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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We Have a Problem

Brussels Zaventem airport explosion: Several dead after explosions near American Airlines desk and at Metro station


Up to 10 people are feared dead and many wounded after large explosions at Brussels Airport and at a Metro station in the Belgian capital.
Witnesses said the airport blasts happened shortly before 8am local time (7am GMT) in the departure hall near the check-in desks for American Airlines and Brussels Airlines.

Little over an hour later, another explosion was reported at the Maalbeek (Maelbeek) station, near the European Council headquarters and other EU buildings. The capital's Metro system was being shut down.
The explosion reportedly took place in the Departures lounge, beyond airport security areas.

The Belga news agency reported that shots were fired before the explosions and shouting was heard in Arabic.

Sky News journalist who was checking in at the time said he heard two very large explosions before being moved away from the area and that speculation of a terror attack was spreading.

An American couple, Andrew and Denise Brandt, said they felt the blast “like a wave" as they shopped on the other side of security barriers, before hundreds of people started running towards them.

Photos showed passengers running from the terminal building as smoke poured through smashed windows.

The airport, which was being exacuated, has been closed to all departures and arrivals as investigations continue. Rail services have been suspended.

The cause of the reported blasts has not been confirmed and police could not immediately be reached for a comment.

A spokesperson for Brussels Airport said: "There have been two explosions at the airport. Building is being evacuated. Don’t come to the airport area.

"All airport operations have been suspended until further notice.Passengers that are still located in other area’s in the airport are asked to remain calm and wait for further information."

Video shows aftermath of Brussels airport explosions

The Belgian interior minister, Jan Jambon, said the national terror alert would be raised to its maximum level in the wake of the explosions, suggesting that authorities believe they were an attack.

Charles Michel, the Prime Minister, said the government was following the situation "minute by the minute" and that victims and bystanders at the airport were the priority.

Questions about family or friends > Call 02/753.73.00
— Brussels Airport (@BrusselsAirport) March 22, 2016

A spokesperson for  American Airlines said: “We are aware of an incident at the Brussels airport departure hall and are taking care of our customers, employees and contractors. At this time, all of our employees and contractors are accounted for with no reported injuries.

"American Airlines flight 751 (from Brussels to Philadelphia) has been cancelled for today. When operations at the airport resume, we will re-accommodate our customers.”

Brussles has been under increased security measures since November's Paris attacks and has seen several operations in recent weeks linked to the hunt for Salah Abdeslam, who was caught on Friday.


  1. Drudge is asleep at the wheel. Nothing up yet.

  2. Two blasts rocked the departure hall of Brussels’ Zaventem Airport at about 8am local time, reportedly killing 17 people and leaving dozens injured. Authorities report that more undetonated homemade bombs have been discovered within the terminal.

  3. 09:22 GMT
    The southern railroad station in Brussels is being evacuated due to the terrorist acts in the city, reports RIA Novosti’s correspondent.

  4. 09:05 GMT
    Belgian police have found three unused suicide belts at Zaventem Airport, TASS cites Belgian TV.

  5. We cannot lose site of the damage done by our destroying the governments in Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya.” How to fix it” starts with quit making it worse.

    Multiculturalism is all but dead.

    Clinkton may as well hang it up now.

  6. Possibly a diversion tactic so the rest of the assholes can slip out of the country.

  7. Sorry Deuce, your friends doing the violence again

    1. Fuck you asshole. You stupid son of a bitch.

  8. We have a problem, yessiree, a border problem. Were these animals Seven Day Adventists? I don't believe so. Were they Catholic? I don't think so. Buddhist? Hindu? Nope.

  9. Maybe Deuce's suggestion for the Jews of Israel should apply to the moslems of Europe?

    Go Home...


    1. Let's review.

      The terrorists that bombed Belgium? Shot up Paris? Blew up the trains in London and Madrid? Flew planes into the World Trade Center?

      All hate Israel, Jews, Christians, America and the West.

      All support the Palestinians.

    2. Actually, that is inaccurate.
      The ones that actually attacked US on 11SEP2001 were sponsored by the Saudi's.

      Remember the "Golden Chain", well does your selective memory allow that, "O"rdure?

