“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How far has the Party of Stupid fallen?

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — If the presidential election were held today, it wouldn’t even be close. 
Hillary Clinton is crushing her potential Republican rivals by double digits in a new CNN/ORC International poll. The Republicans’ best showing is by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who trails the former senator and secretary of state by 14 points. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who hasn’t declared his candidacy yet, lags Clinton by 17 points. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are each 19 points behind Clinton. 
Rubio and Paul have declared their candidacies, but Christie hasn’t said he’ll run. 
Clinton is also the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination, with nearly seven in 10 Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents supporting her. 

Even including the poll’s margin of error, Clinton would still have a double-digit lead on Rubio and the others. The poll was taken April 16-19 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. It was released Monday. 


  1. I guess licking Bibi’s boots was not a winner for the sycophants in the GOP.

  2. Let’s hope the Republicans double down in their fealty to Israel and their war on ordinary Americans.

    1. Deuce has "jumped the shark"

      You need a vacation.

      I suggest israel. Go and visit, fall in love...

  3. As head of the movie industry lobbying group Motion Picture Association of America, Chris Dodd—a former Democratic senator and self-styled champion for working families—urged film executives to give financial support to Republican campaigns for election to Congress.

    “[W]hile loyalty to a person and/or party is admirable,” Dodd wrote in an email that was among those hacked from Sony, “we also need to be smarter about being supportive of those who are and will be in positions to make decisions that affect this industry.”

    Lee Fang reports at The Intercept:

    Dodd listed a number of policy priorities for the industry, from tax credits to intellectual property law, and explained: “We need the capacity to gain and maintain relationships, and with campaigns getting more and more expensive, fundraising does have an impact.”

    Dodd in particular encouraged industry executives to donate to Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over intellectual property and copyright issues important to the movie industry. Dodd evidently had to overcome one hurdle, however: Squeamishness about giving money directly to the National Republican Congressional Campaign, whose goal was to increase the GOP House majority. …

    Dodd chose not to run for reelection to his Senate seat in 2010, after revelations that he had received a special discount mortgage from Countrywide’s “VIP program.” During his time in Congress, Dodd was a senior member of the Banking Committee, a position that oversaw mortgage lenders.

    As he retired, he told the public he would not become a lobbyist — though he soon signed up for the job as the movie industry’s top lobbyist, a gig compensated at over $3.2 million a year.

  4. >>>Clinton is also the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination, with nearly seven in 10 Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents supporting her.<<<

    What this says is that 7 out of 10 Democrats will support a transcendentally corrupt lying old droop.

    Don't count the Republicans out in this election. They have a good stable of horses there.

    I have going to laugh my ass off - and cry at the same time - if I learn you have actually voted for old hag.

    The last step down the staircase......


    1. The Republican have a bunch of nags, they cannot even clear the starting gate.

    2. Jack HawkinsTue Apr 21, 10:33:00 AM EDT

      The Republican have a bunch of nags, they cannot even clear the starting gate.

      What no links? No facts?

  5. Doesn't surprise me at all about Dodd.

    Another typical Democrat who does and says whatever is beneficial to himself at all times, depending on the changing circumstances.

    1. Democrats - they're all dicks.

      I give you - Harry Reid

    2. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is far behind the curve, he presents a Democrat that is retiring.

      So, shall we say ... Yesterday.

    3. Jack "The Self Confessed Criminal" Hawkins is far behind reality....

      So, shall we say... So last decade?

  6. A Limerick of 8 Stanzas

    Bill wants back in the White House again,

    Where a rooster can crow like a hen.

    He will regain his power

    In that ivory tower,

    With its bedrooms still there for his friends.

    If the First Gent ‘s feet are made of clay,

    And it’s off-season for female prey,

    He’ll dote on his grand daughter,

    Like a man his age oughta,

    While he keeps all his bimbos at bay.

    He’ll be faithful, he solemnly swears.

    No more chasing interns down back stairs.

    He will even act pleasant

    Downing foie gras and pheasant

    And he’ll swear off delicious affairs.

