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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bibi and his trollops in the GOP Likuds Force could not make the deal with the US Public


Washington (CNN)
Americans see ISIS as a bigger threat to the United States than Iran, Russia, North Korea or China, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.
Overall, 68% say ISIS is a very serious threat, compared with just 39% who say so about Iran, 32% about North Korea, 25% on Russia and 18% on China. Nearly 9 in 10 see ISIS as at least a moderately serious threat.
The partisan divides that often drive public opinion around foreign policy issues are less prominent when Americans rate the threat from ISIS. Majorities across political and ideological lines say ISIS is a deeply serious threat to the U.S., including 68% of Democrats, 79% of Republicans and 63% of independents.
With active fighting against the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and the arrests Sunday of six Minneapolis men accused of trying to join ISIS, concerns about the threat posed by the group grow alongside worries that the military battle could spread. While a CNN/ORC Poll in March found the public remained mostly confident that the U.S. effort to combat ISIS would succeed, it also showed 79% of Americans were worried that the conflict would develop into a larger war that would spread throughout the region and to other parts of the world.
The party unity in perceptions of ISIS as a threat do not extend to Iran, however, with the new CNN/ORC poll showing a broad partisan rift in perceptions of Iran's threat to the U.S. According to the poll, Republicans are far more apt to see Iran as a very serious threat than Democrats or independents (53% of Republicans call it a very serious threat compared with 38% of independents and 29% of Democrats). 
That partisan divide carries through to perceptions of an agreement in the works between the U.S. and Iran that would lift some economic sanctions in exchange for greater access to and limitations on Iran's nuclear program. If Iran were to violate the terms of such an agreement, however, majorities in both parties say military action should be the next step.
    The CNN/ORC poll finds 53% favor the U.S. and Iran making an agreement that would ease some economic sanctions in exchange for major restrictions on Iran's nuclear program alongside greater international inspection of Iran's nuclear facilities, 43% say they oppose such an agreement. Democrats broadly back the deal (67% favor it), Republicans largely oppose it (60% opposed). Support for the deal is strongest among liberals (69% favor it) those under age 35 (63%) and those who have attended college (60%).
    The more likely a person is to see Iran as a threat to the United States, though, the less likely they are to back the deal. Among the 39% who see Iran as a very serious threat, a majority (56%) oppose the deal. Among the 27% who see Iran as a slight threat or no threat at all, two-thirds favor the deal (66%), while just 28% oppose it. 
    The U.S. and other countries reached a preliminary framework with Iran for such a deal earlier this month, but talks continue toward a final agreement, with a June 30 deadline. Congress and the White House reached agreement on a bill last week that would allow Congress to review any deal reached with Iran before certain economic sanctions can be lifted.
    If an agreement is reached and put into place and Iran violated its terms, most Americans feel a military response is in order. The poll finds 61% say the U.S. should take military action if Iran broke the agreement. Across the board, majorities of Americans support military action if Iran were to violate the terms of the deal: Republicans (67%), independents (60%) and Democrats (58%) all break in favor of taking military action in that instance. Support for military action drops below 50% among liberals, but just barely (49% say the U.S. should take military action if the terms are violated, 48% that it should not).
    Support for military action is higher among those who oppose any deal to begin with. Among that group, 70% say the U.S. should take military action if Iran violates the terms of the agreement. A majority of those in favor of the deal back military action in response to a violation of terms, but it's a smaller majority at 55%.
    Overall, Americans are divided on how the President is handling the U.S. relationship with Iran, 48% approve while 48% disapprove. Opinions of the president's handling of Iran are divided by party, with 79% of Democrats approving while 77% of Republicans disapprove. But Obama's handling of Iran earns him higher marks among Republicans (19% approve) than his overall handling of the presidency (11%). At the same time, Democrats are less apt to approve of Obama's Iran policies (79%) than of his handling of the presidency more broadly (88%).
    The CNN/ORC International poll was conducted by telephone April 16-19 among a random national sample of 1,018 adults. Results for the full sample have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


    1. I read that the Islamic State is forming up in Mexico and is planning on invading the United States.
      No other terrorist organization is so threatening to the US.
      Carpet bombing Mexico has been suggested.
      We must take action now!

    2. In the second video, Rand Paul takes on Obama and Clinton along with most of the Republicans on the idiotic unnecessary war against Libya and the US support of arms and for Israeli attacks on Syria. He fails to mention IRAQ under siege from Bush-Clinton-Bush.

      All and all it is a decade of murder and mayhem caused by The US and UK . It is a shameful record and in a just world, US and UK politicians should be held for criminal trial.

      Today, civilians by the thousands are drowning and dying trying to flee the FUKUS sponsored chaos is Libya.

      1. God Bless the Democrats !!!

        To the Hague with em'.

        Let's vote for Hillary !!

    3. Hillary Clinton is unfit for national office, yet she is preferred over any of the Republicans. What a fucking mess.

      1. Robert "Draft dodger" Peterson tells US that the advice of the General is of paramount importance.
        The advise of General Petraeus cannot be dismissed

        "She'd make a tremendous president,"
        Petraeus says in the new book "HRC" by Jonathan Allen and Aimee Parnes.
        "Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,"
        Petraeus tells Allen and Parnes.
        "In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, for example, she was extraordinarily resolute, determined, and controlled."

