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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Listen Up Donald: Farrakhan Invites Obama Back to the Hood and Slams Hillary on Killing Ghadaffi and Creating the Refugee Crisis

Minister Farrakhan Responds to President Obama’s ‘Personal Insult’ Comments

On Sept. 18, Minister Louis Farrakhan slams President Barack Obama’s recent plea to Black voters at the Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

During his final address to the Congressional Black Caucus, Obama urged Black voters to support Hillary Clinton.

“… My Name may not be on the ballot but our progress is on the ballot. Tolerance is on the ballot … I will consider it a personal insult. An insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election …”

However, Farrakhan believes the president failed the Black community and does not deserve to ask them to support Clinton.

He adds that Obama did not help the people suffering in Chicago, and many residents were disappointed by his inability to come and speak with them.
“There’s your legacy Mr. President,” Farrakhan starts. ” It’s in the street, with your suffering people … And if you can’t go and see about them, the white people you’ve served so well, will preserve your legacy. The hell they will. You didn’t earn your legacy with us … [Obama] didn’t earn your legacy with Black people. You fought for the rights of gay people. You fight for Israel. Your people are suffering and dying in the streets!”


  1. Obama Administration Considering New Weaponry for Syrian Rebels

    The Obama administration threatened to pull out of talks with Russia over a collapsed cease-fire deal in Syria and renewed a debate over whether to give rebels more firepower to fend off a stepped-up Russian and Syrian assault on Aleppo

  2. Farrakhan says all whites are devils.

    That makes Obama 1/2 of a devil.

    Do the genetic math.

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    Juanita Broaddrick Takes On Chelsea...

    'Your father a sexual predator'....DRUDGE

    Good on Juanita.

    1. Correction:

      'Your father is a sexual predator'

      And Hillary has been his enabler.

  5. Clinton Campaign In Full Panic Mode Over Black Vote

  6. Heh

    I just learned that if you are in the Miss Universe contest you have signed a contract that says if you win that during your reign you will keep your body in the same shape it was in when you won.

    Miss whateverhername was Miss Machado went from about 115 to 175, and she is the only one attesting that Mr Trump called her Miss Piggy.

    Miss Universe has in her life threatened a Judge with death, allegedly drove the get away car in an attempted murder, among other things, and recently is quoted as saying "I'm no Saint girl".

    Mr Trump says he talked to her maybe 5 minutes in his entire life and had trouble remembering her.

    And this is a campaign issue.

    Weep for the Republic.

    1. And that was 20 fucking years ago, but it is an issue in the campaign for President of our Republic.

      Weep, weep for the Republic.

    2. Meanwhile, Mr Trump, in order to spare Miss Chelsea's tender feelings, has foregone, so far, counterattacking BillyGoat Clinton for his sexual predations, and Hillary for her enabling of them.

      I think Sean Hannity, if I heard correctly, is going to have a show soon featuring the whole line up of BillyGoat's victim, live and talking.

      If/when I find out the day and time of this once in a lifetime event I will post it here.

  7. Mr Trump could have fired the 175 pound Miss Machado Universe for breach of contract, but he did not.

    A gentleman, he let the matter go, and for this good turn of saving her job, the True Miss Piggy, Hillary Clinton, is trying to raise a big to-do, in search of 'the women's vote'.

    1. Oh, and I read Miss Universe Machado is a porn star.

    2. Read about Miss Machado Universe and her multiple talents here:

      Hillary's Trump Victim Miss Piggy Turns Out To Be Not So Sympathetic A Character

  8. The leading third party alternative to Clinton and Trump suffered his own embarrassment on Wednesday. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for the White House, was unable to name a single foreign leader he admired in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

    He referred to his inability to come up with a single name as “another Aleppo moment.” This was a reference to a televised interview several weeks ago when the former two-term governor of New Mexico came up empty when asked “what is Aleppo?” on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


    The candidates will return to the campaign trail on Thursday by meeting voters in states that they are long familiar with from the primaries. Clinton is holding an event in Iowa while Trump returns to the trail in New Hampshire.

    1. Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is definitely out of the 'admired' running for Gary Johnson.

      But I was reading today the Filipinos still love the guy.

