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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Instead of becoming more hawkish as defense intellectuals often do when they acquire status and influence, Jim Webb has become more skeptical and critical of how US military force is being used and misused

Why Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire Should Choose Jim Webb Over Hillary Clinton


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This mindset conveniently forgets that Clinton was against same-sex marriage, against marijuana legalization, voted for both wars, still hasn't taken a stance on Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal, and has a foundation (promoting women's rights and other human rights) that accepted up to$25 million from Saudi Arabia. Clinton tops most polls primarily because people know her name, not because Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and nationwide stand by her stances on social issues or voting record on war. The flawed belief that few in the Democratic Party can challenge her or defeat Bush in 2016 is simply the result of Clinton having been on the national stage since the early 90's. However, Clinton's vast experience hasn't stopped The Economist from publishing its latest cover with the words, "What does Hillary stand for?" 
Furthermore, this narrow viewpoint doesn't take into account the foreign policy experience, impressive resume, character strengths, and leadership attributes of former Virginia Senator Jim Webb. Webb is a decorated Vietnam War Veteran, which is important since recent wars have involved counterinsurgency conflicts that remind many Americans of Vietnam. While Clinton and most other Republican candidates haven't witnessed the horrors of war, Webb knows firsthand why greater debate is needed pertaining to unbridled American military endeavors. As stated in a Nation article titled Why Jim Webb Could be Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare, the former combat Marine offers Democrats a real alternative to more hawkish politicians:
Instead of becoming more hawkish as defense intellectuals often do when they acquire status and influence, Jim Webb has become more skeptical and critical of how US military force is being used and misused. His biography is what gives his candidacy potential significance. It is not that he has much likelihood of winning the nomination, but Webb has a chance to do something far greater for the country. Given his resume and valor in war, Webb has the authority (and the guts) to provoke a profound national debate about the nature of US militarism...
Webb has laid down caveats for foreign interventions that probably would have kept the United States out of some wars if political and military leaders had listened to him.
It's important to note that Webb's careful analysis of war (he's written 10 books on the topic) and experience as assistant secretary of defense and Secretary of the Navy doesn't mean he's a pacifist. It simply means that unlike the neoconservatives who've aligned with Hillary Clinton, Webb has the knowledge and experience to evaluate war and conflict from a personal vantage point. After wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and 57 percent of Americans willing to send ground troops to fight ISIS, America needs a president who won't allow polls or public opinion to shape foreign policy. 
In the 2008 Iowa Caucus, Clinton finished third behind Barack Obama and John Edwards, although far ahead of Bill Richardson. Clinton barely beat Obama in the 2008 New Hampshire Primary and after narrowly losing the Missouri Primary, Clinton went on to lose most of the other primaries to Barack Obama. Therefore, why can't Jim Webb emulate Obama in 2016? 
While Hillary will be constantly defending herself against perpetual scandals and threading a centrist high wire, Webb will focus exclusively on communicating his bold ideas on economic growth, national security, and other major issues important to Americans nationwide. 
According to a Washington Post article titled  Jim Webb says Democratic Party has lost its way, the former Marine and Virginia Senator makes a thought-provoking observation:
"The Democratic Party has lost the message that made it such a great party for so many years, and that message was: Take care of working people, take care of the people who have no voice in the corridors of power, no matter their race, ethnicity or any other reason," Webb said. "The Democratic Party has basically turned into a party of interest groups."
Can even the most ardent Hillary supporters imagine Clinton making such a forthright statement? Also it's doubtful the former Secretary of State would ever mention the word "race," considering it took her three weeks to make even the most benign statement regarding Ferguson. 
As for Hillary Clinton's experience, Jim Webb never had the luxury of being part of a political dynasty and his resume highlights hard-earned accomplishments. According to James, Webb's accomplishments are the epitome of meritocracy:
Jim Webb, former Senator from Virginia, has been a combat Marine, a counsel in the Congress, an assistant secretary of defense and Secretary of the Navy, an Emmy-award winning journalist, a film-maker, and the author of ten books...
Mr. Webb graduated from the Naval Academy in 1968, receiving a special commendation for his leadership contributions. First in his class of 243 at the Marine Corps Officer's Basic School, he served as a rifle platoon and company commander in Vietnam and was awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star Medal, two Bronze Star Medals, and two Purple Hearts. He graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1975...
Mr. Webb served in Congress as counsel to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs from 1977 to 1981. In 1982 he led the fight to include an African American soldier in the Vietnam Veterans memorial on the National Mall. In 1984 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, and in 1987 became Secretary of the Navy.
Therefore, the more Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire, and around the country learn about Jim Webb, the more they'll see that he offers a great deal more than Hillary or any other Democratic candidate in 2016. 
Jim Webb can defeat Hillary Clinton, he can defeat Jeb Bush or any other GOP challenger, and he has the character and experience to be one of our better presidents. Few people have his knowledge of war, concern for working class issues, and understanding of Washington. Unlike Clinton, his bold views and a clear vision for America won't be muddied by never-ending scandal or disingenuous centrism. You might not have heard much about Jim Webb, but odds are that if you did, you'd find him a worthy candidate for the White House in 2016. Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire should compare Clinton to Jim Webb, and honestly evaluate who’s better for Democrats and America.