      2. God Bless You Deuce.

        The LIGHT begins to shine.

    4. In the fullness of the Arab Spring, helping rebels oust Muammar Gaddafi in Libya seemed to Western leaders as a good idea. He was a mercurial thorn in the side to the West and an autocrat in his own country.

      France and Britain led the air campaign to destroy Gaddafi's military capability. The United States assisted. President Obama justified it on humanitarian grounds, to keep Gaddafi from slaughtering the rebels and civilians where they were located.

      Now Libya is a dangerous wreck, and no Western countries want to take responsibility for restoring its civil order.

      The migrant shipwreck that may have left as many as 700 dead in an attempt to flee Libya is triggering reflections about European immigration policies. There are difficult questions, about collective border security and the willingness to accept refugees from Northern Africa, given the large numbers and the growing anti-immigration sentiment in much of Europe.

      But that shouldn't be the end of the introspection. Whether Libya is better off today than if the West had allowed the incipient civil war to play itself out is unclear. There's not much room for it to be worse off. And it is impossible to contend that Libya is clearly better off.

      The tragic shipwreck should also trigger circumspection about interfering in the affairs of other countries when there is not a direct security threat to your own.

      Reach Robb at

      1. "In the fullness of the ArabSpring..."


        Your Boy Obama

        Far as I can see the 'incipient civil war' is still going on, the sides lined up before even before the disaster of Islam, which was rumored to be able to overcome tribalism.

        God Bless Idaho !!

        Where the reds and the whites get along as brothers and sisters.

    5. .

      Americans see ISIS as a bigger threat to the United States than Iran, Russia, North Korea or China, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

      I couldn't find the actual poll questions in the CNN poll but based on a similar one I found from 2013, I have to assume they are as general as those described in the article. As such, they don't really tell me much since it doesn't tell us what a 'serious threat' (or any threat for that matter) means to those responding.

      We have to ask what does a threat or 'serious threat' mean. Is it one that poses an existential threat to the US, one that results is significant damage to critical infrastructure or our financial system, one that causes major death or destruction to people or property, or just your run of the mill terror attack killing a number of people or destroying property?

      Given the overall results, we have to assume that the respondents were factoring in not only capability of the countries mentioned but also the probability that they would use that capability, either that, or we have to assume the respondents are batshit crazy.

      While some of the countries listed could inflict major damage on the US, Russia is the only one that has the capability to actually threaten the survival of the US. One has to assume that people have become comfortable with the idea of MAD and the way it has played out between our two countries and therefore are assigning a pretty low probability we would ever get into a nuclear war. The number of countries and groups that fall into the second category, being able to seriously hurt the US infrastructure or financial system is large and growing not only through conventional means but through cyber warfare. IMO, it is only in the last two categories, major hits to people or property or run of the mill attacks, that we have to worry about ISIS. And frankly, even with these the probability is small. All they can do at this moment is suggest that lone wolves here do something on their own.

      Just my opinion, but given that, I don't understand what the people in the poll were thinking.


      1. They were thinking of 11SEP2001.
        They were thinking that the US has come to limit the liberty of its residents in the name of security from another such attack.

        That is what people consider the 'greatest threat', now-a-days.

        That is, more likely than not, what they were thinking

      2. By the bye, the Chinese could destroy the United States, even with 'only' 180 nuclear warheads.

        A 2011 Georgetown University study estimated that China has as many as 3,000 warheads hidden in underground tunnels, whereas China is estimated by the Federation of American Scientists to have an arsenal of about 180 active nuclear weapon warheads and 240 total warheads as of 2009

    6. I think it has to do with rational actors.The US, Iran, Russia, North Korea or China are not willing to accept the consequences and have little motivation to do anything that could be interpreted by any of that group as being a serious threat. The US and Iranian case is different. There is an element in the US that exaggerates the threat of Iran to US interests and in almost all cases, this group make an association with Israel and Israel’s security expressed by the right wing Netanyahu government. Fortunately, they are in the minority.

    7. Finally the truth comes out.

      jack Hawkins for years has said he is not against "jews" just the zionist project....

      Jack HawkinsWed Apr 22, 05:52:00 PM EDT
      And it would mean that the "Temple Mount" is rightfully claimed by the progeny of the original Jews ...

      ... those people now called Palestinians.

      Who, as their religious proclivity changed, they built a new temple on that mount.
      Then they labeled it the 'Dome of the Rock'.

      Now it's clear, Jack is a spiritual Nazi.

      He seeks the destruction of the Jewish people.

      Finally his hatred comes to the surface....

      read his words and swallow their meaning....

      Jack HawkinsWed Apr 22, 05:52:00 PM EDT
      And it would mean that the "Temple Mount" is rightfully claimed by the progeny of the original Jews ...

      ... those people now called Palestinians.

      Who, as their religious proclivity changed, they built a new temple on that mount.
      Then they labeled it the 'Dome of the Rock'.

      According to Jack, All modern Jews are frauds.

      Israelis have no property rights at all...

      Thanks Jack, or should I say Seig Heil?

      1. No, "O"rdure, you asked a question about the people that could rightfully claim the 'Temple Mount'.
        Mr Sands make the intellectual case, one backed by DNA studies at Albert Einstein School of Medicine and John Hopkins, that the Palestinians are the progeny of the people that built the 'Temple Mount' and the the Ashkenazi came to Judaism originally through “proselytism" not genetics.

