“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi Video

The Jordanian doctor who killed seven CIA employees in a suicide attack in Afghanistan said in video clips broadcast posthumously Saturday that all jihadists must attack US targets to avenge the death of Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud.

Footage showed Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi - whom the CIA had cultivated as an asset against al-Qaida - sitting with Mehsud's successor in an undisclosed location. It essentially confirmed the Pakistani Taliban's claim of responsibility for one of the worst attacks in CIA history, though a senior militant told The Associated Press that al-Qaida and Afghan insurgents played roles, too

The BBC is running a longer version


  1. We got no idea what we're fucking with.

  2. All I can think of is a "Nation" of Rabid Dogs.

    Nation being a mass of People, not a Geographical location.

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  4. See and I always thought you had better intuition than that, WiO. Tsk Tsk

    I don't live in a single wide, I'm to poor. I live in a 40 ft gooseneck trailer and because at the moment I don't have anything to pull it with, it's parked in my cousin’s, cousin’s driveway. I can’t afford to get the septic tank emptied every week, so I run a discharge hose long enough to reach the creak behind the house and let it slowly seep out. Don’t worry no one notices it. I’m not 5’10” I’m 5’8” with green eyes and short dark brown hair…chocolate macaroon to be exact. I’m about one third of the weight you suggest because I like to purge after I eat. It’s just a habit I got into a ways back, it beats cutting. My teeth are slightly rotted from all the myth I did as a teenager and I’m pretty sure the yellowing in my nails is caused by all the smoking I do and not just fungus. My hobbies are swimming, mostly in the creak behind the house. And I hate flower prints. Although, tattooing is not my hobby, I do have four of them. And work? Why would you think that I worked? Bwahahahaha.

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  6. Deuce always comes in to save the day. He could be right or he could be wrong.

  7. What an interesting establishment we have here. Surreal, just like life.

    I guess Trish is returning stateside today.

  8. Yes, MLD, but which is he?

  9. Weather update from sunny Florida:

    We just climbed above freezing to 33 deg with 25 deg windchill.

  10. Sunny and 28 here and Florida might get some flurries.

  11. Is it important that you know? If Deuce is right will it stop all this bickering back and forth?

  12. It's one thing to get off subject and have some fun after a long day, with a glass of wine but this has got to stop. And don't give me the, collateral damage, bullshit because that's getting old, too.

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  14. Don't worry, T, I know where to find you.

  15. MLD and al-Bob are a constant source of discord here lately, T, so I make my first plea for thee not to leeve!
    Doug I'lleeve Too.

  16. rufus said...

    "All I can think of is a "Nation" of Rabid Dougs."

    That does it!
    I'm outta here 2!

  17. Doug'll leave, too?

    Oops, the pot just got sweeeeter.

  18. Aren't there some "chat" sites where teenagers go to talk about their favorite colors, and how mean their teachers/parents are, and meet predators?

  19. I hear that sometimes they falls in luv, and tell secrets, an stuff, too.

  20. Some of them even rite pomes.

  21. Yeah,
    And how hard their dick was.
    (at six degrees)

  22. Just tell your gal
    It's a frozen Icecycle.

  23. This is what I'm saying, I barely comment and I seem to be problem. I don't get it.

    Bob needs to stop but so does everyone else.

  24. I just got one question. How in the HELL can anyone get Stressed about something that's said on a Blog?!?

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  26. Unless it's Doug, of course. He could stress anyone with a tin can and a piece of string from the back side of Mars.

    But, other than that . . . . . .

  27. Lick lick,
    It may be frozen,
    but you're still a Prick,
    I Quit!

  28. rufus said...
    "I hear that sometimes they falls in luv, and tell secrets, an stuff, too.."

    ...and sometimes you get lucky and entice a 16 yr old piece of ass.

    And sometimes you're unlucky, and "she's" a teen impersonator undercover cop.

  29. Or, sometimes you reach the "epitome" of unluckiness, and "she's" Doug, or God help us, even worse, she's "Bob" and she rites you potry.

  30. Damn the icicles.
    Full Speed Ahead.

    (had to get head in on this thread)

  31. Which leads to immediate brain seizures, and study of Islam, and Baroque litratur.

  32. Bob rites pottery on the potty.

  33. Followed, of course, with getting your nutz burned off somewhere over Deetroit.

  34. The Muzzies brot us calculus, and architectur, and all kinds of good stuff.
    I know, 'cause Barry told me so.

  35. But then comes 3 high-price legal eagles (paid for by Doug,) and a Million Dollar book deal from Random House.

    And, a talk show on MSNBC.

  36. What drug can immunize you to the pain of burned off balls?
    ...and leave you awake.
    None that I know of.
    Satan, it is!

  37. And a job as Attorney General in the Second Obama Administration.

  38. "Burned Balls and Miranda Rights"
    Abu Mulal al-Balawi

  39. It's then that you deputize a rodent from Arizona, and go after the "Real" enemies of the State, two bloggers named WIO, and Allen.

    And, Bob for riting bad potry.

  40. Whatever it is, I bet it wouldn't work on Bob's Potry.

  41. Joos are one thing.
    Something else again.

  42. Rodent and Napalitano tired of defending wetbacks.
    Big Sis got another job,
    and Rodent works on Joos.

  43. Joos jist make your money disappear; Bob's Potry makes your whole damned brain disappear.

  44. Turns it right into ooze, it does.

    And, then Bob makes T disappear.

