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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some Perspective on the Clinton Legacy

US shifts troops in Afghanistan as Taliban makes gains

© Omar Sobhani
Some 100 US troops have been sent to Lashkar Gah, capital of Afghanistan’s Helmand province, where the Taliban is advancing and opium cultivation is booming. A new report shows various support contractors outnumber US troops in the country more than three to one.

The US contingent has arrived in Lashkar Gah with a mission to provide training and support to the Afghan security forces, Brigadier-General Charles Cleveland, spokesman for the US mission in Afghanistan, said Monday.

The Afghan authorities are looking to have more US troops sent to Helmand, since much of the province has been overrun by Taliban insurgents in recent weeks. Fighting “on several fronts” has closed many roads and highways in the province, the head of Helmand’s provincial council, Kareem Atal, told AP.
“Around 80 percent of the province is under the control of the insurgents,” Atal said. “There are a number of districts that the government claims are under their control, but the government is only present in the district administrative center and all around are under the control of the insurgents.”

The majority-Pashtun province is also a major center for opium cultivation, with the annual crop valued at an estimated $3 billion. Though the Taliban outlawed opium in 2000, they reversed the decision after US and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Heroin produced from Afghan poppies is now a primary source of funding for the insurgency, US officials say.
Most US combat troops left Afghanistan at the end of 2014, but the planned withdrawal of the remaining “advisers” deployed as part of the mission dubbed Resolute Support has stalled, due to the inability of Afghan government forces to defeat the Taliban.

Original drawdown plans called for reducing the troop presence to 5,500 by the end of 2016, but in October last year the Obama administration announced that it would keep 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan through the end of 2017, and maintain some kind of combat presence in the country “indefinitely.”

In addition to the US military personnel, there are currently some 29,000 “defense contractors” in Afghanistan, according to the latest report by the Congressional Research Service. That translates into slightly more than three contractors per every official member of the US military.

About a third of the contractors are American and less than a quarter of them are providing security services, noted the report, published last week. Pentagon records show approximately 1,600 translators, 1,700 construction workers, 2,200 “base support professionals” and 12,000 working in logistics and maintenance services.

The number of contractors employed by the US Department of Defense peaked in early 2012, when some 117,000 contractors were servicing 88,000 US troops, according to the report.

In Iraq, where 2,500 contractors are working with almost 4,000 US troops “advising and assisting” the country’s security forces in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), the CRS report noted.


  1. Ron Paul: Impeachment & Predicting 9/11 in 1998.

    The idea that we would willingly send these sociopathic vermin back into the White House...

  2. Check out Ron Paul’s statement beginning at 2:57.

    1. 1998 and here we are in 2016, seriously considering these Clintons.

  3. Wikileaks: Hillary’s Advisors Contacted NFL Commish to Ask About Her “Cracked Head”

    Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines at the State Department contacted the NFL Commissioner in 2012 to inquire about severe head injuries.

    Hillary Clinton thanked Reines and added, “Having a cracked head is no fun at all.”

    The email was sent on December 24, 2012.

    Hillary first fell ill with a stomach virus, then reportedly suffered a fall and a concussion and finally a brief hospitalization for a blood clot near her brain.
    At least, that’s what they reported.

  4. .

    What's the difference between an American, contractor... and an American soldier?

    You know, besides getting paid more and having better health insurance but not getting paid vacation time. I mean a good portion of them are American anyway and they do much the the same work as a soldier.

    Is it as simple as being just one more ledger posting that can be skewed any way the military wants?


    1. .

      From September, 2001 through December, 2012 between Afghanistan and Iraq there were


      Civilian Contractor Deaths since September 2001


      Civilian Contractors Injured since September 2001

      A hefty toll.

      But heck, they weren't American soldiers. They were America's contract employees.


    2. Most must like the work, find it interesting, exciting, or they wouldn't have gotten into it, however good the pay.

    3. Perhaps some even want to fight Islam, protect the women....

    4. impossible thought to some....

  5. .

