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Monday, September 05, 2016

NBC Reporter Monica Alba remarked that the Clinton’s coughing fit was the “worst one I can remember."

The candidate has been dogged by health rumors following the release of a video showing what appeared to be an uncontrollable spasm for thirty seconds while her proponents argue the concerns are nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suffered a severe four minute long coughing fit on the campaign trail in Cleveland that she chalked up to an “allergic reaction to Trump” as she struggled to even utter words in a strained tone surely to be seized upon by her Republican rival who has questioned her physical “endurance” to serve in the White House. NBC Reporter Monica Alba remarked that the coughing fit was the "worst one I can remember."

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From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer

In a classic Friday news dump, the FBI on Friday afternoon released the results of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and private email address. Unsurprisingly, the findings track closely with what FBI Director James Comey said when he announced the findings in July. The report, released in two chunks, offers the most complete narrative of Clinton’s email system. But they do offer a few of what a computer technician quoted in the investigation might refer to as “oh shit” moments.

The original “oh shit” moment concerned an out-of-date server that was housed at a facility in New Jersey. In December 2014, Clinton aide Cheryl Mills asked someone to delete the old messages. Apparently he didn’t do so. Then, in March 2015, The New York Times reported the existence of the email setup. The next day, a House committee on Benghazi requested the preservation of any records. Despite that, an unnamed staffer, realizing he had not followed Mills’s instructions, deleted anyway:
Mills and Clinton said they were unaware of the move.
Unawareness is a common thread throughout the report. Clinton seemed to have only a faint understanding of the process of classification and what was and was not classified, nor was she apparently trained when she joined State from the U.S. Senate:
She also said she was unaware of the requirement that she turn over her emails when she left office, which she said might be due in part to a concussion she suffered in 2012:
Some of the classified messages in Clinton’s emails dealt with “SAP,” special access programs, generally believed to be a reference to drone strikes carried out by the U.S. overseas. Through a peculiarity of classification, these strokes are widely known about and reported on, but the government still treats them as a secret. Some of Clinton’s discussions involved material that had been reported in the public but still was technically classified. On the one hand, that seems pointless, but on the other hand Clinton told FBI investigators she understood the importance of SAP secrecy. In another case, Clinton said staffers were handcuffed by the lack of a protocol for discussing classified information at holidays when people were traveling, meaning aides had to “communicate in code or do the best you could to convey the information.”

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell doesn’t come off well in the report. While Clinton said she had already planned to use a private email address, some advice that he gave her seemed geared to circumventing public-records laws:
Many of Clinton’s aides apparently had no understanding of the fact that Clinton—and in some cases the aides themselves—were using a private email server. Clinton used a remarkable 13 mobile devices to access her email account, including eight separate BlackBerrys during her time as secretary of state. None of the 13 could be located for inspection, her lawyers said. (Clinton apparently often got new BlackBerrys and then decided she liked the old ones better.) She also used five iPads to access her account.

In sum, the report portrays Clinton as generally unaware: unschooled in the rules of classification and not especially concerned about getting trained; but also technologically dependent on aides in the way that many 60-something executives likely are, with little understanding of how the technology they use every day fundamentally works. Reading the report, it’s surprising that more classified information was not accidentally sent than the FBI found.

One important remaining question is whether Clinton’s server and email were ever hacked. When Comey announced the findings he stated, in essence, that they had found no direct evidence; that they would not expect to find such evidence; and that there was good reason to suspect she might have been hacked. The report fleshes that out.

There were numerous failed attempts, which Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano knew about because they appeared as failed login attempts. Pagliano considered but did not implement security protections like a virtual private network or two-step verification. There was an onslaught of attempts after the Times story first publicly revealed the server, once again none of them apparently successful. There were also several cases of what sound like standard phishing and spear-phishing attempts, where Clinton and others received malicious messages with dangerous links.

In one of the more peculiar notes, the FBI reports that an email address belonging to a staffer was compromised by someone using Tor, a software that allows masking and anonymity:
It’s too soon to know what sort of effect the FBI report could have on Clinton’s presidential campaign. It certainly does not paint a flattering view of Clinton, but it also mostly fleshes out information that was widely known about her email system.

The emails represent something of a classic Clinton scandal. Although the House investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing on her part with respect to the attacks themselves, it was during that inquiry that her private-email use became public. This is a pattern with the Clinton family, which has been in the public spotlight since Bill Clinton’s first run for office, in 1974: Something that appears potentially scandalous on its face turns out to be innocuous, but an investigation into it reveals different questionable behavior. The canonical case is Whitewater, a failed real-estate investment Bill and Hillary Clinton made in 1978. Although no inquiry ever produced evidence of wrongdoing, investigations ultimately led to President Clinton’s impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.
With Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee for president, every Clinton scandal—from Whitewater to the State Department emails—will be under the microscope. (No other American politicians—even ones as corrupt as Richard Nixon, or as hated by partisans as George W. Bush—have fostered the creation of a permanent multimillion-dollar cottage industry devoted to attacking them.) Keeping track of each controversy, where it came from, and how serious it is, is no small task, so here’s a primer. We’ll update it as new information emerges.

The Clintons’ Private Email Server
Jim Young / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic
What? During the course of the Benghazi investigationNew York Times reporter Michael Schmidt learned Clinton had used a personal email account while secretary of state. It turned out she had also been using a private server, located at a house in New York. The result was that Clinton and her staff decided which emails to turn over to the State Department as public records and which to withhold; they say they then destroyed the ones they had designated as personal. 
When? 2009-2013, during Clinton’s term as secretary.
Who? Hillary Clinton; Bill Clinton; top aides including Huma Abedin
How serious is it? Very serious. A May report from the State Department inspector general is harshly critical of Clinton’s email approach, but Loretta Lynch announced on July 6 that the Justice Department would not pursue criminal charges, removing the threat of an indictment that could be fatal to her campaign. But the scandal will remain a millstone around her neck forever. Comey’s damning comments about her conduct—“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”—will reverberate throughout the campaign. Also unresolved is the question of whether Clinton’s server was hacked. You can read the FBI report here.

Clinton’s State Department Emails
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton checks her phone on board a plane from Malta to Tripoli, Libya. (Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? Setting aside the question of the Clintons’ private email server, what’s actually in the emails that Clinton did turn over to State? While some of the emails related to Benghazi have been released, there are plenty of others covered by public-records laws that are still in the process of being vetted for release.
When? 2009-2013
How serious is it? Serious. While the contents of emails revealed so far has been more eyerolly than scandalous, the bigger problem is the revelation that dozens of email chains contained information that was classified at some level.  Meanwhile, some emails remain to be seen. The State Department, under court order, is slowly releasing the emails she turned over, but there are other emails that she didn’t turn over, which have surfaced through court battles.  State also says the FBI found 30 emails related to the Benghazi attacks that Clinton did not turn over.

