destroy ISIS.

      Either one will have trouble doing so.

      And when ISIS is gone, how do we keep them from coming back without more involvement ?

      The Libertarian Candidate didn't know what Aleppo was....said later he thought they were asking about a contraction, like NATO.....

      We're in good hands all around....

      What this country needs is SMIRK'n'QUIRK to clean up the total mess left by Obama/Clinton.

      S&Q will know just what to do.

  3. Trump has this going for him.....he is healthy, doesn't need Badge Man to inject him with Valium, or anti-seizure drugs on a moments notice, can get 'vertical' at will, has a functioning memory, doesn't fall over, and is not a World Class Criminal....

    1. Hillary periodically overloads her Depends due to the blood thinners, and she and her aides told the FBI 367 times, or so, that they couldn't remember enough to answer simple questions.

    2. (the blood thinners are to prevent another blood clot in Poor Dear's brain - overloading the Depends is a small price to pay)

    3. Hillary's Badge Man

      Blog: Hillary’s mysterious handler ‘badge man’ pops up on ...

      Hillary’s mysterious handler ‘badge man’ pops up on campaign plane after coughing fit. By Thomas Lifson. Who is the well-dressed man who accompanies Hillary and ...

      News about Hillary's Badge Man

      Hillary’s mysterious handler ‘badge man’ pops up on campaign plane after coughing fit

      Hillary’s mysterious handler ‘badge man’ pops up on campaign plane after coughing fit

      American Thinker · 2 days ago

      Who is the well-dressed man who accompanies Hillary and rushes to her aid when she experiences anything …

      Is Hillary constantly accompanied by a medic with an anti ...

      Badge Man is also the same man is pictured helping Hillary ... And he is also the man who rushed to assure Hillary when she froze during a speech in Las Vegas three ...

      Hillary’s health may be the sleeper issue of the election ...
      3 POSTS
      FIRST POST: AUG 08, 2016

      Aug 08, 2016 · Badge Man is also the same man is pictured helping Hillary up stairs (see this): And he is also the man who rushed to assure Hillary when she froze during …


      Badge Man is also the same man is pictured helping Hillary ... And he is also the man who rushed to assure Hillary when she froze during a speech in Las Vegas three ...

      Hillary is having SEIZURES!! Secret Service leaks details ... › Thee RANT

      Badge Man is also the same man is pictured helping Hillary ... And he is also the man that rushed to assure Hillary when she froze during a speech in Las Vegas 3 ...

      Is Hillary Constantly Accompanied By A Medic With An ...

      Aug 08, 2016 · Hillary's handler is medic (see badge) and carries pen with injection. ... prompting Badge Man to reassure her that an injection was available, ...

  4. For God's Sake, if you have to have a medical technician - Badge Man - following you around everywhere in case you need an emergency injection, are you really fit to be President ?

    Wake UP, America !!

  5. Trump Up, Clinton Down, Obama Out

    By Victor Davis Hanson
    September 08, 2016

    In most presidential elections, the two candidates spar over issues. The president campaigns for his party's nominee in hopes of continuing his legacy.

    Democrats champion liberalism, Republicans conservatism. In numerous press conferences, journalists try to force newsworthy and embarrassing admissions from the two candidates.

    Not this year.

    Barack Obama, who less than two years ago dipped to 40 percent in approval rating, is nowhere to be seen. He seems to know that the more he is absent and quiet, the more the public likes the idea rather than the reality of him as president -- and his approval rating has risen to 51 percent.

    In his self-imposed retreat, Obama makes no effort to defend the Affordable Care Act, which is all but disintegrating, as major insurers pull out and costs skyrocket.

    Ditto the Iran deal. Obama is learning that it is better to be quiet about Iranian violations, ransom for hostages and provocations than to explain them away.

    Obama months ago gave up mentioning how the crushing national debt has almost doubled to nearly $20 trillion under his watch. No one seems to be defending the Obama administration's lax immigration and border-enforcement policies.

    He is also silent on his foreign policy -- "reset" with Russia, the abrupt pullout from Iraq, the intervention in Libya, the growth of the Islamic State, the disintegration of Syria, and the decision not to associate global terrorism with radical Islamism.

    Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has kept a relatively low profile for someone who's running for president. She has not held a press conference in more than nine months, counting on a compliant press to keep giving her a pass on her email scandals.

    Her campaign strategy is to agree to occasional one-on-one interviews with pre-selected friendly journalists, and to engage in chitchat on frivolous morning and late-evening TV talk shows. Clinton avoids large rallies, where she often grates rather than enthuses.