    The History of the Camp Followers

    ...The military has always had a lot of civilians around but more of them are now doing jobs in combat zones or out in the field. Many of the PSCs are retired military or have served for a few years. They know the drill and what they are getting into. There is not as much of this in Afghanistan but there is widespread use of armed contractors for convoy escort and base security. You could try to replace some of these because not as many troops are needed in Afghanistan as in Iraq. But this would require more American troops to serve overseas, at a time when the military is trying to give the troops more time at home. Most American active duty and reservist troops have served at least one 12 month tour in Iraq.

    One of the great revolutions in military operations in this century has been in the enormous increase in support troops. This came after a sharp drop in the proportion of camp followers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Before that it was common for an army on the march to consist of 10-20 percent soldiers and the rest camp followers. There was a reason for this. Armies "in the field" were camping out and living rough could be unhealthy and arduous if you didn't have a lot of servants along to take care of the camping equipment and help out with the chores. Generals usually had to allow a lot of camp followers in order to get the soldiers, especially the officers and key technical people (who handled artillery and engineering) to go along with the idea of campaigning.

    Only the most disciplined armies could do away with all those camp followers and get the troops to do their own housekeeping. The Romans had such an army, with less than half the "troops" being camp followers. But the Romans system was not re-invented until the 18th century, when many European armies trained their troops to do their own chores in the field, just as the Romans had. In the 19th century, steamships and railroads came along and made supplying the troops even less labor intensive and more dependent on civilian support "troops." The widespread introduction of conscription in the 19th century also made it possible to get most of your "camp followers" cheap by drafting them and putting them in uniform.

    In the last half century conscription has fallen out of favor, but volunteer troops are too expensive to be used for a lot of support jobs, so more and more of these chores are contracted out to civilians. Even if you're in Iraq or Afghanistan you often won't even notice a lot of the contractor civilians. They often wear army combat uniforms, without any rank insignia. Some are armed. They work for the army without being in the army. But the truth of the situation is that the military has been going back to the past to find the future.

    Generals who try to get rid of civilian contractors soon face resistance from subordinate commanders who will point out that more troops assigned to support jobs will mean fewer available for combat.


  6. A new political phrase is coming into use to describe the election of Hillary to be President of our Republic:

    Extinction Level Event

    1. Read the description of this Event here:

      Too true....

  7. "Q"Nit of the Day: Virginia Stabbing, Beheading Attempt

    Virginia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs two people, seriously injuring them

    August 22, 2016 11:05 pm By Robert Spencer 12 Comments

    Astounding that police have not yet told us that Wasil Farooqui is mentally ill and that his attack has nothing to do with Islam or terrorism.

    Wasil Farooqui

    “POLICE: Roanoke County stabbing suspect yelled ‘Allah Akbar’ during attack,” WDBJ7, August 21, 2016 (thanks to Benedict):


    The FBI is now involved in a stabbing investigation in Roanoke County.

    Wasil Farooqui is charged in the incident that seriously hurt a man and woman at the The Pines Apartments on Saturday.

    Witnesses told police that during the attack Farooqui was yelling “Allah Akbar.”…


    A man stabbed two people Saturday in what Roanoke County Police say is a random attack.

    A man and woman told police they were attacked at The Pines Apartments just before 8 p.m. as they entered the apartment building. Both were seriously hurt and taken to the hospital.

    Police have charged Wasil Farooqui, 20, of Roanoke County in connection to the stabbing. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding. He is being held without bond at the Western Virginia Regional Jail.

    Investigators believe that this was a random attack, and Farooqui had no connection to the two victims.

    1. More on this "Q"Nit here:

      Virginia Knife Attack May Have Been ISIS Inspired Beheading Attempt


  8. Jihad Watch

    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

    Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin published anti-American articles

    August 22, 2016 1:20 pm By Christine Williams 48 Comments

    “The Daily Mail and the New York Post continue to build on the damning case against Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin that the mainstream media continues to ignore.”

    It is bizarre that Muslim anti-Americanism could have infiltrated at the highest levels, bringing with it acceptance of opposition to patriotism and to the Western principle of equality for women. But that is exactly what has happened, due to the stealth jihadis’ alliance with leftists. Westerners tolerate mind-boggling propaganda and statements that would be not tolerated if spoken against Muslims or, in fact, any other minority group (except, unfortunately, Jews).

