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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Madame President?

Republican Dreams Shattered As 91% Of Bernie Sanders Backers Support Hillary Clinton

The Democratic convention achieved one of its biggest goals as according to a new CNN poll 91% of Bernie Sanders supporters are now backing Hillary Clinton. POLITICUS
Republican Dreams Shattered As 91% Of Bernie Sanders Backers Support Hillary Clinton

The Democratic convention achieved one of its biggest goals as according to a new CNN poll 91% of Bernie Sanders supporters are now backing Hillary Clinton.
Here are the numbers from the CNN poll:
If the choice for Sanders supporters is between Clinton and Trump, they are going to overwhelmingly support Clinton. The Green Party’s Jill Stein faces an uphill battle to get on the ballot in all 50 states, while Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in every state. What is stunning is how poorly Donald Trump does with Sanders supporters.

Trump had a lower favorability rating than Clinton and he trailed both the Green and Libertarian parties in popularity with the Sanders supporters. Donald Trump has a 5% favorable rating with those who backed Sen. Sanders. Trump only receives 3% support from the Sanders supporters.

Donald Trump continues to claim that millions of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to vote for him, but the reality is that the vast majority of those who voted Sanders are supporting Clinton in November. The Democratic convention was a success in terms of unifying the party. The Bernie Sanders supporters are finding their way into the Democratic Party.

Some Sanders supporters will end up casting their ballots for Johnson or Stein, but the Republican dream that they are going to vote for Donald Trump has been shattered.

Bernie Sanders supporters loathe Donald Trump, and judging from the results of this poll; there is no way that they would ever support the Republican nominee under any circumstances.

Republicans are running out of options with Trump, but one thing is clear, the supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders will not be putting bigoted billionaire into the White House in November.


  1. Trump has just about ran out of bridges to burn.

  2. Sanders supporters (in CNN):

    Clinton fave: 59/36
    Trump fave: 5/90
    2-way: HRC 91%, Trump 6%
    4-way: HRC 69%, Johnson 13%, Stein 10%, Trump 3%

  3. Non-white voters (CNN):

    Clinton fave: 61/32
    Trump fave: 9/88 !
    2-way: HRC 83%, Trump 12%
    4-way: HRC 72%, Johnson 8%, Stein 8%, Trump 7% !

  4. Yes we will. Stay out of debt, stay employed, stay clear of the break off areas. Works for me and mine.

  5. .

    Trump is either batshit crazy or he never really wanted to be president.

    Every time he had a chance to put some distance between him and Hillary he would immediately pull some bonehead play.

    It's frustrating that with Clinton's baggage almost any Republican candidate would have been able to beat her or at least come very close. Yet, who is the Chosen One? Some self-destructing nut job who's grasp of geography is limited to the cities he has hotels in.

    Heck of a thing.


  6. Trump is already setting the set for a loss by hinting that the fix is in.

    I believe it has hit Trump, that what started as fun has turned deadly serious and if he wins, he may fail and his ego would never allow that. Maybe he is looking for an exit as a winner before the election.

    My suggestion is to have someone like the Koch brothers buy him out and offer him some face savings compensated position to stand down. He simply cannot and will not win. It would best for all if someone could convince him that the humiliation of a certain loss is worse than a graceful exit.


    It’s short notice, but there’s another Libertarian Party town hall scheduled for CNN this week. Governor Gary Johnson’s campaign announced the hourlong August 3rd town hall today on social media


    This is really, really good, especially for the disaffected conservatives and Republicans who don’t want to support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It gives them the chance to check out Johnson and Bill Weld for themselves, instead of what they’ve read on blogs or newspapers. Voters can decide whether or not they want to support a Johnson/Weld team.

    It also gives the candidates a chance to differentiate themselves from Trump and Clinton. Yes, both Johnson and Weld have made mistakes in previous public appearances (Weld’s comments on Supreme Court justices and which senators he prefers are laughable), and I really hope Anderson Cooper asks them about religious liberty, and follows up with a, “What happens if federal law runs sideways with the Constitution?” question. That’s certainly a question I really want to hear Johnson answer.

    1. Unfortunately those two Libertarian guys have the charisma of a wet noodle.

    2. And, they're both fucked up on dope 24/7.

    3. naw, they seem to be pretty straight up pasty white guys and their policy positions seem pretty reasonable but telegenic, not as of yet.

  8. I wouldn't rule Trump out just yet.

    Too much time, too many debates....

    1. It was just a couple weeks ago everyone was gushing over what a super acceptance speech he gave at the RNC.....

  9. Trump has poor judgement and he is too fast and loose with facts and opinions and MIA when it comes to specifics and details. He is not selling well and letting his enemies define him instead of being in charge by example or merit of argument. It would be real white knuckle ride with Trump at the wheel.

  10. Dukakis got a massive convention jump.

    Remember him ?

  11. I'm sure this'll help:

    Politico reports that Donald Trump threw a baby out of his rally today because the baby was crying. When the infant first started crying, he said “don’t worry about the baby. I love babies. I hear that baby crying. I like it.” A few minutes later, Trump had changed his mind, and barked, “Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. . . . I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying when I’m speaking. . . . People don’t understand.”

    Well done, sir; well done. :) :) :)

  12. The 2016 Republican convention is the first after which a greater percentage of Americans have said they are "less likely" rather than "more likely" to vote for the party's presidential nominee.

    And, not just "less likely" - 17 Motherfucking Points "less likely.

    35 - 52 :) :) :)

    Gallup Poll

    1. The sumbitch is just good, I tell ya. :) :) :)

    2. Any asshhole can kiss a baby. Real men kick'em out of the motherfucking room. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


    3. mattakar leonard145b Aug 02 · 01:56:24 PM

      It really does seem like this is a giant Andy Kaufman routine sometimes, some of the finest performance art ever devised. Yet I am assured it is not.

      Does he slap Melania? Bite the head off a kitten? French kiss his daughter? Grab a supporter’s boobs and go “Honk Honk”. Throw eggs at a mosque? Tell a black school child he is sorry daddy was a thug? Offer Alaska to Putin as a goodwill gift? Drop rocks from a helicopter on a solar power array? None of those seem impossible anymore.

      A comment on this thread at Daily Kos

  13. Hold your fire! As you were! Smoke em if you got em, but whatever you do, stop and go on to the next post.

    : )

  14. MOME could have avoided disturbing Quirk by referring to Khizr Kahn as a PROFESSIONAL Slimeball: