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Monday, March 14, 2016

Why is Trump Hated by the Neocons and Why Americans Love the Donald

The Donald Haters: What is Truly Behind Neocons Anti-Trump Hysteria?

Donald Trump’s triumphant march across the United States has prompted growing concerns among neocons and some GOP leaders.

"Some among the GOP elites, who have waited patiently through the Obama era to recapture control of US foreign policy, are now beside themselves with despair over Trump's success," US conservative commentator Patrick J. Buchanan notes.
"Fully 116 members of the GOP's national security community, many of them veterans of Bush administrations, have signed an open letter threatening that, if Trump is nominated, they will all desert, and some will defect — to Hillary Clinton!" he points out in his article for The American Conservative.

Republican Presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump (L) speaks next to Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the Republican Presidential debate sponsored by Fox Business and the Republican National Committee at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in Charleston, South Carolina on January 14, 2016
One of the signers, Robert Kagan — a neoconservative intellectual and vocal proponent of America’s overseas military campaigns — insisted in his op-ed for The Washington Post that "the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton."

"Are they serious?" Buchanan asks.

What makes them so desperately unhappy about the prospect of Donald Trump’s potential victory?

The conservative commentator points out that Trump calls the Iraq War a “historic blunder" and promises to remain neutral while brokering peace between Israel and the Palestinians, as Jimmy Carter did.

And yes, he also says that he would “get along very well" with Russian President Vladimir Putin "as Richard Nixon got along with Leonid Brezhnev and Mao Zedong."

"Trump would launch no new crusades for democracy. He would not oppose Russia bombing ISIS [Daesh]. He would build that wall on the border. He would transfer from US taxpayers to rich allies more of the cost of defending themselves,” Buchanan continues.

Doesn’t it make sense?

However, the US political establishment fears that the presidential candidate will throw a monkey wrench in their global expansionist plans (which have nothing to do with America’s national interests).

"Now we all know that many of those who are hating on Donald Trump are doing so because he is threatening the cozy-crony-politico-predatory-capitalist system that has made so many of them fat and rich. He is intending to break their rice bowls as the Chinese would put it or, in a more American vernacular, the gravy train might be ending," CIA veteran Philip Giraldi wrote in his recent article for The Unz Review.
Trump supporters rally behind their candidate during the South Carolina primary process on Friday, February 19.
© AP Photo/ AP
Trump supporters rally behind their candidate during the South Carolina primary process on Friday, February 19.

On the other hand, Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute nailed it describingTrump haters as "soft skinned and well-perfumed keyboard warriors who eagerly send America's sons and daughters to be slaughtered in wars that achieve nothing but the ascendance of new 'bad guys' used to justify ever more wars. And all of it pays very nicely for them.”

It is hardly surprising that American oligarchs, including Nebraska’s billionaire Ricketts family and Hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer, have thrown their weight behind the all-out anti-Trump media campaign.

Now he is “under a ceaseless barrage of attack ads on radio, TV, cable and social media."

The question then arises: can the American political and financial establishment stop Trump?

"Answer: It is possible, and we shall know by midnight, March 15. If Trump loses Florida and Ohio, winner-take-all primaries, he would likely fall short of the 1,237 delegates needed for nomination on the first ballot,” the conservative commentator stresses.

But it is not about Donald Trump, it’s the future of the United States and the world that is at stake.

"Can millionaires and billionaires who back open borders, mass immigration, globalization and the disappearance of nation states into transnational collectives overwhelm with their millions spent in ads the patriotic movements that arose this year to the wonderment of America and the world?" Buchanan asks.


  1. America has for the past 35 years or so had 2 choices for leadership: openly Israel first neocons (R), and closet Israel first neocons (D).

    Trump is neither.

    Clinton is certainly a neocon but only a closet Israel firster. Americans are just getting sick of the establishment making up the general narrative for both parties to be both Israel first in terms of foreign policy — and one could argue that a majority of us military spending is in support of this policy, and neoconservative expansionist, military complex supporting or imperialistic policies.

    You cannot analyze US politics without bringing up the legacy US allegiances — particularly the Israel policy.

    The establishment still cannot really talk about this other than to change the subject by accusing those who do of anti semitism. Interesting that despite the panic in the GOP - they cant really say why they need an anti-trump guy. They cannot see an America that is not subordinate to Israel.

    1. Israel is not the issue.

      Only in your mind.


    2. No, "O"rdure, it is the only issue, in your mind.

      You have a single focus, a single issue on which you opine, Israel and Judaism.

      You drive those discussions, no one else.

      To everyone else, the discussion is about the United States.
      The policies that are in the National Interests of the United States, those are the primary issues being discussed.

      That Israel is far and away the largest reciprient of US foreign aid, monies which the US must borrow, before that money is given away to the Zionists in Palestine.

  2. 15 years of fighting Neocon instigated wars and the US people are sick of it and sick of the Neocon control os the US government.

    1. ...and don’t kid yourselves, so is the Pentagon.

    2. Hillary voted for Iraq.

      Hillary caused Libya.

      Hillary is a dastardly neolib.

      "We came, we saw, he died"

      giddy chuckles follow

  3. Russian S-300 air defense missile systems will be shipped to Iran in August or September of this year. The contract was renewed in 2015 after international sanctions against Tehran were lifted following a nuclear deal signed with world powers.
    The delivery of the first vehicles of the S-300 complex will be made in about half a year’s time, Sergey Chemezov, the head of the Russian state-owned high-tech giant Rostec, told RIA Novosti.

    According to the Rostec chief, the delivery will be completed by the end of 2016.

    In November 2015, Iranian ambassador Mehdi Sanaei told the Persian-language daily Etemaad that the “delivery is underway.”

    Earlier that month, Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan had announced Tehran would receive the Russian air defense systems by the end of the year, which for Iran is March 20, 2016.

    Tehran is going to buy “as many S-300 air defense systems as it needs,” Brigadier General Dehghan stressed at the time.

    Iran is expected to get one of the latest versions of the air defense complex, the S-300PMU-2 Favorit, manufactured by Almaz-Antey.

    In mid-February, Iran's General Staff told Russia’s Sputnik news agency that delivery is scheduled for “tomorrow.”

    However, there has been no confirmed information about Iran having receiving any S-300 complexes on its territory.

    The initial S-300 contract between Moscow and Tehran was signed in 2007 and implied the delivery of five S-300 squadrons worth US$800 million.

  4. Netanyahu condemned a terror attack in Ankara Sunday night and said Israel identifies with Turkey following the suicide car bombing that killed at least 34 people and injured over 100 more.

    The Netanyahu statement was a seeming about-face from a previous reported Israeli refusal to condemn a suicide bombing in Istanbul in January, with some seeing the move as a sign of nearing detente between Jerusalem and Ankara after years of frayed ties.

