“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Elephant Bar Shooting leaves 6 wounded

Shooting at Elephant Bar leaves 6 wounded

Anywhere USA – Gunfire coming from the Elephant Bar wounded six preachers and scattered the crowd at a community rally. Police on Thursday are investigating whether atheist or deist gang was behind the shooting.

People were gathered at the event that included a rapper's performance when shots sprayed out. The sound of gunfire made people drop to the pavement of the parking lot where the rally was being held to promote community service and voter registration. Police sources say that the shooter may belong to an atheist or deist gang.


  1. Investigators were hampered by lack of witness cooperation in their quest for information. Apparently no one within the bar saw anything unusual, and no gunfire was heard by the patrons.

    "It's a strange case," said an unnamed detective. All those people in the bar seemed so disengaged."

  2. This story illustrates why healthcare in America is so expensive. Six people suffered shooting wounds. That's very expensive to treat and if any of those were unemployed or without means, then it's on you and me to pony up (at least run a massive Federal deficit) to pay for their health care. If any of them are paralyzed and you can bet your sweet you-know-what that at least one of them will be. My friends, we may as well adopt the cripple because he is gonna be in our pockets for the rest of his life. At least, with Obamacare, the unfortunate victim will receive end of life counseling as expensive health care options are denied.

  3. Spare the tribe.

    We are being called to sacrifice for the greater good. In the finest of Indian traditions when your time is at hand, do the right thing. Say goodbye and walk away into the wilderness.

  4. Or roll away...whatever the case may be.

  5. Maybe this tragedy could have been averted if that woman preacher hadn't gotten on her "high horse" about Legalism.

  6. The classic schizophrenic is a person who sits down with a jigsaw puzzle and a pair of scissors. For hours he will meticulously trim the tiny pieces to fit. At the end of the day, the puzzle is completed. From a Monet he creates a Pollock, or something else bearing no resemblance to reality. Invariably, squeals of delusions of grandeur follow the fruitless endeavor.





  7. When you get those endorphins flowing with roadwork and weight training, things start happening...

    Good God, Almighty!

  8. "When you get those endorphins flowing with..."

    Coffee and a smoke. Or three.


    It's not bad enough you waltz in here with your "disambiguated novelty" and whatnot. *Christ*

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  10. so, allen, you started the whole comparison thing between Lapin, Abramoff, and Madoff with your question and now you are whining when you get some answers. Well, what is your answer to the question you posed? Here let me repeat it for lest you forgot what you asked:

    "What do Lapin, Abramoff, and Madoff have in common?"

  11. trish,

    green tea, a smoke, roadwork...Hey, no one is perfect...Well, other than one person we know ;-)

  12. OTOH, we could put you in charge of PT, I'll have a guidon made, and we'll have the Bar's first "unit" run.

    Ash has to call cadence.

    An oldie but a goody:

    Remember those endorphins? AKA: I'd sell my soul to the devil could I get the platoon leader to fall down a manhole and we all go back to bed for an hour.

    No one had yet thought to relabel that sentiment an endorphin, which would have changed everything.

  13. By the way, ash, I rarely mind answering questions for naives and pupils, assuming they have bothered to read the assigned material. Clearly, you did not/have not (just as you earlier overlooked a review of the Geneva Conventions and foolishly spent the day engaged in non sequitur). Otherwise, you would have known that your Fascist friend first brought up the names of Madoff and Abramoff in nearly the same breath as Lapin, clumsily attempting sophomoric, subliminal guilt by religious/ethnic association. I merely pointed out his typical pathology.

    While one may feel what one pleases, casting aspersions on the character of a good and decent man without a shred of evidence is just low-class. Abramoff sat on hundreds of boards and donated millions to hundreds of charities and organizations. Because Lapin took his gifts means no more than scores of Republicans and Democrats having done the same.

  14. allen, I admit to not reading all comments here closely trying to divine subtle or not so subtle insult to someone you consider a hero but your simple question did stand out as did your subsequent whining upon rats investigations.

    As to the Geneva Conventions and other articles of law you are the one who has fallen short by failing to support your assertion that Taliban can be summarily executed. But, please, carry on in your fantasy that your intellect shines bright and your reasoning sound.

  15. "I gotta girl in New Orleans,
    She kisses Doggies and bl*** Marines..."

    Oh, trish, he (Jesus) was one of ours before he was one of theirs. Anyhow, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!"

  16. ash,

    I will spell slowly: I said "unlawful combatants". Had either of you a clue, you would have instantly known that no such language appears within the texts...end of argument...end of conversation. Instead, I was able to get you to go on for hours about nothing.

    Education is the answer, ash.

  17. Well. They CAN be summarily killed.

    Thank God for small favors.

