“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Uploaded on Aug 3, 2007 Sanders Quizzes Budget Nominee -- 07/26/2007-- The subject Inheritance Tax. While Bush is pushing to do away with the Inheritance Tax, he is vetoing Health Care impoverished Children. President Bush’s nominee to head the White House budget (Office of Management and Budget-OMB) office testified at a Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday. Senator Bernie Sanders, a member of the Budget


  1. I am truly amazed at the naivete' of Deuce.

    What he doesn't seem to realize, against all my expectations, is that old Bernie the Jew is the beating heart of the World Wide Jewish Conspiracy to TOTALLY CONTROL THE UNITED CONGRESS. Deuce is exceeding aware of this conspiracy.

    Bernie is actually a Mossad Agent of life long standing.

    He early adopted the Independent label as a ruse and a distraction for fools.

    The term Independent, in Bernie's case, has a kind of humorous Double Entendre to it as well, as he is certainly independent of any true allegiance to the Untied States of America.

    His true heart resides in Jerusalem, the City of David.

    I've given up on poor terminally confused Deuce.

    1. I find the irony of this situation surpassing.

    2. Does it surpass your jackassery?

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  2. He makes more sense than any of the GOP and Clinton.

  3. Robert "Draft dodger" Peterson refuse to accept that people are individuals, not members of arbitrary groups.

    Then he confuses policy disputes with hatred for the arbitrary groups that he and his fellow racists have created.
    He does not look at policy, political or economic.
    In fact he has often claimed that economics is beyond his comprehension.
    So all Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson has, in the end, is group think.

    Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson has proven to be instructive, over the years.
    I never thought there really were people that were so ignorant.
    Through projection he has proven his thesis that there are really stupid people living in the US.

    Bob Oreille Mon Dec 29, 09:07:00 AM EST
    Americans are mostly dumb fucks.

    That's got my vote.

    As his best buddy, here at the Elephant Bar noted ...

    Mətušélaḥ Fri Nov 14, 12:48:00 AM EST

    Fuck, you're a dumbass, Bob.


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    3. That is not an accurate quote, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.
      Only you and the other racists and sectarian haters continue to conflate Judaism and ISrael.

      No one else has made that connection, here at the Elephant Bar.
      The rest of US realize that a sectarian government that violates the Law as laid down in Leviticus, cannot honestly be described as being Jewish.

      Tel Aviv devotes about $100,000 — more than a third of its international marketing budget — to drawing gay tourists. Though no exact figures exist, officials estimate that tens of thousands of gay tourists from abroad arrive annually.

      "We are trying to create a model for openness, pluralism, tolerance," Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai told The Associated Press. "Live and let live — this is the city of Tel Aviv."

      The city's first openly gay-owned hotel was opened recently and numerous city-backed travel sites direct gay visitors to the hottest clubs, bars and resorts in town.

      "We've long recognized the economic potential of the gay community. The gay tourist is a quality tourist, who spends money and sets trends,"
      said Pini Shani, a Tourism Ministry official who has been involved in the campaign.

      "There's also no doubt that a tourist who's had a positive experience here is of PR value. If he leaves satisfied, he becomes an Israeli ambassador of good will."

      Judaism has standards, and subsidizing sodomy violates those.

  4. bobal Mon Sep 01, 05:20:00 PM EDT
    Rat's a gentleman.

    With his own way of thinking about things.

    Habu has his own way of thinking about things too, but is so corrosive, that after a while you don't want to read him anymore.

    While with Rat, you are always eager to hear what he has to say.

  5. Quirk says:

    However, then he is joined by the other member of the Ohio/Idaho MENSA Coalition who offers up

    Perhaps 'God' offed him.

    Who knows.

    Quirk, I NEVER said God off'd him.

    I said nothing of the kind...

    I did say:

    What is "Occupation"Thu Apr 30, 02:04:00 PM EDT
    Ash, I wish people like Mr Gray lived near your kids...

    Ash should have folks like Mr Gray live near his kids...

    1. .

      I apologize WiO. I am deeply embarrassed.

      I was rushing because I had another appointment and mistook Obumble's post as one of yours.



  6. Bernie Sanders is not a "First of May'r." He's saying the same thing he's said for 30 years.

    He says he's never run a negative ad. In his last election, he ran NO ads.

    1. You failed to answer the last time you brought this up but since you did it again I'll ask again - are you suggesting he got what he deserved(

    2. No I am suggesting that your kids should live near people like him, violent drug dealers.

    3. What he deserved?

      He deserved to have his HUNDREDS of victims from both his violence and his drug dealing get their lives back, their peace of mind back.

      He deserved to be locked up and never see the light of day

      26 arrests in 3 years.

      As for his death? Don't know what happened...

      Do you?

    4. .

      Bernie Sanders is not a "First of May'r."

      Not familiar with the term "First of May'r"and neither Google nor the Urban Dictionary was any help. Therefore, I'm not sure if it meant he was not a socialist, not a commie, not a druid, or not a member of a labor movement. However, he is a self-proclaimed socialist and proud of it.


    5. .

      As for his death? Don't know what happened...

      Do you?

      Don't know for sure but I am pretty much, let's say 100%, sure that the Big Guy didn't come down and snuff him out, a possibility Idaho Bob seems reluctant to rule out.


  7. Quirk, next time you get busted in Baltimore I'm urging you to use Quentin Reid, Freddie's knowledgeable bail bondsman, to get your ass out.

    Excellent fellow, down on heroin and the other shit, sorry Freddie is dead, and has lost a good customer.Freddie has been dealing right along.

    He doesn't care much how the investigation into Freddie's death comes out. One way or the other, he says he's not going rioting. Doesn't like that shit. Or the drugs either.

    I'm tired of bailing your stupid ass out.

    1. I see Philly is heating up, too.

    2. Yep all those Obama supporter are breaking out in dance and song...

      Bricks in one hand, bottles in the other..

      "we don't need evidence, we need justice" one street protester said...

      burn baby burn.

    3. Hopefully the Police there will be demilitarized, even disarmed, so no arsonists get shot.

    4. Russia Today covers the recent urban burn -

  8. I have been trying, and so far failing, to find a video on UTube of that guy more or less gracefully dancing, ecstatically, in front of the flames.

    You've all seen it. If anyone finds it, please post it.

    It is the perfect image of the return of the repressed.

    1. Urban Riots

      A police arrest ends in the death of one man and a riot ensues. Some stores are burned including a CVS pharmacy. Some injuries occur. It lasts for two days.

      Three teenagers go missing and are found dead. An entire country goes to riot against an enclosed ghetto they control. Hundreds of thousands buildings are damaged and destroyed, 2500 are killed, hospitals, schools, power stations, transportation destroyed. The riot lasts for weeks. The community that started to rioting cheered on the rioters and watched from lawn chairs eating popcorn.

    2. Rioting blacks - Rioting Jews.

    3. Sanders on Gaza

      Sanders supported the Israeli attack on Gaza last summer but thought the Israeli army was a little heavy-handed and ‘over-reacted’ with some of its actions like bombing schools being used as civilian shelters. (There were no weapons at these schools).

      Sanders excused Israeli actions against Gaza civilian populations on the grounds that missiles were being fired from Gaza into Israel from populated centers.

      The Israeli campaign killed around 2000 Palestinians, most of them non-combatants. Another 1400 or so were killed in 2008-2009, and there have been many other Israeli bombings and other military actions against Palestinians in Gaza.

      Gaza rockets, most of them tiny high school science projects, mostly land uselessly in the desert, so that totaling them up into the thousands is a mere propaganda point. Over the past decade, they have killed 44 Israelis. The launching of the rockets by Hamas is a war crime, and the majority of those killed have been innocent non-combatants. But the disproportionate use of force is also a violation of international law, and a thousand to one kill ratio suggests disproportion. Sanders’ Israel policy seems likely to tilt more toward Tel Aviv than that of Obama, though Sanders did boycott the address of PM Binyamin Netanyahu to Congress in March.

    4. Gaza rockets, most of them tiny high school science projects, mostly land uselessly in the desert, so that totaling them up into the thousands is a mere propaganda point

      Written by Juan Cole, a total propaganda tool.

      Utter nonsense.

      Just google Hamas Rockets and see.

      "But the disproportionate use of force is also a violation of international law, and a thousand to one kill ratio suggests disproportion."

