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Sunday, September 25, 2016

October 2001, the Bush administration launched its invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S. was bombing no other Islamic country. September 8th, almost 15 years later, U.S. dropped bombs on, or fired missiles at, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing - Original

An Obsolescent Military

by , September 24, 2016 ANTIWAR

What, precisely, is the US military for, and what, precisely, can it do? In practical terms, how powerful is it? On paper, it is formidable, huge, with carrier battle groups, advanced technology, remarkable submarines, satellites, and so on. What does this translate to?

Military power does not exist independently, but only in relation to specific circumstances. Comparing technical specifications of the T-14 to those of the M1A2, or Su-34 to F-15, or numbers of this to numbers of that, is an interesting intellectual exercise. It means little without reference to specific circumstances.
For example, America is vastly superior militarily to North Korea in every category of arms – but the North has nuclear bombs. It can’t deliver them to the US, but probably can to Seoul. Even without nuclear weapons, it has a large army and large numbers of artillery tubes within range of Seoul. It has an unpredictable government. As Gordon Liddy said, if your responses to provocation are wildly out of proportion to those provocations, and unpredictable, nobody will provoke you.

An American attack by air on the North, the only attack possible short of a preemptive nuclear strike, would offer a high probability of a peninsular war, devastation of Seoul, paralysis of an important trading partner – think Samsung – and an uncertain final outcome. The United States hasn’t the means of getting troops to Korea rapidly in any numbers, and the domestic political results of lots of GIs killed by a serious enemy would be politically grave. The probable cost far exceeds any possible benefit. In practical terms, Washington’s military superiority means nothing with regard to North Korea. Pyongyang knows it.

Or consider the Ukraine. On paper, US forces overall are superior to Russian. Locally, they are not. Russia borders on the Ukraine and could overrun it quickly. The US cannot rapidly bring force to bear except a degree of air power. Air power hasn’t worked against defenseless peasants in many countries. Russia is not a defenseless peasant. Europe, usually docile and obedient to America, is unlikely to engage in a shooting war with Moscow for the benefit of Washington. Europeans are aware that Russia borders on Eastern Europe, which borders on Western Europe. For Washington, fighting Russia in the Ukraine would require a huge effort with seaborne logistics and a national mobilization. Serious wars with nuclear powers do not represent the height of judgment.

Again, Washington’s military superiority means nothing.

Or consider Washington’s dispute with China in the Pacific. China cannot begin to match American naval power. It doesn’t have to. Beijing has focused on anti-ship missiles – read “carrier-killer” – such as the JD21 ballistic missile. How well it works I do not know, but the Chinese are not stupid. Is the risk of finding out worth it? Fast, stealthed, sea-skimming cruise missiles are very cheap compared to carriers, and America’s admirals know that lots of them arriving simultaneously would not have a happy ending.

Having a fleet disabled by China would be intolerable to Washington, but its possible responses would be unappealing. Would it start a conventional war with China with the ghastly global economic consequences? This would not generate allies. Cut China’s oil lanes to the Mideast and push Beijing toward nuclear war? Destroy the Three Gorges Dam and drown god knows how many people? If China used the war as a pretext for annexing bordering counties? What would Russia do?

The consequences both probable and assured make the adventure unattractive, especially since likely pretexts for a war with China – a few rocks in the Pacific, for example – are too trivial to be worth the certain costs and uncertain outcome. Again, military superiority doesn’t mean much.

We live in a military world fundamentally different from that of the last century. All-out wars between major powers, which is to say nuclear powers, are unlikely since they would last about an hour after they became all-out, and everyone knows it. In WWII Germany could convince itself, reasonably and almost correctly, that Russia would fall in a summer, or the Japanese that a Depression-ridden, unarmed America might decide not to fight. Now, no. Threaten something that a nuclear power regards as vital and you risk frying. So nobody does.
At any rate, nobody has. Fools abound in DC and New York.

What then, in today’s world, is the point of huge conventional forces?

The American military is an upgraded World War II military, designed to fight other militarizes like itself in a world like that which existed during World War II. The Soviet Union was that kind of military. Today there are no such militaries for America to fight. We are not in the same world. Washington seems not to have noticed.

A World War II military is intended to destroy point targets of high value – aircraft, ships, factories, tanks – and to capture crucial territory, such as the enemy’s country. When you have destroyed the Wehrmacht’s heavy weaponry and occupied Germany, you have won. This is the sort of war that militaries have always relished, having much sound and fury and clear goals.

It doesn’t work that way today. Since Korea, half-organized peasant militias have baffled the Pentagon by not having targets of high value or crucial territory. In Afghanistan for example goatherds with rifles could simply disperse, providing no point targets at all, and certainly not of high value. No territory was crucial to them. If the US mounted a huge operation to take Province A, the resistance could just fade into the population or move to Province B. The US would always be victorious but never win anything. Sooner or later America would go away. The world understands this.