    The Clinton strategy is to sit on her small lead in the last two months of the race, expecting that the mercurial Donald J. Trump will finally destroy his campaign with another outburst. She apparently assumes that nonstop fundraising, attack ads and an army of staffers will bury the amateurish Trump campaign.

    Clinton doesn't talk much about the Obama record. Voters do not have any idea how -- or indeed if -- she would fix Obamacare.

    1. Clinton talks tough about her future foreign policy. Does that mean she thinks Obama has been too complacent abroad?

      Would she add to or reduce Obama's massive addition to the national debt?

      Meanwhile, the frenetic 70-year old Trump cannot sit still. He talks to the press nonstop, anywhere, anytime.

      He flies to Louisiana to inspect flood damage, to Mexico to joust with the Mexican government over illegal immigration, to a black church in Detroit to woo inner-city voters. Trump likes huge crowds at rallies where he bellows and at any moment can veer off-script.

      Trump's effort is mostly a loud, public, solo affair. He tries to scrounge free TV and radio exposure. He is at war not just with Clinton but also with the Republican establishment and the so-called elites of both parties.

      This weird election is coming down to just two factors:

      One, the outcome on Nov. 8 is largely up to Trump.

      Can he continue to widen his appeal and chip away at Clinton's lead? In other words, can a hyperactive Trump reinvent himself as "presidential" and assure voters who do not like Clinton that as a calm president he won't embarrass the country?

      Two, will Clinton's scandals, which now have a life of their own, ever cease?

      Seemingly every day we receive new confirmation from Clinton's communications that she did not tell the truth about either the troubling overlap between the Clinton Foundation and her tenure as secretary of state or how she put national security in jeopardy by using an unsecured private server in violation of government policy.

      Unfortunately for her, there are still thousands of communications to be released under court order -- and two months to air them all. Embarrassing communications will keep surfacing to both contradict her prior statements and reveal more past improprieties.

      Looming in the background is the fear that foreign hackers may have stolen her huge trove of private correspondence before she deleted it -- and are waiting to release even more of it in late October.

      In sum, a passive Clinton hopes that scandals now beyond her control will not evaporate her once-sizable lead before Nov. 8, a date that suddenly seems to Clinton to be too far away.

      A lame-duck Obama runs out the clock, too, neither defending his old policies nor offering new ones.

      All the while, a madcap Trump makes nonstop news, hoping that his self-generated publicity is more helpful than harmful.


    1. .

      Right. And at least one says Trump's health is 'astonishingly excellent'.


    2. His health is excellent.

      Think you could keep up with his pace, Track Star ?

    3. You are basically sedentary.

      To the fire hydrant and back.....100 steps round trip.


  7. We are at the point now where Hillary can't keep her lies straight -

    When lies collide: New Hillary email spin directly contradicted by own previous claim

    posted at 9:21 pm on September 8, 2016 by Guy Benson

    ....This week, a core facet of her email scheme defense is that she didn’t do anything wrong because none of her emails contained those telltale and crucial headings, which are the determinative form of classification notices. But just a few months ago, she said those same headings didn’t meaningfully pertain to classification. An incoherent, entirely self-serving about face. She cannot keep her own lies straight.

    1. I wonder if Rufus and Ash can understand this contradiction in her statements.

    2. If they don't want to understand, they won't.

  8. Droves of African Migrants Amass at Mexican Border Waiting US Asylum Under Secret Obama Pact

  9. Here's a video of the "Mystery Badge Man" directing, and pushing Secret Service Agents around, when an (if I remember correctly) animal rights protestor tried to rush the stage.

    In other words, "Mystery Badge Man" is the head of Hillary Clinton's Secret Service Detail.


  10. A 14-year-old female student died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound Thursday after shooting and injuring another female student inside a high school in West Texas, according to the local sheriff.


    Law enforcement officials were also dealing with a series of bomb threats made in the wake of the shooting. They said they don’t believe there was a connection between the threats and the shooting at the high school.

    Authorities said threats were phoned in to Sul Ross State University and an Alpine hospital. There was also a threat at a motel in Marathon, Texas, about 30 miles east of Alpine.

  11. Shaping Operations Continue in Iraq, Syria as ISIL Leaders Targeted

    By Cheryl Pellerin

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 2016 — The past three weeks has seen continued shaping and clearing operations in Iraq, continued reduction of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s ability to move fighters in and out of northern Syria, and sustained pressure on ISIL’s command and control, the Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman said today.