      Actually it is not.

      The size and scope of the attacking terrorists weapons is irrelevant. If a terrorist shoots a rocket? And the victim it was intended to hides in a bunker? The very fact that the terrorist failed to murder does not negate the CRIME. If Israel is successful if killing the terrorist? Maybe the terrorists should seek other employment.

    5. deuce: Three teenagers go missing and are found dead. An entire country goes to riot against an enclosed ghetto they control. Hundreds of thousands buildings are damaged and destroyed, 2500 are killed, hospitals, schools, power stations, transportation destroyed. The riot lasts for weeks. The community that started to rioting cheered on the rioters and watched from lawn chairs eating popcorn.

      Nice revisionist history.

      3 teenagers were kidnapped and murdered.

      Israel arrests Hamas members, Hamas starts rocketing Israel.

      Arab league asks for a cease fire, Israel complies and Hamas continues to fire thousands of rockets and uses billion dollars in terror tunnels.

      continues to rain rockets down on Israel so Israel pounds the gaza strip...

      Israel give humanitarian aid conveys access, hamas shells them.

      To compare Mr Gray and baltimore to the 3 teenagers kidnaped and murdered and Gaza is specious.

      you are really scraping low Deuce..


  9. Looks like they may just make that 4JUL2015 date, if not Memorial Day.
    As long as the Iraqi do not give up the momentum because the US government gets nervous.

    Iraq poised to deploy Shi'ite militia in offensive in West

    (Reuters) - Iraq is poised to deploy Shi'ite paramilitaries backed by Iran to Sunni tribal areas west of Baghdad, a move supporters say is needed to defeat Islamic State militants but opponents say could inflame more sectarian violence.

    Shi'ite paramilitaries have already played a central, if controversial, role alongside regular army units in recent months in the Iraqi government's first major successful campaign against Islamic State fighters, helping to capture Saddam Hussein's home town Tikrit on the Tigris River north of Baghdad.

    So far, however, the government has avoided deploying the militia in the Euphrates River valley province of Anbar west of the capital, a vast Sunni tribal homeland that strides the main routes to Jordan and Syria. Baghdad considers Anbar the next target in its campaign to retake territory from the militants.

    But with the army advance having faltered, officials are now speaking openly about dispatching the militia, organized under the umbrella of "Hashid Shaabi" - "Popular Mobilisation".

  10. Nothing is heating up in Philadelphia:

    Protesters turned and marched west on Market Street back toward City Hall, where police formed a barricade to keep them out. Across the street, outside the Municipal Services Building, someone tagged the back of the statue of former Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank L. Rizzo with an epithet against police.

    The demonstrators themselves were old and young, black and white, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish. Many were on bicycles, and some carried skateboards.

    Leroy Artison of the Yorktown section may have been the oldest person there at age 91.

    "When I was a kid, police were the most respected people around," said Artison, who as a Marine served in World War II. "I think certain police officers don't have adequate training. I think police officers should be able to apprehend a person without killing them."

    McCormick, 29, volunteers at an after-school program for teenagers at the Circle of Hope Church on South Broad Street, but the youngsters did not come with her.

    "Their parents were afraid for them to leave the house. That pains me," said McCormick, of West Philadelphia. "I just felt compelled to come out here."

    Parents with small children wove strollers through the crowd, some of the children carrying small signs. "I am Aiyana," read one placard, referring to a 7-year-old girl killed by police in Detroit during a raid at her house.


  11. Imagine that, the Baltimore cops made an unreported stop while transporting Freddie Gray. Why would that be?

    Police in Baltimore say that a van transporting Freddie Gray made a previously undisclosed stop while en route to the police station.
    Gray suffered fatal and unexplained spinal injuries while in police custody, sparking two weeks of protests that turned violent earlier this week.

    On Thursday, there were rallies in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Cincinnati.

    A national debate over the use of lethal police force has been going on since last summer.
    Police investigating Gray’s death said they found out about the new van stop from a security camera.

    “We discovered this new stop based on our thorough and comprehensive and on-going review of all CCTV cameras and privately-owned cameras," Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

    “This new stop was discovered from a privately owned camera."

    The Associated Press reports that the new video came from a Korean grocery shop.

    Investigators have handed over their inquiry into Gray's death to the state's attorney's office.

  12. Police timeline of Freddie Gray’s arrest

    Sunday, 12 April, 0839: Officers approach Gray and he flees on foot

    0840: Gray arrested on corner of Presbury Street, Sandtown
    0842: Police request a van
    0854: Van departs with Gray inside, conscious and speaking
    0854-0924: Van makes a total of four stops between arrest and police station arrival
    0924: Police request paramedics to take Gray to hospital

  13. There was only one Police officer in the van, at least until at one of the stops they picked up another detanee, I have read. Don't know about after that.

    There is a report I think from the Medical Examiner that Gray's body showed some wound consistent with his head banging on a bolt, or some such.

    The possibility of a seizure still remains.

    Not taking sides on this. Not enough is known.

    I can predict that the Police are going to get their asses sued off in civil court for the death of Gray because, according to Judge Napolitano, they had no probable cause to chase him in the first place, absent an outstanding warrant of some kind. No mention of such a warrant has been made yet to my knowledge. According to this way of thinking there should have been no chase, no arrest, no van.....

    I expect the family would prevail in this civil suit, especially if the venue is Baltimore.

    Glad to hear things are calm in Philly.

  14. You, not taking sides? Do you even read what you post?

    1. Yup, I do. I don't know what happened.

      As you can well see directly above.

      I think the inner city blacks went rioting which they should not do. I think the Mayor of Baltimore is a certified idiot. I think the place has been run by Democrats forever, that the Mayor, Police Chief, the City Council are all run by blacks, and that your new love Bernie Sanders would advocate nothing but the old Democratic Party scheme for the major cities on steroids.

      It has not worked well, the Democratic Way in these inner cities.

      I think some of these 'kids' like the excitement of looting and burning shit an feeling righteous about it.

      I think there are many wonderful blacks in Baltimore, as there are everywhere.

      I am glad the matter is now in the hands of the State Attorney, another black lady.

      I think the whole matter is basically a black dispute, and that whitey is out of it, unlike in Ferguson.

      I think Mr Gray was a drug dealer, a petty thug and criminal who sold poison to his neighbors and their kids. I think he should have been charged with attempted murder long ago. I like his bail bondsman much better. He's cool with whatever the final conclusion may be. He doesn't like riots, nor drug dealers either. Freddie was just a good customer, and he's sorry he's gone.

    2. And I don't like the manner in which this Leland from Fox is doing his interviewing on the streets. He is too pushy.

      I like Geraldo's manner much better. He pushes but is not pushy.

    3. The Baltimore Police Department is, IIRC, 40% black, somewhat less than representative.

      There are contracts, a Police Union that protects those contracts, as well as lawyers that protect those contracts, and a lag time.

      Eventually the Police Department will more accurately represent the makeup of the community. I have seen lots of black Officers making arrests watching Fox News, at least after the Mayor rescinded her 'let 'em riot' order.

    4. It's the Mayor of a City that is Boss of the Police Department, not the Police Chief. He's just Chief.

    5. Mr Reid, the bail bondsman, his interview is being replayed.

      "I can tell you one thing. The Police never seat belt people in the paddy wagon. They never do. They don't tuck them in like babies."

    6. No, they kill them with 'wild rides'.

      Costing the taxpayers of Baltimore tens of millions in restitution.
      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson will be denigrating those Courts, shortly.

    7. Alas for the criminally minded auto-Police haters like yourself, the other original rider has said there was no 'wild ride', but rather it was slow and deliberate and no sharp turns. He came out of it without any injuries at all, as far as I have seen reported.

    8. Just relaying on whatever info comes through Fox News to the ignorant non Fox watchers among us.

      You are free to believe the man or not, just as you like.

    9. Let's see, aren't you the ignorant asshole that once said 'everything was a conspiracy' ?

      Why, yes, you are, and did.

    10. Rufus has already rendered his thoughtful judgement, which was it was murder by the fucking Police, without any real evidence yet at all.

      But that's ol' ignorant Rufus for ya.

  15. The Mayor of Baltimore is a certified idiot. She has just given a speech today in which she says 'we will get the victory', by which she means - it's all I can imagine she really means - the Police will be found responsible.


    She forgets that what is being sought here isn't a 'victory' over a 'defeat' but THE TRUTH, from which Justice shall flow.

    She is a stupid as Rufus, who thinks 'Violence, or the threat thereof, is necessary for Justice'.

    Both this idiot Mayor, who issued a stand down let 'em riot order to HER Police, and idiot Rufus, as always, have already, with no real evidence, prejudged the situation.

    The only difference I can detect between the Mayor and Rufus, and the rioters, is that the Mayor and Rufus don't seem to be interested in cashing in on some free loot or burning things down.

    This is commendable.

  16. If we were to adopt the Quirkian position, as expressed in Zimmerman, and judge the CHARACTER of the individual, and not the ACTIONS of the individual, we could conflict the Mayor, Rufus, and the rioters all of extreme prejudice and put them all in jail.

    If we just judge the outward BEHAVIOR of these folks, the Mayor, even though, it can be alleged, she somewhat encouraged the rioters by ordering her Police to stand down, and Rufus would go free, as they have not engaged in looting and rioting and burning themselves, only the looters and rioters and arsonists have done so.

    I'm done, till some real evidence comes in.

    Cheers !!

    1. convict, not conflict, convict

    2. Lordy, you are such a flaming hypocrite Bob!

    3. .

      If we were to adopt the Quirkian position, as expressed in Zimmerman, and judge the CHARACTER of the individual, and not the ACTIONS of the individual..

      You are an fool, Obumble, my comments were almost entirely about Zimmerman's 'actions' not his 'character'. The only reason I mentioned Zimmerman at all was in response to your abuse of the English language in calling the man's actions appropriate.

      In that warped miasma you call your mind, you infer that because the man's actions do not rise to the level for a conviction on second-degree murder that they were appropriate. Idiotic. Zimmerman was overcharged, everyone knows that, but that does not mean he wasn't culpable to some degree. No one here expected him to be found guilty of second-degree murder. That doesn't change the fact that his actions were the precipitating cause of events that led to Martin's death.

      Zimmerman's actions, starting with ignoring police warnings and stalking Martin through the neighborhood, were not appropriate. Though his actions didn't rise to the level of second-degree murder, he like this blog's own hick from Idaho was at a minimum guilty of felony stupid.


  17. A "First of May'r" is someone new to the Carnival. A Rookie. They just joined up the "First of May."

  18. Tesla is offering a 10kw battery for $3,500.00.

    That changes the complexion of Solar - a bunch.

  19. It's very telling that Deuce cannot bring himself to call the people and the leadership of the Gaza Strip what they are.

    Islamic Nazis.

    Billions and billions have been spent building miles of underground military bunkers and tunnels, both for the import of goods via the Rafah border (for tax collection/goods and illegal importing of weapons) with Egypt and tunnels into Israel with the express purpose of kidnapping and murder of Israelis. These tunnels run the length and width of the strip.

    Rather than provide housing for the population Hamas uses vast quantities of imported and natural building materials to prepare for war.

    After 3 wars they are now proudly proclaiming their rockets are more advanced and their tunnels are ready again to go into Israel for war.

    It's simply amazing how Deuce cannot admit this reality.

    Hamas is a violent, radical Islamic group who is intent on genocide of the Jews.

    Deuce supports them.

    The US Government and others (including Egypt) consider them terrorists.

    Deuce supports them.

    1. No, ISrael founded and funds the Islamic Nazis, ISrael is allied with them.

      What countries label the Islamic Nazis, unimportant.
      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson supports the terrorist Kurds.
      Kurds that are allied with Sryia's Assad and with Iran.
      As have the ISraeli that have posted at the Elephant Bar in the past.

      Most of the countries of the world have labeled the Zionists of ISrael as terrorists.
      Must make it so, or no?

    2. There is no such place or nation called "ISrael"

      Now there is a great nation/state of the Jewish people called Israel....

      Go and visit, oh that's right you can't leave the country legally

    3. Now maybe you should comment on the ISIS branch in Gaza called "Hamas"

    4. It's very telling that Deuce cannot bring himself to call the people and the leadership of the Gaza Strip what they are.

      Islamic Nazis.

      Spoken like the chosen Zionist. Your people had exposure to real Nazis and you made a spectacular failure in doing anything about them. Had you acted, things could not have been worse. I am sure that you and others carry around a lot of shame and guilt about the inaction. I would.

      Today, because of Israeli occupation, your people have an enclosed ghetto of 1.5 million people surrounded by Jewish prison guards. It is a despicable and shameful abuse of human beings. One would think that a people, having been shamefully abused themselves, would not inflict such injustice on fellow human beings.

      They would be wrong. Jews who tried to escape from Nazi prison camps were shot and group guilt was assigned by your real Nazi masters and more innocents were rounded up and shot.

      You have the nerve to call your prisoners, men, women and children Nazis? You criticize them for trying to escape or live a normal life without their Jewish guards and Jewish IDF using them for target practice. You are a shameful little man, projecting your group shame and scapegoating the prisoners in the Israeli concentration camp called Gaza.

      You couldn’t and didn’t handle real Nazis when duty called, so you need to pretend and call your captive victims, Nazis. They are as Nazi as the Jews forced into German and Polish ghettos and camps. Your nation is like the abused child that grew up and became the bully and tormenter and molester. Your Orwellian inanities don’t cover up the real face of Israel.

    5. The Palestinians are doing what Jews should have done in the thirties, resist.

    6. Your revisionist history deserves a decent response.

      I will post one over the weekend.

      Will you promise me you will not delete it like you delete and censor so many of my posts?

  20. The Apple watch only costs approx. $84.00 to make.

    $350.00 - $84.00 = $266.00 profit. (for the cheapest one)

    What would it cost to make it in the U.S.?

    Another $10.00? At the most?

    This is fucked up.

    1. Invent, build, distribute the Rufuswatch


      It's not like it's a necessity,

    2. DailyFinance -

      ShutterstockCan a machine from SodaStream replace the mixologist? SodaStream (SODA) has struggled to stand out as a soda-making platform, and its recent push into sparkling water has been falling flat. ...

    3. Jack, how's the horse shit business?

    4. Sodastream sales last year 500 MILLION, still makes a profit, still employees hundreds of employees that get decent pay checks.

      So they do a 1/2 a BILLION in sales per year.

      for soda making stuff....

      Sounds like that's quite the FLAT business...

      Are you jealous Jack that your Horse Shit business didn't pan out?

    5. Oh and now? don't hire almost 500 palestinians...


    6. What is "Occupation" Wed Nov 12, 06:18:00 PM EST (2008)

      life is funnier than shit.....

      I pack my "undisclosed food stuffs" and I laugh...

      boy am I laughing at all those billions evaporating...

      What is "Occupation" Fri Oct 03, 10:16:00 AM EDT
      I have been turned down repeatedly for a REFI.
      The system is screwed.

    7. Nicely out of context..

      Glad to see you are still mining comments from 7 years ago that have no meaning the way you post them....

      Your time is worth? Ah yeah, a pile of horse shit..


    8. Not out of context, at all.
      "O"rdure has a long history of being wrong, and life is not lived in a 90 day window.

      This market does have a memory ...
      The quotes are all there, in the archives.
      "O"rdure's disdain for common business practices, fully disclosed.
      He just does not want to be reminded of it.

    9. He did forecast the failure of Chocolate Emporium

      What is "Occupation" Sun Oct 26, 11:50:00 AM EDT

      gross growth has shrunk from 40% over last year month to month (for oct) to about 25% growth rate..

      I am betting profits are slimmer (per 1k sales) due to increases in product & shipping... (make it up in volume)

      I have taken a very aggressive line to tighten our belts over increasing retail costs. I am still quite bullish about what real companies that never used the government tit to grow can accomplish...

      Since i am not a minority business in any way, shape or form I have NOT gone after ANY governmental business KNOWING that once my bids were in place someone whose check boxes LOOKED better could come in and take my contracts...

      Now with the shit is hitting the fan, those of us that actually earn a living by providing a value added service can and will do just fine...


      I see marginal worthless competition failing...

      Chocolate Emporium closing anything but sweet

      At least one "O"rdure prediction in the past decade has turned out to be right.

    10. Couldn't care less about Chocolate Emporium, you know the place you stalked for a decade thinking it was me?



  21. The Islamic State influence in Iraq is definitely on the wane ...

    Oil retreats off 2015 highs, Iraq exports hit record

    Iraq's oil exports rose in April to a record 3.08 million barrels per day (bpd) from 2.98 mln bpd in the previous month, the oil ministry said on Friday.

    1. Despite a sharp drop in new U.S. shale drilling in recent months, there have been few signs that a global supply glut is easing, and there are some signs that U.S. oil production may not fall significantly in the near future.

      Futures and options trades suggest U.S shale producers are locking in production costs for next year, which could pave the way for a rebound in production.

      "If markets don't tighten as quickly as people are expecting, the sell-off can be large," Sen said.


  22. Iraq: Waiting For ISIL To Crumble Into Dust

    The one big advantage the government has is the brutal and destructive behavior of ISIL as they try to govern in the parts of Iraq and Syria they still control. That maladministration (and the starvation and poverty it produces) is turning more and more people against ISIL and willing to fight to be free of these Islamic terrorists.

    That process takes time and the Iraqi government believes time is on their side. That may be true, but it will mean a lot of bad press for the government until ISIL does eventually crumble into dust. Meanwhile Iraqi commanders make the most of the coalition air power and the growing number of better trained Iraqi troops and pro-government tribal militias.

    This is not “smart” warfare but more of a grind where you keep at it until victory is achieved.

    ISIL still controls about two-thirds of Anbar but the area is mostly desert and thinly populated. ISIL has been trying to control the cities (especially Fallujah and the provincial capital Ramadi) but has had limited success. ISIL can easily conquer sand, but has a much more difficult time when there are people with guns present who know what ISIL is all about.

    The government understands this and tries to make deals with all the tribes that dominate Anbar politics.
    That is a difficult and time-consuming process that involves a lot of talking, bribes and keeping some promises.

    I had hoped the Iraqi would fight a 'Smarter' war, rather than grind it out in a war of attrition. But the final outcome is assured.
    The Islamic State will be defeated in Iraq, by Memorial Day of 2015 or 2016, does not much matter to US, no US troops are in the fight, with boots on the ground.
    Hopefully that will remain the reality.

    1. Officials of the Kurdish government in the north revealed that Kurdish forces now control 90 percent of the territory in Kirkuk province that have been in dispute and are now fighting to regain the rest from ISIL control and then keep pushing the Islamic terrorist forces back.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson told us that this reality could not happen, not without US troops on the ground, in the fight.
      How wrong he was about that.

    2. .

      Show us the link, rat. With pictures.


    3. For a $1,000 donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

      The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a top-rated nonprofit organization that supports the military's Special Operations Forces and their families through three programs:

      - College scholarships for the surviving children of fallen Special Operations Forces

      - Family & Educational counseling, including in-home tutoring, as well as advocacy support

      - Immediate $3,000 financial grants to severely-wounded Special Operations Forces service members

      I will consider it.


    4. But until that donation is escrowed, why?

      Your history of performance, Legionnaire would lead me to assume you would fail to perform.
      Your blog is still not up, the first thread, never written.

    5. Quirk Wed Oct 08, 12:34:00 PM EDT\

      How is the new promised Quirk's Deep Thoughts Blog coming along, Quirk?

      I will title my first blog stream, The rat, Ex-Post Facto Prognosticator to the EB.
      It may take a while to pull the piece together. The examples are legion and the editing will be a bear.

      Still waiting ... it has been six months.

    6. .

      Keep waiting, rat. You are low on my priority list. I merely asked you for the same things you demand of others.

      The examples of your hypocrisy are legion.




  23. Iraq turmoil today a consequence of 2003 invasion – ex-UN chief Kofi Annan

    “You cannot disassociate the situation in Iraq today from the US intervention of 2003. Because not only did the intervention take place, but they dismantled the Iraqi Army, which was the tool of Saddam to maintain law and order,”
    Annan said in Oksana Boyko’s Worlds Apart show.

    “The civil service, the Baathist Party were all [dismantled]. So the structures and state institutions vanished overnight, creating a very serious vacuum, which has led to where we are today. So I don't think anybody can argue with that. The link is clear,”

  24. :):)

    Well, it didn't take long for the State's Attorney General to come to her decision !!!!

    The certainty of the civil suit is now being accompanied by its criminal cousin.

    I think it probably wrongful death rather than some degree of murder.

    Mr Gray has gone over leaving his family rich.

    Hey, it pays more than low level drug dealing.

    The streets should be quiet tonight.

  25. Baltimore

    "The findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that Mr. Gray’s death was a homicide, which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges," said the state's attorney.


    I assume the cops handcuffed him behind his back and threw him into the back of an open van with no restraint to the sides. He would be a loose load. It would be impossible for him to protect his head while in that condition especially if the cops were driving in a manner to intentionally cause a rough ride. No professional mover would do that to a chair. No rookie truck driver would do it. A landscaper would not do it to his lawnmower.

    Grey may have been a low life. The cops who arrested him may be as well and certainly anyone gloating over this, opening a comment about it with two smiley faces leaves something to be desired.



    "I heard your call for no justice, no peace"


    So the mob has indicted these folks.

    That was on hell of a fast investigation.

    Ask for a change of venue, now.


    Judge Jeanine Pirro is 'surprised' at the speed of this decision.


    1. The Lady only got the Medical Examiner's report this morning, she notes.

      What a Shakespearean Opera, so to speak !

    2. Which opera did Shakespeare write?

  27. It's amazing what "the threat of violence" can do.

    1. Right.

      Double down, you dumb fucking hick.

      Now, if they don't find them all guilty they can burn the whole city down, right ?

      You ignorant fuck.

      In our Shakespearean Opera, you would play the part of the Voice of Ignorance.

    2. Chorus: Voice of Ignorance speaks -

      Violence, Justice !!
      Justice, Violence !!


    3. No, no, Fat Jack was a realist.

      And had an inner instinct for justice.

      And knew when his gig was up.

      I can't imagine Fat Jack, even under the heavy influence of sack, shouting Violence, Justice, Justice, Violence.


      Fat Jack is the only man I know who could drink vodka right along with Quirk-O all day long and not pass out.

      The fellow could hold his liquor like Socrates, unlike Rufus.

    4. Fat Jack knew his justice.

      He just often didn't the law, though he knew he was breaking it.

    5. Another of his similarities to Quirk, that, and the buffoon quality, and the fondness for barmaids, like Miss Quickly.

      Sir Quirk and Miss Lady Quickly, now there's a couple for ya !

    6. He just often didn't follow the law, though he knew he was breaking it.

  28. Sitting here listening to all this I began to wonder if there might be some clause or condition in Mr Gray's probation or parole agreements - surely he must be, with all his record, on probation or parole of some kind ? - if there might be some clause or condition in Mr Gray's agreements that allow the Police or Corrections Officers to search Freddie at will. I think such agreements are not unusual.

    If there is, then the chase, arrest, and van ride would be seen in an entirely different light.

    If I could ask Judge Pirro or Judge Napolitano a question that is the first one I would ask right now.

  29. The cops effectively hog tied him letting him slide head first on the metal floor of a police van. They are more dirty cops and killed the man. They will be prosecuted. Good luck in a majority black prison. They will be kept in their cells 23 hours per day.

    BALTIMORE — Prosecutors here, in an unexpected announcement, said Friday that they had filed homicide, manslaughter and misconduct charges against police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who died after sustaining a spinal cord injury while in police custody.

    In a news conference, the state’s attorney in Baltimore, Marilyn J. Mosby, described repeated mistreatment of Mr. Gray. Time and again, she said, officers abused him, arresting him without grounds and violating police procedure by putting him in handcuffs and leg restraints in the van without putting a seatbelt on him.

    Ms. Mosby also said the officers had repeatedly failed to seek medical attention for Mr. Gray after he was injured. By the time he was removed from the van, she said, “Mr. Gray was no longer breathing at all.”

    “We have probable cause to file criminal charges,” Ms. Mosby said.

    1. They are charging six cops. They will break and make a deal and the truth will come out. They will also confirm what most everyone has come to believe and that there is something rotten in the US police forces.

    2. They have, indeed, strategically charged the cops.

    3. There is something rotten in those that are multiple felons....

      If there were not rotten citizens that got arrested 26 times in 3 years?

      the streets would be safer...

      But Deuce, you applaud street violence, there is no criminality in "resistance" no matter who gets killed/murdered...

      So there you have it...

      Lawlessness coming to America...

  30. "The cops effectively hog tied him letting him slide head first on the metal floor of a police van."

    Is this accurate ? I am unsure.

    I have read that at one stop they - actually, one guy, the driver - put leg shackles - I think it was - on him, presumably because he was banging around.

    I am uncertain even about this, as it doesn't seem reasonable that one guy alone would open the van door and walk in and be able to easily put leg shackles on a fellow that seemed to be thrashing about.

    I have no idea what happened. I have heard though that, for a while at least, there was only one Officer in the van, the driver. After he stopped and picked up another detainee there may have been some other cop or cops in the van. I don't know.

    1. The State Attorney is not unsure about it.

      Your ignorance, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is not pertinent to the case.
      The history of violence against those being transported by the Baltimore PD certainly is.
      The statements of the officers, the unreported stops by the van, and the fact that Mr Gray was murdered, make it obvious to those that know the facts that the policemen were culpable.

      It was not that ... The Lord of the Universe gave him what he deserved via a seizure.
      He was murdered by the Baltimore PD.

    2. DEVELOPING: One Baltimore police officer was charged Friday with murder, three with manslaughter and two with assault in the death of Freddie Gray, who a prosecutor said suffered a broken neck last month when he was left shackled at the feet and lying face down in a police van by officers who ignored his pleas as they made their rounds.

      From Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson's favorite source

    3. The officers and charges in the case include:

      - Goodson was charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder, involuntary manslaughter, second-degree negligent assault, as well as other charges including failure to render aid and misconduct in office.

      - Police Officer William Porter, 25, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office.

      - Police Lt. Brian Rice, 41, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault.

      - Police Officer Alicia White, 30, was charged with involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault and misconduct in office.

      - Police officers Edward Nero, 29, and Garrett Miller, 26, were charged with multiple counts of assault, false imprisonment and misconduct in office.

    4. She said her probe found the police officers, part of a bike patrol led by Rice, made eye contact with Gray, who has a rap sheet that includes several drug arrests. Gray ran from police, prompting the officers to chase after him, Mosby said. Gray surrendered a short time later and was handcuffed with his arms behind his back, she said.

      "It was at this time that Mr. Gray indicated that he could not breathe and requested an inhaler, to no avail," said Mosby, who also said the knife Gray was carrying clipped to the inside of his pants was not a switchblade and was not illegal.

      Police held Gray on the sidewalk until Goodson arrived driving the van, Mosby said. Goodson, Rice, Nero and Miller loaded him into the van, she said, but did not secure him with a seatbelt, a policy that had been put in place department wide nine days earlier.

      Moments later, Rice ordered Goodson to pull over and the officers took Gray back out of the van. The shackled Gray's legs, filled out paperwork and put him back in, placing him on his stomach on the floor of the vehicle, Mosby said. It was after that, she said, that Gray suffered his injuries. Mosby said Gray was injured "as a result of being handcuffed, shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside" the wagon.

      Mosby said the police stopped at least one more time to observe Gray, but did not immediately request medical assistance for him despite his pleas. She said Goodson drove the vehicle to pick up another arrested suspect blocks away, rather than taking Gray immediately for medical help.

      White, who had been sent to investigate citizens' complaints about Gray's initial arrest, looked in on him as he lay face down in the back of the van, Mosby said, but did nothing to help him.

      "She made no effort to look or assess or determine his condition," Mosby charged.

      By the time the van arrived at the police station, according to Mosby, Gray was not breathing and had gone into cardiac arrest. He was then rushed to a trauma center run by the University of Maryland where he underwent surgery and later died, she said.

    5. ... An explosive report Wednesday night in the Washington Post cited a fellow passenger's account in a police affidavit that said Gray was thrashing around in an effort to injure himself, although that witness went on the city's CBS affiliate to say his words were taken out of context and that he now fears for his life after his statement was used to bolster the police version of events.

      "When I was in the back of that van it did not stop or nothing," Danta Allen, who had been arrested for allegedly stealing a cigarette, told WJZ. "All it did was go straight to the station, but I heard a little banging, like he was banging his head," Allen said. "I didn’t even know he was in the van until we got to the station."

    6. Sounds like a show trial....

      Bet the "officers" are convicted of squat...

      But you MUST appease the savages....


  31. May 1, 2015
    Democrat-Run Baltimore is a Gangsters' Paradise
    By Matthew Vadum

    We need guys like Deuce and Rufus to clean the place up.

    Rufus would legalize all the drugs, and Deuce might well disarm the Police.

    The Crips, the Bloods and the BGA would keep order.

    If I were out there I'd head to McCall, Idaho.

    1. The Crips, Bloods and BGA were not in charge of the van.
      The Mayor was no where to be seen ...

      Just six police personnel.


    2. What some refer to as ...
      An inconvenient truth

    3. But oh Jack as you always brag... There is a presumption of INNOCENCE, THEY ARE NOT GUILTY.

      They are innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the American criminal justice system.

      That's how you beat all your charges remember?

    4. What charge were those, "O"rdure?

    5. Beyond that, "O"rdure, the decision that the man was murdered, that is not decided by a jury, but the coroner.

      Whether the particular people charged are guilty of the murder, another thing, entirely.

      If you were conversant with the justice system, in the US, you would know that.
      First it is ascertained that a crime has been committed, then the suspects are tried, convicted or found not culpable of the crime. One would think that your experience with the FBI would have taught you that.

    6. I was just a good citizen and reported a threat that you made..

      I did my duty.

  32. Rufus IIFri May 01, 11:17:00 AM EDT
    It's amazing what "the threat of violence" can do.

    Maybe it works both ways...

  33. Not nearly as serious, but just another sign of political corruption, the misuse of authority.

    After a 16-month federal investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closings scandal, a judge in New Jersey on Friday unsealed indictments against two people close to Gov. Chris Christie, outlining a conspiracy to exact political vengeance against a mayor for his failure to endorse the governor’s re-election.

    Bill Baroni, the former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and Bridget Anne Kelly, a former deputy chief of staff to Mr. Christie, were charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, including “knowingly converting and intentionally misapplying property of an organization receiving federal benefits.”

    The news comes as David Wildstein, another former Port Authority official and a high school friend of Mr. Christie, pleaded guilty at the United States District Court in Newark to conspiracy to commit fraud and conspiracy against civil rights. It also emerged that he had been cooperating with prosecutors for months.

  34. I have, ahem, asked a very good question as to whether Sir Freddie might be on parole or probation and, if so, what the content of those documents may be.

    Absent an outstanding warrant of some kind, or a probation/parole agreement that gives Corrections/Police the ability to stop and search at will, the Police seem to have a real problem.

    No one knows yet what really happened with the van. After Sir Freddie was deposited in the van, there seems to have been just one cop involved, the driver, unless another cop/cops joined the van ride at the second pickup.

    The other original van rider has stated:

    1) He heard Sir Freddie thrashing violently about
    2) The ride itself was quite nice and easy

    Whether one believes this rider is up to the individual.

    I would take his word over that of, say, Jack "Felony" Hawkins but it's possible they are both pathological liars.

    1. .

      I would take his word...

      The guy was just on with Don Lemon and in response to a direct question said that he never told anyone that

      He heard Sir Freddie thrashing violently about

      only that heard some bumping like someone bumping their head.


    2. "When I was in the back of that van it did not stop or nothing,"
      Danta Allen, who had been arrested for allegedly stealing a cigarette, told WJZ.
      "All it did was go straight to the station, but I heard a little banging, like he was banging his head," Allen said.
      "I didn’t even know he was in the van until we got to the station."

  35. Additionally, the Mayor of Baltimore, if there really were any justice in the world, ought to be arrested for incitement of and contributing to public disorder, arson and violence for saying let 'em riot, it's only property, and for ordering HER Police Department to 'stand down'.

    1. Why?
      Property is not worth a human life.

      The City is already on the hook for almost $40 million for police misconduct.
      Not one of those stores or the combined total value of the 144 vehicles that were burned even begin to approach that amount.

      The Mayor did a "Cost Benefit Analysis" and decided the buildings and cars were not worth killing people over.
      That providing the Crips, Bloods and BGA the opportunity to shoot police officers should not be provided to them.

      Just as Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson decided that institutionalizing his aunt and stealing the monies borrowed on her credit line was worth the legal representation he garnered from the theft of her honor and the bank's money..

    2. It is amazing that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson thinks that everyone else is guilty of criminal misconduct ...
      Another indication that physiological projection is a powerful thing.

      They couldn't do a damn thing about it, I put her in the rest home, age 96. What you going to do, when she is institutionalized?

    3. Well, the State Prosecutor said that Freddie Gray Was Not breaking any laws.

      His knife was NOT a "switchblade," AND Was Legal.

    4. ...and that other rider in the van was busted for stealing a cigarette - a Baltimore crime wave I guess.

    5. Why?
      Property is not worth a human life.

      So don't bitch about any destroyed homes in Gaza

    6. He may not have been breaking any laws. I'm certainly open to that.

      My question is if there were any outstanding warrants......I think they would have been mentioned by now.........or some probation/parole agreement that allows Corrections/Police to stop this guy and search at will. This question remains.

      If Freddie was on a probation he may not have been allowed to carry in public even a knife.

      What actually happened in the van remains an Unknown X to me. I have no idea. The other rider didn't seem to come out of it with any injuries and has said it was an easy ride.

      I see Jack "Felony" Hawkins has come out in favor of arson based on a "cost/benefit" analysis.

      One wonders how one is ever to stop the arson. Many people like seeing the flames dance, and dancing in the flames.

      Sooner or later someone is gonna get killed. May an entire old folks housing project really with old folks will burn down, with old folks dead. Though, according to the cost/benefit analysis taking hold over the USA these days old folks aren't worth much any way.

      See: ObamaCare: Death Panels:etc

      This 'opinion' of "Felony" Jack somehow doesn't surprise me at all.

      The Mayor using a cost/benefit analysis in such a situation and ordering her Police to stand down is another reason she ought to be indicted and in jail herself.

    7. "Felony" Jack ought to move to Baltimore, if he's allowed to leave Arizona.

      It's his kind of town.

      No Sheriff Joe Arpaio around.

      Gotta run.

      Cheers !!

    8. It is the ISraeli murdering the Palestinians that causes the most concern, "O"rdure.

      The stolen property is just a side effect of the ISraeli's murderous ways with regards the Palestinians.

    9. As for Sheriff Joe, he i in the midst of a contempt of court case ...

      Having admitted to violating the Federal Court order and to instigating an investigation of the judge.

      PHOENIX -- An attorney for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has requested to withdraw from the sheriff's federal contempt of court case, citing ethical reasons.

      Tim Casey said he was ethically required to leave the case after Arpaio admitted under oath last week he had secretly investigated U.S. District Judge Murray Snow.

      KTAR legal analyst Monica Lindstrom said Casey's affiliation with Arpaio's investigation is the reasoning behind the withdrawal request.

      "(Arpaio), when he was on the stand, told Judge Snow that his attorney, Tim Casey, hired a private investigator to investigate Judge Snow," she said.

      Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan denied Arpaio's claim, meaning Casey could be called as a witness in the case.

    10. One of the sheriff's most publicity-driven workplace raids occurred at Uncle Sam's restaurants in Phoenix, where owner Bret Frimmel became the first employer arrested by Arpaio's deputies for identity theft under an Arizona law aimed at employers who hire immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

      Back in January, Frimmel and his company's general manager, Lisa Norton, who also had been arrested, filed a lawsuit against the sheriff.

      Today, attorney Leon Silver of Gordon & Rees law firm is amending Frimmel's lawsuit based on the fact that all charges against Frimmel have been dismissed. Norton's charges also were dismissed.

      "You can probably imagine the damage something like this did to a person's business," Silver told me. "Actually, you don't have to imagine it. We'll provide evidence of it in court."

      Frimmel and Norton are seeking punitive damages for wrongful arrest, wrongful prosecution, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

      Once again, county taxpayers may end up paying for what amounts to a publicity stunt.

      Frimmel's previous attorney, Paul Charlton, said the sheriff's office targeted Frimmel on identity theft allegations to discourage him from cooperating with federal officials who were pressing a civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff.

      Eventually, a judge tossed much of the evidence against Frimmel, saying investigators made erroneous statements in documents used to get search warrants and had no probable cause for those warrants.

  36. That second rider was in the van for the last 5 minutes of a 45 minute ride.

    1. Was that the second rider or a third rider ?

  37. Blut und Eisen

    Undercover Israeli operatives detained and interrogated a 7-year-old Palestinian boy and his twelve-year-old brother in occupied East Jerusalem Tuesday, only a day after two 15-year-olds from the same family were taken.

    The boy and his older brother, from the Zaatari family in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Wadi al-Joz, were detained by Israeli operatives dressed as Palestinian locals while walking in the street Tuesday evening, the boys' grandfather told Ma'an.

    The Zaatari family has had four children detained this week, Ihab Ahmed Zaatari, 7, and Muhammad Mahdi Zaatari 12, detained on Tuesday just one day after Alaa Magdy Zaatari and Mehdi Barakat Zaatari, both 15, were detained Monday.

    An Israeli police spokesperson did not immediately return Ma'an's request for information on the incident, but told Israeli media the children were detained after throwing rocks at a bus.

    The 7-year-old was reportedly interrogated for nearly eight hours.

    1. In Vietnam 7 -15 year olds blew up US Soldiers all the time...

  38. Israeli forces demonstrate remarkable restraint and at this time there are no reports of IDF airstrikes over the existential threat to state security.

    1. The GOP Likuds Force is caucusing over an appropriate show of support for our indispensable ally. The USAF Military Airlift Command at Dover is on alert to dispatch some vehicles from the Baltimore Tactical Police Squad in case needed. AIPAC has released a statement requesting an additional $652 million supplemental request.

    2. Spokesman for Sen Cruz, R., TX, has released a statement: “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you,”

    3. More as further developments become known.

    4. Not to worry, America is riding to the rescue and has bombed 18 times the spiritual brothers of Hamas, ISIS…

      Thanks America for killing the JIhadist again today...

    5. Good for Ted !

      He joins Rand Paul.

      Deuce's Obama on the other hand has said

      "If the political winds change I will stand with the Moslems"

      Deuce has sided with the Moslems as well -

      "Iran is fighting for Civilization"

  39. Heh !

    Our young new born 4 month old Lady Prosecutor has 'higher political ambitions'.

    I see she right out of the box she said during her announcement"

    "I have heard your voices"


    Lady Justice has a blindfold. She also has earplugs though you can't see them.

    The Police and the Police Union are demanding a Special Prosecutor, as well they should.

    She has in effect announced her candidacy for some higher office and announced that she is a politician, not a prosecutor.

    WiO is right.

    This is a show trial.

    This case is ripe ripe ripe for a Special Prosecutor.

    Such a move may not do the Police that much good but they should stick with it.

    What she did there was blatantly unethical, political, and wrong.

  40. Our Pyropsychorat Jack "Burn Baby Burn" Hawkins has declared the riots should be allowed to burn themselves out.

    WiO replies -

    What is "Occupation"Fri May 01, 02:44:00 PM EDT

    Property is not worth a human life.

    So don't bitch about any destroyed homes in Gaza


    There it is !

    Excellent !!

    d. "Combustion" rat-arson has burned his own butt.


  41. The ISraeli do not agree that property is not worth human life, or they do not think that the Palestinians are human.

    The number of Palestinians killed by ISraeli far exceeds the numbers of ISraeli occupiers killed by the Palestinians.
    I could provide the graphic images, charts and such that prove the point, if you continue down this trail, Robet "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    It is one thing to tell us that Iranian courts are 'different', but now you are telling us that US courts are as well.

    I had asked how long it would be until you started denigrating the US courts, the answer is now clear ... it only took ...
    One Day


    1. The Prosecutor is the Prosecutor, not the Court, Fiery Jack Flames.

    2. The Court is not running for higher political office, Fiery Jack Flames, the Prosecutor very obviously is.........

  42. Meanwhile our Mensa (to borrow from Q) from Mississippi, Rufus, continues to argue that "Violence, or the threat thereof, is necessary for Justice"

    Listen up, you ignorant Swamp Creature -

    There is ZERO justification for violence these days in the United States of America.

    Why ?