        That does not make the Ashkenazi frauds, but it also does not make them the progeny of those that built the Temple Mount.

        That was your question, "O"rdure and Mr Sand answered it.

      2. The Invention of the Jewish People
        is a book written by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli professor of history at the University of Tel Aviv.

        The author wasn’t probing a belief system but Zionist fabrications of a spurious common lineage for people of the Jewish faith.

        Sand argues that the idea of Jews having a common ethnic identity is implausible because, as with Christianity and Islam, Judaism was originally a “proselytising religion”.

        The notion of Judaism as a “race”, rather than a religion of various races, is without foundation.

        The recent study by John Hopkins geneticist Dr Elhaik confirms...
        that the common genome structure of the European Jew gravitated towards an origin in old Khazaria.

        “The majority of Jews do not have Middle Eastern genetic component,” he told Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

        Founded on a mélange of myths and manufactured historical tales,
        Israel has failed the archaeological test of time and is now exposed by DNA science.

        Today’s genetics prove unequivocally that in 1948 “the children of the original Jews” were replaced by converts ...
        With no roots in the Middle East.

      3. ... Jewish history tells us that the Romans did not expel the original Jews from Palestine when they crushed the Simon bar Kokhba revolt in 136 AD but instead barred them only from city of Jerusalem – and even then they were allowed to visit it during Tisha B’Av, the annual fasting day on the ninth day of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar.

        Under Christianity and during the Roman Empire a large number of native Jews converted to Christianity and, with the advent of Islam, most adopted the new religion and assimilated under the new power.

        In addition to the descendants of the Canaanites, the original denizens before patriarch Abraham’s arrival from Mesopotamia, Sand concludes that today’s Muslim and Christian Palestinians are actually the true progenies of the original Jews.

      4. Again, "O"rdure, the money line of Mr Sand's studies ...

        Muslim and Christian Palestinians are actually the true progenies of the original Jews.

        That is whose ancestors 'built' the Temple Mount, not the progeny of the Khazars.

      5. Jack Hawkins, you are a jew hating, nazi wannabe.

        It's clear now.

      6. That is whose ancestors 'built' the Temple Mount, not the progeny of the Khazars, the Ashkenazi.

      7. Jack, regardless of your wiggles or lies, you deny the jews were there 1st.

        Now you claim the Palestinains are the Jews.

        But what of the Sephardic Jews Jack? You never address them, those Jews that NEVER left...

        You easily sweep them under the carpet...

        The Ashkenazi are real jews, your discredited bullshit of the Khazars notwithstanding...

        You are a spiritual Nazi.


        You are unworthy of so much.

    8. On average, all Ashkenazi Jews are genetically as closely related to each other as fourth or fifth cousins, said Dr. Harry Ostrer, a pathology, pediatrics and genetics professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and the author of
      "Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People" (Oxford University Press, 2012).

      Maternal DNA
      Richards and his colleagues analyzed mitochondrial DNA, which is contained in the cytoplasm of the egg and passed down only from the mother, from more than 3,500 people throughout the Near East, the Caucusus and Europe, including Ashkenazi Jews.

      The team found that four founders were responsible for 40 percent of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA, and that all of these founders originated in Europe. The majority of the remaining people could be traced to other European lineages.

      All told, more than 80 percent of the maternal lineages of Ashkenazi Jews could be traced to Europe, with only a few lineages originating in the Near East.

      1. Jack "The Final Solution" Hawkins, never met a jew he didn't want to erase.

      2. Another statement that you make that is without factual substance, "O"rdure.

        But that is all you have left, lies.

        You asked a question, got the answer, based upon science and study, done by Israeli scholars.
        Published in Israeli newspapers.

        You may believe the myths you were taught as a child, but ...

        When you were a child, you spoke as a child, you understood as a child, you thought as a child: but when you become a man, you put away childish things.

        Grow up, "O"rdure.

      3. Jack's an idiot.

        Give him that much consideration.

        A problem science is unable to fix currently.

        He hallucinates.

        About a supersecret project off the coasts of Panama, for instance, of which he is top dog.

        Have a little sympathy, folks.

        He doesn't deserve it, he hasn't earned it, but go outside yourselves....

      4. Jack attempts and fails to discredit one branch of Jews while ignoring the other larger branch that still thrives.

        the Sephardic.

        Jews have lived in the middle east for 3400 years.

        Jack's final solution glee to discredit ONE branch of modern Judaism is the equivalent to Hitler's Final Solution.

        Jack should be locked up as a danger to society.

      5. Wrong, again, "O"rdure.

        No one is discredited, especially by me.
        The Sephardic Jews are a small minority of the Semitic people that live in Palestine.
        Their claims to the 'Temple Mount' do not over come those of the majority.

        Their claims to Palestine do not over come those of the majority, especially since the majority of the Sephardic Jews migrated to Palestine post 1948, as you have so often told us.


    9. >>>>We have to ask what does a threat or 'serious threat' mean.<<<

      The Mysterious Q

      Yes, well yes, humph humph, yes why I say, hmmm, we really ought to, I say, define our terms here, hmmm, is one's ass in danger, or the ass of another? hmmm, these are considerations, hmmm, yes, we are pledged to think these things through, I say.....hmmmm...

