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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Perry Ohio cop gives another cop a hand while transporting prisoner

PERRY TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A highly respected police chief suddenly retires amidst allegations of impropriety. A video tape has surfaced that's at the center of controversy.

On June 2, 2009 police say Perry Township Chief Timothy Escola went to Cincinnati in a police cruiser to pick up a prisoner.

The police chief wasn't alone during that ride. Another officer went with him.

The two were videotaped inside the cruiser. It shows a female officer touching Escola's neck and face. She turns around and checks on the prisoner numerous times, who was asleep in the back seat. She also kissed the chief on several occasions with her head resting on his shoulder.

Township Trustee Lee Laubacher told FOX 8, "What he did was wrong, because he had a prisoner in the car and having a prisoner in the car put him on duty. Anything you do in there now becomes public."

The Township's Law Director, Charles Hall, says an anonymous source tipped officials off about the cruiser video tape.

When a request was put in for the tape the law director says Escola tendered his retirement notice.

In the letter Escola says, "I have been committed to this township for the past four years, and am now looking forward to spending quality time with my family, and pursuing personal interests."

Reporter Kristy Steeves spoke to the former chief on Wednesday, the morning after the Board of Trustees accepted his retirement. Escola said he did not have sex with the officer, saying "that the tape will show that."

The former chief has also requested a copy of the tape to view it himself.

The attorney representing the former chief, Craig Conley, issued a statement that says, Escola apologizes to his family and to the citizens of Perry Township for engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Conley went on to say, "[Escola] accepts full responsibility and accountability for his actions, along with the attendant consequences."

The statement later reads, "More importantly, without attempting to 'bypass' his own misconduct, to the extent what appears to be a 'gerry-rigging' of the cruiser camera occurred, Mr. Escola expects appropriate law enforcement agencies to investigate and, if merited, to bring criminal charges against the culprit. Along those same lines, Mr. Escola also expects an attempt to 'blackmail' him into resigning will be investigated and, if merited, criminal charges will be brought against the culprit as well. In that regard, Mr. Escola leaves those 'collateral', but obviously very serious matters to the sound discretion of those agencies and he does so with high confidence in our justice system."

The township's law director says there is no longer a need for an investigation into the video tape matter because the chief tendered his resignation.

Charles Hall also said there will be no disciplinary action taken against the female officer because he doesn't feel it's warranted. Fox


  1. Whatever else may be said, he did resign, without putting the public through the Sanford Samba.

  2. Sanford is the most pathetic human in the (non-Muslim) World.

  3. good point allen...and cops too dumb to know which way a camera is pointed arent really worth having on your force. In my opinion

  4. Why resign...

    I want him for President....

    Did he HARM the prisoner?

    Did he NOT show compassion and care for his fellow officer that had special needs...

    I do not hear him asking for any kisses...

    I see a caring fellow, doing his job and doing so well it made the female officer hot...

  5. WIO,

    Soon there may be a senate seat open in SC. Stranger things have happened, eg he didn't cry.