    Because ALL the basics elements of a sane and functioning political and judicial system are firmly in place and have been for decades.

    Protest marches ?

    Absolutely !!!

    A circumstance where violence MIGHT be reasonable is when a group of people are suffering under a Dictatorship, and even this is questionable. It often makes things worse.

    I give you Cuba.

    Batista might properly be called a Dictator, of a rather mild sort.

    He was overthrown by the violent, and Cuba has been a prison island ever since, with people trying to get to Florida in inner tubes and leaky boats for 55 years.

    Under Batista this was not the case.

    The Castro Regime is much much worse than Cuba with Batista.

    Other examples abound.

    Counter examples exist as well.

    But you must be really careful using violence.

    It has ZERO place in the USA of today.


    PROTESTS are perfectly legitimate.

    Everyone agrees with that.

    Protest for months if you want.

    No violence.

  43. This is no "show" trial. They falsely arrested that young man, and then killed him.

    My country can't operate like that.

    1. The trial has not even started Swamp Creature and you have already rendered you judgement.

      Go have a Bud and some Beam and some gator tails.....

      It is certainly starting out a show trial...........

      "I have heard your voices"

  44. I can think of no oppressed people that ever escaped their oppression without violence, or the threat, thereof.

  45. That's cause you cain't think, Rufus.

    I give you India......

    I give you all the countries of Eastern Europe..........


    Got to go again

    Cheers !

    1. India, your ignorance is legend, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson

      The agitation reached a peak in Amritsar (Punjab, India). In Amritsar, on 13th April 1919, about 10,000 Indians had assembled to protest against the Rowlatt Act. The British military commander, Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer ordered his troops to fire at the civilians without any warning. The troops fired 1,650 times. Some historians estimate that the troops killed 379 persons and injured about 1,137 persons. This incident became famous as Jallianwala Bagh massacre. With this killing of innocent people, the British lost the trust of the Indian people.

    2. Gandhi had asked the people to keep the Quit India Movement as a peaceful movement. Many people started the movement in many places of India. But at some places, the movements turned violent. Gandhi refused to eat until the violence stopped. He was successful in ending the violence.

      The British action was very quick. They arrested over 100,000 people. They levied fines on many people. They dropped bombs on the people who demonstrated against the British Raj. The troops of the British Raj even beat people with sticks and caned them. The British arrested all the leaders of the Congress Party. Gandhi's wife, Kasturba Gandhi, died during detention. His secretary Mahadev Desai also died.

      That is violence, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    3. Hngary, only a fool would say this was not violence ...

      Hungarian resistance was strongest in the industrial areas of Budapest, which were heavily targeted by Soviet artillery and air strikes. The last pocket of resistance called for ceasefire on 10 November.
      Over 2,500 Hungarians and 722 Soviet troops had been killed and thousands more were wounded.

    4. Hungary, only a fool would say this was not violence ...

    5. Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia

      In the operation, codenamed Danube, approximately 500,000 troops, with Romania and Albania notably refusing to participate for quite opposite reasons, attacked Czechoslovakia. Approximately 500 Czechs and Slovaks were wounded and 108 killed in the invasion

      More violence than was seen in Baltimore

    6. Bosnia is one of several small countries that emerged from the break-up of Yugoslavia, ... from Yugoslavia soon resulting in civil war. ...

      Civil War, that's violent, Robert "Draft dodger" Peterson.

      Mətušélaḥ Fri Nov 14, 12:48:00 AM EST

      Fuck, you're a dumbass, Bob.


  46. Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more than $1.5 million in the 24-hours since he announced his presidential run, his campaign announced Friday.

    It’s a strong performance for a candidate many pundits have dismissed as fringe, outpacing Republican candidates who have recently announced. Sen. Marco Rubio raised $1.25 million in the day after announcing his campaign, Sen. Ted Cruz raised $1 million, while Sen. Rand Paul raised about $750,000.

    Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, announced Thursday that he will run for president as a Democrat, challenging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    100,000 people signed up on Sanders’ website, the campaign added, and 35,000 made contributions. “This is a remarkable start for Bernie’s campaign,” Sanders top strategist Tad Devine said in a statement.

    “People across America are yearning for authentic leadership that tells them the truth about what is holding back our nation. Bernie Sanders understands the problems we face, and is proposing bold policies to deal with those challenges – the crushing impact that inequality of wealth and income are having on working families and the middle class; the catastrophic threat of climate change; and the attack on democracy itself from Super PACs and the wealthy special interests that fund them,” Devine continued.

    Devine has said previously that he thinks Sanders will need to raise about $50 million to vigorously compete in the 2016 Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton, a figure many doubted Sanders could match. But that may now be in reach.

    Sanders’ Senate campaign has an additional $4.5 million in the bank, while his leadership PAC has several thousand dollars on hand.

    Clinton’s campaign has not announced how much money they raised since she announced last month.

  47. If Sanders dings Clinton, which he will, and if he threatens the Republicans, which is possible and the thought delightful, there will be a peace candidate and a populist who will win. No Republican can fill that position. Bush, Cruz, Rubio or Huckabee would be a gift to behold.

    Which Democrat could do it? Which would be most likely? Who would report for duty?

    1. You mean, besides Elizabeth Warren? :)

      Amy Klobuchar?

      For a dark, dark horse: Patty Murray?

  48. James Webb?

    1. He has the depth and experience ...

      Vietnam veteran, a Marine and author.

      Jim graduated from the Naval Academy in 1968, receiving a special commendation for his leadership contributions.

      First in his class of 243 at the Marine Corps Officer’s Basic School, he served as a rifle platoon and company commander in Vietnam and was awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star Medal, two Bronze Star Medals, and two Purple Hearts.

      He graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1975.

      He served in Congress as counsel to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs from 1977 to 1981.
      In 1982 he led the fight to include an African American soldier in the Vietnam Veterans memorial on the National Mall.
      In 1984 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, and in 1987 became Secretary of the Navy.

      He was a Fall 1992 Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

      While in the Senate, Jim was selected to deliver the response to the President’s State of the Union address in 2007, and served on the Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and the Joint Economic Committees.

      He wrote, introduced, and guided to passage the Post-9.11 GI Bill, the most significant veterans legislation since World War II, and co-authored legislation which exposed 60 billion dollars of waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan wartime-support contracts.

      A long-time advocate of fixing America’s broken criminal justice system, he was spotlighted in The Atlantic Magazine as one of the world’s “Brave Thinkers” for tackling prison reform and possessing “two things vanishingly rare in Congress: a conscience and a spine.”

  49. Amid rumors of the possible capture of Nemesio Oseguera Ramos (El Mencho), Jalisco has exploded with violence, including shootouts, property torching, and the downing of a military helicopter.

    There have been reports of more than 30 narco blockades from Guadalajara, Jalisco to the coast, including Puerto Vallarta.
    Other reports are saying the violence has spilled over to Colima and Guanajuato.

    There are reports of blockades and burning vehicles in the Colima municipalities of Cuauhtemoc, Tecoman and Manzanillo.
    In Leon, Guanajuato, the Los Darios and other regional newspapers reported on cars torched on highways.

    No reports of the Islamic State operating in Mexico.

    1. From the information known at this time, there was a federal operation that began today in Jalisco, “Operation Jalisco”, a federal spokesman said the goal was to “clean up Jalisco and to arrest all the leaders of this cartel” (they refrain from naming the cartel but it is CJNG).

      That set off a wave of violence across the south west half of Jalisco. Confirmed is a total of 7 being killed. The attacks by CJNG included 4 major shootouts, in a highly coordinated effort by the cartel.

      CJNG members have high jacked trucks and buses across Jalisco on the main corridors, and set them ablaze to create the 30 roadblocks (narco blockades) in 20 municipalities. Fires have been set to dozens of buildings causing a severe shortage of emergency responders.

      Security video from inside bus as it is being torched:

    2. No reports of the Islamic State operating in Mexico.

      So the absence of a "report" confirms the lack of the presence?

    3. No, not necessarily, but there is no viable report that they are there.
      No evidence of them being there.

      Just the ramblings of those that have no real knowledge of the country of Mexico or the Islamic State.

    4. Absence of PUBLIC information means nothing.

      So your opinion about the reality of ISIS or Hezbollah in the Americas is in fact?