Further, the underlying nature of conflict has changed. For most of history until the Soviet Union evaporated, empires expanded by military conquest. In today’s world, countries have not lost their imperial ambitions, but the approach is no longer military. China seems intent on bringing Eurasia under its hegemony, and advances toward doing it, but its approach is economic, not martial. The Chinese are not warm and fuzzy. They are, however, smart. It is much cheaper and safer to expand commercially than militarily, and wiser to sidestep martial confrontation – in a word, to ignore America. More correctly it is sidestepping the Pentagon.
Military and diplomatic power spring from economic power, and China is proving successful economically. Using commercial clout, she is expanding her influence, but in ways not easily bombed. She is pushing the BRICS alliance, from which the US is excluded. She is enlarging the SCO, from which America is excluded. Perhaps most importantly, she has set up the AIIB, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, which does not include the US but includes Washington’s European allies. These organizations will probably trade mostly not in dollars, a serious threat to Washington’s economic hegemony.

What is the relevance of the Pentagon? How do you bomb a trade agreement?
China enjoys solvency, and hegemonizes enthusiastically with it. Thus in Pakistan it has built the Karakoram Highway from Xian Jiang to Karachi, which will increase trade between the two. It is putting in the two power reactors near Karachi. It is investing in Afghan resources, increasing trade with Iran. . When the US finally leaves, China, without firing a shot, will be predominant in the region.

What is the relevance of aircraft carriers?

Beijing is talking seriously about building more rail lines, including high-speed rail, from itself to Europe, accompanied by fiber-optic lines and so on. This is not just talk. China has the money and a very large network of high-speed rail domestically. (The US has not a single mile.) Google “China-Europe Rail lines.”
What is the Pentagon going to do? Bomb the tracks?

As trade and ease of travel from Berlin to Beijing increase, and as China prospers and wants more European goods, European businessmen will want to cuddle up to that fabulously large market – which will loosen Washington’s grip on the throat of Europe. Say it three times slowly: Eur-asia. EurasiaEurasia I promise it is what the Chinese are saying.

What is the Pentagon’s trillion-dollar military going to bomb? Europe? Railways across Kazakhstan? BMW plants?

All of which is to say that while the US military looks formidable, it isn’t particularly useful, and aids China by bankrupting the US. Repeatedly it has demonstrated that it cannot defeat campesinos armed with those most formidable weapons, the AK, the RPG, and the IED. The US does not have the land forces to fight a major or semi-major enemy. It could bomb Iran, with unpredictable consequences, but couldn’t possibly conquer it.

The wars in the Mideast illustrate the principle nicely. Iraq didn’t work. Libya didn’t work. Iran didn’t back down. ISIS and related curiosities? The Pentagon is again bombing an enemy that can’t fight back – its specialty – but that it seems unable defeat.

Wrong military, wrong enemy, wrong war, wrong world.

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Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past, has worked on staff for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times.

He has been published in Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper's, National Review, Signal, Air&Space, and suchlike. He has worked as a police writer, technology editor, military specialist, and authority on mercenary soldiers. He is by all accounts as looney as a tune.

I was born in 1945 in Crumpler, West Virginia, a coal camp near Bluefield. My father was a mathematician then serving in the Pacific aboard the destroyer USS Franks, which he described as a wallowing and bovine antique with absolutely no women aboard, but the best the Navy had at the time.


  1. I'm convinced.

    On the basis of Pam Geller's description and arguments I am now calling the Cascade Mall Event the

    "Q"Nit of the Day (yesterday): Cascade Mall Jihad Attack Targets Women: Burlington, Washington, USA: 5 DEAD

    Read Pam's account here:

    You will be convinced too that this event qualifies as a true "Q"Nit of the Day

    1. .

      The Muslim targeted women -uncovered women — in Macy*s, in the cosmetic department and he was shouting. They don’t tell us what he was shouting but we already know, don’t we?


      Un-friggin-believable. You can't make this up folks. Spencer and Geller are archtypes for the hysterical bigot. They are throwbacks to 1930 Europe.

      And the faux farmer bob's his head and says

      You will be convinced too that this event qualifies as a true "Q"Nit of the Day

      Well, that pretty is much true in that most of what Bob puts up here is bull crap.

      Take for instance the headline he put up on the last stream

      Sweden: Police admit losing control of 55 no-go zones

      I see it involved the reporting of the same trio of dolts, Spencer, Breithart, and jihadwatch that made up the phony headlines about what John Kirby said the other day.

      And once again the faux farmer nods his head and smiles. Confirmation bias for the gullible.


    2. .

      I'm convinced.

      Stop it. You're killing me.



    3. .


      You didn't need to be convinced. Faux Farmer thy name is confirmation bias. That's why the only sites you visit are alt-right nut jobs like Spencer, Geller, jihadwatch, etc.