A man celebrates as the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi burns on September 11, 2012. (Esam Al-Fetori / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? On September 11, 2012, attackers overran a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Since then, Republicans have charged that Hillary Clinton failed to adequately protect U.S. installations or that she attempted to spin the attacks as spontaneous when she knew they were planned terrorist operations. She testifies for the first time on October 22.
When? September 11, 2012-present
How serious is it? With the June 28 release of the House committee investigating Benghazi, this issue is receding. That report criticized security preparations at the American facility in Benghazi as well as stations elsewhere, but it produced no smoking guns or new accusations about things Clinton could have done the night of the attacks. Although some conservatives will likely continue to assail her, the biggest damage is likely to be iterative—the highly damaging private-email story was revealed during the course of the House inquiry. In late August, the State Department announced that the FBI had found 30 new emails related to Benghazi that Clinton did not hand over. The content is as yet unknown, but the revelation will extend the story.

Conflicts of Interest in Foggy Bottom
Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic
What? Before becoming Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills worked for Clinton on an unpaid basis for four months while also working for New York University, in which capacity she negotiated on the school’s behalf with the government of Abu Dhabi, where it was building a campus. In June 2012, Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin’s status at State changed to “special government employee,” allowing her to also work for Teneo, a consulting firm run by Bill Clinton’s former right-hand man. She also earned money from the Clinton Foundation and was paid directly by Hillary Clinton. In a separate case, ABC News reports that a top Clinton Foundation donor named Rajiv Fernando was placed on State’s International Security Advisory Board. Fernando appeared significantly less qualified than many of his colleagues, and was appointed at the behest of the secretary’s office. Internal emails show that State staff first sought to cover for Clinton, and then Fernando resigned two days after ABC’s inquiries. Judicial Watch released documents that show Doug Band, a Foundation official, trying to put a donor in touch with a State Department expert on Lebanon and to get someone a job at Foggy Bottom.
Who? Both Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin are among Clinton’s longest-serving and closest aides. Abedin remains involved in her campaign (and she’s also married to Anthony Weiner).
When? January 2009-February 2013
How serious is it? This is arcane stuff, to be sure. There are questions about conflict of interest—such as whether Teneo clients might have benefited from special treatment by the State Department while Abedin worked for both. To a great extent, this is just an extension of the tangle of conflicts presented by the Clinton Foundation and the many overlapping roles of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Sidney Blumenthal
Blumenthal takes a lunch break while being deposed in private session of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. (Jonathan Ernst / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? A former journalist, Blumenthal was a top aide in the second term of the Bill Clinton administration and helped on messaging during the bad old days. He served as an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and when she took over the State Department, she sought to hire Blumenthal. Obama aides, apparently still smarting over his role in attacks on candidate Obama, refused the request, so Clinton just sought out his counsel informally. At the same time, Blumenthal was drawing a check from the Clinton Foundation.
When? 2009-2013
How serious is it? Only mildly. Some of the damage is already done. Blumenthal was apparently the source of the idea that the Benghazi attacks were spontaneous, a notion that proved incorrect and provided a political bludgeon against Clinton and Obama. He also advised the secretary on a wide range of other issues, from Northern Ireland to China, and passed along analysis from his son Max, a staunch critic of the Israeli government (and conservative bête noire). But emails released so far show even Clinton’s top foreign-policy guru, Jake Sullivan, rejecting Blumenthal’s analysis, raising questions about her judgment in trusting him. 

The Speeches
Keith Bedford / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic
What? Since Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001, both Clintons have made millions of dollars for giving speeches.
When? 2001-present
Who? Hillary Clinton; Bill Clinton; Chelsea Clinton
How serious is it? Intermittently dangerous. It has a tendency to flare up, then die down. Senator Bernie Sanders made it a useful attack against her in early 2016, suggesting that by speaking to banks like Goldman Sachs, she was compromised. There have been calls for Clinton to release the transcripts of her speeches, which she was declined to do, saying if every other candidate does, she will too. For the Clintons, who left the White House up to their ears in legal debt, lucrative speeches—mostly by the former president—proved to be an effective way of rebuilding wealth. They have also been an effective magnet for prying questions. Where did Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton speak? How did they decide how much to charge? What did they say? How did they decide which speeches would be given on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, with fees going to the charity, and which would be treated as personal income? Are there cases of conflicts of interest or quid pro quos—for example, speaking gigs for Bill Clinton on behalf of clients who had business before the State Department?

The Clinton Foundation
A brooch for sale at the Clinton Museum Store in Little Rock, Arkansas (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What? Bill Clinton’s foundation was actually established in 1997, but after leaving the White House it became his primary vehicle for … well, everything. With projects ranging from public health to elephant-poaching protection and small-business assistance to child development, the foundation is a huge global player with several prominent offshoots. In 2013, following Hillary Clinton’s departure as secretary of State, it was renamed the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.
When? 1997-present
Who? Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; Chelsea Clinton, etc.
How serious is it? If the Clinton Foundation’s strength is President Clinton’s endless intellectual omnivorousness, its weakness is the distractibility and lack of interest in detail that sometimes come with it. On a philanthropic level, the foundation gets decent ratings from outside review groups, though critics charge that it’s too diffuse to do much good, that the money has not always achieved what it was intended to, and that in some cases the money doesn’t seem to have achieved its intended purpose. The foundation made errors in its tax returns it has to correct. Overall, however, the essential questions about the Clinton Foundation come down to two, related issues. The first is the seemingly unavoidable conflicts of interest: How did the Clintons’ charitable work intersect with their for-profit speeches? How did their speeches intersect with Hillary Clinton’s work at the State Department? Were there quid-pro-quos involving U.S. policy? Did the foundation steer money improperly to for-profit companies owned by friends? The second, connected question is about disclosure. When Clinton became secretary, she agreed that the foundation would make certain disclosures, which it’s now clear it didn’t always do. And the looming questions about Clinton’s State Department emails make it harder to answer those questions.

The Bad Old Days
Supporter Dick Furinash holds up cardboard cut-outs of Bill and Hillary Clinton. (Jim Young / Reuters / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic)
What is it? Since the Clintons have a long history of controversies, there are any number of past scandals that continue to float around, especially in conservative media: Whitewater. Troopergate. Paula Jones. Monica Lewinsky. TravelgateVince Foster’s suicide. Juanita Broaddrick. 
When? 1975-2001
Who? Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; a brigade of supporting characters
How serious is it? The conventional wisdom is that they’re not terribly dangerous. Some are wholly spurious (Foster). Others (Lewinsky, Whitewater) have been so exhaustively investigated it’s hard to imagine them doing much further damage to Hillary Clinton’s standing. In fact, the Lewinsky scandal famously boosted her public approval ratings. But the January 2016 resurfacing of Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegations offers a test case to see whether the conventional wisdom is truly wise—or just conventional. On May 23, Donald Trump released a video prominently highlighting Broaddrick’s accusation.


  1. reports:

    WikiLeaks has already published 30,322 emails from Clinton’s private email server, spanning from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014. While Assange didn’t specify what exactly was in the emails, he did tell ITV that WikiLeaks had “accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton, which could proceed to an indictment.”

    Assange hinted that the emails slated for publication contain additional information about the Clinton Foundation. He also reminded ITV’s Robert Peston that previously released emails contained one damning piece of communication from Clinton, instructing a staffer to remove the classification settings from an official State Department communication and send it through a “nonsecure” channel. Assange then pointed out that the Obama administration has previously prosecuted numerous whistleblowers for violating the government’s procedures for handling classified documents.