  18. See if you can convince Trish, allen. She doesn't seem to be on board with your argument as well.

  19. We're the Good Guys, ash. And we make allowances, yes we do. (Why does nobody read the Hague Convention anymore? All but forgotten except to a few devotees of the Law of Land Warfare.)

    Once you make it to the Point of Capture you're more or less safe in your person. And if you were mistakenly rolled up, we financially compensate you. That unintentionally generates a local racket, but what can you do?

    It's Andrew Carnegie's rule of warfare. It has its benefits; it has its drawbacks.

  20. Listen carefully, ash: fanatical lunatics who chop down olive trees are treif, criminals, and renegades. They do the religion of my fathers a grave disservice and allow people like you to misrepresent the true "religion of peace".

    One of the hallmarks of Judaism is its brutal frankness. We/I do not whine. I fear you project.

  21. The trick is not to start popping every just-a-student, just-a-merchant, just-a-farmer (as each and every one will solemnly attest) at the POC, but to make them account for and "own" the atrocities that they daily inflict upon local communities. These are numberless and, frankly, mind-boggling.

  22. Allan:
    For your delectation: Gilbert Gottfried. He's not to everyone's taste but but he has his moments.

  23. But, allen, Lapin's name does not ryhme with rip off, so how do we know he is Jewish? From what I read, he's been keen on equivalencies.
    Another Zorro Mastery acloyte from all the evidence available, publicly.

    Payments to Rudy

    The government's interest in Toward Tradition has apparently focused on the payments to Lisa Rudy

    Lapin said her name was first raised in the summer of 2000 when Abramoff asked whether anyone had been hired to organize that fall's conference in D.C.

    Lapin said Abramoff told him, "I know someone who is available to do the job and what's more I could get her salary covered." Lapin told him, "OK, terrific."

    Lisa Rudy is the wife of Tony Rudy, at the time a senior aide to DeLay, who was then majority whip in Congress. Tony Rudy later went to work as a lobbyist for Abramoff, according to The Washington Post.

    Lisa Rudy couldn't be reach for comment.

    At the time he approached Lapin about hiring Lisa Rudy, Abramoff was working in the D.C. office of Seattle's Preston Gates.

    Toward Tradition's board approved hiring Lisa Rudy in 2000 and soon after Abramoff sent a $25,000 check from a firm called eLottery. It came with instructions that Rudy was to be paid $5,000 a month.

    eLottery is a Connecticut company that provides states with online lotteries. The company hired Abramoff to help stop the federal Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.

    Lapin said other checks came from another Abramoff client, the Magazine Publishers of America. Those checks, too, came with directions to keep paying Rudy.

    Abramoff was lobbying for the association and, according to his plea agreement, was trying to stop a bill that would have raised postal rates.

    A total of $50,000 was paid to Rudy. Abramoff's plea agreement says the money was obtained from clients that benefited from the aide's "official actions regarding the legislation on Internet gambling or opposing postal rate increases."

    Lapin said it is not unusual for board members to solicit donations from corporations and others for Toward Tradition. It's also not unusual for donors to ask that the money to be used for a specific purpose

    So, it seems, that Mr Lapin's Towrd Tradition is often used as a front organization, to funnel money to one person or another.
    I belive that is referred to as a "cut out" in the 'Trade'

    In espionage parlance, a cutout is a mutually trusted intermediary or channel that facilitates exchanges between agents. An ideal cutout doesn't know where the information comes from or where it goes. Thus, a captured cutout will be unable to reveal colleagues.

    Legalism is a keen concept, for religionists. The debate concerning which leads to redemption, obedience to the Law or faith in God's grace.

    An interesting idea, but the US does not imprison 500 folks per 100,000 residents, the highest rate in the whirled, because those prisoners have lost faith in God's grace.

  24. "What do Lapin, Abramoff, and Madoff have in common?"

    they all eat, shit and will die at some point in life?

  25. desert rat said...
    But, allen, Lapin's name does not ryhme with rip off, so how do we know he is Jewish?

    Because you lumped the 3 together, and Lapin is a Jewish name...

    Dr, your a closet anti-semite.... any TIME you can point a finger at a Jew (while ignoring ten of thousands of anyone else) you do...

    anti-semitism is when you apply a HIGHER standard to the Jews that you refuse to apply with equal force and vigor to others..

    of that you are guilty...

    You are like reading a Pat Buchanan column, he starts out good, then towards the end...

    The JOOOS.....

    it's a broken record... we all know you have your panties in a knot over the JOOS...

    it comes out in almost every post, on every subject...

  26. Much like Cedarford, from the BC days, Mr Lapin blames the behaviours of the Jewish people for the descrimination against them. Just as he blames the Jews of Germany for the seeds of the holocaust.

    Such hubris, almost unsettling, if not so comical.

