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Monday, January 04, 2010

Hunting and Killing the CIA in Afghanistan

CIA Bomber Got His Start as a Jihadist Troll

We’re learning more about the suicide bomber who killed seven CIA officers at a base in Afghanistan last week. It appears as though the man responsible for the worst losses in CIA history served both as a double agent for Jordanian intelligence and a webmaster for a popular and now-defunct jihadist forum.

In a September 2009 interview given to a jihadist journal published by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Fajr media, Abu Dujanah al-Khurasani revealed that his path to suicide bombing started with his time as extremist Internet troll.

In the interview, flagged and translated by the tireless terrorism sleuth and NEFA Foundation Senior Investigator Evan Kohlmann, Khurasani describes himself as having militant aspiration from a young age, saying that he was “raised to love Jihad and martyrdom since my youth.”

But it was in a post to the al-Hesbah online forum where Khurasni’s claims his involvement with organized militancy began to snowball. “My native place was the proud al-Hesbah [forum], and one day I wrote an essay about the failure of Baghdad plans in comparison to al-Falluja battle, and I added evidence from reality, so one of the administrators there confirmed my subject, and that motivated me to continue participation.”

Khurasani was later nominated as a moderator at al-Hesbah and became a prominent voice in the forum. Despite his success in the forum, however, Khurasani claims that the hypocrisy of pursuing “jihad in speech” without committing to “jihad with self” began to eat away at him.

“How can I encourage people to Jihad while I’m sitting away?” he asked. How do I sell them the beautiful musk while my smell is gross? How do I become a burning wick for others to have light? Can any sane person accept that, not me. Jihad in speech is needed, and Jihad with money is needed, but neither of them can replace Jihad with self.”

Though he offers praise for the writings of fellow posters, particularly the prominent al-Hesbah veteran Louis Atiya Allah, Khurasani’s characterizes his relationship with forum members as one of eventual contempt for similar failings.

Khurasani eventually left Hesbah for Afghanistan. “Here, I was newly born … O how great [the mujahideen] are and Allah will reward them. I used to write about them and when I arrived here the pen became silent. Everyday that passes, I speak less than the day before, as I have learned from them that silence is clearer than talk. This is a group half of whom are in paradise and the other half on earth waiting.” A few months later, he blew himself up.



  1. Abu Dujanah al-Khurasani revealed that his path to suicide bombing started with his time as extremist Internet troll.

    So Desert Rat could have a bright future ahead of him. Really bright for about a tenth of a second.

  2. Our guys don't have a fucking clue what they're dealing with.

    I think the only one in our government that might have a clue is the POTUS, and he's on the other side.

    What a fucking mess.

  3. The pervasiveness of this Islamic fundamentalism is chilling.

    Some years ago I was stuck on the street on a Sunday evening. My car was locked in a garage that closed earlier than I'd expected. I was without money or a cell phone. So I started to hoof it home.

    A cabby was stopped at a light at an intersection nearby. Thought I'd ask him if I could use his cell phone to call the after hours number on the garage; maybe they'd come and open up.

    Well, one thing led to another, the garage folks wouldn't/couldn't do anything and the cabbie said he'd drive me home. Then go back to the bank with the debit card I had there to get the cash to pay him.

    The cabbie and gabbed on the way and his story was that he was a mid twenties Somali over here to get an engineering degree. Trying to get ahead in life for himself and his family.

    I'd gone to the same Community College he was going to and I reminisced about being the only white guy in my physics class. He said it was about the same nowadays, lots of immigrants. Said he lived by himself. No real ties to anybody but the local Somali community.

    Then, for some reason, he opened up. He said it was very difficult living here. He said he was constantly being pressured by the jihadists to get involved, to join them.

    I really didn't know what to say. Or what to do.

    I mean we talked about avoidance stuff, jolly them along, that sort of thing. But there wasn't really any good answer.

    I took his card that day. I still have it. And I find myself thinking about him and how he's doing and what I'd do in his situation...

  4. This so called American president is about as American as the cab driver, probably less so.

    Six days or maybe seven ago, he was giving us the marxist line on grinding poverty. Now we have like St Paul of the road to Damascus the retread Obama,the toughish on terror terrier. Once again Barry remade.

    Yet his approval numbers still say half of all Americans still are buying what he is selling.