      Let us put it to the college.....hmahmmmmum

      1. Stick with simple fraud, Q, I will always bail you out, if I'm not sleeping, or have a ripping girl around, or an email from my Niece.....

      2. You are on my list, rest assured, but just the last one on my list, but you are there !!!!

      3. Good Old Quirk !!....always fighting for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, even if he is passed out....

        Maria loves him, and the Polish poor, Santa Claus, the Pope, and the border line personality types......

      4. He would make a passable elk skinner, but he don't want to work.

      5. .

        Once again, Obumble, you prove yourself to be a man of the sheeple. You take in the info these dolts offer you in polls and if it fits with your own preconceived notions you propagate it and offer up the nonsense to any other dolts who would believe it.

        Bob, in wonderland.

        [As an aside, these days, why would any man kill an elk much less skin it?]


    10. For the first time since Obama's reelection, the favorability of the ACA has turned slightly positive.

      43 - 42

      44% of Independents say that the law should either be expanded, or left the same.

      14% say it should be Expanded, and 30% opt for repeal.

      Warming Up

      1. 14% say it should be "Scaled Back," not expanded.

        30% for repeal.

      2. Existing Home Sales picked up nicely in March, at 5.190 Million units.


      3. Expansion of American Settlements in another people's land…

        How shameful

    11. Jack Hawkins, a man who now denies that Jews are Jews, incites hatred against the Jewish People.

      Not Israel.

      The Jewish people.

      For years of denial we have heard, he just hates israel, calling all sorts of childish names that radical Jihadists call it. "Zionist entity" ISrael, Isreal, apartheid nation and other negative terms...

      The claims he made was based on the political enterprise named Israel.

      Now he has embraced, publicly, his new "proof" that the Palestinians are the REAL Jews and the Jews of today are frauds...

      Yes Jack has his freedom of speech, but it's time to be free with our speech back at him.

      Jack's words are attempts at being bullets.

      Jack SEEKS to kill Jews.

      Jews both physically and metaphorically.

      Jack's new level of low has been now documented, the words cannot be untyped....

      Jack's out Palestinian, the Palestinians.

      he's propaganda is the same as the worst holocaust deniers, it's the same as the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, of Hezbollah's Nasrallah.

      Congratulations to Jack Hawkins, your mask of denial has been cast aside by your very own words...

      Jack Hawkins, propaganist for the Anti-semites of the world

      1. .


        You guys were arguing this same bull last night ad nauseum and now you start it up again this morning.

        No one gives a shit.

        Jack, regardless of your wiggles or lies, you deny the jews were there 1st.

        No, they weren't. Jerusalem was a city 1,000 years before the Jews got there and stole it.

        Just as Jack trots out his nonsense theories of the Ashkenazi. First, they go against the scientific consensus and even if they were true they would say jack shit about the Jews living in Israel today.

        Still you guys keep beating the same dead horse.


      2. Quirk, hardly.

        Rufus and Deuce (and Jack) state that the Jews stole the land from the arabs

        That was the point, I made the point the the Arabs stole the Temple Mount FROM the Jews. Thus invalidating Deuce's, Rufus and Jack's claim that the Jews stole the land from the arabs,

        The Jews BUILT the Temple.

        Cant you concede that SIMPLE point?

        As for your point that Jerusalem was a city for a thousand years before the jews got there?

        Well, there were PEOPEL living by the spring for at least 3000 years before KING DAVID captured and created "Jerusalem".

        But those living by the springs were NOT Palestinians. Arabs had not migrated out of Arabia for another 1000 years. (there were Jews living in Arabia (not called arabia of course back then)

        The point is simple Quirk.

        Man up….

        Concede the SIMPLE point that an ARABs BUILT their Dome of the Rock ON TOP of the Jewish Temple Mount.

        No matter who lived 10,000 years ago in the very spoke it's not the issue.

      3. It's really a simple point….

        Show some maturity and leadership here at the blog…

        IF Rufus, Deuce and Rat state that the Jews stole the land of Jerusalem from the Arabs, who built the fucking Temple Mount that the Arabs squat on?

      4. .

        The Jews BUILT the Temple.

        Cant you concede that SIMPLE point?

        Of course, I can. But who gives a shit. Jack is merely offering up his same sophistic arguments to get your goat. And you rise to the bait. He is an anti-Semitic ass. What's new?

        You on the other hand are just as bad. All Jews all the time.

        Well, there were PEOPEL living by the spring ...

        Can't you at least admit there was a city there that David conquered and not a nomad's drinking hole?

        But those living by the springs were NOT Palestinians. Arabs had not migrated out of Arabia for another 1000 years

        You slice and dice the history of the ME to fit you own purposes. The truth is that for the last four thousand years the Jews were the big dog in Canaan for about a 10th of that. The rest of the time, it was run by others. Forget the bullshit about God gave it to you and that it is your 'historic homeland' and accept that you have it 'today'. Stop living in the past, a romantic but phony past you have ginned up over centuries.

        The point is simple Quirk.

        Perhaps, to you. I consider my point to be simple too.

        You guys beat this subject to death last night and now you have started it up again this morning.


      5. The people that built the 'Temple Mount', were the ancestors of the Palestinians, "O"rdure.

        Mr Sand makes the case.
        That case is strengthened by the tudies made by John Hopkins University and at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine.

        Legionnaire Q does not have the standing in the scientific community to refute either study.

      6. .

        You are an asshole, rat.

        I've posted plenty of what is considered the scientific consensus with names and studies that refute the shit you put up here about Khazars and the Ashenkazi. But the simple fact is that even if your fairy tales were true, it makes no difference. Even though the Ashenkazi represent the majority of Jews in the world today it has nothing to do with Israel where they are not the majority.

        You are merely an anti-Semitic agitator doing apparently the only thing he is good at.


    12. Quirk: No, they weren't. Jerusalem was a city 1,000 years before the Jews got there and stole it.

      Quirk the issue is simple.

      Israel has a right to be.

      A right that has been earned by BEING a nation.

      No one is OWED nationhood.

      Land disputes traverse the globe and yet, ONLY the Jewish Settlement and creation of Israel is disputed as something proper and right.

      The Jews of the area exercised their right to self determination and created their state, which was approved by the UN.

      To argue that all the land is the property of the arabs, deuce's rufus and Jack's contention is specious.

      If you want to say all lands, everywhere have and will be conquered? Fair statement.

      America stands tall as a nation, regardless of who it "took" the land from….

      There is not one nation on the planet that has not had "border" disputes.

      But this is more than that….

      Rufus, Deuce and Rat contend that the entire state of Israel is a colony and that it's stolen lands…

      The same position that the Mullah's of Iran take…

      America and the world recognize the nation of Israel , there are disputes about disputed lands….

      But there are hardline, jewish hating nations that seek the genocide of the Jews that share this blog's official pov…

      Man up Quirk, show some spine.

      1. No onedenies that ISrael is a state.
        What you deny, "O"rudre is that the government, there, is illegitimate since it stole the lands of the Palestinian people.
        Since it violated the Geneva Accords, a international treaty that it is signatory to.

        That's is all.
        Your hyperbole is increaingly boring.

      2. .

        You have stated the same shit ad nauseum. The others have stated their case ad nauseum.

        Last night, you revisited the same shit for the umpteenth time.

        This morning you start up the same argument all over again. Same shit, different time. Why can't you go off and rewrite ancient history some more and come back with a new fairy tale for us?

        This blog has become the Jew channel.

        Or, the Palestinian channel, if you like.

        Or the redundancy channel.

        At a minimum, I would ask that you guys come up with some new material. We have seen everything you offered up this morning a 1000 times before.


      3. That is the script, Legionnaire Q.

        "O"rdure asked if there was one, which was answered in the affirmative.
        Then he began the play, again.

        The facts and the history do not change.
        Mr Sand's research, the DNA studies, the song remains the same.

        "O"rdure doe not refute any of it, does not even attempt to..

      4. quirk, I responded to Jack, Deuce's and Rufus's new assertions.

        If you cannot make an honey opinion about that SPECIFIC point, so be it.

        As for Jack, Deuce's and Rufus's lies and distortions?

        Teaches us why Jews should be armed, trained and ready to shoot to kill to defend the right to live.

        For that I am grateful

      5. Refute the science, if you can.

        That is honesty, honey.

      6. Your fake bullshit point is just that...


        you have been refuted dozens of times but your sick narcissistic personality disorder makes you incapable of admitting your are wrong on anything....

        The fact that you now admit that you are denier of Jewish history and seek the genocide of the modern Jewish people says it all....

        Enjoy your hate filled free speech. You are in the camp of the Mullahs of Iran and Adolf Hitler..

    13. News from General Petraeus, the man that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson claims advised Mr Obama to abrogate the SOFA that President Bush signed with the Iraqi government.

      David Petraeus sentencing today in military leak case

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson does have an affinity for criminals.
      Birds of a feather, they flock together.

      bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, ...

      1. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former CIA director and retired Army Gen. David Petraeus was expected to be sentenced today in federal court for giving classified material to his biographer as they were having an extramarital affair.

        Petraeus will appear at the sentencing, which comes two months after he agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material.

        The plea agreement carries a possible sentence of up to a year in prison. In court papers, prosecutors recommended two years of probation and a $40,000 fine. But the judge is not bound by that and could still impose a prison sentence.

        The agreement was filed in Charlotte, where Paula Broadwell, the general’s biographer and former lover, lives with her husband and children. As part of his deal, Petraeus agreed not to contest the set of facts laid out by the government.

        The affair — which came to light during an investigation into threatening emails sent by Broadwell to a Tampa woman — ruined the career of Petraeus, a retired four-star general.

        Prosecutors said that while Broadwell was writing her book in 2011, Petraeus gave her eight binders of classified material he had improperly kept from his time as the top military commander in Afghanistan. Days later, he took the binders back to his house.

        Among the secret information contained in the “black books” were the names of covert operatives, the coalition war strategy, and notes about Petraeus’ discussions with President Barack Obama and the National Security Council, prosecutors said.

      2. .

        Yet, Josh Earnest has confirmed that Petraeus is still acting as adviser to Barack Obama.



      3. And you continue to defend Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

      4. Jack HawkinsThu Apr 23, 10:24:00 AM EDT

        News from General Petraeus, the man that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson claims advised Mr Obama to abrogate the SOFA that President Bush signed with the Iraqi government.

        This is very odd. I can't recall saying much of anything, if anything at all, about Petraeus.

        Desert "DEAD BEAT DAD AND WAR CRIMINAL" Rat is making it up.

      5. "Draft Dodger", he was one of the "Generals",.
        You claimed to have posted a long list of articles, he was prominent in the ones that Legionnaire made available to us ...
        Were not the rticles that Legionnaire posted part of your long list?

        Do you not remember, or do you have other articles to post ?

      6. .

        And you continue to defend Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

        Has nothing to do with Obumble. I gave that up long ago, The boy is incorrigible.

        I am merely responding to the silliness you put up here. It your initial comment happens to be directed at Bob, well...



    14. Police personnel, residents return to Iraqi city of Ramadi as panic subsides

      BAGHDAD — Thousands of police officers and residents who fled Ramadi after an Islamic State offensive last week have begun to return home after reinforcements were dispatched to shore up the center of the western city, Iraqi military officials said Wednesday.

      About 5,000 local police officers, nearly the entire force, had left their positions as fear engulfed the capital of Anbar province last week, according to Staff Maj. Gen. Mohammed Khalaf Saeed, acting head of Anbar Operations Command. At the height of the panic, just 1,000 security forces, including army and counterterrorism troops, were left to protect multiple front lines, he said.

      The Islamic State’s push into several neighborhoods on the outskirts of Ramadi sparked a civilian exodus, ...

      Looks like Rufus's analysis of the situation was correct.
      No one provided current photos of Daesh patroling inside Ramadi and now that the fight appears to be over ...

      The Islamic State’s push into several neighborhoods on the outskirts of Ramadi sparked a civilian exodus, ...

      The truth wins out.

      1. While the debate in Washington DC raged about whether or not the fall of Ramadi would be 'disastrous' the debate itself was meaningless, outside of the realm of pundits and DC bureaucrats.

        Ramadi did not fall - the Iraqi were able to defend themselves

      2. Ahhh.......but Memorial Day 2015 - Iraq ISIS Free Day - is now FAST APPROACHING.

        And your stupid military genius asshole is sitting naked in a sling.

        YOU claimed to be a 'military expert'.

        YOU claimed Iraq would be ISIS free by Memorial Day, 2015.

        If you would finally claim you have your thumb up your asshole you would finally get something right.

        YOU claimed Zimmerman would be prosecuted by the Feds.

        Didn't happen.

        Unlike Rufus, you don't even make an attempt to pay you gambling debts.

        Q at least sends me an IOU when he is a little short from time to time.

        As men Q is a Giant, and YOU rathole, are a pygmy.

      3. I doubt they would even let you into Doyle's down Ruf's way..

        After all they probably have some kind of good conduct code.

      4. Why Robert "Draft dodger" Peterson, perhaps the Iraqi government has a different timetable than I predicted.
        That could well prove to be the case, but ...

        You are still a thief.


      5. RATTO ---- We are all "just dying to know" all about how the super secret so important to our nation project is going these days down off the Coasts of Panama that you announced a couple months IS it going dear rat ?......the entire Free World wishes to know ..............We here at the Bar have been on pins and needles seems like forever......When will the BP - Big Project - be able to 'fire up' and give us all a much needed extra layer of security......we are DYING to hear some wonderful news concerning this....Please hep us on this.............

      6. The only mention of a 'super secret mission to Panama" was made by you, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

        If you can provide a link to whatever post you have in mid, well, we can read it and discuss it.

        Otherwise, the entire subject has to be chalked up to being another of your delusions, false memories or such.

      7. I did do an entire thread about the Panama Canal expansion, but that was not, has not been, a secret.
        Not by any stretch of the imagination

      8. You are lying.

        You said you were deep deep into a super secret national security orientated project off the Coast of Panama.

        There is no such project, and if there were, you would be excluded on National Security grounds, you PATHETIC.

        There exists a series of legitimate drugs that might help to clear your mind.

        I can email my Niece if you wish. She deals with the mentally challenged all day long.

        And we are going to see one another this summer. I have a duty to meet her boy friend, and pass judgement on him, as uncles do in her culture. I am now her designated uncle for this job, Uncle Bob USA.


        Makes me feel wonderful.

        I can even interview the candidate.

        That's the way it's done !


    15. Jack HawkinsThu Apr 23, 11:29:00 AM EDT

      Why Robert "Draft dodger" Peterson, perhaps the Iraqi government has a different timetable than I predicted.
      That could well prove to be the case....


      Our li'l shit head is admitting he was wrong, o so wrong.

      He is trying to WEASEL, Now.

      He is beginning to feel the beating of 'the wings of time'.

      Listen to this horse shitty \here -

      " perhaps the Iraqi government has a different timetable than I predicted.
      That could well prove to be the case"


      He owns me on Zimmerman.

      And though we haven't formally bet on this one as we did do before, he knows his self described reputation as a "military expert" is on the line here.

      He is twisting twisting slowly slowly in the wind, in a delightful American political phrase.

      rat hole is so yesterday !!

      1. I do own you, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson ...Your Freudian slip is right on target.

        If you still think we had some type of bet, post it.

        As to the Panama thread

        Venezuela cuts ties with Panama

        Nothing secret about it, at all

      2. YOU are a liar.

        Everyone here knows this by now.

        Memorial Day 2015

        Memorial Day 2015

        Memorial Day 2015

        Iraq ISIS free day

        rat hole, our sewer rooter, has flushed himself down to water purification station with that Prediction..


        (some 'military expert')


        Just a fool in mom's basement

      3. Idaho Bob Thu Apr 23, 11:39:00 AM EDT
        He owns me on Zimmerman.



    16. QuirkThu Apr 23, 10:21:00 AM EDT

      You have stated the same shit ad nauseum. The others have stated their case ad nauseum.

      Last night, you revisited the same shit for the umpteenth time.

      This morning you start up the same argument all over again. Same shit, different time. Why can't you go off and rewrite ancient history some more and come back with a new fairy tale for us?

      This blog has become the Jew channel.

      Or, the Palestinian channel, if you like.

      Or the redundancy channel.

      At a minimum, I would ask that you guys come up with some new material. We have seen everything you offered up this morning a 1000 times before.


      Do you think AIPAC ever tires of their relentless campaign? The oldest trick in the political book is to complain that your opponent has made his case and everyone should move along. Then they continue their campaign. The Middle East has never been worse. The change from day to day is more and more dangerous.The article is about the media refusing to examine the data and is diverting attention away from the origin of ISIS.

      I doubt that I’ll be following their lead anytime soon.

      1. deuce: The article is about the media refusing to examine the data and is diverting attention away from the origin of ISIS.

        and yet your 1st sentence is this shit... "Bibi and his trollops in the GOP Likuds Force could not make the deal with the US Public"


      2. Clearly, Americans are not interested in another ME war, especially the one Israel is so keen on, using US troops of course to ensure that Israel maintains her nuclear monopoly.

      3. Clearly Americans are not interested losing another war.

        Israel is keen on AVOIDING another war and hard sanctions was the best way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

        Now that Obama is intent on allowing Iran to go "hot", there WILL be another war, but it will not be between Israel and Iran, rather will will be between Iran and it's Sunni enemies.

        Iran knows that if it directly attacked Israel it would be destroyed.

        I'd say look for IRan to stir up Hamas and Hezbollah again for another round of fighting…

        Iran will fight the zionist entity to the last arab man, woman and baby left alive, they do not care about human life… Let alone arabs…

        After all, in the Iran / Iraq war, they used 8 year old boys as human mine field clearers, purposely sending them in mine fields to set off the land mines….

        Yes Iran is intent for war. Israel wanted sanctions…

    17. Officials reported details of the latest strikes, which took place between 8 a.m. yesterday and 8 a.m. today, local time, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

      Airstrikes in Syria

      Attack, fighter and bomber aircraft conducted five airstrikes in Syria:

      – Near Hasakah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying three ISIL fighting positions.

      – Near Kobani, four airstrikes struck four ISIL tactical units, destroying two ISIL fighting positions.

      Airstrikes in Iraq

      Fighter, attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 16 airstrikes in Iraq, approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense:

      – Near Asad, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying an ISIL command and control facility.

      – Near Qaim, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying an ISIL vehicle.

      – Near Beiji, three airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and two ISIL Stryker vehicles, destroying an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL armored vehicle.

      – Near Fallujah, five airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying an ISIL building.

      – Near Mosul, three airstrikes struck an ISIL security headquarters, destroying an ISIL excavator.

      – Near Ramadi, two airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit, destroying an ISIL sniper position, an ISIL house rigged with explosives, and an ISIL vehicle.

      – Near Sinjar, an airstrike destroyed three ISIL buildings and three ISIL fighting positions.

      That's 103 strikes in the last 4 days.

      103 X 3 X 76 . . Holy Moly, Thassa lot of virgins

      1. Holy Molly, you want to join rat hole on Memorial Day now ?

        Cause you, Big Boy, are stuck with the 4th of July 2015.

        Well actually not so much. You did abandon that extreme position some time ago, and I've given you credit for it in my Book of Records here.

        Smelly rat hole, our 'military expert' is sticking with his Iraq ISIS Free Prediction, published World Wide on the Web, that Memorial Day 2015 is the Liberation Day For All Of Iraq..

        That is the Day, the very Day, that the "rat Doctine" will have cleansed ALL OF IRAQ of ISIS.

        According to rat hole.

        His ENTIRE 'reputation' now rests upon this Prediction..............

      2. If past predictions are prelude.....well, what can I say but he sure fucked up his Zimmerman Prediction.

        And now of course doesn't want to 'pay up'.

        It's the kind of slim ball he truly is.

      3. You made the Rufus Prediction, shitball, eater of alligator tails.

        Then you RUN AWAY FROM IT.


        (don't let the wife know you even go down there)


        you are a fool

      4. YOU and d. "DEAD BEAT DAD & WAR CRIMINAL" rat hole are disgusting.

        You two are the very worst our Nation has to offer.

        Thankfully some of the foreigners I happen to know don't judge us all by the MORONS among us.

        Quite the opposite.

        I have formed intellectual and emotional bond with a young Hindu Lady, who actually might be able to help ratass out a bit--

        she deals with it every day a Max Planck.

        Rufus is a simpler case.

        She would recommend the wife confiscate all the credit cards and no more boozing in front of the TV

        That would clean rufi up in less than a month.

      5. Rat ass would have to be flown to Dresden, Germany for his incarceration and very intrusive interviews.

        He has to sign off on it.

        He won't, knowing he is fucked up beyond all repair.

    18. I haven't "run away" from anything.

      I said that there would be no ISIS left in Iraq by the 4th of July, and then I came back and said,

      "okay, maybe the 4th of July is too soon, but it doesn't matter; they're dead men walking whether it's Independence day, or Labor Day, or Christmas.

      Dead Men Walking are Dead Men Walking."

      1. The main thing is: My team is winning, and Your team is losing.

        The rest is just misdirection.

      2. You are Noble.

        rat shit is not.

        I have 'no team' in the fight now other that to support the Kurds.

        Kindly get that right.

      3. At least, you quit pretending to support the USA.

    19. Washington (AFP) - Washington is working with Iraqi leaders to hone military operations against Islamic militants and is mulling whether to train Iraqis to directly call in US air strikes, a US official said Thursday.

      During a visit to Washington last week, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last week urged the Obama administration to speed up bombing missions against the jihadists saying there was a significant time lag between Iraqi forces identifying a target and a subsequent US air strike.

      "The one thing they want is to cut down the time from a request for a strike to a strike," a senior State Department official told reporters.

      "Though it's fairly fast, it's not immediate," he acknowledged.

      The US-led coalition has carried out about 3,000 air strikes over Iraq since September in the fight against extremist Islamic State (IS) militants who seized a swath of Iraqi and Syrian territory in a lightning move last June.

      While deferring to the Pentagon, the senior State Department official said the administration was looking at how to strengthen coordination with the Iraqis such as training joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs) who designate . . . . . . .

      baby steps

    20. PATUXENT RIVER, Md., April 23 (UPI) -- An unmanned aircraft system has for the first time been refueled in flight by Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Navy.
      The UAS was the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstration, or UCAS-D, aircraft, which in 2013 became the first unmanned aircraft to be autonomously launched from an aircraft carrier and recovered by it.

      "AAR [autonomous aerial refueling] testing with the X-47B helps solidify the concept that future unmanned aircraft can perform standard missions like aerial refueling and operate seamlessly with manned aircraft as part of the Carrier Air Wing," said Capt. Beau Duarte, the Navy's Unmanned Carrier Aviation program manager.

      During the test, the X-47B maneuvered into position behind a K-707 tanker and successfully engaged the tanker's drogue. It disengaged after refueling, moved a safe distance away and then returned to base, Northrop Grumman said.

      "We are very pleased with the outcome of this first round of probe and drogue flights with the X-47B," said Pablo Gonzalez, UCAS-D program manager, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. "The AAR system and X-47B both performed as expected. While we would certainly benefit from additional probe and drogue flight testing, we have reached a tipping point at which AAR is now feasible."

      Pilots? We don' need no stinkin' pilots

      1. What if the refueling tanker was also a stealthy drone?

    21. OH GOODY!

      Time to kill some Hamas members!!!!!

      Rocket fired from Gaza lands in Israeli territory. Hamas fired a rocket at the Sderot area on Thursday evening, shattering months of quiet and triggering air raid sirens in the area.

      The Independence Day attack by Hamas was the 1st one in months.

      The attack, on Israel's Independence Day, serves as a reminder that Hamas and their proxies are preparing for another round of war.

      Let's hope Israel has a better record than America in striking back....

      May members of Hamas die today and not have decent medical treatment for their wounds...

    22. Rufus is gleeful for the head cutters that are dying that America is playing whack a mole with…

      Meanwhile Iran is still funding, supplying Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and a dozen other groups intent on slaughter and chaos.

      ISIS sucks, but to quote Obama? They are JV.

      Meanwhile IRan and their proxies have killed over 300,000, created one of the world's largest refugee crisises in modern history, almost 10.5 million in Syria alone, not counting Iraq…

      Those that support Iran should be proud, mass murder on a scale that we have not seen since hitler…..

    23. I want to make it clear to Rufus and anyone else:

      While I don't think we ought to put troops back into Iraq this does not mean I favor the head cutters o ISIS.

      I wish I had that electrocution switch......I'd toy with it a bit and the flip to 'on' with my toe.

      Go ahead and bomb them all you want......bomb them to blithereens for all I care......step it up

      One day I"m criticized for advocating carpet bombing and the next I'm told I'm 'on their side'.

      Do want ever you want to do - nuke 'em for all I care - just no American troops back in there fighting inch by inch for towns and villages.

    24. The good news is, here and there, around the world, wonderful things really are happening.

      Another phone call from my Niece, riding her bike home from work (How can you do that, ride a bike a cell phone at the same time) I hear her huffing and puffing and her wonderful voice all happy and enthusiastic ! It's wonderful !!

      She is a truly lovely young accomplished woman !

      "I am on top of the world now, Uncle Bob"


      "It's not an ending if it's not a happy yet, Uncle Bob"


      Whooooopie we will be seeing one another soon now !


      1. Did I mention she works at The Max Planck Institute of Brain Research in Dresden, Germany ?

        O, I did ?

        Did I mention she was the only one of fifty applicants that was hired ?

        O, I did ?

        Did I mention we have mutually adopted one another as Uncle and Niece and are pledged to help one another the rest of this life to the best we can ?

        We have.

        Life ain't so bad. Great things can happen.

      2. Did I mention she has been published in the Journal 'Nature' and has another article under review ?

        I did?

        Well I do again.

        Did I mention she knows five languages and now a smattering of German too?

        Well she does.

        Did I mention she says the arabs of the mideast are the worst?

        Take this to heart.

        She knows what she is talking about.

        You don't.