      As for today, the Saudi, Egyptians, and Israeli are allied against the Palestinians.
      Ms Glick told us so.

      Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi alliance

  10. That many were killed in Chicago last weekend.

    1. A Democrat controlled city, most were African Americans killing each other.

  11. We lose about 90 a week in gun violence in the U.S.

    1. Again, most are African Americans killing each other...

      so you are saying the bombings are no big deal?

      Might I suggest if your wife or daughter now laid in a pool of blood in PIECES on the ground, blown up by a terrorist?

      You might be a tad bit more pissed off....

    2. I have the same level of give a shit for Belgium as I have for Israel.

      Not a fucking ounce.

    3. Again, if it were YOUR wife or daughter you might care.

      they attacked AMERICAN AIRLINES in Belgium.

      And in Israel?


      But they don't count in your book do they?

    4. 90 a day in America doesn't bother you either?

      You are cold hearted prick.

  12. African Americans are "Americans."

    Belgians and Israelis Are Not.

    In my mind, there is no contest.

    1. Americans visiting Israel are AMERICANS you prick

    2. Your glee at Americans who are jews or christians who visit Israel who are murdered is sick.


    3. US citizens visiting Israel, or even attempting to are often killed, by the Israeli government.

  13. Rufus, our blogger who said he's be a part of Hamas if he lived there...

    Yeah Rufus, your are one fine example of inbred breeding.

  14. Last week in Turkey 3 Americans were blown apart by Islamic bombers...

    Any feelings about them? Or because they were currently lived in Israel they deserved death?

  15. If one of my Grandsons get dragged into a war, it will be an African American covering his six, not some stinking European or Israeli.

    I have no "glee" at anyone losing their life. But, 10,000 or so Americans die every day. I'm not going to feign grief because a couple dozen Belgians give up the ghost.

    1. Americans who serve in the military are from all races and creeds, most likely a white european....

      Dont like it?

      Too bad.

      But in America, most African American deaths are at the hands of African Americans, as you so glibly point out, in a "weekend" in Chicago.

      And the attack in Belgium at the airport?

      Was American Airlines...

      Americans targeted.

      you dumb hick.

  16. I may be a "dumb hick," but you'll never catch me, willingly, giving a dime to a bunch of racist assholes in Israel.

    (or, voting to send one of my grandchildren to war for the racial superiorist pricks.)

    1. But you are willingly giving billions to the arabs/palestinains who are intact actual racists?

    2. Once again Rufus, your ignorance of Israel and it's people astounds me..

      Might I suggest you take your head out of your ass long enough to learn?


      Just be the retarded hick that you are...

      AND remember the military aid given to Israel benefits America, in technology and jobs.

      you dumb racist hick

    3. No, I wouldn't give them a nickel, either.

      I'd let the whole bunch of you assholes simmer in your own stew.

    4. The "STEW" is world wide....

      America spends billions fighting in Iraq and Syria, afghanistan, protecting the oil shipping lands, bombing ISIS in 3-4 countries...

      That's the stew...


    5. The key words, by "O"rdure ...

      ... protecting the oil ...

      Nothing at all about religion.

      While there hav only been two perennial posters here that have promoted a massive expansion of ethanol production, to free US from the dependency on Middle East oil, and you are not one of us, "O"rdure.

  17. Rufus gleefully reports the bombing runs that American does in the middle east killing headcounters.

    Now let me be forthright....

    I hate the headcutters too...

    But Rufus thinks that Israel has created it's own "stew"

    Rufus you claim to have served in the Marines.

    Ever hear of the Betsy and the Philadelphia?

    The war memorial in Baltimore?

    Know ANYTHING about American history?

    1. ... fifteen-year-old Tariq Abukhdeir, a US citizen from Tampa, Florida, was savagely beaten by undercover Israeli police in the Shuafat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. The attack was caught on video, showing Israeli police repeatedly kicking and punching Abukhdeir in the face and head as he lay handcuffed on the ground.


      Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old activist from Olympia, Washington, was run over and killed by an Israeli soldier operating a militarized Caterpillar bulldozer as she nonviolently attempted to prevent a Palestinian home from being demolished in the Gaza Strip on 16 March 2003.