    In fact, Jews, Europeans, Christians, North Americans and conservatives have become safe targets and have been so beaten into submission by constant criticism and propaganda and claims that they are guilty for past wrongs that all this is now commonplace. We are far too habituated to the inconceivable, while the mainstream media is abetting the slow collapse of our democracies. Imagine, a “recent article in Vogue describes Huma Abedin’s mother as a ‘feminist,’” even though she edited a book “that justifies the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation under Islamic law”.

    Abedin, who is the top aide to Hillary Clinton, “was working as ASSISTANT EDITOR at her mother’s radical Muslim journal when it blamed America for 9/11”, (the “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs”).

    The two-faced Huma Abedin also “published articles in a Saudi journal taking Clinton’s feminist platform apart, piece by piece.”


    “Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin Published Articles that Blamed USA for 911, Blamed Women For Violence”, by Lee Stranahan, Breitbart, August 21, 2016:

    “With a blockbuster story out Sunday that shows that Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs published articles blaming the U.S. for 9/11, suggesting women were asking for rape by dressing provocatively, and that, according to the Post, “in 1999 published a book, edited by her mother, that justifies the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation under Islamic law.”

    A recent article in Vogue describes Huma Abedin’s mother as a “feminist.”

    The Daily Mail picked up on the New York Post reporting by Paul Sperry, writing:

    Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the US for 9/11, it has been revealed.

    Abedin, who could become the future White House chief of staff if Hillary wins the election, was assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs until as late as 2008, NY Post reports.

  9. Another "Q"Nit of the Day: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

    Canada: Muslim steals airplane and crashes it into mall, father blames police

    August 22, 2016 11:58 am By Blain Tamarin 73 Comments

    Somehow this story managed to fly under the radar (pardon the pun). Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary, 20, of Markham, Ontario, was killed after crashing a stolen airplane into a local shopping mall. Naturally, his father told media sources that Mohammad lived with schizophrenia and other mental health issues. The Toronto Star news outlet goes so far as to call Mohammad a “troubled tinkerer,” in a way reminiscent of Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed. Many sources did not even mention the “20-year-old man” by name, perhaps in an attempt to avoid further scrutiny.

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have declared the incident to NOT be a national security issue, despite the fact that the stolen Piper Tomahawk plane was full of fuel and was ready to fly for five hours. Afzal Chaudhary, Mohammad’s father, “expressed outrage over the fact that his son was able to break into the airport, steal a small aircraft, and crash land on the streets of Peterborough without any intervention from police or airport security officials.”

    As many jihad terrorists nowadays are supposedly plagued by mental health issues, Canada should be relieved that this incident did not cost any lives other than Mohammad’s. The grand irony in this case is that Afzal Chaudhary blames Canadian police for his son’s death, while in reality any sort of police involvement when it comes to Muslims is deemed “Islamophobic.”

    If you see something, say something, unless….

  10. "Q"Nit: Texas: Moslem Slavery

    Texas Muslims Kept Slaves, Claiming in Court, It’s “Part of Sharia Law”

    ByPamela Geller on August 22, 2016

    Islamic law in America Slavery in Islam



    This is Texas, not Saudi Arabia. But as their numbers continue to rise, so will these horrible crimes. This is sharia law. Obama says, “respect it!”

    Every single day, the two women were brought over to al-Homoud’s home, where they were beaten, starved, and worked like slaves for absolutely no pay. The only food they were allowed was from the leftovers he and his wife left, and their only form of a shower was the water hose outside.

    When al-Homoud was not “using” his slaves, he “stored” them in a gigantic plastic box he created....

    The Quran justifies slavery, and often mentions slaves. Here are some relevant verses:....

    Some, and not only Moslems, might favor having this incident adjudicated in an American Alternative Sharia Court....after all, everyone involved seems to have been moslem....

    The Judge thought otherwise....

    Two Rich Muslims Just Kept Their Slaves, Claiming It’s “Part Of Sharia Law” By Martin Walsh, Conservative Post, August 18, 2016:

    A Texas couple has been found guilty for holding two “servants” hostage and as slaves of Allah. They literally kept two people as slaves to fulfill Allah’s wishes.

