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Monday, August 29, 2016

Clinton political machine’s long and storied track record of criminality, duplicity, and corruption that haunts her like Lincoln’s ghost silently skulking through White House bedrooms

Hillary and the Clinton Foundation: Exemplars of America’s Political Rot

AUGUST 29, 2016   

Hillary Clinton may be enjoying a comfortable lead in national polls, but she is far from enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep given the ever-widening maelstrom of scandals engulfing her presidential bid.  And while Clinton delights in bloviating about a decades-long “vast, right wing conspiracy” against her, the fact is that it’s the Clinton political machine’s long and storied track record of criminality, duplicity, and corruption that haunts her like Lincoln’s ghost silently skulking through White House bedrooms.

The latest in a string of embarrassing scandals is centered on the powerful Clinton Foundation, and the obvious impropriety of its acceptance of large donations from foreign governments (and wealthy individuals connected to them), especially those governments universally recognized as oppressive dictatorships whose foreign policy orientation places them squarely in the US orbit.

Of particular note are the Gulf monarchies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar whose massive donations belie the fact that their oppression of women runs contradictory to Clinton’s self-styled ‘feminism’ and belief “that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st Century.”  Is collaborating with feudal monarchies whose subjugation of women is the stuff of infamy really Clinton’s idea of feminism?  Or, is it rather that Clinton merely uses issues such as women’s rights as a dog whistle for loyal liberals while groveling before the high councilors of the imperial priesthood?

What the Clinton Foundation hullabaloo really demonstrates is that Clinton’s will to power is single-minded, entirely simpatico with the corruption of the military-industrial-financial-surveillance complex; that she is a handmaiden for, and member of, the ruling establishment; that Clinton represents the marriage of all the worst aspects of the political class.  In short, Clinton is more than just corrupt, she is corruption personified.

Clinton’s Dirty Dealing and Even Dirtier Laundry

In a hilariously pig-headed, but rather telling, statement, former President Bill Clinton responded to allegations of impropriety with the Clinton Foundation by saying, “We’re trying to do good things…If there’s something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, I don’t know what it is. The people who gave the money knew exactly what they were doing. I have nothing to say about it except that I’m really proud.”

Leaving aside the fact that such an arrogant comment demonstrates Bill Clinton’s complete contempt for ethics and the basic standards of proper conduct, the salient point is that the argument from the Clintons is that the foundation is inherently good, that it helps people around the world, and that, as such, it can’t possibly be corrupt and unethical.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – except when it comes to the Clintons who stand proudly enveloped in billowing clouds of smoke swearing up and down that not only is there no fire, but anyone who mentions the existence of flames is both a sexist and Trump-loving Putin stooge.

But indeed there is a fire, and it is raging on the American political scene.  And nowhere is the heat more palpable than in the deserts of the Middle East where wealthy benefactors write massive checks for access to America’s 21st Century Queen of Mean (apologies to Leona Helmsley).

Consider the 2011 sale of $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, a gargantuan deal that made the feudal monarchy into an overnight air power.  Were there any doubts as to the uses of the hardware, look no further than the humanitarian nightmare that is Yemen, a country under relentless air war carried out by the Saudis.  And, lo and behold, the Saudis had been major contributors to the Clinton Foundation in the years leading up to the sale. And it should be equally unsurprising that just weeks before the deal was finalized, Boeing, the manufacturer of the F-15 jets that were the centerpiece of the massive arms deal, donated $900,000 to the Foundation.

Of course, according to Bubba and Hil, it’s all conspiracy theory to suggest that the Clinton Foundation is essentially a pay-for-play scheme in which large sums of money translate into access to the uppermost echelons of state power in the US.  As the International Business Times noted:
The Saudi deal was one of dozens of arms sales approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department that placed weapons in the hands of governments that had also donated money to the Clinton family philanthropic empire…Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation…That figure — derived from the three full fiscal years of Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (from October 2010 to September 2012) — represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush’s second term.