    Air Force Col. John Dorrian briefed the Pentagon press corps via teleconference on OIR operations, describing work being done to remove ISIL leadership figures.

    Over the past 60 days coalition precision air strikes have targeted and struck more than a dozen ISIL leaders in Mosul alone, he said.

    Strikes on ISIL Leaders

    “These strikes have a disruptive effect on the enemy command and control, which is important in setting conditions for Mosul's liberation,” Dorrian said, noting that the strikes have been against military commanders, safe houses, weapons facilitators, vehicle-borne bomb attack coordinators, security commanders and operations and communication leaders.

    On the precision strike announced last week against Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, widely known as ISIL’s No. 2 leader, Dorrian said coalition forces had been tracking him for a long time, knowing it was important to remove him from his role as ISIL's senior plotter for external terror attacks.

    “Adnani was … responsible for spying, internal messaging and discipline as well as planning and directing the murder of innocent men, women and children in terror attacks around the world,” he added.

    It has been widely reported that Adnani was killed in the strike but Dorrian said the coalition is still assessing the results of the strike.

    “It's a rigorous process of intelligence gathering and analysis before we confirm the strike had its desired effect. When the professionals have gone through the relevant intelligence and that process is completed, we will inform you at once,” he added.

    Iraq Operations

    Over the past several weeks east of Mosul, Iraq, coalition forces supported peshmerga forces who were conducting Operation Evergreen II. The effort was designed to seize and control key terrain near the Gwer River Bridge, which crosses the Great Zab River, Dorrian said, adding that the operation was executed with 1,500 to 2,000 peshmerga with support from coalition and artillery strikes.

    “The coalition used helicopters to lift the artillery into position and then exfiltrated the guns when the operation was complete. The firing solutions this offered provided maximum flexibility for the commander on the ground,” he said.

    The operation was conducted Aug. 14-16 and took less than 48 hours to achieve its main goals, Dorrian said. It also liberated 12 villages and, he added, “a lot of people who were living under miserable conditions” under ISIL.

    1. Also in Iraq, Iraqi forces and Counter Terrorism Service forces added Qayyarah to the list of cities liberated from ISIL, Dorrian said.

      “In the last two weeks alone the [Iraqis] liberated an additional six villages in the area. The significance of these liberation battles is that the Iraqi security forces continue to gain control of key terrain and lines of communications, while [ISIL] continues to lose freedom of movement and the resources that come from controlling terrain,” he explained.

      Qayyarah West Airfield, which will be a stepping stone and staging area for Iraqi forces, has been cleared and efforts are underway to develop the area to support upcoming operations to liberate Mosul, Dorrian added.

      Partners in Syria

      In Syria, after taking Jarabulus with its partnered forces, Turkey has announced that they've cleared the remaining border region from further infiltration by ISIL, Dorrian said.

      This terrain was important as an route into and out of the region, he added, noting that ISIL’s loss of freedom of movement in this area improves security in Europe and around the world and severely impacts their ability to reinforce fighters in Syria and Iraq.

      “ISIL is an adaptive and determined enemy,” the OIR spokesman said, “and the coalition will continue to support Turkey as our NATO ally, and their partner forces, as they continue to strengthen their lines and secure that border. The coalition will also continue working with our Syrian Democratic Forces partners in Syria to assure the latest progress continues to build momentum for a lasting defeat of [ISIL] in the region.”

      The latest progress along with continuous airstrikes to dismantle ISIL command and control, financing and resupply routes set conditions for the eventual liberation of Raqqa, the city that ISIL considers its capital, he added.

      Part of setting those conditions is continued work to assure that all counter-ISIL forces operating in Syria have opened their lines of coordination to deconflict operations in what has become a very crowded battle space, Dorrian said. “Unity of focus on [ISIL] over the coming days and weeks is imperative,” he added.

      “Our allies, our coalition members and all of our partners have a unifying interest in defeating [ISIL],” Dorrian said. “We believe the improved coordination of armed activities in northern Syria will improve the safety of our forces.”


    2. Strikes in Syria

      Attack, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted five strikes in Syria:

      -- Near Raqqah, two strikes engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed a tanker trailer, an oil workover rig and a vehicle.

      -- Near Ayn Isa, a strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed a mortar system and a vehicle.

      -- Near Dayz Az Zawr, a strike destroyed four ISIL oil tanker trucks.

      -- Near Mar’a, a strike destroyed an ISIL vehicle bomb.

