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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks has decided to issue a US$20k reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Who Is Seth Rich? Wikileaks Offers Reward For Info On Murdered DNC Staffer



Wikileaks remains very interested in the Democratic National Committee.
The journalist organization, which specializes in releasing classified or secret information, offered a $20,000 reward Tuesday to anyone with information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. His murder is the subject of multiple conspiracy theories, including one which alleges his death was retribution from the DNC for helping Wikileaks obtain party emails showing evidence of favoritism during the Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. 
“WikiLeaks has decided to issue a [$20,000] reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich," read a tweet from the organization. 

Rich, 27, was shot twice in the back while walking home early Sunday in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Northwest Washington, D.C. Police speculate that the crime might have been a robbery, but Rich was found with his wallet, watch and other personal items still on his person. Rich had worked as a voter expansion data director at the DNC. 

The suspicious circumstances surrounding Rich's death have led many right-winged conspiracy theorists to speculate that Rich aided in the leak of DNC emails that Wikileaks published ahead of the 2016 Democratic National Convention — U.S. intelligence attributes the leak to a hack from Russian intelligence agencies. Those emails revealed evidence that party officials favored Clinton in her primary race with Sanders and potentially intervened to aid in her victory.  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced plans to resign in the wake of the scandal. According to the conspiracy, the murder was sanctioned by officials in the DNC in retaliation for Rich’s hand in the leak. 

For her part, Wasserman Schultz issued a statement on Monday morning after news of Rich’s death broke.

"Our hearts are broken with the loss of one of our DNC family members over the weekend. Seth Rich was a dedicated, selfless public servant who worked tirelessly to protect the most sacred right we share as Americans: the right to vote," she said. “He saw the great potential of our nation and believed that, together, we can make the world a better place."

Wikileaks taking interest in Rich's death will do nothing to suppress the conspiracy theories. However, the organization and founder Julian Assange have come under fire recently from critics who say Wikileaks is reckless with the information it makes public and also biased against Clinton — Assange has publicly admonished the Democratic nominee. 

Additional Problems for Hillary Clinton


  1. Would any of this matter to a "VOTER" like Rufus ?


    Our democracy is badly failing now.

    Perhaps we should peacefully break it up and go our own ways ?

  2. That was tried. You favorite US president got 700,000 Americans killed to make sure it would not happen again.

    1. That was then, this is now.

      Slavery was the issue then, isn't an issue now.

      Now, we live in the era of the EU, when one can simply vote oneself out of an unwanted political association.

      Grow up, get civilized, join the world....

      Vote 'Secede Idaho' !!

  3. NY TIMES - One Hour Ago

    Emails Renew Questions About Clinton Foundation and State Dept. Overlap

    WASHINGTON — A new batch of State Department emails released Tuesday showed the close and sometimes overlapping interests between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department when Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

    The documents raised new questions about whether the charitable foundation worked to reward its donors with access and influence at the State Department, a charge that Mrs. Clinton has faced in the past and has always denied.

    In one email exchange, for instance, an executive at the Clinton Foundation in 2009 sought to put a billionaire donor in touch with the United States ambassador to Lebanon because of the donor’s interests there.

    In another email, the foundation appeared to push aides to Mrs. Clinton to help find a job for a foundation associate. Her aides indicated that the department was working on the request.

    Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, which has been shadowed for 17 months by the controversy over the private email server she used exclusively while at the State Department, said that the emails released Tuesday had no bearing on the foundation’s work.

    The State Department turned the new emails over to a conservative advocacy group, Judicial Watch, as part of a lawsuit that the group brought under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The documents included 44 emails that were not among some 55,000 pages of emails that Mrs. Clinton had previously given to the State Department, which she said represented all her “work-related” emails. The document release centers on discussions between Mrs. Clinton’s aides and Clinton Foundation executives about a number of donors and associates with interests before the State Department.

    Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, charged that Mrs. Clinton “hid” the documents from the public because they appeared to contradict her official pledge in 2009 to remove herself from Clinton Foundation business while leading the State Department.

    The documents indicate, he said in a telephone interview, that “the State Department and the Clinton Foundation worked hand in hand in terms of policy and donor effort.”

    “There was no daylight between the two under Mrs. Clinton, and this was contrary to her promises,” he added.


    1. {...}

      A number of the email exchanges released Tuesday included Huma Abedin, who was a top adviser to Mrs. Clinton at the State Department and later worked at the Clinton Foundation.

      In April 2009, Douglas J. Band, who led the foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative, emailed Ms. Abedin and Cheryl D. Mills, another top adviser to Mrs. Clinton, for help with a donor.

      Mr. Band wrote that he needed to connect Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire who was one of the foundation’s top donors, with someone at the State Department to talk about his interests in Lebanon.

      “It’s jeff feltman,” Ms. Abedin answered, referring to Jeffrey Feltman, who was the American ambassador to Lebanon at the time. “I’m sure he knows him. I’ll talk to jeff.”

      Mr. Band asked her to call Mr. Chagoury immediately if possible. “This is very important,” he wrote.

      In a separate email exchange, Mr. Band passed along to Ms. Abedin and Ms. Mills a request for “a favor” from an associate who had recently been on a Clinton Foundation trip to Haiti and was apparently seeking work at the State Department.

      The State Department deleted much of the information about the associate, including his name and the outcome of the job referral, in turning over the emails to Judicial Watch.


    2. {...}

      In one undeleted section, however, Mr. Band wrote that it was “important to take care of” the associate’s request. A short time later, Ms. Abedin wrote back to say: “We all have him on our radar. Personnel has been sending him options.”

      The Clinton campaign suggested that Mr. Band was acting in his capacity as former President Bill Clinton’s personal assistant, not in his role overseeing the Clinton Global Initiative.

      Regarding the exchanges between Mr. Band and Mrs. Clinton’s aides, the campaign said in a statement: “Neither of these emails involve the secretary or relate to the foundation’s work. They are communications between her aides and the president’s personal aide, and indeed the recommendation was for one of the secretary’s former staffers who was not employed by the foundation.” The campaign did not elaborate.

