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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

It is time to head for the exits, run, don’t walk!

Is this the beginning of the end for Donald Trump?

Maybe this is how it ends for Donald Trump: not with a bang but with a child’s whimper. 

The Republican presidential nominee, rallying supporters in a high school auditorium here, was talking about Chinese currency manipulation when an infant began to cry. 

“Don’t worry about that baby. I love babies,” he said. “Don’t worry. The mom’s running around like — don’t worry about it, you know. It’s young and beautiful and healthy, and that’s what we want.”

It was an unexpected moment of tenderness from the strongman — and it lasted precisely 55 seconds. 

“Actually, I was only kidding: You can get the baby out of here,” he said when the child continued to cry. “I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking. That’s okay. People don’t understand, that’s okay.”
There were murmurs and some uncomfortable laughter.

After attacking prisoners of war, virtually every racial minority in the United States and even the parents of a fallen U.S. soldier, it was perhaps just a matter of time until Trump got around to attacking a mother and her baby.

It was all part of an hour-long show in which Trump called the country a disaster; described Hillary Clinton as a “thief,” a “crook” and the “Devil”; celebrated his own golf course (“I have tremendous acreage”); praised Vladimir Putin; renewed the bogus charge that the Islamic State “stole our passport machine”; and continued on while event staff escorted out silent protesters who wore T-shirts that said “Black Lives Matter” and “Islam is Peace” and who did nothing more than make peace signs with their fingers.

Before the event, a group of local college-age kids had stocked up on “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts and Trump baseball caps. After the event, the previously Trump-leaning kids pronounced themselves unimpressed.
“That was a waste of time,” said Davis Rosser.

“I learned he really likes himself,” said John McDermott.

Trump: 'Get the baby out of here'

When a baby's wailing interrupted his rally in Ashburn, Va., Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump first joked that he likes crying babies, then recanted, saying, "You can get the baby out of here." (The Washington Post)
“And he has a golf course,” added Andrew Celio. 

So would they vote for Trump? 

“I’m less inclined,” said Celio. 

“I’ll grudgingly vote for Hillary,” said Rosser.

Add those straws in the wind to the massive blowback now building against Trump’s candidacy. He has for his entire campaign operated under the theory that all publicity is good publicity, that he’ll dominate at the polls if he can dominate each news cycle with his latest outrage — and, for a long time, it worked.

But the act is wearing thin. He has faced building criticism from conservatives and fellow Republicans for encouraging Russia to hack Clinton’s emails, for apparently being unaware of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and for senselessly and repeatedly attacking the Muslim parents of a slain American soldier. His refusal Tuesday to support Paul Ryan or John McCain in their primaries (both men are supporting him) will surely heighten the criticism. 

Polls show Clinton rebuilding the substantial lead she had before the conventions and before the FBI director’s scalding comments on her emails. And Trump for the first time appears to be contemplating the possibility of defeat. 

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, in an interview with Breitbart broadcast Friday, said Trump should begin talking about voter fraud, suggesting “this election will be illegitimate.” Sure enough, on Monday, Trump told a crowd that “I’m afraid the election’s gonna be rigged.” He resumed the theme here on Tuesday, saying “we’re running against a rigged system,” which was also “rigged against Bernie Sanders.” 

The high school was a small venue for Trump and could fit only about half of the 2,000 who showed up. But he gave the crowd a full dose of fear: “We are like the whipping post . . . they’re killing us . . . ripped us to shreds . . . another Venezuela . . . a war zone.”

He also brought onstage a veteran who offered Trump his Purple Heart. “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart,” said Trump, whose multiple deferments kept him out of Vietnam. “This was much easier.”

Trump supporters I spoke with embraced his fear of a “rigged” election. But there are signs that Trump’s paranoia and vindictiveness are losing their power, even among insiders. When I arrived at the media entrance here, I expected to be turned away, because Trump’s nominal blacklist of The Post remains in effect. (He later granted an interview to The Post’s Philip Rucker.) 

To my surprise, an event staffer handed me a credential — apparently this person’s regard for the First Amendment exceeded his regard for Trump — and I was safely seated in the press section before a Trump aide, in the vain hope of evicting me, came to tell me I was admitted “in error.”

No. The error was Trump’s belief that, in a free society, you can ban news organizations from public events. It’s welcome to see Republicans, conservatives and even some Trump supporters tiring of his assaults on democracy and decency. 

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  1. Why would Trump accept some Veteran’s Purple Heart and then go on to let the story of the day be about him getting annoyed with a crying baby?

  2. The only crying I heard came from the Republicans realizing the Captain has lost his marbles.

    The Clintons cannot believe their luck.

  3. Well Rufus, you called this one!

  4. Trump refuses to back Ryan and McCain threatening GOP civil war

    * Trump’s non-endorsement marks a massive break in convention and further stokes turmoil in Republican party

    * Donald Trump kicks baby out of his rally in Virginia for crying

    * ‘Unfit to serve’: Obama in strongest attack yet on Trump

    * Trump accepts Purple Heart from veteran, says ‘easier’ than combat

    * Trump’s fight with Khan family draws attention to Vietnam draft dodge

  5. Meg Whitman, the chief executive of Hewlett Packard and prominent Republican fundraiser, revealed that she is placing “country before party” and backing Hillary Clinton for president.

    The Silicon Valley billionaire’s endorsement of the Democratic nominee comes as a blow to the Trump campaign as it is embroiled in multiple controversies and struggles to retain support within the GOP.

    1. “I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her,” she told the New York Times in a Tuesday interview.

