“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In 2009 There Were 110 Million Trucks Registered in the USA.

Connecting with the common man is a Democratic tradition:


  1. Can't believe what I just heard on the radio:
    Some Gay Metro like Ash is seriously injured by having to breathe second-hand smoke on the way into his favorite restaurant.

    Introducing legislation requiring a 40 foot smoke free zone around such AND around food selling Kiosks!

    Glad I am too old to see the future immediately ahead.

    I'm going back to carpentry for the day.

  2. We had a little say about Brother Erroll and now he is gone

  3. So Miss Melodious where does one go for a more delicious cheese steak?

  4. There is actually a bar in Costa Rica, Escazu, that does a fair job at them. The best ever was a pizzeria in Warrington Pa, long gone I'm sure, named Frankie and Jonnies that had the best ever.

  5. Mama's or Delosandros

    But since I'm a vegetarian now it really doesn't matter.

  6. Dare I ask, what put you off meat?

  7. For the best Philly Cheese steaks you go to Cherry Hill NJ to

    Big John's.
    1800 Route 70 E
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    (856) 424-1186


  8. Would like the long version or the short version?

  9. I think a woman is always the best judge of which length is preferable.

  10. Okay, short's much healthier.

  11. Doug Some Gay Metro like Ash is seriously injured by having to breathe second-hand smoke on the way into his favorite restaurant.

    The "Y" Deli is smokin'.

  12. I quit smoking five years ago and stopped eating deli meat way before that. And I eat as little processed food as I can.

  13. Women run with about 15% less iron than men because we bleed for one thing, and nursing babies and birthing babies really puts the hurt on our iron supply. Mothers need to be carnivorous or they run the risk of anemia.

  14. Lil, thanks for the advice but I have it under control. I get that a lot when people here I don't eat meat. I'm not a teenager on a mission, just eating mashed potatoes, french fries and lettuce.

  15. Well I know what I need. I need a rapid-induction technique deep hypnotic state relaxation regression tape.


    Poor ol' Dale, he's a mess. But he swears the VA has been good to him. And to me, it looked like a good hospital in Walla Walla. One bypass surgery, one pacemaker, soon to be fine tuned, three colonoscopies, third set of hearing aids, turned all the way up, but his eyes are sharp, his humor intack. They wouldn't let him go till I signed the form.

  16. I went to the Marcus Whitman museum and site. The Cayuse, junior partner of the Nez Perce and speaking the same language, who killed Whitman and his wife and some others, were ticked off when the measles hit, and, them having no immunity, and seeing the whites live, figured Dr. Marcus had put the hex on 'em, and nearly wiped the whole compound out. Not an unreasonble assumption from their point of view, and proper action among folk who held the shamen personally responsible for the outcomes of the treatments, which weren't going so well, with half of them dead.

    On part of the mission there you could see the old wagon train ruts in that branch of the Oregon Trail.

    They didn't use Conestoga wagons, which were heavier and made more for back east. These wagons were lighter, easier to take up and down hills.

  17. Bob, welcome back, we have not heard of thee at whiles.

    The ruts on the other end of the Oregon Trail are obscured by private homes in Kansas City, but there's a sign that points out where they used to be.

  18. Whatever else Marcus and Narcissa Whitman were, and I know Marcus was kind of a crook really, charging $1.00/bushel for seed wheat to the pioneers in the 1830/40's, whatever else they were, brave for sure, they weren't very observant parents. Little daughter what's her name drowned in the nearby Walla Walla River, aged two.

  19. Obama is an idiot if he thinks voter anger is non-partisan and will just sweep out the incumbents (well he’s an idiot either way you cut it but that’s beside the point). Americans want to control health care costs which are rising much faster than inflation, but Obama is focusing on 100% coverage which will make it cost much more, especially if Unions don’t have to help pay, and if shaky Dems get $100 million dollar payouts to get a little spine.

    Americans want to feel safe when they fly, they don’t want Obama to sit on his ass and treat Al Qaeda as a run-of-the-mill street gang.

    Americans want to go back to work. Obama complains about “inheriting” an 8.1% unemployment, but right now that looks pretty damn good. Cap & Trade and socialized medicine will only make it go up.

    Obama promised to change the “tone” in Washington, then flies Air Force One to Boston and makes fun of Brown driving a truck. And now he’s getting ready for his State of the Union speech where he’s going to promise to really get serious about changing the tone in Washington. Nobody cares about the damn tone. The tone was pretty bitter in 1998 when the President was being impeached over MonicaGate, but nobody cared then either, because everyone had a dot-com job.

  20. "In 2009 There Were 110 Million Trucks Registered in the USA."

    Somebody's not carryin' their share. I have two registered, 4 total. The other 2 are in the "museum".

    Seriously, settin' aside the 60-70 million metrosexuals and progressives livin' along the coasts and places like Chicago and Minneapolis, we're seriously undertrucked. That figure should be up around 200 million. The Mexicans are at least carryin' their load.

  21. Whitman Mission Historical Site

    Marcus is buried over to the right a ways, out of picture.

  22. And you won't hear from me for a while Lily, we're leaving tomorrow, and EB is on the hotel/motel computer shit list, as containing mostly 'inappropriate content'.

    Later. Much later.

    I was up at six, and have been told I need to get my sleep.

  23. Take your laptop, bob. You can get free wifi at McDonalds.

    Think of your fans.