    Bill will answer when new duties call,

    Though the boredom drives him up a wall.

    He’ll serve crumpets at high tea

    And extend his right pinky …

    When congressional wives come to call.

    ‘Cause the Clintons seek their dynasty.

    Next in line, of course, is Hillary.

    Chelsea soon will be primed,

    And at some future time,

    She’ll be running for something … ah, me!

    That’s why Hill’s on the campaign trail now.

    Making nice with the folks and the cows.

    In her bid for some votes, she

    Stopped at a Chipotle…

    No one recognized her, anyhow.

    Would Bill like to be there by her side,

    On her cross-country Scooby-Doo ride?

    Rumor has it he’s ailing,

    And his health may be failing …

    But he’s still his wife’s guru and guide.

    And if she wins the race in the end,

    He’ll hire folks who can help him to mend:

    Nurses -- nubile and sexy --

    For the spouse of a prexy,

    When Bill’s back in the White House again.


  7. The really ?Big Question? heard all over town these days is:

    If Hillary wins will she

    1) return the White House silverware and table service she stole on the way out last time


    2) keep those items and order some new ?

    The answers are running something over 95% towards #2.

    1. She 'really' did not steal that silverware, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, like many thieves, she thought it was owed to her ...

      bob Thu May 27, 12:52:00 AM EDT

      But I did rip off the bank for $7500 hundred dollars, when I was on my knees, and fighting for my economic life, on my aunt's credit card. But that wasn't really stealing, just payback. …

    2. Jack "The Self Confessed Criminal" Hawkins has told many times of the crimes he has committed...

      From selling pot and guns to to leaking classified AZ FBI ongoing investigations...

      What do they say about the pot calling the kettle black?

  8. Even the dead are speaking out against Hillary -

    April 20, 2015
    Man's obituary makes a plea: Don't vote for Hillary Clinton
    By Carol Brown

    This may be one of the best obituaries I’ve ever read. It was written by the family of Larry Upright, who died last week at the age of 81. It reads, in part:

    In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Shriners Hospital for Children…Also, the family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Granddaddy.

    May Mr. Upright rest in peace and may the wishes of his grandchildren be honored by tens of millions of Americans on Election Day.

    Hat tip: The Right Scoop

    1. Mr. Upright has it right though he's no longer up, right ?

      RIGHT !!!!

      RIP Mr Upright

  9. Think of it this way, Deuce -

    A foolish bet on the old Clinton magic
    By Marc A. Thiessen April 20 at 10:50 AM

    If you want to know why Democrats should be worried after Hillary Clinton’s first week on the campaign trail, ask yourself this question: Can you imagine Marco Rubio, Scott Walker or Jeb Bush walking into a Chipotle wearing big, dark sunglasses, trying not to be recognized?

    Can you imagine Barack Obama doing it?

    Maybe Clinton’s future’s so bright she has to wear shades, but the grainy security camera pictures of the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination hiding from voters presents a troubling contrast with the growing Republican field.

    Clinton planned to launch her presidential campaign with an intimate “listening tour” where she could meet and interact with everyday Americans. But when she had the chance to meet and interact with some actual everyday Americans eating their burritos, she avoided them. Then her campaign staged a visit to an Iowa coffee shop, recruiting “fake” everyday Americans for her to meet and talk with.

    Who stages a visit to a coffee shop?
    Hillary Clinton, in her own words(2:41)
    Former U.S. senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced that she’s running for president in 2016. Here's the Democrat’s take on women’s rights, Benghazi and more, in her own words. (Julie Percha/The Washington Post)

    The whole purpose of Clinton’s road trip was to counter the image of her as a creature of Washington who can’t relate to regular folks. Instead, she highlighted that fact by planting party insiders posing as regular folks.

    Clinton made a big deal about driving across the country in a van, just as regular Americans do. But even that simple idea backfired. First, she picked an ominous black van with tinted windows as dark as her shades. And second, by her own admission, she hasn’t been behind the wheel since 1994. She wasn’t driving across country; she was being driven across country. Big difference.