    In regard to the ongoing FBI investigation, however, Assange expressed a lack of confidence in the Obama administration’s Justice Department to indict the former Secretary of State.

    “[Attorney General Loretta Lynch] is not going to indict Hillary Clinton. It’s not possible that could happen. But the FBI could push for new concessions from the Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

    WikiLeaks has long been a thorn in the side of the former Secretary of State, who called on President Obama to prosecute the whistleblowing site after its 2010 leak of State Department cables. Julian Assange remains confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in downtown London, as Ecuador has promised to not hand over the WikiLeaks founder to US authorities.

  2. Why? Why would we want this wretched scandal ridden war-mongering sociopath in the White House as President?

  3. Hillary Clinton says the U.S. has shown "great restraint" to a series of cyberattacks by state and non-state actors.


    She said that Russian President Vladimir Putin appears "quite satisfied with himself" and the U.S. needs to "make clear that we're not going to let anyone interfere with the decisions of the American people."

  4. Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn, of Texas, is having a little “buyer’s remorse” over his decision to vote in favor of confirming Hillary as Secretary of State back in 2009.

    Cornyn was one of the Republicans that originally held up Hillary's confirmation over concerns that the Clinton Foundation created an insurmountable "conflict of interest." That said, Republicans, including Cornyn, ended up breaking party lines and confirmed Clinton after the Foundation entered into a "memorandum of understanding" that called for, among other things, transparency around donations, particularly those from foreign governments.

    That said, Cornyn now says that all the "reassurances she gave me back at the time her confirmation was considered" have for all practical purposes been "violated." Per comments made to The Hill:

    “Once again the rules don’t apply to them like they apply to everybody else. Can you imagine if anybody else in the United States government had tried to get away with something like this? It wouldn’t have happened.”

    “When I put a hold on Mrs. Clinton’s nomination as Secretary of State, she reassured me that they would take appropriate steps. As seems to be usual for the Clintons, they crossed the line and all the concerns that she reassured me would not occur did in fact occur."

    “She was playing both sides. As she was performing her job of secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation was shaking down donors who were buying access. It’s absolutely deplorable.”

    “The reassurances she gave me back at the time her confirmation was considered, she, for all practical purposes, violated. Those representations she made to me about the integrity of the screening process and of the ethics concerns with regard to the foundation.”

  5. I think her coughing fits, which seem to be getting worse, are related to her consciousness of guilt, and her uncomfortable realization that she has been found out.

    An alternative explanation, put forward by her defenders, is that there's lots of pollen in the air.

    We peasants can only speculate, as she is not releasing her full medical records.

    Those are not for our eyes.

    She looks 'sick as a dog' to me, The Dog, both mentally and physically.

    Most dogs are examples of prime health in comparison to her.

    'sick as a dog' is a slander on those wonderful animals, and I shouldn't have used it....'sick as the terminal patient' would be better....

    At times she has trouble standing up.....

    1. She also overloads her Depends on occasion.

      This is embarrassing to everyone.

      It might be related to the use of a blood thinner like warfarin, which is used to prevent blood clots and strokes.

      This can give one loose stool.

      She also is hypothyroid. She uses probably cattle extract thyroid.

      This is supposed to give her some energy but it doesn't appear to be working well.

      After all, she sometimes has problems becoming 'vertical', as she calls it.

      She's a real mess in most ways there are to be a real mess.

      And the pressure, poor dear.

      After all, she has been dancing right outside the prison gate for some time now.....

  6. This may be your longest post yet, Deuce.

    I think you have outdone yourself.

    It looks quite intimidating.

    But I will read every word, starting right now.

    1. Here's what pisses me off -

      Comey’s damning comments about her conduct—“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”—

      I can't remember all or count the times I've read that 'intent' is not a required element in these security crimes.

      And yet Comey goes with that.

      The Fix was in....and Comey is now part of it....

    2. She was told she couldn't hire 'Sid Vicious' Blumenthal at State, so she hire him privately anyway.

      She signed an agreement with Obama not to mingle The Clinton Foundation business and State, and did so Big Time.



      She ought to be in Prison.


    4 minute cough


  8. Loose Canons

    All the Lies: They’ve Turned Us Into a Rotting Banana Republic

    Jed Babbin

    September 5, 2016, 12:13 am

    What makes us any different from Venezuela now?

    It’s a matter or record. Americans now populate the largest, wealthiest and most powerful banana republic in the world. The differences between Obama’s America and Maduro’s Venezuela are defined only by degree.

    The defining characteristics of banana republics are a matter of history. First, the law is not enforced against a chosen class in a banana republic, usually the allies of the autocrat in charge. Second, foreign policy is always performed in the autocrat’s interests and often in disregard of the nation’s actual interests. This describes how America functions in the era of President Obama.

    The newly-released FBI documents on the investigation of Hillary Clinton make it clear beyond argument that the fix was in and that the FBI never had any intention of recommending that she should be prosecuted for her crimes.

    That is very hard to write. I have had very good friends among the agents of the FBI, men of unshakeable dedication to the fair enforcement of the law. But that is no longer the FBI’s goal, as just a few references to the documents published last week reveal.

    First, you had to notice that the FBI agreed that there would be no videotape of its interview of Clinton. Not only would there not be a videotape, but no court reporter would be present to record a transcript. That itself is highly unusual, but there is far more, and far worse.

    Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, had to have participated in sending classified material to Clinton on her private and unsecured “” email system. Yet when the FBI questioned Clinton, Mills was permitted to attend as one of Clinton’s lawyers. That is not only unethical under the Bar’s unenforced ethics standards, but obviously a huge violation of the most elementary of FBI procedures that requires witnesses — and possible suspects — to be questioned separately in isolation from one another.

    Clinton told the FBI that she relied on others’ judgment in sending her sensitive information on the unsecured email system. She also claimed that as a result of a head injury she didn’t recall key events such as being trained by the State Department on handing classified information or retaining records in accordance with federal law.

    Clinton, as a U.S. senator, served on the Armed Services Committee from 2003 to 2009. She was a member of three subcommittees, including the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. In that capacity, she would have been instructed on how to handle highly-classified information and a great deal of it would have passed through her hands. She would have had many occasions to handle it and to transmit it among her colleagues and staff and executive branch officials. Further training by the State Department would have been unnecessary for her to know how such information had to be protected against disclosure.

    1. Clinton’s obvious lie was one of many she told the FBI. Let’s remember that on at least one occasion, she told her State Department staff to remove the classified markings on some material and send it “in the clear” on an unsecured channel — her private email system.

      The FBI found that Clinton had used a multitude of Blackberry and other personal devices while she was secretary of state. Thirteen of them are missing and have never been recovered. Anyone who has used a Blackberry or other personal email device can testify that they last for years. Clinton, while she was secretary of state, apparently got a new one every six or eight weeks. All of those devices, given the frequency of her communications, would have had classified information on them.

      How could anyone of sound mind be so careless? Was her 2012 concussion so severe as to cause frequent memory loss? Writing about Clinton’s health is verboten. Why, if it was so severe that it caused her to work part time as secretary of state, as she told the FBI?