    The blast close to Ankara’s main square, Kizilay was the latest in a series of bombings to target Turkey, which comes as the country is faced with an array of issues, including renewed fighting with the Kurdish rebels, threats from the Islamic State group and a Syrian refugee crisis.

    1. Israel is just pointing out that those who supported terrorism (Turkey and Arabia) need to now step up and condemn all terrorism.

      The Palestinians are the original ISIS of the middle east and everyone now sees it...

  5. Netanyahu realizes Israel is losing control of the Pentagon, may lose control of The White House and has decided to try and ally with Turkey and Saudi Arabia to hedge his bets.

  6. I read the other day about the rise of the 'neocons' in influence.

    Very knowledgeable article.

    The roots of this group were originally in the Democrat Party. They found home temporarily at least among the Republicans.

    They were totally focused on foreign policy, and Israel was not their main concern. They were concerned with using US power and influence to bring down dictators and instill democracies in their place around the world.

    This is not an evil idea.

    It might have had a chance in Iraq had Obama not taken the troops out too soon.

    Hillary Clinton can be described as a neocon.

    Given this history one might as well call them 'neolibs' as 'neocons'


  7. Jihad Watch

    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

    Hellfire missiles bound for Portland, Oregon discovered on passenger flight from Lebanon

    March 13, 2016 6:52 pm By Robert Spencer 21 Comments

    Nothing to be concerned about, you greasy Islamophobe. Don’t you always carry a couple of Hellfire missiles onto planes? Meanwhile, the Lebanese origin of the flight is interesting. Could these missiles have something to do with Iran’s client Hizballah and the Islamic Republic’s new sanctions largesse?

    Air Serbia

    “Portland-Bound Combat Missiles Found On Passenger Flight,” Associated Press, March 13, 2016:

    “Serbia’s authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for the U.S. containing two missiles with explosive warheads was found on a passenger flight from Lebanon to Serbia.

    N1 television said the package with two guided armor-piercing missiles was discovered Saturday by a sniffer dog after an Air Serbia flight from Beirut landed at Belgrade airport.

    Serbian media say documents listed the final destination for the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles as Portland, Oregon. The American-made projectiles can be fired from air, sea or ground platforms.

    N1 reported Sunday that Air Serbia is helping in the investigation. The Serbian flag carrier says “security and safety are the main priorities for Air Serbia.”

    Jihad Watch

  8. galopin2 is right.

    A clickable link is a good courtesy.

    In my case I've forgotten the formula, am too lazy to retrieve it, and with all the trouble I have with computers probably not worth it to me.

    I may try though, no promising.

    1. In Chrome, you can select the link, Right Click, then Click "Go to" and it will open the link in a new tab.

    2. In other words:

      In Chrome, you can select the Address, Right Click, then Click "Go to" and it will open the link in a new tab.

    3. Thanks. I have Chrome but alas every time I try to use it much it begins emitting a loud strange totally irritating beeping sound, the only solution I've found to which is to turn the computer off.

      Computers and I simply don't get along very well.

    4. I bought this one so I could go back to watching Fox News but already it will play for a short while, then......'connection lost'.

      "The gods give computers to those they wish to drive insane"

    5. Obama has taught Israel that the future is not with the USA.

      At this time the USA is not a reliable ally.

      So Israel is turning to India, China and the pacific...

      Europe is dying.

      But not to worry, America is not Obama.

  9. The neolibs were originally a movement in the foreign policy journals, clubs, groups etc.

    1. If people think they are voting against the 'neocons' by voting for Hillary they are somewhat confused. They are voting for a criminal who has a history as a 'neolib'.


      Merkel has been a blithering idiot for years. It is about time.

  10. So we have a choice between the criminal Hillary 'giddy chuckles' Clinton, Bernie 'unrepentant Marxist' Sanders and his Soros funded Sanders Storm Troopers, somewhat whacky Donald Trump, and the conservative Ted Cruz, it looks like.

    It's going to come down to a choice between the neolib Hillary 'giddy chuckles' Clinton and The 'somewhat whacky' Donald, for most of us.

    Or, sitting it out.

    All I've got to say for certain is it's been a hell of an interesting year, especially given the real possibility 'giddy chuckles' may be indicted by the Grand Jury.

    Again, Shakespeare himself would be pressed to come up with such a cast of characters -17 original Republican stivers ! - the oh the human weaknesses, plots, etc and the likelihood of street violence this summer.

    I'm getting too old for it. I just sit and watch, silently, a rural witness on a porch.

  11. March 14, 2016

    The Trump Revolution

    Sam Vaknin

    Trump’s supporters and fans are frustrated.

    In 1939, a team of psychologists led by John Dollard, hypothesized that frustration always leads to aggression. Legitimate grievances against a dysfunctional, corrupt, and compromised polity, a deceptive ethos, an American Dream turned nightmare, a broken system that no longer works for the overwhelming majority and appears to be unfixable lead Trump’s base to feel that they had been duped, exploited, abused, ignored, disenfranchised, and trampled upon. They are in the throes of dislocation, disorientation, and trauma. Their declining fortunes and obsolete skills render them insignificant and irrelevant, and their lives meaningless. It is hopelessness coupled with impotent helplessness.........

    ........Peopled shrug and say: “but ain’t all politicians narcissists?” The answer is a resounding: no. Granted, it would be safe to assume that most politicians have narcissistic traits. But, as the great psychologist Theodore Millon observed, there is a world of difference between being possessed of a narcissistic style and being a full-fledged, malignant narcissist. The famous author M. Scott Peck suggested that “narcissism” may just be a modern, fancy byword for “evil.” He may have had a point. But evil should be contained, not elevated to the position of Leader of the Free World.

    Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. has authored the books Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited and Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders. His work of over twenty years on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is cited in dozens of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

    Heh, whatever true may be said against The Donald in this politico/psychological diatribe against The Donald is equally applicable to Obama, and Hillary too.

    Choose your nutcase, folks.

    Cheers !



  12. Donald Trump’s Tampa Office Is an Unlikely Melting Pot


    Mireya Linsky, a Cuban-born supporter of Donald J. Trump. She said that illegal immigration was one of her chief concerns. Credit Hilary Swift for The New York Times

    TAMPA — Mireya Linsky, born to a Jewish family in Cuba, came to the United States as a refugee at age 5. Her family lived in public housing here for several years and sometimes relied on assistance from Catholic Charities. She has spent the past 33 years working for the Hillsborough County School District.

    So Mrs. Linsky, 55, understands that some may see certain contradictions in the fact that she is now spending several nights a week volunteering here at Donald J. Trump’s campaign office. “Like I’m just pulling the drawbridge up behind me,” she says.