    Meanwhile, Scott Walker announced in Nashua this weekend that he plans to visit all of New Hampshire’s 10 counties on his Harley. Word is that he will actually be driving himself. In Concord, Jeb Bush said at a GOP event that when he goes to Chipotle, “Drive my own car. Park my own car. Get out of my own car.” The former Florida governor (who lived in Mexico and whose wife is from Mexico) added, “We normally cook our own Mexican food at home — it’s pretty good.”

    1. Clinton’s campaign launch video also used Democratic strategists posing as ordinary Americans. One of them (who posed as a grandma growing tomatoes in her garden) is an abortion rights lobbyist who was a campaign manager for Texas state senator Wendy Davis, who ran for governor in 2014. Another was a staffer for former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack (D).

      Even in the carefully controlled bubble her campaign created for her last week, Clinton stumbled. In Norwalk, Iowa, Clinton told an carefully chosen audience in a produce store that all four of her grandparents were immigrants: “All my grandparents, you know, came over here. So I sit here and I think, well you’re talking about the second, third generation. That’s me, that’s you.” Except for one problem: It wasn’t true. Only one grandparent, Hugh Rodham Sr., was an immigrant. Her campaign quickly put out a statement declaring that “Her grandparents always spoke about the immigrant experience and, as a result, she has always thought of them as immigrants.”

      Democrats ought to be worried about this. The Democratic Party is betting everything on Clinton. But the problem with betting on one horse is that if your horse stumbles, you’re in big trouble. Republicans have a plethora of credible choices. If Scott Walker falters, they have Marco Rubio. If Rubio falters, they have Jeb Bush. If Bush falters, they have a half dozen other choices.

      But if Clinton falters, Democrats have . . . who? Martin O’Malley (whose claim to fame is handing Maryland to a Republican)? Lincoln Chafee (who, as the liberal magazine Mother Jones put it, is the “candidate for people who think Jeb Bush isn’t WASPy enough”)? Bernie Sanders (who, unlike Barack Obama, actually embraces being called a “socialist”)? Not exactly the Democratic “A-list.”

      Democrats are hoping for the old Clinton magic. But Hillary is no Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton wore shades, not to avoid voters, but to play the sax on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” He didn’t need to stage a coffee-shop visit. He’s a naturally charming guy who can talk to almost anyone. Hillary has none of the natural ease or political talent of her husband.

      Since the National Hockey league playoffs just started, think of it this way. One of the best players in the NHL is Marian Hossa of Hillary’s hometown Chicago Blackhawks. He’s a superstar. He has a younger brother, Marcel, who played a few seasons in the NHL but didn’t make it and is playing in Europe. Same last name, but not the same talent.

      Hillary Clinton is the Marcel Hossa of the Democratic Party. Same last name, but not the same talent. The Democrats are betting their presidential hopes on that famous name. And they have no backup plan.

    2. SCOOBY DOES 92 MPH...

      Hillary refuses to say if she is taking Social Security...

      Roseanne: 'Same old s---'.................Drudge

      The speed limits, nor any other laws apparently, don't apply to Hillary..

    3. Benghazi ...
      The advise of General Petraeus cannot be dismissed

      "She'd make a tremendous president,"
      Petraeus says in the new book "HRC" by Jonathan Allen and Aimee Parnes.
      "Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,"
      Petraeus tells Allen and Parnes.
      "In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, for example, she was extraordinarily resolute, determined, and controlled."

    4. .

      A current adviser to Obama, it appears Petraeus is politicking to stay in the loop.

      Apparently, Jill Kelly wasn't the only fame whore involved in the Broadwell affair.


  10. Which is Hillary Clinton's worst scandal?

    Clinton Foundation

    Vote Now

    1. ...and with all that baggage, not one Republican can lay a glove on her. What that says about Hillary is secondary to what it says about public loathing of The Party of Stupidity and Ignorance, all wholly owned and paid for by those that want to keep the US at war and care more about Israeli settlers than ordinary Americans.