  9. "Q"Nit of the Day: Canada: Attention: Ash

    Canadian imam: Islam and democracy are “absolutely incompatible”

    September 28, 2016 3:58 pm By Christine Williams 35 Comments

    Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Imam of Iraqi descent in London, Ontario who is affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir, asserts that “Islam and democracy are contradictory and absolutely incompatible.

    So what is Imam Mazin AbdulAdhim doing in Canada? He’s on a mission, of course, as are his “stealth” jihadist counterparts…..

    He called on Canadian Muslims to stick to the Islamic law, reject secularism, work together to spread Islam, re-establish the Islamic State (Caliphate) and implement the rulings of Islam (Sharia Law).

    Recently, a Canadian study found that “extremism” was common in mosque literature.


    “Canadian Imam: ‘Islam and democracy are contradictory, absolutely incompatible'”, by Jonathan Halevi, CiJNews, September 26, 2016:

    Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Imam of Iraqi descent in London, Ontario who is affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir, asserts that “Islam and democracy are contradictory and absolutely incompatible.”

    AbdulAdhim’s statement comes in response to a video posted by Mehdi Hasan, a British political journalist, broadcaster and author, in who he argues that Muslims accept democratic values and argues Muslims not to listen to “experts” who claim otherwise.

    The following is the transcript of Mehdi Hasan’s video (shortened version) that was broadcast on Al Jazeera TV:

    “Muslims, Islam, democracy, elections – they just don’t go together. Do they? At least that’s what we’re told by some of the faiths biggest critics most

    [Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Author, “Infidel”]: “Most Muslim countries are dictatorships. There is no democracy.”

    “But look at the big picture. Sure the Arab world is home to plenty of kings, generals, dictators, but the majority of the world’s Muslim population doesn’t actually live in the Arab world.

    1. “In fact, it’s the Asia Pacific region that’s home to 62 percent of all Muslims and of the top five countries in the world with the biggest Muslim population Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

      “Not only are none of them in the Middle East, but they’re all democracies too. Flawed democracies, yes, but democracies nevertheless, in which hundreds of millions of Muslims, regularly go to the polls to elect their rulers.

      “And support for democracy goes beyond these 5 countries as the pollsters from Pew noted in the exhaustive study of 39 countries and 38,000 Muslims: “Most Muslims around the world expressed support for democracy.” And, yes, that includes those ordinary Arab Muslims, yes, the ones living under kings and generals. Remember 2011 when people across the region rose up in the Arab Spring.

      “But, Arabs prefer a strong man in charge right? Wrong! Between 54 to 81 percent of Muslims from 5 Arab countries said they support having a democratic government over a leader with a strong hand.

      “Just look at Tunisia which sparked the Arab Spring. Tunisians ousted a dictator, passed a relatively progressive constitution, elected a president from a secular party and chose a parliament comprised of both secularists and “Islamists”.

      “Then there are the 50 million Muslims living in the West. Most of them seem perfectly happy to vote in and even stand in free and fair elections. The new directly-elected mayor of London, one of the world’s biggest greatest cities, is a Muslim

      “In 2015 the U.K. increased its number of Muslim members in parliament from 8 to 13. Canada elected 11 Muslim MPs in the same year, and in the US, which has two Muslim congressman, Muslim voter registration is up ahead of the presidential election.

      “So the next time some pseudo expert tells you Muslims don’t like democracy or Islam is incompatible with democracy, remember the hundreds of millions of Muslims, in fact the majority of the world’s Muslims, who prove that expert wrong.”

      In response Mazin AbdulAdhim wrote among other things the following:

      “This video does not discuss whether Islam is compatible with democracy, rather he is discussing whether Muslims can handle living under a democracy. These are two very separate issues.

      “If we are going to discuss whether *Islam* is compatible with democracy, we need to define the two systems properly first.

      “More specifically, we must defined:

      “1) Who is the “sovereign” (meaning, who has the right to legislate laws) in both systems, 2) who has “authority” (meaning, who has the right to choose the ruler) in both systems.

      “The issue is very simple:

      “1- Sovereignty: In a democracy, man is the sovereign legislator, so laws are legislated based exclusively on the will of the people. In Islam, on the other hand, Allah (swt) is the Sovereign Legislator, so laws are legislated based exclusively on the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah; the people have no right or capability to make Halal into Haram, or Haram into Halal, no matter how many people vote in favor of it.