The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration. These extra sales were part of a broad increase in American military exports that accompanied Obama’s arrival in the White House. The 143 percent increase in U.S. arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors compares to an 80 percent increase in such sales to all countries over the same time period.
Additionally, as Glenn Greenwald explained earlier this year,
The Saudi regime by itself has donated between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, with donations coming as late as 2014, as she prepared her presidential run. A group called “Friends of Saudi Arabia,” co-founded “by a Saudi Prince,” gave an additional amount between $1 million and $5 million. The Clinton Foundation says that between $1 million and $5 million was also donated by “the State of Qatar,” the United Arab Emirates, and the government of Brunei. “The State of Kuwait” has donated between $5 million and $10 million.
The sheer dollar amounts are staggering.  Perhaps then it comes as no surprise just why nearly every single influential figure in the military-industrial-financial-surveillance complex – from General John Allen to death squad coordinator extraordinaire John Negroponte, from neocon tapeworms such as Max BootRobert Kagan, and Eliot Cohen to billionaire barbarocrats like the Koch BrothersGeorge Soros, and Warren Buffett – is backing Hillary Clinton.  Not only is she good for Empire, she’s good for business.  And ultimately, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

But of course, Hillary’s devotion to the oil oligarchs of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf goes much deeper than simply an exchange of money for weapons.  In fact, Hillary is deeply committed to the Saudi royal family’s foreign policy outlook and tactics, in particular the weaponization of terrorism as a means of achieving strategic objectives.

Libya provides perhaps the paragon of Clintonian-Saudi strategy: regime change by terrorism.  Using terror groups linked to Al Qaeda and backed by Saudi Arabia, Clinton’s State Department and the Obama Administration managed to topple the government of Muammar Gaddafi, thereby throwing the former “jewel of Africa” into turmoil and political, economic, and social devastation.   To be fair, it was not the Saudis alone involved in fomenting war in Libya, as Hillary’s brothers-from-other-mothers in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were also directly involved in sowing the seeds of the current chaos in the country.

And of course, this strategic partnership between Clinton and the Gangsters of the Gulf extends far beyond Libya.  In Syria, Clinton’s stated policies of regime change and war are aligned with those of Riyadh, Doha, and Abu Dhabi.  And, of course, it was during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department that US intelligence was involved in funneling weapons and fighters into Syria in hopes of doing to Syria what had already been done to Libya.

Human Abedin: Clinton’s Woman in Riyadh

Just in case all the political and financial ties between Clinton and the Gulf monarchies wasn’t enough to make people stop being #WithHer, perhaps the role of her closest adviser might do the trick.  Huma Abedin, Clinton’s campaign chief of staff, has long-standing ties to Saudi Arabia, the country where Huma spent her childhood from the age of two.  As a Vanity Fair exposé revealed earlier this year:
When Abedin was two years old, the family moved to Jidda, Saudi Arabia, where, with the backing of Abdullah Omar Nasseef, then the president of King Abdulaziz University, her father founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a think tank, and became the first editor of its Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs…After [Abedin’s father] Syed died, in 1993, his wife succeeded him as director of the institute and editor of the Journal, positions she still holds… Abdullah Omar Nasseef, the man who set up the Abedins in Jidda…is a high-ranking insider in the Saudi government and sits on the king’s Shura Council, there are claims that Nasseef once had ties to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda—a charge that he has denied through a spokesman—and that he remains a “major” figure in the Muslim Brotherhood. In his early years as the patron of the Abedins’ journal, Nasseef was the secretary-general of the Muslim World League, which Andrew McCarthy, the former assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted the “Blind Sheik,” Omar Abdel Rahman, in the wake of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, claims “has long been the Muslim Brotherhood’s principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology.”
Consider the implications of this information: Clinton’s closest adviser comes from a family connected at the highest levels with the Saudi royal family as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.  While right wing pundits portray the Muslim Brotherhood as some sort of straightforward international terror organization, the reality is much more complex as the Brotherhood is more an international political movement whose tentacles stretch into nearly every corner of the Muslim world. Its vast reserves of cash and political influence, backed by Gulf monarchies such as Qatar, allows the Brotherhood to peddle influence throughout the West, while also being connected to more radical salafist elements.  An obvious two-for-one for Clinton.

In effect then, Abedin represents a bridge connecting Hillary with both the ruling elites in Riyadh, as well as influential clerics, businesspeople, and political leaders throughout the Middle East. Perhaps then it makes sense why Abedin, in contravention of every standard of ethics, was employed by Teneo Holdings – a pro-Clinton consultancy founded by former Clinton aide Doug Band – while also working for the State Department.  Such ethical violations are as instinctive for Hillary as breathing, or calling children super predators.