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    1. He is talking to me on the phone.

      He says to tell you to poke your comment in your ear.

      Or was that rear.....

      "Was that ear or rear, Jim?"

      "Rear, Bob"

      Poke it in your rear, Rufus.

  2. A thread I can agree with......

  3. If you read between the lines of his Wikipedia page, you start to get the idea that he's just a bit of a flake.

    I don't believe his bio can stand the scrutiny of a National Campaign.

    1. I do think that there are few people that can stand that scrutiny, none, actually.

      There are many across the country who will support anyone other than Bush/Clinton option.
      Just because of the oligopoly aspects involved with those two.
      Hard to claim that either are ... "Of the People"

      Webb would be a better candidate for the country, because of the questions that he raises, than he might be as an active, serving, President. But he certainly is no less flaky than Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.
      Less corrupt than Mrs Clinton.
      More independent of the power elite than Jeb Bush.

    2. .

      I started hearing about him getting in the race about a month ago.

      I vaguely recall some negatives about the guy too; however, I would be willing to look at the guy if he ever gets any traction.

      Sanders, Webb, I would look at anyone as an alternative to the usual nitwits we are presented with.

      Unfortunately, I will likely end up voting the 'No Tax Party' candidate again.




    3. Should the country really have to stand another round of James Baker?

    4. .

      To be clear, I did say I would at least look at the alternatives mentioned not necessarily vote for one of them.


    5. One should always look at the alternatives before casting an intelligent vote and keep one's options open until the very end, I want to be clear about that.

      Intelligent voters are already pledged to never ever vote for Hillary though, under any circumstances.

  4. Anyone that's interested in a reasonable evaluation of the situation in Yemen, the Legionnaire wrote such on the last thread.

    1. previous, that would be a better choice of words, than 'last'.

      Since this thread is currently occupying that position on a list, and then even that would change ...
      Or, at least at a stretch, 'last' could be construed to mean that the Elephant Bar would be closing ..
      Wouldn't want that rumor to start .

    2. We all hope that his is your last thread.

  5. Quirk, didn't you inform us, a couple of threads ago, that you have "sat out" the last 3 elections?

    1. Do you mean to say that the Legionnaire could not find a single candidate on the National ballot who came anywhere near representing his positions?

      Not from the Libertarians, or the Greens, or the Socialist Workers ...
      Not even a write-in?

    2. Actually, that really was a "question." :)

      I skimmed one of his comments, yesterday (the day before?) and I think that that's what I saw, but I'm not absolutely certain.

    3. Perhaps you have watched to much "Jeopardy", if you think the answer is being given in the form of a question.


    4. .

      If I said that or gave the impression, I apologize.

      I haven't voted for either of the major parties presidential nominees in the last 3 elections. I found more objectionable about them than reasons for supporting them.


    5. You voted 3rd. Party in those three elections?

    6. .

      You voted 3rd. Party in those three elections?

      Yes, at least for president. Although to be honest, most third party candidates have some, too my mind, crazy ideas also. The advantage they have is that they have never been in power and thus have not caused any harm.


