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Monday, July 06, 2009

Hillary Clinton to meet the illegitimate ex-president of Honduras

Clinton Agrees To Meet Zelaya
Efforts Intensified To Resolve Crisis

By Mary Beth Sheridan and Juan Forero
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to meet with ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, as U.S. and other diplomats intensify their efforts to solve a crisis that has turned into a showdown with coup leaders and threatens to produce more bloodshed.

The meeting could take place as early as today, according to a senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Zelaya told reporters he was flying to Washington last night from Central America.

The talks took on additional urgency after two Zelaya supporters were killed Sunday during a boisterous demonstration at the airport in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, where the de facto government denied permission for Zelaya's plane to land. The plane circled the airport twice, then flew on to Nicaragua.

The Clinton meeting would mark the highest-level contact between Zelaya and the Obama administration since the June 28 coup, when the military detained the leftist leader and expelled him from the country. The Obama administration has condemned the coup. But until now, Clinton has worked behind the scenes, consulting with foreign ministers from Mexico and other countries as the U.S. government publicly coordinated its efforts through the Organization of American States (OAS).


  1. Maybe Hillary, who is known for flying in and out of combat zones under heavy fire, and loves the lights, and Biden too, will try to fly into Honduras again with Zelaya, in a dramatic show of support for 'democracy.'

    If our Supeme Court had done its duty, and looked into the Natural Born Citizen case, we might be removing Obama.

  2. How could we possibly be any more wrong?

    Or right, from the point of view of a Freedom Hating Marxist.

  3. In a fair World, Impeachment Proceedings would start now.

  4. Delivering him back into Tegucigalpa still in his pj's would be the ultimate...non-coup.

  5. And smoothing his slightly mussed hair.

  6. Bullet That Killed Honduran Leftist Protester Yesterday Was Not Fired By Military

    The bullet that killed the young man yesterday at the Toncontin airport in Honduras was not fired from a military weapon. The military released a statement on the incident today.Hunter Smith just released this news from El Heraldo:

    This is just a rough translation, as I am hurrying to make it available in English:

    The Minister of Defense Adolfo Lionel Sevilla said this afternoon that the bullet that killed a young man at the demonstration Sunday in the Toncontín airport did not come from a military weapon.

    According to the experts, the bullet that took the life of a young 19 year old, was not from a military caliber. The report reveals that the direction the young man died does not coincide with the trajectory of the direction of the bullet from the armed forces.

    Ramón Custodio: army used rubber bullets

    The National Commissioner of Human Rights, Ramón Custodio, said this Monday that the military did not cause the death of the young man that passed away yesterday during the disturbances that happened at the airport in Tegucigalpa.

    "Whoever shot wanted this person to die", said the Commissioner of Human Rights Ramón Custodio and adding that the military elements used rubber bullets to drive away protesters who caused destruction in the international airport.

  7. allen said...

    " allen said...
    McNamara was a "bean counter". Nothing wrong with that until you start counting human beans.


    All this time I thought he was a
    "Being Counter"

    Made perfect sense that body counts would consist of counting human beings.

  8. Hillary and Zelaya can cross over on muleback in the dead of night. Folk of the people as they are.

  9. This is going to be short and ugly. The major accomplishment of the Obama Administration will be to refresh the diminished pool of young cynics.

  10. 56. RWE:

    Even if we had never had the Vietnam War we would know what McNamera thought of the uniformed military.

    McNamera initiated Project 100,000, designed to induct 100,000 mental cases and people who could not pass the entrance exams into the military each year. Think about that! People who could not pass the entrance exams in a Draftee military! And their shortcomings would be kept from their commanders.

    McNamera clearly thought that the uniformed military was a job suitable for people who could not do anything else.

    John Kerry famously joked that if you were not smart enough to get into an Ivy League college then you might end up in Iraq. But McNamera did not just joke; he worked to make it a reality.

    This was in the same timeframe that the Earl Warren Supreme Court ruled that the mentally ill could not be kept in mental institutions intended for just that purpose unless they had committed a crime worthy of incarceration. They were dumped out into the street where even today they make up most of the homeless, commit all sorts of crimes, and are a burden on their families, neighbors and everyone else. Lately they have even have been sent to assisted living centers where they prey upon the elderly.

    McNamera’s contempt for the military extended far beyond his choice of weapons systems and micromanagement of bad ideas.

  11. You gotta admit, serving in the military during the sixties gave one a renewed respect for the word "average."

  12. And a reminder of what spittle running down your face felt like.

  13. Or ten guys taking a uniform dump five on each side knees to knees.

  14. McNamera initiated Project 100,000, designed to induct 100,000mental cases and people who could not pass the entrance exams into the military each year.

    Is that true?

    Well, I shouldn't ask. Should go look it up. Which I did, and it seems it mostly is.

    the Earl Warren Supreme Court ruled that the mentally ill could not be kept in mental institutions intended for just that purpose unless they had committed a crime worthy of incarceration.

    Which was a correct ruling. "Mentally ill" being a very very plastic phrase, depending on who does the defining.

  15. Yeah, but there are a lot of people on the street that don't belong there.

  16. Maybe there are grounds to impeach b hussein?

    Violation of international law, as well as american law for funding hamas, a terrorist group?

    Maybe that real birth certificate might appear when he's a tad less popular and come back to haunt him?

    Is he smoking in the Oval Office? that is a federal crime....

  17. Is he smoking in the Oval Office? that is a federal crime....

    heh, that's right, it probably is.

    One might add, is he smoking dope in the White House?

  18. b hussein obama never smoked dope, he smoked heroin and speed...

    our current prez erases all sin from all future candidates

    time for b hussein obama's ex lovers to come forward and discuss the details of how president stud muffin laid down the tube.