    By now, some of you will be cringing. You may be cursing me for making public the role played by a not inconsiderable number of Jews in debasing the culture. Perhaps you subscribe to the notion that nobody has noticed. I sympathize and want you to know that I write about it only for the purpose of trying to solve the problem. Make no mistake: it is a problem, and the solution lies not in attempting to defame the critics but in stepping forward to criticize the defamers. Indeed, if we Jews do not ourselves condemn the wrong that our brethren do, others with less sympathy eventually will do so.

    Not once in Mein Kampf did Hitler charge Jews with being complicit in the killing of Jesus two thousand years earlier. He knew that long-ago event, shrouded in mystery and theological profundity, would never goad enlightened people to murder. Instead, he drew attention to the inescapable fact that through Jewish actors, playwrights, and producers, the Berlin stage of Weimar Germany linked Jews and homosexuality in all its sordid manifestations just as surely as Broadway does today.

    It does not excuse the monster Hitler or his Nazi thugs for us to acknowledge that this master propagandist focused on a reality that resonated with the educated and cultured Germans of his day.

    About twenty years ago, one of Ayn Rand's protégés, Leonard Peikoff, wrote a book called The Ominous Parallels in which he described how Germany's cultural decline helped bring the Nazis to power. With haunting precision, Peikoff proved how similar is America's cultural decline. Indeed, much of the filth in American entertainment today parallels that of Germany between the world wars.

    Yet many Jewish entertainers routinely depict Jews in repugnant caricatures of people you'd want nothing to do with in real life. Why do my colleagues in Jewish communal leadership rarely (if ever) condemn this anti-Semitism? For if it is not anti-Semitism, what is?

    Ah, but wait. The leader of a famous Jewish defense organization - you know, the one that exists to stop the defamation of the Jewish people - did denounce one of the most profitable movies of 2004 for its "vile notions of Jews." Was he describing the horrible film I refuse to name? Sadly, he was not. He was referring to Mel Gibson's "The Passion.

    In Mr Lapin's view, it is other Jews that fuel anti-senetism and Mel Gibson, why he's a saint.

    Mr Lapin compares the culture of the US to that of Nazi Germany.
    The blame for this, he says, goes to the wayward Jews.

    Get him his tin-foil hat, quick!

    Just follow the money, honey, Mr Lapin certainly does.

  27. Mr Lapin:

    ... and the solution lies not in attempting to defame the critics but in stepping forward to criticize the defamers. Indeed, if we Jews do not ourselves condemn the wrong that our brethren do, others with less sympathy eventually will do so.

    Obviously those that critique Israeli actions are not anti-Jewish, by Mr Lapin's definition.

    Indeed, since I based my observations upon behaviours and not religous denomination, Mr Lapin agrees, with me.

    Poor allen, only blind because he refuses to see...

  28. dr...

    you are C4....

    Might I suggest you should got get laid? get drunk? smoke a joint? or get over that Jewish girl who wouldn't date ya 40 years ago...

    whatever it is?

    your like a broken record...

    post, after post, after post...

    same drivel....

    The Jooos are to blame for everything...

    yep, heard it before...

  29. What is written is written, by Mr Lapin.

    He'd be the one to know, says allen.

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  31. I forgot where I saw it but it intrigued me. They said "Muslims are the new Jews"... know, getting persecuted as a group and all...

  32. Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand all anti-semites according to Mr Lapin.

  33. I can't imagine caring less about something than who lives in East (or, West, or North, or South) Jeruselem.

    And, to compare the laid-back Americans to Nazi Germany is bizarre.

  34. Everyone can qualify as an anti-semite.

    Just disagree with the Lapin Cultural Orthadoxy.

  35. Mr lapin does make one cognizant point, one that I have endorsed, many times.

    Western civilization has always defined good manners as demonstrating that the angels won.

  36. Look, allen. At least you've got decent weather.

    This here is like spending the entire summer halfway up Mount Washington. And if I'm still able to crack jokes it's only because the housekeeper's out picking up a bottle of wine.

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  38. wi"o" making the point, referencing sex as he does, that he is an anti-semite, in the Lapin whirled.

    ... Jews used to be known for having endowed the world with the notion of sexual restraint and modesty. ...
    Most of us would agree that few behaviors more defiantly exhibit the triumph of the animals than public sexual exhibitionism

    Impolite and centered on sex, an example of an anti-semitic Jew, if ever there was one.
    So Mr Lapin has written.
    allen says Mr Lapin knows, that an expert on the subject.

  39. "You’d have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the coarsening of our culture. Almost every American knows this. It is just that most gentiles are too polite to mention it."

    Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "Our Worst Enemy", Toward Tradition, January 20, 2005

  40. If the JOOS had any oil I'd be interested.

    Wholesale Unleaded is up about $0.08/gal, today.