      On 5 April 2003, Brian Avery, a 24-year-old activist from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was shot in the face in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin by Israeli soldiers who fired machine guns from an armored personnel carrier.

      Tristan Anderson, a 37-year-old activist from Oakland, California, suffered permanent brain damage after Israeli forces shot him in the forehead with a high-velocity tear gas canister as he observed a protest in the West Bank village of Nilin in March 2009.

      Furkan Doğan, an 18-year-old Turkish resident born in Troy, New York, was killed aboard the Mavi Marmara in the Mediterranean Sea on 31 May 2010 as a flotilla of international activists attempted to break Israel’s illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip and to deliver humanitarian goods. The United Nations’ General Assembly Human Rights Council found that Doğan was killed by Israeli naval commandos in an “extra-legal, arbitrary and summary execution,” shot five times, including a shot to his face at “point blank range.”

    2. Unable to open the door, and taking seriously the soldiers' threat to blow up the house with them inside, Khaled went to the bedroom, opened the window, raised his hands and shouted to the soldiers, in English, "Sir, sir, we need help. Please come and open the door. I am a professor. We are people of peace. WE HAVE AMERICAN PASSPORTS."

      There was no response. Khaled tried again, this time in Arabic: "Help, help, we need help."

      A split second later, Salam heard three shots. Khaled fell silent. She would never hear his voice again. Inside the room, the terrifying red laser ray pranced across the walls.

      Salam crawled over to her husband and found him lying on the floor, between the bed and the window. At first she saw no blood, but he was no longer breathing. Then she saw the hole in his neck. "Diana, Diana," she screamed, "They have killed your father."


    3. Rachel, the Salahs and the USS Liberty are known victims of the Israeli military.

      Unlike the Israelis who circle the wagons and spit forth excuses when they kill an American, the Palestinians immediately began rounding up suspects. Concurrently Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority denounced the attack. Killing an American serves no purpose to Palestinians. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

      Contrast this with Israel's reaction to the USS Liberty, the Salahs and Rachel Corrie. Israel simply issued its reflexive vacant apology, plunged into denial mode, labeled anyone questioning "anti-Semitic" and promising to "investigate"…their standard non-response, though in each case, specific soldiers were responsible for the deaths and have yet to be held accountable. A promise to investigate by Israel illustrates an empty promise.

      Even when Israel does investigate and prosecute, as in the case of the Deir Yassin massacre April 9, 1948, the responsible Israeli personal were fined a penny for killing over 100 men, women and children reminding us of the "justice" once afforded African Americans killed in this country by Caucasian members of the Klu Klux Klan.


    4. IDF officials praise the shooting/killing, saying that it was justified. A photograph taken at the scene, however, seems to show the boy simply holding a burning Israeli flag at a protest, corroborating what protesters told us, and contradicting the official IDF account.

      Israeli Troops Shoot and Kill 14-Year-Old American Citizen At Palestinian Protest
      Just when it seems that the Israeli Defense Forces could not possibly do anything worse than they did during last Summer’s War on Gaza, Israeli troops go and prove us wrong. This time the IDF has shot and killed an American citizen of Palestinian descent. That American citizen is a 14-year-old teenager who troops dead Friday afternoon.

      IDF troops shoot the young boy during clashes that erupted in a protest.
      IDF officials say that the boy was about to “throw a firebomb towards Route 60,”
      but his family and protesters say that he was holding a burning Israeli flag and that IDF troops shot him out of spite when they saw this.

  18. Clinton and CAFTA

    MARCH 21, 2016 9:14 PM March 21, 2016 9:14 pm

    Joel Benenson, Hillary Clinton’s number-cruncher/strategist, has an interesting note up about the implications of the Ohio primary. The rules of the game require, of course, both that he be totally positive about his candidate and that he profess a certainty about the meaning of every victory that I’m fairly sure he does not, in fact, possess. The truth is that nobody can be sure exactly why Ohio was so different from Michigan; the big takeaway from the Ohio result was, instead, that the yuge Michigan polling miss was an outlier rather than a harbinger, and that — combined with the big HRC delegate gain on 3/15 — moves a Clinton nomination from highly likely to overwhelmingly probable.