    Yet Mrs. Linsky is also quick to acknowledge a long list of racial fears and resentments that she says help explain why she is drawn to Mr. Trump: She is furious at undocumented workers who “come basically to see what they can get.” She is wary of Muslim Americans imposing their religion on communities in the United States. She is fearful of more American jobs being outsourced to China, India or Mexico. She even suspects President Obama “has a dislike for white folks.”

    “We’re not taking care of our own,” she said.

    Recently, Mr. Trump’s campaign has been engulfed by ugly images of mostly white Trump supporters facing off against, and sometimes attacking, young protesters, many of them black or Hispanic, at Trump rallies in Chicago, St. Louis and elsewhere.

    But here in Tampa, in the week before the pivotal Florida primary, conversations with more than 20 volunteers showing up to make campaign calls or otherwise help out at a small Trump campaign office in an old cigar factory yielded some surprises on the subjects of race, ethnicity and bigotry.

    For a campaign frequently depicted as offering a rallying point for the white working class, the people volunteering to help Mr. Trump here are noteworthy for their ethnic diversity. They include a young woman who recently arrived from Peru; an immigrant from the Philippines; a 70-year-old Lakota Indian; a teenage son of Russian immigrants; a Mexican-American.

    They range the political spectrum, too, from lifelong Democrat to independent to libertarian to conservative Republican. To a person, they condemned and sometimes ridiculed David Duke and other white supremacists who have noisily backed Mr. Trump. “I totally do not agree with them,” said one volunteer, Andrew.

    Yet like Mrs. Linsky, many spoke openly about how fears centered on race and ethnicity were at the heart of their support for Mr. Trump......


  13. ICE: 124 illegals freed from jail later charged in 138 murder cases.....Drudge

  14. If the Neocons hate Trump, there must be something to like in Trump.

  15. A racist bully that speaks on a 4th grade level: what's not to like?

  16. The really bad news for republicans - neocon, or not - is that Trump has the potential of losing in a landslide of historic proportions. Shellackings of this magnitude normally surrender both houses of congress, and many stat offices.

    1. .

      Unless someone overtakes Trump prior to the convention it could turn bloody for the GOP. If he were to come in with a large lead in votes and then was voted down, there would likely be a backlash among his supports.

      That said, the GOP could easily lose the Senate but I doubt they would lose the House (although right now the House can only be said to be in disarray.)


    2. I've seen some polls showing Trump beating Hillary, just like most of the other Republicans.

      Even some of the Sandersnistas are threatening to vote for Trump, if they don't get their way.

      I wouldn't be so certain Trump will lose.

      Germany just the other day turned against Merkel over immigration.

      The white working class has lots of Trump fans. Who used to vote Democrat.

    3. Sacramento Bee: Kevin McCarthy says Trump’s intensity could help GOP win House seats

      And retain the Senate, I'd add.

      Never underestimate The Donald.

  17. He understands his people:

    Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

    H. L. Mencken

    1. I think that should read 'intelligence' not 'taste' but whatever....

      Trump's not a racist bully, galopin2

      See: Mon Mar 14, 08:34:00 AM EDT

      La Raza is racist, however.

  18. .

    The neocons are driven by ideology not Israel and they are not wedded to the GOP.

    The perception that they are connected to Israel is driven by the fact that many of the most influential philosophical proponents of neoconservatism in the late 90's were Jewish and that neoconservatism mirrors the philosophy and actions of the Israeli political right. The other fact is that many of the neocons in GWB's cabinet at the time of the Iraq war were Jews.

    Likewise, the policies of the current right wing Israeli administration mesh well with neocon policies proposed and pushed in this country.

    However, the neocons are not especially loyal or wedded to the GOP. If the 'wrong' person is nominated to the GOP ticket, many neocons will have no problem switching to the Dems and Hillary.

    This is not to diminish the influence of the Israel Lobby in US politics.

    Here is Marco Rubio at a recent press conference as he campaigns for US president. What is wrong with this picture?


    1. However, the neocons are not especially loyal or wedded to the GOP. If the ‘wrong’ person is nominated to the GOP ticket, many neocons will have no problem switching to the Dems and Hillary.

      The Neocons are wedded to Israel. They will use any use politician that serves their goals.

      That became obvious, if it already wasn’t, over the Iran nuclear deal:

      Americans support the Iran deal overwhelmingly. But US public opinion is not the ball game. As Chris Matthews said last night, the people who care most about this deal don’t support it, and they’re out in force– in a word, the Israel lobby. So the politics of the Iran deal often sound like a strictly-Jewish conversation. Here’s the lay of the land.

      The US press is paying a lot of attention to Jewish groups that are against the Iran deal. “Jewish groups gird for ‘epic’ battle over Iran deal,” Steve Mufson in the Washington Post reports; AIPAC, the leading Israel lobby group, is expected to spend as much as $40 million to try and nullify Obama’s policy.

      The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is funding a new 501(c)4 group, Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, that is expected to spend $20 million to $40 million on advertising and campaigns in 30 to 40 states to mobilize opponents of the deal to write or call their members of Congress, say people familiar with the plan who sought anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it…

      - See more at:

    2. "The neocons are driven by ideology not Israel and they are not wedded to the GOP."

      Correct. And the idea of spreading democracy is not an evil idea.

      Hard to do in the Arab world, however.

    3. The Iran deal?


      Lots of luck with that bullshit.

    4. The Iran nuclear deal was nuts.

      Everyone should have been against it.

      We didn't even get our three or four prisoners back.

    5. You can spread manure, democracy not so well.

  19. I’m not sure he would lose. If he lost to Sanders, I wouldn’t care. The worst of the lot is Israel’s bacha, little Ruby.

    1. You view everything thru an Israel hating lens.

      America all the Republican Candidates support Israel.

      Even TRUMP.

      In fact, I would argue his is the best thing for Israel in a long while.

      The very fact is that "deals" have been offered (and refused) by the Palestinians over and over again.

      From Clinton to Bush and back again.

      Once Trump tries to offer a 2 state solution that looks a lot like the deal that abbas and arafat turned down last time and is refused again?

      It will prove once again the Palestinians want the destruction of Israel more than they want statehood.

      They could have had a state DECADES ago or even state under the most hostile to Israel administration in memory Obama.

      Trump is good for American and Israeli interests.


    2. We will see..

      After 7-8 years of obama who cuckholded america and pissed in israel's face?

      I think Trump will do just fine.

      Of course, if I was a suicide bombing, civilian knifing culture of death? I'd be worried..

  20. Good news for Trump:

    Bent on stopping Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney plans to hit the campaign trail Monday in Ohio with Gov. John Kasich, who is looking for his first win of the presidential campaign Tuesday in his home-state primary.