      Strikes in Iraq

      Fighter aircraft and rocket artillery conducted seven strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

      -- Near Albu Hayat, a strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two bunkers and two vehicles.

      -- Near Haditha, a strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed a building.

      -- Near Mosul, two strikes engaged an ISIL financial center and destroyed a weapons storage facility.

      -- Near Qayyarah, a strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed a vehicle, 12 rocket rails, four rocket systems and an assembly area.

      -- Near Ramadi, a strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit.

      -- Near Sinjar, a strike destroyed an ISIL tunnel entrance and suppressed a mortar position.

  12. Director of GW Bush's 9-11 Situation Room endorses Hillary!

    Retired Navy Rear Admiral Deborah Loewer was a 31 year Navy vet, in charge of the Situation Room on 9/11/2001. She in fact was with Bush on his trip to Florida on that fateful day.

    By teacherken

    My support of Clinton is derived from the hard lessons learned during my years of service to our country. I served as the military assistant to the secretary of defense at the Pentagon. I commanded the USS Camden, the USS Mount Baker and all of the U.S. Navy’s mine warfare assets. I deployed to every region on the globe – including the Persian Gulf and the Asia Pacific – in support of our nation’s security. I watched and listened and firmly believe Clinton understands not only how to deploy our forces, but also, how to bring them safely home when the mission is done.

    In the coming election, the stakes could not be higher. Choosing the next president of the United States is a serious responsibility of all citizens. Standing on the sidelines, taking a pass on this election, is not an option. I must – we all must – choose the very best person to serve as our president on Nov. 8. As someone who directed the White House Situation Room for 26 of the most significant months in our nation’s recent history, I know the type of person it takes to live up to the demanding job of the presidency, and execute the duties of that office with strength, intelligence, thoroughness, discipline and compassion.

    Hillary Clinton is that person.

    Daily Kos

  13. .

    Director of G.W.B.'s Situation Room.

    That should be enough to disqualify her for anything.


    1. G.W.B. may be an idiot,

      but to Rufus,

      he's a useful idiot.

  14. Climate change is a racist crisis:

    That’s why Black Lives Matter closed an airport

  15. If Badge Man is head of Hillary's security detail, what's he doing packing a syringe ?

    1. Hillary has farmed out her medical care to the Secret Service ?

      If so, that proves she's really got problems....

      And she's sucking off the taxpayers again.

  16. Hillary, the goofball, is now claiming ISIS wants Trump as President.

    This must mean they don't like the idea of Hillary swearing off introducing any troops into their areas.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. How Trump Can Win Big


    No intelligent Americans read The Daily Kos or take it seriously.

    1. .

      Just as no intelligent American reads American Thinker or

      The explicit truth of that statement is on display here daily.


    2. Hey, he got "explicit" right Bob, he's showing his metal.

  19. Judge Jeanine Pirro, in a humorous piece, took to the streets of New York to buy a hammer strong enough to destroy a Blackberry.

    She found a four pounder in a hardware store that proved sufficient to the task.

    She pounded the Blackberry.

    Hit, hit, hit, hit, pound, pound, pound, pound.....Blackberry destroyed.

    Then she turns her attention to FBI Director Comey, and the issue of 'intent' - which actually, by the way, is not even required when dealing with highly classified national security materials....

    "Director Comey, if this isn't evidence of intent to destroy evidence, what the hell is" she asks.....

    Perhaps Rufus can answer....his Queen Hillary couldn't possibly have had evidence destroyed!!

    (destroying evidence of a crime is itself a crime in addition to the crime one is trying to cover up...)

    1. I believe she effectively made her point.

    2. (one wonders what bull shit theory Rufus would come up with to exonerate his Queen of intentionally destroying evidence)


    3. What bull shit theory can you come up with, Rufus, to exonerate your Queen of the charge of intentionally destroying evidence of a crime ?

    4. Rufus said that when she used bleachbit, she thought she was doing us a favor by freshening up the evidence.

  20. Pre-empting any claim by Rufus that ISIS supports Trump for President -

    Behind the Outrageous 'ISIS Backs Trump' Smear

    Whom does ISIS really love, Trump or Hillary?

    September 9, 2016

    Daniel Greenfield

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

    When Trump called Hillary a founder of ISIS due to her role in the destructive Arab Spring, the media underwent one of its ritual paroxysm of outrage. Heads spun around 360 degrees at CNN. The New York Times spit split pea soup clear across the office. NPR began crawling up the walls. And everyone who was anyone in the media agreed that Trump had been completely out of line in saying such a thing.