  5. The pervasiveness of this Islamic fundamentalism is chilling.

    Add to that the hobbling of our own law enforcement assets, from the FBI down to local police and deputy sheriffs, by pc motivated ROE and the constant fear of discrimination filings by CAIR, et al.

  6. Let's not kid ourselves, the Obama Administration since the campaign and before his presidency was obsessed with Bush not getting bin Laden.

    Does anyone think for a second that Leon Panetta did not give marching orders to the CIA that getting OBL was job one.

    The Taliban seized the obvious strategy with that ready made bait.

    For Taliban it was the Ramadan revenge and a profound win. Every source is now suspect. Every suspect a potential double agent.

    The CIA walked into their own valley of death and the Taliban have been refreshed, invigorated with Islamic triumphalism, the Allahu Akbars are echoing through all the valleys of the religion of peace.

  7. We are culturally gelded, feminized, homogenized low fat, decaffinated and smoke free (How many months ago were some of our perfumed princes considering banning cigarettes?) white boys wearing white cotton gloves to handle the most fucking holy Coran to serve the spiritual hookah bar generation of fine muslim detained mirandized killing machismos and fruit of Islam sallam alaking cock suckers.

    I am very optimistic.

  8. ...Every source is now suspect. Every suspect a potential double agent.

    Things fall apart;
    the center cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere,
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst,
    Are full of passionate intensity

    Our Big Sis tells passengers they can't use restrooms during the last hour of the flight. All is under control, the situation well in hand.


  9. For old time sake, I added a video clip at the bottom of this post of our ruler and master in chief waxing in his most melodious ELOquency on the majesty, magic and eternal beauty and wonderment of Islam.

    It warms the heart indeed it do.

  10. Good News, and Bad News about our President.

    Let's Hear It.

    He's a Commie.

    Let's hear the Good News.

    That Was the "Good" News.

  11. Think about the testoterone toter in chief, the man who gets to get Michelle's big ol ass somewhere up there near the Lincoln Room, the man wearing them momma jeans, the man who brought not only Michelle but momma Michelle to THE WHITEST HOUSE in the country, now home to the once Barry Boy, so missing his momma, never seeing his daddy, now living with two mommas, he so misses his momma, who brought his splendor to our world.

  12. Where is Freud when we need him?

  13. "So Desert Rat could have a bright future ahead of him. Really bright for about a tenth of a second."

    desert parasite continually rants on how the zionist government are war criminals. its called system failure. just like someone having to do jail time for protecting one's family from harm from some menace. DP is a snake and a disgrace.

  14. what does a doctor, psychiatrist, college student and son of a rich Nigerian all have in common?

  15. cant wait for iran to start rolling out those nukes. we'll be able to contain it, i'm sure (not).

  16. "Where is Freud when we need him?"

    Got Schadenfreude?
    were being surrounded by it.

  17. "Solitary" man caused disaster achievers.

  18. "Solitary" man caused disaster achievers.

    sleep talking

  19. Behind Afghan Bombing, an Agent With Many Loyalties

    The former official said that the fact that militants could carry out a successful attack using a double agent showed their strength even after a steady barrage of missile strikes fired by C.I.A. drone aircraft.

    “Double agent operations are really complex,” he said. “The fact that they can pull this off shows that they are not really on the run. They have the ability to kick back and think about these things.”

    Sam said...
    A U.S. intelligence official said the CIA constantly tries to guard against double agents. "Preventing the double cross is something that is as old as the agency itself," the official said.

    A former senior intelligence official said that al Qaeda had attempted to run double agents against the CIA prior to 9/11, but such efforts appeared to trail off after the 2001 offensive in Afghanistan that drove them into the tribal regions of Pakistan.

    "When you're on the run, you don't have time to sit back and run a double agent."

    Double Agent

  20. Barack Obama may be a Muslim or a Christian or neither.

    Regardless, it serves his purposes to have Muslims and Christians believe that he is one of them.

    During the presidential race, at a time when he needed votes of the Christian left he did declare himself to be a Christian. Why then is this son of a Kenyan Muslim not considered an apostate from Islam? Could it be because the umma actually thinks Obama is a Muslim operating behind enemy lines?

    They think Obama is on his own personal jihad.

  21. At Least he is wearing a tie.

    Although, I don't believe every Muslim is a terrorist that clip gave me the creeps.