  21. Hillary might sustain some loses on Tuesday.

    Ohio is almost even.

  22. To be clear: I, also, do not believe that even a candidate as flawed as Trump would lose the House, this year. I expect the Dems will pick up 4, maybe 5, Senate seats, and a few House seats (the exact number, I haven't a clue.)

    However, when you get to the craziness (and, hence, volatility) of the Trump Campaign, strange things could happen.

  23. Hillary will book a nice win in North Carolina, and a huge win in Fla.

    The 3 Northern states, however, are anybody's guess.

    Sanders is doing a pretty good job of tying Hillary to Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago, and Rahm Emmanuel is probably the most hated man in Illinois.

    If I had to guess, I'd say Bernie wins 2 of the 3 Northern states, and possibly all of them.

    Hillary, however, will pick up Delegates for the night, due to her large wins in NC and Fla.

    (this is only considering "pledged" delegates; it does Not include the so-called "super-delegates.")

  24. And that wonderful ethical woman Hillary 'Livia Drusilla' Clinton, who started he career being fired for lying when working for the Watergate Committee I think it was, might be indicted, through probably not tired, unless Trump is elected, who has promised to do so.

    Great interesting political times we live in.

    1. D'Souza has a Hillary movie coming out.

      Says he might get life in prison if she's elected, but things are serious now, so he's risking it.

      He was given no option but Christianity, when he grew up in India, by the Portuguese when they had their toehold there.

      It stuck.

  25. I used to listen to the La Raza speakers at the University of Washington in the Vietnam days.

    They were hitching a 'free speaking ride' on the anti Vietnam War protest bus.

    They were a bunch of assholes then, and remain so today.

    If you're not Hispanic be certain they do not have your best interests at heart.

    1. Bob Sun Jun 22, 01:42:00 PM EDT

      When did I ever say I was a scholar??

      I don't recall saying that.

      I have a college degree in English Lit. from U of Washington.

      To avoid being drafted in part. ...

    2. Slandering again so early in the day, rat ass ?...who once claimed to be on a Central American assassination squad, and whose wife fled from him at the first opportunity after giving birth in the USA.

      S M A R T wife !

      And rat ass has been a Dead Beat Dad ever since.

      I stood for the draft lottery when the time came.

    3. Slander and lies are the tools of the weak minded.


    4. Certain folks who have nothing interesting or original to say have a check list of slander, lies and misinformation they repeat over and over again...

    5. By the way, if Sodastream was undervalued at $27.00 a share, imagine how UNDERVALUED it is now at $14.00?

      Super cheap...

      Buy low sell high....

  26. Hillary is asked by a lady why her health care costs have nearly tripled and gets shit ass answer -

    We need Dr. Ben Carson to do some surgery here.


  27. Syrian Kurdish fighters battling the Islamic State have told The Associated Press that they are seeing an increase in the number of ISIS members surrendering following recent territorial losses.


  28. Cuban-Americans leaning toward Trump in Florida, tipping the scale against Rubio

    The early voting station at the John F. Kennedy Library in Hialeah, Florida, is supposed to be bona fide Marco Rubio territory. In 1999, voters in this working class, predominantly Cuban-American city helped propel Rubio from West Miami city commissioner to a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. And in 2010, the Hialeah’s staunch Latino Republican base formed the bedrock for a coalition of conservative voters that sent the young Cuban-American politician to the U.S. Senate.

    But Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is chipping away support in Rubio’s stronghold.

    We need a president who knows how to make money in good and bad times. [Trump] has shown he can do that with his businesses.

    - Yani, a Florida voter

    Near the entrance to the library’s parking lot, a quartet of Cuban-American men hold up Trump placards and hand out “Make America Great Again” bumper stickers to voters.

    Among them is Julio Martinez, a Cuban-American Vietnam veteran who served as Hialeah’s mayor from 1991 to 1993. After personally meeting the billionaire real estate mogul during Trump’s rally in nearby Doral this past June, Martinez said he signed on as the campaign’s volunteer Latino coordinator in Miami-Dade County, home to 46 percent of the nation’s Cuban-American population and 260,000 registered Latino Republicans.

    “There is a lot of support for Donald in the Latino community, especially among Cubans,” the former mayor told Fox News Latino. “Some Cubans feel obligated to vote for Rubio, but they still identify with Trump.”

    Martinez has recruited other Cuban-Americans like Rene Santiesteban to stump for the GOP usurper. A delivery driver who came to Miami from Cuba eight years ago, Santiesteban became a U.S. citizen in 2011. He didn’t vote in the last presidential election, but this time he has cast his ballot for Trump.

    “He’s a radical change from traditional politicians,” said Santiesteban, who sported a white Trump campaign T-shirt. “That’s what we need now. We need someone the world can respect.”

    Martinez and Santiesteban said their support for Trump has not wavered despite the fiery controversies that have plagued the Donald on the campaign trail.


    1. At Hialeah’s Kennedy library, at least half a dozen people in a one-hour span said they voted for Trump. A Cuban-American couple, who would only provide their first names, Nelson and Yani, said they voted for Trump because they like what he stands for.

      “I think Donald Trump is going to make a difference in this country,” Nelson said. “He’s going to follow through on his policies.”

      Yani, who said she voted for Barack Obama in 2012, said her disappointment with both parties led her to vote for Trump.

      “We need a president who knows how to make money in good and bad times,” Yani said. “He has shown he can do that with his businesses.”

  29. Why in the world would those two nice Latino guys support Trump if he is the racist of galopin2's imagination ?

  30. .

    The very fact is that "deals" have been offered (and refused) by the Palestinians over and over again.


    Netanyahu tells the Palestinians, I'm making you an offer you can't refuse, and yet, they do.

    Go figger.


    1. Actually numerous Israeli governments and American presidents have offered deals that included 97% of the west bank, 1/2 of jerusalem, refugees, family reunification and of course billions in aid.

      Go figger.

    2. Heck the Palestinians could have had a state in 1948 if they had only said YES to the UN.

      But they didn't

      Go figger

    3. Any time from 1948 to 1967 the Palestinians could have had a state that was all of the west bank and Jerusalem but they didn't....

      Go figger

    4. In 1973 Israel offered to give up the west bank for peace and the collective arab world famously said NO...

      Go figger

    5. .

      Heck the Palestinians could have had a state in 1948 if they had only said YES to the UN.

      But they didn't. And that's the reason the security council never approved general assembly resolution 181.

      Go figger.


    6. .

      As for 1973, not sure what you are talking about. I know there was war. But I also seem to recall that Golda Meir indicated there would be no peace or deal on the occupied territories except on Israel's terms.


    7. .

