“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

The Rainbow of Chicken Shit

This is what is supposed to be protecting us? These guys really believe this nonsense? What does this cost us? This is the focus of the US Intelligence Community?

This is what Dennis C. Blair has on his mind?



January 14, 2010

The following message by Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair was sent to employees of the United States Intelligence Community on the occasion of the commemoration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:


On April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a renowned African American civil rights leader, wrote a letter that is considered a cornerstone of the civil rights movement. From his jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama where he was arrested for his part in a planned non-violent protest against racial segregation, Dr. King responded to his critics, maintaining that without non-violent, forceful, direct actions such as his, true civil rights could never be achieved. This outstanding leader and devoted philanthropist delivered over 2,500 speeches against racial injustice, and authored five books and numerous articles that addressed civil rights. In 1964 at the age of 35, Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize. For 11 years - from 1957 until his assassination in 1968 - Dr. King led the civil rights movement and paved the way for equality.

Forty years after Dr. King's death, Barack Obama, elected as the first African American U.S. President, was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. During his acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway, the President recognized Dr. King's leadership in civil rights and said that the movement "helped put the wind behind the sails." President Obama credited the civil rights movement as being largely responsible for his and the First Lady's presence in Oslo that evening.

Dr. King believed in world peace and respect and inclusion of all people. Today, as we celebrate the birthday of Dr. King and reflect upon his extraordinary life and legacy, we must renew our commitment to the ideal that we will not judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Indeed, our IC mission depends upon our ability to build an agile and diverse workforce that values differences among individuals.

The importance of leadership's commitment to and active support of diversity cannot be overstated. Diversity is one of our greatest strengths and a mission critical imperative. Employing and retaining a diverse workforce in its broadest context - cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, heritage, race, gender, generations, orientation, abilities and ideas - is essential to addressing increasingly complex national security threats. Our workforce needs to mirror our nation and the world within which we operate.

Today we celebrate Dr. King's legacy and sacrifice; a lifetime that he so bravely and selflessly gave for a better world. Today, we come together to embrace and celebrate one Nation, one Mission, one Equality.

Dennis C. Blair


  1. One Nation, one Mission, one Equality.

    But not under God.

    Hell, I coulda written that.

    In fact, I just wrote something better, a few minutes ago.

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  3. For allen, the NAZI eugenicist, that lies about his service to the Republic, the direct quote from the ADLoBB is not needed, it is the intent of the propaganda that is measured.

    Not the words used to convey the message.

    You have taught us that, when it comes to Isreal. It is the intent, not the words used, or so that is the message you send.

    The use of "code words" and sentence structure is enough to see behind the curtain.

  4. As to whit's interpretation of your remark, in the form of a "question", well, Jacob the Liar, that defense is totally rejected.

  5. One person wrote This:

    I see them everyday, sometimes outside the VA medical center (smoking) carrying their little bags of medication, to be sold or bartered when they get back home, under the overpass.

    and, the other one agreed with it.

    In one case I'm not too surprised (bitterly disappointed, but not surprised.)

    In the other case I'm shocked beyond belief.

  6. You don't believe that this happens or that someone would actually mention it? What is the problem?

    As to the eugenics, Allen was saying that the national health care could lead to eugenics.

  7. O'Reilly of FOX News says that the research indicates that the story is false. There are not groups of homeless GIs squatting under the bridges of the United States.

    The story is a lie, flat out.
    A liberal fabrication to tarnish the United States.

  8. A few drug addicts or alcoholics certainly does not represent in anyway the vast majority of veterans using the VA health system.

    Perhaps I missed something, and I admit I am so tired of this topic that I hardly hang on every word but it is always intellectually risky basing an argument on the unfortunate exceptions to any group of people.

  9. Come to the Elephant Bar to read John Edwards regurgitated campaign rhetoric, about homeless vets.

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  11. Posted by a self-described 40 year veteran of Federal sustenance and subsidy.