    4. .

      Here's a story from a few days ago.

      Man kills four children and tortures wife

      Gregory V. Green, according to authorities, called police early on Wednesday to report he had killed family members at their house in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn Heights. Officers entered the house to find a grisly killing scene.

      Similarly, in 1991 Green also called police to tell them he had killed his then-wife at the couple's Detroit home, where he waited for them to arrive, said Chris Gautz, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

      Green pleaded no contest to second-degree murder in 1992 and was sentenced to 15 to 25 years in prison, Gautz said. Green was released on parole in 2008, he said.

      Following the latest crime, Green appeared in court on Thursday to face charges that include four counts of first-degree murder, assault, torture, unlawful imprisonment and being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office...


      Man killed four children. Asphyxiated two, 4 and 6. Executed two teens. Tied his wife up and proceeded to torture her. This happened a day or so before the Cascade Mall shooting. It hit all the national papers. Pretty grisly event.

      Unsurprisingly, it wasn't mentioned and got no play by the Bobbsey Twins. It didn't fit the meme.


    5. .

      Doubtful, the crime was even mentioned in the sites they haunt.

      Well, with the possible exception of Drudge. He will print anything from political gossip to UFO sightings.


    6. You STILL don't get what's going on ?


    7. oops

      The "Q"nit of the Day involves MOSLEMS killing for/because of/due to their culture.

      Your Mr Green doesn't fit the profile.

      Why don't you simply quite reading the "Q"Nit of the Day feature seeing that you have so much difficulty comprehending it.

      It seems to be too much of an Arabic cross word puzzle for you.

    8. Mr Green appears to be an American black.

      You see, Quirk, the Nit of the Day deals with Moslems doing terrorism for Allah and their culture.

      Either get up to speed or quit reading my feature.

      Thank you.

    9. On the other hand if I had a Swindle of the Day column you would be prominently featured with a good deal of regularity.

      On "Q"Nit of the Day you will never be featured.

      You don't do Islamic terrorism.

    10. Do you now see the difference ?

      I'm heading back to Fox News. The debates are being analyzed every way from Sunday.

    11. .

      Why don't you simply quite reading the "Q"Nit of the Day feature seeing that you have so much difficulty comprehending it.

      I comprehend perfectly. The "Q"Nit is how you get your nut off (to the degree that's possible these days). It is evident in the joy you take in reporting it and the pain when it doesn't pan out. It is evident in the number of 'possible' "Q"Nits you put up. You can't even wait to see what the details are. It's evident in the alt-right, Islamophobe sites you visit and offer up here as some laughable appeal to authority. It's evident in the credulity with which you accept bullshit like this...

      They don’t tell us what he was shouting but we already know, don’t we?

      You are part of the 'we' she is talking about.

      You are simply an Islamophobic hick with an agenda.


    12. I've got enough brains to be islamophobic.

      For the past 1400 years they've been killing people like me.

      Along the way, in one 250 year period alone, they killed 80,000,000 Hindus (eighty million).

      Every country on earth that abuts them is having trouble with these swine....Russia, China, the Philippines, Europe, Nigeria, India, Israel, you name it.

      I've had a gut full of them and don't want them in our country.

      All they bring is trouble.

      Stop Moslem Immigration To The USA NOW !

      I don't want my kids to have to deal with it.

      It's like oil and water, our culture being the life giving water.

      I'm sick of the assholes.

    13. .

      When you can't find any 'possible' "Q"Nits in the US you have to go to the EU or even to the battlefields of the ME.

      You and the other Bobbsey Twin are part of a disturbing movement in this country, right wing bigots spreading hate. Your MO should be evident to everyone here. The people you listen to continue the caricature as exemplified by Pam Geller's bolded comment above. The people you follow, the Trumps, prove their ignorance every day, just recently with the Skittles comment which prompted a quick check which in turn indicated the chances of the average American being killed by a terrorist is about 1 in 3.64 million.

      But numbers mean nothing to these folk. They have been provided with the numbers showing there has been no one in the US killed by a refugees going back to at least 9/11. They have seen the insignificant percentage immigrants play in the total slaughter in the US going back decades. Here is an article that lists the mass murders conducted in the US for the first 11 months of 2015. Sep 24, 07:27:00 PM EDT

      It goes on for pages. But these guys don't care. It doesn't fit the meme.

      As for the elder Bobbsey Twin, based on the tone of some of his comments it would be easy lump him in with this group but who the heck knows. He never says anything directly. It's always shrouded in passive aggression.

      Yesterday, he posted...

      Of the 2,099 Syrian refugees admitted so far this year, six (0.28 percent) are Christians, 2,043 (97.3 percent) are Sunni Muslims. The remaining 50 are 17 (0.8 percent) Shi'a, 30 (1.4 percent) other Muslims and 10 (0.47 percent) Yazidis.Jun 1, 2016

      He didn't say why he put up this factoid but he did link this comment to it which might provide some indication...

