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Saturday, January 30, 2010

John Edwards Sex Tape

"I was wrong to vote for this war. Unfortunately, I'll have to live with that forever. And the lesson I learned from it is to put more faith in my own judgment."
-John Edwards


Rielle Hunter sex tape?

Rielle Hunter News; John Edwards Sex Tape "Private And Personal"
by Mitch Marconi

Post Chronical

- Just as we began to hold our breath we found out that there truly is a sex tape of Rielle Hunter and John Edwards. Hunter has gotten a temporary restraining order against Andrew Young, Edward's ex-assistant.

She called the matter "Very private and personal." She wants Young to return the video and photos of her and Edwards having sex.

She has been quoted in a affidavit filed in court saying:

"In or about September 2006, using my video camera, I authored a personal video recording that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature. In 2006, I was also having an intimate relationship with Edwards. The decision was made that the video be destroyed."

Instead of throwing it out, in fear of people going through her trash during the affair, she ripped out the tape and put it in a box. Later on she asked Andrew Young to get her passport out the box of personal things she owned; this is when Young stole the tape.

Young's attorney's said they could not immediately turn over the tape. Hunter has filed a lawsuit against Young and his wife for jury trail and damages as well as invasion of privacy. All of which it would seem Young is guilty of. wrote, "The tape, said both our sources, is explicit and reveals that Edwards "is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says 'whoa'. She's behind the camera at first."

John Edwards only recently assumed the legal role as the father of Hunter's child. He said he hopes his daughter understands one day why he denied being her father. This situation is heating up.


Who would have ever guessed that John Edwards was not the real deal?


  1. I never could understand Nixon's decision in not burning the Watergate tapes.

    I can understand Edwards, a married man, having an affair. It happens.

    I can understand an ego maniacal trial lawyer craving attention, larded with ambition, seeking to become president.

    I understood a sitting president, Bill Clinton having an affair, but I could never understand Clinton thinking he could have an affair with a 21 year old that would never tell anyone.

    But this one takes first prize.

    Edwards cannot be sane and rational in recording a video of him and his pregnant girlfriend having sex.

  2. 70. RagnarD:

    Doug @ 66 re:

    48. Marcus Aurelius:
    Sad to see you joining the Politically Correct Zombies trashing all things white.
    Are we to believe that truth resides only in Brown Noise?

    Dude, not even close to what Marcus A was talking about. White noise is spectral noise. It has nothing to do with skin color of people. He was referring to contentless things.


    Jan 29, 2010 - 10:38 pm

    71. Doug:

    You know, I forgot it was spectral tonight for an hour…

  3. Boston Globe -

    Senator-elect Scott Brown has showcased his independent streak in recent days, touting his willingness to buck the Republican party line and cross the partisan divide.

  4. Romney crossed the divide many times, but as a candidate, claimed he didn't.

  5. Superpipe - More like a Demolition Derby

    Both the double McTwist and the double cork are terrifying. In practice 45 minutes before the final, White launched a double-cork 1080 but came up short, slamming face-first into the lip of the pipe and sending his helmet flying to the bottom. The fall left a silver-dollar-size abrasion on his left jaw.

    White shook it off.

    “That crash was in the back of my mind, which was not fun,” he said. “That trick has been giving me a hard time, so it was nice to stomp it.”

    Kevin Pearce, one of the few riders to defeat White in the halfpipe in recent years, was seriously injured attempting a double-cork 1080 while practicing in Park City on Dec. 31. He sustained a head injury and remains hospitalized.

    White won four of five events on the United States Grand Prix circuit this season. His only loss came to Danny Davis, who landed three double corks during one run in a tribute to Pearce, his close friend. But Davis did not compete at the X Games after breaking vertebrae during an all-terrain vehicle accident two weeks ago.

    Torah Bright of Australia, another strong contender for a medal in snowboard halfpipe at the Olympics, pulled out of the X Games on Thursday after sustaining her second concussion in three days.