  45. An, it's ALL Mel O Dee's fault.

  46. An, the puppet-master from Oaaahuu chuckles maniacally, and fires up another one.

  47. So True!
    I gotta goo.
    Drywall mud calls.

  48. You smoke Drywall Mud?

  49. Not true, Rufus.
    I'm a Sudafed Head.
    Government Regulated.

  50. The "Criminal Mastermind" Bizness a little slow out in Hawaaee this year, Dougie?

  51. Thot he wuz a Stud

    Turned out, he wuz a Dud

    Now he's smokin

    Drywall Mud

    Burma Shave


  52. ...that's a story for another day.
    Please call T back in my absense,
    Even if it's a senseless endeavor.

  53. Sprung from the Mississippi Mud,

  54. Oh God, it's kontajus.

    I'm a Poet, too.

  55. Hell, Bob's gonna stay here just to analyse and appruciate the poetry.

  56. Wait till oil dips a dollar, or two. T'll be back to tell me how dum I am.

  57. What happened to all the remote temperature updates here?

  58. T was peaking on Peak Oil Denial.
    No doubt the true source of her angst.

  59. I used ta drink Rum,

    And then I'd get Dum.

    Now, I'm jist Rum-Dum

    From watchin T go, and come.

  60. Take a wind powered vibrator, and add PMS.

  61. It's Hard bein right ALL the time.

    Maybe I'll be wrong, once, jist to see whut it feels like - and to give T a break. :)

  62. You'll notice I wuz very cirCumspect with my spelling of Come.

  63. CirCumspecshun, another hillbilly trait.

  64. Wife will return soon.
    No breaks for al-Doug today.
    Son's negative equity dream awaits.

  65. Please take care of the double chromosome Zoo, Ruf.

  66. I wuz cirCumspected when I was an infant, you know.

  67. They all be gone, I think. Damn, it's a brand-new record. I've insulted/offended every last one.

    Turn out the lights,

    the party's oover.

    Time to go "Crash" another website.

  68. so I make my first plea for thee not to leeve!

    Christ, al-Doug, now you've gotten into my thees and thous

    You must stop, before you put something weird on you bumper sticker.

    I told you she had a good sense of humor.

  69. on you bumper sticker.

    on your bumper sticker

    If you have one, which you may not, living in a lava tube, like you've told us that you do

  70. I think I'm about ready to come out for gay marriage, if you get my meaning.

    Why not fall in love with a sense of humor?

    Least you'd have a good laugh.

  71. Wife IS back.
    I'm officially up the creek.

  72. Rufus needs
    To make four lines rime
    And not just two

    You can't call yourself
    If you can't do that

  73. It's rhythm, Rufus
    Like the sea
    The waves go up and back

    That's potree

  74. MeLoDy said...

    My hobbies are swimming, mostly in the creak behind the house.

    I can’t afford to get the septic tank emptied every week, so I run a discharge hose long enough to reach the creak behind the house and let it slowly seep out. Don’t worry no one notices it.

    Now that's a hobby...

    swimmin in shit... literally

  75. The Palestinian Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi's wife is proud of her hamburger husband...

    Is it mean spirited to wish a rapid dog would kill her and drag her through the streets as the sub human shit she is?

  76. Scanning Machines in Muzzieland.
    Burqa Porn.
    Burka Barbie Unleashed.

  77. She may have been referring to our blog here, WiO, but that's just a quess, on my part.

  78. "To make four lines rime
    And not just two,
    Otherwise he sounds like some Hollywood Joo.

  79. Rufus, I'll go out of my way, and teach you a couple things, bout potree.

    "And the sea"

    You see, that's what people like, the thought of the sea, nature, something other than the madness of the killing of everyday, which we read about all too much.

    You can make it better, you can speak, or say, of the sway of the sea, or maybe even the sway of human hips, and the sway of human lips.

    That always gets 'em.

    If you put the sway of the sea, the sway of human hips, and human lips together, you've got a winner.

    You can make some bucks on this.

    Or, you might, possibly, sway a woman's mind, even far away.

  80. Bob has a problem.

    How I'll get back to Ohio, I don't know.

    Here's a couple of solutions...just don't pack a wifi laptop...and take your time, Bobbo.


  81. Heh, well we've actually talked about taking Amtrak. It goes from Spokane, middle of the night, then cross Montana, the Dakotas to Chicago, then you switch, and head south. We've done this before, when the mother in law was living there.

    She won't take a plane, so that's out.

    Trouble is, we need a car when we get back there, so, we drive back.

    Yours, bobhobo

  82. This is far more important than bob's bullshit about MLD

    Devaluation ups stakes in Venezuela election year

    By Frank Jack Daniel and Eyanir Chinea

    CARACAS, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Venezuelans rushed to the shops on Saturday, fearful of price rises after a currency devaluation that will let President Hugo Chavez boost government spending ahead of an election but feeds opposition charges of economic mismanagement.

    In a bid to jump-start the recession-hit economy of South America's top oil exporter, Chavez on Friday announced a dual system for the fixed rate bolivar.

    It devalues the currency to 4.3 and 2.6 against the dollar, from a rate of 2.15 per dollar in place since 2005, giving the better rate for basic goods in an attempt to limit the impact of the measure on consumer prices.

    The opposition seized on fears that prices for imported goods will double as shoppers formed lines of more than a hundred people outside some stores in the capital Caracas.

    "It was a Black Friday, tinted red," said sales executive Diana Sevillana in reference to the crimson color of Chavez's socialist party. She stood in a line of 30 people outside an electrical goods store in a middle class neighborhood.

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