“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hubble, In 25 Years, Has Provided The Most Spectacular View Of Our Reality

The universe created man. Man created God to help explain his existence. Man then created science and engineered his way to create Hubble and Hubble revealed the view of the history of everything.  

If you have not been paying attention, you do not know who you are, where you came from or can truly appreciate the luxurious and incredible gift of being alive.


  1. In 4 Billion Years, "Life" happened (and, survived) exactly ONE time on this planet.

    Is that "average?" Low? High?

    Will we commit mass suicide before we find out?

    1. Years ?

      What are these "years" you speak about, Cherokee?

    2. Again, what is this "year" you speak of, Cherokee ?

      Is this a division of "time" that you have created in you myths?

      And what is "time". Cherokee ?

      Is it a mode of human perception, a category of human understanding ?

      What is "time", Noble Cherokee ?

      What "time" is it now ?

      Will there ever be a time when it's time out ?

      Speak, O Cherokee Chief.

  2. You have not been reading your Kant, your Schopenhauer, your American poets Whitman or Roethke, not even your Shakespeare, much less even your beginning Hinudism.

    You have not even read deeply in your Huck Finn.

    Start with the hard nut to crack ..... Hinduism.

    Sooner or later a light will begin to shine, if you've got a brain at all.

    Cheers !!!

    And best to you.

    Yes, the world, the stars, being itself is a true marvel.

    The perennial philosophy does not disagree with that statement.

    "It's not an ending until it's a happy yet, Uncle Bob."

    Ho, ho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Deuce, part of your problem in that you are truly very poorly read in philosophy.

    I don't know how to help you in that at our late ages, but I'd just point you to Joe Campbell as a start.

    He is a relatively easy read.

    Other than that, hell, live in awe and die ignorant I guess.

    1. Get a HIndu NIece !

      She won't put up with your bullshit !


    2. Brush your teeth, trim your nose hairs and get a new pair of slippers.

    3. Good suggestion. I urge you to do the same. My nose hairs are slow growing but the teeth need brushing with more regularity, and the bathrobe and slippers could use a turn through the washing machine.

      If you think I'm bad, try Quirk after a week of vodka, or Rufus after a month of Budweiser.

  4. You are the classic pedant.

    The entire evolution of philosophy is a search for truth and you don’t have the intellectual curiosity to seize the intellectual opportunity that dead philosophers would have given anything to see, the true face of the universe and the font of creation.

    1. Those that I have cited would disagree with you and your street philosophy.

      I might define philosophy as a deep urge to flee from your street philosophy.

      There is zero actual thought behind any of your assertions.

      On these high matters you are brain dead.

      I don't know how to help you out.

      I've tried the best poets.

      Nothing seems to make even a dent.

      You've got a hell of a big pickup truck there.

      Drive it then to your despair.

    2. My Niece would think you silly.

      And she'd be right.

    3. And she knows, up front, way more than you will ever know about the fucking muzzies.

    4. You certainly are a delusional piece of property, Robert "Draft Dodger" Peterson.

    5. Now that you have admitted to being 'owned', well...
      ... at least you know enough to admit that your position in the world is one of subservience to your betters.

    6. Unless, of course, you claim your admission was an error, on your part ....
      One that cannot be ascribed to the slip of a finger, the 'E' and the 'N' being far from one another on the keyboard.

      It would have to have been a mental "slip"

      In the same way that psycho-analysis makes use of dream interpretation, it also profits by the study of the numerous little slips and mistakes which people make -- symptomatic actions, as they are called [...] I have pointed out that these phenomena are not accidental, that they require more than physiological explanations, that they have a meaning and can be interpreted, and that one is justified in inferring from them the presence of restrained or repressed impulses and intentions. [Freud, An Autobiographical Study (1925)]

    7. You must truly feel 'owned' ...


    8. Lordy, what a load of pompous bullshit has been spewed by the farmer bob - "High Philosophy" hee hee,

  5. The research follows on earlier studies relating to how we view our bodies and how we feel ownership of them. A study in 1998 showed that when subjects observed a rubber band being brushed at the same time their hands were brushed out of their field of view, they felt the rubber band was part of their body. The effect was even produced without a physical object.

    The Stockholm researchers are interested in the illusion for the potential treatment of social anxiety disorder. The research could also help give doctors insight into phantom limb syndrome, which describes a phenomenon where an amputee feels sensations in a limb that's no longer there. Of course, the idea of invisibility brings with it other challenges, namely moral ones.

    Called the "Gyges effect" (so named for the character in Plato's Republic who develops powers of invisibility), it describes a phenomenon where people will act immorally if they believe they won't be seen or caught. In the Republic, Gyges used an invisibility ring to kill the king and seduce the queen. The researchers are interested to see how real people will react to the same sensation. If the internet is any indication, people have no qualms about behaving terribly when they feel they have anonymity.

    “We are planning to expose participants to a number of moral dilemmas under the illusion that they are invisible,” says co-author Arvid Guterstam, “and compare their responses to a context in which they perceive having a normal physical body.”

    Scientists can make you feel literally invisible

    1. So can an inordinately large amount of Wild Turkey. :)

    2. Or, in my case, even a fairly small amount of Jose Cuervo. :)

    3. :) Invisibility's ok

      If you're not driving. :)

  6. Down in LowerLand the 'folks' are having a chuclkle.

    Ruf reaches for a Bud, Deuce gets stroked by a Persian, Ash inhales some weed.....

    Not an intelligent reply among them.