  6. Ms Whitman is the first of America’s financial elite to fully defect from the Republican party and lend their support to Ms Clinton.

    It is time to head for the exits, run, don’t walk!

  7. ‘Unfit to be president': Obama hammers Trump with harshest comments yet

    President questions Republicans who condemn Trump’s divisive statements but continue to endorse his candidacy: ‘What does this say about your party?’

  8. Hillary needs to do nothing more than to take the rest of the month off and rest.

  9. Rufus has never called a thing in his entire life. A perpetual loser at poker, and betting in general(do I know this personally !) and totally off the wall in his military predictions, he has totally blocked out and missed the REAL NEWS of the day......the beginning of the desperation "slut slimming" of Melania by the Dems.....if you want to go broke quick follow Ruf's advice.........he even had Trump losing UTAH the other day....It's gonna be Trump in a landslide of epic proportions.....the American People are sick of the shit the dems have put us through.....

    1. (WARNINNG : Do Not Make Money Bets With Rufus - You are likely to win, and certain not to be paid)

    2. (WARNING: Do Not Make Money Bets With Rufus - You are likely to win, and certain not to be paid)

    3. General '4th of July' Rufus predicted ISIS would be totally erased from Iraq over a year ago....

    4. Meanwhile Quart continues to hide out under mother's bed, claiming he can't find anyone of his caliber to converse with here, afraid to even bring up a topic, he had been wrong so many times......

  10. The 'Rufus Economy' is growing at a mighty 1%, or less, and he talks this up as a victory.......

  11. Off to do very early errands.....

    Cheers !

  12. Rufus was relying on this 'poll' just yesterday -

    Phantom polls and pipe dreams: Utah and Arizona in play?

    posted at 9:01 pm on August 2, 2016 by Ed Morrissey

    Could Utah go Democrat for the first time in more than 50 years? If this sounds like a political fantasy-league bet, you’re not far off. A purported new poll from the Salt Lake Tribune and the Hinckley Institute puts Hillary Clinton slightly ahead of Donald Trump after the national conventions, 36/35. The only problem with the poll is its composition, which we’ll get to in a moment:

    Sounds bad for Trump, eh? Well, there’s one wee issue with this poll … it doesn’t exist. As in literally doesn’t exist, and not just a Bidenesque “literally.” The Washington Post’s Philip Bump wondered why he couldn’t get to the raw data, either at the Tribune or Hinckley websites, and got this very strange explanation:......

  13. Before I 'get productive' -

    Poke this in your backside, Quirk:

    "Q"Nit of the Day: Ohio, USA -

    Ohio Muslim pleads guilty to jihad plot to attack US Capitol for the Islamic State
    By Robert Spencer on Aug 02, 2016 04:48 am

    Ohio Muslim pleads guilty to jihad plot to attack US Capitol for the Islamic State
    Yet another convert to Islam gets the idea that treason and murder are required by his new religion. Authorities continue to ignore this phenomenon entirely, no matter how often it happens. “Ohio Man, ISIS Sympathizer Pleads Guilty to Charges He Planned U.S. Capitol Attack,” by Ginny McCabe, Reuters, August 1, 2016: CINCINNATI (Reuters)–An Ohio man […]
    Read in browser »

  14. "Poor Rufus, he's never been right about anything, but he's such a dear."



  15. I have never seen a guy (Trump) walk in to so many sucker punches. Having said that, the Dims have also done an excellent job throwing the punches and using straw man arguments to further denigrate him. Voting for the despicable HRC is still not an option and never will be. At least not for me.

    1. I will not vote for Clinton. I cannot vote for Trump. If Clinton gets elected, it will be more of the same. If Trump gets elected things may never be the same. Trump is not worth the risk.

      It should be obvious to everyone that our political system is broken.



      Gary Johnson and William Weld offer a breath of fresh air to a presidential election that is otherwise consumed by divisive partisan rhetoric. Both Johnson and Weld were former two-term Governors and both won re-election by appealing not just to their party, but to all voters. In fact, William Weld won his second term with the largest margin of victory in the history of Massachusetts.

      Join Gov. Johnson and Gov. Weld as they bring proven leadership to the White House.

  16. Crooked will beat crazy every time.

  17. Evidently, Joe Scarborough told the story, this morning, about how Donald Trump asked a Security Expert 3 times in a one hour briefing, "why can't we just use our Nukes?"

    Michael Hayden made the point that "the keys to the nukes" means exactly what it says; the President of the United States can launch anytime he wants - immediately.

  18. Gallup Good Jobs chart continues to power Up:

    New all-time high.

    Gallup Good Jobs Chart

    1. U.S. Consumers Report a Surge in Spending in July

      Highest since July, 2008

      Up Yuuuge from June

    2. U.S. Light Vehicle Sales increase to 17.8 million annual rate in July


      Vehicle Sales

  19. Iraqi Military Demonstrates New Skills in Mosul Campaign

    INCIRLIK, Turkey, Aug. 2, 2016 — Military personnel unfortunately are all too familiar with the IED – improvised explosive device – and the VBIED – vehicle-borne IED. But not too many service members are familiar with the TreeBIED or the FridgeBIED.

    Iraqi army forces had to deal with tree-borne and refrigerator-borne IEDs during recent operations to build and defend a bridge over the Tigris River. It is a sign of the growing capabilities of Iraqi security forces that they took it in stride.

    Iraqi military engineers installed a bridge over the Tigris near Qayyarah. The span -- called an improved river bridge – connects the 9th Iraqi Army Division on the west side of the river and the 15th Iraqi Army Division on the east. “It is a sophisticated operation for even well-established militaries,” Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said to reporters traveling with him.