    The situation was so disgusting, a Judge has banished them from the United States forever. Hassan al-Homoud, 46, and his wife Zainab al-Hosani, 39, pleaded guilty to the crimes of holding a person against their will, and forced labor, otherwise known as SLAVERY.

    They tried to convince the judge that their actions were acceptable because their Prophet Muhammad, the creator of the religion of Islam, kept slaves of his own. Therefore, any punishment that they received would be Islamophobic. Not only is that laughable, District Judge Orlando Garcia shut down that ridiculous argument in a heartbeat. The Judge could have sentenced them to prison, but he was afraid that if they exercised good behavior, they would be released early and carry out similar actions again.

    The Judge went on a tirade in his ruling that he was well aware of how violent Sharia Law is and because they posed a grave danger to the United States, he banned them from ever coming back into the United States again.

    According to the complaint prepared by Homeland Security’s Special Agent Edward Acuna, the problems are believed to have begun when al-Homoud applied for visas for two individuals, one from Indonesia, and the other from Bangladesh....

    - See more at:

    1. Please strike out my "everyone involved seems to have been moslem".

      All the articles indicate, on a closer reading, is that one was shipped in from Indonesia, and the other from Bangladesh.

      Hopefully the story will have a happy ending, with the two slaves finding a new meaningful life in USA.

  11. Then there's this "Q"Nit: Canada - an interesting case -

    Canadian Clarity on Terrorism

    Motive for Muslim convert’s bomb plot was “overriding religious conviction.”

    August 23, 2016

    Lloyd Billingsley

    With the United States in the throes of a presidential election, an August 10 terrorist plot in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada did not grab much news coverage. Even so, the incident proved enlightening on a number of fronts, including the motivation of the terrorist.

    Aaron Driver, 24, was a Muslim convert and ISIS supporter who posted a video in which he said: “O Canada, you received many warnings… You were told many times what would happen.” The masked Driver also said “You saw bodies of the filthy French lying in the streets. You still have much to pay for.” The Canadian Muslim convert also said “For this we thirst for your blood,” and “You will pay for everything you brought against us.”

    Driver’s video warned that he planned to detonate a bomb in an urban center. On August 10, he hired a taxi and headed to a shopping mall in London, Ontario. Acting on a tip from the American Federal Bureau of Investigation, Canadian police intercepted Driver, who detonated an explosive device before police shot him dead. His more powerful bomb never exploded, and the Muslim convert was already well known to Canadian authorities.

    Known online as Harun Abdurahman, Driver made contact with jihadists in Britain and posted messages praising the October, 2014 attack on Canada’s Parliament Hill by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, another Canadian Muslim convert. In June 2015, Canadian authorities arrested Driver but did not bring charges.

    Instead, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) placed Driver under a court-ordered “peace bond,” which demands that a person “keep the peace and be of good behavior” and attaches additional restrictions. Driver’s peace bond limited his activities, forbade him from using the Internet and communicating with the Islamic State. The Muslim convert and ISIS supporter continued to plot terrorism and duly manufactured a bomb.

    The August 10 detonation prompted a debate about the effectiveness of peace bonds in fighting terrorism. Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, told a police chiefs association that Driver’s actions showed that “peace bonds are tools and instruments with limited capacity, it’s not a perfect solution to every situation.” One option for terrorist sympathizers would be a requirement for “de-radicalization counseling” in order to “change behavior.”

    1. Such counseling was part of Aaron Driver’s initial peace bond, but he challenged it on constitutional grounds and in January a judge ruled that it violated his freedom of conscience and religion. A judge also lifted Driver’s requirement to wear a GPS tracking device. Driver was not under physical surveillance, and his former lawyer, Leonard Tailleur, described him as a passive individual who gave no indication that he posed any threat.

      The assessments of Driver, which Tailleur gave to the federal Department of Justice, revealed “no sociopathology, no psychiatric illnesses, any of those types of things.” On the other hand, Tailleur told the Globe and Mail, “there was this overriding religious conviction, which, I guess at the end of the day, was the compelling factor in his alleged latest decision to do what he did here.” In the fog of political correctness, that was a moment of clarity.