      As for Camp David, Oslo and all the rest, it was one big kabuki. A stylized dance among the players. They were merely negotiations about negotiations. Nothing of substance was ever seriously discussed or negotiated. Nothing was put on paper.


    8. .

      The only two Israeli prime ministers who appeared to take the peace plans seriously were Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Olmert. The first was assassinated for his efforts by a right wing nut and the second after verbally offering a pretty good deal quit 3 days later because of corruption charges. The only other was Shimon Peres but he never carried enough weight to get anything done.

      It is interesting to note that in these cases it was Bibi Netanyahu who took office in the next election and quickly put an end to any so-called peace talks.


    9. I guess you were there?

      Offers were made.

      Whether you like it or not..

      But that's all water under the bridge and now history.

      The fact is clear.

      Abbas of the PA has a UNITY government with Hamas, a terrorist group committed to the genocide of every jew on the planet.

      There is no peace process anymore.

      There is war.

  31. America pays for the salaries of Hamas by funding UNRWA.

    in 2014 alone..

    United States of America $408,751,396

    400 million to pay the salaries of terrorists...


    and that's JUST ONE NGO they fund.

  32. Ah dun figgered, an' ah figggered WiO has it figgered right.

    1. .

      You know that always gives you a headache yet you continue to try.



      All signs indicate that the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to wage a protracted battle in the battered Gaza Strip as it seeks to crush the capabilities of the Islamist militant group Hamas. The ongoing conflict has already exacted a bloody toll, with the Palestinian death count approaching the total of Israel's 2008-2009 bombing campaign and ground offensive in Gaza, which led to the deaths of at least 1,383 Palestinians over three weeks.

      Netanyahu wants to wholly demilitarize the Palestinian enclave, beginning with the network of tunnels that allow Hamas's fighters to infiltrate into Israeli territory. But Hamas, a dogged outfit that thrives in wartime, is digging in its heels. On Tuesday, a Hamas spokesman said Netanyahu's "threats did not frighten Hamas or the Palestinian people."

      The current fighting — a clash between Israel's vastly superior armed forces and Hamas's insurgents — obscures the greater challenges facing Israelis and Palestinians, including the thorny question of how to accord equal rights to millions of Palestinians living under occupation in the event that a separate Palestinian state turns out not to be viable.

      It also obscures Hamas's curious history. To a certain degree, the Islamist organization whose militant wing has rained rockets on Israel the past few weeks has the Jewish state to thank for its existence. Hamas launched in 1988 in Gaza at the time of the first intifada, or uprising, with a charter now infamous for its anti-Semitism and its refusal to accept the existence of the Israeli state. But for more than a decade prior, Israeli authorities actively enabled its rise.


    3. {...}

      At the time, Israel's main enemy was the late Yasser Arafat's Fatah party, which formed the heart of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Fatah was secular and cast in the mold of other revolutionary, leftist guerrilla movements waging insurgencies elsewhere in the world during the Cold War. The PLO carried out assassinations and kidnappings and, although recognized by neighboring Arab states, was considered a terrorist organization by Israel; PLO operatives in the occupied territories faced brutal repression at the hands of the Israeli security state.

      Meanwhile, the activities of Islamists affiliated with Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood were allowed in the open in Gaza — a radical departure from when the Strip was administered by the secular-nationalist Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Egypt lost control of Gaza to Israel after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, which saw Israel also seize the West Bank. In 1966, Nasser had executed Sayyid Qutb, one of the Brotherhood's leading intellectuals. The Israelis saw Qutb's adherents in the Palestinian territories, including the wheelchair-bound Sheik Ahmed Yassin, as a useful counterweight to Arafat's PLO.

      ”When I look back at the chain of events I think we made a mistake,” one Israeli official who had worked in Gaza in the 1980s said in a 2009 interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Higgins. “But at the time nobody thought about the possible results.”


    4. {...}

      Higgins’s article is worth reading in full. He goes on to outline the type of assistance the Israelis initially gave Yassin, whom the PLO at one time deemed a "collaborator," and Gaza's other Islamists:

      Israel's military-led administration in Gaza looked favorably on the paraplegic cleric, who set up a wide network of schools, clinics, a library and kindergartens. Sheikh Yassin formed the Islamist group Mujama al-Islamiya, which was officially recognized by Israel as a charity and then, in 1979, as an association. Israel also endorsed the establishment of the Islamic University of Gaza, which it now regards as a hotbed of militancy. The university was one of the first targets hit by Israeli warplanes in the [2008-9 Operation Cast Lead].

      Yassin's Mujama would become Hamas, which, it can be argued, was Israel's Taliban: an Islamist group whose antecedents had been laid down by the West in a battle against a leftist enemy. Israel jailed Yassin in 1984 on a 12-year sentence after the discovery of hidden arms caches, but he was released a year later. The Israelis must have been more worried about other enemies.


    5. Your team has a lot to account for.


  33. Jihad Watch

    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

    Iraqi MP: Iraqi army doesn’t have “enough forces” to liberate areas of Iraq occupied by the Islamic State

    March 13, 2016 5:09 pm By Robert Spencer 14 Comments

    The Islamic State will not be destroyed except by ground forces. Those who have them will not use them for this. Those who would use them for this do not have them.

    Khaled al-Obeidi

    “Iraq runs out of money to take on Islamic State,” by Richard Spencer, Telegraph, March 13, 2016:

    Just as it is starting to turn the tide against Isil, Iraq is running out of money.

    Behind the front lines of the Iraqi desert, where the Nineveh provincial police are training to retake their homes in and around Mosul, they are short of one thing: weapons.

    “We have been regrouped here since the fall of Mosul,” said Major Ayman, standing over his line of men in blue uniforms. “We have been waiting here for five months but we have no weapons.”

    The Iraqi armed forces were at the receiving end of withering international criticism following its disastrous performances when Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant swept through western and northern Iraq two years ago.

    Now it has started to win some plaudits, for having managed to take back the city of Ramadi and, with the help of thousands of Shia militiamen and Sunni tribesmen, put Isil on the retreat across the provinces of Anbar and Salaheddin.

    There is even talk of an early assault to retake Mosul. But on the ground that looks as far off as ever….

    The chief of staff, Lt Gen Othman al-Ghanimi, praised recent advances by the army. Ten days ago, the Iraqi government forces swept 50 miles west across a desert area known as Jazeera Samarra – Samarra Island – as they sought to relieve the 18-month siege of the Anbar city of Haditha.

    They also cut the supply lines between the jihadists’ two major Iraq centres, Fallujah and Mosul.

    “This was an operation of the Iraqi army and Iraqi air force,” he said.

    Yet the strong presence of Iraq’s Iranian-backed Shia militias, whose members lined the roads and whose graffiti covered the local buildings, showed that the army is still reliant on irregular forces, ones with which the US-led coalition will not co-operate.