      “2- Authority: In a democracy, man has the right to elect his ruler. In Islam, man has the right to elect his ruler.

      “So, people tend to confuse these two things. Yes, people can elect their ruler in both Islam and democracy, but no, people cannot legislate their own laws in Islam, whereas they can in a democracy.

      “Therefore, Islam and democracy are contradictory and absolutely incompatible, because Islam forbids mankind from legislating laws in the place of the Creator, even if the overwhelming majority of the people vote in favor of it…


  10. The two men that picked up the bag before the New York bombing - have been identified.....Egyptians, now out of the country and now thought of as suspects.

  11. Did they do the right thing or get cold feet?

  12. Seems to me they were cutting and running after their bomb didn't go off? Who knows. We have a porous border, clerics spewing venom, and in general just a lot of hate going around. Live in the heartland, stay out of debt, and earn a living.
    Works for me.

    1. :)

      I've suggested more or less the same.

    2. Stay out of debt, the advertising business, and Detroit, Michigan.

  13. September 29, 2016

    Scholars and Writers for America declare support for Trump

    By Thomas Lifson

    A strong taboo exists in academia and the media against expressing support for Donald Trump. In fact, the taboo extends to many professions and segments of society that rely on academic credentials. I regularly hear from people who tell me about themselves, friends, family and associates who support Trump but keep their thoughts to themselves. It’s the sort of thing we used to hear about life in the USSR, people afraid to speak in public about their political views.

    So it is of some significance that 125 scholars and writers have stepped forward to sign a public affirmation of their support for Donald Trump:


    Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald J. Trump is the candidate most likely to restore the promise of America, and we urge you to support him as we do.

    You can read the list of signers here, and might recognize some familiar names. For some, it may have grave consequences.




    Merciless Iraqi housewife ‘beheads and COOKS ISIS fighters’ to avenge her family’s death making her terror group’s most wanted

    Um Hanadi has survived seven assassination attempts and is 'more wanted than the Iraqi Prime Minister'

    Warning Graphic


    29th September 2016, 11:18 am

    THIS is the head-cooking housewife and militia commander so feared by ISIS she has even received personal death threats from the terror group’s leader.

    Machete-wielding Wahida Mohamed has been battling ISIS in its various guises since 2004.

    The machete-wielding housewife leads a band of around 70 militia in her Iraqi hometown
    Facebook/Wahida Mohamed

    The machete-wielding housewife leads a band of around 70 militia in her Iraqi hometown

    Such is Um Hanadi's notoriety that she has received personal death threats from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    Facebook/Wahida Mohamed

    Wahida Mohamed, better known as Um Hanadi, is so notorious that she has received personal death threats from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

    Um Hanadi has earned a terrifying reputation among ISIS fighter for boiling the heads of those Islamists she has killed

    Um Hanadi has earned a terrifying reputation among ISIS fighter for boiling the heads of those Islamists she has killed

    And her grim methods of disposing with enemies has the jihadists so fearful they have tried to assassinate her SIX times.

    Among the 39-year-old’s means of terrifying ISIS fighters is publishing pictures of her hoisting the heads of decapitated extremists in the air.

    Better known as Um Hanadi, she readily admits boiling the heads of her enemies.

    She told CNN: “I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.”

  15. Pepe The Frog Shows That Hillary Is The Real Racist

  16. Ash -

  17. Milo Event Cancelled After FBI Determines Death Threat ‘Credible’

    MILO was due to give a lecture this evening entitled, “How Feminism Hurts Women.”

    It is not clear who is responsible for the threat.

    Yesterday, the anti-semitic and white supremacist website The Daily Stormer called yesterday for a “holy crusade” against the “kike” Milo, encouraging its readers to attend and disrupt MILO events.

    You guys and your concern about so-called threats from Muslims, when the real threats are the anti-semitic Daily Stormers and anti-anti Feminists.

  18. The reasoning behind stocking both men’s and women’s restrooms with feminine products is that not all people who menstruate are women, when accounting for the transgender population.

    Many of those who voted “yes” made claims along the lines of, “this is a basic human right, like water or shelter,” and that it’s “ridiculous” and “insane” that they aren’t free already. Many noted that condoms are freely available at the campus health center, so tampons should be, too.