      Doug Sat Sep 24, 07:28:00 PM EDT

      Is Quirk just really stupid, or evil?

      Far be it from me to say both.

      Unfortunately, the only conclusion I could come up with is that Doug really doesn't understand either the demographics of Syria and the allocation of the populations or the process for selecting and vetting potential refugees.

      Yet, when I tried to question the reason for the second comment and its relation to the first, old Doug crapped out. Disappeared merely pausing long enough to put up inanities like...

      Or maybe Quirk hate homos and uncovered women.

      Inane but at least showing a little chutzpah when you consider this is the same guy who has never seen a female blogger here that he hasn't called the c-word at one time or another.


    14. I don't want this to happen don't seem to care -

      Swedish Police Admit Losing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones

      Swedish Police Admit Losing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones
      Breitbart News · 1 day ago

      Police in Sweden continue to lose control of more suburbs in major Swedish cities as they have now admitted that there are more than 55 no-go areas …

      Swedish police lose control amid refugee crisis as number of ‘no-go zones’ rises to 55
      Swedish police lose control amid refugee crisis as number of ‘no-go zones’ rises to 55 · 33 minutes ago

      Dubbed “no-go zones” in some media reports, there are now 55 Muslim areas in Swedish cities, where the police have significant problems in …

      Sweden: Police admit losing control of 55 no-go zones to Muslim immigrants as they start to reach Third World status
      Sweden: Police admit losing control of 55 no-go zones to Muslim immigrants as they start to reach Third World status · 12 hours ago

      “Swedish Police Admit Losing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones,” by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, September 24, 2016: Police in Sweden continue …

      Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden ... Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden” […] ...

      Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones | THE SWEDEN REPORT

      The outmatched Swedish police force has identified 55 “no-go” zones that law ... Jeppe says Sweden now has 53 no-go zones where police will not enter without ...

      Swedish Police Lose Control Of 55 No-Go Zones To Muslim ...

      Nov 02, 2014 · Video embedded · Swedish Police Release Extensive Report Detailing Control Of 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ By Muslim ... In response to these no-go zones, the Swedish …


    15. And you're lying about Doug.

      Some Syrians got dumped in Twin Falls and right out of the box we hear of sex abuse incidents.

      A bunch are being dumped in Boise soon and I'll bet it won't be long before the stories start coming out of some kind of misbehavior or other.

      The Mormons will try to convert them, and we will see what comes of that....

    16. Why not simply avoid the trouble and politely but firmly say, no, it won't work out for you here.

      We'll help you with some safe spaces over there, though, until the war is over....

    17. .

      Read the damn post you put up in bold above, asshole. Then read the actual reports.
      Then read the clarification of terms they put up. The language used is what the rags you read say not what the police say.

      Damn learn to read English.


    18. No sticks or stones in your Paleolithic tool kit.....just name calling.

    19. Calm down, Quirk, have some light hot tea and a tranquilizer.

      Hey, the Vandals beat Las Vegas, there at Vegas.....WOW

    20. .

      And you're lying about Doug.


      He can deny it all he wants. It's his fall back position and his fall back word. Trish, T, who was that other one you drove off...

      He doesn't offer arguments he offers vitriol and vulgarity as crude and boorish as possible as if that would move anyone to his arguments.

      Heck, he even drove Rufus away something I never thought I'd see.


    21. .

      We'll help you with some safe spaces over there, though, until the war is over....

      Why in the world should I leave? You leave asshole and take your right wing nut jobs with you.


    22. Good grief. You ARE o'erwrought. I didn't suggest YOU leave. I was speaking of Syrian 'refugees'.

      Warm tea and a tranquilizer is what I suggested for you, not that you leave.

      Place wouldn't be the same without you.

      I don't want you to leave.

      And I'm used to being called names, so that doesn't bother.

      jeez, we disagree on Moslem immigration, so what....?

    23. And I don't have any 'right wing nut jobs' to take with me.....

      Just my sole solitary self, and the open road(think Volvo ad)....

    24. I did offer to fly you to Gaza once, but that wasn't really serious.....

  2. Vote Against Hillary Clinton, Warmonger, Who Is Advised By Huma Abedin, Who Has Ties To The MB

    Hillary and Obama have turned the entire mid east into a war zone, Libya, Iraq, Syria and more, and favored the Moslem Brotherhood fellow Morsi, who started to remilitarize the Sinai, over the reformer Sisi....

    For Peace -


  3. :)

    Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate...
    BROADDRICK: I want to come too!
    PAULA JONES: What about me?
    WILLEY: Clinton Sex Assault Victims 'Could Fill The Entire Audience'....DRUDGE

  4. Top US General Warns Syrian 'No-Fly' Zone Means War with Russia....DRUDGE

    Too late now for my no fly/safe zones suggestion. No one wants war with Russia.