      The F.B.I. spent more than a year examining Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email account, but it is not clear how the work of the Clinton Foundation figured into that investigation.

      James B. Comey Jr., the F.B.I. director, was noticeably circumspect in an appearance last month before the House oversight committee when Republicans questioned whether the investigation had looked at the Clinton Foundation. Twice, he declined to say.

    3. Helllloooo, are you reading this? One hour ago and this in on the New York Times website.

      The Clinton Foundation is set into some very toxic corruption and the US Department of State, under Hillary Clinton.

  4. If you are counting, this is another 296 pages of Clinton’s emails released today:

    Exposing key Clinton aides doing favors for billionaires

    Chagoury, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire and a Clinton Foundation donor, gave between $1 million and $5 million to the Clintons

    The billionaire has financial interests around the world and was convicted in Switzerland in 2000 for money laundering

    He paid $66 million in a plea deal to stay out of prison

    The documents were released by Judicial Watch, which is suing to recover Clinton’s emails under Freedom of Information Act laws


    The emails also show Clinton’s closest aide, Abedin, left her boss’s daily schedule in an unlocked hotel room in Trinidad and Tobago, where the secretary of state was attending a conference.

    “Hi Huma,” aide Melissa Lan wrote in an email to Abedin. “Would it be possible to get one of the Secretary’s day book binders back for tomorrow’s product?”

    Abedin replied, “Yes its [sic] on the bed in my room. U can take it. My door is open. I’m in lobby. Thx.”

    Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement: “No wonder Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin hid emails from the American people, the courts and Congress. … They show the Clinton Foundation, Clinton donors, and operatives worked with Hillary Clinton in potential violation of the law.”

  6. Meanwhile, all Herr Drumpf did, today, was call for Hillary Clinton's assassination. :)

    Oh, and state that the Democratic candidate should be fried in the electric chair.

    No wonder that Trump is only up by 5 in a state (Kansas) that Romney won by 20.

  7. Highlights

    June wholesale inventories rose 0.3 percent in a build that for a second straight month is too low as sales surged 1.9 percent.
    The mix pulls down the stock-to-sales ratio two notches from 1.35 in May to 1.33 which appears to be too lean given the strength in sales.

    And sales strength is impressive and is centered at the heart of business investment, that is machinery where wholesale sales surged 2.8 percent to add onto solid gains over the prior two months. Hardware sales, also key to business investment, surged 7.7 percent in the month. These sales gains hint at rising business expectations which are needed given general weakness in productivity (as seen in this morning's earlier report for the second quarter).

    Judging by stock-to-sales ratios, both machinery and hardware need to be restocked along with metals and electrical goods which are two other business investment categories. Other areas posting big sales gains include farm products and petroleum, two non-durable categories subject, however, to monthly price swings.

    Inventory is unwanted when sales are slow but when sales are picking up, inventories need to pick up too. Today's report falls in line with a building run of upbeat economic news.

    Wholesale Trade

  8. Meanwhile, Herr Dumbshit aka Rufus continues to hallucinate....


  9. If there was video of Hillary personally pulling the trigger, the headline would be “Trump Fails to Protect Innocent Citizen”

    Chad Myrick

  10. The murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich is tied to the Clinton emails and the ongoing release by Wikileaks of more right up through November and beyond. With this current revelation, there will be further investigation and some video evidence will be found.


      World Bulletin / News Desk

      ’Kill Russians and Iranians, threaten Assad,’ says ex-CIA chief backing Clinton

      There will not be a political transition in Syria without adding to Russia and Iran’s body count in the country, according to the former acting director of the CIA.

      Speaking with storied journalist Charlie Rose, Michael Morell said he would covertly encourage members of Syria’s “moderate opposition” to go after Russian and Iranian agents in Syria.

      “They’ve got to pay a price for what they’re doing,” he said in an interview that aired late Monday, drawing parallels to U.S. actions to subvert Russia in Afghanistan in the 1980s. “We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price.”

      Russia and Iran have been Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s principle backers, providing the embattled leader with crucial military hardware and troops. Russia also began an air campaign nearly a year ago that has greatly bolstered Assad on the battlefield.

      The turn in tide to Assad’s favor has resulted in a “moving away” from a potential diplomatic settlement to Syria’s more than five-year conflict, Morell said.

      He proposed U.S. action to “go after” assets that Assad sees as vital to his power base, including his presidential guards, aircraft and offices in order to bring the Syrian president back to the negotiating table.

      “I want to scare Assad,” he said. “I want to make him think we’re coming after him. I’m not advocating assassinating him.
      “I want to put pressure on him; I want to put pressure on the Iranians; I want to put pressure on the Russians to come to that diplomatic settlement,” he added, arguing that alone would renew hopes for the long-sought resolution.

      The former spook publicly endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last Friday, saying her rival, Republican Donald Trump, is not only unfit to hold office, but also poses a threat to national security.

      Morels told Rose he would be part of Clinton’s national security team.

  11. I’ll do a post on this bootlicking CIA shitbird neocon next.

  12. I recall Herr Dufus saying at the time of Benghazi it would all be forgotten in a couple of months and there were always a few left behind -

    Parents of two Americans killed in Benghazi file suit against Hillary Clinton

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, on Capitol Hill in Washington October 22, 2015.

    / © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters, REUTERS

    The parents of two of the Americans killed in the 2012 Benghazi attacks have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Democratic presidential nominee and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith bashes Hillary

    Play Video

    Mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith bashes Hillary

    In the U.S. District Court case, Patricia Smith and Charles Woods, the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, say the private email server Clinton used during her four years at the State Department was partly responsible for the attacks that killed four Americans.

    "The Benghazi attack was directly and proximately caused, at a minimum by defendant Clinton's 'extreme carelessness' in handling confidential and classified information," the suit said, including potentially the location of State Department employees in Libya.

    The suit also called it "highly probable" that Clinton had sent or received information about Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was also killed in the attack....

    1. 'wrongful death suit' - no laughing matter....jury trial.....that ought to keep it in the news, say what, Rufus ?