    That's about $0.40/gal in the last couple of weeks.

    And, that's during a recession. When this economy comes back we're liable to be in for a real shitstorm.

    And, it could last for years.

  41. Woody Allen and Howard Stern, anti-semites, too.

    This Mr Lapin, he throws a wide loop.

  42. It won't be 'coming back', rufus.

    Looks like the beginning of a 'new normal', to me.

    Housing values are not going to recover, not in a decade.
    Commercial property, too.

    Wage growth has been stagnent for a decade, it will not be changing course. If anything there could be a lessening of gross incomes, let alone net, after tax and mandates.

    Looks like a long phase of new normal, from here.

  43. Dr said...

    Joos this Joos that Joos this Joos that...


  44. ... It is just that most gentiles are too polite to mention it.".

    In Mr Lapin's well studied view.
    Those that do mention it, are not anti-semitic, nor anti-Jewish, in Mr Lapin's view. Those folk are standing with him, shoulder to shoulder.

    Against the ravages brought upon our country, by the likes of Ben Stiller, Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, Barabra Striesand and Howard Stern.

    Interesting fella, this Mr Lapin, that allen has brought forward as an authority on Semitism.

  45. Dr continues...

    Joos this, Joos that...

    I continue to yawn...

    In more important news.....

    Iran's air fleet is aging well past any reasonable point of usage...

  46. Karl Marx was a Jew, born in Trier, Germany...been to the house...

    Freud was a Jew...

    The history of Judaism is rife with self-loathers...So...

    I owe you thanks. Here's a little Jewish secret: everytime I answer one of your nonsensical, Jew-baiting puffs, I gain merit in this world and the world to come. In that you are so easy, I get points with the Big Guy on the cheap. By all means, never change...You fill up my life; my cup runneth over ;-)

  47. That's been the case for quite a while, wi"o" in regards their military aircraft. That their civil aircraft are becoming unreliable, another victory for soft power.

    As practiced by US, trans-adminstratively.

    The myriad of sanctions taking their toll, rippling across Iranian society.

    One left wondering if the cause and effect is visible, from the people of Iran's perspective.

  48. WiO,

    When you find your blood pressure rising, consider:

    "The classic schizophrenic is a person who sits down with a jigsaw puzzle and a pair of scissors. For hours he will meticulously trim the tiny pieces to fit. At the end of the day, the puzzle is completed. From a Monet he creates a Pollock, or something else bearing no resemblance to reality. Invariably, squeals of delusions of grandeur follow the fruitless endeavor.





  49. Redemption through good deeds, allen?

    You and Tookie Williams, both.

  50. Allen...

    I agree....

    But it's still the Joos fault...

    Good ole Jackson?

    A Joos....


  51. When the quoted works of Mr Lapin becomes blather, 'rants and bleats', we can see allen is in full retreat.

    Scorin' points with the 'Big Guy'.

  52. I think you're right, Rat. Although I'm not a total doomer, I think we're in for some serious stagnation for many years.

  53. viktor silo,

    "That one"...priceless ;-D

  54. Like Moths to the flame.

  55. I feared for your mental health when Bob went away, Rat. But, I shouldn't have worried.

  56. We don't do redemption; that is a Christian concept of salvation first enunciated by Saul (Paul) of the sect of the Nazarene. Odd that one so knowledgeable would so blunder.

    We believe that action is everything; talk is cheap. The Hebrew language is one filled with action-packed verbs. For instance, at Sinai, the Jews promised first to do the Law and later to hear it, i.e. undertake exegesis.

  57. Gates and Obama are despicable race-mongering liars.

  58. Network news fails to examine high cost and proven failures of government-run health care

    BMI looked at morning and evening shows on ABC, CBS and NBC from Jan. 20 to June 24, 2009. We found that the networks boosted the administration's case for government run health care in several ways:

    Favoring proponents of ObamaCare to critics by a margin of more than 2-to-1

    Barely discussing the $1 trillion or higher price tag (9 percent of stories)

    Exaggerating the number of uninsured Americans 80 percent of the time

    Ignoring Medicare's "explosive fiscal situation" despite calling Obama's public option plan for health care reform "Medicare-like."

  59. "Big Guy"

    If you read Hebrew, you would know that there are not less than 70 titles used to describe the attributes of the tetragrammaton. Some number approximate "Big Guy". And even if they didn't, HE would not care. Recall: Man, created in the image of G-d, is the only creature on earth capable of self-deprecating humor (the symptomatic absence of which helps describe the schizophrenic personality).

    You really should take rufus's advice and stick with checking on the daily price of oil. If you want to argue theology, you are way out of your league, Cowboy.