  12. Whit, you're totally ignorant of the topic. Allen's probably not; he's just making shit up.

    He does NOT drive by the VA and see Vets outside "Smoking." You light a cigarette outside a VA hospital, and you will have a uniformed policeman on your ass in less than a minute. The entire property is a "smoke-free zone," and it's Rigidly enforced.

    19 times out of 20 those men have "high blood pressure, and diabetis medicine" in those bags. Believe me, Dumbo, if you get "Pain Meds" from the VA you Need them. Got to be the hardest place in the world for a "Drug Seeker" to score.

    As for the under the overpass bullshit: that's what it is, "PURE UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT."

    These are Heros that have fought in foreign wars so you and Allen can denigrate their very being. I'm deeply disappointed in you.

    You, nor Allen, could wipe the ass of the average man standing outside the VA waiting for his ride home.

  13. It's not "denigrating them" to say that some vets (not all vets) have problems, even drinking problems. And it's not a stretch to say that some vets who have drinking problems are homeless.

  14. Horseshit, you sound as stupid as Allen.

    Quit digging.

  15. You, nor Allen, could wipe the ass of the average man standing outside the VA waiting for his ride home.

    Watch out, you guilt ridden insurance peddlin' redneck.

  16. But to see them, EVERY DAY, huddled en-mass under the bridge peddling their VA drugs, is an outright fabrication.
    It is an attempt to degrade both the veterans of the United States and the VA health service as currently constituted.

    In an attempt at denigrating public health services.

    Pure Alinsky.

  17. Watch Out?!?

    Are you going to "Ban me," Whit.

    Knock yourself out.

    Then, drive by the VA, and see if you see anyone "Smoking."

  18. Yassir arabrat.

    Where did you say your family is from? Lebabanon? Syria?

    Did Allen push your buttons? Poke you in the eye? You can dish it out but you can't take it?

    You and Rufus have ganged up on him off and on for years now. Disgusting.

  19. No, I'm not going to ban you, but if you and I were face to face...

  20. Gang up on him?

    Get a grip, old boy.

    He certainly has his team, here.
    A gang of his own.

    We are ALL God's children, whit.
    Even the Arabfats.

    We're all out of Africa.
    Or Adam.

  21. Why is it the ones that sing the "Hosannahs" the loudest are the ones that squall the most when someone suggests raising their taxes a couple of dollars to give healthcare to the "Needy."

    Where did all that good "Religious" Charity go?

    And, if you thought Allen was being "ganged up on" you should have come to his defense.

    Why now, when he's attacking US Veterans?

  22. Yes, a tag team, like two thugs.

  23. I'd give you what you deserve.

  24. And, what would that be, Tiger?

  25. You're a socialist atheist and Rat is an Arab.

    Don't try to hide behind the "he said bad things about the vets" or the Alinsky BS.

  26. I'm an Atheist(?) that wants to help the sick, and poor, and you're . . . . . . . . what?

  27. I'm a Socialist(?) that's never drawn a check of any kind from the Government, except when I fought in a Foreign War for her, and you are . . . . . . . what?

  28. And, Rat's an A rab?


  29. Allen pointed out where your precious socialism can inevitably lead to, eugenics. He didn't advocate it but because that is one of the two issues dear to your heart, you, Allen the Red and your partner Captain Amerirat, used whatever manufactured alinsky outrage you could make up to beat him with.

  30. I can talk like that, too. Maybe Rat's an Eyetalian.

  31. Good Morning, Whit

    It's a beautiful day here in mid-Georgia!

    Be well.

  32. Let me just re-post that comment for the memory-impaired:

    Addressing further "the poor", you do know that millions of these are children, the progeny of totally dysfunctional couplings? Will you advocate the sterilization of "undesirable" adults? Certainly, that would reduce substantially "the poor" of the future, don't you agree?

    What else did he say? Something about the trash Freeloading off of their "Betters?"

    Yeah, he's a "Supremacist." At least, as close as I ever want to get to one.

  33. Good Morning, Allen. It's a beautiful day here, too. Have a good holiday? How's the little lady?

    Good morning everybody. Hope everyone had a restful, peaceful MLK day.