    On his current overseas trip, Dunford spent two days in Iraq receiving briefings in Baghdad and Irbil, and two days in Turkey speaking with Turkish leaders in Ankara and meeting American service members at Incirlik Air Base.

    Bridge Provides Mobility for Iraqi Troops

    The Qayyarah bridge is the only span across the Tigris between Mosul and Baghdad. A civilian bridge once spanned the river, but the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant had been using it, so coalition aircraft had to destroy it.

    The military bridge gives Iraqi troops mobility, allowing reinforcements and materials to cross easily. It also helps to isolate ISIL fighters. Building it is a key accomplishment in the campaign to retake Mosul from ISIL control, officials in Baghdad said. While American combat engineers observed the operation, they had no role in building the span, officials noted.

    1. The bridge across the Tigris is about 200 meters long, and Iraqi military engineers built approaches on either side. The engineers were under fire when they started, but Iraqi soldiers forced ISIL fighters away and construction proceeded, officials in Irbil said. “There was a bit of a bend in it at first, because they anchored it a bit loosely against the current, but they tightened it up and it is working very well now,” one official said. The engineers also built the defenses for the bridge, and that is important, the official added, as ISIL fighters recognize the strategic importance of the span and have tried to destroy it.

      Tree and Refrigerator Bombs

      Hence, the TreeBIED and FridgeBIED. ISIL bomb makers hollowed out trees, packed them with explosives, and put them in the river upstream from the bridge. The idea was that the trees would float down the river and explode next to the span. It didn’t work. The Iraqi defenses caught the ploy, and the span was never in danger.

      Next, ISIL bomb makers packed a refrigerator with explosives and put that in the river. Again, the defenses caught the bomb and engineers disposed of the threat. Iraqi engineers also have placed defenses on the downstream side of the bridge.

      ISIL fighters now are reduced to lobbing mortars at the bridge. “They fire two or three shells at a time,” the official said. “They can’t do any more, because coalition air would kill them if they stayed any longer.”

      The terror group has not come close to hitting the bridge yet.

      Iraqi combat engineers may get a chance to practice their bridge-building skills closer to Mosul as the campaign to retake the city continues. Until then, they are keeping their eyes open for more TreeBIEDs.

      (Follow Jim Garamone on Twitter: @GaramoneDoDNews)


  20. Despite all the "Good Economic News" posted ad nauseum here by Rufus:

    SIMPLY THE WORST=> Obama is First President Ever to Not See Single Year of 3% GDP Growth

    Barack Obama will be the only U.S. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth.

    According to Louis Woodhill, if the economy continues to perform below 2.67% GDP growth rate this year, President Barack Obama will leave office with the fourth worst economic record in US history.

    Assuming 2.67% RGDP growth for 2016, Obama will leave office having produced an average of 1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)

    1. Teddy, an icon of the GOP
      Johnson, Abe Lincoln's VP
      and Herbert Hoover ... well another member of the GOP

    2. Obama, saddled with the GOP in Congress for most of his tenure.
      It is telling in his results, the immense influence the GOP had on his administration.

  21. Fox News Poll - Clinton +10 (+9 with Gary Johnson in race)

    Fox Poll

  22. Newt Gingrich just said Donald Trump is ‘more unacceptable’ than Hillary Clinton
    2:41 p.m. ET

    Even Donald Trump's most outspoken supporters think he has gone overboard with his recent attacks on the family of a slain Muslim-American soldier, his refusal to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan, and his reported comments around nuclear weapons. Newt Gingrich, who was vetted as a possible vice presidential pick by Trump, said Wednesday that the Republican nominee is now proving he is even "more unacceptable" than Hillary Clinton:

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, one of Trump's most loyal defenders, warned that his friend was in danger of throwing away the election and helping to make Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton president unless he quickly changes course.

    "The current race is which of these two is the more unacceptable, because right now neither of them is acceptable," Gingrich said in a Wednesday morning telephone interview. "Trump is helping her to win by proving he is more unacceptable than she is."

    Gingrich said Trump has only a matter of weeks to reverse course. "Anybody who is horrified by Hillary should hope that Trump will take a deep breath and learn some new skills," he said. "He cannot win the presidency operating the way he is now. She can't be bad enough to elect him if he's determined to make this many mistakes." [The Washington Post]


    1. When the Newt bails on Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson's choice ...

      "... proving he is more unacceptable than she is."

      We know the end of Trump is nigh

  23. Donald Trump's highly-criticized, crime-ridden Atlantic City eyesore, the Taj Mahal, will close after Labor Day weekend due to an ongoing strike by union members, The Associated Press reports. The hotel was opened in 1990 by Trump, although it now belongs to his friend, Carl Icahn; the hotel still prominently bears the Republican nominee's name.

  24. Rufus will cheer this, as he's always for a tax increase as long as somebody else does the paying -

    Hillary Calls For Tax Increase on Middle Class, Crowd Cheers...
    Buffett nods in approval....

    My sources tell me confiscation of limos is on the table, waiting for the 'right moment'.....


  25. Thankfully, there is another Free Hawaii Trip drawing tonight, so if I win I'll be within spitting distance of New Zealand/Australia.....

  26. Great new extortion idea by BLM.....reparations for slavery.

    I think Rufus and Family ought to be first to step up to that plate.

    For Cherokee enslavement of human beings too....

    On the other hand, the descendants of Northern whites who fought and died battling slavery ought to get some big whopping payments too....that might be ME, I have to do some real research....

    "Fair must be fair or all 'tis foul"

    The Bard did not say this, far as I know, I said it.