  60. Yeah!

    Ya gotta be an Xpert to discuss the various "Magicmen" in the clouds.

    Jeez, guys, isn't there a nice "theology" blog, somewhere, where they dissect all these Zoroastic niceties?

  61. One needn't be an expert, just as one needn't be an idiot (classic Greek sense of the word "idiot").

    It has always amazed me how many men die crying for G-d and Mom. There is something about staring into the cold darkness at that last breath that makes babes of us all.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. It's seems to evolved into a crusade, rufus, for some of our patrons.

    As long as they remain polite, the angels win.

    If not, fall into Satan's grasp, they do.

    While the total score is toted on a cosmic Babylonian abacus.

  64. We should construct an entire thread as though it was sprinkled with self-deprecating humor authored by 'Rat.

  65. We have constructed an entire thread as though it was sprinkled with self-deprecating humor authored by 'Rat.

    More than once.

  66. All this time allen was arguing theology, while I was substantiating that Mr Lapin is a scoundrel.

    No wonder there seems to be a disconnect.

  67. A fellow that immigrates to the US from aparthied South Africa, then compares the US to NAZI Germany, for part of his livelihood.

    That's a scoundrel.

  68. And let US all remember the back story to the Boston Tea Party, of 1773.

    Recalling the French and Indian Wars (1754–1763), where George Washington 'made his bones' as a leader of men.

    The British Crown spending large amounts of treasure and some blood during that nine years of colonial warfare.

    Which it was trying to recoup, through the Stamp Act of 1765, after achieving victory over the French and Indians. It was ... the first direct tax imposed by Britain on its American colonies.

    So there it was, the Crown erring in not instituting PAYGO, sooner, on what they thought should be self-funding colonial enterprise. Regarding both the civil administration and any resulting wars.
    The Crown thought it should be subsidized by the several colonies, not provide a continued subsidy to them.

    The revolutioaries of 1773 being the scoundrals of the Monarchy.

    During and immediately after the Revolutionary War (1776 - 1783), under the governance of the Articles of Confederation, those revolutionary scoundrels were gaining further legitimacy, secured by Washington's military victory in 1783.

    The ratification of the US Constitution, replacing the Articles of Confederation in 1788

    The inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States was a pivitol point in transforming the Freemasons from rouges to respectable, in 15 years of cultural transformation.

    Which we rightfully celebrate, today.

  69. "I owe you thanks. Here's a little Jewish secret: everytime I answer one of your nonsensical, Jew-baiting puffs, I gain merit in this world and the world to come. In that you are so easy, I get points with the Big Guy on the cheap..."

    That's fine, allen, but in order to score points with the rest of us you must provide a platter of knishes. Still warm because they sometimes don't reheat so well.

  70. I figure the perp is an atheist and the legalist is a jackass.

  71. Failing that you must bring us a shrubbery.

  72. But you get more points for knishes.

  73. I always thought of it as "hedging all of your bets," Allen.

  74. Here's the back story:
    Lt. Brigham Shuler said the three Blountstown residents — Jessica Nicole Long, 19; Heather Marie Ammons, 22; and Mandy Allen, 43 — helped plan the home-invasion robbery that led to the shooting death of Octavius Barnes, 24. The women were arrested on Tuesday.

    Barnes was shot and killed by Bradley Harvell, 82, after deputies said he broke into Harvell's home, which is connected to the Slip N' Slide bar.

    "They thought (Harvell) carried a large amount of money on his person," Shuler said.

    Shuler said the second-degree murder charges in the death of Barnes stem from the felony murder rule, which allows co-conspirators in a criminal enterprise to be prosecuted for a death resulting from a planned crime.

    "Everyone involved in the enterprise is liable for second-degree murder," Shuler said.

    Apparently the young man strayed too far from home, fell in with these three women and subsequently departed this whirled.

  75. ..."I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry," Obama said. "Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three -- what I think we know separate and apart from this incident -- is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."

    Clearly we're in need of a Police Sensitivity Czar. Volunteers?


    But, wait!

    Robert Gibbs helps us understand: ..."Let me be clear, he was not calling the officer stupid," Gibbs told reporters as Obama landed in Cleveland for two health care events Thursday...Gibbs said the president did not regret his Wednesday remarks, but wanted to clarify that he was not calling the arresting officer stupid.


    It all depends on what you mean by 'stupid' as opposed to, let's say, 'acting stupidly.' Only the unwashed would fail to grasp the nuanced difference.


  76. The perp, whit, is more of a Campbellist than much else, specific.

    Belief in the cultural myth of good v evil. While trying not to do anything that would deeply embareass his mother.

    Intrigued by the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the travails described. While told by practicing Japanese Buddhists that his spiritual inclinations seemed to be grounded in Buddhism.

