“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I get it. Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. Obama and Clinton are Political Genius Incarnate, Masters of Geo-political Strategy


  1. : ) Outfucking standing by any measure.

  2. Trump asks if we could get along with Putin, why not? Hillary Clinton on the other hand, honed her skills under the masters Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama. Millions of deaths and injuries later, the ME in turmoil, Europe racked with refugees and the combined skills of Clinton Bush Obama Clinton have rehabilitated Russian influence in the ME and the US has Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  3. Let me know when Russia has killed 45,000 of the headcutting bastards. :)

  4. I don't get it. You guys get a 'woodie' every time Putin drops a load of dumb bombs, killing untold numbers of innocent men, women, and children, but

    when Obama kills 45,000 of the most vicious terrorist ever seen on the face of the Earth, using precision weapons, leading to very, very few civilian casualties,

    it's all "crickets."

    1. when Obama kills 45,000 of the most vicious terrorist ever seen on the face of the Earth, using precision weapons, leading to very, very few civilian casualties,

      it’s all “crickets.”

      There would not have been 45,000 of the most vicious terrorists if it had not been for US bombing of Iraq under Bush and supported by Hillary Clinton. It was not Russians that destabilized the ME. The 45,000 killed were killed by the fire team that was previously run by the arsonists that set the fire.

    2. So all those expensive smartweapons utilized since 45K have been duds?

    3. Maybe there would have been; maybe there wouldn't have been (The Twin Towers came down Before Bush invaded Iraq.)

      Hillary voted for the "authorization of force," but would she have done so if Bush hadn't lied about the "WMD's?"

      AND, Trump is, also, on video as having supported the invasion.

      All that being said, how does any of it apply to Obama, who was absolutely on record as having been against it?

    4. Putin and Russia did not attack Iraq, Libya or any other country in the Middle East. The Middle East was not destabilized by Russia. When Russia first intervened against Isis and our allies al Nusra, it was predicted by the Obama/Clinton administration


  5. Milwaukee County Sheriff

    Sheriff David Clarke: Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots

    The Milwaukee riots should be the last time the policies of liberal Democrats are held up as anything other than misery-inducing, divisive, exploitative and racist manipulation of the urban populations. Unfortunately they won’t.

    As Sheriff of Milwaukee County, I am furious that the progressive left has put my citizens in harm’s way and that I had to send my officers into cauldrons of anarchy and hatred that were created by the left.

    As an elected public servant I am livid that Milwaukee’s pathetic, kowtowing city officials and aldermen take this opportunity to abandon their citizens and preen before the Black Lives Matter-enabling media.

    As a leader who understands that freedom and earned success are the pathways out of the ghetto, I’m disappointed, too, in any Republican that feels they need to tiptoe around the patently obvious issue at-hand: we are folding our society of freedom ensured through law-and- order over to bullies of the left. The politicians and talking heads on both sides of the aisle who offer little resistance and total cowardice.

    He goes on...

    1. The Liberal Project of Destroying the Black Family is almost Complete.

    2. Obamas, Soros, and Rufussess lives matter.

    3. Leaked Soros Memo: Refugee Crisis ‘New Normal,’ Gives ‘New Opportunities’ For Global Influence

  6. Simone Biles Responds To NBC Anchor Who Refused To Say Those Who Adopted Her Are Her Parents


    When she was asked about what Trautwig said, Biles had a simple response.

    “I personally don’t have a comment,” she told Us Weekly. “My parents are my parents and that’s it.”

    1. Bad press for the pro drug taking, fatherless, single mother household promoting liberals and rinos.


    This story has been updated to include material from Trump's speech Monday and to add a dropped word in one quote.

    A week before the last U.S. soldiers left his country in December 2011, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki traveled to Washington to meet the team that would help shape Iraq’s future once the troops and tanks were gone.

    Over dinner at the Blair House, guest quarters for elite White House visitors since the 1940s, the dour Iraqi sipped tea while Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke of how her department’s civilian experts could help Iraqis avoid a return to terrorism and sectarian bloodshed.

    Iraq would see a “robust civilian presence,” Clinton told reporters afterward, summing up the Obama administration’s pledges to Maliki. “We are working to achieve that,” she said.