    Still, I was struck by this:

    Ohioans took a hard look at Senator Sanders’ claims, and rejected them. Despite his attempt to portray Hillary as an ardent free-trader, Hillary voted against the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), the only multi-national trade agreement that ever came before her in the U.S. Senate.

    I very much doubt that many Ohioans knew about Clinton’s anti-CAFTA vote, or even what CAFTA was. But I did. In fact, CAFTA was an important part of my education on modern “trade” agreements, helping to make me a lukewarm opponent of TPP.

    A lot of this comes out of a seminar on trade policy I taught at the Wilson School, in which I asked students to look at a series of cases; DR-CAFTA (it also included the Dominican Republic) came as something of a revelation to me, because when you looked at it carefully, you realized that it wasn’t really a trade agreement at all. Instead, the most important issues were things like intellectual property, in particular pharma patent enforcement — and this made it a bad deal for Central America, despite sounding good.

    And TPP is another modern trade-agreement-that-really-isn’t, with the most important provisions involving intellectual property and dispute settlement. People inside the administration argue with me that the trade provisions are important, especially for some poor countries, and that the IP and DS stuff isn’t as bad as portrayed; I grant that it’s not a slam-dunk case. As I said, I’m only a lukewarm opponent.

    But back to Clinton/CAFTA: Is this a misleading example? Actually, no — her record in the Senate was in general one of caution about and selective opposition to to trade deals. I’m sure we’ll be told that this was insincere and inauthentic — after all, Clinton Rules apply. But she wasn’t a knee-jerk free trader.

    Krugman - NY Times

  19. Were you pleased with Trumps speech to AIPAC Deuce?

    1. Last time I checked, my man declined to go.

    2. Old Trump shoved his nose squarely on each prescribed talking point. Sad.

    3. Trump will prove to be just another political opportunist.

  20. Jesus Rufus/galopin2 you are letting it all hang out this morning, making a true arse out of yourself.

    "No man is an island" seems to apply to no one but you.

    Since the American Airline terminal or check in was targeted I am calling this a major "Q"Nit-USA.

    The BASTARDS !

    Stop Moslem Immigration To USA Now !!!!

    1. .

      Simple solutions for simple minds.

      I would berate you at length and without mercy but I have to walk the dog.


    2. Don't get lost.

      May the dog piss on your feet.

      "First we show the Poles, then everyone else"

    3. I do hope you have a seeing eye dog, as you seem visually impaired of late, and unaware of what is transpiring around you.

      If you can still hear, though, if a bomb goes boom think Islamic terrorism.

    4. Please, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson do not regale us with another rendition of how ...
      The cat pissed on my slippers

      Thank you.

  21. It's certainly up on Drudge now:

    Suicide bomber attacks AMERICAN AIRLINES check-in desk...
    Blast hits Metro station just yards from EU headquarters...
    Shouts in Arabic before explosion...
    More troops deployed to streets...
    City Shut Down...
    Phone Users Urged to Text Not Call as Networks Jammed...
    'Shocking' Unpreparedness...
    Terrorists remain at large...
    Just blood -- like apocalypse...
    ISIS Celebrates...
    Whole of Europe has been hit: Hollande...
    DELTA, UNITED reroute flights...
    Belgium beefs up security at nuke plants...
    Royal Palace evacuated...
    Aftermath footage shows terrified travelers cowering behind suitcases...
    Europe vows to defend democracy on 'black day'...
    Three American missionaries among wounded...
    U.S. service member, family injured...
    Attack narrowly missed two visiting U.S. Senators...
    Obama Spends 51 Seconds of Cuba Speech to Address......DRUDGE

    No big deal to galonpin2.

    One wonders why, since ISIS did this, and he gung-ho over ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    1. Attack narrowly missed two visiting U.S. Senators...DRUDGE

      No big deal to galopin2.

    2. "No man is an island" seems to apply to no one but you."

      I am struggling to say 'No man is an island' applies to us all, save galopin2 this morning.

      He has chosen to distance himself from our common human concerns this sad morning.


    3. At 12:45:00 PM EDT it was "OLD NEWS", Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      It is not a 'big deal'.
      The US and its Europeon allies are at war with the Islamic State.
      Europeon agents of that Islamic State managed to set off a few bombs, in the city that houses NATO Headquarters, killing, last I heard 34.