    “We are the shock force,” said Hussein Mohammed Hassan, a militiaman from the Iran-linked Badr Corps standing near Lt Gen Ghanimi. “We do 70 per cent of the fighting.”…

    The economic crisis, also blamed on government corruption, has revived the fortunes of Iraq’s most famous political Shia cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, whose Mahdi Army was once the scourge of British and American forces and who now leads his supporters on anti-government supporters….

    In the desert, Lt Gen Ghanimi said he could break the siege of Haditha in two days, if he were not determined to press ahead slowly, clearing Isil’s booby-trap bombs as he went.

    The Shia militias were more scathing. Ahmed al-Asadi, their main spokesman and an MP, said the record of the army and its allies in the Sunni tribes, even with American air support, suggested that it found retaking ground difficult.

    “They retook Ramadi, but at a cost of 80 per cent of the city destroyed,” he said. “As for the rest, there aren’t enough forces able to liberate it. If there were, we wouldn’t have the problem we have.”

  34. Monday, March 14, 2016

    Paul Krugman: Trump Is No Accident

    Establishment Republicans "had it coming":

    Trump Is No Accident, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Establishment Republicans who are horrified by the rise of Donald Trump...

    The truth is that the road to Trumpism began long ago, when movement conservatives — ideological warriors of the right — took over the G.O.P. And it really was a complete takeover. Nobody seeking a career within the party dares to question any aspect of the dominating ideology, for fear of facing not just primary challenges but excommunication.

    You can see the continuing power of the orthodoxy in the way all of the surviving contenders for the Republican nomination, Mr. Trump included, have dutifully proposed huge tax cuts for the wealthy, even though a large majority of voters, including many Republicans, want to see taxes on the rich increased instead.

    But how does a party in thrall to a basically unpopular ideology — or at any rate an ideology voters would dislike if they knew more about it — win elections? Obfuscation helps. But demagogy and appeals to tribalism help more. Racial dog whistles and suggestions that Democrats are un-American if not active traitors aren’t things that happen now and then, they’re an integral part of Republican political strategy.

    During the Obama years Republican leaders cranked the volume on that strategy up to 11 (although it was pretty bad during the Clinton years too.) Establishment Republicans generally avoided saying in so many words that the president was a Kenyan Islamic atheist socialist friend of terrorists ... but they tacitly encouraged those who did, and accepted their endorsements. And now they’re paying the price.

    For the underlying assumption behind the establishment strategy was that voters could be fooled again and again: persuaded to vote Republican out of rage against Those People, then ignored after the election while the party pursued its true, plutocrat-friendly priorities. Now comes Mr. Trump, turning the dog whistles into fully audible shouting, and telling the base that it can have the bait without the switch. And the establishment is being destroyed by the monster it created. ...

    Let’s dispel with this fiction that the Trump phenomenon represents some kind of unpredictable intrusion into the normal course of Republican politics. On the contrary, the G.O.P. has spent decades encouraging and exploiting the very rage that is now carrying Mr. Trump to the nomination. That rage was bound to spin out of the establishment’s control sooner or later.

    Donald Trump is not an accident.

    His party had it coming.

    Just Desserts

    1. .

      Who has a more strident dog whistle than Paul Krugman?


  35. Hillary will regret this statement in the fall -

    March 14, 2016

    Hillary promises, ‘We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business’

    By Thomas Lifson

  36. "the president was a Kenyan Islamic atheist socialist friend of terrorists"

    If they added in Narcissistic Personality Disorder they'd have nailed it.

    1. socialist friend of terrorists:

      Think Bill Ayers.

  37. In Tampa Christie dropped a not too subtle hint about Trump appointing the next Attorney General. Now, that would be interesting.

  38. HE came, He Saw, He Won, He’s leaving

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he would start pulling his armed forces out of Syria, five months after he ordered a military intervention that turned the tide of the war in favor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    "I believe that the task put before the defense ministry and Russian armed forces has, on the whole, been fulfilled," Putin said at a Kremlin meeting with his defense and foreign ministers at which he announced the withdrawal, starting on Tuesday.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin had telephoned Assad to inform him of the Russian decision, but Peskov said the two leaders had not discussed Assad's future - the biggest obstacle to reaching a peace agreement.

    The move was announced on the day United Nations-brokered talks between the warring sides in Syria resumed in Geneva.

    Putin ordered an intensification of Russia's diplomatic efforts to end the civil war in Syria, which has dragged on for five years, killed thousands of people and displaced millions, many of them seeking refuge in Europe.

    But the Russian leader signaled Moscow would keep a military presence: he did not give a deadline for the completion of the withdrawal and said Russian forces would stay on at the port of Tartous and at the Hmeymim air base in Syria's Latakia province, from which Russia has launched most of its air strikes.

    Questions remained about the practical implications of Putin's announcement. It was not clear if Russian air strikes would stop. Russia will retain the capability to launch them, from the Latakia base.

    1. He Came, He Killed, He bombed, He's Leaving...

      How many civilians did he kill?

      Do you care?

    2. Syria is the cluster that it is because of your team. Your Neocons, Bush, Clinton and Obama went on a 14 year crusade to do Israel’s bidding to destabilize the Middle East. They succeeded. They wrecked secular regimes in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

      Your team was all in to take down Iran, Ukraine and disrupt US Russian relations.

      Israel, Turkey and the Saudis along with the US political class created al Qaeda, Isis and other killers in Syria and Iraq.


    4. LOL

      Blame Israel.

      That's all you have.

      No Deuce the blame lies in Assad, Hezbollah and Iran..

      Oh but they are no responsible for their actions since they are moslems and can be controlled by all others?

      Give it a break deuce, it's time to put on your grown up panties....

      Assad, Hezbollah and Iran OWN what happened in Syria...

      the clusterfuck is exactly what they intended...


    Updated November 25, 2014.

    It isn’t the kind of history Israelis like to talk about, or admit, but it’s also undeniable: Hamas is at least partly an intentional creation of Israel that dates back to the 1970s.

    Back then the secular Palestine Liberation Organization was waging a terror campaign against Israel, which it vowed to destroy. There was no contact between Israel and the PLO, at least not officially. But Israel looked for Palestinians who didn’t align themselves with the PLO. It found them, in Gaza, in an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood—deeply pious Palestinians who were opposed to the PLO’s secular outlook, and who had adopted the Brotherhood’s motto: “Islam is the solution. The Koran is our constitution.”

    The Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Higgins in January 2009 provided a concise history of the serrated Hamas-Israel relationship in the context of both sides’ mania for outsmarting and outlasting the other. “A look at Israel’s decades-long dealings with Palestinian radicals -- including some little-known attempts to cooperate with the Islamists,” Higgins wrote, “reveals a catalog of unintended and often perilous consequences.”


    1. The inconvenient fact?

      That was then, this is now...

      and Today?

      Hamas spends it's welfare on tunnels and rockets not homes, sewers, clean water, food and schools.

      Hamas is the same as ISIS..

      Treats their own people like dogs...

      And like dogs?

      They will be bitten..

      If you care about the palestinian people you will root for the day that they throw hamas off the rooftops, like hamas did to the Fatah members..

  40. {...}

    Waltzing with Hamas

    The Palestinian group that would begin calling itself Hamas in 1987 was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a half-blind cleric partially paralyzed by a childhood sports accident. In the 1970s, Yassin’s interest was to turn Palestinians toward the Koran and to find their way through it, rather than through the PLO. Israel saw an opportunity to battle the PLO from within its own Palestinian ranks by openly supporting Yassin and his followers.

    Israel’s assumption that Yassin could be a viable alternative to Yasser Arafat was the same sort of miscalculation the United States committed in Iran in the 1970s, when the CIA cultivated radical Islamist groups there should the regime of the Shah of Iran falter or fall. In 1979, the regime did fall. The CIA had misread the forces of political Islam in Iran. It had also misread its reach: Political Islam wasn’t a fad. It was the future.

    Lessons not learned, the United States, under the guidance of the Reagan administration, committed an equally catastrophic miscalculation in Afghanistan in the 1980s, when the CIA armed and supported Arab and Afghan mujahideen in their war against Soviet occupiers. Osama bin Laden was the Arab mujahideen’s leaders.


    1. {...}

      Political Islam

      What did Afghan and Arab mujahideen, Iranian militants and Yassin’s rising pieties in Gaza have in common? Political Islam -- “which,” as the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk noted, “has much less to do with Islam than is commonly thought,” and much more to do with a conception of absolutist power in the name (rather than in the service of) Allah. Like the United States, Israel was blinded by expediency. It did not see political Islam’s long-term aims, only its short-term possibilities as pawn in Israel’s designs on the PLO.

      Israel had a no-contact policy with the PLO. It had no such policy with other Palestinian groups. It embraced Yassin, who called his group Mujama Al-Islamiya (which loosely means Muslim brotherhood, or Muslim association) and registered it officially as an Islamic charity. It certainly was that. Yassin built schools, clinics, a library, ran social services that Yasser Arafat’s Fatah organization neglected, cleaned streets, provided religious education to children, and slowly, gradually carved its way into the appreciative hearts of Gazans. Meanwhile, Arafat and Fatah were floundering in the eyes of ordinary Palestinians. Arafat in 1993 renounced terrorism, Fatah and the PLO revoked their vow to destroy Israel, and the two sides began working toward a two-state solution. Their failures were Hamas’ gains.


    2. {...}

      Could Hamas Have Been Stopped?

      “Arieh Spitzen, the former head of the Israeli military's Department of Palestinian Affairs, says that even if Israel had tried to stop the Islamists sooner,” Higgins wrote, “he doubts it could have done much to curb political Islam, a movement that was spreading across the Muslim world. He says attempts to stop it are akin to trying to change the internal rhythms of nature: ‘It is like saying: ‘I will kill all the mosquitoes.’ But then you get even worse insects that will kill you...You break the balance. You kill Hamas you might get al Qaeda.’”

      But why one or the other? That question, Higgins leaves unasked because it implicates Israel’s uncompromising and, in the end, self-defeating attempts to shape its Palestinian neighbors in its own image of pliant, predictable subservience. As Roger Cohen wrote in The New York Review of Books, Israel “is ghettoizing itself, not least from the agonizing plight of the estimated 1.5 million Palestinians crammed into the narrow strip of land that is Gaza.”

      When Hamas Turned Violent

      Yassin’s group renamed itself Hamas at the beginning of the first Palestinian intifada, in 1987. A year later Hamas published its charter, which calls, in part, for wiping out Israel. Israel initially ignored the charter and continued to talk with Hamas militants—until 1989, when Hamas launched its first direct attack on Israeli soldiers.

      By 2004, when Hamas had embraced suicide bombings as a tactic, Israel reverted to an old tactic of its own: assassinations. An Israeli helicopter killed Yassin as he was leaving a prayer service. His bodyguards and nine civilian bystanders were also killed. A few weeks later, an Israeli gunship fired a missile at the car that was carrying Yassin’s successor, Abdel Aziz Rantis, killing him, his bodyguards and his son.

      It was then that Khaled Mashaal, whom Israel had tried to assassinate years earlier, took over Hamas, directing its political operations from Damascus.

      Israel’s War on Hamas

      Besides killing between 1,200 and 1,500 Palestinians, most of them civilians and 40 percent of them women and children (compared with 13 Israelis, most of them soldiers) Israel’s 22-day war against Hamas in December 2008 and January 2009 did not change the equation in Gaza. Hamas is still in control. Its military wing is largely unscathed. Admiration for Hamas has soared among Palestinians, while respect for Fatah and the Palestinian Authority continue to fall.

    3. Hamas is doing wonderfully in Gaza.

      Routine torture of it's citizens, human shields, extorting their own for billions in dollars...

      If Hamas is SO popular why does it now hold elections?


      I wonder...

      They are popular as long as they point a rifle at their people's heads...

  41. Has Israel learned anything?

    We will check in and see how it goes with recent Israeli support for Isis and Al Nusra.

    1. Assad, Iran and Hezbollah murdered over 360,000 Syrians and created 14 million refugees..

      I am sure that the entire Sunni world will never forget this amazing lesson in what moslem on moslem butchery is really like...

      ISIS? They hate Israel, but right now? They hate Assah, Hezbollah and Iran more...

      Look for FUN things to happen across the moslem world to and by fellow moslems....

  42. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to start the withdrawal of forces from Syria starting Tuesday. Russia will however keep a military presence at the port of Tartus and at the Khmeimim airbase to observe ceasefire agreements.

    “I consider the objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished. That is why I order to start withdrawal of the main part of our military group from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic starting from tomorrow,” Putin said on Monday during a meeting with Shoigu and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

    “In a short period of time Russia has created a small but very effective military group [in Syria]... the effective work of our military allowed the peace process to begin,”
    Putin said, adding that with the assistance of the Russian Air Force “Syrian government troops and patriotic forces have changed the situation in the fight with international terrorism and have ceased the initiative.”

    1. Not to worry, Russia did very little to ISIS, but bombed the crap out of 40 or more sunni arab groups...

      They will not forget...


  43. "Receipts were up a year-to-date 5.3 percent in February led by individual income taxes and social insurance receipts."