Trump, Assange, Putin, and Clinton’s Sleight of Hand

Despite being embroiled in multiple scandals, any one of which being enough to sink the campaign of most other candidates, Clinton and her army of fawning corporate media sycophants, have attempted to deflect attention away from her own misdeeds, corruption, and nefarious ties by instead portraying everyone who opposes them as puppets, stooges, and useful idiots.

Let’s begin with Republican nominee and gasbag deluxe, Donald Trump, who Clinton trolls have attempted to portray as a stooge of Russian President Putin.   While it’s indeed quite likely that the Kremlin sees Trump as far less of a threat to Russia’s interests than Clinton – just look at Clinton’s roster of neocon psychopath supporters to see that Putin has a point – the notion that Trump is somehow a creation of Putin, or at the very least is working for him is utterly absurd.

And the “evidence”? Trump’s connections with wealthy Russian oligarchs.  I suppose those who have made their homes under rocks these last 25 years might not know this, but nearly every billionaire investor has gone to Russia in that time, forged ties with influential Russians, and attempted to make money by stripping clean the bones of what was once the Soviet Union.  Sorry Naomi Klein, I guess the Clintonistas expect no one to have read Shock Doctrine which details the sort of disaster capitalism run amok that took place in Russia in the 1990s.

And then, of course, there’s that great confabulator Julian Assange who has also been smeared as a Putin puppet by the #ImWithHer media somnambulists.  I guess the lords of corporate capital didn’t like the fact that Assange and WikiLeaks have managed to expose countless dirty deeds by Clinton’s Tammany Hall of the 21stCentury.  From using the DNC as a political appendage of the Clinton campaign (as revealed by the WikiLeaks dump of DNC emails) to his recent promise to make public the “most interesting and serious” dirt on Hillary, Assange has become a thorn in the side – or thumb in the eye, as it were – for Hillary.

And what would a rundown of the specters haunting Clinton’s dreams be without mention of the rabid bear of Russia, big bad Vlad?  Clinton recently referred to Putinas the “grand godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism.”  Leaving aside the asinine phraseology, Clinton’s attacks on Putin reveal the weakness of the Democratic nominee, the hollowness of her arguments, and the unmitigated gall of a hypocrite for whom casting stones in glass houses is second nature.

For, at the very moment that she takes rhetorical swipes at Putin, Clinton herself is implicated in a worldwide network of extremism that promotes terrorism, rains death and destruction on millions of innocent civilians, and moves the world closer to global conflict.  If Putin represents the éminence grise of a “global brand of extreme nationalism,” then Clinton is the fairy godmother of global extremism and terror.  It’s a good thing she has access to the best personal grooming products Goldman Sachs money can buy as it is not easy to wash decades-worth of blood off your hands.

And so, the quadrennial danse macabre that is the US presidential election has turned into an embarrassing sideshow of dull-witted infantilism.  But amid the idiocy there is wanton criminality and corruption to be exposed before the world.  For while Trump is undoubtedly the bearded lady of America’s freak show, Hillary is the carnival barker.

She knows the ring toss and other games are rigged, but she coaxes the feeble-minded to play nonetheless.  She knows the carnies are drunk and reckless, but she urges the children to pay for another ride anyway.  She understands that her job is to sell a rigged game, and to call security when someone challenges her lies. And, unfortunately, whether you want it or not, the Hillary Roadshow is coming to a town, or country, near you.

Eric Draitser is the founder of and host of CounterPunch Radio. He is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City. You can reach him at


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    “In my [home for unaccompanied minors], there are so many people who look like 32 but say they’re 16,” reports Jamal Hawilo, a 17-year-old Palestinian whose slender frame and not-quite-settled bass voice suggest that he is indeed an adolescent. “There’s one guy I’m absolutely 100 percent convinced he’s 35.”

    Jamal, who arrived in Sweden in August with his 16-year-old brother, isn’t the only one who noticed some rather seasoned-looking men among the 1,000-2,000 unaccompanied minors who were arriving in Sweden each week over the summer and fall. Now, in the midst of a fierce debate over asylum policy that saw Sweden backtrack on its generous open-door position late last year, Swedes are also weighing how to treat migrants who claim to be children but lack identification.

    “The problem is not the volume, but the fact that people” are claiming to be children, said Mats Johansson, chair of the Stockholm Free World Forum, a right-leaning think tank and a former member of parliament from Sweden’s center-right Moderate Party. “Adult Afghans are not children in need of protection.”