      Not a very significant body count, not by any militarily relevant standard.

    4. If two unnamed US Senators had been among those killed, those seats would have been filled, post haste, by the Constitutional process.

      No great loss would have been suffered.

      Certainly much less than the 4,400 US lives lost in the last Iraqi "Crusade" 2003-2011.

  22. Flashback: New York Times mocked Trump for saying “there is something bad going on” in Brussels

    posted at 12:31 pm on March 22, 2016 by Jazz Shaw

    As the bad news out of Brussels continues to unfold today, we are reminded of some of the coverage that the city has received in the past. As I listened to the expert analysis of precisely what went so wrong there, the name of on particular segment of the city kept coming up repeatedly. The neighborhood of Molenbeek has long been known as a breeding ground for terrorists and a virtual “no go” sector for the cops, no matter what other European leaders say. CNN terrorism analysts this morning were bemoaning the fact that previous efforts to locate suspects in the neighborhood were met with a “wall of silence” if not overt hostility. In fact, you couldn’t find one “expert” on the air today who wasn’t talking about this problem as if it were just a sad but known fact of life.

    Of course, much of the media was singing a different tune only two months ago when The Donald had the audacity to point out some of the problems in Brussels, saying Trump had found “a new city to insult.”

    Now Donald J. Trump has upset the already beleaguered people of Belgium, calling its capital, Brussels, “a hellhole.”

    Asked by the Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about the feasibility of his proposal to bar foreign Muslims from entering the United States, Mr. Trump argued that Belgium and France had been blighted by the failure of Muslims in these countries to integrate.

    “There is something going on, Maria,” he said. “Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it’s not good, where they want Shariah law, where they want this, where they want things that — you know, there has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation. There is something bad going on.”…

    For Belgians, already reeling from recent terrorist plots and a chronically dysfunctional government, Mr. Trump’s words were enough to induce a fit of pique worthy, in some cases, of Mr. Trump himself.

    Adding even more irony to the story, Trump had referenced the work of Eric Zemmour regarding the situation in Brussels. The French writer had been sending up warnings about Molenbeek for some time and they seem eerily prescient in light of today’s events.

    Éric Zemmour, a French writer, recently suggested in an interview that rather than bombing the Islamic State’s self-declared capital of Raqqa, Syria, France should bomb Molenbeek, the working-class district in Brussels where several of the Paris attackers lived.

    Most Belgian officials reacted with quiet defiance. “We don’t react to Mr. Trump’s comments,” the office of Mayor Yvan Mayeur of Brussels said in an email. “Have a nice day.”

    I’m sure using the phrase “hell hole” was a bit on the heavy handed side, but looking around the smoking ruins of the Brussels metro today and the neighborhood where the police are looking for suspects, it certainly seems appropriate. I don’t imagine that the Times will be offering any apologies to Trump today, and perhaps none are in order. But if there was any doubt about the fact that there’s something bad going on in Brussels these days, it’s been dispelled in an abrupt, tragic fashion.

    The Mayor of Brussels may not react to Mr. Trump’s comments, but his city had best figure out a way to react to what’s going on in Molenbeek, and quickly



    2. There are, and will be, political consequences to the Brussels, but none of tactical military significance.


    3. Should the French bomb Molenbeek, Austria?

      Not if they thought that the Austrians would invoke Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

  23. Many pictures of the airport terminal here:

    No big deal to galopin2

  24. Rufus/galopin2 expels himself from the human race -

    galopn2Tue Mar 22, 08:42:00 AM EDT

    I have the same level of give a shit for Belgium as I have for Israel.

    Not a fucking ounce.


  25. Jihad Watch

    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflict

    US, UK governments knew where girls kidnapped by Boko Haram were, but no one tried to rescue them

    March 21, 2016 7:46 am By Robert Spencer 17 Comments

    Why not? Would rescuing them have been “Islamophobic”?


    “Western governments KNEW where 80 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram were – but no-one tried to rescue them,” by Keiligh Baker, MailOnline, March 20, 2016:

    “The US and British governments knew where at least 80 of the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram were but failed to launch a rescue mission, it has been revealed.