    Less than three years later, the relatively calm Iraq that Maliki had led in 2011 was gone. The country’s government was in crisis, its U.S.-trained army humiliated, and a third of its territory overrun by fighters from the Islamic State. Meanwhile, State Department programs aimed at helping Iraqis prevent such an outcome had been slashed or curtailed, and some had never materialized at all.

    Clinton’s political foes would later seek to blame her, together with President Obama, for the Islamic State’s stunning takeover of western Iraq, saying the State Department failed to preserve fragile security gains achieved at great cost by U.S. troops. In a speech Monday on how he would deal with terrorist threats, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said, “The rise of ISIS is the direct result of policy decisions made by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.”

    But an intensive review of the record during Clinton’s tenure presents a broader picture of missteps and miscalculations by multiple actors — including her State Department as well as the Maliki government, the White House and Congress — that left Iraqi security forces weakened and vulnerable to the Islamic State’s 2014 surge.


    1. {...}

      Documents and interviews point to ambitious plans by State Department officials to take control of dozens of military-run programs in Iraq, from training assistance for Iraqi police to new intelligence-collection outposts in Mosul and other key Iraqi cities. But the State Department scrapped or truncated many of the plans, sometimes at the behest of a skeptical Congress and other times on orders from the White House, which balked at the high costs and potential risks of U.S. civilians being killed or kidnapped. Still other efforts were thwarted by a Maliki government that viewed many of the programs as an unwelcome intrusion in Iraqi affairs.

      Senior State Department leaders were at fault as well, according to documents and interviews with officials who helped manage Iraqi aid programs after the withdrawal. By early 2012, pressed by the White House to reduce the U.S. civilian footprint in Iraq, the department had begun implementing sweeping, across-the-board cuts that extended to security and counterterrorism initiatives once considered crucial for Iraq’s stability after the withdrawal of U.S. troops, a joint investigation by ProPublica and The Washington Post found.

      Clinton, a member of the administration’s national security team at the time, argued at first in favor of many programs that the State Department eventually cut, according to current and former U.S. officials familiar with internal White House deliberations. For the Democratic presidential nominee, U.S. policy misadventures in Iraq, from the initial invasion and occupation to the disasters after the U.S. troop withdrawal, have persistently undermined Clinton’s efforts to tout her extensive record in foreign policy. Candidate Clinton has frequently pushed for more assertive engagement with Iraq’s military and tribal alliances to help repel the Islamic State, essentially arguing for an expansion of programs that were curtailed on her watch after the U.S. troop withdrawal in 2011.

      A State Department team that administered the cuts under White House direction eventually ended up with a $1.6 billion surplus — money initially appropriated for Iraq that was freed for use in other conflict zones, including Libya, officials and documents say.


    2. {..}


      The downscaling was done over the objections of U.S. military leaders on the ground, who said the slashing of key assistance programs — in a few cases, by more than 90 percent — left the U.S. government increasingly in the dark about developments outside the Iraqi capital. Some former officers who managed Iraqi aid programs say the cuts were a factor in the slow deterioration of Iraq’s security forces in the months before the Islamic State’s 2014 assault.

      “Our job was to prevent this from happening,” said retired Rear Adm. Edward Winters, a former Navy SEAL and deputy director of the Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq, a Pentagon organization overseen by the State Department that managed the bilateral security relationship.

      “We felt the capability to do that was being taken away.”


    3. Clinton didn't have the intestinal fortitude to speak up. Or lacked the foresight to anticipate the outcome. The excuses made for and by this incompetent servant is atrocious. Please tell me why people are so determined to have this person lead them? 150 million eligible candidates and a former presidents wife just happens to be one of two choices.

  8. Aetna to pull out of many Obamacare exchanges, but is it really about money?

    By Joan McCarter

    Aetna announced Tuesday that it will be withdrawing from the Obamacare exchanges in about two-thirds of the 778 counties it's now participating in. This, Mark T. Bertolini, the chairman and chief executive, says is because too many people "in need of high-cost care" have signed up. That in spite of the fact that the company's market cap has increased since Obamacare was signed into law from $15 billion to $42 billion.