    7. We are viewing a living autopsy of an intelligent voter here with ol' Q.

      He's been around this block before.

  6. News concerning Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Voice of America is reporting that

    Nigeria's Military Frees More Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram

    Nigeria’s military said it has rescued an additional 234 women and children kidnapped by Boko Haram in the country’s northeast.

    A military official says the latest rescue took place Thursday in the Sambisa forest.

    A statement said, “This set (is) in addition to the previous individuals earlier rescued during the ongoing operation in the area.”

    The military went on to say, “The assault on the forest is continuing from various fronts and efforts are concentrated on rescuing hostages . . . and destroying all terrorists camps and facilities in the forest.”

    Earlier in the week, a similar size group was also rescued from the same forest. Several hundred girls and women are now reported to have been returned to safety in the past week.

    This is an indication that local government forces of Nigeria and its neighbors have not only halted the advance of these Wahhabi secularists, but now there is evidence that this radical faction of the Islamic State is being rolled back.

    Not a single US combat trooper was required.

  7. We will return to the penultimate post with Q’ comments on Sunday morning.

  8. There is no perfect candidate. There are levels of imperfection that are intolerable.

    1. You need to file an exploratory committee ASAP Deuce.

      So does Quirk.

      Rufus has admitted governing is hard work, so he's out.

      Quirk has the basic fraudulent outlook of a truly great politician, the capacity for monetary corruption equal to a Hill an Bill combined.

      You, Deuce, are a Flip-Flopper of truly world class stature.

      You might make a great political candidate.

  9. In fairness to Webb, both videos are seven years old.

  10. I find the entire lineup of the GOPs intolerable.

    1. I would like to know more about Klobuchar, and Murray.

      The part about Bernie Sander's agenda that worries me a little is his stance on Trade. The liberal position on TPP is satisfying from a populist standpoint, but . . . . . .

    2. All you have to know about Patty is she is the dumbest person in the entire Congress.

      You might like her a lot.

    3. I find the entire lineup of GOP candidates delightful after what we have been through.

      A stable of good strong horses, set to race, in perfect training over against an old bitchy mare headed for the dog food factory.

      That is the way I find it.

    4. I'm sure that I would like her 1,000% more than I would like you.

    5. Idaho BobSat May 02, 11:12:00 AM EDT

      I find the entire lineup of GOP candidates delightful after what we have been through.

      A stable of good strong
      horse’s asses...

    6. Ah, that's mean.

      Anybody got a line on the Derby ?

      Who is your strong horse there, that's the important question today.

    7. A horse race is generally a more important event than an election, and much much more enjoyable too.

      Look for Dortman to win and Materiality to place.

      I have no choice for show.

      PacMan will win the big boxing match.

      Then go to the nearest Casino and play Red and Even for one hour straight.

      Put all your savings into this 'trifecta'.

      Then you can retire.

    8. You might try Far Right at 37-1 to show, just for the hell of it.

  11. .

    I don't like to try to project winners or losers, but there is at least one compelling argument that Jeb Bush will eventually get the GOP nomination. Money.

    Bush has already gathered about $100 million in contributions. If he can hang on the through the early primaries (some are saying that those primaries will not be as important as in the past) he should be in a position to overwhelm his opponents in spending when it comes to Super Tuesday.


    1. I've heard some say Bush hasn't a chance because his name is Bush and everyone is sick of that name, including most Republicans.

      He wouldn't be a disaster like Hillary, but we do need a change, in both parties.

      I don't think Hillary will be back in the White House.


      The last time they took an estimated $180,000 of OUR silverware, dishes, furniture, you name it, on the way out.

      She ought to be in prison, is where she ought to be.

    2. .

      Tried listening for some news this morning. Turned on CNN this morning and they are still 24/7 (as is their wont) on the Baltimore story. Having tired of that story a couple days ago, I switched over FOX. Cashin In was on. The host (don't know his name, I merely refer to him as 'that dick') announced that their next guest would be Dr. Phil to explain to us why some Americans join ISIS.

      The #4 reason I can't stand FOX.

      It's 75 degrees and sunny today. Time to get a little work done outside.


    3. I flipped Fox off when Dr. Phil was announced also.

      Can't stand him either.

      Though if he has the explanation as to why some Americans join ISIS I'd like to have heard it.

      Nor Dr. Oz.

      There a new guy on the horizon though, some guy calls himself Dr. Q or some such I think it is.

      He has some formula that makes one super intelligent and super sexual at the same time, can't remember what it's called, something like HiIQ&SuperSex2 or some such.

      You might want to keep an eye out for this fascinating dude.

      Only thing missing with Dr Q's formula is super rich too.

      He's probably working on it.

      I've heard he's a terrific hard worker.

  12. The death toll from an air strike by US-led forces on the northern Syrian province of Aleppo has risen to 52 including seven children, a group monitoring the conflict said on Saturday.

    Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the British-based Observatory for Human Rights, said the death toll from Friday's strike was the highest civilian loss in a single attack by US and Arab forces since they started air raids against hardline Islamist militant groups in Syria such as Islamic State.

    Job well done and at least no Americans were killed!

    1. That's one of the problems have not using US air power in conjunction with local ground forces.

      Another indication that combating civil insurrection cannot be handled from the air, without communication and coordination with 'Boots on the Ground'.
      Not in Syria, not in Yemen, not in Libya, not in Gaza.

    2. There was no problem, it was a slaughter, a genocide of the civilians...

      all as planned..

      Job well done.

    3. 23 days until Memorial Day and the super fail of the "rat Doctrine" and rat's WORLD FAMOUS IRAQ ISIS FREE BY MEMORIAL DAY 2015 PREDICTION.

      This guy has claimed to be a 'military expert' but obviously doesn't know squat.


  13. Pakistan military says strikes in tribal region near Afghan border kill 44 suspected militants

    Associated Press

    ISLAMABAD – Pakistan's military says airstrikes have killed 44 suspected militants in the tribal region near the Afghan border.

    A statement Saturday said 28 suspected militants were killed when jets struck hideouts in the Tirah Valley of the Khyber tribal region. It said separate strikes in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan killed 16 suspected militants, most of them foreigners.

    The statement gave no other details. The information could not be corroborated as journalists are barred from working in tribal areas. Activists and locals have said previous strikes killed civilians.

    Pakistan's military is in the middle of an operation to clear the tribal regions of militants. The offensive took on a new urgency in December, when Taliban militants attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 150 people, mostly children.

  14. NEW YORK – The United Nations has expressed concern that a $612 billion defense bill now before the US Congress will further militarizing the situation in Iraq by arming "non-state" groups, namely the Sunni Arabs and Kurds.

    The draft bill, which was approved 60-2 in the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday, calls for at least 25 percent of the total US aid to Iraqi forces be allocated to the Kurdish Peshmerga, Sunni tribal militias and a force to be formed called the Iraqi Sunni National Guard. The bill is expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives the week of May 12.

    Farhad Haq, a deputy UN spokesman, responded to a question from a Rudaw reporter on Friday, by saying the UN is worried about destabilizing Iraq by the US provision of arms to "non-state sides."

    According to Haq, protecting human rights is the most significant UN goal in Iraq. He also called for Iraqi “national unity” in fighting the Islamic State, or ISIS, and urged all players to stop “sectarianism.”

    The proposed legislation, drafted by Republican congressmen, calls on Washington to designate Iraqi Kurds as a “reliable and stable partner of the United States.”

    Washington has previously refused to directly arm Kurdish forces, instead sending weapons through the central government in Baghdad. The arrangement has resulted in complaints by Kurdish officials of delays and non-delivery.

  15. I swear, if I live to be a billion years old, I will never understand why any American, or European, either, for that matter, would give a single baby turd's interest in some Euro-trash, super-leaches having another welfare scum baby.

    If I were a Brit, I'd lead a movement to take those castles, cars, farms, forests, and whatnot, and put those miserable assholes on the dole, proper.

    1. Queen mothers, and bonny princes your fucking ass.

    2. O well hell Rufus you got no sense of tradition, nor of humor, nor of psychology either.

      Born free, rich and royal is what we all desire to be.