      The compelling factor in Aaron Driver’s terrorist bomb plot was his overriding religious conviction. His religion was Islam, which he chose of his own free will. As Driver confirms, those motivated by Islam to kill innocent men, women and children in a shopping mall will not be deterred by any peace bond. Those who post videos proclaiming “we thirst for your blood” will not be deterred by any kind of counseling a court might require.

      For those entrusted with public safety, the case offers other lessons. No details emerged about the way the FBI was tracking Driver, but the RCMP duly acted on the information and took down the terrorist. That marks a stars contrast to American practice in the case of U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan, who described himself as a “Soldier of Allah” and was communicating with Anwar al-Awlaki about killing Americans.

      American authorities knew full well about Hasan’s online communications with terrorists abroad but took no action against him. In November 2009 Hasan gunned down 13 unarmed American soldiers and wounded more than 30, which the president absurdly called “workplace violence.”

      Like Nidal Hasan, Omar Mateen, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, all radical Islamic terrorists are motivated by their overriding religious conviction. Recognizing that reality is the first step in fighting terrorism and keeping innocent people safe. Canadian attorney Leonard Tailleur thus shows more honesty and common sense than the President of the United States. Against all evidence, the most powerful man in the world still refuses to recognize the religion of Islam as a motivator of terrorist acts.

  12. Dolly Parton comes out with new album: Pure & Simple

    She's been married to the same guy, met in a laundromat, going on 50 years now.

    He ran a paving company in Nashville.

    Andrea Tantaros has filed a law suit against Fox News for damages over her firing, which she claims was in retaliation for her sexual harassment complaints to Fox.

    The State Department has issued a warning to all Americans not to go to Iran because of the risk of being kidnapped, and held for ransom.

    President O'bozo says we never pay ransom.

    Vince Foster files go missing at the National Archives.

    Hillary proves she is fit by opening a jar of pickles on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. The jar may have been pre-opened.

    And we all know now that Hillary lied about being advised by Colin Powell concerning her e-mails, because Colin Powell has told us so, and he is believable.

  13. Why did the State Department draw 13 payments from the Treasury one cent below a hundred million bucks?
    August 23, 2016

    You may recall the federal crime called “structuring.” Former speaker of the House Denny Hastert is currently behind bars for violating it. More

    The Judgment Fund appears to be something of a slush fund, supposedly available to pay foreign claims against the United States, but also bypassing the need for congressional approval of a payment.

    Unquestionably, the amounts were “structured” – deliberately kept beneath a landmark sum. The question is why. What, if any, regulations were circumvented?

  14. Assault launched to reclaim Qayyarah to the south of Mosul

    Aug 23, 2016

    ( Mosul – Commander of special operations Maj. Gen. Sami Al-Ardedi, on Tuesday, said that Iraqi forces have swiftly advanced and stormed Qayyarah, a district to the south of ISIS-held city of Mosul. This came hours after the forces launched its operation against ISIS.

    Ardedi, in a statement issued to the media, said, “The process to enter Qayyarah from three points began early today morning. Counter-terrorism units are also taking part in the operation alongside the Iraqi army.”

    “Priority of the operation is to save and protect civilians in the area, as they are being used by ISIS as human shields,” Ardedi further added.

    It may be mentioned here that the Iraqi Defense Ministry has urged Qayyarah residents to implement an immediate evacuation within this week and head towards a settlement near the district’s airfield or to Tibna village, which is under the control of Iraqi forces.


  15. "Q"Nit: Texas: Moslem Slavery

    A Texas couple has been found guilty for holding two “servants” hostage and as slaves of Allah.

    This says it all.

    In the US, when a crime is committed against local or federal laws the guilty person(s) are prosecuted in the US court system and punished. In the US, religious beliefs cannot be used as a defense when you willingly attack another individual or his rights. This applies in this case with these jokers and their 'slaves', it applies in with Mormons and polygamy, it applies with Jewish men refusing to give their wives a get so they can get divorced, it applies to Christians who attack abortion workers. Why can't you get this simple concept through your head?