      (At least two devices are said to have been destroyed by her staff. Two others (an Apple iPad and a thumb drive) each of which reportedly contained a complete archive of her emails, were sent by a staffer to a person at Platte River Networks, the company Clinton hired to maintain her system, but may never have arrived.)

      Let’s also remember that in his July statement, FBI director Comey said that of Clinton’s State Department emails, “…110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. Eight of those chains contained information that was Top Secret at the time they were sent; 36 chains contained Secret information at the time; and eight contained Confidential information, which is the lowest level of classification. “

      Comey’s statement included the fact that, “Only a very small number of the e-mails containing classified information bore markings indicating the presence of classified information. But even if information is not marked ‘classified’ in an e-mail, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it.” Clinton knew or should have known that the subject matter of those emails was classified because, for example, some discussed coming drone strikes against terrorists.

      For all of Clinton’s lies, and there are far too many to recount, the worst lie of all was Comey’s. He said that there was no precedent for a prosecution of someone who had behaved as Clinton had and that no responsible prosecutor would bring charges. (Former CIA directors John Deutch and David Petraeus each pled guilty to mishandling classified information. Deutch was pardoned in 2001 by Bill Clinton.)

      Comey also said that there was evidence that Clinton and her staff had handled classified information in an “extremely careless” way. Title 18 Section 793(f) says that anyone who is “grossly negligent” in handling classified information is guilty of a federal felony.

      If we cannot trust the FBI to enforce the law, and we cannot, America is now characterized by one of the two facts defining a banana republic.....

    2. There is no 'intent' required to be proved in these security crimes.

      Comey also said that there was evidence that Clinton and her staff had handled classified information in an “extremely careless” way. Title 18 Section 793(f) says that anyone who is “grossly negligent” in handling classified information is guilty of a federal felony.

      Yet that is the excuse Comey used to let her walk.

      And, for Goodness Sakes, there's intent written all over the evidence....

  9. And as in the domestic arena, Obama has sometimes been criticized for not following up a big speech with the unglamorous work of implementing policy.

    But even if he doesn't always win policy changes and political plaudits, he often earns goodwill and laughter -- occasionally at his customary, and sometimes mangled, attempts to close his speech with a remark in the local lingo.


    And in South Africa, he attempted not just one but multiple greetings in local languages, proclaiming he'd been practicing.

  10. What did the aide hand to Hillary at about 2:16 ?

    It looked almost like a mini-syringe.

    She already had popped a pill. She didn't use it in the clip, but placed it on the podium nearby.

    I'm not buying that she is suffering from early fall weed pollen in that auditorium.

    Different Pollens for Each Pollen Season

    In springtime, pollen from the trees begins its release between January and April, depending on the climate and location. These trees include elm, pine, birch, ash, hickory, poplar, and cypress to name a few.

    Summertime is when grass pollen reigns supreme: pollen from northern grass in colder climates, such as timothy, rye, and blue; and southern grass pollens in the warmer climates, such as Bermuda Grass.

    In the fall, typically weed pollen takes control. These weeds include ragweed, nettle, mugwort, fat hen and sorrel.

  11. I don't know, Deuce; do you suppose that flying around in Jet Airplanes, and giving two or three speeches every day, would cause one to get an irritated throat every now and then? :)

    She had a speech in Illinois a couple of hours later, and other than being a bit hoarse, all is reported to have gone very well.

    1. She's not giving two or three speeches every day.

      She is not even giving one speech a day.

      And The Donald has been doing much more flying than she.

      She's been mostly camping out with the Big Donors.

      Read the article below, Rufus, and see what it's all about.

  12. Posted so Rufus will know what it is all about -

    The Clinton Conspiracy Against America

    Their plot against America is a threat to the republic.

    September 6, 2016

    Daniel Greenfield

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.

    The Clinton Presidential Center sits near Interstate 30. It is located at 1200 President Clinton Ave in Little Rock, Arkansas. A mere 1,200 miles from the posh digs of the Clintons in Chappaqua, New York.

    Little Rock advertises a “Billgrimage” to visit Bill Clinton’s roots in Little Rock, but the Clintons have gotten what they wanted out of Arkansas and Little Rock. And the Clinton Presidential Center.

    They’ve moved on to bigger things since.

    There isn’t much to do at the Clinton Presidential Center, an awkward glass building shaped like a bus that looks like it’s about to fall into the Arkansas River, but like the equally precarious political fortunes of the Clintons, never quite does.

    There are exhibits of Bill’s rise to power. And there’s a gift shop offering a copy of GQ autographed by him for a mere $350, a bronze bust of him for only $29.95 and a t-shirt with the words, “I Miss Bill.”

    But how can you miss somebody who never goes away?

    They might miss Bill in Little Rock, which he left behind for wealthier places where he can mingle with those who can do far more to advance his career than the locals. Instead they have to make do with Buffalo Blue Cheeseburger at Forty Two, the Clinton Presidential Center’s restaurant, which also offers catering services.

    If there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to the Clintons, they never miss an angle.

    The Clinton Presidential Center website is just a gateway to the network of Clinton Foundation sites. The white banner and menu of the Clinton Foundation is meant to lure visitors in first.

    And that’s appropriate, since the Center began as a front for the Foundation.

    It’s become a tradition for presidents to have their own libraries. Bill Clinton wanted to raise a modest $200 million for his glass shoebox on President Clinton Avenue. But he had to settle for $165 million.

    A lot of the money came from abroad. The Saudis ponied up millions. Clinton’s former FBI director described him begging for a donation to his library from Prince Abdullah during a meeting asking the Saudis to give the FBI access to suspects in a terror attack which had killed 19 Americans.

    "Bill Clinton raised the subject only to tell the crown prince that he understood the Saudi's reluctance to cooperate, and then he hit Abdullah up for a contribution to the Clinton Presidential Library,” he wrote.

    1. The Clintons always have their priorities.

      Cash also came from Marc Rich’s wife who bought a presidential pardon for the international fugitive for $450,000.

      But the library wasn’t really a library. Bill Clinton wasn’t about to spend the rest of his days walking down President Clinton Avenue and deciding if he wanted to have breakfast at Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken or Damgoode Pies. Hillary certainly wasn’t. The Clintons hadn’t made their base in Arkansas, but in New York. And they were drawing on taxpayer money to set up operations.

      The Clintons were not retiring. They were not looking to their legacy. They didn’t care about the glass box on the Arkansas River. What they wanted was money and a platform for their comeback.

      In that order.

      The Clintons didn’t just need cash to pay for their mansion and all the other good things in life. To make a comeback, they needed a staff. A big one. People willing to do anything for them. And they weren’t about to pay them out of their pockets. So, in an unprecedented turn of events, they turned to the Former President’s Act, meant to provide for the retirement of presidents, to begin the process of making the former president’s wife into a future president by maintaining their loyalist staff.

      The Clintons are not idea people. They are crooked, but unimaginatively crooked. Bill is the sort of guy who will give a terror state a pass before asking for money. Hillary lies compulsively and badly.

      The gargantuan octopus of the Clinton Foundation wasn’t the brainchild of two grifters who couldn’t convincingly lie about what they had for breakfast. It was the invention of those staffers around them.