      Which is what we actually are, as the old myths say, it's just that we have forgotten who and what we really are.

      You wouldn't understand a word of this, but Meister Eckhart has a wonderful sermon about it, about the Young Prince who wandered away and forgot who he really was, finally found his way back, and realized he had always been, and always would be, a Prince.

      Princess Kate makes good babies.


    3. And the younger red headed Prince is a fine fellow, true warrior, dashing, humorous, party going and all round decent guy.

      Finer stuff than our President or most of our politicians, save maybe Dr. Ben Carson, though he doesn't seem to be a party

    4. You're as fucking stupid as they are (the Royalophiles, I mean.)

    5. You are not alone, though, Rufus.

      Deuce also has lost his way, doesn't realize who or what he is, and finds himself trying to find meaning lost and awandering in a political dark woods, haunted by the beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

    6. .

      As Obumble retreats to the relative tranquility of Bob-World spouting poetry and a-sniffing flowers along the way a la Ferdinand the bull. Bob-World a shaded refuge in the eerie miasma of Bob-Mind where the unseen voices that haunt him aren't quite so loud.


    7. Rufus, you are an old sad gizzard, an ignoramus, a drunk and a gator tail eater, and a racist prejudiced against whites, Hindus, and Jews.

      Not to mention the Police, who, finally, keep us all functioning.

      Your only saving grace is your perpetual optimism, perpetually misplaced, but an excellent character trait.

      In short, you are fucking stupid, but overall a hopeful old coot.


    Malik Zulu Shabazz, former leader of The New Black Panther Party, is about to speak to the mob in Baltimore.

    Here is typical Shabazz -

    >>>Shabazz first came to widespread public attention in 1994, when Unity Nation, a student group he founded at Howard University, invited Khalid Abdul Muhammad, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, to speak.[10][11] Introducing the speaker, Shabazz engaged in a call and response with the audience:

    "Who is it that caught and killed Nat Turner?"
    "The Jews!"
    "Who is it that controls the Federal Reserve?"
    "The Jews!"
    "Who is it that has our entertainers... and our athletes in a vise grip?"
    "The Jews!"[8]

    A year later, Shabazz told an interviewer that everything he said was true, with the possible exception of the assertion concerning Nat Turner.[6]<<<

    Deuce, rathole, and Rufus, these days, grubbered plumb to death, would be nodding approval.

    Most of the thoughtless mob in Baltimore probably will be as well.

    The United States is rapidly turning into a third world shit hole, at least intellectually speaking.

  17. Meanwhile, Dead Men are Dying

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S.-led military coalition launched 18 air strikes in Syria and Iraq against Islamic State since early Thursday, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement.

    The seven strikes targeting the militants in Iraq struck five units of Islamic State fighters and destroyed several fighting positions and other targets near the cities of Bayji, Falluja, Mosul, Ramadi and Tal Afar, the task force said on Friday.

    In Syria, 11 strikes near al Hasaka, Dayr az Zawr and Kobani also struck eight Islamic State fighting units as well as two vehicles and other targets, the statement said.


    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States and its allies staged 24 strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria in a 24-hour period ending Saturday, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement.

    Seventeen of the strikes were in Syria near the cities of Raqqah, Kobani, Al Hasakah and Dair Az Zawr, hitting Islamic State units, fighting positions, vehicles and other targets.

    In Iraq, seven air strikes near Mosul, Ramadi, Bayji, Tal Afar and Fallujah hit units, buildings, fighting positions and a supply cache, the statement said.

    The strikes took place on Friday and Saturday.

    A group monitoring the conflict said 52 civilians had been killed in a coalition air strike in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo on Friday. The U.S. military said Saturday it could not confirm the civilian deaths but was looking into the allegation.

    (Writing by Bill Trott; Editing by Doina Chiacu)

    Dead Men Walking to Dead Med, Dead

    1. .

      The U.S. military said Saturday it could not confirm the civilian deaths but was looking into the allegation.

      If pushed, we should hear from them on this about six months after the last American soldier leaves Iraq.

      In other news, I see Obama has gone back to signature strikes with the drones.


    2. We will know so soon ?

      I'm still awaiting O'bozo's promised 'full report' on the Benghazi fiasco.

      He promised us.

    3. Notice the lack of outrage by Rufus over the civilian deaths.

      He called the Israelis "despicable".

      And yet is silent when America killed scores of civilians 9000 miles from her own borders, in a war that holds no interest for America.

      Now if we all agree that KILLING headcutters is in fact a worthy exercise? Then one standard for all.

      ALL headcutters, whether Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad or whatever should be judged by the same standard.

      But Rufus said, if he was living in Gaza, he'd be Hamas, he would not be fighting to get rid of the local Jihadist headcutter rulers, but he'd JOIN them...


    4. Let us all forthrightly admit it -

      Rufus is a truly confused goofy old gizzard.

      An optimist though, his good trait, so often misplaced in its application, who should away from Doyle's poker table.

  18. I halfway expect to find out that if there were 52 civilians killed, it was Assad's barrel bombs that did it.

    Maybe, Jordan went rogue, or something. I doubt that it was our guys. (It's possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.)

    1. LOL

      Ever the optimist....

      But America kills more civilians (justified IMO) than Israel could do in a thousand years....

    2. .

      The report didn't say the US denied the coalition (in Syria that pretty much means US) bombing raid only that they couldn't confirm the civilian death count. As an aside, it isn't really in their interest to try.

      As for Assad, although he has asked to join the coalition, the last I heard he has been denied.

      Speaking of Assad, I read an article recently that things aren't going as well for him these days. Evidently, there is a new militant coalition that has been putting a good deal of pressure on the regime.


    3. >>> (It's possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.)<<<


      For God's sakes, Rufus, you have no business betting on anything.

      Stop it.

      Stop the betting.


  19. Arabs of the Palestinian Occupied lands embrace the idea of Pay Per View....

    Palestinian municipalities in the West Bank are mulling over the idea of imposing a "tourist fee" on those planning to visit certain cities like Ramallah and Bethlehem, a senior Palestinian official said Friday.

    Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem Issam Juha said the fee was merely "symbolic" and would only amount to one US dollar, but added that the extra income could help improve tourist services while visitors trek through the historic city.

    "Tourists have so far been receiving services for free, and now we are considering a mechanism to make them pay a fee which would help us improve public services, including wireless internet, maps and tour signs," Juha told the Palestinian Ma'an news agency.

    Yet, Dr. Hamda Taha, an expert on Palestinian tourism, warned that instituting new visitor fees could have unforeseen negative consequences on overall international tourism to Palestine.

    "Services must be offered to tourists if they have to pay fees, but they can't be asked to pay fees just for visiting a city. Such a move would drive tourists away and have a negative impact."

    He said that tourism yields revenue through hotels and restaurants, and that there there should be mechanisms "to attract tourists and encourage them to stay longer and enjoy services, rather than paying taxes," Ma'an added.

    Thirty-five hotels with an estimated 3,500 rooms housed close to 800,000 visitors to Bethlehem in 2014, which saw over 2.5 million overall visitors to the Palestinian territories

    This should bring in about 2 million US dollars, expected distribution should be about 1.9 million into the Swiss bank accounts of Hamas and Fatah, and about 90k for support of arrested arabs in Israeli Jails and about 10k for sweeping the streets to make the place a tad bit cleaner, not to clean, as no one want the area to look too good..

    1. :)

      Good analysis.

      Cleaner, but not too clean....

  20. I was asking about where's the preliminary hearing ? Was snoozing away, with Fox on, waiting for Shabazz, and I hear some talk about a preliminary hearing, which hasn't happened yet. If I heard aright, and I'm not sure I did, the Police may have a right to demand a preliminary hearing.........

    It's SOP out this way. A Judge decides what and who goes to trial, not the prosecutor, certainly not the defense :)

    All these lawyers are officers of the Court.

    A grand jury is another form of preliminary hearing. A grand jury is not a fair proceeding as the defense is given no input.

    We don't use them out here in ignorant rural Idaho.

  21. The New Princess is now 4th !!!! in line to the British Throne.

    The read headed Prince is now behind her, according to the Royal Rules pertaining in such matters.