  13. Fox is listing the falls, loss of consciousness, medical conditions, etc Hillary has suffered over the last few years....there is a good chance....highly likely....her brain is not,...optimally.....she's on blood thinners, among other medications....I'd bet some antidepressants are in the mix too....time for Huma, who runs the show anyway, to step in officially at the top of the ticket....

    1. "Pain killers, Huma, don't forget to pack my pain killers".

      "Already have them packed, dear, they are third on my list of your 14 meds."

  14. The father of the Orlando terrorist massacre, Mateen, who is also a supporter of ISIS, had a premium seat at HRCs rally in Kissimmee. Hillary invites known terrorists to her rallies. Wow, you cannot make this stuff up.

    1. Hillary Clinton, (and Obama) are supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood and Hamas.


  15. Trump reported a pretty good fund-raising effort in July, but is spending very little on ground-game, and Zero on ads (his PAC has spent $8 million on ads, but the campaign hasn't spent a penny.)

    He, also, doesn't seem to be reserving any spots for future ad buys - this is important because the longer you wait, the more expensive the ad buys get.

    So, what's up?

    1. He is just not a very smart man.

    2. Certainly not up to your standards.

      But why he lives in Trump Towers and has golden toiletry while you live in a potato bin is beyond me.

    3. (don'cha just LOVE Ash, folks, he is simply such a sublimely unconsciousness dumb shit !)

    4. (Ash' lack of a brain stem is key)

    5. He is just not a very smart man.

      I thinks it's a race to see who can be the dumbest. This week HRC is ahead by 2 frumpy sky blue pantsuits.

  16. ISIS burns 20 Iraqis for refusing to join its ranks

    ( Kirkuk – A tribal leader at Hawija in Kirkuk province declared that ISIS st ablaze to 20 young detainees as they refused to join its ranks.

    Sheikh Nayef al-Naimi, tribal elder in Hawija, said,”On Tuesday, 20 young detainees in Bakara base in Hawija were set ablaze by ISIS as they refused to join the outfit.”

    Naimi added that, “ISIS demands huge sum of money as ransom from the inhabitants of the region. It also demanded the accession of women to its ranks by force.”


    And, to think, Obama wants to bomb such a delightful bunch of guys . . . .

    1. Speaking of which:

      Strikes in Syria

      Attack, bomber, fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 14 strikes in Syria:

      -- Near Abu Kamal, a strike struck two ISIL crude oil collection points.

      -- Near Ayn Isa, a strike destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

      -- Near Dayr Az Zawr, a strike struck two ISIL crude oil collection points.

      -- Near Manbij, 11 strikes struck 11 separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed five ISIL fighting positions and three ISIL vehicles.

      Strikes in Iraq

      Fighter aircraft and rocket artillery conducted 11 strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

      -- Near Baghdadi, a strike destroyed an ISIL rocket cache and damaged an ISIL rocket rail.

      -- Near Hit, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL refueling point.

      -- Near Kisik, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle and three ISIL weapons caches.

      -- Near Mosul, a strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

      -- Near Qayyarah, two strikes destroyed four ISIL generators, 17 ISIL oil tankers, five ISIL rocket rails, five ISIL rockets, an ISIL excavator and an ISIL mortar system and denied ISIL access to terrain.

      -- Near Ramadi, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions, three ISIL weapons caches, an ISIL vehicle, an ISIL vehicle storage area and seven ISIL rocket rails and damaged an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL tunnel entrance.

      -- Near Sinjar, a strike struck an ISIL bomb factory.

      -- Near Sultan Abdallah, a strike struck a large ISIL tactical unit and destroyed seven ISIL assembly areas and three ISIL vehicles and suppressed an ISIL mortar position.

      -- Near Tal Afar, a strike struck an ISIL vehicle bomb factory.


    2. If your boy O'bozo hadn't taken all the troops out willy-nilly there would be no ISIS to bomb.

      Other than that, no one seems to be really objecting to the bombing, and you seem to be getting a big kick out of it, and should for a long time to least until Jan. 20th.

      At which point, according to your last prediction, ISIS would be wiped out.

      What will you post about then, each day ?

    3. Bush made him take the troops out.

  17. From the N.C. PPP Poll - in which Hillary leads by 2

    -69% of Trump voters think that if Hillary Clinton wins the election it will be because it was rigged, to only 16% who think it would be because she got more vote than Trump. More specifically 40% of Trump voters think that ACORN (which hasn't existed in years) will steal the election for Clinton. That shows the long staying power of GOP conspiracy theories.

    1. -48% of Trump voters think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton deserve the blame for Humayun Khan's death to 16% who absolve them and 36% who aren't sure one way or the other (Obama was in the Illinois Legislature when it happened.) Showing the extent to which Trump supporters buy into everything he says, 40% say his comments about the Khans last week were appropriate to only 22% who will grant that they were inappropriate. And 39% of Trump voters say they view the Khan family negatively, to just 11% who have a positive opinion of them.

    2. Even though Trump ended up admitting it didn't exist 47% of his voters say they saw the video of Iran collecting 400 million dollars from the United States to only 46% who say they didn't see the video.

    3. -Trump said last week that Hillary Clinton is the devil, and 41% of Trump voters say they think she is indeed the devil to 42% who disagree with that sentiment and 17% who aren't sure one way or the other.

  18. CNN Politics ✔ @CNNPolitics

    #Breaking: The US Secret Service has spoken to the Donald Trump campaign about his 2nd Amendment comment
    1:44 PM - 10 Aug 2016

  19. Partial list of Deuce's next post on the shitbird:

    Mike Morell:

    Can't get his story straight on whether we should engage Assad and Putin

    He won't disclose his direct ties to the Clinton campaign through Beacon Global Security when endorsing Hillary

    He ignores Clinton's own Russia scandals while claiming Trump is Putin's "unwitting agent"

    He lies about past failures of vetting refugees who turned to terrorism

    He attacks Trump for being used by ISIS for propaganda purposes when his own comments have been used by ISIS for recruiting

    And he has played an active role in covering up Hillary's Benghazi debacle

    It's time to question not only whether the attention paid to Morell by the D.C. court media is warranted, but whether Mike Morell - who spent 33 years in the business of lying and deception - is trustworthy at all.