    Syria is nearing the point now where the place is one big pile of rubble.

  5. Eric Simpson

    He's a Muslim.
    And it is not about 'vetting.'
    You can't 'vet' the unborn future children of Muslim immigrants.
    Add one more to the list:
    Orlando shooter: CHILD of 'vetted' Muslim immigrants.
    San Bernardino shooter: CHILD of 'vetted' Muslim immigrants.
    Boston bombers: CHILDREN of 'vetted' Muslim immigrants.
    Fort Hood shooter: CHILD of 'vetted' Muslim immigrants.
    Chelsea bomber: CHILD of 'vetted' Muslim immigrants.
    Washington Mall shooter: CHILD of 'vetted' Muslim immigrant.
    Say no to ALL Muslim immigration!


    I think our recent fellow was actually born in Turkey, but you get Eric Simpson's point.

    1. .

      Once again, you prove you can't read a simple English sentence and its context and comprehend.

      I accused you of using the c-word with her not driving her off though with as many times she has left in a huff I'll bet you were responsible at least once.


  6. No one could run Miss T off. She left of her own.

    She called me a peckerwood, boo hoo hoo....

    I've got to run, but shall return......

  7. I confirm whatever Doug says, and deny whatever Quirk says.

    By the way, how does Hillary rate a special podium ?

    I just heard again about her special podium.

    This sounds sexist to me.

    And, for all we know, the special podium may be fixed up with all sorts of emergency medical supplies.

    When the camera is on The Donald she may be popping pills, or shooting up.

    I don't like the sounds of it, this 'special podium'.


    Trump Sees The Jihadist Trojan Horse

    Another quite long article but an excellent read.

    You see, Quirk, as crazy ass as they are, these people are quite serious.

    You are a fool if you think they will assimilate over the long term.

    That's why we should -


  9. Sweden now has the highest rape statistics in Europe – I wonder why? What’s changed recently?

    Posted on April 18, 2012 by violenceagainstwhites

    Sweden Tops Europe for Number of Rapes = Muslim Rape Jihad

    TheOpinator 29 April 2009

    Sweden is now experiencing the results of multiculturalism and and its facilitating of Islamization. Now Sweden leads Europe in the number of reported rapes – more specifically Rape Jihad.

    “Sweden, 46 incidents of rape are reported per 100,000 residents. This figure is double as many as in the UK which reports 23 cases, and four times that of the other Nordic countries, Germany and France. The figure is up to 20 times the figure for certain countries in southern and eastern Europe……Over 5,000 rapes are reported in Sweden per annum while reports in other countries of a comparable size amounted to only a few hundred.” see below article

    Way back in July of 2005, well known blogger Fjordman warned of Sweden’s escalating rape crisis but unlike the below article – which tries to cover up the real facts and blame the increase in rapes to “party lifestyles” – the evidence clearly shows that the rape crisis is directly due to MUSLIM immigration into the Country:

    “According to a new study from the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, it is four times more likely that a known rapist is born abroad, compared to persons born in Sweden. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. According to these statistics, almost half of all perpetrators are immigrants.

    “…….Sweden has a larger immigrant, including Muslim, population than any other country in northern Europe. The numbers there are likely to be at least as bad as with its Scandinavian neighbors. The actual number is thus probably even higher than what the authorities are reporting now, as it doesn’t include second generation immigrants. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm, who has investigated violent crimes in Svea high court, found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or by foreign parents.” LINK

    The Local news report, posted in article below, also does not mention the number of rapes against Swedish children is also on the rise:

    According to Swedish Radio on Tuesday, statistics from Sweden’s National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet) show that the number of reported paedophile rapes against children is on the rise. The figures have nearly doubled in the last ten years: 467 rapes against children under the age of 15 were reported in 2004 compared with 258 in 1995. LINK
    Now what does the Quran/Islam tell us about muslim men raping kafir or non-muslim girls?:

    “Islam gives an open license to Muslim men to have sexual intercourse with women as long as these women are not Muslims and/or when these Muslim men are living in an infidel country.” Link

    and in regards to paedophilia –This is what Imam Khomeini, the top shia authority says:

    “A Muslim man can have sexual pleasure with a little girl as young as a baby. But he should not penetrate her vaginally, however he can sodomize her”. (Tehriro vasyleh, fourth edition, Qom, Iran, 1990) Link

    And even more disgusting and representative of the muslim attitude towards Western women comes this:....


    1. I read somewhere once that now with the moslem influx a young Swedish girl has about a one in three chance of being raped during her lifetime.

      In Sweden the government has told them to walk in twos, same in Germany I believe.

    2. I'd require all the women to pack a pistol, with the jury being instructed to give women the benefit of the doubt.

      Women do indeed, in Idaho at least, have more leeway in using a weapon in self defense than a man. This seems reasonable to me.