    Never mind that Hillary Clinton had previously accused Trump of being an ISIS recruiter. There are different rules for your team. And now that the fifteen minutes of media outrage over Trump’s line passed, she’s free to do it again. And so, as a dog returns to its vomit, Hillary declared that ISIS is "essentially throwing whatever support they have to Donald Trump."

    That would be news to ISIS which focuses more on mass murder than getting out the vote in Illinois.

    If the Islamic State is throwing its support to anyone, it’s the woman who helped get it off the ground. CAIR’s poll showed majority Muslim support for Hillary. But never mind the facts, ma’am.

    Hillary Clinton claimed that ISIS said that it wants Trump to win “because it would give even more motivation to every jihadi.” Apparently Jihadis won’t be sufficiently inspired to murder Americans if Hillary is in the White House. They’ll just sit around eating Cheetos and playing Call of Duty.

    But if Trump wins, they’ll finally start an exercise program and then blow themselves up.

    ISIS got its biggest start under Hillary. It’s actually doing less well now that Hillary is out of office. Maybe the nation’s greatest living diplomat is underestimating how motivating she can be to Jihadis?

    But Clinton insists that because Trump “doesn't want to let Muslims from around the world come to our country", his presidency would be a “gift to ISIS.”

    Because apparently the one thing that the Islamic State wants for Christmas is to make it harder for its Muslim terrorists to kill Americans. Like Hillary’s makeup artist, the Jihadis really love a challenge.

    But, just like last time around, Hillary’s smear is sourced to a dubious figure with even more dubious national security credentials.

    This time it’s Matt Olsen who has a piping hot take in Time explaining, “Why ISIS Supports Donald Trump”. The original smear appeared last month in Foreign Affairs and was titled, “Why ISIS Is Rooting for Trump”. Olsen just recycles it and changes one word. Not only is he a liar, but he’s also lazy.

    But Matt Olsen is also a third thing, besides lazy and liar, that’s far more dangerous.

    1. His Time bio describes him as “the former head of the National Counterterrorism Center”. That’s technically true. It’s also like describing a firefighter slash arsonist only by his official job title.

      When Obama wanted someone to help him free terrorists from Gitmo, he picked Olsen. Olsen’s task force approved the transfer of over 100 Islamic terrorists from Gitmo. He forcefully urged the closure of Gitmo and was accused by Congressman Frank Wolf of misleading him on terrorist releases.

      Wolf accused Olsen of wrongfully expediting the release of terrorists, and overturning Department of Defense assessments, in order to do so.

      In other words, if ISIS wanted a gift, it would be Matt Olsen wrapped in a big red bow. ISIS might still behead Matt, but it would probably give him a big kiss first.

      Hillary Clinton cited Matt Olsen as a national security expert. “They have, as Matt Olsen has pointed out, said that they hope Allah delivers America to Trump,” she whined. Who knew that Hillary was this suspicious of Allah? It’s a given that she might worry about God, but Allah must be on her side.

      Haven’t Obama and Olsen have freed enough of Allah’s faithful butchers to win his hellish support?

      But Olsen isn’t using his expertise here. That would be too much work. Instead he just recycled the Foreign Affairs piece, “Why ISIS Is Rooting for Trump” by Mara Revkin and Ahmad Mhidi.

      Who are they? Good question. Ahmad doesn’t have much of a bio. The Financial Times, which printed one of his pieces, describes him as “an independent journalist based on the Turkish border.” A German paper calls him a “Syrian journalist”. He’s apparently 26 years old. Another site appears to identify him as an anti-Assad activist. It might be more accurate to describe him as an activist, not a journalist.

      Mara Revkin is a Resident Fellow with the Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School. Who is this Kamel fellow? He’s a Saudi businessman who donated $10 million to Yale to study Sharia. He’s also the chairman and founder of the Dallah Al-Baraka Group.

      Is the Dallah Al-Baraka Group involved with the Clinton Foundation? Do camels defecate in the desert?

      Kamel is also an “establisher” of the Dar Al-Hekma College where Hillary Clinton spoke as Secretary of State. If that name rings a distant bell, it should. A top official at the school is Huma Abedin’s mother. Other establishers include the “Saudi Bin Laden Group” and “Mr. Yaseen Abdullah Kadi”.