    Trump is so dangerous, he might give Russia control of 1/5th of our uranium supply.

    And don't forget that Putin has all of Hillary's emails and isn't above blackmail. And the Chinese too.

  20. Monica Alba ✔ @albamonica

    For the second time in a week, Secret Service agents had to join HRC on stage to prevent protester from reaching it. Activist escorted out.

    2:38 PM - 10 Aug 2016

  21. Our Livia Drusilla, most corrupt politician in the history of our country -

    NYT: Emails Renew Questions About Overlap...
    GIULIANI: Should Be RICO Investigation...
    Top Aide Alerted of Inquiry...
    Mills Allowed Deal That Made Bill $500k...


    The choice of Dumbfucks like Rufus everywhere.....

    1. Images of Livia Drusilla, Ruf's Heroine -

    2. (I am trying to implant in the reader's mind a connection between world historical corruption, Livia, Hillary, and Southern Rural Dumbfuckery -SRD - that puts up with it, even will vote for it)

  22. Clinton leading 55 - 39 among College Graduates

    Probably closer to 65 - 35 among those with Advanced Degrees.

    ABC / Wash. Post

  23. How many people have any of us known that were murdered?

    (For me, as for most, the answer is ZERO)

    How many people associated with the Clintons have been murdered?

    ...hard to keep count.

  24. .

    College Graduates?

    The College Formerly Known as Yale

    Any renaming push on the Ivy campus should start at the top—with Elihu Yale, slave trader extraordinaire.

    Roger Kimball

    Aug. 8, 2016 7:19 p.m. ET

    The English novelist Kingsley Amis once observed that much that was wrong with the 20th century could be summed up in the word “workshop.” On American campuses today, I suspect that the operative word is “committee.”

    On Aug. 1, Yale University president Peter Salovey announced that he is creating a Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming. There has been a craze for renaming things on college campuses the last couple of years—a common passion in unsettled times.

    In the French Revolution, leaders restarted the calendar at zero and renamed the months of the year. The Soviets renamed cities, erased the names of political enemies from the historical record, and banned scientific theories that conflicted with Marxist doctrine.
    At Princeton, Stanford, Georgetown, Harvard and elsewhere, students have demanded that buildings, programs and legacies be renamed to accommodate modern sensitivities. Amherst College has dropped Lord Jeffrey Amherst as its mascot because the colonial administrator was unkind to Indians. Students at the University of Missouri have petitioned to remove a statue of the “racist rapist” Thomas Jefferson. This is part of a larger effort, on and off campuses, to stamp out dissenting attitudes and rewrite history to comport with contemporary prejudices.

    But isn’t the whole raison d’être of universities to break the myopia of the present and pursue the truth? Isn’t that one important reason they enjoy such lavish public support and tax breaks?


    1. {...}

      A point of contention at Yale has been the residential college named for John C. Calhoun, a congressman, senator, secretary of war and vice president. Alas, Calhoun was also an avid supporter of slavery.

      Mr. Salovey is also perhaps still reeling from the Halloween Horror, the uproar last year over whether Ivy League students can be trusted to pick their own holiday costumes, which made Yale’s crybullies a national laughing stock. In the wake of that he earmarked $50 million for such initiatives as the Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration.

      He then announced that Calhoun College would not change its name. Apparently, he has reconsidered. After the Committee on Renaming has done its work to develop “clearly delineated principles,” he wrote, “we will be able to hold requests for the removal of a historical name—including that of John C. Calhoun—up to them.”

      I have unhappy news for Mr. Salovey. In the great racism sweepstakes, John Calhoun was an amateur. Far more egregious was Elihu Yale, the philanthropist whose benefactions helped found the university. As an administrator in India, he was deeply involved in the slave trade. He always made sure that ships leaving his jurisdiction for Europe carried at least 10 slaves. I propose that the committee on renaming table the issue of Calhoun College and concentrate on the far more flagrant name “Yale.”

      There is also the matter of historical artifacts. Earlier this year an unhappy employee at Calhoun College smashed a stained-glass window because it depicted slaves. He was dismissed but then, after a student outcry, rehired. In response, Mr. Salovey convened a Committee on Art in Public Spaces. Offending objects, he explained, including “certain windows,” would be “relocated” and “conserved for future study.” Wasn’t there a similar initiative in Europe in the late 1930s and 1940s?

      Yale’s leaders have compared the renaming committee to the so-called Woodward Committee that, in the mid-1970s, issued on behalf of the school a ringing defense of free speech (“to think the unthinkable, discuss the unmentionable, and challenge the unchallengeable”).

      A closer historical parallel, however, might be the Committee of Public Safety, which during the French Revolution worked overtime to assure that citizens lived up to its ideal of virtue. “Virtue” was a word always on the lips of the revolutionaries in France. They took the term from the man whom Robespierre called a “prodigy of virtue,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

      In everyday life, acting virtuously means such boring things as being kind, honest and dutiful. For moral prodigies, such pedestrian examples are beneath notice. Rousseau, “drunk with virtue” as he put it in his “Confessions,” nonetheless shipped off to a foundlings home all five of the children he had with his semi-literate mistress. She protested, but Rousseau cared not for he had “never felt the least glimmering of love for her.”



    2. {...}

      Robespierre floated aloft upon a similarly callous intoxication. The Republic, he said, was founded on “virtue and its emanation, terror.” Hence the work of the Committee of Public Safety, whose chief handmaiden was the guillotine and whose activities depended critically on anonymous reports about those whose commitment to virtue was less than wholehearted.