    How about free shorts for guys that come in their pants?

  19. Appalachian State University is contending that its desire to minimize controversy over pro-Trump chalkings on campus takes precedence over state and federal laws protecting free speech at public institutions.

    “Not all speech that [is] protected under state or federal law is consistent with the university’s values.”

    1. Pro-Palestinian/jihadi and moslem graffiti welcome though.

  20. First it was exploding Samsung Phones:

    1. Good Grief.

      I thought Samsung was a South Korean entity.

      Is it North Korean ?

      Chinese ?

      Seems almost acts of war, to me.

    2. What if every compact Ford we manufacture in Mexico with Mexican labor stripping American workers of their jobs and ship overseas blew up in selected countries ?

      In Iran perhaps. We'd be hearing about it.

  21. I was prepared to get mad at Megyn Kelly when I saw the headline:

    "Megyn Kelly gets into heated exchange with Trump campaign chief"

    Instead I agree with almost every point, and add:

    Never stop screaming about what Hillary did to the women Bill raped and abused!

  22. Six year old poses existential threat:

    The officer who is wearing the camera eventually walks around to the passenger side of the vehicle, windows have been shattered.

    He shines his flashlight onto the child's inert body, which is in the front passenger seat, and speaks to him before checking his pulse.

    An officer can be heard vomiting off-camera.

    He later unbuckles the child's seatbelt, exclaiming "oh my God," before walking away.
    Jeremy Mardis was 6.

    Later on the video, an EMT pronounces the child, first-grader Jeremy Mardis, dead. He was hit by five bullets in the head and chest, according to CNN affiliate WAFB

  23. Juanita Broaddrick fears for her life: 'I don't feel safe anymore'....DRUDGE

    With good reason.

    Clinton names Merkel her favorite world leader....DRUDGE

    Also with good reason. Both favor swamping their countries with unassimilable immigrants.

  24. Why Fentanyl Is Deadlier Than Heroin In One Picture

    Does the Libertarian Party wish to legalize the sale of fentanyl at Wal-Greens ?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. Is there any classified material on your e-mail, Doug ?

  26. BuzzFeed Hilariously Edits Its Own Poll Showing Huge Support For Trump

    Zach Montanaro | 7 hours ago

    BuzzFeed recently published a presidential preference poll for their readership to take part in. A day or so later, they felt the need to “update” it because they felt the results “no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people.”

    Take three guesses as to what the results were showing.

    Polls are something that many media outlets do. They're a quick thing that will catch people’s attention during a heated presidential cycle and will hopefully get the public to click on the outlet's website. Undoubtedly, BuzzFeed also did this figuring that the “poll” would have a strong showing for Hillary Clinton, showing given the site's tendency to openly criticize her opponent. That, however, didn’t turn out to be the case. Here are the results:

    Poll Results

    As you can plainly see, Republican nominee Donald Trump is dominating in the “poll” with 11.5 million votes, followed up by “Other” at 161,000 votes, “I still haven’t decided” at 152,500 votes, and finally Clinton in dead last at 70,300 votes.

    Now to be very, very clear to all the liberals already pounding away at their keyboards, I’m in no way insinuating that this is a scientific poll by any stretch of the imagination. It’s clearly just a gimmick that is used by BuzzFeed and plenty of other outlets to get their readership more engaged and drive more clicks to their website.

    It is funny, though, that BuzzFeed felt it was totally necessary to put an update right above the “poll," saying it "no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people."

    I suppose I probably shouldn’t be too critical of the website that is most known for asking stupid clickbait quizzes, like this one where you can find out what your inner potato is. You know, in case you’ve just been really curious all your life. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know which ousted Arab Spring ruler you are.

    The more I look these up, the more I wonder why I’m even bothering to write a story about these guys anyway.

    But, hey, if you wanted to go check out that “poll” for yourself, you can go cast your pretend vote right here!



    1. Remember, Hillary said women have the right to be believed.

      All those voices.....singing the same song.....

    2. Juanita Broaddrick fears for her life: ‘I don’t feel safe anymore’

      August 25, 2016

      By Kyle Olson

      Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick says she is selling her house because she fears for her life.