      On a Saudi jet to Davos, a Clinton aide who would later sell access to Bill through his own company, had a brilliant idea, why not sell access to Bill through a foundation. That aide later gave Huma Abedin a gig in his company. Huma Abedin solicited a favor for a Clinton Foundation donor who was also a client.

      At its peak, the idea people around the Clintons had a non-profit, private consulting jobs and government salaries through the State Department and occasionally the GSA. They had the best of government, the private sector and the non-profit sector rolled into one. The Clinton Network.

      And they’re counting on a lot more of the same.

      The Clinton Foundation was a spectacular slush fund, a fake charity that took in fortunes, paid out pittances and kept the country’s unwanted royal family and those around them in business.

      Bill and Hillary were no longer individuals. They were a corporation, a business and a brand. Forget the sad gift shop in the Arkansas River shoebox. The Clinton Foundation let them go back to doing what they had done in office, tap into the deep pockets of foreign donors and lobbyists looking for access.

    2. But the Clinton Foundation was a temporary cure. The Clintons were paying their staffers by selling access to themselves and assorted celebrities, corporations and billionaires. It was okay as a party, but you can only hear Bill’s funny stories twice before you reconsider the $15K ticket price tag.

      For $250K, a company got some good publicity. But for that money, they could have plastered Manhattan with billboards.

      To have access to sell, there had to be power to access. Hillary Clinton had to run for the Senate. Senators have more to offer than former presidents telling stories about the good old days. But you don’t pay six figures for a senator. You do pay six figures for access to a future president.

      The Clinton Foundation scam, the hundreds of millions of dollars rolling in, depended on maintaining the narrative that Hillary would become President Hillary. And when she lost, she picked the position that would be most tempting to foreign donors and certain domestic corporations, Secretary of State.

      Somewhere along the way the Clinton White House had become a permanent institution. It could change shape, but it wouldn’t go away. It could morph into the Clinton Foundation and wear a number of disguises before it was ready to shed its chrysalis and become the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign.

      And yet they’re all the same thing.

      After leaving the White House, the Clintons became a government in exile. Like the warlords or former kings living in Brussels or London, they maintained the structure of the old government. They sought out supporters who would help finance their return to power in exchange for future favors.

      The Clinton Foundation is something alien to Americans, but quite familiar in certain settings. The Clintons and those around them treated term limits as a temporary setback to be overcome. And then the restoration of the Clinton Empire could commence. At the center were two corrupt, but not particularly bright royals, surrounded by a bevy of courtiers with extremely dubious agendas.

      Some only wanted money. Others, like Huma Abedin, had more complex loyalties.

      What all this amounted to was a coup. The Clintons were determined to become a perverse monarchy. And they were willing to take money from anyone and promise them anything to make it happen.

      Even in the White House, Bill Clinton was willing to sell out murdered Americans to the Saudis in exchange for a big check. The Clinton Foundation was set up with blood money. It was funded by criminals and terrorists. And the final bill will only come due if Hillary Clinton takes office.

      The Clintons have perpetrated a plot against America. They schemed with foreign interests to return to power. They subverted every democratic and ethical norm. They are not only criminals, but traitors.

      American presidents were meant to retire. They were never supposed to use taxpayer money to set up cabals. It was unthinkable for them to solicit foreign rulers in a bid to return to power.

      There have been calls to shut down the Clinton Foundation. But the Clinton Foundation is not a building or a letterhead. It is the permanent Clinton regime. If Hillary wins, it becomes the government.

      It can’t be dismantled without breaking up the Clinton Network. Criminal conspiracies aren’t shut down by closing a front group. The only way to end the Clinton Conspiracy is to indict and imprison the key players in this plot against America. As long as this rogue government exists, it is a threat to the republic.

  13. More for Rufus here:

    Clinton stumbles at start of final sprint

    By Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) • 9/4/16 5:00 PM

    Hillary Clinton's fragile presidential bid enters the start of the Labor Day-triggered fall sprint staggered by two enormous blows to her already reeling campaign.

    The FBI's report of its investigation of Hillary's illegal server is so full of damning details that it will take a village to recount them. My personal favorite is that 13 Blackberrys and 3 iPads she used as secretary of state are missing. Play "16 Candles" and think of the fact that the FBI's best agent on all things al Qaeda, John O'Neill, left the bureau in 2000 in part because he lost a briefcase with sensitive information in it.

    O'Neill died in the World Trade Center attack, and so apparently did bureau concern with losing the containers of information useful to our enemies. (The O'Neill saga, including the briefcase, is told in detail in Lawrence Wright's The Looming Tower.)

    The bureau let the devastating report out on a Friday of a long weekend hoping perhaps that the holiday would blunt its impact on the bureau's reputation. (Why was Cheryl Mills, at least a witness to Clinton's wrongdoings and possibly a defendant, allowed to sit in on the Clinton interview? Why wasn't the interview recorded? Why did Director Comey break all precedent and himself announce a recommendation of non-prosecution and a conclusion of law and not of fact regarding Clinton's culpability?)

    The three-day pause in the news cycle didn't dampen the story but has given even Clinton-infatuated MSMers nothing to do but chew on the damning summary.

    Then close on its heels arrives Sunday's New York Times story on the at-least-decadent-if-not-sordid Clinton cash dash of the summer by Amy Chozick and Jonathan Martin, headlined "Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask The Ultra-Rich." It's hard to read this story without thinking back on the oily glory days of the first Clinton era, when the Lincoln Bedroom was rented out and Al Gore cited "no controlling legal authority" that prohibited his various fundraising schemes. The Times piece brings it all rushing back — all the beautiful people in the Hamptons and on Martha's Vineyard, come out from the city or Hollywood to mix with their aging counterparts in support of their favorite pols ever. There are some new twists, however. Now it costs $2,700 for the excitement of having your son or daughter (or more likely grandchild) ask Clinton a question.

    But only if they are under 16. Couldn't risk a smart advanced placement student asking about Syria or Libya, now.

    Read it all. I will, over the air, because this isn't your mother's or father's Democratic Party. This is the low brow re-enactment of Charles II's Restoration and the big party it started in Great Britain. (The plague did crash the triumphant return of "The Merry Monarch" five years in to his rule, as did the Great Fire of London a year later, but the nobles barely noticed.)

    Donald Trump is a lot of things, but the money he inherited and grew was his own. Whatever his failings — and be assured everyone on the island can recite them by heart, even as they are ignorant of Clinton's four-year run of disasters as secretary of state — Trump is resonating with the people for whom there aren't ever any vacations and those for whom a week at the shore or the lake is an exhausted respite from a grind that eight years of President Obama has only made saving for more arduous by a lot. (That Obamacare's promises are melting away like paper mache in the rain is another massive knock on Clinton, but that's another column.)....

    1. Trump campaigned this past weekend at a black church in Detroit. Mike Pence was at the Horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio, where the Buckeyes rolled out the best ground game in the country. Tim Kaine was struggling to explain why Clinton won't hold a press conference (it's been 270 days since she did). And Clinton? Somewhere where the little people wouldn't bother her.