    That market cap doesn't necessarily mean Aetna should have seen a three-fold increase in it's operating margin, but still the argument that the law is just too expensive isn't flying with everyone, like with the Obama administration and supporters who see retaliation as a possible motive.

    Obama administration officials reacted angrily to Aetna's announcement. They suggested that Aetna was retaliating against the administration because the Justice Department filed suit last month to block Aetna's proposed acquisition of Humana. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said that transaction would reduce competition in violation of federal antitrust law. […]

    Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, said she saw a possible connection between the antitrust case against Aetna and its decision to reconsider participating in the exchanges.

    "Aetna may not like the Justice Department's decision to challenge its merger, and it has every right to fight that decision in court," Ms. Warren said in a Facebook post last week. But, she said, "the health of the American people should not be used as bargaining chips to force the government to bend to one giant company's will."

    1. Aetna could most certainly be trying to get the administration to back down on its merger attempt. The company saw a sharp increase in profits in the final quarter of 2015—38 percent—and said it was "encouraged by growth so far in 2016 back in April, even with some Obamacare concerns. What changed between then and now? That DoJ lawsuit.

      Joan McCarter - Daily Kos

  9. Trump's millennial disaster in Texas bodes well for Democrats in future Lone Star State elections

    Donald Trump is only leading Hillary Clinton by six points (44 to 38 percent) in, of all places, Texas—the second biggest electoral prize at 38 behind California's 55. By comparison, Mitt Romney won this GOP staple by 16 points.

    As PPP points out, Texas may not actually be in play this year, but a deeper dive into the demographics suggests a trend toward Democrats in future elections.

    Trump's lead is based entirely on his holding a 63-33 advantage among seniors. With voters under 65, Clinton leads him 49-45. And when you look just specifically at voters under 45, Clinton leads Trump 60-35. Older voters are overwhelmingly responsible for the Republican advantage in Texas, and generational change is likely to help Democrats become more competitive.
    The gap among Texas voters age 18 to 29 is the mirror opposite of those older than 65, with 66-33 percent of millennials favoring Clinton. The polling is completely in line with national trends. A USA Today survey recently showed Clinton up 36 points (56-20 percent) nationwide among voters under 35. Trump’s millennial deficit is a new low for the GOP—not even Nixon played that poorly to young voters amid the height of the student-fueled Vietnam protests.

    Part of the GOP’s trouble with young voters in Texas has to do with the growing diversity among the demographic.

    1. A big piece of that generational change is the increasing racial diversity of the electorate in Texas. Trump has a 69/25 lead with white voters but the reason the state's so competitive overall is that among non-white voters Clinton has a 73-21 lead, including a 68-27 edge with the state's booming Hispanic population.

      Donnie's not doing quite as well with Latinos as he promised, though it's difficult to imagine that he's even pulling 27 percent support. Trump's other problems: taxes (64 percent say he should release his returns) and the debates (77 percent say he should do them).

      Among his own supporters there's an even stronger sentiment- 82/12- that Trump needs to participate [in the debates]. If Trump is stubborn about that it could cause the bottom to fall out on his support even further.

      Kerry Eleveld - Daily Kos

    2. Bringing in millions of poorly educated, poorly assimilated, semi-literate immigrants has definitely been a boon for the Democrat party, if not for the nation.

      "Growing Diversity"

    3. As we all know:


  10. .

    Let me know when Russia has killed 45,000 of the headcutting bastards. :)

    Let me know when the US does.



  11. Does anyone know the details of how the Clintons looted the Haitian relief money ?

    1. Rufus could explain, but he has a policy of not responding to you.

      He could also explain why bringing in millions of poorly educated, poorly assimilated, semi-literate immigrants has been a wonderful policy, and a big plus for the country, but he has a policy of not responding to me.

      How conveeenient.

    2. Well, the bright side is we don't have to read his bull shit....

  12. Doug posts Sheriff David Clarke, above.

    That guy is great, knows what he is talking about....