      Speaking to World Alternative Media, the woman who claims then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, says, “I don’t feel safe anymore.”

      “I have my home up for sale now because I live alone in a huge home on 23 acres. It’s just an absolutely gorgeous place,” Broaddrick says.

      “I’ve loved it all these years but I just don’t feel safe anymore.”

      Broaddrick says she will be building a home on her son’s property.

      She adds she will fear for her life even more if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

      “Especially if she does become president, I’ll fear even more the retribution I might suffer,” Broaddrick said.

      She has been vocal during the presidential campaign and has been speaking out about the role Hillary played in silencing her.

      According to Broaddrick, her first encounter with Hillary was in 1978, shortly after the alleged rape, she told The American Mirror in March

      “I was so involved in the campaign at that time,” she tells The American Mirror.

      Despite the assault in Little Rock, Broaddrick said she had a list of people who were going to donate to Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign and she wanted to attend a meeting in northwest Arkansas to hand over the lists and “get away from there.”

      “But before I could, they came through the kitchen area, and I saw (Hillary) and somebody in the kitchen pointing to me.”

      After coming over to Broaddrick, she says Hillary “stood there and looked at me and said, ‘I just want you to know how happy we are for all the things that you do for Bill in this campaign.’ And I just sort of nodded and was going to turn away.

      “And she grabbed a hold of my arm and my hand at the same time and she pulls me into her and this smile fades to this very harsh expression, and she said, ‘Do you understand — everything you do.’

      “And I could have fainted, I mean I get cold chills now just remembering it. And I took my hand from hers and I left.”

      When asked what Hilary meant, Broaddrick says, “I think she meant that she knew what had happened — I honestly believe he went back to her that day and said, ‘Well, I mess up this time.’

      “You know, having affairs and things, that’s bad enough, but I think he went back to her and said, ‘I really messed up this time.’ And that was her way of saying, ‘We know — I know — and you better stay quiet.’ I mean, I couldn’t take it as anything else.

      She says she did stay quiet for some 20 years.

      Broaddrick describes Hillary as “very cold. Even when she came over to greet me there was a coldness. She had a smile on her face, but it was very…” she said before momentarily breaking down in tears.

      “You know, even after all this time,” she said, regaining her composure.

      “It was so cold, but then the second expression was frightening. Here she is and she’s standing below me, looking up at me and saying these very frightening things.”

      Broaddrick says she couldn’t believe Hillary “came into that function and came straight to me.

      “There was nobody she went to before, except it looked like to ask where I was and if I was there, I guess. My heart started really pumping. My heart started beating really fast when she started walking toward me and I was trying to figure out a way to get out, but I couldn’t. She was between me and the door.

      “And so I just tried to relax as she came over to me but after she changed her tone and grabbed my hand, I just wanted to get out of there. It scared the heck out of me.

      “All she did was let me know she knew and I better stay quiet. That’s the essence of what I got out of that.”

      And she says it affected her life because “I kept quiet, up until 1998,” when she met with attorneys for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.


      Hell of a way to live.

    4. Does Miss Piggy Universe live in fear of her life ?

      Only Miss Piggy has testified to The Donald's words, and she threatened to kill a judge, and drove the get away car in a failed murder plot, and has done porn movies and says of herself "I am not a Saint girl".

      The Donald didn't fire her, even though she was in breach of contract, he gave her a break.

      Who are you going to believe, Hillary or Juanita Broaddrick ?

    5. Hillary, or Juanita Broaddrick and about a dozen others ?

  28. O God, it gets even worse -

    Alicia Machado Is 2016’s Sandra Fluke, A Democratic Public Relations Scam

    Democrats and the media work together seamlessly to push the idea that innocent, random young women are victimized by mean old Republican men.

    By Mollie Hemingway

    But when Clinton talks about Machado, and runs conference calls for the media with her, and sets up photo shoots with her, and whatnot, everyone just complies and forgets to mention they’re taking marching orders from the campaign.

    How else to explain how everyone chose the same angle as the Clinton campaign asked them to? Media outlets could have noted that they themselves were calling Machado a fatty-boombaladdy at the exact same time Trump made his remarks. They could have noted that beauty pageant winners are generally judged by their … how do you say it … BEAUTY. Or they could have chosen entirely different angles.