    Treasury Budget

  44. ISIS executes 35 fighters for refusing to join combat axes

    ( Nineveh – A security source in Nineveh Province announced on Sunday, that ISIS executed 35 of its militants for refusing to join the battle against the Iraqi forces on the outskirts of the city of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad).

    The source said in a statement followed by, “ISIS executed 35 of its fighters, after refusing to join the combat axes on the outskirts of the city of Mosul.”

    The source, who asked to remain anonymous, added, “ISIS carried out the execution by firing squad in the forest.”

    headcutter blues

    1. ISIS executes 21 fighters in Mosul after fleeing from combat axes

      ( Nineveh – A local source in Nineveh Province announced on Sunday, that the so-called ISIS executed 21 of its militants in the city of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), after fleeing from the ongoing battles west of the province.

      The source said in a statement received by, “Today, ISIS executed 21 of its fighters in the city of Mosul, after fleeing from the combat axes in Makhmour, Waski Mosul, Khazar, Nuran and Bashiqa,” pointing out that, “The executed fighters also refused to join the battles in these areas.”

      The source, who asked anonymity, added, “The terrorist gang carried out the execution by firing squad in one of its camps in Mosul.”

      It's tough being a headcutter in Iraq

    2. Then, there's this asshole

      American ISIS fighter captured by Kurdish forces in Sinjar

      ( Nineveh – A source in the Peshmerga forces announced on Monday, that the Kurdish forces were able to arrest one of ISIS members in the district of Sinjar, on his way back to Turkey.

      The source said in a statement followed by, “The Peshmerga forces arrested an ISIS member who seems to be a citizen of the United Stated,” adding that, “The detainee was identified as 27-year-old Muhammad Jamal Amin from the US state of Virginia.”

      The source added, “The arrested ISIS fighter was intending to escape to Turkey but handed himself over to the Kurdish forces after they opened fire on him near the frontline in Golat village,” indicating that, “The arrested man had mistaken Peshmerga territory for the Turkish border.”

      What a dick

  45. .

    Offers were made.

    Show me copies of the documents.



  47. geoffgo • 9 hours ago

    It sickens me to report that Judge Nepolitano on FOXNews just said that Hillary has point about the Donald being responsible for the violence at his rally. He said "legally" the property is owned by the gov't and Trump only rented the space, He said the Ist Amendment applies here and people are allowed to protest/disrupt a meeting held in a gov't building.

    So, if you and I rent campsites in a state or national forest, and a group of rowdies intrudes and evicts us, they have a legal leg to stand on? Because it's gov't property?

    1. I replied:

      Makes perfect sense to me, like so much of the Drudge front page these days:

      ICE: 124 illegals freed from jail later charged in 138 murder cases...

      Kasich Goes All-In For Amnesty: Illegals 'Made In Image Of Lord'...
      'Very important part of our society

      Sasha and Malia Obama Wore $20K Dresses to State Dinner...
      “Now Malia is going off to college. … And I’m starting to choke up.”

      If only they were just Batsh*t Crazy, but no, they have to be EVIL PIGS.

    2. Ummm, maybe it has something to do with, at these rallies, his saying things like 'they are what is wrong with America' and 'I will pay your legal bills if you punch them in the face' ect.

    3. And, oh. my. god. They put up their middle finger.

    4. The politics of fear has been the MO to date but not with Trump in my opinion. Trumps gig is 'they' have ruined America and He will make US great again

    5. You're gonna finally get your well deserved polite mugging when protesting at a Trump Event, Ash.

      Go, Donald !

    6. And to guys like you Mome Trump is like Jesus only Trump won't turn the other cheek

    7. I know you don't realize it, being a lefty illiterate, but there's some disagreement about the meaning of that turn the other cheek passage.

      One alternative explanation is that Jesus was recommending flipping people off...

    8. No ones like Jesus, Ash, not even you.

    9. .

      One alternative explanation is that Jesus was recommending flipping people off...

      Read it in Jihad Watch. has to be true.


  48. Who is Doug? Just one mans opinion. I suspect there will be no cameras and news people around at the camp site. As my daddy used to say, "make sure there is only one story to tell, YOURS."

  49. "make sure there is only one story to tell"


    Doug is the guy that makes Doug's Wahine Juice in Hawaii and markets it through "Q's Juice n' Guns" out of Detroit, Michigan.

    1. (they're into a lot of 'stuff' together, those two)

  50. Breitbart News Organization (Trumpbart according to Glenn Beck who seems to hate The Donald) is coming apart at the seams. Two more of its reporters are said to have resigned over the affair of the woman's bruised arm that she says was caused by Trump's campaign manager.

    Not sure where the truth of this whole matter lies but some of the folks at Breitbart are pissed about a coverup or some such and are leaving.

    I liked Breitbart because he told the Occupy Wall Street Folk that they lived like pigs and shit in their own tents.

    1. .

      I can see where that would appeal to you.


  51. Donald Trump could face charges for allegedly inciting rally violence in North Carolina

    At a rally in Fayetteville, N.C., last Wednesday, 78-year-old John McGraw allegedly punched a protester as police escorted him and others out of the stadium. The incident was caught on tape, and McGraw was charged with misdemeanor assault, disorderly conduct and communicating threats by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. The agency now says Trump himself could also face charges for “inciting a riot.”

    1. The Police caused the incident by getting into the old man's safe space in the first place.

      The Police ought to be charged.

      I am doubtful a North Carolina jury would convict The Donald of inciting a riot over this incident.

      If such an absurd charge is filed I imagine the court would throw it out.

  52. Just watched Trump in Vienna, Ohio. He was on fire. Tore it up.

  53. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.

    For an elder, Trump has an exceptionally high energy level, I will say that.

    It would be exhausting to most people to do that stuff day after day. And all the traveling, so little sleep....

  54. Lord have mercy. So this is how the 4th Reich comes to America.

  55. Yes, perhaps. Illiterate mobs trying to shut down free speech......

    I recall Obama saying, 'If they bring a knife to a fist fight, we'll bring a gun'.

    1. Remember that one, galopn2 ?

      I don't recall you being upset by it at the time.

    2. Ash ?

      Do you recall that ?

      I don't like some of Trump's rhetoric, by the way.

      But Obama was just as bad, or worse.

    3. I don't recall Republicans ever massing to form a mob and shut down free speech by the Democrats.

      And I hope they never do.

    4. Do you ?

      Buehler ?

      Condi Rice was forced to cancel a Graduation Speech by threats.

      Ayann Hischi Ali has been forced to silence on campus here in the USA by threats.

      There is another well known black lady in the same category but can't think of her name right now.

  56. So let's hear it, Ash. Who is your choice for the next President of the good ole USA ?

  57. Probably Trudeau.

    Our expat went out and organized for Trudeau.

    1. Even though, still being an American, it's none of his damn business.