    Ellen McGirt at Fortune Magazine reports that the Black Lives Matter movement will receive millions of dollars in funding from the Ford Foundation. The Foundation states, in one of the more sickening pieces I have read in some time (read the whole thing if you have the stomach for it):

    By partnering with Borealis Philanthropy, Movement Strategy Center, and Benedict Consulting to found the Black-Led Movement Fund, Ford has made six-year investments in the organizations and networks that compose the Movement for Black Lives. . . .

    As we continue to engage with and learn from the movement, we’re eager to deepen and expand this community of social justice funders. We want to nurture bold experiments and help the movement build the solid infrastructure that will enable it to flourish. As we do so, we believe it’s essential that our funding not dictate or distort the work underway.

    Sickening though the Ford Foundation’s piece is, I got a kick out of the last sentence.

    How much money will the Ford Foundation and its partners funnel to BLM? According to Edmund Kozak at PoliZette, the above-mentioned Borealis Philanthropy says the goal is to “bring $100 million in new resources to the Movement for Black Lives.” Without distorting BLM’s work, of course.

  14. Ruf's Millennials (older) trending back towards Trump -

    Pollster Zogby: 'Back to a close race,' Clinton 38%, Trump 36%

    By Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) • 8/16/16 2:57 PM

    The convention polling bumps for Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are over, and they are practically even, according to a new poll of likely voters.

    A Zogby Analytics survey provided to Secrets Tuesday shows:

    Hillary Clinton 38%

    Donald Trump 36%

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    Libertarian Gary Johnson 8%

    Green Party Jill Stein 5%

    Not sure 13%

    "It seems the convention bumps are behind us and we are back to a close race!" said the analysis.

    What's new in the online poll is that older millennials are starting to trend to Trump.....

    1. "Stay abreast of the latest developments..... with curated News Alerts...."

      Hmmmm...curated news that good or bad ?

    2. "Pollster John Zogby is a specialist in digging into specific voting blocks, some of which he has given names like NASCAR and Weekly Walmart voters. Zogby revealed in the new poll analysis that those two groups of voters trended Democratic under President Obama, but are now behind Trump."

      Mu hunch is that if the Weekly Walmart voters are going for Trump, Hillary's in deep do-do.

  15. By the way, SMIRK, I'm not a Trumpeteer.

    I am anti-Hillary.

    As you might recall, if you try, I was for Ben Carson.

    And those allegations against Manafort ?

    Who knows ?

    I don't. And you don't.

    "Ukrainian investigators say unearthed secret ledgers" - the story was published in the New York Times....

    Ukrainian investigators....
    Secret Ledgers.....

    That nails it.

    I do admit Manafort is just another political hack.

    Unlike Hillary, The Donald is not surrounded by a halo of the better angels.

  16. Milwaukee has not had a Republican Mayor since....................................1908

    Source: Sheriff Clarke

    1. That's why all these issues are the fault of The Republican Party.

  17. The solution for Milwaukee ?

    SMIRK for Mayor of Milwaukee - 'A REAL Progressive' !

  18. "it could cause the bottom to fall out on his support even further."
    English Major Bob will deconstruct,
    or not.

  19. .

    ‘Shadow Brokers’ Leak Raises Alarming Question: Was the N.S.A. Hacked?

    The release on websites this week of what appears to be top-secret computer code that the National Security Agency has used to break into the networks of foreign governments and other espionage targets has caused deep concern inside American intelligence agencies, raising the question of whether America’s own elite operatives have been hacked and their methods revealed.

    Most outside experts who examined the posts, by a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, said they contained what appeared to be genuine samples of the code — though somewhat outdated — used in the production of the N.S.A.’s custom-built malware.

    Most of the code was designed to break through network firewalls and get inside the computer systems of competitors like Russia, China and Iran. That, in turn, allows the N.S.A. to place “implants” in the system, which can lurk unseen for years and be used to monitor network traffic or enable a debilitating computer attack...

    Initial speculation is that its the Rooskies again upping the ante in the escalation situation over the DNC leaks.


    1. Whose speculation ?

      It's important to know who is doing what speculation.

    2. .

      This sounds like something Putin and his bros would do.