    They literally kept two people as slaves to fulfill Allah’s wishes.

    Typical Pam Geller. What an idiot.

    Pure bullshit. Excuses are like asses. Everyone has one. These guys may have tried to rationalize their actions to themselves and justify it to the courts based on religion but they certainly didn't do it to 'fulfill Allah's wishes'. They did it because it provided free labor and because being bullies it gave them someone to beat up on.

    If you want to incite some real umbrage why don't you stick to cases where these type of incidents were allowed in a US court and failed to be overturned by the appeals process?


    1. Real thin gruel you're peddling there, Quirk-O.

  16. .

    Idaho BobTue Aug 23, 05:25:00 AM EDT

    Perhaps some even want to fight Islam, protect the women....
    Idaho BobTue Aug 23, 05:26:00 AM EDT impossible thought to some....

    Once again, you miss the point. The only statistics we hear are about are the deaths or injuries of American 'soldiers'. We hear nothing about the 'contractors' who do many of the same jobs as soldiers and who are making up a growing part of US military operations.

    Is there really a difference between an American working for the military in a war zone and an American in the current US voluntary army when it comes down to it?


    1. Real thin gruel there too, Quirk-O.

      The point is the contractors are there totally voluntarily. If someone wants to wrestle crocodiles for a living, and even does some good by it, who are you to bitch.

      Two thin gruels in a row, one more and you will be 'out' for the day.

  17. Andrea Tantaros, a Fox News broadcaster, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit Monday against Fox News, former CEO Roger Ailes and other Fox executives, another highly charged legal challenge for the conservative-leaning news network as it seeks to get past a turbulent management change triggered by a similar case.

    "Fox News masquerades as defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny," according to her lawsuit, filed in the New York Supreme Court in New York County.

    The lawsuit, whose defendants also include Fox News co-president Bill Shine, communications chief Irena Briganti, general counsel Dianne Brandi, and Suzanne Scott, executive vice president of programming and development, comes two weeks after Tantaros complained about her experience to New York magazine.

  18. Grifters Gotta Grift

    Trump Quintupled Campaign's Trump Tower Rent Once Donors Started Paying for It

    WASHINGTON ― After bragging for a year about how cheaply he was running his campaign, Donald Trump is spending more freely now that other people are contributing ― particularly when the beneficiary is himself.

    Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758 in July, when he was raising funds from donors, compared with March, when he was self-funding his campaign, according to a Huffington Post review of Federal Election Commission filings. The rent jumped even though he was paying fewer staff in July than he did in March.

    The Trump campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,458 in March ― the same amount it had been paying since last summer ― and had 197 paid employees and consultants. In July, it paid 172 employees and consultants.

    1. Pretty small potatoes compared to the 360 MILLION the Clintons have raked in for "Speaking." corrupt fucks throughout the ME and Wall Street.

  19. Maria Cardona @MariaTCardona

    David Duke’s show cheers Trump-Breitbart merger: “We appear to have taken over the Republican Party” …

    via @Salon

    12:18 PM - 23 Aug 2016

    1. And yet, Huma, Hillary's #1 assistant is an actual islamic nazi...

      So I see your david duke and raise you a real live Islamic nazi...

    2. And, Huma works for Hillary, David Duke does not work for Trump.

      Try again, Rufus.

      Pretty thin gruel you are peddling there.

  20. Another former Bush official endorses Hillary Clinton, "by far the superior candidate"

    Another day and another former officIal in a Republican administration endorsing Hillary Clinton. This time it’s James Glassman. He had some strong words of praise for Hillary.

    James Glassman, the undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy in George W. Bush’s administration, called the former secretary of State “by far the superior candidate” and touted her experience.

    “She has the experience. She’s got the character. She has the values,” Glassman told MSNBC, according to Politico. “She is the kind of candidate I support and that, as I say, millions of Republicans are supporting.”

    The Hill dot com

    1. “She has the experience. She’s got the character. She has the values,”

      Yeah, a LYING CROOK who has trashed Bill's women, flown around the World many times, gotten people killed, and fallen down a lot.