      Yale, though sitting on a tax-exempt endowment of $24 billion, does not have the guillotine. But like many institutions entrusted with educating America’s future leaders, it is hard at work undermining due process and fostering an atmosphere of anonymous accusation. In a campus-wide email this spring, Stephanie Spangler, a Yale professor of obstetrics and gynecology as well as “University Title IX Coordinator,” discussed the school’s plans to launch “on-line tools for reporting sexual misconduct anonymously.”
      The right of due process and the right to face one’s accuser have been hallowed guarantors of liberty since the Roman Republic. They are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. But those who are infatuated with their own virtue find it easy to dispense with such unwieldy constraints.

      I suspect that Mr. Salovey believes he will be able to pacify the professional grievance-mongers on his campus by bribes and capitulations. He should remember what an earlier cultural provocateur, the Yippie leader Jerry Rubin, said: “Satisfy our demands, and we’ve got twelve more. The more demands you satisfy, the more we’ve got.”

      The Committee of Public Safety came into being in April 1793. On July 28, 1794, Robespierre, the man who oversaw the murder of so many, was himself guillotined. Thus do revolutions consume their abettors.

      Mr. Kimball is editor and publisher of the New Criterion and president and publisher of Encounter Books.


    3. A group of students at the Claremont Colleges are in search of a roommate, but insist the roommate not be white.

      Two of the students defending the decision are Resident Advisors at Pitzer College for the 2016-2017 year.

    4. I have to think about that. Universities are nothing if they don’t seek the truth. As we all know, the facts remain the same but truths do not. Trustees and dogma change. many scientific theories and truths have fallen being replaced by who knows what?

      All truths are based on some subjective. There are no facts, only interpretations and they change.

      Like I said, I’ll have to think about it.

  25. Follow

    Donald J. TrumpVerified account

    No such meeting or conversation ever happened - a made up story by "low ratings" @CNN.


  26. DougWed Aug 10, 05:56:00 PM EDT

    How many people have any of us known that were murdered?

    (For me, as for most, the answer is ZERO)

    I own a 'weapon' that was used in a real murder !!!!

    Small tree trunk, no bark.

    Dad was assistant prosecutor in Orofino, Idaho one year, the year of the Big Heat, a town of miners, drunks and hookers, when he was starting out, and this one guy beat the other guy that was fucking 'his' girl to death with this tree trunk.

    I still have it out in the garage.

    Dad convicted the guy, then got the hell out of town, opened his own office, and did mostly legal paperwork ever after.

    He hated being in court.

    And he couldn't stand Orofino, Idaho in those days.

    He did say this defendant was a real 'dummy', dad's words.

    The other fellow, the guy that got his brains beat out, was a 'dead dummy'.

    1. Since learning of this case, I've been on my 'ban small tree trunks' campaign all my life.

    2. If the "guy was fucking 'his' girl to death", seems like he was justified.

    3. I got to thinking on it once, and I thought what if the dead dummy woulda had a .45 caliber Equalizer, would he still been a dead dummy ? Maybe not. Maybe the other guy woulda been the dead dummy. What if they'd both a had Equalizers ? What then ? Maybe they'd a both been dead dummys, or maybe neither woulda been.

      This happened more or less at closing time late at night at one of the bars. The one dummy jumped the other dummy as he was leaving, out in the street.

      What if everyone had Equalizers ?

      Maybe there woulda been 10, 15 dead dummies.

      Probably most did have Equalizers, who knows.

      Maybe there would have been peace all around, cause Deuce said once 'an armed bar is a polite bar'.

      Even used it as the title of a thread here.

      The best we dummys can do is leave it all up to Hillary, I suppose, as Rufus wants to leave everything up to Hillary, his Queen of Heaven.

      But I think we'd be dummies to do so.

    4. DougWed Aug 10, 08:14:00 PM EDT

      If the "guy was fucking 'his' girl to death", seems like he was justified.

      From the sounds of it from dad, that really wasn't the case.

      If he was actually 'fucking her to death' there must have been some odd kind of conspiracy goin' on, cause she wasn't resisting, but rather saying yes, according to the court testimonies.

      If the dumb bitch had just kept her legs together none of it would have happened.

      Seen in this light, it was all her fault.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Maybe she didn't know she was gonna die if he kept it up.

  27. Photo of the Day

    Hillary Clinton Propped Up By Man To Keep Her From Falling Over While Making Campaign Speech

  28. One begins to wonder how much longer Julian Assange is for this world.



      *Never have given this kind of speculation much credence myself.

      (but it IS a long list)

    2. How much is my number (ZERO) Divided by FIFTY?

      ...that's how guilty I am compared to The Clintons.

  29. According to the Gateway Pundit, shortly after Rich’s killing, commentators on Reddit and other “social media users were pursuing a ‘lead’ saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an ‘ongoing court case’ possibly involving the Clinton family.”

    The watchdog group Judicial Watch is involved in an ongoing court case, successfully obtaining emails related to Democratic presidential nominee’s Hillary Clinton’s roles as secretary of state and with the wealthy but ostensibly non-profit Clinton Foundation. No one from Judicial Watch was immediately available to comment to WND on the Rich case.

    It is not clear if the FBI and the Justice Department are investigating the Clinton Foundation. On Wednesday, it was reported the Justice Department denied an FBI request to open an investigation into wrongdoing within the foundation and allegations of corruption by the former secretary of state, because of what officials called insufficient evidence.

  30. US-led coalition conducts 14,000 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in 2 years

    ( Baghdad – The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) revealed on Tuesday that the US-led coalition has conducted over 14 thousand air strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since the start of its operations in August 2014.

    The Pentagon also pointed out that the majority of air strikes were conducted by American aircraft and the total cost of the aerial campaign reached 8.4 billion US dollars. The air strikes destroyed over 26 thousand targets including 143 tanks and 1,600 rockets launcher pads.

    The Pentagon in a report, said, “Since the beginning of the aerial campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in August 2014, the international coalition aircraft conducted 14,093 air strikes including 9,411 air strikes in Iraq and 4,682 air strikes in Syria.”

    “The US aircraft conducted 10,826 air strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria including 6,393 air strikes in Iraq and 4,433 air strikes in Syria,” the report added.

    The Pentagon further added, “The total cost of the aerial campaign till July 2016 reached 8.4 US billion dollars with a daily cost of 11.9 million US dollars. The number of targets that the coalition aircraft targeted in Iraq and Syria reached 26,374.”