  10. .

    You are a fool if you think they will assimilate over the long term.

    You nitwit. There are three million of them in the US and they have been here for decades. They have already been assimilated over the long term.


    1. Wrong-o, you nitwit.

      Studies in Europe and other places show they begin to act out only after they have reached a higher per cent of the population than they have here.

    2. .

      And that's the point you fail to get. The US is different than Europe in every sense. You've been given the numbers and you ignore them.

      It would be bad enough if you were just too stupid to see those differences and understand them. But you and your ilk go beyond that. You have no faith in the rule of law in the US or its Constitution. You are willing to give up every American value in pursuit of the chimera of safety. As if you can close out the world by edict. You are an old fool.


  11. On ABC’s ‘‘This Week,’’ Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway cited the immunity deal as an example of why Clinton has a trust deficit with Americans.

    Three additional former State Department staffers got immunity agreements as part of the FBI investigation, including Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills.

    The immunity agreements were limited in scope and did not cover statements made to investigators or potential testimony before Congress.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. .

    If you can point to anything I have said in the last month to Rufus, that might have run him off, I will acknowledge I rather than you are in error.

    So let it be written. So let it be done.

    galopn2Thu Sep 15, 06:45:00 AM EDT

    I think Doug's 03:35 Comment will do it for me, Deuce.

    Doug's 03:35 comment...

    Doug Thu Sep 15, 03:35:00 AM EDT

    Rufus says he will suck Bill's dick if it will help get Hill into the Whitehouse.

    If you check, you'll see Ruf hasn't been back.

    My comment at the time...

    Quirk Thu Sep 15, 12:37:00 PM EDT

    I think Doug's 03:35 Comment will do it for me, Deuce.

    Come on, Rufus, it's merely Doug's Tourettes acting up again.

    You should give him a little slack considering his condition, Remember, Jesus said 'Pity the people who are 'special' for even though they may have the longest dick their Doc has ever seen, at that age it just gets in the way.'

    At the time Idaho Bob said...

    Idaho Bob Thu Sep 15, 05:24:00 PM EDT

    I thought po' Ruf's comment a little ironic given he was the guy always inviting people to 'blow me'.

    Today, Idaho Bob says...

    Idaho Bob Sun Sep 25, 11:06:00 PM EDT

    I confirm whatever Doug says, and deny whatever Quirk says.


    Don't worry about admitting you were in error Doug. I won't be here to see it anyway. I used to argue with Rufus and Ash all the time but at least they are able to construct rational arguments. Now Rufus is gone and Ash is only here occasionally. Everyone else who comments does it irregularly and usually doesn't stick around long.

    Arguing with you two is like arguing with a pile of rocks. A complete waste of time. You don't think you emote. To expect rational much less logical argument from you is futile.

    I'll check back around November 8 to see if Rufus makes it back so I have someone intelligent to talk to. Apologies to the others that comment here but they just don't show up enough to keep a good conversation (or argument)going.


    1. The are dumb but it has been very enjoyable reading you take them down on a regular basis.

      Keep at it. They may not realize their idiocy but most of the rest of us do.

  14. Later Quirk, sorry to see you go. Hope you make it back.

    1. .

      Thanks, Sam. I would have like to see you here more often.


  15. I just performed a radical dissection with a mass spam out.

  16. I respect Quirk’s input and I expect adults to act like adults.

  17. Did you know you can shorten your long links with Shortest and make dollars for every visitor to your shortened urls.

  18. I won't be called names any more.


  19. The US is different than Europe in every sense.

    No it isn't.

    Quirk goes wrong here. From the moslem point of view it's just another country of infidels.

  20. Quirk:

    "Inane but at least showing a little chutzpah when you consider this is the same guy who has never seen a female blogger here that he hasn't called the c-word at one time or another."


    A lie.

    1. I deleted at least three comments where Doug referred to a female participant directly or indirectly using the “C” pejorative. I didn’t analyze it to see if it was an attempt at humor or vitriol, but I deleted them. As they were deleted, I cannot link them but written they were and then deleted by me.

      Move On to another subject.

    2. You also deleted multiple posts in this thread by me containing no profanity.


      Perhaps I will persue Teresita to have her attest to the fact that Quirk is a LIAR.

      I appologized here for offending Trish.
      Our other female guest, I greatly appreciated.

    3. That was to get your attention.

  21. The Left Would Rather Ban the Debate Than Win It

    O’REILLY: Political commentator Mark Steyn recently returned from Europe where he attended the priest funeral and spoke with a number of people affected by the Jihad. Mr. Steyn joins us now from Colchester, VT. What did you learn there? What was the headline that you learned in Europe, Mr. Steyn?