    Terrorists stormed a secondary boarding school in the remote town of Chibok in Borno state, northern Nigeria in April 2014, and seized 276 girls who were preparing for end-of-year exams.

    Although 57 of the girls managed to escape the rest have remained missing and have not been heard from or seen since apart from in May that year, when 130 of them appeared in a Boko Haram video wearing hijabs and reciting the Koran.

    Terrorists stormed a Government Secondary School in the remote town of Chibok in Borno state, northern Nigeria in April 2014, seizing 276 girls who were preparing for end-of-year exams.

    Dr Andrew Pocock, the former British high commissioner to Nigeria, has now revealed that a large group of the missing girls were spotted by British and American surveillance officials shortly after their disappearance, but experts felt nothing could be done.

    He told The Sunday Times that Western governments felt ‘powerless’ to help as any rescue attempt would have been too high risk – with Boko Haram terrorists using the girls as human shields.

    Dr Pocock said: ‘A couple of months after the kidnapping, fly-bys and an American eye in the sky spotted a group of up to 80 girls in a particular spot in the Sambisa forest, around a very large tree, called locally the Tree of Life, along with evidence of vehicular movement and a large encampment.’

    He said the girls were there for at least four weeks but authorities were ‘powerless’ to intervene – and the Nigerian government did not ask for help anyway.

    He said: ‘A land-based attack would have been seen coming miles away and the girls killed, an air-based rescue, such as flying in helicopters or Hercules, would have required large numbers and meant a significant risk to the rescuers and even more so to the girls.’

    He added: ‘You might have rescued a few but many would have been killed. My personal fear was always about the girls not in that encampment — 80 were there, but 250 were taken, so the bulk were not there. What would have happened to them? You were damned if you do and damned if you don’t.’

    In an investigation by Christina Lamb for the Sunday Times Magazine, Dr Pocock said the information was passed to the Nigerians but they made no request for help.

    The Magazine has also seen brutal rape videos which show schoolgirls are being used as sex slaves by the terrorists.

    Ms Lamb reports: ‘They film schoolgirls being raped over and over again until their scream become silent Os.’

    Some of the girls who managed to escape told Ms Lamb they were kept in ‘women’s prisons’ where they were taught about Islam. Boko Haram fighters would visit and pick their wives.

    The girls were powerless to resist as even then the men would be heavily armed. They were shown videos of people being raped, tortured and killed as a threat of what would happen to them if they tried to run away….

    Jihad Watch


    1. And who, pray tell, sponsors this "Global Jihad", well, none other than Israel's newest ally in its war on the Palestinians, the Saudi Arabians.

  26. Cartoon of Obama and Castro -

    1. .

      Another reason not to read the American Thnker.

    2. I thought it accurate and funny.

      Dog eat your sense of humor, Quirk ?

  27. Ted Cruz on today's attacks:
    “Today’s attacks in Brussels underscores this is a war,” Cruz said. “This is not a lone war. ISIS has declared jihad.”
    How could Ted be more wrong?

    Terrorism is a Scourge:

  28. 90 Deaths/Day in the U.S. are no big deal, according to the Yahweh is Great contingent; they're just "African" Americans.

    Anyone that equates their loss of life with the deaths of Belgians and Israelis is lacking in "humanity," say the hick racist from Idaho.

    Fuck you both very intensely, and the Zionist horses you rode in on.

    1. :)


      Rufus is going 'Caliban' on us again !

      The bell even tolls for thee, too, Rufus, though you don't realize it.

    2. And your contribution to the problems in black areas of our big cities was to suggest we sell heroin, crack, meth at the pharmacies !

      Fine then, you go out each morning and pick up the dead overdosed bodies in the black areas, and white areas too, if it's so easily gotten.

      You go volunteer for Emergency Room duty....

    3. "90 Deaths/Day in the U.S. are no big deal"

      And I didn't say that and I don't think WiO did either.

      I don't know what to do about it.

      I do believe we'd all be better off if we halted Moslem immigration to USA now, which would go a long way to preventing future problems.

    4. "O"rdure did, Robrt "Draft Dodger" Peterson telling US they were just
      African Americans killing each other

      galopn2 Tue Mar 22, 08:35:00 AM EDT

      That many were killed in Chicago last weekend.