    1. Did you know that the first slave owned in USA was owned by a black man ?

      How do we handle this, in the reparations game ?

    2. Did you know that some of the freed southern blacks created Liberia and.......set up a brand new system of slavery with themselves as Master ?

      How does this sad fact fit in to the reparations game ?

  27. Having left you with all these quandaries.....

    Cheers !

    1. (on mom's side we were here in the late 1600's)

    2. bobal Sat Sep 06, 09:21:00 PM EDT
      After an eight year law suit with most of my relatives, I've finally found some sanity on line.


      bobal Sat Sep 06, 09:22:00 PM EDT
      If cousin Sally dies, I'll joyfully let ya all know.

  28. Question #20

    The "getting ahead" number is the Highest since 2007

    The "falling behind" number is the Lowest since 2007

    1. Your numberin' is bullshit, as usual.

      Cheers ! to you, o son of slavers.....


    2. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, he knows numbers.

      Bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback.

      No, Robert, it REALLY WAS stealing.

  29. Anyone with Cherokee blood ought to be forced to give up half their worldly goods, and 3/4's of their incomes now and as long as their lives shall last as reparations for slavery, and torture too.

    The Cherokee were world class in the torture category.

  30. Rufus gets his 'talking points' from USA Today.

    out, having run out of mean things to say about Rufus


    1. Well, we will let Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson speak for himself, about himself

      Ash Sun Oct 19, 08:18:00 PM EDT
      bobal said...
      It's a matter of race, showing lack of character.

      Colon Powell, a step and fetch nigger all along

      bobal said...

      Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

      bobal said...

      Colon Powell is a black piece of shit, selling out the enlightenment.

      bobal said...
      Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

      I'm finished.

      bobal said...

      Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

      bobal said...

      Powell is a black racist, like the others.

      bobal said...
      Colin Powell served as a kitchen nigger,

      bobal said...

      All the Aryans came from southern
      California, and elsewhere.

      You are a smart ass bitch.

      bobal said...
      We're not talking about McCain today, we are trying to understand a black piece of crap.

      bobal said...
      He lugged water for W.

      Now, he is sucking Obama's dick.

      Black piece of crap.

      Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

      Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

      Well, I'm taking a shower, and going for a walk, and don't take back anything I've said

      You want to know the truth bobal, I've been wondering, seriously, about you these last few weeks. You seem like such a nice guy but my respect for you collapased before today. And now, after seeing your recent posts, my opinion is cemented - you are fuckin' demented. You are a fucked in the head dude. No kidding! Canada is NOT the place for you.


  31. “I’m pulling for him, but he’s not driving on the pavement. He’s in the ditch,”

    said Henry Barbour, an RNC member and longtime strategist in Mississippi.

    “At some point, he needs to be immeasurably better than Hillary Clinton, but he’s not going to have an opportunity to govern if he doesn’t begin to bring Republicans together and then, eventually, bring independents and even Democrats on board and convince them that he can do this job,” Barbour said.

    Barbour said he, like others, has been frustrated by missed opportunities since the Democratic National Convention ended Thursday night. “The last several days have made this election a referendum on Donald Trump. We want this to be a referendum on Hillary Clinton and the wrong direction the country’s on.”

    You can't always get what you want, Henry.


  32. Violent Weekend in Mexico

    Police in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco say eight people were killed there on Sunday and the bodies of another three found in a shallow grave.

    At least 16 people were left dead in two massacres in the Mexican states of Michoacan and Guerrero.

    A justice of the peace was gunned down near a community outside Tixtla, a city in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, over the weekend, state prosecutors said.

  33. I’m going to step out on a limb here. Trump is out of the race in August.

  34. GOOGLE SEARCH: will trump quit?
    Image for the news result
    What Would Happen If Donald Trump Quit the Race?
    New York Magazine‎ - 9 hours ago

    If Trump does in fact withdraw very late, then it will mostly supply support to another ...
    BREAKING: Top Republicans Think Trump Will Quit, Already Looking For A Replacement
    Occupy Democrats‎ - 7 hours ago

    The RNC Can Legally Dump Donald Trump but It Has to Act Fast
    Daily Beast‎ - 10 hours ago

    More news for will trump quit?
    Here's What Happens If Trump Decides to Quit | The Fiscal Times
    The Fiscal Times
    1 day ago - If there is one thing Donald Trump hates, it’s a L-O-S-E-R. ... the election will be rigged, a reasonable question to ask is: Will Trump fire himself?

    BREAKING: Top Republicans Think Trump Will Quit, Already Looking ...

    BREAKING: Top Republicans Think Trump Will Quit, Already Looking For A Replacement. By Marissa. Posted on August 3, 2016. 10.2K Shares. Share. Tweet.
    Republicans think Trump might quit — so they're scrambling to find a ...
    The Raw Story

    12 hours ago - One top official told me if Trump had gone on vacation for the past two weeks, he would be in the lead. But, yes, he can still raise money and ...
    The RNC Can Legally Dump Donald Trump but It Has to Act Fast - The ...

    The Daily Beast
    10 hours ago - The RNC Can Legally Dump Donald Trump but It Has to Act Fast ... In September , if Trump were to quit or get fired, it's possible that his name ...

    Should GOP leaders ask Trump to quit? | MSNBC
    12 hours ago - ... over Donald Trump's campaign, should more party leaders request that he quit the race? ... Will Trump's latest moves be a tipping point? info.

    Will Donald Trump Quit The Presidential Race This Week? | Justin ...
    Jul 18, 2016 - Exiting the race at the RNC gives Trump his most tantalizing possibility of ... If he leaves by the end of this week, this is how (and why) he'll do it.