    2. Israeli "settlers"?

      LOL Deuce, it's wearing thin...

      Who ISNT a "settler"?

      Are you not one yourself?

      You just wrote a few days ago that America was FILLED with them......

      "Israeli settlers" of the 8.9 MILLIION Israelis, who are "settlers"?

      Does this INCLUDE the Arab citizens of Israel?

      Fact is? You are obsessed with a false narrative about Israel.

      Everyday, every way, you just are filled with a black heart.

      Take a break...

    3. It is not being a 'settler' that is the issue.
      The issue is being a thief.

      Just like a meth head, the Zionists try to justify their crime by saying that the loot was owed them, by the people they ripped off.

      People who are the real victims

    4. A settler is one who takes territory from another. It is currently taking place in Israel and Ukraine. It is not taking place in anywhere else in The Americas or Europe.

    5. "currently taking place" is that your qualifier?


      There is no land theft IN Israel.... Nor are the borders expanding, nor are additional disputed lands being taken in Israel or the west bank.

      Now it IS true that Israel has given, as a peace offering, the entire sinai, all of southern lebanon, and 95% of the west bank BACK to those that had started wars....

      But I love your qualifier...

      Try again Deuce, your arguments are getting lamer by the hour...

    6. Jack HawkinsTue Apr 21, 10:37:00 AM EDT
      It is not being a 'settler' that is the issue.
      The issue is being a thief.

      Just like a meth head, the Zionists try to justify their crime by saying that the loot was owed them, by the people they ripped off.

      People who are the real victims

      Sorry Jack, are you still living on stolen mexican lands in AZ?

      Just clarifying...

      Now the Jews? Have been in Jerusalem for 3400 years. There so called "natives" the palestinians, your heroes? Never had a nation, a separate language, a different culture than their arab brothers that live in the other 899/900th of the middle east.

      They hold no historic connection to the land, they are the thieves that came there within the last 100 years or so, just like YOU in AZ...


  11. Young Voters Hate GOP But Don’t Love Hillary Clinton

    Hillary wasn’t cool in 2008. Now that she’s eight years older, can she be cool this time around? Compared to the likely opposition, yes.
    When Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for president this week, I thought, “Yep, there’s the Obama coalition.” Latinos (including a pair of brothers speaking Spanish), African Americans, Baby Boomers from the hippie segment, interracial couples, and a gay couple planning their wedding. My, how things have changed since 2008!

    What Clinton learned in defeat in her first presidential run was how much personality mattered to the people she wanted to vote for her. That included the young Millennials—the oldest were not yet 30—who are part of the most racially diverse generation in American history, are profoundly liberal on social issues, and whom Barack Obama helped make solidly Democratic.

    And yet, as hungry as they are for a woman president, and as ready as they are to vote Democratic, for these voters, there’s often something that remains off-putting about Clinton—more of the same. She stumbled in her 2008 campaign when she failed to convince these voters to come out for her in a big way, and could easily be challenged by a younger, more liberal, more human-seeming candidate.

    Clinton was a terrible, sluggish candidate in 2008, and young voters famously compared her to their nagging mothers. After Obama defeated her for the nomination, she loosened up a bit. After he named her secretary of state, keeping her in the public eye and on his side, she became a little more cool. To win this time, especially the younger voters who swung for Obama—who are now in their late 20s and early 30s—and those too young to have voted for him, she’s going to have to maintain that and be way less stuffy than she was in 2008.

    The younger voters are important because they signal future trends, but also because motivating them to get to the polls could make all the difference. In low-turnout midterm elections, Republicans, who do well with older and whiter voters, win. But when the turnout is higher and the younger, browner America is better represented, Democrats can win more handily than expected, as Obama did in both his races.

  12. After five years and more than 50 votes in Congress, the Republican campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act is essentially over.

    GOP congressional leaders, unable to roll back the law while President Obama remains in office and unwilling to again threaten a government shutdown to pressure him, are focused on other issues, including trade and tax reform.