    For example, Hillary Clinton’s kill shot was to say that Machado had become a U.S. citizen recently and would be voting for her. A less compliant media might have noted or emphasized that the Mexican attorney general’s office said Machado was romantically involved and had a daughter with a notorious drug lord, Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, also known as “El Indio.” Or that a Venezuelan judge said Machado threatened “to ruin my career as a judge and … kill me,” after he indicted her then-boyfriend for murder. Or that the Associated Press reported allegations that she drove the getaway car, even though there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

    But these angles run counter to another media/Clinton campaign theme of discrediting the idea that immigrants to this country, under our current policies, are anything other than perfect people. (You may see a second version of it this week in how the media emphasize or downplay the immigration status, voting habits, and murder spree-ness, of this guy.)

    Yes, CNN did ask Machado if she threatened to kill a judge. She replied, oddly, “What matters is my self-esteem.”

    The media might have the same response to why they’re playing cabana boy to the Clinton campaign. They’re not interested in reporting the news so much as feeding their self-perception of righteousness. A journalistic establishment that was less entertainment, less pseudo-event, less undistilled public relations coup would serve us well right about now.

    1. the Mexican attorney general’s office said Machado was romantically involved and had a daughter with a notorious drug lord, Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, also known as “El Indio.”

      That was new to me, and I am trying to follow this wonderful story closely.

    2. I read The Donald, or maybe saw it on Fox, that The Donald had offered 'Miss' Machado free access to a gym and free diet counseling.

      And he's the villain and 'Miss' Machado Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez “El Indio” is the Saint of the piece, even though she's said "I'm no Saint girl".


  29. BillyGoat's girls are on Hannity now.

    1. Brit Hume just reported that back in the days of the Bimbo Eruptions Hillary called Billygoat's female victims Rodeo Queens !!

      Think of it !

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Our Lady of Women's Rights calling Billygoat's female victims RODEO QUEENS !!!!

    It's like limbo, how low can you go.....

  31. Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of flouting Cuba embargo in 1990s

    hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of flouting American foreign policy by violating the US trade embargo with Cuba, slamming her rival as dishonest and willing to put his interests before the country.

    Mrs Clinton said Mr Trump's business interests in Cuba in the 1990s "appear to violate US law, certainly flout American foreign policy," as she accused him of misleading American voters.

    The Democratic nominee highlighted a Newsweek report which found that Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts executives, with Mr Trump's knowledge, secretly conducted tens of thousands of dollars worth of businesses in Fidel Castro controlled Cuba despite a strict trade ban.

    "We have laws in our country," Mrs Clinton told reporters aboard her campaign plane. She said Mr Trump "deliberately flouted" the law and put "his personal and business interests ahead of the laws and the values and the policies of the United States of America."

    1. Hillary added that James Comey testified that I never lied, etc etc and the Justice Dept, the Dishwasher's Union, Valerie Jarret, and the local dogcatcher all have sworn to her honesty and integrity.

    2. We're talking the massive sum of 68 thousand, and Trump never did business there. the Clintons have raked in hundreds of millions, and their "Charity" billions, from the Saudis, et-al.

    3. Rubio's very concerned,
      Rubio's a Dick.
      ...a little one.

    4. "Deeply Concerned"

  32. Nike has come up with a self lacing shoe !

    Finally ! some relief from all the stooping done for Quirk by his wife and friends !


  33. India Launches Attacks Into Pakistan Territory And Pakistan Threatens Nuclear Retaliation To Destroy India

    While American politics is focused on something mean Donald Trump may have said to an Hispanic woman 20 ago, Armageddon may be brewing on the other side of the world....

    ....Here is the video from the press conference. This is for real:


    1. The statement is read in English first, then Hindi.....

      ....God Bless English Imperialism !

  34. Commission on Presidential Debates: Donald Trump had a faulty mic in first debate

    1. oh, well, that explains why most all of what he said sounded stupid.

    2. Ash, what is your opinion of Hillary's feminist term of art, RODEO QUEENS ?

    3. Ash, Juanita Broaddrick fears for her life.

      How do you feel about this ?