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      MY ASS


    Turkey’s incursion is backed by US air-cover, drones, and embedded special forces per the WSJ. These were there largely to prevent Russia and Syria from even thinking about taking action against the invading forces.

    Turkey is moving into Syria not just with its own military, but with thousands of “rebel opposition groups” including US-backed FSA brigades allied with AlQaeda/Nusra/Sham and the child head-chopping al-Zinki who are reported to form the vanguard.

    Syrian territory is outright being turned over to them by the Turkish military, simply exchanging control from one group of terrorist jihadis (ISIS) to others who are more media acceptable and more direct proxies of the Erdogan regime, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    1. This ought to be good for a few hundred thousand more refugees and help Erdogan become head of the caliphate.

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    Commander in Chief Barrack HUSSEIN Obama

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    -- Near Bashir, a strike destroyed an ISIL checkpoint.

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    -- Near Mosul, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroyed three vehicles and a mortar position.

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    -- Near Sultan Abdallah, a strike struck an ISIL security headquarters.

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  12. Huma is a moslem jihadist. Weiner is a sick, self hating jerk/pervert.

    Huma is a danger to the American people, Weiner is a danger to himself.

    He's not qualified to sell pizza by the slice...

    But in today's world?

    Weiner, Al Sharpton and such will most likely become millionaires...

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    Barbra Streisand: I'll move to Australia or Canada if Trump wins presidency


    It's unlikely we will get a chance to judge the sincerity of the statement; however, were by some miracle Babs actually faced with the choice, I would be willing to put odds on the 'no-go' bet.


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      He 'holds the funds'.

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    1. It shows that Huma is an idiot for getting involved with the creep in the first place.

      Therefore, Hillary 'BleachBitch' Clinton has an idiot as her top aide.

      This proves Hillary's lack of good judgment.

    2. Would that we all knew how the future would play out when we make life-changing decisions like marriage.

    3. Recent divorce from Mr. Redinger ?

      Gone back to Miss Whatwashername ?


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  16. An anti-Semite, a wife beater, and a white nationalist walk into a bar. The barkeep says, "Good evening Mr. Bannon, drinking alone tonight?"

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      Mon Aug 29, 07:33:00 PM EDT


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      In 2005, Lidia was absorbed by Max.[12] In 2014, Hurricane Karina initially moved west, but was steered back east by an interaction with Hurricane Lowell, where it was absorbed by Hurricane Marie.

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  24. "Q"Nit of the Day: The Clinton Foundation/Hezbollah

    Clinton Foundation donor denied entry to US on terrorism charges

    By Pamela Geller on August 29, 2016

    Clinton Corruption White House 2016 9 Comments -

    It just gets worse and worse (if that were even possible). It’s pay for play with the Clintons. What do terror-tied donors expect in return? Blood-chilling.

    “The fact a major Clinton Foundation donor was denied entry into the US over ties to the terrorist group Hezbollah is deeply troubling, especially when this individual had access to top aides at Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

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  25. Trump's campaign manager was LITERALLY on the Kremlin's payroll but Deuce is talking about the A+ rated Clinton Foundation.

  26. Idaho Bob: Immigration by quirks to be heavily, heavily vetted.

    Speaking of extreme vetting, Trump's campaign CEO, one of the "best people" he said he would surround himself with, once fired a woman on maternity leave. Calls graduates of the Seven Sisters Schools a bunch of dykes. Didn't want his kid going to this one school because it had too many Jews there.

  27. Ms T, thank you for caring about which leaders and their advisors are "jewish friendly".

    A stubborn real fact?

    Hillary actions, her actual actions have not been Jewish friendly in the least.

    But one could say that her daughter even married one, heck her husband even sexually harassed one!!!!

    Then you can poke fun at trump's #1 dude for his past, unproven, but serious "crimes" against women and jews....

    But in the end the truth comes out...

    Be it Obama, (not friendly to the Jews), Jimmy Carter, (not friendly to the Jews), George Bush, (not friendly to the Jews), (both of them, remember James Baker?), Reagan (not friendly to the Jews) (remember Bitberg?), and finally Clinton, (not friendly to the Jews)

    Being Jew friendly aint the issue.

    The simple issue?

    Clinton verses Trump.

    Clinton's #1 assistant for over 20 years? A shill for the Moslem Brotherhood/Islamic Jihad.
    Trump's #1 assistant for over a decade? His daughter, an Orthodox Jew, with Jewish kids.