    2. Even The Washington Compost is beginning to criticize the Clintons -

      Inside Bill Clinton’s nearly $18 million job as ‘honorary chancellor’ of a for-profit college

      By Rosalind S. Helderman and Michelle Ye Hee Lee September 5 at 6:51 PM

      ....While much of the controversy about Hillary Clinton’s State Department tenure has involved donations to her family’s charity, the Clinton Foundation, a close examination of the Laureate deal reveals how Bill Clinton leveraged the couple’s connections during that time to enhance their personal wealth — potentially providing another avenue for supporters to gain access to the family.

      In addition to his well-established career as a paid speaker, which began soon after he left the Oval Office, Bill Clinton took on new consulting work starting in 2009, at the same time Hillary Clinton assumed her post at the State Department. Laureate was the highest-paying client, but Bill Clinton signed contracts worth millions with GEMS Education, a secondary-education chain based in Dubai, as well as Shangri-La Industries and Wasserman Investment, two companies run by longtime Democratic donors. All told, with his consulting, writing and speaking fees, Bill Clinton was paid $65.4 million during Hillary Clinton’s four years as secretary of state.

  14. Deuce, even thought you can't stand me and I can't stand you over issues about israel, zionism, the right to Jews to live.

    I thank you for exposing the fraud and criminality of the Clinton Enterprises.

  15. .

    I received a letter from Donald J. Trump today signed with his notoriously illegible scrawl. It included a 2016 VOTER CONFIRMATION CARD and an 'opportunity' to contribute $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or OTHER up to $36,100 per individual (which I take to mean my wife and I can contribute up to a total of $72,200. Also included was a postage paid envelope.

    I locked it away in my special 'political contributions' circular file and filed it under the heading 'NEVER GONNA HAPPEN'.


    1. Not even a measly $35 dollars ?

      To save the Republic ?

      What kind of citizen are you ?

  16. Just look at the picture carefully, before playing the video -

    What is that the aide is handing to Hillary during her coughing fit ?

    She had just popped a pill earlier.


    Drudge always plays up her problems -

    10 Doctors Question Hillary Health...
    MSNBC Cuts Live Feed as She Sputters For Air...
    NYT: 'Struggled to get through rally'...
    She slams 'conspiracy theories'...
    Media Blame Pollen...
    Complete timeline of 2016 coughing fits...
    PRUDEN: Voters have right to ask...
    Thyroid problems linked to sudden cardiac death....DRUDGE

    1. Dr. Quirk, have you a professional opinion, Sir ?

    2. (Dr. Quirk's Quick Care was a popular medical program on Detroit TV for awhile, before someone discovered he had no medical license.....he gave great advice though, and saved many lives.....)

    3. (more lives than Rufus saved by selling health/life insurance)

    4. .

      Continuing to run wouldn't be prudent. I can only advise that she don't run.


    5. .

      That, by the way, is the same advise I gave to Donald J. Trump.


    6. :)

      Quirk's not quite awake yet.

    7. .

      s/b That, by the way, is the same advisorism I gave to Donald J. Trump.

      [advisorism: a neologism I recently created which is currently trending on Twitter]


  17. Excellent advice, as usual.


  18. Any idea what the aide is handing Hillary in that picture ?

  19. OOOH...ooooo

    More on that blockbuster CNN poll showing Trump up two

    posted at 11:21 am on September 6, 2016 by Allahpundit

    Jazz already wrote on it but it’s the big news of the day so we can squeeze an extra few paragraphs out of it. Ben Shapiro calls the CNN survey the most important poll ever for Trump, for good reason: It’s the first time he’s cracked 41 percent in the four-way race since the conventions. In fact, the 45 percent CNN has for him is the best he’s ever polled in the four-way race. Only once before, during his post-convention bounce, did he reach as high as 44 percent. This isn’t the familiar “Hillary slips while Trump’s numbers stay flat” story that’s explained most of the tightening in the race over the last few weeks. This is Trump actually picking up support. That’s a big deal. And some very bad timing for this new story from Politico about whether Trump might have hit his ceiling.

    His favorable rating has improved by a net 12 points since July, making him slightly more popular than Hillary now:...........

    And that's from the Commie News Network, the Clinton News Network.....

    Dooooooomed.....falling like a rock.......

    No wonder she is having severed coughing fits.....

  20. Mike Morell

    Reines is a founding member of the Clinton-aligned consulting group Beacon Global Strategies. The online bios for its founders and managing director suggest no group knows more about the Benghazi terrorist attack and the Obama administration's response.
    One of its senior counselors is former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell, who heavily edited the controversial Benghazi talking points, which helped establish the administration’s initial flawed narrative about the attack. Morell recently endorsed Clinton to the New York Times, but later was criticized for not fully disclosing his relationship to Beacon.

    In a follow up Q-and-A with the Times, Morell wrote: "Among the many things I do in my post-government life -- teaching and writing, serving on corporate boards, speaking publicly on national security issues -- is work with Beacon Global Strategies, a firm that has prioritized nonpartisanship. The firm’s advisory board -- composed of appointees of both Republican and Democratic presidents, as well as career military officers -- make that priority clear. It all stems from a strong and shared belief that our national security is paramount and needs to be devoid of partisan politics."

  21. Hillary dissolves into coughing fits twice, wrecking her media strategy - 9/6/16

    Instead of calming public concern over her health, Hillary's carefully planned media events backfired yestrday. Twice.



    Maybe she's got whooping cough -


    Pertussis (also known as whooping cough or 100-day cough) is a highly contagious bacterial disease.[1][2] Initially, symptoms are usually similar to those of the common cold with a runny nose, fever, and mild cough. This is then followed by weeks of severe coughing fits. Following a fit of coughing, a high-pitched whoop sound or gasp may occur as the person breathes in.[2] The coughing may last for 10 or more weeks, hence the phrase "100-day cough".[3] A person may cough so hard that they vomit, break ribs, or become very tired from the effort.[2][4] Children less than one year old may have little or no cough and instead have periods where they do not breathe.[2] The time between infection and the onset of symptoms is usually seven to ten days.[5] Disease may occur in those who have been vaccinated, but symptoms are typically milder.[2]

    Pertussis is caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis.[6] It is an airborne disease which spreads easily through the coughs and sneezes of an infected person.[6][7]


    Maybe she has Tuberculosis picked up from an illegal alien --

    Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB).[1] Tuberculosis generally affects the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body. Most infections do not have symptoms, known as latent tuberculosis. About 10% of latent infections progress to active disease which, if left untreated, kills about half of those infected. The classic symptoms of active TB are a chronic cough with blood-containing sputum, fever, night sweats, and weight loss.[1] The historical term "consumption" came about due to the weight loss.[2] Infection of other organs can cause a wide range of symptoms.[3]


    Except that with TB one tends to lose weight, and she's gotten so fat she can barely waddle.

  22. That new CNN poll put a smile on my face.


    1. CNN: Trump Moves Ahead of Clinton

      In 4-Way Race Trump Up 2 Pts

      Head-to-Head: Trump 49, Clinton 48


    2. This new poll should send her into hours of coughing fits.


  23. EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Staffers 'Shocked' Over Greta Van Susteren's Exit

    Jackie Willis

    Greta Van Susteren Departs Fox News: 'Fox Has Not Felt Like Home to Me For a Few Years

    Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News after 14 years with the network, and sources close to the situation tell ET that staffers were caught off guard by the announcement.