    Less noted, senior Republican lawmakers have quietly incorporated many of the law's key protections into their own proposals, including guaranteeing coverage and providing government assistance to help consumers purchase insurance.

    And although the law remains very unpopular with GOP voters, more than 20 million Americans now depend on it for health benefits, making even some of the most conservative Republicans loath to cut off coverage.

  13. Catholic Bishops Support Iran Deal, Oppose Congressional Republicans

    Why are some Catholic teachings worth more than others?

    Who’s supporting the P5+1 deal with Iran? Many Democrats, liberal celebrities, and… the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    The result could be a conundrum for Republican presidential candidates seeking to woo Catholic voters—but more likely will be an example of how some Catholic positions are more equal than others.

    The USCCB, the official association of U.S. bishops, is known for taking a wide range of socially conservative positions—entirely against abortion and contraception, the USCCB led the attack on Obamacare’s so-called “Contraceptive Mandate,” and was ahead of the curve in calling for “religious freedom” laws such as Indiana’s.

    At the same time, it has long taken many economically and militarily progressive ones. The USCCB strongly supported the DREAM act, has long favored increased government aid to the poor, and opposed nuclear weapons.

    So it was not out of character when the bishops applauded the negotiations with Iran in 2013, and, this week, supported the P5+1 framework.

  14. For every Jewish vote the Republicans pick up, they lose ten Catholic.

    1. So?

      Jews make up less than 1.5% of the electorate.

      And we have a voter turnout of about 39%....

      Which means, that good ole fashioned WHITE folks control the election IF THEY TURN OUT

    2. Another racist ...

      If you cared about real issues and not ethnicity, color and creed, why you'd be an American.

    3. 1.5% of the electorate -
      Barack Obama wins 77 percent of Jewish vote - Haaretz

      How that can be touted as ...
      ... good ole fashioned WHITE folks control the election IF THEY TURN OUT

      Demographics ...
      In fact, the white vote as a percentage of the overall electorate has declined in every election since 1992.
      Just one in every ten Republican voters were non-white. That is the story of the 2012 election.

      Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2013 (b) 17.1%
      White alone, percent, 2013 62.6%

      If the Party of Stupid gives up 37% of the electorate, before the first vote is cast ...
      Then they will be consigned to the "Ash Heap of History".

      Ron Paul is not right about much, but he is right about that.

    4. Because, if the past is an indicator of the future, then the good ole WHITE guys, like those that self-identify as 'Jews" are likely to vote, 3 to 1 for the BLACK guy.

    5. Jack, Jack, jack...

      You are getting weaker and weaker in your tripe...

      I suggest a class on Jew Hatred 101

      Your sounding more and more pathetic by the hour..

      try again...


    The leader of Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been seriously wounded in an air strike in western Iraq, sources have told the Guardian.

    A source in Iraq with connections to the terror group revealed that Baghdadi suffered serious injuries during an attack by the US-led coalition in March. The source said Baghdadi’s wounds were at first life-threatening, but he has since made a slow recovery. He has not, however, resumed day-to-day control of the organisation.

    Baghdadi’s wounding led to urgent meetings of Isis leaders, who initially believed he would die and made plans to name a new leader.

    Two separate officials – a western diplomat and an Iraqi adviser – separately confirmed the strike took place on 18 March in the al-Baaj a district of Nineveh, close to the Syrian border. There had been two previous reports in November and December of Baghdadi being wounded, though neither was accurate.

    The diplomat confirmed an air strike on a three-car convoy had taken place on that date between the village of Umm al-Rous and al-Qaraan. The attack targeted local Isis leaders and is believed to have killed three men. Officials did not know at the time that Baghdadi was in one of the cars.

    Hisham al-Hashimi, an Iraqi official who advises Baghdad on Isis, told the Guardian: “Yes, he was wounded in al-Baaj near the village of Umm al-Rous on 18 March with a group that was with him.”