    “The campaign resulted in the destruction of 143 tanks, 382 vehicles, 1,627 rockets launchers and 6,545 buildings belonging to ISIS,” the report stated.


    1. .

      “The campaign resulted in the destruction of 143 tanks, 382 vehicles, 1,627 rockets launchers and 6,545 buildings belonging to ISIS,” the report stated.

      Buildings belonging to ISIS?


      Not that it matters now, but did they have deeds for all those buildings?


    2. ISIS guys had Title Insurance, so the data is searchable.

    3. That's a lot of air strikes for only 25k guys driving around in pickups.

    4. ...and a shitload of houses.

  31. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.) released an unclassified Pentagon report on Wednesday detailing the extremist backgrounds of more than 100 detainees held or recently released from Guantanamo Bay military prison.


    In March, the Pentagon confirmed that former inmates from the military prison had killed Americans abroad. Ayotte called their deaths “the single most important reason” why Guantanmo must remain open.

  32. .

    The NATO coalition took over the no-fly zone in the 2011 Libyan War on March 31, 2011.

    In the 7 months between that point and the end of the war in October, 2011 the coalition flew 26,500 sorties.


  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. .

    Why America Gets Blamed in Syria

    When things go badly for declared U.S. policy in Syria, locals in the region -- regardless of which side they are on -- often conclude that what is declared is really deception: that surely the world's sole superpower cannot be as clueless as it sometimes seems. A group of visiting Lebanese Army officers, commenting on the desultory military campaign against Islamic State in eastern Syria, recently offered the view that Washington wants the terror group to survive. Syrian rebels desperately resisting besiegement in the city of Aleppo no doubt see the collaboration of the American-supported Kurdish PYD militia with Russia and the Assad regime as 'proof' that Washington supports the government of Bashar Assad. Locals find it hard to believe that what happens in Syria does not reflect American intent...


  35. Officials at the Pentagon said they could not confirm that the Islamic State’s headquarters in Sirte had fallen. Libya’s hodgepodge of militias, answering to three different factions claiming to control the country, have often been prone to exaggerated claims.

    Promilitia factions also reported that a Libyan air force warplane had been shot down by Islamic State fighters in Sirte on Wednesday.

    The territory seized by the Islamic State in Libya had been considered the most important of the group’s overseas wilayats, or provinces.

  36. I gotta laugh.

    Richard Fowler, great talker, Hillary supporter, is using the "Q" Defense - correlation doesn't equal causation - in the newest e-mail mega release 'smoking gun' revelations....

    Quirk is not nearly as good a talker though, a passable bullshitter yes, but not a good talker, not nearly so Richard Fowler....


  37. Laziness is a sign of high intelligence, suggests new study

    Apparently not doing much exercise - or much of anything else - means you're a pretty deep thinker
    Not doing much exercise could mean you are a pretty deep thinker Credit: Instagram/cat_tank

    By Helena Horton
    9 August 2016 • 2:44pm

    Couch potatoes rejoice - a new study has found that laziness correlates with high intelligence.

    The study, by scientists from Florida Gulf Coast University, found people with a high IQ rarely get bored, leading them to spend more time lost in thought.

    It suggested less intelligent people are more prone to boredom, leading them to do more physical activity as a result.

    “Ultimately, an important factor that may help more thoughtful individuals combat their lower average activity levels is awareness”
    Todd McElroy

    The researchers, led by Todd McElroy, used a psychology test to identify students who expressed a strong desire to think a lot, and those who were more keen to avoid things which were mentally taxing.

    All of the participants in the study were then fitted with fitness trackers, which monitored how much they exercised over seven days.

    The study found that people who think a lot were far less active between Monday to Friday than those who tended to avoid high-level thinking.

    There was, however, no difference over the weekend. Researchers were unable to explain why this might be.

  38. Another day at the bars:

    1. Better version:

    2. Hey! The same guy's shirt is RED in the second version, and WHITE in the first!

      WTF ?

  39. .

    Freddie Grey's Revenge

    Baltimore police face changes after blistering report

    Baltimore police officers routinely discriminate against blacks, repeatedly use excessive force and are not adequately held accountable for misconduct, according to a harshly critical Justice Department report presented Wednesday.

    (Aug. 10) AP

    A Justice Department report blasting the Baltimore Police Department for a pattern of unconstitutional behavior should help expedite a lengthy, costly and painful reform effort, city and federal officials said Wednesday.

    Reforms are already underway, and officers who committed the most egregious behavior have been fired, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said...



    The Baltimore probe was prompted by the April 2015 death of Freddie Gray, an unarmed black man fatally injured while in police custody...


    1. What do you expect from a report pumped out by the current 'Justice Department' ?

  40. Trump Prediction Update

    As you know, Donald Trump has been sinking in the polls, thanks to the Clinton campaign adopting Trump-like persuasion tactics and framing the GOP nominee as an unstable, racist maniac. That approach is working, and time is running out for Trump to change things.

    Should I update my prediction of a Trump landslide?

    For background, I endorsed Hillary Clinton (for my personal safety) but I’ve been predicting since last year that Trump would win in a landslide because of his superior persuasion skills. That situation changed this summer when Clinton abandoned her losing strategy of sticking to reality. Apparently the Clinton campaign now has help from some of the world’s top Master Persuaders, including, I believe, the one I call Godzilla. It seems that these highly-skilled influencers advised Clinton to steer clear of facts and reason and scare the hell out of voters by painting Trump as a thin-skinned, unstable racist. That approach is working.

    My personal bias is that I don’t think any 70ish-year old person (Clinton or Trump) should be president. You wouldn’t hire a 70-year old into any other type of job that requires high energy, mental flexibility, and a possible eight-years of service. Why would we do it for the most important job in the land? And keep in mind that we haven’t seen detailed medical records from either oldster.

    Objectively speaking, we are likely to have incompetent leadership – because of age alone – no matter whether Clinton or Trump wins. That should scare you.