  35. Hillary and the Rodeo Queens

    10:16 AM, Sep 30, 2016 | By Andrew Ferguson

    Photo credit: Thomas M. Smith

    The most read story on the Washington Post website Thursday was a little number called "Enabler or family defender? How Hillary Clinton responded to husband's accusers." As a piece of explanatory journalism it was weirdly imprecise and incomplete.

    The Post's reporter depicts Clinton as a wife whose political enemies, with their endless accusations about her husband's ever-failing zipper, left her no choice but to defend him "with steely determination." An old friend describes the Clintons' attitude: "These people are not going to run over us."

    But who are "these people"? The Post would have you believe they're all those ill-tempered Republicans. But the statement is more accurate if "these people" are taken to be the women who have been reckless enough to have sex with Bill Clinton.

    Their name is legion. Gail Sheehy, author of the admiring biography Hillary's Choice, provides plenty of details left out of the Post piece. When, for instance, Bill Clinton first planned to run for president, in 1988, a political enemy threatened to make public a list of Bill's extramarital lovers. The list was very long. Sheehy says Hillary Clinton deputized two of her law partners, Webb Hubbell and Vincent Foster, to invite the women one by one into the imposing Little Rock offices of their law firm, the largest in the state. There the two lawyers confronted the women and generously offered to give them free legal counsel if the list was made public. Hillary attended at least one of the meetings.

    It's not hard to imagine the intimidation the women must have felt in the presence of such a display of legal firepower. And the tactic worked, as Clinton tactics usually do. None of the women talked. That steely determination comes in handy.

    But the problem of Bill's "rodeo queens," as Hillary called them, wouldn't go away. In his equally admiring biography A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the journalist Carl Bernstein writes that Bill Clinton's closest aide, a woman named Betsey Wright, challenged her boss about his many extramarital affairs as the 1988 campaign loomed. She told him they were likely to become public if he lunged for the White House.

    "Specifically," Wright later told Bernstein, "what I said was, 'Let's walk through all the women …' And of course I was horrified because I thought I knew everybody. And he came up with these people I didn't know about." Wright says she convinced Clinton that a national campaign, with its swarm of nosey reporters, might be "devastating to Chelsea."

    Clinton didn't run for president in 1988. "I need some family time," he announced. "I need some personal time. Politicians are people too." Oh, they are.

    1. From this moment on, nobody in the inner circle doubted the threat that Bill Clinton's goatishness posed to his and Hillary's ambition, and the threat continued to loom as Clinton decided to run for president in 1992. In the Clintons' world, the women were no longer simply recipients of Bill's compulsive amorous attentions; they were now "these people" who wanted to "run over us." The women had to be controlled. And if they couldn't be controlled, they would have to be discredited.

      Let Thursday's Post article pick up the story:

      "By July 1992, the campaign hired private detective Jack Palladino to investigate the accusers involved in two dozen allegations."

      Interesting, no? But then the Post article drops the story. Palladino vanishes, never to be mentioned again.

      Yet he is too interesting a character for a mere walk-on.

      It was Hillary, says Sheehy, who got the idea to hire Palladino. She had known him during law school, from her brief internship in a left-wing law firm in San Francisco, where he had worked for the Black Panthers and other prominent clients.

      The Clinton campaign paid Palladino a $100,000 retainer to do his work. The money was funneled through a Denver law firm and billed as "legal services."

      Palladino bragged about his willingness to play rough on behalf of the people who hired him. "I am somebody you call in when the house is on fire, not when there's smoke in the kitchen," he told Sheehy. "You ask me to deal with that fire, to save you, to do whatever has to be done."

      How did Palladino keep the rodeo queens quiet? Jeff Gerth and Dale Van Natta, authors of still another admiring biography, Her Way, found a private memo written by Palladino to Clinton campaign staffers in 1992. In it Palladino explained his goal in dealing with Gennifer Flowers, the first of Bill's lovers to go public. He would "impeach her character and veracity until she is destroyed beyond all recognition."

      And there was bound to be collateral damage. When a former roommate spoke to reporters and confirmed Flowers' tale of her affair with Bill, Palladino decided to pay her a visit. She later told the investigative journalist Daniel Wattenberg that Palladino had asked her: "Do you think Gennifer is the sort of person who would commit suicide?"