    Baghdadi is understood to have been spending much of his time in al-Baaj, about 200 miles west of the Isis stronghold of Mosul. “He chose this area because he knew from the war that the Americans did not have much cover there,” said a source privy to some of Baghdadi’s movements. “From 2003 (the US military) barely had a presence there. It was the one part of Iraq that they hadn’t mapped out.”

  16. Rubio leads Hillary in Florida.

    The election is a long time away.

    Most of these Republicans are unknown nationally.

    If the country follows up Obama with Hillary, we are the country of stupid.

    She would make a better President than Obama though. Even I admit that. Though she is a worse person in my view.

    I doubt she would have been so hell bent to take the troops out of Iraq, for instance.

    And, that's a biggie.

    She voted to go in, IIRC.

    I doubt we would be in the big pickle in which we find ourselves had Hillary been in charge.

    1. And that's the very best I can do for her.

    2. Also, surely she would have gone through menopause by now, and that's a plus.


    3. Have you noticed how she is beginning to really struggle with the weight thing ?

      Good grief......

      Sometimes she positively waddles......

    4. These medical advances can keep some of these old bitches barking into their seventies......

    5. The advise of General Petraeus cannot be dismissed

      "She'd make a tremendous president,"
      Petraeus says in the new book "HRC" by Jonathan Allen and Aimee Parnes.
      "Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,"
      Petraeus tells Allen and Parnes.
      "In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, for example, she was extraordinarily resolute, determined, and controlled."

    6. .

      A current adviser to Obama, it appears Petraeus is politicking to stay in the loop.

      Apparently, Jill Kelly wasn't the only fame whore involved in the Broadwell affair.

      Must be tough for a guy who was riding high and then suddenly got shot down a bit, momentum stalled.


      That's life, that's what people say / You're riding high in April, / Shot down in May /


  17. ... Australia announced a new intelligence-sharing deal with Iran to gain information on Australians fighting with Islamic State in Iraq. This information could assist prosecutions of returning foreign fighters.
    The Iranian ambassador told the ABC on Tuesday that Australians in Iraq would get what they deserved in the event they came across Iranian militias.

    “Whatever they get they deserve to get it, because no matter where they are, what is their nationality, it is not important,”
    Vahaji said.
    “The point is this kind of phenomenon is threatening the security of the world and especially the region, and all the governments in the world they understand that. That’s why they provide that kind of coalition.”

  18. Replies

    1. What you should be taking, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson, is the advise of General Petraeus.


    2. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson has touted what he claims was the advise General Petraeus gave Mr Obama for months, now he flippantly dismisses the 'real' advise the General gives us all.

      Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson must not think what is good for the goose is good for the gander

    3. Jack "Self Confessed Criminal" Hawkins, you are in no position to give advise....

      After you are the blog's official LOSER.

      Did you not tell us you fathered a kid and you never provided child support?

      Now that is a dead beat dad....

      Oh I like it...

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins...

      Has a nice RING to it..

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins...

  19. Looks like the Australians will not accept al-Qeada taking political power, either

    The commander of the Australian taskforce leading a contingent of soldiers to Iraq to help train local forces says they are doing their part in "the world's fight" against Islamic State (IS) militants.

    About 300 troops, mainly from Brisbane's 7th Brigade, will help train the Iraqi army and provide security and logistical support as part of the international fight against IS.

    This first rotation of troops will leave this afternoon from the Gallipoli Barracks at Enoggera, north-west of the Brisbane CBD, where family and friends will gather to say goodbye.

    The contingent will form Taskforce Taji, alongside 100 New Zealand soldiers.

    The operation was signed off by Federal Cabinet last month.

    Speaking on 612 ABC Brisbane, Taskforce Taji commanding officer Colonel Matthew Galton said he made sure deploying troops understood the importance of the mission.

    "It may be a fight that's occurring in Iraq right now but it really isn't just Iraq's fight ... it's the world's fight quite frankly to defeat this enemy,"
    he said.

  20. Old bullshit by the barrel full is back. The Jack character is the bar's enfant terrible and needs some chastisement to keep him quiet and polite and in his corner.

    1. Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson has tried that route, and failed, time and again.
      Perhaps a different strategy is needed.


    2. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    3. Bob would kick his ass out I think. But can't.

      Most people here would too.

      But Deuce is boss. It's not a democracy.

    4. Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins... set the standard for the blog...

      a low one at that...

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins never had a child he would or could support...


  21. George Soros’ son builds a PAC for Jewish voters

    Alex Soros, 29, who has steadily increased his political and philanthropic giving in recent years, has helped establish Bend the Arc PAC, the first ever national Jewish political action committee in America focused entirely on domestic issues. Bend the Arc, a non-profit, has an advocacy arm chaired by the younger Soros but has not previously had a political action committee.

    Bend the Arc PAC will back progressive candidates by making direct contributions to their campaign committees. It will focus on issues such as income inequality, marriage equality, social justice and immigration reform.

    “There’s an opportunity to launch something that actually speaks to what the American Jewish community cares the most about and to show the narrative of what the real American Jewish experience is,” Alex Soros said in an interview.

    Good ole WHITE guys ....

    1. Hardly, Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins, more like "progressives"

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins do you ever not look at things from a jew hating POV?

  22. I can answer for Jack "War Criminal" Hawkins, having read the blog for a long time.

    The answer is no, he does not ever look at anything from other than a Jew hating POV.

    It's his little perverse 'window on the world'.

  23. Deuce ☂Tue Apr 21, 09:26:00 AM EDT
    For every Jewish vote the Republicans pick up, they lose ten Catholic.


    Jack HawkinsTue Apr 21, 10:34:00 AM EDT

    Another racist ...

    If you cared about real issues and not ethnicity, color and creed, why you'd be an American.


    1. Once again, the blog's serial racist says the truth...


    2. Yes, ratass is the real racist here.

  24. Back to Hillary.

    I don't think it is going to go so easily for Hillary.

    Rubio/Kasch would take Florida and Ohio, two biggies.

    So would Bush/Kasich.

    Hillary would win New York and California but there is no democrat out there that would not.

    I am trying to turn the thread back to its proper subject, Hillary.

    It is being high jacked once again by Jack and his mono-subject.

  25. Anybody out there who actually LIKES Hillary ?

    1. Not asking about voting for her.

      Asking if there is anybody out there that LIKES her.

    2. Well Bob, I USED to support Bill and Hillary...

      But now? The more I learn, the more I want to puke...

    3. An honest reply from an honest man.

    4. Bob, everytime Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins calls you "draft dodger"? You should respond using his new title..

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins

      If you wish to bold it?

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins

      The use: < B>Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins< /b> without the space after the <

    5. If you wish to use Italics

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins

      Then use: < I>Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins< /I> without the space after the <

    6. And if you really want to show off like Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins does?

      use both...

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins

      < B>< I>Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins< /B>< /I>

    7. Hey, thanks.

      As you know, I am not computer handy.

      But I will try it.

      I am having trouble sending pictures to my son and niece of the wonderful looking wheat crop out this way.

      Got them on my computer but can't seem to get them to the e-mail, even though I've done so successfully in the past.

      Again, thanks for the tip.

    8. The fact is though, that Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson is a real draft dodger, by his own admission ...
      ... Jack Hawkins, well, that is a fictional character.

      A lot like "O"rdure.
      So while you may have minimal HTML skills, you miss the target.

    9. Actually Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins Bob never "dodged" any draft.

      But you KNOW that, but it's impossible for you to be honest. You lie, distort and mislead.

      HTML skills aside, you Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins are a vile liar...

      Hey that's not bad...

      Jack "Dead Beat Dad" Hawkins are a vile liar.

      How does that sound in Arabic Jack?

  26. Fox News just put a short clip from today or yesterday showing Iraqi Forces and ISIS fighting in Ramadi.

    Keep your eye on Fox News today, Rufus.

    Keep your check book handy too.