    STEYN: Well, you said at the top of the show that migrants aren’t the problem, jihadists are. And that’s true but there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So, that France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations, and they have a lot of terrorism. When you were in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims so they don’t have terrorism.

    And the question for Europe, and I think for the United States a few years down the line is whether you can contain this, just by the big security state. I was on the beach.

    O’REILLY: Go ahead.

    STEYN: Well, no, you can’t. I mean, there were soldiers everywhere in France now. Outside of schools, shopping centers, railway stations. I was on the beach at Saint-Tropez where the topless women have armed soldiers with automatic weapons patrolling between the topless women. It’s a sad sight and it’s an absurd sight. Ultimately it’s no solution.


    When it came to my turn, terrorism was also on the menu, as viewed from my recent travels in Europe. But Bill also wanted to talk about some observations on free speech that I made on the radio last Friday. Click below to watch:

    1. There goes that right wing bigot Mark Steyn spreading hate.

      According to Quirk.

      Or the truth, as observed by others.

      No name calling here, by golly.

    2. Quirk:

      "Your MO should be evident to everyone here."


      Yes, everyone must see the truth as delivered from on high by Quirk, The NY Times, WaPo, Snopes, etc.

      ...and reject the blasphemy of "right wing bigots spreading hate".

    3. Steyn:

      you said at the top of the show that migrants aren’t the problem, jihadists are. And that’s true but there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So, that France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations, and they have a lot of terrorism. When you were in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims so they don’t have terrorism.

      And the question for Europe, and I think for the United States a few years down the line is whether you can contain this...

      Aha, Steyn agrees with Bob.

      Let us look once again:

      France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations, and they have a lot of terrorism. When you were in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims so they don’t have terrorism

      Bob wishes to have very few Moslems so we don't have terrorism.

      And I notice Steyn said nothing about the United States being an entirely different situation from that of the European countries, as Quirk affirmed.

      Quirk strikes out, Bob and Steyn hit homes runs.


    4. Is it fair to conclude that Quirk, who wants more Moslems in the USA, therefore wants more terrorism in the USA ?

      Maybe not.

      He has this out.

      We might conclude he is so dim that he hasn't - or refuses - to see the connection between more Moslems and more terrorism.

      Quirk is totally in the dark if he thinks that there is something special about the USA that exempts us from this rule that can so easily be seen to hold everywhere else, the more Moslems more terrorism rule.

    5. Hate mongering Right Wing Bigot!

      I'm fine.



    6. I'm thought a right wing bigot for wanting our country to be free of terrorism and Moslem rape.

    7. I no longer accept letters from Quirk.

      sniff, sniff - nose in air

    8. Glad you caught Steyn, Doug.

      Used to read him all the time, then kind of dropped off a bit.

      He's wonderful.

  22. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s remark about Trump supporters being a “basket of deplorables” has sparked outrage among many on the right.

    Clinton said in a speech to donors on Friday that “half of Trump supporters” would fall into what she calls “the basket of deplorables…

    ...the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.”


    But paste "Hillary basket of deplorables" into the ever fair and balanced Google search bar,

    ...and you will get a page and a half of left wing "news" outlets before you get to this Breitbart link:


  23. Hillary couldn’t be proven guilty without proving the president guilty as well.

    ‘How is this not classified?” So exclaimed Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, Huma Abedin.

    The FBI had just shown her an old e-mail exchange, over Clinton’s private account, between the then-secretary of state and a second person, whose name Abedin did not recognize.

    The FBI then did what the FBI is never supposed to do:

    The agents informed their interviewee (Abedin) of the identity of the second person.

    It was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, using a pseudonym to conduct communications over a non-secure e-mail system — something anyone with a high-level security clearance, such as Huma Abedin, would instantly realize was a major breach.

    Abedin was sufficiently stunned that, for just a moment, the bottomless capacity of Clinton insiders to keep cool in a scandal was overcome. “How is this not classified?” She recovered quickly enough, though.

    The FBI records that the next thing Abedin did, after “express[ing] her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym,” was to “ask if she could have a copy of the email.” Abedin knew an insurance policy when she saw one. If Obama himself had been e-mailing over a non-government, non-secure system, then everyone else who had been doing it had a get-out-of-jail-free card.



  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. As Ash so aptly put once, the blogosphere is a rough and tumble place. From my observation and occasional lurking, most here who get mad and go away put out as much as they get.

    1. See
      Mon Sep 26, 10:53:00 AM EDT

      ...unless Deuce has deleted it.

    2. Quirk called me an idiot dozens and dozens of times.

      Boo hoo for Bob.

    3. If he returns, I'll personally remodel one of your 8 holers into a safe space for you, Bob.

    4. He's also made reference to my advanced years in a derogatory manner several times.


  27. Hillary Lets the Black Guy Have It

    It was springtime. The year was 1969. The spirit of la revolucion was in the air.

