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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shaving the female leg.


  1. Deuce said

    "Ahhh.. one of the joys of cohabitation...taking a long hot shower and finishing it off with a nice close shave, only to discover, without warning, the nicks and pulls of a razor damaged by the long female leg."

    Ahhh...I'm sorry, I don't have that problem. I use a new razor each time I shave. It's gotta be smooth and satiny, right?

  2. Smoooth and satiny sounds about right to me.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks.

    I always like to be to be prepared.

  4. Sam, I knew you couldn't resist. Try doing that to yourself.

  5. :)

    Pretty tame video. Never waxed down there but I do shave regularly every 2 months.

  6. You're a man after my own heart.

    FYI...Clippers #2 works well, too.

  7. Sam you one of those bike riders who wear their sister's lycra longjohns?

  8. No, Lil, he just knows what women like.

  9. No lycra here. I have to say, it does take the feeling during sex up a notch.

    Ah, #2. I use #3. I will try #2 come March. Thanks, Lil!

  10. Well, I should say I use #1 on my nuts and #3 on the rest. I'll take the #3 part down to #2 next time.

  11. Oh, I thought this thread was about shaving the female leg, not the male third leg.

  12. So Sam, have you tried a #3 in those armpits? Cause ya know, during the summer months with all that heat and would really help.

  13. No armpit shaving, Melody.

    That's just taking things a bit too far.

  14. There's a difference between shaving and trimming.

  15. You're a good sport, Sam. I think that's my cue to say good night.

    Next topic...

  16. I use a couple sections of J.E. Love and Company pea bar sickle section, with WD 40 as lube.

  17. Sam said...
    Well, I should say I use #1 on my nuts and #3 on the rest.

    Thank you for sharing, Sam :)

    Tomorrow, the EB will bring you a lesson on wiping. Should one flick to the front or rub toward the rear?

    Now, a word from our sponsor: Trojan Pink, the world's only heated tampon.

  18. Ever tried that condom called 'The Vibe'? Comes with a small battery. Flip the switch after putting on and it starts vibrating. Pretty cool.

  19. BC we're talking about how awesome Prokofiev was. Here its buzzing condoms. The classiness seems to flip back and forth sometimes.

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  21. 1. Teresita:

    Go to Belmont Club for the in-depth analysis, but if you really want to see a big fat river of conservative commentary in 140 byte chunks bookmark this sucker:

    You could hit it any random minute of any random day, follow a link you find, and have the material to cook up a topic for your blog. That’s where I got my stuff when I was allowed to create topics at the Elephant Bar.

    Are you now allowed to create topics at the EB anymore, T?

    Wretchard said "shit" last week.

    Keepin' it real.

  22. Lurking and listening...sometimes enlightening.

    Perhaps y'all can help me with a bit of French...I'm preppin' a logo for my latest endeavor, and want to make sure the spellin' and syntax is proper.

    "Linear's Salon de Razier la Chat" is what I want to put on my business cards. Is that correct, linguistically?

    Bein' a startup, I'm makin' special introductory offers for new clients. Satisfaction guaranteed. I demand only that there be no twitchin' and jerkin' and such, since procedures involve sharp instruments in sensitive places.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  23. Looks fine to me, Linear. All you need is a spiffy logo.

    Oops. The question is, "Are you not allowed to create topics at the EB anymore, T?"

    I have to go to bed in case a hot water heater shows up at the door in the morning. I am hoping to be able to shower before running to the vet.

    But I've got a feeling the over/under for an AM shower isn't good.

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