      Sally Perdue, a former Miss Arkansas and (hence) another of Bill's women, likewise drew Palladino's attention when she spoke publicly of their affair. Palladino sifted through Perdue's past and found an estranged relative who was willing to dispute her story and malign her character. Palladino made the relative available to any member of the press who asked the campaign about Perdue. Again, the tactic worked. As the Post's investigative reporter, Michael Isikoff, wrote at the time: "No major news organization has reported [Perdue's] account."

    2. Palladino kept Wright informed of his progress, and Wright says she passed along the good news to Hillary.

      All of this is missing from the Post's account. Bill Clinton's long record of using women as human spittoons is no longer very interesting. What's relevant is the intimidation of women that Hillary instigated and oversaw and deployed as a tactic to keep her husband's career on course. Surely it is at odds with the picture of the wounded and wronged wife the Post prefers. Also missing from the article is any mention of Kathleen Willey. Her 1998 encounter with Bill in the Oval Office—fondling, unwanted kisses, the usual—is par for the course.

      But so was Hillary's response.

      Willey spoke to reporters about Bill's grope. "With Hillary's go-ahead," Gerth and Van Natta write, "the White House then released nine fawning letters that Willey had sent to Bill after the alleged incident." Reporters concluded, as they were meant to, that the letters disproved Willey's story, and it's been more or less buried ever since.

      In authorizing the release of Willey's private letters, Hillary was exploiting common assumptions about women that, in other contexts, she vigorously condemns as misogynist. The reasoning is familiar from the Anita Hill case and many others: If the survivor of a sexual assault speaks or writes kind or forgiving words about her assailant, then either (1) the assault didn't occur or (2) the victim agreed to it. The phrase "had it coming" may be too old-fashioned even for Hillary.

      Up to this point, the Post story reads like one more attempt to put the best possible face on the Clintons' jaw-dropping indecency. We've all gotten used to Clinton-friendly reporters spinning stories like that. But then the Post produces this very odd paragraph:

      "Juanita Broaddrick, whose claim of a 1978 sexual assault has been denied by the Clintons, thinks Hillary Clinton was too passive." Then Broaddrick vanishes too.

      You can imagine the reaction of a reader who has never heard of Broaddrick: Excuse me—could we back up a minute? A sexual assault? What sexual assault? Who did the assaulting? Who the hell is Juanita Broaddrick?

      Give the editors credit for allowing Broaddrick's name into print – its appearance in the establishment press is pretty rare. (You can Google her!) But tucking such an explosive bit of information into a subordinate clause without further explanation amounts to journalistic malpractice. And it goes far beyond the Post's usual shading and excuse-making on behalf of the Democratic nominee.

      But never mind. Haven't you heard what Donald Trump said about the beauty queen?!?!?

  36. Hannity has three of the women BillyGoat abused and Hillary threatened and tried to silence LIVE on his show tonight.

    Last night it was video clips.

    Watch it now !

    1. was testimony by three young ladies he has helped greatly.


  37. Health psychology

    Your Attractiveness Depends on Who Else Is Around: Study

    Kate Samuelson @katesamuelson
    Sept. 29, 2016

    Your level of attractiveness varies depending on who you’re with and how good-looking they are in comparison to you, a small new study shows.

    You may think a person’s attractiveness is fixed, but research suggests that context is key when assessing how good-looking someone is. In a cruel, if unsurprising, twist, a person will rank higher on a scale of attractiveness when compared alongside less attractive people than they would when judged alone.

    For the study, which was led by psychologists from Royal Holloway, University of London, and published in the journal Psychological Science, 40 participants were asked to rate pictures of different faces for their attractiveness.

    They were then asked to assess the same faces when they were placed alongside others. When adding these “distractor faces,” the level of attractiveness of the original faces increased from the first round of ranking.

    “Until now, it’s been understood that a person’s level of attractiveness is generally steady,” Dr. Nicholas Furl, the study’s author, said in a statement about the study. “If you saw a picture of George Clooney today, you would rate him as good-looking as you would tomorrow. However, this work demonstrates that the company we keep has an effect on how attractive we appear to others.”

    Furl thinks the information acquired in this study could be useful to those working in advertising, website design and consumer behavior. “People may even socially evaluate a person differently depending on who is standing nearby,” he concluded.

  38. Take care when surfing, Sam -