    But not a follower of any of the Abrahamic Religions. If that is what atheist means to you.

  77. Barnes was shot and killed by Bradley Harvell, 82, ...



  78. Still workin' the bar scene at 82.

  79. Just another day at The Bar.

    You may recognize some of the regulars.

  80. The perp, whit, is more of a Campbellist than much else, specific.

    Belief in the cultural myth of good v evil. While trying not...blah...blah...blah



    What? Knish? Did somebody say Knishes? I'm up for that!

  81. Hot dogs, by Hebrew National, or Nathans, those are the most tasty.

    Better than Knishes, those hot dogs can be reheated.

  82. ...follower of any of the Abrahamic religions if thats what you mean

    No, I meant it as someone who does not believe in any deity but I wouldn't have bet money on my idle speculation.

    Buddhist sympathizer, huh? I thought they were generally more peaceful. It could be that the perp is a humanist.

    I better leave the profiling to the proper authorities.

  83. You and me both, linear.

    Who else is on board for knishes? Hm?

  84. Alien intervention made us what we are today, viktor?

    Still lookin' for the magic oblisk?
    There are 18 of them, in Rome.
    Of various heritage.

  85. The problem with virtual food is that you're hungry an hour later.

  86. What the heck, I'll had the dog and the knish.

    Okay, so I'm a chazzer.

  87. Look to the Japanese, their version of Buddhism was and is anything but peaceful.

    Almost genocidal, not even almost, really.

    Just repackaged by the Dali Lama in the US, with the help of Mr Carridine RIP.

  88. For Rufus:

    2. Obama Boomerang: Demand for Building Freeze Spurs Rush to Buy.

    by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu 'Obama Buying Boom' in Israel

    U.S. President Barack Obama’s attempt to freeze building for Jews in Judea and Samaria appears to be backfiring as real estate agency report a boom in new home sales in Maaleh Adumim, located several minutes east of Jerusalem.

    The result is a further increase in the number of Jews living in Judea and Samaria, countering the intentions of the new American government


    Barry to Michelle, recently:

    "Some days it just don't seem to pay to get out of bed in the morning."

  89. Isn't that a sign that those folks are "getting it while they can"?

    That any property sold and transfered, now, will be grandfathered in any subsequent agreement.
    A buyer might reasonably so assume.

    The boom indicates that the folk believe that a freeze is coming, and they are getting on board, now.
    Before the last ship sails.

    Or not.

  90. The question:
    Why have all those people decided to take action, now?

  91. Are they taking action now because the believe United States will fail to implement its' stated policy, or succeed?

    Oh, for a reliable pollster!

  92. I said it before; and I'll say it again: I don't care where them folks live.

    I just don't want to pay for the "security." Or, for the "Ryder" truck.

  93. You want to extend the conversation on the topic that
    Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.

    Are we to believe it was an intelligent course of action?

    Though in the photos I saw of the Professor, on his porch, he was surronded by black policemen.

    Which tells us what, really?

    There ae none so blind, as those that will not see.

  94. DR,

    rufus links
    doug links
    trish links
    whit links
    ash links
    etc, etc, etc

    Where are your links for the Lapin material that has consumed so much time and space here, today?

    I have a firm policy, which prevents smoke blowing up my chimney, no attribution, no attention...woosh, into the circular file.

    Beam me up a batch of knishes for the Bar, Scotty. Potato and cheese, if you please.

  95. That is easy enough, allen 2008.

    Our Worst Enemy:

    By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

  96. I'll take ham and eggs, thank you very much.

  97. Maybe a Bacon Double Cheeseburge, from Jack-in-the-Box.

  98. "I have a firm policy..."

    So do I. And some of us don't listen.

    Knishes, allen.


  99. But Jack's Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, blows away any Knishes imaginable.

    That savory bacon flavor, so tasty, so refined.

  100. Now in return for that 2008 link, can you supply the link to the Geneva Conventions authorizing Summary Executions?

    It's been so long.

    And you promised ....

  101. Did your firmness go limp, allen?

    viktor is pushin' for a Viagra subsidy, doug used to talk about his perscription, but not so much any more, modesty's prevailed, maybe.

  102. Let's hope ObamaCare covers it, for your sake.

  103. Whipped on by a Shitzsu, you oughta be ashamed, allen.

  104. trish,

    OK...but...but...but...can I mention in passing that Mr. Multiple Personality has brought on his little imaginary sock friend, Adolph?

    Really, trish, I will stop now.

  105. Rat said...
    "Alien intervention made us what we are today, viktor?"

    C'mon, Rat. You know better. I've written a lot on these matters.

    No aliens, no supernatural, no alternate universes: the only reality is the one in front of our noses.

    I do believe in God. But the only thing that scares me is KEYSER SOZE.