      Great values, great character, James.

    2. Went to Sidwell Friens, Harvard, and now:

      Jim Glassman | JPMorgan Chase

      As Managing Director and Head Economist for Commercial Banking, Jim Glassman provides market insights to help clients better understand the changing ...


      Yeah, he'll be able to tell bosses and clients exactly what bought and paid for President Hillary's gonna do.

    3. "Sidwell FrienDs" - Just like Algore and all the rest of the Crooks kids.

    4. James Kenneth Glassman (born January 1, 1947) is the founding executive director of the George W. Bush Institute, a public policy development institution focused on creating independent, non-partisan solutions to America's most pressing public policy problems through the principles that guided President George W. Bush and his wife Laura in public life.[1] The George W. Bush Institute is based within the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas.[2]


      Yep, good old George left all of Clintons non-partisans in Justice instead of cleaning them out, and now is gonna help enable all of Hillary's NON PARTISAN Jurists at SCOTUS.

      ...after joining dad giving Bill enough blow jobs in Haiti to resurrect his sorry pedophilic, raping ass.

  21. The guy that started Blackwater says we ought to be fighting ISIS like we fought Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

    1. Wow, Erik Prince is worth $2.4 billion dollars!

      He was born rich as shit, became a Navy Seal, and the rest is...

    2. Couldn't remember which podcast I heard him on, it was Milo's:

      Milo asked him for his plan.

    3. At 47, Erik's done a thing or two:

      Edgar Prince made a fortune. At their peak in the mid 1990s, The Prince Company manufactured 20,000 sun visors every day.

      Erik was very close to his father growing up. During his formative years, the two would travel the world together, visiting famous WWII battle locations and even the Dachau concentration camp. These visits instilled the young Erik with a deep sense of national pride and desire to protect his homeland from ever seeing similar atrocities.

      For college, Prince was accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy, but dropped out after three semesters. Instead, he studied economics at Hillsdale College, and worked as an intern in the George H.W. Bush White House. After receiving his bachelor's degree in 1992, he became a commissioned Navy officer and eventually a Navy SEAL with deployments to Haiti, the Middle East, and the Balkans. However, his SEAL career was cut short upon the death of his father in 1995. The 25 year old Erik was called home to run the day-to-day operations of the Prince Company.
      The following year, Erik and his mother decided to sell their family business to a company called Johnson Controls.
      Their price tag? $1.3 billion in cash.


    WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money - either personally or through companies or groups - to the Clinton Foundation. It's an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.

    At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released so far to The Associated Press. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.

  23. Even the corruptocrats, our masters and rulers, can’t get past this one.

    1. Wanna bet?

      Rufus and I will give you some action!

    2. Never bet with Rufus.

      A Special Prosecutor would be wonderful, but who's going to appoint one ?

      And when ?

      Only if Trump gets elected....

  24. It's being reported on Fox that more than half !! of the people who contacted The Hag when she was Sec of State gave money to The Clinton Foundation !!!

    1. Ah, here it is on Drudge -


    2. What a total sellout of our country.

    3. That used to be a problem.

      In today's CLINTONWORLD tm, it is a Feature.

  25. It's hard out there being a headcutter.


    Flamethrowers used to execute ISIS leaders in Tal Afar after their attempts to escape towards Syria fail

    ( Baghdad – ISIS executed a six of its own leaders in Tal Afar, for they allegedly tried to escape to Syria.

    Ismat Rajab, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official in Mosul, said, “The six ISIS leaders were executed by their counterparts using flamethrower. They were executed as they tried to escape to Syria.”

    While speaking about another context, Rajab said, “Iraqi planes have dropped thousands of leaflets in Mosul, Tal Afar and Baaj in Nineveh province and have urged the inhabitants of those areas to stay away from ISIS headquarters and emphasizzing on the proximity of the start of the restoration process of the land.”


  26. They finally caught up with me:

    An “erratic” man who was “acting like a gorilla” and “masturbating on the sidewalk” is facing a disorderly conduct charge, according to police.