      What is "Occupation" Tue Mar 22, 08:38:00 AM EDT

      A Democrat controlled city, most were African Americans killing each other.

      galopn2 Tue Mar 22, 08:37:00 AM EDT

      We lose about 90 a week in gun violence in the U.S.

      What is "Occupation" Tue Mar 22, 08:39:00 AM EDT

      Again, most are African Americans killing each other...

      Letting us all know that "O"rdure believes the 34 lives lost in Brussels were more significant than the 90 lost in the US, since those in the US were African Americans.

  29. Stealth buildup of troops in Iraq -

    WaPo: Bet you didn’t know US has 5,000 troops in Iraq

    posted at 5:01 pm on March 22, 2016 by Ed Morrissey

    We do? A few hundred troops here, a few hundred troops, there, and it apparently adds up. The death of a Marine sergeant at an outpost in Iraq raised questions about the number of US troops in Iraq, and their precise mission. The Washington Post’s Missy Ryan got an answer — one that may surprise those who assumed Barack Obama had pulled us out of Iraq’s war for good:

    The U.S. military has around 5,000 service members in Iraq, officials said on Monday, far more than previously reported, as the Obama administration quietly expands ground operations against the Islamic State.

    The number of American forces in Iraq has come under increased scrutiny following the death over the weekend of a Marine staff sergeant, the second combat casualty in renewed U.S. operations in Iraq. He was killed when militants launched rockets at a small U.S. base around the city of Makhmour. The existence of the Marine detachment had not been known prior to Staff Sgt. Louis F. Cardin’s death.

    It wasn’t just a detachment; Cardin served in an artillery unit conducting support for the Iraqi Army advancing on Mosul. Until recently, the DoD offered precise counts of troops deployed in Iraq. Not any more.........


      Seeing the Dead Beat Dad is back and not having read a word of what's he said and not wanting to I'm heading to Fox News, which I am getting again.

      Cheers to all save rat's ass.


    2. Ignorance is Bliss ...

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, the happiest blogger at the Elephant Bar.


  30. The last time I stopped by, "O"rdure had posted that the world was 'passing the Palestinians by', paraphrasing now.

    The reality, the 'World" is doubling down, in its concern.

    The Israeli Apartheid week is being mentioned nowadays in hundreds of universities around the world for the 12th time. ...
    BDS activists would protest on the streets and online, calling businesses and universities to boycott the Israeli apartheid regime that constantly violates the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. ...
    ... the BDS movement is here to stay, so it seems. They are louder than the ones who expose their true agenda, and they continue to reach the ideal target audience- the "unaware public." This is a group of people, the majority of the world’s population, actually, who is politically uninvolved with the conflicted Middle East, and does not find particular interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ...
    ... After all, the truth here is what the majority of the world believes it to be, and if the majority, aka "the unaware public" believes Israel is an Apartheid state, this is what Israel becomes in the eyes of the world.

    In each paragraph of this piece from "ISREALIFE" there is a bit of truth.

    The reality is as they say, the public now acknowledges that Israel is an Apartheid State, and the BDS Movement will be moving forward, because of it.

    The funniest paragraph, where the author bemoans the loss of Palestinian jobs, as if that were an indicator of defeat for the BDS campaign.

    Palestinian jobs are not relevant to the BDS Movement, at all.
    What is relevant, the loss of market capitalization of an Israel company.

    At the start of the BDS campaign against Sodastream the stock was trading at $72.82 per share.
    It is now trading a $14.02.

    We were told by our resident Israeli, on July 14, 2014 that it was undervalued at $29.11.
    It's P/E ratio, now 233.67
    Earnings per share ... $0.06

    SodaStream has not been able to keep a General Manager/President in position for the region for anything more than 10 months since the departure of the original General Manger, Gerard Meyer. (2003)

    So, Sodastream's US troubles, cratering sales revenue, could just be they have piss poor management, but that would not explain their European problems.




    2. The Zionists in the Israeli government do not care about Palestinian jobs, either.
      Nor will they garner a return on the investments their Socialist government has made in Sodastream.

      P/E of 233.67
      Definitely not a "Value" stock.

    3. Jack, to correct your constant lies and distortions..

      I am an American, more than you. Unlike you, I am not on a Homeland Security Watch List.