    1. Some of my best friends are Jews, WiO! Why, I work with a Jewish Navy LCDR every day, and we always go at it over the election, all in fun. Speaking of fun, watching a pro-Israel US Jew ally with the alt-right and Breithbart out of loyalty to the red team is too much fun for me to stay away from the EB.

    2. Chelsea is married to a Jew ?

      Poor guy, jeez....

    3. Being married to Chelsea is a good definition of hell, I think.

      He probably already rues the day....

    4. Sorry i don't buy into the new Rules for Radicals labeling of Americans as "alt-right", just as I don't appreciate those who label Pro-Israel Jews as "Israeli firster"

      The Democrat Party lost me 8 years ago, when the breath and width of the Clintons were exposed and they nominated a man whose "certificate of live birth" was and IS a crock of shit.

      I am not loyal to the red team as much as I am loyal to the idea that the democrats are progressive marxists who hate traditional Americans, Jews and Christians.

      Occupy wall street, al sharpton, Jessie jackson, Planned parent hood, The PLO and Iran being brought into the mainstream, Iran, Hezbollah and of course hamas all being funded and supported by the Democrat party of the USA all have fueled my #neverhillary stance.


  28. from the Belmont Club

    Anthony Weiner's biggest failing is one of style rather than substance. Weiner is one of the minor devils in the Clinton hell; his transgressions are creepy but petty, at least in comparison with the rest of the circle.
    What is sexting compared to rape? How does coarse behavior compare with receiving money from mass murdering dictators or selling arms to killers? So Huma went on vacation without him, but was it to be with a better class of people? It depends on "better". Polished, smooth and oily perhaps. But not better.
    Compared to the archfiends roosting at the top he's strictly little league. What Weiner proved is he couldn't keep up appearances. That was his biggest failing. Virtue was never an issue. It was always the disguise.

  29. Hillary Clinton and her media allies have been working overtime to put out numerous fires that continue to pop up and spread during the final weeks of her campaign for president.

    Recently, the flames have gotten more difficult to smother as reports of Clinton’s frail health have bled into the mainstream media, despite the unanimous and unilateral decision by the MSM to treat anyone who even raises a question as akin to a Holocaust denier. (On Sunday night, for example, Huffington Post fired contributor David Seaman and deleted his columns simply for linking to a Hillary health video that’s been viewed four million times.)

    Julian Assange stoked more flames when he suggested a murdered DNC worker was the Wikileaks source for the DNC hack. Most recently, the Associated Press released a blockbuster story concluding that more than half of the people Clinton met with as secretary of state gave donations to the Clinton Foundation.

    Despite these ongoing scandals, Clinton’s close yet questionable ties to media outlets such as Google, CNN, PBS and The New York Times have seemed to pay off. These entities have gone out of their way to censor negative stories about Clinton, particularly ones involving the Clinton Foundation. There’s one common thread though these media outlets suppressing harmful Clinton stories all share: they’ve donated to the Clinton Foundation.


    1. {...}

      On Aug. 23 the Associated Press broke the story citing that more than half the people outside of the government that Clinton met with as she served as secretary of state gave money to the Clinton Foundation, either personally or through companies or groups. The AP report concluded that 85 out of 154 people she met with from the private sector either donated to her charity or pledged commitments.

      The AP drew this conclusion by reviewing some of Clinton’s schedule from when she was secretary of state. They obtained these records after a federal judge ordered the release of them stemming from a lawsuit they filed against the State Department in 2015. (The AP is reporting that the State Department won’t finish releasing the rest of Clinton’s schedule till after the presidential election despite their request for it by October 15.)


    2. {...}

      This bombshell, compounded with Clinton’s use of a private server as secretary of state, is fueling allegations that she was involved in a pay-to-play operation. But the story has been suppressed by Google in its searches—just as it has done in the past with stories that paint Clinton in a negative light.

      When searches related to this story were entered into the Google web browser last week, results for “Clinton AP story” were limited to stories from leftwing publications discrediting the story—including this report from Vox: “The AP’s big expose on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess.”

      The same terms in a Bing search yielded more balanced headlines, like “Clinton campaign, AP battle over story on foundation ties” from Market Watch.