    She CANNOT be surpassed by some newborn male.

    That's the English for ya !

    When the Moslems first heard that England was ruled by a WOMAN (Queen Liz I) they simply could not believe it....

    1. Rufus has asked what's the good of the British Royalty ?

      How about a subtle continual reaffirmation of Women's Rights ?

      Culture counts.

    2. Do you ever think before you post?

    3. Every time, Ash.

      I just made an excellent point.

      I can't help you being too dense to get it.

      Do you think, with Rufus, the Officers in Baltimore are all guilty of murder, Ash ?

      What is your educated opinion on this situation, my Noble Young Fellow ?

    4. I think Dershowitz is at least partly wrong in one thing he said below.

      He said Mosby acted out of a desire to prevent riots.

      Being charitable I won't deny that.

      I would add a large part of her pandering to the mob is a desire to set her stage for her to seek higher political office.

      What say you, Noble Ash ?

  22. May 2, 2015
    Alan Dershowitz laments a 'sad day for justice' in Baltimore police indictments
    By Rick Moran

    Attorney Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax in an interview that it was a "sad day for justice" when the states' attorney indicted 6 Baltimore policemen in the death of Freddie Gray.


    Alan Dershowitz really went after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby today forcharging the six cops involved in the death ofFreddie Gray, saying it was entirely based on politics and “crowd control.”

    Dershowitz lamented that “this is a very sad day for justice” and told Steve Malzberg that Mosby acted out of a “desire to prevent riots.” It will be “virtually impossible,” he predicted, for the six officers involved to get a fair trial.

    And as for murder charges, Dershowitz said there’s “no plausible, hypothetical, conceivable case for murder” and “this is a show trial.” He predicted that Mosby might get removed as prosecutor and Baltimore citizens may get upset if and/or when they “move to a place with a different demographic.”

    He concluded that it’s “unlikely they’ll get any convictions in this case” and if they do they’ll likely “be reversed on appeal.”

    Another lawyer, a law professor at George Washington University, says that the charges will be dropped before trial:

    Charges filed against the six Baltimore police officers for their involvement in the death of Freddie Grey will be dismissed, a George Washington University law professor predicted in an interview with The Daily Caller.

    John Banzhaf, who teaches public interest law, says that the charges announced by Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby on Friday “go too far.”

    “I think a prosecutor is going to have a hard time proving that the actions did in fact cause death, since they seem to have no theory as to how it occurred,” Banzhaf said in a phone interview.


    “I think it is very difficult to pin responsibility on one person when you have four or five or six each doing a variety of things — or not doing a variety of things — which in some generalized way contributes to the overall outcome.”

    “Again, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that each of the individuals — Officer X, Officer Y, Officer Z — what he did or didn’t do was a direct cause of what happened,” Banzhaf said.

    I don't believe there is a judge in Baltimore who would toss these charges - at least, not for many months. The officers may have to wait until their case hits the appeals courts before they get any semblance of justice.

    Meanwhile, several other prominent attorneys have weighed in with similar comments to Dershowitz and Banzhaf. Is anybody listening?

    No one in Baltimore.

    No one in Baltimore is listening.

    And Rufus isn't either.

    He has already, continuing his usual habit, pronounced them all guilty of murder.

    1. .

      Dershowitz is a nut and he has his own legal problems he should be worrying about.

      That said, I thought Mosby's announcement of the charges did have an element of populist self-promotion in it. Likewise, the charge of second degree murder against the van driver seemed a little steep to me; however, when it was explained what the charge involved, I could see where she came up with.

      I would imagine a prosecutor will always go with heavy charges in hopes of striking a deal with one of the accused and having them turn state's evidence.


  23. Hey, someone has finally figured out a way to stop inner city crime !!

    May 2, 2015
    Paying criminals to not commit crime
    By Thomas Lifson

    My gut instinct is revulsion over this:

    Richmond, located in the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay area has been quietly implementing a program that identifies the worst troublemakers in the community and pays them a monthly stipend to behave themselves. (snip).............

    One must admit, this is pure genius.

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    So far it seems to be working in a way.............