  106. I wonder how the "Big Guy" feels about those New Jersey Rabbis, and their "Kidney Smuggling, and Resale" Scam?

    $10,000.00 in - $160,000.00 out. Not Bad. Them JOOS are good bidnessmen; ya gotta give'm that.

  107. rufus,

    It took you all day, but I knew that you could be counted upon not to disappoint.

  108. “Also, five rabbis from New York and New Jersey, two of whom lead congregations in Deal, were accused of laundering millions of dollars, some of it from the sale of counterfeit goods and bankruptcy fraud, authorities said.”
    Report Link

    “Those arrested included Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn, who was charged with conspiring to arrange the sale of an Israeli citizen's kidney for $160,000 for a transplant for the informant's fictitious uncle. Rosenbaum was quoted as saying he had been arranging the sale of kidneys for 10 years.”
    Sorry to burst your bubble, rufus

    But I know you will keep trying.

    Oh, the Big Guy gave commandments about this stuff several thousand years ago; try reading them sometime. One of them has to do with slander.

  109. Just rounding up the usual suspects, viktor.

    I wanted to use the oblisk reference. 2001 being all about the oblisks.

    Here and there.

  110. Rat said...
    "Just rounding up the usual suspects, viktor.

    I wanted to use the oblisk reference. 2001 being all about the oblisks."

    Heh, heh. Not much gets by you, Rat. You're very sharp. So is Doug.

    And you both have grit. Real grit. That's hard to find.

    If we were friends we would get drunk and argue all the time.

    But, then, that's what friends are for.

  111. Jeez, Allen, If I've got a "bubble" that link sure didn't bust it.

    Look, I'm just trying to entertain myself. I think ALL religion is a crock of shit. It bores me to tears. I just thought it was amusing that that hit the headlines the day all this "Big Guy" nonsense was being discussed.

    If you want to believe in "magic men" in the sky, knock yourself out. But, I'm going to make fun of it; because I think that's the only thing a rational redneck can do.

    The only thing I do take seriously is when some con artist tries to tell me I should pay for their foolishness. I'm not interested.

  112. FBI agent Weysan Dun was quick to deny any political motivation behind the arrests, a majority of which appeared to involve Democrats, rather than Republicans.

    "This investigation has transcended multiple administrations of both political parties," he said.

    This is "not about politics, certainly not about religion. It is about crime.

    Rabbis Held

  113. Commissioner Haas said the panel he planned to convene would perhaps “figure out how we can do things in a better way so we can de-escalate situations.”


    Charles J. Ogletree, a Harvard professor who is acting as Professor Gates’s lawyer, said he had looked into Sergeant Crowley’s professional record but would not say whether he had found anything troubling.

    Mr. Ogletree added that Professor Gates had not ruled out a lawsuit, but that for now, he was focusing on how to keep the country talking about issues of race and law enforcement.

    Sergeant Defends Actions

  114. Wherever BHO goes or has been the stench of facist human scum permeates the air.
    Cornell West
    Glad the cop that responded was the local expert wrt profiling, etc. and well liked and respected by all in the force, black and white alike.
    Even the Guv and Mayor had to chime in with their tired victimology, and by the time they were through, even the great Bill Cosby had retrenched slightly from his original spot-on opinion.

  115. "Look, I'm just trying to entertain myself."

    Oh, aren't we all.

  116. So when Obama angered police officers nationwide by siding with Gates, conservative radio host Mike Gallagher called it "stunning."


    "He said the Cambridge police acted stupidly," the black radio host Gayle King said in a conversation with Gates on her show. "I agree with him, but I was surprised that the president of the United States would use that particular phrase."

    Responded Gates: "I think that the circumstances are so egregious ... (the word) logically popped into his head."

    Divisive Case

  117. Acting US Attorney for the district of New Jersey Ralph Marra told a press conference the sweep demonstrated "the pervasive nature of public corruption in this state".

    "The politicians willingly put themselves up for sale," he said, while "clergymen cloak their extensive criminal activity behind a facade of rectitude".
    FBI officials painted a picture of brazen criminality.

    The money laundering ring allegedly stretched from New Jersey and New York to Israel and Switzerland, while politicians easily exploited loopholes in state law to disguise bribes as campaign contributions.
    Authorities raided several synagogues and, among those arrested, was the chief rabbi of Syrian Jews in the United States.

    One rabbi, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, was charged with conspiring to broker the sale of a human kidney for transplant

    The Chief Jew, busted ?!?
    Whatever will the 'Big Guy' think about 'Bid Rig'?

    Fuckin' scoundrals.

    Hiding behind a facade of rectitude.

    A description that fits so well. For those that profess to be men of faith but that profit from the traffic in human misery and body parts.
    For fun, entertainment and profit

    Or those that would demean the Nation that opened it's doors to a refugee, only to be compared to NAZIs, in exchange.