  34. No, comrade, you're taking it out of context and I know you're too intelligent to be doing it unintentionally.

  35. I don't think I am. He's said stuff like this before. I'm convinced that in Allen's world "If you're not Jewish, you're not shit."

    I'm convinced he's "ate up" with the whole "Chosen People" bullshit. And, I know he's lying about his "Drives by the VA."

    In fact, I challenge him to email you a picture of a group of Vets standing outside the Atlanta VA "Smoking."

    Let's see where that one goes.

  36. With a current "Time Stamp."

  37. whit,

    The main VA facility in this region is in Dublin, Georgia. Directly, outside the main entry is a LARGE, well appointed, covered smoking area. Patients, visitors and VA employees, including the head of security, use it continuously. For those who doubt, call 478.272.1210 and ask.

    The VA system spends billions of dollars annually in the form of pensions for NON-service connected disabilities. Some of these disabilities are the consequence of poor life's choices. This is also why VA plows vast sums of money into psychiatric services and research. For this work, they are world renowned.

    The website of the Atlanta Journal Constitution carries the story of the homeless overpass jumper. If memory serves, his surname was "Clay". The interstate on which he landed and was instantly killed is I-85.

    Whit, do you know that, even in dense jungle canopy, the call of a Howler Monkey can be heard for a mile?

  38. whit,

    The little lady is a delight. As always, she called on her way into clinic this morning.

    She is one of those lucky people who loves her work. As she points out, in what other job do you get kisses from small children all day.

  39. Again, let's go by the liar's own words:

    I see them everyday, sometimes outside the VA medical center (smoking) carrying their little bags of medication, to be sold or bartered when they get back home, under the overpass.

    "Outside" - The smoking area is enclosed with tinted glass. You would have to be standing next to it to see inside.

    If you pressed your nose to the glass you "Might" be able to see their Little Bags in their hands.

    But, I'll tell you why this is a LIE. The waits are long at the VA. The "Last" thing you do is, after you finally see a Doctor, you wait in the pharmacy for a half hour, to an hour to get your prescription. After that you go home.

    Nobody, but, Nobody waits all that time and then goes to sit in a stinky old smoking room when they can go get in their car and have a cigarette on their way home.

    In fact, I have NEVER seen anyone go in, or out of the smoking area carrying a prescription bag.

    It's Ludicrous, and it's Despicable.

  40. whit,

    ...for purposes of house cleaning...

    I-85 jumper identified

    "The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office says the man was
    Michael Clay and officials believe he may have been homeless."

  41. whit,

    For obvious reasons, this thread has brought to mind an ancient proverb:

    "As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly."

  42. Or a Despicable Liar returning to try to clean up his mess.

  43. A 26 year old man who May Have Been Homeless committed suicide,

    And THAT is your justification for Trashing Four Generations of Veterans?


  44. If we want to play lawyer...

    He does NOT drive by the VA and see Vets outside "Smoking." You light a cigarette outside a VA hospital, and you will have a uniformed policeman on your ass in less than a minute. The entire property is a "smoke-free zone," and it's Rigidly enforced.

    and gotcha:
    "Outside" - The smoking area is enclosed with tinted glass. You would have to be standing next to it to see inside.

    In fact, I have NEVER seen anyone go in, or out of the smoking area carrying a prescription bag.

    I am not going to call you a liar because you seem to have contradicted yourself.

  45. I might have forgotten about the Enclosed smoking area;

    But, YOU flat-out lied about driving by "Every Day" and seeing Veterans standing Outside, Smoking, and carrying their little bags of drugs.

    And, then to assume that they are going to go "trade/sell" their drugs for other drugs is just abhorrent.

  46. rufus, rufus, rufus

    Just hours ago you pledged never to speak to me again (more or less). Like the boys of Broke Back Mountain, you just can't get enough of me. Glad to help with your anger management. Now, if we could do something about your need for projection...

  47. rufus,

    Why no castigation of the President's plan to gouge insurance carriers for the care of service connected veterans? Is your indignation selective? I would have thought an advocate for veterans would have been all over that.

    Have a nice day, pal.