    My prediction from last year – that Trump would win the general election in a landslide – was based on his persuasion advantage. That advantage is largely gone now because Clinton has evidently hired some weapons-grade Master Persuaders and moved to a purely emotional appeal, specifically fear. And it is working...

    1. ? WTF ?

      O'bozo is the definition of incompetence, and he's YOUNG.

      I think 'dilbert' is a young shitass himself.

    2. An 86 year old friend of mine running the hundred yard dash!

      Genes matter.

  41. Forget Motivation, Focus on Reason Why West is Losing against Islam

    Yes, there are only fools and liars defending Islam.

    August 11, 2016

    Raymond Ibrahim

    Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

    The most efficient way of solving a problem is to first break it down to its simplest parts—its bare-bone elements.

    This was the ultimate point of a recent article where I asserted that:

    When it comes to the connection between Islam and violence against non-Muslims, one fact must be embraced: the majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in the West are either liars or fools, or both.

    No other alternative exists.

    Both in the comments section on my site as well as those of other websites that carried the article, and through emails, many begged to differ. They argued that there are other alternatives and my distinction—fool, liar, or both—is too simple.

    Some argue that those Western leaders who refuse to connect Islam to violence and terrorism are simply being “politically correct,” or are “cowards,” or are bought-and-paid-for “traitors,” or are worried about their careers, or are intentionally trying to defuse a potential world conflict, i.e., “clash of civilizations.”

    Others argue that many Western leaders sincerely believe that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism because they cannot think outside the box—because they cannot transcend their own Western epistemology; or because they are “delusional,” or overly “optimistic,” etc., etc.

    Now, here’s the thing: Depending on which Western leader and/or talking head is claiming that Islam has no connection to violence—that is, on a case by case basis—all of these explanations may be true.

    Even so, they are only just that—explanations as to why they are claiming what they are claiming about Islam. None of these explanations change the fact that what they end up saying is either a direct lie, or a product of a soft brain.

    Whether it’s due to “political correctness,” “cowardice,” “treason,” or even sincere fear of international conflict, those who claim Islam is free of violence are, in the end, still liars.

    Likewise, whether it’s due to mistaken “optimism,” or the inability to think out of the Western epistemic box, or simple delusional thinking, those who cannot accept that Islam is connected to violence are, in the end, still fools.

    Incidentally, others argue that “Damage done by deceit is worse than damage done by stupidity, because it is done deliberately.” I beg to differ: damage is damage, irrespective of cause. If someone intentionally runs you over, or if someone accidentally runs you over, the end result is one: you’re dead.

    It’s important to understand these distinctions to see through the fog. Whatever their motivations or reasons, anyone who claims Islam does not teach violence and intolerance against non-Muslims is ultimately a liar or a fool, or a little bit of both—and nothing else.

    Once the issue is boiled down to this simple explanation, it becomes clear how and why an intrinsically weak Islam has become such a threat to the West. How to remedy the situation becomes even clearer: simply oust the liars and fools from power. The rest is details.

    1. Explain that magic shirt deal for us!

      ...same guy, same performance, different color shirt!

    2. I can't.

      You will have to ask Quirk.

      He's the Bar's Chameleon, and Charlatan, too.

  42. I think I'm getting bursitis in my left shoulder.

    It's been hurting like hell.

    I've been thinking of shooting my left shoulder off.

    I don't use it for anything anymore anyway.

    Cheers !

  43. It’s probably a calcium deposit.

  44. I think it's pretty shitty of Obama to "found" an organization, and then call in 14,000 Airstrikes against it.

  45. It's interesting that, after all the sturm und drang of the last year, the electoral map is sitting right where Obama and Romney left it,

    with the exception that N.C. has eased, temporarily, at least, into the Democratic Column.

    (kind of like someone, here, was predicting 6 months ago) :)

  46. Ezra Klein ✔ @ezraklein

    The candidate ahead 2 weeks after the conventions has won the popular vote in every election since 1952:

  47. Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

    Clinton down just 2 points in South Carolina -- within the MOE, per @ppppolls:

    Trump 41
    Clinton 39
    Johnson 5
    Stein 2

    Aug 9-10, MOE +/-2.7%
    Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

    SC could soon be a battleground.

    Trump's up in SC b/c he's winning seniors 58/30. Clinton leads Trump in under 65s 41/36

    -- per @ppppolls.

  48. Dozens of Republicans to urge RNC to cut off funds for Trump

    The open letter pushes the RNC to shift resources to Senate and House races.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    1. More than 70 Republicans have signed an open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus urging him to stop spending any money to help Donald Trump win in November and shift those contributions to Senate and House races.
      The letter comes as a number of Republican senators and high-profile GOP national security officials have come forward saying they cannot vote for Trump.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    2. “We believe that Donald Trump’s divisiveness, recklessness, incompetence, and record-breaking unpopularity risk turning this election into a Democratic landslide, and only the immediate shift of all available RNC resources to vulnerable Senate and House races will prevent the GOP from drowning with a Trump-emblazoned anchor around its neck,” states a draft of the letter obtained by POLITICO. “This should not be a difficult decision, as Donald Trump’s chances of being elected president are evaporating by the day.”
      Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire and former Reps. Chris Shays of Connecticut, Tom Coleman of Missouri and Vin Weber of Minnesota are among the Republicans lending their name to the letter. Close to 20 of the co-signers are former RNC staffers, including Mindy Finn (former RNC chief digital strategist), Christine Iverson Gunderson (former RNC press secretary), Virginia Hume Onufer (former RNC deputy press secretary), Beth Miller (former RNC field communications division director), Heather Layman (former deputy press secretary), B. Jay Cooper (former RNC communications director under four chairmen) and Patrick Ruffini (former RNC ecampaign director).
      Republican Andrew Weinstein, a vocal anti-Trump Republican, is one of the operatives organizing the letter, which began circulating earlier this week and is expected to be sent next week. Weinstein served as director of media relations for the Dole/Kemp presidential campaign and was deputy press secretary to then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
      Weinstein said that the letter is coming from “People who want the party to protect its majorities in the Senate and the House. It’s not an endorsement of anybody.”
      A spokesman for the RNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

    3. The letter ticks off a series of Trump actions that they believe have "alienated millions of voters of all parties,” including, attacking Gold Star families, positive comments about violent foreign leaders and encouraging Russia to find Clinton’s lost emails.
      “Those recent outrages have built on his campaign of anger and exclusion, during which he has mocked and offended millions of voters, including the disabled, women, Muslims, immigrants, and minorities,” the letter states. “He also has shown dangerous authoritarian tendencies, including threats to ban an entire religion from entering the country, order the military to break the law by torturing prisoners, kill the families of suspected terrorists, track law-abiding Muslim citizens in databases, and use executive orders to implement other illegal and unconstitutional measures.”