    2. Mr. Kadi was a suspected associate of Osama bin Laden, had been accused of links to Hamas and was blacklisted on suspicion of providing material support to terrorists. Obama Inc. helpfully cleared him.

      Kamel’s Dallah Al-Baraka Group was one of the Saudi banks listed in a lawsuit by 9/11 families which were accused of having “conspired with Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to raise, launder, transfer, distribute, and hide funds for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda in order to support and finance their terrorist activities including, but not limited to, the September 11th attacks.”

      Back in 2001, the Al-Baraka Group had been linked to Al Qaeda transactions. Not to mention helping set up the financial branch of Hamas.

      These are the impeccable sources for Hillary’s claim, for Matt Olsen’s claim, that ISIS supports Trump.

      And what are the sources that Mhidi, that mysterious Syrian “journalist” somewhere on the Turkish border, and Revkin, a Resident Fellow with the “You Can’t Prove We Funded Al Qaeda or Hamas Center” at Yale, used to prove that ISIS supports Trump?

      A screenshot of a supposed Telegram message. It’s the sort of thing a child could photoshop. Even Dan Rather, with his Microsoft Word documents from the 70s, would hang his head in shame.

      And yet it’s what Matt Olsen quotes in his Time piece as proof that ISIS supports Trump.

      You might think that if ISIS really wanted to get out the vote for Trump, it would do it in a more accessible format. Or that if the Democratic nominee wanted to accuse Trump of being a pawn of ISIS, she might have more evidence than this tissue paper.

      ISIS doesn’t seem shy about publicity. It puts out a new atrocity video every week. Yet it can’t seem to manage to issue an official “We Love Trump” statement or invite the press to the launch party for its Super PAC.

      And so we have a devastating indictment of ISIS’ love for Trump based on screenshots in an article written by a Syrian activist with unclear loyalties and a fellow at a center funded by a Saudi billionaire accused of terror links which was passed along by the guy who helped Obama free Islamic terrorists.

      All of this raises serious questions about one candidate’s national security credentials.

      And it isn’t Trump.

    3. Hillary Rodham Clinton really is a living human turd, is she not ?

    4. .

      Frontpage, Hah!

      Signed, Quirk Krugman


  21. Paul Krugman: Donald Trump’s ‘Big Liar’ Technique

    "Why is it apparently so hard to hold Mr. Trump accountable for blatant, in-your-face lies?":

    Donald Trump’s ‘Big Liar’ Technique, by Paul Krugman, NY Times:

    ...Donald Trump has come up with something new, which we can call the “big liar” technique. Taken one at a time, his lies are medium-size — not trivial, but mostly not rising to the level of blood libel. But the lies are constant, coming in a steady torrent, and are never acknowledged, simply repeated. He evidently believes that this strategy will keep the news media flummoxed, unable to believe, or at least say openly, that the candidate of a major party lies that much.

    Mr. Trump ... is in a class of his own. He lies about statistics like the unemployment rate and the crime rate. He lies about foreign policy: President Obama is “the founder of ISIS.” But most of all, he lies about himself — and when the lies are exposed, he just keeps repeating them. ...

    Why is it apparently so hard to hold Mr. Trump accountable for blatant, in-your-face lies? Part of the answer may be that journalists are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of outrageous material. After all, which Trump line should be the headliner for a news analysis of Wednesday’s event? His Iraq lie? His praise for Vladimir Putin, who “has an 82 percent approval rating”? His denigration of the American military, whose commanders, he says, have been “reduced to rubble”?

    There’s also a deep diffidence about pointing out uncomfortable truths. Back in 2000, when I was first writing this column, I was discouraged from using the word “lie” about George W. Bush’s dishonest policy claims. As I recall, I was told that it was inappropriate to be that blunt about the candidate of one of our two major political parties. And something similar may be going on even now, with few people in the media willing to accept the reality that the G.O.P. has nominated someone whose lies are so blatant and frequent that they amount to sociopathy.

    Even that observation, however, doesn’t explain the asymmetry, because some of the same media organizations that apparently find it impossible to point out Mr. Trump’s raw, consequential lies have no problem harassing Mrs. Clinton endlessly over minor misstatements and exaggerations, or sometimes over actions that were perfectly innocent. Is it sexism? I really don’t know, but it’s shocking to watch.

    And meanwhile, if the question is whether Mr. Trump can really get away with his big liar routine, the evidence from Wednesday night suggests a disheartening answer: Unless something changes, yes he can.

    Economists View

  22. Orange Guy Praises White Guy, Disses Black Guy,

    and gets criticized.