    How Is Donald Trump Going to Quit? - Gawker
    Jun 21, 2016 - So when his numbers start dropping, as they inevitably will and already have, Donald Trump is going to save face the best way he knows how: ...

    Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election? He Doesn't Rule It ... New York Times

    Jul 7, 2016 - Some in political circles still feel Mr. Trump could decline to be president if elected. “I'll let you know how I feel about it after it happens,” he told ...

    1. Surprise:
      All the LIBERAL Rags don't like Trump and do love Crooked Hillary.

      Will wonders never cease.

  35. Trump will need the money. Not only is Clinton ahead, she also has a big advantage among the major donors.

    Many of the GOP’s so-called whales have declined to help Trump. Among them is Meg Whitman, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise chief executive who ran unsuccessfully for governor of California in 2010.


    Even if Trump were to pick up his fundraising pace, he faces stiff organizational challenges, particularly if he loses support from the RNC.

  36. "In 2008 and 2010, voters did not draw distinctions," Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party told The New York Times. "It was not like Passover, where the door was marked, 'This one should be spared.'

    No, the Angel of Death came in and said 'Let's kill them all'."

    Meanwhile, Trump goes on his merry way – he didn't know what Brexit was, but maybe he feels it.

  37. Syria Government forces have advanced on Aleppo in recent weeks, imposing a siege on the opposition-held eastern part of the city since early last month.

    In a statement, the UN children's fund UNICEF said it is extremely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of children caught up in the violence in Aleppo, reporting that children make up a third of the 300,000 residents trapped in rebel-held besieged neighbourhoods.

    The observatory said 25 civilians were killed in Aleppo and Idlib on Wednesday by Syrian and Russian forces including 10 children, while 10 civilians including 4 children were killed overnight in rebel shelling of government-controlled districts in western Aleppo.

  38. Hyon Kwang Il, director of the scientific research department at the North's National Aerospace Development Administration, told The Associated Press last week that Pyongyang's military had mastered "the main and core techniques in long-range ballistic missile technology, including the starter engine technology, how to separate the different stages, guidance control techniques and re-entry and it's all ready to be operational."

    North Korea is known to have an arsenal of estimated 300 Rodong missiles whose maximum range is 1,300 kilometers (800 miles). A Rodong fired in March flew about 800 kilometers (500 miles) while two other Rodongs launched in 2014 flew about 650 kilometers (400 miles).
    North Korea is expected to carry out more weapons launches in coming weeks to protest annual U.S.-South Korean military drills that begin later this month. North Korea describes the drills as an invasion rehearsal.

  39. I see psycho rat crapper - Dead Beat Dad - is out stalking again.

    First thing he does.

    2/3 of the people here judged him as having serious mental problems.

    He displays them every day.

    It's really a shame he isn't tucked away somewhere, but allowed to run free here.

    He is cathected, but doesn't know the meaning of the term in psychological use.

    He is a sad case.

  40. Political Scientist on O'Reilly says Trump has 87% chance to be next President.

    Watch Fox for up to date political reporting.

    USA Today will lead you wrong.

  41. Billionaires have given 49 MILLION TO HILLARY.

    ...19,000 to Trump.

    Vote Hillary! The Billionaires need your help.

    Whitman doesn't even qualify as a RINO.

    Just an ugly greedy cunt wanting more foreign workers to make more billions.

    (Hp hires 70 percent foreign workers.)

    1. The Democrats are the Party of the Super Rich.


      "Q"Nit of the Day: Central London, England -

      'Terrorist' knife attack in central London
      1 woman killed, 5 injured...
      'I heard scream, then I saw blood'....DRUDGE

    2. (I don't have to send "Q", aka Bobby Trippe, to Gaza to give him an education, Central London will do nearly as well these days)

  42. "The Rufus Economy" continues to go nowhere really fast -

    ADP: Private sector added only 179,000 jobs in July

    posted at 7:01 pm on August 3, 2016 by Ed Morrissey

  43. OOHH!-o

    Trump called 'loud mouth dick' on CNN....DRUDGE

    Has Quirk scored a CNN gig ?

    1. David Axelrod did.

      CNN has Axelrod, ABC has Steponallofus... it's unbiased reporting.

  44. PHILIPPINE President Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte is set to name up to 50 officials allegedly involved in drugs as state-sanctioned street executions of civilians soar to 600.


    The officials about to be unmasked in the “executive kill list” can consider themselves dead men walking unless they turn themselves in and confess.


    More than 120,000 drug addicts — most of them shabu (ice) dependent — have been forced to “surrender” to police since Duterte took office in May.

    1. That guy is not screwing around and the people seem to really support him.

  45. (sshhhshhhhpootysgottheemailsshhhpootysgothillarybythetitties)

  46. Konstantin Kosachev, head of the international affairs committee in the Federation Council, told the Izvestia newspaper last week that under a Trump presidency, “a certain window of possibilities may naturally appear.” But not all those possibilities may be desirable, he added.

    “The set of options is significantly wider” with Trump, he said. “Amazingly, they change the current situation both for the better and for the worse.

    Trump is not predictable enough.”

  47. August 3, 2016

    Khizr Khan’s writings discovered subordinating US Constitution to sharia law

    By Thomas Lifson

    He was presented to the nation as a Constitution-loving (he carries a pocket copy, dontcha know!) immigrant who just happens to be from Pakistan, but it turns out that Khizr Khan is a recognized scholar on sharia law. And in his published writings, he seems to approve of subordinating the Constitution to Allah’s own sharia. Paul Sperry reports at Breitbart:

    Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” Western law — including the very Constitution he championed in his Democratic National Convention speech attacking GOP presidential nod Donald Trump.