      Read more:
      Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook


    4. A gold star is not a gold shield. The star is to recognize the sacrifice and loss of a bereaved family. It is not a shield to shelter them from the perils and consequences of entering the political arena.


      A Look At Harry Reid’s Troubled History With Race:

      “In 1993, Reid introduced legislation that would have done away with the practice of the United States bestowing so-called “birthright citizenship” to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. On the House floor, Reid insisted that “no sane country” would decree that a child of illegal immigrants was a citizen just because he was conveniently born on its soil.” (Ruben Navarrette Jr. The Daily Beast, April 08, 2015)

      In 2008, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said on President Obama he was a “‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.’”

      Then in 2014, Reid made a joke in poor taste about Asian Americans:

      As recently as March of this year, Reid was caught telling a Muslim American she shouldn’t run for congress because she was a Muslim.

    6. “In 1993, Reid introduced legislation that would have done away with the practice of the United States bestowing so-called “birthright citizenship” to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. On the House floor, Reid insisted that “no sane country” would decree that a child of illegal immigrants was a citizen just because he was conveniently born on its soil.”

      Back before more than half the country went INSANE.


      Rufus tells us so.

      (although he, like the elites in DC, chooses not to live in an Hispanic Ghetto.)

    7. .

      Trump is a moron and a flawed vessel that is probably the only one out there that could save Hillary's bacon.

      He has a compulsion to say something, anything whether it's relevant or not, whether it's asinine or not, whether it's humorous or not, and most of the time it isn't.

      His latest brain fart regarding Clinton and the second amendment is a perfect example. I trust there is no one here that actually believes him when he says he was just talking about getting the second amendment voters out to vote. That is merely his usual post-FUBAR bull. It was clear what he meant. To me, it's obvious that he was just making a joke; but that's the point, he's too stupid to know his 'jokes' just aren't funny.


    8. Back in 2008, when reporters were asking her why she didn't drop out, she reminded them that Bobby Kennedy was shot in June.
      ...but that was no big deal, essentially saying:

      "Obama may get shot, that's why I'm not dropping out"

      Two different Worlds, Trump and Hillary live in two OPPOSITE World's, thanks to "the news."

  49. y'all might find the article on Ben Rhodes (top Obama advisor) in the nytimes magazine interesting. Just a little bit from the article:


    Oh, God,” Rhodes says. “The reason the president has bucked a lot of establishment thinking is because he does not agree with establishment thinking. Not because I or Denis McDonough are sitting here.” He pushes back in his chair. “The complete lack of governance in huge swaths of the Middle East, that is the project of the American establishment,” he declares. “That as much as Iraq is what angered me.”

    There is something dangerously naïve about this kind of talk, in which words like “balance,” “stakeholders” and “interests” are endlessly reshuffled like word tiles in a magnetic-poetry set, with little regard for the immutable contingencies that shaped America’s role in the world. But that’s hardly fair. Ben Rhodes wanted to do right, and maybe, when the arc of history lands, it will turn out that he did. At least, he tried. Something scared him, and made him feel as if the grown-ups in Washington didn’t know what they were talking about, and it’s hard to argue that he was wrong.

    What has interested me most about watching him and his cohort in the White House over the past seven years, I tell him, is the evolution of their ability to get comfortable with tragedy. I am thinking specifically about Syria, I add, where more than 450,000 people have been slaughtered.

    “Yeah, I admit very much to that reality,” he says. “There’s a numbing element to Syria in particular. But I will tell you this,” he continues. “I profoundly do not believe that the United States could make things better in Syria by being there. And we have an evidentiary record of what happens when we’re there — nearly a decade in Iraq.”


    1. "“I profoundly do not believe that the United States could make things better in Syria by being there."

      Ringing endorsement of Crooked Hillary the Gunrunner.

      And the Sheer Brilliance of THIS:

      galopn2Thu Aug 11, 08:53:00 AM EDT

      I think it's pretty shitty of Obama to "found" an organization, and then call in 14,000 Airstrikes against it.

    2. Meanwhile, Trump is trashed by 50 Ultra Ultra ESTABLISHMENT Types.

      ...the sort of fellers who wove this brilliant webs of death and destruction.

      And Obama:
      "Don't bomb those fuckers out on the open desert, wait 'til they're back in town where we can take out 6,545 houses and other collateral stuff, to include men, women, kids and grandmothers and the family dog."

      I'll twerk and smoke dope to that.

  50. .

    Sounds like Ben Rhodes gets it. But if that's true, what are we still doing there?


    1. POTUS power is constrained. I found it interesting that Obama, when just elected, said he would close Guantanamo, and Bush, when asked about that said, 'good luck with that'.

    2. Yep, real restrained: 6,545 buildings without any input from Congress whatsoever.

    3. .

      POTUS power is constrained.

      Good heavens, Ash.

      We aren't talking about a new highway bill. We are talking about foreign policy; and Congress, both sides of the aisle, willingly gave up any direct responsibility for that years ago.


    4. He hasn't been able to close Guantanamo.

  51. Since you're so smart, Quirk, tell us how they tricked our eyes with that red/white shirt routine.

    1. .

      Rumor has it he is a shapeshifter from Turkmenistan.

      I kind of doubt that. I just think that you were so slow in putting up that second video that he had time to change his shirt.


    2. She did a Hell of a job on that repeat performance.