    5. It is not my opinion, "O"rdure.
      It is a study of the information available.

      If you could provide some evidence, not just the ramblings of anonymous sources, why ..

      That would be of interest.
      But anonymous Mexican sources, those are even more meaningless than Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson's ramblings about his cat pissing on his slippers.

  50. >>>The leader of the movement was Mahatma Gandhi. He migrated to India in 1914, and changed the face of the movement forever. He found a way to gather the natives and create a solid and strong Indian body. He got the natives to embrace their Indian culture, a thing that nobody had accomplished before him. Gandhi told the Indians that despite their differences, they all shared one very important thing: a common hatred of the British. He formed a collective identity in India that had never been present in the country before. Once he had the attention of the natives, Gandhi began using various tactics to protest for Indian independence. These tactics included week-long fasts, marches, and most importantly, he preached non-violence. He also introduced the idea of social justice that pertained to the individual and empathy for others over individual pursuit of happiness. He was one of the most important factors that accounted for the eventual triumph of the Indians over the British.<<<

    And unending other references.

    1. Just because Gandhi was a 'nonviolent' person, does not mean that the Indian people gained their independence from England without the application of violence, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      In fact hundreds died, killed by the British, before India gained its independence.
      Without the violence and the threat of more it, the British would not have given up the colony.

    2. In fact Mr Gandhi was not the only revolutionary in the battle of Indian independence from England.

      Pazhassi Raja (eighteenth century)

      Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja (also known as Cotiote Rajah or Pychy Rajah) (3 January 1753 – 30 November 1805) was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India. He was the prince regent of the princely state of Kottayam or Cotiote in Malabar, India between 1774 and 1805. His struggles with English East India Company is known as The Cotiote War. He is popularly known as Kerala Simham (Lion of Kerala) on account of his martial exploits.
      Paika Bidroha / Paik Rebellion (1817 )

      In September 1804 the King of Khurda, Kalinga, was deprived of the traditional rights of Jagannath Temple which was a serious shock to the King and the people of Odisha. Consequently in October 1804 a group of armed Paiks attacked the British at Pipili. This event alarmed the British force. Jayee Rajguru the chief of Army of Kalinga, requested all the Kings of the State to join hands for a common cause against the British. The Kings of Kujanga, Kanika, Harishpur, Marichipur and others made an alliance with the King of Khurda and prepared themselves for the battle. Jayee Rajguru was later hailed as the first martyr of India against Britain.[7] Jayee Rajguru was killed on 6 December 1806 in a procedure in which executioners tied his legs to the opposite bounded branches of a tree and released the branch .[8] But the rebellion had not stopped and Bakshi Jagabandhu commanded an armed rebellion against the British East India Company's rule in Odisha which is known as Paik Rebellion.

      Paik Rebellion gave the nation the first direction towards the war for Independence.
      The garrison of the Vellore Fort in July 1806 comprised four companies of British infantry from H.M. 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot and three battalions of Madras infantry.

      Two hours after midnight, on 10 July, the sepoys in the fort shot down the European sentries and killed fourteen of their own officers and 115 men of the 69th Regiment, most of the latter as they slept in their barracks. Among those killed was Colonel St. John Fancourt, the commander of the fort. The rebels seized control by dawn, and raised the flag of the Mysore Sultanate over the fort. Tipu's second son Fateh Hyder was declared King.

      However a British officer escaped and alerted the garrison in Arcot. Nine hours after the outbreak of the mutiny, a relief force comprising the British 19th Light Dragoons, galloper guns and a squadron of Madras cavalry, rode from Arcot to Vellore, covering 16 miles in about two hours. It was led by Sir Rollo Gillespie – one of the most capable and energetic officers in India at that time – who reportedly left Arcot within a quarter of an hour of the alarm being raised. Gillespie dashed ahead of the main force with a single troop of about 20 men.

      Arriving at Vellore Gillespie found the surviving Europeans, about sixty men of the 69th, commanded by NCOs and two assistant surgeons, still holding part of the ramparts but out of ammunition. Unable to gain entry through the defended gate, Gillespie climbed the wall with the aid of a rope and a sergeant's sash which was lowered to him; and to gain time led the 69th in a bayonet-charge along the ramparts.
      When the rest of the 19th arrived, Gillespie had them blow the gates with their galloper guns, and made a second charge with the 69th to clear a space inside the gate to permit the cavalry to deploy.
      The 19th and the Madras Cavalry then charged and slaughtered any sepoy who stood in their way. About 100 sepoys who had sought refuge in the palace were brought out, and by Gillespie's order, placed against a wall and shot dead.

      The independence of India from the British was bought with blood.

      That Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is in denial, just another indication of the extreme ignorance of Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson in the realms of history and foreign affairs.

  51. For God's sakes Deuce, quit this rambling on an on about the wonders of socialism, of the government redistributing wealth.

    Just give your all to the poor, and live the life.

    Show your sincerity !!

    Man up !!

    Your walled compound can become Poverty Resolution Headquarters, and your Limo a sacred relic someday, and your memory shall live forever among the poor, who shall always be with us, nowadays with their cars, video games, computers and Government Debit Cards, and about whom Lincoln said the Lord must love them, he has made enough of them.

    Quit Preaching


  52. (Deuce is seeking salvation in all the wrong places, first over there with Ayn Rand, and now, unbelievably, over here, with Bernie Sanders, and is doomed to disappointment)

  53. By the way, and for what it's worth, Martin Luther, after due thought, recommended against this idea found in the Gospels of giving one's all to the poor, on the grounds all one is really achieving is the creation of a new group of poor, namely, oneself, and others of like mind.

    In his own life, he adopted a good number of street kids, as they might be known now, gave them food and shelter, love and what education he was able to impart.

  54. Fox News is reporting through a source in the Baltimore Police Department that Sir Freddie's urine was tested during the toxicology exam and tested positive for heroin and marijuana.

    This is the first to be heard of this, I believe.

    Also, the other rider who had said Sir Freddie was violently banging around inside the van has somewhat recanted his story.

    This fellow has been under intense pressure both from the mob, who have issued serious death threats, and probably the Prosecutor's Office.

    Be first to know the breaking news by watching Fox News.

    1. What was in the dead man's urine does not mitigate the fact he was murdered in police custody.

    2. You have ZERO reason to say at this point that he was murdered in Police custody.

      You know no more about it than I, and perhaps less, as I have been following it straight through, Fiery Jack Flames.

      You hate the Police.

      The reason is obvious, "Felony" Jack.

      Hey Quinten Reid, Q's new bail bondsman, is back on the tube.

      Quint says Sir Freddie was not a user but big dealer. I have read otherwise about the use, but Quint is very persuasive.

      This might indicate Sir Freddie swallowed his stash after being confronted by the Police before he died. It would be difficult to swallow it after he died. ;)

      And the Police are unlikely to have shoved it down Freddie's throat because it was valuable evidence.

      Quint is very polite and courteous. I like Quint.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. So, you called me a dumb fuck again, then thought better, and took it down I presume ?

      Thank you for that.

      Trip to Casino got cancelled by wife.

      Dang it.

      I find it interesting that the driver of the van, the one charged with the highest charge, is a 45 year old black male.

      Knowing Zero about the man, other than that, I do find it hard to swallow that this middle aged black guy, with retirement within sight, is going to intentionally murder Freddie. But I may be wrong.


  55. Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary.......Drudge

    A much sought after and valued endorsement goes to Hillary.

    1. Drudge consider it newsworthy, as does Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    2. Drudge considers it humorous, as do I, "Felony" Jack.

      You have no sense of humor Pyropsychorat.

      You are fascinate by flames, though.

      Heading to the Casino.

      Cheers !


  56. Security at the Capitol is in the toilet, a shocking new report has found.

    According to a probe by the Capitol Police Board obtained by Roll Call, a child visiting the Capitol in March found a loaded gun in a bathroom in House Speaker's John Boehner's suite.

  57. It's late I'm sleepy but there's something about this I don't understand. Where's the preliminary hearing ? Out this way it's a judge, not the prosecutor, that decides if there's enough evidence to warrant a trial - a crime committed, yes or no, the defendant(s) did it more likely than not, yes or no.

    They don't have this safeguard/filter against reckless prosecutors ?

    Baltimore seems a very odd place to me.

    Where the best news source is the bail bondsman, Quint Reid the Polite.