    1. Issac Clark ·
      MASTERSHAKE at Worky-worky

      Maybe this guy self identifies as a gorilla, if someone with a hanging chap can identify as a woman then this man is a gorilla and it's not illegal for a gorilla to masterbate in public.

    2. It should be illegal for a gorilla to masterbate in public.

  27. Bill, nor Hillary, has ever taken a salary, or any other remuneration, from the Clinton Foundation.

    Where's the "Quid Pro Quo?"

    1. And, we know that, because Hillary and Bill Clinton, unlike the donald, have released their Tax Returns for the last 35+ Years.

    2. :-)
      Yep, no missile technology for the Chicoms, no Uranium for the Russians...

      Pure as the driven snow.

      ...and Bill's Dick.

    3. Hillary's one of the few people on Earth that has taken a Private Jet for transportation to an Island 20 miles away.

      That's a high mpg, low carbon excursion, for sure.

    4. They just innocently access their Piggy-banks from time to time.


      RICH: Hillary flies 20 miles in private jet from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket

      Cindy Adams of the New York Post reports:

      On the 20th Hillary’s piggy bank gets a do at the de Rothschilds. As in Sir and Lady de Rothschild. As in Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and his good-looking blond Ladyship wife, New Jersey’s Lynn Forester, whose previous second husband Andy Stein once tried for NYC mayor. This de Rothschild event’s eclectic, magnanimous, open to all — at $100,000 per.

    5. Rufus has proven once again he really is the champion of old fools.

    6. .


      I thought that award was long ago designated a 'lifetime achievement award' and unanimously voted to you.


  28. .

    The point is the contractors are there totally voluntarily. If someone wants to wrestle crocodiles for a living, and even does some good by it, who are you to bitch.

    You dumb ass, I'm the one who put up the post and I'm the one who determines what the point of the post is and it certainly wasn't a criticism of the idea of contractors. It was a criticism of size of the contractor program and the fact that their deaths are not mentioned in the US war statistics. It's the fact that proponents of our current way of waging war always bring up how few Americans have died when in fact in some war zone somewhere in the world Americans are dying on a pretty regular basis. The point is it is one more of example of the government trying to blow smoke up our ass.

    And what's with this 'thin gruel' stuff? You've used the term three or four times today. Did you learn a new word today and are trotting it out here like some new toy or has your gambling finally caught up with and reduced you to accepting food packages from the Little Sisters of Charity and you are now watering down the oatmeal to make it last?


    1. "It's the fact that proponents of our current way of waging war always bring up how few Americans have died"


      Rufus thinks our Air and Drone war is faultless for just this reason.

      I think Erik Prince's way would cause a lot less death of women and children, and fewer refugees.

  29. Clean-gov’t alert: Hillary and Lobbyists

    Lobbyists “are part of Clinton’s deep network of Washington contacts [and] have raised millions of dollars for her campaign,” notes Catherine Ho at The Washington Post. Her “campaign chairman, John Podesta, co-founded . . . one of Washington’s top lobby firms with his brother, prominent Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta — a top Clinton bundler.” So it’s not unreasonable to suspect that she “may be more open to appointing lobbyists to positions in her administration” — despite President Obama’s executive order “largely barring lobbyists from working in the executive branch.” But she can simply issue her own order overriding Obama’s policy.

    1. Ex-ed sec: What a Hillary SCOTUS Would Mean

      America can survive even the unpredictable Donald Trump in the White House, writes former Education Secretary William Bennett at Real Clear Politics. “But it cannot survive losing the Supreme Court to liberals and allowing them to wreck our sacred republic.” That, he says “would reshape the country for decades.” Give Hillary Clinton “a liberal majority on the Supreme Court and surely she would restart” President Obama’s executive immigration order “or create one similar and the Court would uphold it.” Says Bennett: “Too many of our rights, liberties and securities already hang by a one-vote thread. A Clinton Supreme Court would surely do away with them.”

    2. Rufus will explain why that's not true.

  30. Rufus:

    Where's the "Quid Pro Quo?"


    New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors ...

    New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors ...

  31. A fisherman kept this $100M pearl under his bed for 10 years