    In 1983, for example, Khan wrote a glowing review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called “Human Rights In Islam” in which he singles out for praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement.

    Khan speaks admiringly of Brohi’s interpretation of human rights, even though it included the right to kill and mutilate those who violate Islamic laws and even the right of men to “beat” wives who act “unseemly.”

    Brohi has quite a few “accomplishments” for Khan to admire:

    [Brohi] restored Sharia punishments, such as amputations for theft and demands that rape victims produce four male witnesses or face adultery charges. He also made insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad a crime punishable by death. To speed the Islamization of Pakistan, he and Zia issued a law that required judges to consult mullahs on every judicial decision for Sharia compliance.

    And as for Khan’s wife, the silent Gold Star Mother:

    Brohi goes on to argue that human rights bestowed by Islam include the right of men to “beat” their wives.

    “The best statement of the human rights is also to be found in the address delivered by the prophet [Muhammad] so often described as his last address,” Brohi said, quoting: “ ‘You have rights over your wives and they have rights over you. You have the right that they should not defile your bed and that they should not behave with open unseemliness. If they do, God allows you to put them in separate rooms and to beat them but not with severity.’”

    Khan touted the supremacy of sharia:

    Khan provides his own advocacy for Sharia law in a separate academic paper titled “Juristic Classification of Islamic Law,” which he also wrote in 1983, while studying in Saudi Arabia.

    “The invariable and basic rules of Islamic law are only those prescribed in the Shari’ah,” Khan writes. “All other juridical works… must always be subordinated to the Shari’ah.”

    He explains that Sharia is derived from the Quran and Sunnah, and that the Quran “is the absolute authority from which springs the very conception of legality and every legal obligation.”

    What if sharia happens to conflict with the U.S. Constitution? I’d like to see if Khan has addressed that point in further detail.

    Hat tip: Lee Cary

    1. But of course he subordinates the US Constitution to Sharia Law.

      What the hell you think he'd be doing ?

      He's moslem, is he not ?

      Were you born yesterday ?

    2. What this means of course is that he is advocating the overthrown of the US Constitution.

      Which means he is advocating treason.

  48. Wouldn’t it be a kick to get GOP runner-up Ted Cruz to hold a hearing on Donald Trump?


    There’s certainly no love lost between Trump and Cruz, who declined to endorse Trump in his GOP convention speech. But Democrats, no doubt, would enjoy a forum for highlighting that division along with their contempt for Trump and concerns about possible Russian involvement in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee's email account.

    Investigate Trump

  49. Greece already has plans to apply for membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, arguably the first of many collisions between the newly created Eastern Institutions and the half-century-old Western institutions. The West’s opposition, or at least resistance to, free trade may accelerate the trend.

    According to a recent Pew poll, Americans support free trade agreements by a narrow margin. Certainly, there are downsides to free trade, but it would be a mistake for the United States to abandon it.

    China and its growing penumbra of institutions are viable options in the case the United States drops the ball. The United States is not the only trade game in town.

  50. .

    Hillary Clinton: Luckiest Woman in the World?

    All Trump had to do was shut up and keep his mouth shut. But he didn't. Now, the question is which is worse, that he hasn't or what would have happened if he had.

    Opportunity Costs

    Opportunity cost. That's an economist's term for what you lose when you divert your investments and attention to something less profitable. It's also a good term for the losses Donald Trump has incurred in the last six days — 6 percent of the 101 days between the close of the conventions and the election in November.

    Trump has spent much of that time attacking the father and mother of a Muslim U.S. serviceman killed in Iraq. He has made a point of refusing to support Paul Ryan or John McCain in their upcoming primaries. He accepted someone else's Purple Heart and said that his business investments amounted to "sacrifices."

    Even if you think Trump's remarks were defensible, you should be able to see how a hostile press would depict them in the most damaging way. The mainstream media inevitably slants things against Republicans. You may not like it, but if you're a rational adult you take it into account.

    The opportunity cost for Trump and for his party is that he failed to direct attention to what he could have made Hillary Clinton's glaring weaknesses.

    One was highlighted by the weak gross domestic figures announced Friday, showing very tepid growth this year. Clinton, as the candidate of the incumbent party, had to promise to continue and extend its macroeconomic policies. The GDP figures make a powerful case against that.
    Another was Clinton's performance on the Sunday talk shows. FBI Director James Comey "said that my answers were truthful," Clinton said. Of course Comey said the opposite, that repeated Clinton statements about her emails were untrue. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler gave her a maximum four Pinocchio's for her statement to the contrary.

    She also said that the multiple family members of those slain in Benghazi who said, back then and now, that she attributed the attacks to protests at a video must have been mistaken about what they heard. Sure.

    Trump thus had plenty of fresh raw material to fill multiple campaign days discussing the mendaciousness of "Crooked Hillary." He might even have raised the more unnerving possibility that, surrounded as she typically has been by a sycophantic coterie, she actually believes what she said. No one wants a president who is delusional.

    The third opportunity cost for the Trump campaign is time missed attacking Clinton for the most leftward party platform and agenda ever, as Ross Douthat argued in his New York Times column.

    Did Trump ever actually want to be president? Can anyone act as stupid as him without actually intending to torpedo his own campaign? Is he really as stupid as those who continue to support him?

    The funny thing is the Dems seem to be falling into the same trap. Obama and Hillary are both all over Trump for his comments. Just like Trump, the Dems just don't get it. Never attempt to murder a person when they are committing suicide.