    "Yes, I have left the Fox News Channel. On Thursday night, I made my decision and informed Fox News of my decision that I was leaving Fox News Channel per my contract," Susteren -- who has hosted On the Record since 2002 -- shared on Tuesday morning on Facebook. "Fox has not felt like home to me for a few years and I took advantage of the clause in my contract which allows me to leave now. The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait."

    Susteren said she hopes to continue her career in broadcasting, just not with the network. "I love my staff, I love my colleagues, and I love the crews. That is the hardest part of this decision as they are wonderful people," she wrote. "And most of all? I love the viewers -- even the ones who have gotten mad at me over the years and taken swipes."

    "Everyone is shocked," one source tells ET of the 62-year-old anchor's exit. "We found out when the general public did. No email has gone out internally. Yet."

    According to a second source, there have been rumors that after Roger Ailes stepped down as chairman and CEO of Fox News, some of the big personalities were planning to stage a walkout. "[Susteren] had a 60-day window from the time Roger left to leave as well because she had a clause," the source tells ET. "Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity also have clauses."

    Susteren's resignation comes on the same day that Gretchen Carlson settled her lawsuit with Fox News for a reported $20 million after she accused Ailes of sexual harassment in July. She alleged that he "sabotaged her career" because she "refused his sexual advances and complained about severe and pervasive sexual harassment."

    Senior political analyst Brit Hume will take over as anchor of On the Record....

  24. .

    $20 million big ones.

    Man, I wouldn't have minded Roger Ailes sexually harassing me for that kind of payoff.


  25. Hillary needs to install one of these:

    on her new plane.

    Best choice: Acorn's Automated Chair Lifts

  26. .

    Not even a measly $35 dollars ?

    To save the Republic ?

    I sent my donation to the Armageddon Fund for dystopian relief for the out of shape. They provide free yoga lessons to the physically challenged so that after this election EVERYONE will be able to bend over and kiss their ass goodbye.


    1. :)


      Another excellent charity choice.....on exit no ass not kissed....

  27. Damn pollen.

    I mean really, one must feel for poor Hillary.

    Even at 35,0000 feet in a brand new sealed jet plane she can't escape it.....

    I don't have a clue what is wrong with her, but I'm not buying the pollen craparoo.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. .

    Idaho BobTue Sep 06, 02:19:00 AM EDT

    Rufus hasn't left home since Doyle's gave up on him, and Quirk walks his dog to the corner fire hydrant.

    This from the man who, when he's not cowering under his bed or spending his time sitting on Wayne's porch listening to campfire horror stories of wolf attacks, will sit for hours at the casino watching a little old lady pump nickels into her favorite slot machine waiting for the moment she is forced to succumb to a call of nature so that he can then pounce on her chair and get access to that slot machine that 'just has to be ready to pay off.'

    The only exercise his heart gets is the elevated rate from listening to Wayne's tales of wolf horror and the 10 foot sprint to steal the old lady's seat.

    He is now up to 329 steps per day on his way up to his goal of 10,001.


    1. Glad I caught that before leaving for the Casino.

      You told us once, what was it, 50 steps to the fire hydrant ?

      100 steps round trip.

      You need to up your game.

      329 minus 100 = 229

      I'm nearly a football field ahead of you.

    2. (Bob spikes ball in End Zone)

    3. He's more interested in the seat than the slot.
      ...on the machine.

    4. .

      (Bob spikes ball in End Zone)

      While bowling.



    6. .

      Come on, Doug, your link's document tree doesn't have any style information associated with it.


    7. .

      That was the message I kept getting before. Just tried it again and was able to pull up the picture.

      Yep, that's Bob alright, although he looks a little light in the loafers...well...a little light all over. The picture must have been taken 3 or 4 days after feasting on Wayne's famous road-kill goulash.


    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. I don't bowl.

      Can't be Rufus, the guy has a suit on.

      And a tie too, which let's Quirk off the hook, though Quirk is bald as a bowling ball like that fellow.

      Quirk has a variety of hair pieces, one or two even made of human hair. He calls them his 'character changers'.

      He has his 'trustworthy'
      His 'adventurous'
      His 'daring'
      His 'brilliant'
      Even his 'stupid'

      Right on down the line, depending what the situation calls for.....

  30. Trump is doing a terrific job in his speech in Greenville, SC.

  31. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says recent calls for terrorist attacks at Australian landmarks should be taken seriously.


    "As Daesh (Islamic State) comes under more and more pressure on the battlefield in Syria and in Iraq — as it is rolled back, as its territory is being taken back — it will resort to terrorist activities outside of the Middle East," he said.


    Mr Turnbull, who is in Laos for regional talks about security and economic ties, said regional cooperation was needed to keep Australians safe from extremist violence.

  32. I'm not big on "unskewing" polls,

    however, let me say this about that CNN/ORC Poll -

    Either one of these statements may be true:

    1) Trump is ahead by 2

    2) Hillary is ahead with "White - College Educated" by 13

    But, I will absolutely, double-dog goronttee you, both statements Can Not be right.

    We'll see. :)

    1. Oh, and Both of these numbers were in the CNN Poll.

  33. Cough Warning:

  34. France strengthens military aid to Iraq to regain control over Mosul

    ( Baghdad – France announced deploying artillery forces in Iraq and preparing an aircraft carrier to promote the foreign military aid to the Iraqi army campaign in order to restore Mosul, the last stronghold of ISIS.

    French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said to military officials in Paris, “We decided to strengthen our support to Iraqi forces, this autumn, in order to regain control over Mosul.”

    Le Drian added, “The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will leave to the Middle East soon.”

    The French defense officials refused to give further details on the nature of the artillery.


  35. JUDY WOODRUFF: As we reported earlier, President Obama is now in Laos, the small Southeast Asian nation where the United States dropped millions of tons of bombs during the Vietnam War.


    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Many of the bombs that were dropped were never exploded. Over the years, thousands of Laotians have been killed or injured, farmers tending their fields, children playing.


    JUDY WOODRUFF: Now special correspondent Mike Cerre reports from Laos on the American effort to clean up this deadly legacy.

    MIKE CERRE: A Lao grandfather who lost his left hand in 1964 to a UXO, unexploded ordnance, pointing out injuries to his three grandsons from a UXO from the same war.

    WOMAN: Two of the fingers were cut off.

    MIKE CERRE: The war may have ended here in Laos 40-plus years ago, but the casualties of war continue on places like this soccer field, where some kids just two weeks ago found a little bomblet. They thought it was a ball and took it home to play with.


    MAN: There is a good deal of evidence to suggest that the United States has been carrying out the most protracted bombing of civilian targets in history in Laos.

    MIKE CERRE: While working in Laos as an educational adviser in 1969, Fred Branfman was struck by the number of refugees fleeing the countryside into the capital, Vientiane, at the height of the secret war.

    Maim in Laos

  36. Strikes in Syria

    Attack and fighter aircraft conducted seven strikes in Syria:

    -- Near Raqqah, two strikes destroyed two ISIL oil pumpjacks, an oil tank and a headquarters building.

    -- Near Dayr Az Zawr, three strikes destroyed 13 ISIL oil tanker trucks and a tractor trailer.

    -- Near Manbij, two strikes engaged an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed a fighting position.