      As for the value of SodaStream?

      Investors understand value, old, impotent free loaders like you? Dont KNOW jack shit...

      That's why SodaStream does hundreds of millions of sales per year and you do JACK SHIT..

      Giving pony rides for 5 bucks a pop just doesn't make you Warren Buffett.

      It just makes you an old carny....

      BDS is an evil, anti-semitic organization, no different than the Arab Boycott that has been in effect for 60 years.

      But state after state, and nation after nation are lining up against the BDS movement as unethical and disgusting..

      You stand with BDS, you stand with Hamas.

      You are in fact a supporter of genocide of the Jews.

  31. Tell US why, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson the US needed to deploy troops, to defend the Kurds.
    Reality tells us they were and are not needed.

    Iraqi Kurdistan has received significant support in terms of equipment and airstrikes from the U.S. and other foreign partners and is grateful for it, Zangana indicated Tuesday. ISIS began advancing toward the region in the summer of 2014. After the Kurds had already lost significant territory and appeared at risk of losing their capital in August 2014, the U.S., France, the U.K., Germany and other nations began sending them support to combat the brutal extremist group.

    As a result, the Kurds have retaken nearly all their territory — all the while caring for over a million refugees from other parts of their own region, as well as Iraq and Syria, whose arrival unleashed its own set of political and ethnic troubles.

  32. Figures from the Department of Homeland Security show that the president has already issued 680,000 green cards to immigrants from Muslim nations over the past five years. Unless Congress changes his policy, that number will be repeated in the next five years.

  33. Even the politicization of the attacks were a point of difference between the two leading candidates.
    On a tragic day of bloodshed, Clinton’s campaign declined to comment on the politics at all. Trump, meanwhile, was happy to do so himself.

    “I have proven to be far more correct about terrorism than anybody -- and it’s not even close,” he tweeted Monday ahead of Republican primaries in Arizona and Utah. “Hopefully AZ and UT will be voting for me today!”

  34. The Growth Estimates For SodaStream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA)
    March 19, 2016 11:12 am·

    Zacks disclosed the name of firms that obtained positive value style score. SodaStream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA) has also been termed as a top value stock, which validates the company boasts healthy financial picture with strong growth prospects. The growth of a company is directly related to its financial performance. And it is the reason for taking an investment call, market participants are keen to know about the financial position of a company. The earnings forecast have a considerable impact on the stock price.

    SodaStream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA) stock can smash $18.75 in coming year. This forecast is based on the stock view of 4 analysts. They expect the stock to move in a range of $15 to $24.

    Zacks expect SodaStream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA) to post EPS of $0.13 in next quarter. For the period ended 2015-12-31, the company’s EPS was $0.24, pointing to a deviation of 41.18% over the forecasts. The earnings for this quarter can be posted around 2016-05-04.

    See Jack, Actual facts... Not your Jack shit bullshit...

    Once again proves you distort, lie and mislead...

    Cause you have no wife, no children. just a horse and a bottle...

    1. No horse either, just the bottle, I think. No cattle, maybe a hat.

      Big job with the Defense Department, NSA and CIA working on a super secret project off the shores of Panama keeping us all safe, though. ;)

  35. Hillary on Twitter:

    "Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism."
    Nothing whatsoever:
    An eyewitness at the airport heard the Islamists scream, “Allahu Akbar!” before the blasts.

  36. Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders also heaped criticism on Cruz. Sanders called the proposal "unconstitutional" and "wrong."

    Clinton tweeted the policy was "beneath us" as a nation.

    On the Republican side, the idea was met warmly by Cruz's opponent, front-runner Donald Trump, who agreed the program in New York monitoring Muslims should be restarted.

  37. Polls are closed in Arizona.

    Rubio will be getting some votes, as Arizona has something like a month of early voting. Half the people had voted before today....

    1. Whoa, looks like I'm behind the action:

      Fox is showing

      Trump 46%
      Cruz 21%
      Kasich 10%

  38. According to the Associated Press, New York businessman Donald Trump has come out on top with the Republicans in the Arizona presidential preference election.


    At a downtown Phoenix polling place, crowds lined around the salvation army building and halfway down the block. A couple passed out drinks and snacks to voters.