    There's still three months to go. It remains to be seen who will prove to be the most inept come November 8.


    1. Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

      Also on HuffPost...


  51. Well, if the suicide attempt goes a little askew, politically speaking, one might try to help it along a bit.

    Hey, Quirk, if I win the free Hawaii Trip for Two, can I take Maria with me ?

    1. (jeez, what in hell am I asking him for ?)

    2. (particularly since she already said 'yes')

  52. 'Hillary in Prison' in Iowa parade float -

    Ha ha hahahahaha

  53. Hedge Funds for Hillary

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has received around $48.5 million from seven financial firms alone, compared to $19,000 donated to rival Donald Trump.

    WSJ markets editor John Carney joins Tanya Rivero to discuss why some Wall Street hedge funds are backing Clinton.

  54. Wow! Only Memorable Moment from DNC Convention Was ALL A LIE! Khizr Khan Believes Sharia Trumps Constitution

    Khizr M. Khan has published papers supporting the supremacy of Islamic law over “man-made” Western law — including the very Constitution he championed in his Democratic National Convention speech attacking GOP presidential nod Donald Trump.

    In 1983, for example, Khan wrote a glowing review of a book compiled from a seminar held in Kuwait called “Human Rights In Islam” in which he singles out for praise the keynote address of fellow Pakistani Allah K. Brohi, a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was one of the closest advisers to late Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia ul-Haq, the father of the Taliban movement.

    August 3, 2016

    Khizr Khan, the Muslim "Gold Star Father" who harangued Americans at the Democratic National Convention, with a mute, hijab-wearing wife at his side, is just another in a long string of human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies. The "Jersey Girls" were the classic example, first described in that magnificent book Godless: The Church of Liberalism.

    In order to shut down a debate they're losing, Democrats find victims to make their arguments for them, pre-empting counter-argument by droning on about the suffering of their victim-spokesperson. Alternative opinions must be preceded by proof that the speaker has "sacrificed" more than someone who lost a child, a husband, or whatever.

    Khan's argument, delivered angrily and in a thick Pakistani accent at the DNC, is that "our" Constitution requires us to continue the nonstop importation of Muslims.

    If the U.S. Constitution required us to admit more than 100,000 Muslims a year -- as we do -- we'd already be living in Pakistan, and Khan wouldn't have had to move to get that nice feeling of home. So the "argument" part of Khan's point is gibberish.

    Luckily, Khan had Part Two: His son died in Iraq, whereas Donald Trump does not have a son who died in Iraq, so he can't say anything.

    Yes, a candidate for president of the United States is supposed to be prohibited from discussing a dangerous immigration program because Khan's son was one of fourteen (14!) Muslim servicemen killed by other Muslims in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's why we're obligated to import yet more Muslims – including, undoubtedly, some just like the ones who killed his son. Q.E.D.!

    If you think that doesn't make any sense, keep your yap shut, unless you lost a child in Iraq, too.

    There were virtually no Muslims in America before Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act. Today, we admit more immigrants from Muslim countries than from Great Britain.

    Are Americans allowed to have an opinion on whether that's a good idea?

    So far, it's worked out great!

    1. In addition to the sudden appearance of honor killings, clitorectomies, hijabs and massive government frauds, Muslim immigrants have given us: The most devastating terrorist attack in world history, followed by terrorist attacks at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Times Square, Vaughan Foods in Oklahoma, San Bernardino and an Orlando nightclub, among other places.

      We've admitted 2 million Muslims just since 9/11 – that’s more than had been admitted before 9/11. If we don't make it 3 million, we're monsters? May we ask how many Muslims Khan's mystery Constitution requires -- or is that out of bounds unless we had a child who died in Iraq?

      Apparently, sending out a victim to make their argument was the only option left for the "Make America Muslim!" crowd.

      After Trump somehow got the crazy idea that a presidential candidate was allowed to discuss government policies and proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration -- which, by the way, is perfectly constitutional -- the entire media and political class erupted in a sputtering rage.

      Conscience of a Nation, Speaker Paul Ryan proclaimed: "That's not who we are." Jeb! Bush made the subtle and clever argument that Trump was "unhinged." Marco Rubio called any pause in Muslim immigration "offensive." ABC News' Jonathan Karl called Trump's plan "outrageous" -- which was way better than MSNBC, where Trump was compared to white supremacists and Nazis.

      White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Trump had "disqualifie(d)" himself from "serving as president" for suggesting any slowdown in Muslim immigration. Vice President Joe Biden -- tribune of blue-collar Americans everywhere! -- said that if Trump were the nominee, Hillary would "win in a walk."

      Then it turned out Trump's Muslim ban was a huge hit with actual voters. Hillary, who promises to quadruple the number of Syrian "refugees" we bring in, is quite far from winning "in a walk."

      So the media and political class had no choice: They had to produce a victim to make their argument, in order to block any response. For their next trick, Democrats plan to produce a little girl whose parents were recently murdered to present their tax plan. (Better make sure they weren't killed by an illegal alien!)

      Does anyone know what Khan thinks of gays? How about miniskirts? Alcohol? Because I gather we're going to have to turn all our policies over to him, too. What have you sacrificed, Barney Frank??

      Muslim troops accounted for 0.2 percent of all U.S. troop deaths in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Southerners accounted for 38 percent of those killed in Iraq and 47 percent in Afghanistan.

      What has South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley "sacrificed" compared to the families of these men? How about Nikki put their flag back up?

      The Confederate flag won't lead to thousands of dead and maimed Americans, as Muslim immigration does. The only danger posed by the Confederate flag is that media elites will hold the South in even greater contempt than they already do, assuming that's possible.