    Strikes in Iraq

    Bomber, fighter, and attack aircraft conducted seven strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

    -- Near Beiji, a strike destroyed an ISIL rocket rail and a cave entrance.

    -- Near Kisik, a strike destroyed two ISIL fighting positions, two tunnel entrances, an observation post and a rocket firing position.

    -- Near Mosul, four strikes engaged three ISIL tactical units and destroyed an assembly area, a fighting position, a vehicle and a headquarters building.

    -- Near Ramadi, a strike destroyed a rocket system.

  37. Turkish, Moderate Syrian Forces Close Major ISIL Route

    By Terri Moon Cronk DoD News, Defense Media Activity

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 6, 2016 — Turkish and moderate Syrian opposition forces last night closed northern Syria’s Jarabulus gap in a significant development in the counter- Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant campaign by cutting off ISIL access to a route between Manbij and Jarabulus, Defense Department Press Operations Director Navy Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters today.

    The Jarabulus gap is about a 12-kilometer strip in Syria between Jarabulus on its east and Al Rai on its west, where Turkish and moderate Syrians moved Sept. 1 along that border, Davis said.

    Turkish forces supported moderate Syrian opposition forces in the region to retake Jarabulus from ISIL control, he said.

    “As of this moment, [ISIL] no longer controls any territory along the border,” Davis said.

    Gap Clearance Critical

    Clearing the gap was critical to stop the flow of enemy foreign fighters coming into Syria and onward to Iraq and to stop ISIL from exploiting the border to export terrorism out of Syria, Davis said.

    “[Jarabulus gap] is a very porous border, but any place where ISIL has direct contact with that border only increases [its] ability to get people across,” he noted.

    1. “Whether it’s foreign fighters coming in or terrorists going out, this will have a very significant impact and it’s a very important strategic development in our overall campaign to degrade and defeat [ISIL],” Davis said.

      In addition to Turkish and moderate forces on the ground clearing the border area, Syrian Democratic Forces are working to clear Manbij, and they’ve moved back east across the Euphrates and are positioning themselves to move south toward Raqqa, Davis noted.

      “ISIL is on the run,” he said.

      Artillery Strike

      The high-mobility artillery rocket system in Turkey made its first strike over the weekend, Davis added.

      “The HIMARS capability is in use in Iraq and other places on the battlefield,” he said. “It is long range, very precise, [and] is another tool in the commander’s toolkit to be able to strike,” he said, adding that the ISIL target was a trapezoid between Jarabulus, Al Rai, Al-Bab and Manbij.

      (Follow Terri Moon Cronk on Twitter: @MoonCronkDoD)

  38. Hillary's handler and his Diazepam Autoinjector.

    1. Diazepam ?

      Hell, that's Valium, for anxiety disorders.

      But that sure looks like what that woman aide had in her hand.

      So, she's getting popped with Valium. Wonder what the pills really are.....

      She must realize deep down that she's still in a shit pot of real trouble.....

      Anxiety attacks.....Valium.....nervous's all coming together.....and no energy due to the hypothyroidism.....

      The woman's a walking train wreck....sometimes her face gets frozen in fear....she overloads her Depends.....she needs a chair lift to negotiate steps.....even tells the FBI she can't remember anything due to the concussion.....

      Rufus really picked himself a winner and world class Lady this time.....

    2. Thanks for that really good link, Doug.

  39. Ah, the little "Freedom Kids" are having to sue Donald Trump to try to get their money.


    let me show you my "surprise" face . . . . . . . .

    You picked yourselves a winner this time, boys. :)

    1. Your old totally messed up Lady Hillary is shooting up with Valium on the campaign trail, Rufus.

  40. In a revealing speech this summer, senior Chinese academic and government adviser Jin Canrong predicted that China would build at Scarborough but not until 2018, after Mr. Xi has the chance to consolidate power at the next Communist Party Congress. “When we reclaim Scarborough Shoal it will be a dangerous time,” Mr. Jin said.


    Mr. Obama was right to call off their bilateral meeting in Laos, at a summit of Southeast Asian nations, and on Tuesday Mr. Duterte expressed “regret” over his remarks. But the kerfuffle is a needless gift to Beijing, which wants to break U.S. alliances and dominate the Western Pacific.

    Mr. Duterte may appreciate the U.S. more as China continues to subvert Philippine sovereignty, but the value of healthy ties with Washington should already be clear.

  41. I wonder if Dr. Quirk orders up "Q"wik Fix hits of Valium for his anxious political patients on the campaign trail.

  42. Maybe Huma got her hooked on Valium so she can control her.

    1. I wonder what else she uses.

      Those 'long naps' and 'rest periods' may not be so innocent as they sound....

    2. At this point, what does it matter anymore?

    3. I think she needs to start smoking medical marijuana.

    4. Independent Study: Getting high on cannabis makes you less likely to work hard for money

      All that hard work of taking bribes through The Clinton Foundation has exhausted the poor soul.

      Yup, she needs to kick back with the medical marijuana, the valium, and a good shot of booze more frequently.

      It's a matter of her good health.

  43. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed regret Tuesday (Sept 6) that his comments branding US leader Barack Obama a "son of a w****" came across as a personal attack.


    "I'm fighting with (US Secretary of State John Kerry's) ambassador. His gay ambassador, the son of a w****.


    "F*** you, UN, you can't even solve the Middle East carnage... couldn't even lift a finger in Africa... shut up, all of you." - Mr Duterte in a June press conference, a seemingly unprovoked attack on the world body.

    1. I wonder what he really thinks?

      I wish he'd open up a bit.

  44. "This is my life, and this is the way I want to live it."

    1. Question:

      How do you fuck a fat woman ?


      You roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.

  45. September 6, 2016

    Hillary dissolves into coughing fits twice, wrecking her media strategy

    By Thomas Lifson

    The health issue is starting to gain prominence in voters’ minds, as Hillary’s low-key schedule, need for pillows to prop her up and help climbing stairs, and occasional coughing fits create the impression of fragility. Yesterday’s debut of Hillary Clinton’s new campaign plane, a B-737 capable of holding media in the back, was intended to unveil a new, more accessible, and healthy-looking Hillary. But unfortunately for the Democrats’ nominee, the heavy makeup and arts of coiffure failed in their mission of projecting health and vigor.

    Instead, yesterday can only intensify concerns for her health.

    First she had a nearly two-minute long hacking and coughing incident in Cleveland.


    She attempted humor, saying, “Every time I think of Trump, I get allergic.” That sounds like a line pre-planned as a method of diverting attention; the level of allergens in the air in Cleveland was not high yesterday.

    Then she got on her new 737 campaign plane with media in the back and came to the media section and answered questions for roughly 25 minutes, fielding such tough queries as “How was your Labor Day?” That enabled her to break the 270-plus days of unavailability and ensured that television audiences would have a nearly impossible time understanding any of the questions, which were overwhelmed by airplane noise in the absence of microphones available to the media.

    That session also ended in a coughing disaster:


    If Hillary is unable to make it through her first debate without a serious coughing fit and the need for a break, this issue will skyrocket in public awareness.

  46. Hillary's in free fall.

    Sinking like a rock.

    The Independents are turning to Trump.