    Scandalous scoundrels.

  118. Savaged by a Shitszu, that's funny stuff.

  119. They couldn't hold a candle, to US

    US Depth Is Evident in Gold Cup Victory Over Honduras.
    New York Times -

    Teach them about messin' with the 'Big Dog', think they'll stay on the porch, next time?

  120. some housekeeping..."scoundrEl"

  121. The classic schizophrenic is a person who sits down with a jigsaw puzzle and a pair of scissors. For hours he will meticulously trim the tiny pieces to fit. At the end of the day, the puzzle is completed. From a Monet he creates a Pollock, or something else bearing no resemblance to reality. Invariably, squeals of delusions of grandeur follow the fruitless endeavor.





  122. God or G-d.

    It is the meaning, not the spelling that carries the contextual substance.

  123. As your speling of G-d for GOD so amply exemplifies.

    You are so dependable.

  124. ...getting ready for a week of work in Savannah...will celebrate Shabbat at the old synagogue...Presumably, I will stumble over no body parts, although I might pickup a knock-off handbag...need something to get the coffee this...Jingo

  125. All this time is was the Muslim Charities tha were doing Satan's work, when if fact, these Joos nave been accused of doing their fair share, of hauling his water.

    The arrests were headline news in Israel on Friday morning, with the front pages of all three of the country's mass-circulation dailies featuring pictures of bearded ultra-Orthodox Jews being led away by law enforcement officials.

    Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for Israel's national police force, said Friday that Israeli police were not involved in the investigation. He would not comment further.

    Federal prosecutors in the U.S. said the investigation focused on a money laundering network that operated between Brooklyn, N.Y.; Deal, N.J.; and Israel.

    The network is alleged to have laundered tens of millions of dollars through Jewish charities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey

    So brazen behind their facade of rectitude they did not even bother to wear masks, knowing that the Israel Police would turn a blind eye, while showing no respect for US laws or law enforcemnt. Or they were proud of the actions and saw no reason for shame of guilt. They believing their own bull shit rationalizstions for their being scoundrals.

    To traffic in misery and body parts for a DECADE, that is brazen contempt for the laws of the United States!

  126. Bibi stands pat on settlements, Obama takes down a decade old conspiracy amongst the Ultra-Orthadox, in NJ?

    A little tit for tat?

  127. It is a FEDERAL bust, not a local one.

  128. What else will Team Obamamerica do?

    They have the Federal power.

  129. "What else will Team Obamamerica do?"

    Well, DR, you can always hope for the best. Of course, under both Jewish and American law, a conviction will be necessary (I know; those darned jurisprudential technicalities can be so distracting to a good NAZI rant).

    [Hmm...How can I fit Daniel Lapin into this...must spend the day thinking...thinking...thinking...Where did I put those scissors?]

  130. I have not convicted them.
    Used two different qualifiers.

    "if fact"

    Go search for your victim status elsewhere.

  131. If the Chief Jew does not use a Public Defender, it'll cost someone a pretty penny to defend him, in Court.

    That may be justice enough.

    But I doubt it.

    This looks political, to me.
    The Thunder and the Lightning are striking.

  132. That thet were provided such an easy target of opportunity, just makes it sweeter, for the proponents of soft power projection.

  133. It is evident by the importance that allen places on symbols, that symbolism plays an important part in his intellectual tribalism.

    So the symbolism of the Rabbis doing the perp walk, it may really strike a resonant cord in the collective conscience of his tribal members.

  134. More so than any speech or statement ever could.

    To believe the timing of these arrests is coincidental, is comical.

  135. DR,

    You seem confused this morning: Just yesterday they were all "scoundrals", traffickers in human misery (that appears to the uninitiated as fairly substantial, qualified presumption; albeit, some of us are not fluent in DR Zorro Master speak). What, have you had an Americanism epiphany? Wow, will wonders never cease?

    Oh, and thank you for the grammatical observation and validation of my operating thesis.

  136. DR,

    Re: tribalism

    First, I thank G-d everyday for the tribe. Second, I thank G-d daily that I do not inhabit your lonely, little private Hell.

    Under ancient tribal law, if the gentleman (note singular) is convicted of trafficking in human body parts (note only ONE part is alleged), the standard punishment would be death. I would support such a sentence.

    If the rabbis are convicted of “theft”, the ancient punishment would be repayment in multiples of the property expropriated. In short, if guilty, I would favor having them spend the rest of their natural lives at hard labor.

    Of course, DR, the difference between us is that I would think this, ethnicity/religion notwithstanding. That’s “cause” I’m not a fool and a bigot, brandishing a pair of Wal-Mart scissors.