      But as long as they brought it up, if only people who lost children in our wars may discuss public policy, then only they should vote, not only on how many more Muslim immigrants this country needs, but on all government policies. What has Chuck Todd sacrificed? Have any current members of The New York Times editorial board ever lost a son in war? (Fighting on the American side.)

      The inevitable conclusion to the hysteria over Khan is that only those who have worn the uniform and heard shots fired in anger can vote in our elections. Hello, media? Hey -- where'd everybody go?


  56. New Pennsylvania Poll: Clinton +11

    Michigan Poll: Clinton +9

    New Hampshire Poll: Clinton +15

    1. You are challenging my feelings and my world view.

      Get out of my safe space or I'll call the college police.


    What could possibly go wrong?

    A group of western tourists on a sightseeing adventure tour of Afghanistan have been ambushed by Taliban gunmen, Afghan officials said on Thursday, with at least six people wounded.

    The foreigners were travelling in the Chesht-e-Sharif district in the western province of Herat with an Afghan army escort when militants opened fire on the convoy. The group were heading for Herat city, the country’s ancient cultural centre, close to the Iranian border.

    A spokesman for Herat’s governor said the tourists included eight Britons, three US citizens and one German. Two of the British citizens were believed to be from Scotland.

    A military spokesman said the attack left at least five foreign tourists and their Afghan driver wounded. Sources with knowledge of the local insurgency said the Taliban’s shadow governor in Chesht-e Sharif, Haji Abdurrahman, was assumed to be behind it.

  58. Things are going downhill fast now in Venezuela.

    Soon, people will be fighting among themselves for what little food remains.

    What happens after that remains to be seen.

    Do the Bernie and or Hillary supporters here have some suggestions as to what the Venezuelan people should do now that they've been so screwed over ?

    Remember: you have the world's largest petroleum reserves to work have that wonderbook, Das Capital.....

    The currency is next to worthless now....

    That world famous cri de cœur in times of dire distress:

    "What would Quirk do ?"

    comes to mind.....

    Don't ask Bernie, he hasn't a clue, and is heading back to Vermont where the living is still easy....

    1. (there was some discussion around the edges in 'right wing circles' that all this horseshit could have been avoided if cut in the bud early on.....however that may or may not be.....the question is, with the country imploding, what should USA do now......anything, or just watch ?)

      opinions shamelessly solicitated

      Got to run now....

      Will check back later to see if any opinions as to what to actually do, if anything, were offered.....I'll bet not, or very few....

      Particularly interested in the suggestions of our House Economist, Rufus, as to what the answers may be.....

      Cheers !

      Celebrate being born in North American !

  59. Just because $400,000,0000 million dollars in untraceable small bills was flown to Iran and given to the mullahs on the day the hostages were released doesn't mean there was a quid pro quo involved.

    This is just a 'right wing lie', a 'right wing slander'.

  60. New Florida Poll from Suffolk:

    Clinton 48

    Trump 42

    Fla Poll

  61. U.S. Job Creation Remains at Post-Recession High in July

    by Justin McCarthy

    U.S. Job Creation Index at +33 for third month in a row

    Gap narrowing between government and nongovernment hiring

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. workers' reports of hiring activity at their place of employment in July remained at a record high for the third month in a row. Gallup's U.S. Job Creation Index first reached the high score of +33 in its eight-year trend in May.

    Gallup Poll

    1. SIMPLY THE WORST=> Obama is First President Ever to Not See Single Year of 3% GDP Growth

      Barack Obama will be the only U.S. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3.0%+ economic growth.

      According to Louis Woodhill, if the economy continues to perform below 2.67% GDP growth rate this year, President Barack Obama will leave office with the fourth worst economic record in US history.

      Assuming 2.67% RGDP growth for 2016, Obama will leave office having produced an average of 1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%)

  62. EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton Got Millions From World’s Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm

    Former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from GEMS Education, a Dubai-based company that teaches Sharia Law through its network of more than 100 schools in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

    The former president served as honorary chairman for GEMS Education from 2011 to 2014, according to federal tax returns he filed with his wife, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

    His biggest paycheck from the closely-held company — which is incorporated in the Cayman Islands — was in 2014 when he pocketed $2.1 million. It is unclear if Bill received income from the Middle Eastern firm in 2015, since Hillary has not yet released her tax return for that year.

  63. Rufus Bullshit Index Hits All Time High:

    Submission to Sharia is Cool !

    1. Sulfur acid gas detector activated !....siren screaming.....

      Rufus must have entered room.....

  64. The last words of the Russell Square stabbing victim have been revealed, using her final moments to try and save the lives of others.

    It is understood that the victim - the only fatality in the attack - is a 60-year-old woman from the United States, with five others being injured.

    An eyewitness who used towels they had purchased earlier that day in a bid to stop the flow of blood has spoken to MailOnline .

    She said: "I was just trying to console her.

    "The victim said something about: 'He's still here, he's still here' - after that she was not lucid.


    More Muzzies for America!

    Vote Hillary!

    Rufus tells us so.

  65. Muzzies for Merica!


    WASHINGTON (AP) -- After a slow start, it appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will hit its goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States before the end of September.

    State Department totals show that 2,340 Syrian refugees arrived last month in the United States.

    That's more than what occurred during the entire seven months after President Barack Obama directed his team to prepare for 10,000 admissions from the war-torn country. Total admissions for the current budget year now come to about 7,900, and the vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims, records show.

    1. Submission Accomplished: America Transformed

  66. Clinton surgest to 15 Point lead in new McClatchy-Marist Poll.