    Republicans Confused.

  23. Garry Kasparov ✔ @Kasparov63

    Governor Pence, Vladimir Putin is a strong leader in the same way arsenic is a strong drink. Your country should be ashamed of you.

    4:26 PM - 8 Sep 2016

  24. Exclusive: Hillary Tells Yet Another Self-Aggrandizing Feminist Lie

    Sniper Fire in Law School

    1. :)

      Give her a break, Doug. She's more honest than George Washington, and ever since her undergraduate days at Wellesley she been walking a long, lonely, rocky, uphill path, and never stumbling.

    2. An inspiration to millions, she's even thought of as 'Queen' by some.

    3. Always abused for being a woman, but always resolute, that's why we never see her heart.

      Poor thing.

    4. "she's even thought of as 'Queen' by some."

      To include the media:

      "You know, you and I have talked about this in the past, and I tend to be a defender of the media. And I tend to think that it’s overblown, what people think just lots of bias. I have a much different view this year, like having been starting a company and taking a little bit of a step back from looking at the politics moment by moment, particularly if you pay attention to Twitter.

      The number of mainstream media reporters who are out there expressing their explicit opinions, that tend to be decisively pro-Hillary and anti-Trump, to me is scary. I don’t, listen, Donald Trump gives you a lot things to fear and a lot of things to dislike.

      But you cannot, cannot, cannot as a reporter be taking sides in a public forum whether it’s on Twitter or whether it’s on email or whether it’s on TV."

  25. Obama Administration Floods Country With 769 Syrian Refugees in First Week of September

  26. Strikes in Syria

    Attack, bomber, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted nine strikes in Syria:

    -- Near Ayn Isa, two strikes engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed a vehicle and an anti-air artillery system.

    -- Near Dayz Az Zawr, six strikes damaged 10 ISIL supply routes.

    -- Near Mara, a strike destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

    Strikes in Iraq

    Attack, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted five strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

    -- Near Haditha, a strike destroyed two ISIL vehicles and an artillery cache.

    -- Near Kisik, a strike destroyed two ISIL rocket rails and a fighting position.

    -- Near Mosul, two strikes destroyed an ISIL fighting position, a tunnel entrance and a vehicle bomb factory.

    -- Near Tal Afar, a strike destroyed a vehicle bomb factory.

  27. Wow: GOP leads Senate races in all four key battleground states

    posted at 2:01 pm on September 9, 2016 by Allahpundit

    1. Iran may have received as much as $33 billion in cash and gold - 9/9/16
      Did the Obama administration violate its own sanctions regime? More

    2. Quinnipiac: (Sen): FL: Rubio +7 | PA: Toomey +1 | OH: Portman +11 | NC: Burr +6

    3. Trump Card? Republican voter registration a bright spot for campaign

      By Judson Berger

      Published September 09, 2016

      For all the attention on battleground polls giving Hillary Clinton the edge, Donald Trump enjoys at least one electoral advantage in his uphill climb to the White House: Republicans are outpacing Democrats in registering new voters in key states.

  28. Did I just hear that Hillary held a no holds barred eight minute presser today to change the 'national dialogue' going into the weekend ?

    1. Hillary's Latest Little Lie

      It must be seizures then that Badge Man is seeking to prevent/halt/control with his ever ready drug injector.

    2. And Badge Man isn't the only one packing syringes.

      Another of her aides came rushing on stage with one just the other day.

    3. On that occasion it was a woman, definitely not part of any Secret Service detail.

      You KNOW that Huma packs an injector supply, just in case.

      Huma packs a Big Purse -

      Pic of Huma and her Big Purse here:

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. That's a sweet series, Quirk.

      Like a spy movie featuring the Sexy Assistant Spy.

      Rufus will have an orgasm.

    6. Serious Business:


    8. .

      Damn, that's just not right.


    9. About ten times hotter w/o the damned lipstick.

    10. Nice series, Quirk. Got a big laugh.

      Though I find this a little puzzling:

      Some have said they wouldn't do her using Hillary's dick, but I would.

      I am NOT asking what that really means.

    11. (admittedly I'm easily humored)

  29. .

    How likely is an existential catastrophe?

    ...Putting risks in perspective. To underline the urgency of existential risks, let’s compare these estimates to the probability of an average American dying in an “air and space transport accident”—which is 1 in 9,737 over the course of a roughly 80-year lifetime. As mentioned above, the Future of Humanity Institute survey participants assigned a 19 percent chance of human extinction by the year 2100, which would mean that the average American is at least 1,500 times more likely to die in a human extinction catastrophe than in a plane crash.

