“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin to Repose

Why? Why not? What kind of person would want to subject themselves and their family, to the hypocrisy, inanity, and viciousness of American politics?

We have legislatures that pass laws that they have not read. We have a vapid president that has made tele-prompted platitudes an art form and yet receives little serious scrutiny from an intellectually shallow and dishonest press. Why would Sarah Palin or anyone else want to be part of that?

I think Sarah Palin is an attractive but ordinary talented politician that by any measure exceeds the standards of most who serve in the US Congress. I have lost sight of the qualifications necessary to be president. Could she be any worse or less qualified than Jimmy Carter, George Bush the younger or Barack Obama? I doubt it. Is there some tawdry revelation hidden by the media smoke screen of Michael Jackson or the sinning, sorry, sniffling governor from South Carolina?

If you want good government too bad, you aren't getting it in the America of 2009. The American political establishment is a septic sewer of corruption and venality caused by the barter and spoils of minority interests and lobbyists who wheedle the political compass for their paymasters. Still, things have not gotten bad enough to change that.

The Obama presidency rises or falls on the economy. An economic wreck is about the only hope the Republicans have to regain power. Who will lead them to an unlikely victory is anyone's guess. I doubt it will be the good mom from Alaska.


  1. Heck with it; something funny, and then I'm going to bed.

    Maybe the funniest skit in the history of Television. The Dentist

  2. As for Sarah-baby - I've never been a "Conspiracist," until I saw the vitriol with which SP was attacked by, both, the Elite Dems, and Establishment Repubs.

    It was Breathtaking, if not, dare I say it, "Illuminating."

    Maybe, she needs to make a few phone calls.

  3. Nite all.

    Nice picture, Deuce.

  4. Illuminating

    Shine the light, baby

    I've tried Cap America, The Joker and now, a Jewish Zorro Master, boobie is getting nervous.

    Maybe he'll arm up and hunker down.

  5. Why would Sarah Palin or anyone else want to be part of that?

    The Power and the Glory.

    Free clothes

    A guest spot of Letterman

    Access to all that Federally gifted campaign cash.
    All the benfits of running, but none of the drudgery of raising the money. Worked for McCain.

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  7. The Jewish Zorro Master put boobie over the top. He writes that he has become afraid, with the appearance of the Jewish Zorro Master.

    Redemption may be at hand, for you, boobie

  8. McCain got $83 million, from the Feds, if I recall correctly.

    You can buy the trappings of Power and Glory, with $83 million of other people's money.

  9. "Here is Joe the Plumber! ...
    Joe the Plumber! ...
    Joe the Plumber! ..
    ... where's Joe?
    Seems Joe can't be here ..."

  10. Fella's name was Sam and he was not a plumber.

    Sums up McCain's campaign, but for that $83 million in Federal campaign cash.

  11. In 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' there's this phrase in the propaganda of the left, after losing a battle--

    "Our forces continue advancing without losing a foot of territory."

  12. "Nosostros tropas sique avanzando sin perder un palma de terrerno" I think is the phrase in Spanish, though I may have it wrong.

  13. e-mail from my wife--

    I know you must know Sarah Palin resigned as govenor of Alaska. why? It just doesn't make sense.


    I think she's running for President. That's all I can figure out. She has been hit too by a whole series of ethics complaints, and has sucessfully fought off all 15 of them, 15 out of 15 she has won, which has cost her a bundle in lawyer's fees, at last count. Maybe she's just tired of it. The left, and NOW really fear her, a down home good American woman. They are behind these complaints. I think she's running for President. If I get the chance, I'm voting for her.
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    Sent: Friday, July 03, 2009 4:46 PM
    Subject: Palin

    From my wife, out in the living room :)

  14. Thot you were writing from Argentina!

  15. Democrats Continue to Stay Classy...

    Sarah Palin Naked

    HuffPo contributor Michael Seitzman wrote a sick hit piece earlier: "I want to have sex with Palin on my Barack Obama sheets"

    This was just the latest attack on Sarah Palin and her children. Most of the attacks, of course, were ignored by the state-run media. But, when David Letterman cracked rape jokes about her 14 year-old daughter the poor media was forced to report on it.

    Why is this not surprising?