    Ms. Hillary Rodham and her Wellesley sisters sat in the crowd awaiting words of inspiration from their speaker. The commencement speaker that year was Senator Edward W. Brooke (R-MA), who in 1966 became the first African-American elected to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction. Brooke came to extend his congratulations to the 401 women. It was a good speech, perfectly reasonable—but not to Hillary Rodham.

    The young Hillary was dissatisfied. She judged that the good senator had missed the paramount issues of the time. That was an opinion she did not keep to herself, as the Wellesley brass soon learned in horror. Indeed, the powers-that-be at the college had decided that this commencement would be the first in which a graduating senior was permitted to speak. Hillary ensured that the administration would regret its decision.

    Though she had spent weeks preparing an approved text, Hillary Rodham tossed aside the script as she approached the platform. She then launched into a point-by-point rebuttal of the senator’s remarks, with all the moral certainty, righteousness, and wisdom of a 21-year-old Poli Sci major from the suburb of Park Ridge, Illinois.

    “We feel that for too long our leaders have used politics as the art of the possible,” lectured Ms. Rodham. “And the challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible.”

    She spoke of her and her generation’s struggles with an “inauthentic reality,” a “prevailing acquisitive and competitive corporate life,” and their yearning for “a more penetrating … existence.”

    Brooke was humiliated, as was the Wellesley administration. Brooke would return to the U.S. Senate, where he continued to represent a moderate voice. Hillary Rodham would go to San Francisco, where she interned at a notorious law firm widely known to be run by communists. (Don’t believe me?—the firm was called Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein. Look it up.)


  28. Hillary’s Mook can’t answer why staffers referred to ‘Hillary Cover-up’ operation in emails

    posted at 10:41 am on September 26, 2016 by Larry O'Connor

    Friday’s FBI document dump (since when do federal investigators dump information on Fridays as if they were politicians) included a treasure trove of new information connected to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a non-secure, unauthorized, non-government email server to conduct government business while she was Secretary of State.

    One of the more fascinating exchanges included staffers referring to something called the “Hillary Cover-up” operation, which the Washington Examiner explains involved the deletion of multiple emails around the same time congress was asking for the same emails to be retained:

    Employees at Platte River Network, the firm tapped to manage Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2013, sent emails describing the ‘Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation’ after Clinton’s staff asked them to begin wiping emails in Dec. 2014.

    On Sunday’s State of the Union on CNN, host Jake Tapper asked Clinton campaign manager Roby Mook to explain why staffers would refer to the opertion as a “cover-up plan.” His answer is… well… it’s not an answer at all:....


    :) heh

  29. As for Quirk's 'dramatic exit', it was very poorly executed, no flourish to it, more of a stumbling foo-foo.

    Hope he's back soon though.

    Timing was bad too, with the debate tonight, which the whole world will be talking about.

    1. They WOULD have been talking about it..

      Now it will be all about QUIRK!

      Probly got a payoff from the Hillary Camp.

  30. How Bad Could It Get For Hillary Tonight

    Possibly very bad.

    Even to the point, which I am hoping for - for the sake of our Republic - of her being dragged off the stage by BBD - Big Black Dude - unconscious and quivering.

    The author speculates on the possibilities, with videos.

  31. Colorado (CNN): Trump +1

    Pennsylvania (CNN): Clinton +1

    from Real Clear Politics

    If Trump can win just one of these I think he wins the election.

  32. More on the Cascade Mall shooter -

    Washington state mall shooter: “Say SubhanAllah [Glory to Allah] 10x”

    September 25, 2016 11:35 am By Robert Spencer 54 Comments

    This is a possible indication of his motive, as is the link to the site praising al-Baghdadi and Khamenei, but authorities will no doubt keep looking for old girlfriends of this “Hispanic” from Adana, Turkey....


  33. No indication of Islam Terrorism here, eh, Quirk ?

    Seattle-Area Mall Attack
    Mall Shooting Suspect Had Blog With Picture of Islamic State Leader


  34. I hope it starts with her overloading her Depends from too much warfarin
    blood thinner, which causes loose stool. (We used warfarin on the wood
    rats at the lake ) This touches off a coughing fit which causes her to pop
    a pill before millions of Americans, and then the coughing touches off a
    brain freeze, a 'short circuit' as she called it once, her eyes frozen,
    looking at a spot far out ahead somewhere, and then the full seizure
    occurs, her legs, entire body becoming stiff, rigid, and she topples over
    hitting her head, unprotected, on her special rubber bumpered podium, and she collapses
    to the floor, BBD (Big Black Dude as he is called) rushing out to inject
    her with his every ready syringe, and her aides drag her off stage, exit
    stage left, to the waiting Scooby Ambulance.

    The Republic Is Saved !



  36. Popular Radio Host Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Clinton’s Health…

  37. Moderator doing a terrific job of following his marching orders to take on Trump.