    Rees’ estimate concerns civilizational collapse, which is more probable than human extinction. His estimate of a 50 percent chance of collapse this century suggests a 42 percent chance within the average American’s life span. This means that the average US citizen is nearly 4,000 times more likely to encounter the ruination of modern civilization than to perish in an aviation disaster. Even relative to dying in a motor vehicle crash, which has a probability of about 1 in 113, Rees’ figure implies that the average individual is almost 50 times more likely to see civilization collapse than to die in a vehicular accident...


    1. I take it he wasn't the optimist in the family. :)

    2. The Geniuses at Belmont mostly think the solution is to set up on Mars, mine asteroids, etc. if a few insane humans in a billion times more hostile environment is a good bet for humanity.

      If I were dictator of the World, we'd cut the population by 2/3, and enjoy the bounties of Mother Earth.

      ...another unpardonable sin at BC.

    3. I'm against human extinction, though it sounds good at times.

      Some organism or other would climb up out of the muck and get smart, like we done.

      So, what's the use ?

  30. U.S. and Russia May Coordinate Attacks Against Syria Militants

  31. Earth Proxima might be a good bet, Doug.

    As long as we control the population increase.

    And have a literacy test for voting.

    1. An alternative would be to let all the Hillary voters have Proxima, and we keep Mother Earth.

      We could still blog with one another, albeit at a slower pace.

      Which might be a good thing.

  32. BillyGoat Clinton has been mocking people in coal country, is saying the slogan 'Make America Great Again' is racist, even though he must have forgotten he used it a thousand times himself, back in the day when he defended the flying of the Confederate flag.....recall with me, he was from Arkansas.....

    He looks like such an old slimy fool these days....they need to take the cane and get him outta there stage left....

    1. Retired Presidents should be seen, rarely, and not heard.

      We should pass Legislation, or create a tradition, that retired Presidents be allowed to speak in public on ceremonial occasions only.

    2. Until Clinton, the tradition was upheld.

      Obama will hold tradition upside down.

  33. September 9, 2016

    The real reason why Hillary claims no headers, no emails marked ‘classified’ on her private server

    By Andrew McFarlane

    Although classified information cannot "through gross negligence be removed from its proper place of storage" (according to U.S. Code 793 f), legal precedent doesn't allow indictment for gross negligence – only for "intent." However, even when the words "through gross negligence" are replaced with "intentionally" in the aforementioned statute, the secretary is still indictable, assuming she knew about the presence of classified information. If she knew there was classified information and removed it, that's an intentional removal of classified information (from State Department servers to her private basement server), thus satisfying the precedent for prosecution under U.S. Code 793 f.

    Proving intent in this fashion requires the single assumption that she knew there was classified information on her server. It would certainly be useful information to find out whether it's common knowledge among senators and congressmen that email communication occasionally contains classified information. Ostensibly, at the time of Ms. Clinton's appointment to secretary of state, the former two-term senator and Armed Services Committee member knew she would have a high volume of emails that occasionally contained some classified information (even a single sentence), yet she chose to have this information "removed from its proper place of custody" (a felony under 793 f) and "retained at an unauthorized location" (a misdemeanor under 1924 a).

    The critical issue is whether she was aware of classified information – indeed, it's impossible for her to have intent to remove classified information if she didn't know the information was classified to begin with. That's why it was imperative for the secretary to say, "There was no classified information" when first confronted with the allegations on 3/10/15, while also claiming repeated amnesia and a janitor's understanding of classified information when interviewed by the FBI. Unfortunately for her, the instant she admits to knowing there was classified information, she's indictable for knowingly removing it – that's an intentional removal, not accidental (negligence).

    In response to the charge that she mishandled classified information, the secretary's most used defense is that there were no emails with official headers that "marked" the email as classified. However, the FBI found 110 "unmarked" emails on her server that contained classified information at the time they were sent or received, and thousands more that were later categorized as classified. Again, if she was aware that her private server contained even a single sentence of classified information, she's indictable for knowingly and intentionally removing this information from State Department servers.

    Ultimately, the secretary's claim of ignorance regarding classified information is not only implausible, but severely compromised by the many other falsehoods that she told (e.g., she turned over all her emails, she used one device, etc.) – the sheer volume of the secretary's untrue statements indicates that she's intentionally concealing, rather than being grossly ignorant.

    Read more:
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