  27. Fox News is also reporting a stand off developing between the US Navy and Iranian ships taking something to Yemen.

    There is a UN Security council resolution passed unanimously by those voting - Russia seems not to have shown up for this - barring Iran from shipping weapons to Yemen.

    These ships are 99.99999999% certain to be carrying weapons, though of course Iran denies it.

    Will Obama order the US Navy to stop and search the Iranian ships ?

    I doubt it.

  28. Fox News just reported that Morsi has been given twenty years in prison by an Egyptian court.

    The Moslem Brotherhood is again outlawed in Egypt, I have read.

    Morsi was beginning, among other things, to remilitarize the Sinai.

    It is good he is in jail.

    1. US foreign policy succeeded, again.

      The MB has been outlawed and the heir apparent of Hosni Mubarak, his son, has been sidelined.
      The US most stalwart ally in the Middle East, Egypt, now ruled by an alumni of the US Army War College, in Carlisle, PA.

      Egypt has 1,400 M1 Abrams main battle tanks and stands ready to defend the Suez Canal from foreign aggression.

    2. .

      The US most stalwart ally in the Middle East, Egypt, now ruled by an alumni of the US Army War College, in Carlisle, PA.


      Right, they are part of the coalition against IS. Of course, no one really knows what they have promised to do if anything at all. And to date, no one has seen any contribution from them to the allied effort in Iraq/Syria.

      And they haven't hassled the Israelis in a few decades. Of course, that is likely the result of the billions in annual baksheesh the US pays them.

      Of course, they do ignore any guidance the US offers, however, ...

      they are a democracy. :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) Sorry.

      And then of course,

      With BFFs like Egypt, who needs enemies?


    3. Long live Baksheesh !

      Nothing wrong with a little it the Baksheesh For Peace Program.

      It works.

      Was expecting a call from my Niece, and got it.

      She is doing fine !

      Marvelous young woman !

    4. Do you LIKE Hillary, Quirk ?

    5. IIRC you were once threatening to vote for her.

    6. .

      You bring this up again, Obumble?

      It's not really surprising, I guess.

      On previous occasions, I explained to you that the comment was merely a jab at the GOP stable of potential candidates that was in play at the time. Given the context of all my previous statements about Hillary, I mistakenly assumed people here would take it the way I had intended it. My bad. I should have realized that there are some here, English majors for instance, who lack the ability to judge anything beyond the literal.

      Having explained this before, I assumed I wouldn't have to explain it to you again. My mistake.

      I would never vote for Hillary. That being said, at this time, there is none among the GOP potentials that I would vote for either. That could change as the we get closer to the election, the field narrows, and all candidates are forced to get more specific on their positions. I had hopes for Rand Paul but he currently appears 'not ready for prime time'. The same for Jeb Bush. He seems the most centrist of the candidates (a for me positive), yet, he has taken a couple of positions I strongly disagree with. There is more than a year before I need to decide. Likely, I will judge them all dicks and vote for none of them just as I have done in the last three presidential elections.


    7. .

      As I recall my comment was that 'if' the GOP couldn't come up with someone better than what were then the high flyers, Christie, Cruz, et al I would have to 'think about' voting for Hillary.

      This is a conditional statement.

      Being an English major, you probably don't know what that means; therefore, I suggest google it.


    8. "I would never vote for Hillary."

      This is an unconditional statement, and I am pumpkin proud of you for it !

      I am truly thrilled you have moved on to a better place, and past your previous conditional statement that you might 'think about' voting for Hillary.

      My trust in your sanity is hereby reaffirmed.

      I thought the Vodka might be getting you.

    9. Hopefully someone will emerge and beat Hillary, just like last time. I'd bet you would luv that to happen again Bob!

  29. Rand Paul Stands With Israel

    sign up for updates here -

    I did.

    Got to run....

    Cheers !

  30. As I expected......Fox News is reporting the Obama Administration has stated the US Navy is in the area 'to assure freedom of the seas and free trade'........

    So the Iranian ships will deliver the arms to Yemen.