  30. POLL: TRUMP +3...
    MAG: 'I'm Young Black Man and Support Him'...
    Michigan Gets Ready For Visit...
    (((((((CLINTON: Give Detroit Jobs To Syrian Refugees...))))))
    Obama dumping new arrivals...
    WAR: Media call for even more aggressive Trump coverage....DRUDGE

    Ah, give Detroit jobs to Syrian refugees.....well if we must take them.....

  31. Hawaii bracing for back-to-back hurricanes...


    It's a willy willy, willy willy, Doug.

    Lava tube time, I tell ya....

    1. You obviously neglected to study The Fujiwhara effect as I advised.

      Two is better than one.

      Look it Up!

  32. Indeed, some have theorized that language was invented for the sole purpose of deception

    And advertising.

    How Many Way Do You Say Liar, Hillary ?


    Yes, all have been applied to Hillary.

    Diogenes took one look at Hillary and ran the other way....

  33. Hillary Clinton Expands With The Size Of Government

    Photo Essay

    Watch Hillary balloon over the years....

    Humorous, and, somewhat disgusting....

    She will soon need a forklift to get in and out of cars....

  34. Megyn McCain just showed a flash of brilliance on 'Outnumbered'.

    She suggests The Donald use this line in the first debate:

    "I gave money to you, Hillary, because I knew you could be bought"


    1. .


      Maybe you can get her into the IMA.


    2. An occasional flash of brilliance is not to be sneered at, Quirk-O.

      No one here can remember your last flash, Lightbulb.....

    3. Meghan McCain graduated from Columbia University.

      Lightbulb has an on-line degree from some fly by night advertising joint.

      I once tried to sponsor Lightbulb for IMA, as a gesture of friendship, and encouragement to him, but they just laughed at me.....his reputation precedes him, they said....

  35. Here, Lightbulb, go read this, and keep yourself unseen, unheard -

    ISIS’s Child Terrorists and Their Palestinian Precedents

    Somehow, evil practiced against Israel doesn’t register.

    August 30, 2016

    P. David Hornik

    1. CLINTON: Give Detroit Jobs To Syrian Refugees....DRUDGE

      Excellent !

      Lightbulb will know how to keep our USA women safe.

  36. Highlights

    As goes the consumer so goes the U.S. economy. And the news has been mostly good and includes a nearly 4-1/2 point jump in the consumer confidence index to a 101.1 level for August that easily exceeds Econoday's high estimate.

    Both the expectations and present situation components posted gains in the month though the latter does show a sizable and unwanted 1.3 percentage point increase in those describing jobs as hard to get. But signals on jobs are mixed with other readings positive including a gain for those who see more jobs opening up in the months ahead.

    Another positive is a widening in those who see their incomes improving which boils down to confidence in the jobs market. Buying plans include a jump for homes in what is the latest good news for the housing sector. Weakness in inflation expectations is a concern though the reading did tick up 1 tenth to a 4.8 percent level that for this report, however, is very low.

    But this report in sum is definitely a positive for the economic outlook and ultimately reflects the strength of the labor market. Another positive employment report on Friday would point to extended strength for all consumer readings.


  37. Ramos: Unbiased Reporting is Not an Option

    On Sunday, Jorge Ramos, anchor for the Spanish-language Univision, became the latest news figure to urge other journalists to take a more active approach on covering the Republican nominee. Ramos indicated that more reporters need to act the way he did last year, by challenging Trump loudly and aggressively.

    "And I think in this case, neutrality is really not an option," Ramos said on CNN. "I think we have to take a stand, and in this case, Donald Trump is a unique figure in American politics. We haven't seen this in decades, since probability Senator Joe McCarthy."

    1. .

      Journalist or polemicist?

      I guess it defends on whether he says the same thing about Clinton.


    2. .

      s/b ...the same thing about Clinton coverage...

  38. I am sure it will surprise none of you that Ramos' daughter, Paola, is employed by Hillary Clinton.

    1. Come to think of it, Paola is a perfect name for anyone working for the Clintons. Especially in the Foundation. Smiley face, smiley face, smiley face.

  39. .

    I once tried to sponsor Lightbulb for IMA, as a gesture of friendship, and encouragement to him, but they just laughed at me....

    Well, surely you are used to that by now.

    As for membership in the IMA (Idaho Mensa Asylum), I imagine everyone here realizes that the membership is highly selective and that the qualifications are very restrictive.

    Given those requirements, a request from you closest relative (or a law enforcement authority), a recommendation from your personal physician, approval by the state psychiatric board, and a court judgement granting it, I wouldn't even attempt to join.