      If not though, the first ones I would look at would be those big cybersecurity firms, maybe the ones that identified the leak as Russian in the first place. They are getting rich right now off of contracts with the US and other countries. They all certainly know how to make it look like the Russians. And this type of thing surely helps them out on the bottom line.

      My conspiracy theory for today.




    3. .

      Whose speculation ?

      Read the damn article.


    4. It's easier just to ask, and, as I posted the other day, lazy people are smartest.

      I LOVE your clown symbol <(:O) by the way.

      It's so you.

    5. .

      It's the signature of my new hacker group, The Scary Clowns <(:o).


  20. Russia has used Iran for the first time as a base from which to launch air strikes against Syrian militants, widening its air campaign in Syria and deepening its involvement in the Middle East.


    State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the United States was looking into whether the move violated UN Security Council resolution 2231, which prohibits the supply, sale and transfer of combat aircraft to Iran.

  21. BLM is going to deliver 'the Elvis vote' to Trump if they disgrace Graceland.

    1. Added to the Weekly Walmart vote he might win.

  22. Barbara Walters for President.

    I've had thoughts of running down students in my father's Saab after hearing her "voice."


    ...but dad's list of credits did not include:

    Miami Vice (1984) TV Series
    Silver Bullet (1985) Film
    Sledge Hammer! (1986) TV Series
    21 Jump Street (1987) TV Series
    Beauty and the Beast (1987) TV Series
    Jake and the Fatman (1987) TV Series
    The Young Riders (1989) TV Series
    Northern Exposure (1990) TV Series
    episode "First Snow"
    episode "Mi Casa, Su Casa"
    episode "Revelations"
    Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) TV Series (19 episodes 1990–1994)
    Melrose Place (1992) TV Series
    Picket Fences (1992) TV Series
    Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993) TV Series
    episode "Sanctuary"
    episode "What Is Love?"
    The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (1993) TV Series (one episode)
    Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) TV Series
    episode 3.03 "Contact"
    Party of Five (1994) TV Series (15 episodes, 1994–1999)
    The Client (1995) TV Series
    New York News (1995) TV Series
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996) TV Series
    episode "The Grape Escape"
    Early Edition (1996) TV Series
    The Practice (1997) TV Series
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) TV Series
    episode 5.08 "Shadow"
    episode 5.14 "Crush"
    Ally McBeal (1997) TV Series
    The Sopranos (1999) TV Series
    episode 1.02 "46 Long"[4]
    episode 3.09 "The Telltale Moozadell"[5]
    episode 4.08 "Mergers and Acquisitions"[6]
    Ally (1999) TV Series
    Time of Your Life (1999) TV Series
    Six Feet Under (2001)
    2.07 "Back to the Garden"[7]
    3.08 "Tears, Bones and Desire"[8]
    3.11 "Death Works Overtime"[9]
    4.02 "In Case of Rapture"[10]
    4.08 "Coming and Going"[11]
    5.02 "Dancing for Me"[12]
    Alias (2001) TV Series
    episode 1.06 "Reckoning"
    episode 1.20 "Solution, The"
    episode 2.03 "Cipher"
    episode 2.07 "Counteragent, The"
    episode 3.02 "Succession"
    episode 3.08 "Breaking Point"
    episode 4.08 "Echoes"
    The Wire (2002) TV Series
    episode 2.08 "Duck and Cover"[13]
    episode 3.05 "Straight and True"[14]
    episode 4.06 "Margin of Error"[15]
    episode 5.04 "Transitions"[16]
    CSI: Miami (2002) TV Series
    episode 1.10 "Kill Zone"
    American Dreams (2002) TV Series
    The O.C. (2003) TV Series
    episode 1.04 "Debut, The"
    Line of Fire (2003) TV Series
    episode 1.07 "I'm Your Boogie Man"
    Entourage (2004) TV Series
    episode 1.04 "Date Night"
    episode 2.05 "Neighbors"
    episode 2.08 "Oh, Mandy"

    1. episode 2.11 "Blue Balls Lagoon"
      episode 2.12 "Good Morning, Saigon"
      episode 3.16 "Gotcha!"
      episode 3.17 "Return of the King"
      episode 4.11 "No Cannes Do" (nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series)
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      episode 2.13 "Loved in Return"

      So I've decided not to.

    2. Hollywood Comes to Isla Vista:

      2001 Isla Vista killings

      2014 Isla Vista killings

    3. '01 Santa Barbara killer walks free as families relive carnage 13 years later

      “He’s out because he got treatment and he finally learned what he needed to say," said Sally Divis, whose son, Christopher, was just 20 when he was run down by Attias.

      "Do I actually think he’s safe? Not really."

    4. My Story:

      It's not fair:

      Involuntary Celibates (Inceldom)

    5. Quirk knows these are all repressed Islamics.

    6. That g-damn irritating bitch Barbara Walters has a place in Sandpoint, Idaho by the lake.

  23. Turkish-Germans should be loyal to Germany first and foremost, and attempts by Turkey’s government to influence them are worrying, Volker Kauder, parliamentary leader of Germany’s ruling Christian Democrats and a close ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, said in early August.

    Mr. Kauder singled out the association of Turkish mosques, known by its Turkish acronym Ditib, which manages some 900 mosques in Germany, calling it a mouthpiece of Mr. Erdogan.


    Ditib needs to become “a representative of Sunni Muslims in Germany and not a representative of the Turkish state,” says one of those lawmakers, Green party chairman Cem Özdemir, who was born in Germany to Turkish parents.

  24. "O"Nit: Twin Falls, Idaho: Part III


    "This is the third public report of an arrest in a major crime in Twin Falls since June that involves Muslims who have been resettled in the community en-masse to take lower-wage jobs in the expanding agricultural industry."

    Quirk, I tried to swipe and paste this article but couldn't make it work. It is an amazing article. Please read it.

    It might give you a clue.

    1. Gebreegziabher told police that without provocation, Mana picked up a knife and attempted to stab him, court documents said. Gebreegziabher said he was able to grab Mana’s arm and avoid being stabbed in the stomach, but his right palm was cut in the struggle; Gebreegziabher then ran across the street to Washington Street Pawn where he asked the clerk to call 911 …

      Mana told police he came back to Twin Falls from Salt Lake City to kill Gebreegziabher and two others.

      We don't need it, we don't want it.

    2. The Ummah don't need no god damn Gebreegziabhers!

    3. .

      What do you expect? It is Idaho.


    4. We don't need no god damn Ummah in Idaho.

      And let Gebreegziabher stay with Quirk, and Mana, too.

  25. Hillary Obstructed Boko Haram’s Terror Designation as Her Donors Cashed In

    By Pamela Geller on August 16, 2016

    It’s the same evil pattern Peter Schweizer meticulously documented in Clinton Cash — selling influence, access and power to the most evil of players across the world.....

    - See more at:

    Hillary !

    The favored candidate of SMIRK and Rufus.

    1. In January 2015, I was one of the first to report on a massive massacre by Nigerian terror group Boko Haram in Borno State in northwest Nigeria, with reportedly thousands killed. Witnesses on the ground reported that bodies littered the landscape for miles as towns and villages had been burned to the ground, their populations murdered or fled.

      By that time, Boko Haram had already become the most lethal terrorist organization in the world, now responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. Just yesterday, the United Nations accused Boko Haram of “almost unimaginable” levels of violence and brutality.

      And yet, as Boko Haram began to ramp up its terror campaign in 2011 and 2012, Hillary Clinton obstructed the official terror designation of the group over the objections of Congress, the FBI, the CIA and the Justice Department.

      Why did Hillary Clinton’s State Department drag its feet on the terror designation in the face of near unanimous opposition from the rest of the U.S. government?

      A recent series of reports exposes that a close Clinton family confidante — and Hillary campaign bundler — profited from Nigeria’s lucrative oil fields. He engaged in multiple illegal deals throughout Africa.

      Also, other donors to the Clinton Global Initiative are deeply involved in Nigeria’s corrupt oil industry.

      - See more at:

      The favored candidate of SMIRK and Rufus.

      I call her Livia Drusilla Clinton.

    2. I call her Fat Ugly Evil Cunt.

    3. Rufus Masturbates to this: