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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Wiz from Ohio and his Ida Hoe

It appears the state MENSA clubs of Idaho and Ohio have decided to get together for a sleepover.


In Idaho BobTue Apr 28, 05:26:00 PM EDT Obumble starts out OK, but what if you were... and then goes on to describe a set of circumstances that are 180 degrees different from those of the Martin/Zimmerman incident. Not even close. Though Obumble uses the term analogy often, I can only conclude that he hasn't got a clue as to what the word actually means.

Worse, he even confuses the facts of the case, something he shares with our whiz from Ohio.

Your training ? You mean in SuperSalesManship ?

You would have called the Police while your head was being into the concrete, and done as they instructed you to do ?


Zimmerman's training came when he joined the neighborhood watch. He was told to observe and report, that's it. On seeing his Martin, he called the police, something that was part of his MO. More importantly, he was told by the police 'not' to follow or engage with Martin. What did the jerk do? The exact opposite, he stalked Martin, followed him down the street and through yards until it led to the confrontation.

What would I do if I saw some asshole following me down the street? I would ask him what the fuck he was up to. If he then decided to ask me what I was doing walking through a neighborhood, I would have told him it was none of his fucking business. Then I would have suggested he go piss up a rope. We would have seen where it went from there.

And we get this gem from WiO,




Our Ohio MENSA candidate's channeling Hillary's "We came, we saw, and he's dead", two of a kind.

The question I raised was with your use of the word 'appropriate' in describing Zimmerman's actions not whether the shooting was legal. As I recall, there was not one person on this blog that alleged that Zimmerman should be found guilty of second degree murder. That is a whole lot different than whether his actions were appropriate.

Zimmerman is a moron. We see it in his ongoing troubles with the law. He wanted to be a cop but couldn't cut it. So he joined the neighborhood watch riding around with his gun looking for trouble. Even when warned by the police to back off he just couldn't do it. Sees a guy in a hoodie (ooohh) and decides to follow him, then to stalk him even after being warned off by the police. Zimmerman is a loser.


  1. :)

    But you see you failed to publish my reply.

    It was not Zimmerman's Character that was on trial, but his Actions.

    I don't see that Master Quirk ever did reply to my question as to what he would actually do if his own head were being pounded into the concrete by our Hero Youth.

    I believe I noted that Master Quirk was obviously not learned in the law, but that if he thought about he might make progress.

    I'm too tired to go right now, but later today I might make the effort.

    I'm just pumpkin proud I finally made the headlines of this shithole of a blog !! where Deuce's Best Friend is a pathological Liar according to the testimony of Eight - a majority of us, many of whom tried to diagnose his disability and offered suggested treatments, and his second Best Friend is a Philosopher from Mississippi whose most noted memorable quote is:

    "Violence, or the threat thereof, is necessary for Justice"

    This fellow is often thought of as the guy that drinks a mixture of Budweiser and Beam, and eats alligator tails for lunch.


    I'll get back to you later.

    1. I'm too tired to go back right now and look it up....

      Then let us not forget that Boss Deuce himself is world famous for his Proclamation that:

      "Iran is fighting for Civilization"

      This place reminds me tonight of Baltimore, Maryland.

  2. If rathole were put on trial for the content of his character the jury would come back with a unanimous guilty verdict in under five minutes with a recommendation of "life in the hole without parole".

    Here's what Trish said about Deuce's Best Friend here -

    "There something really wrong with you, rat"