“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moral Equivalency


  1. great juxtaposition!

    ...looks like the "Immortals" haven't improved much over the centuries...better stick to the girls...

  2. To get back to some points that slipped through hte cracks of absence.

    allen, our dear departed and now returned poster, told US he was an American, then an Israeli. Now he subsequently denied this israel point, but I went and found the post where he claimed to be Israeli.

    ... it will face an instant army of 700,000 - heavily armed, well trained, with the fanatical devotion of the Stonewall Brigade. To win will require fighting every Israeli man, woman, and child - including stupid Jewish reporters and talking-heads. If you knew the first thing about us, ...

    As allen makes clear, he is speaking of Israeli citizens, amongst whom he counts himself as one.
    "...about us, ..."

    Despite his subsequent denial of that assertion. Seems he has already made his decision, as did Mr Lee of VA, just that in allen's case, it may just be at a subconscience level, today.

    I, amongst others, have listed the many failed attempts at revolution around the whirled, in the last fifty years. With the implied idea that we, in the US, should have "done something", when in most cases we did nothing of any signifigance.
    Hungary, Prauge, Tittiman, etc.

    This lack of action was demonstrated by both political parties, here in the US. It was decided that a lack of governmental action was in the National Interest or the US, more than these decisions were an embrace or rejection of any political party's ideology.

    With the US failing to develop an insurgent corps, in Iran, there is little rhetorically that Mr Obama can do, that would make a difference on the ground. Any more so than Ike, Nixon, LBJ or even Ronald Reagan could do in their respective crisis.

    When presented with political turmoil and violence, in Lebanon, Mr Reagan had US head for home.

    When he spoke, at the Wall in Berlin, there was no ongoing violence which he'd have been accused of further inciting.

    Mr Bush and then President Obama both made their rhetorical pitch for change in Iran and across the entire Islamic arc, now that change is in the air, the US is not in a real position to take affirmative action.

    No more so than we where in Hungary, Prauge or Tittiman Square.

    Because someone, in the US, decided not to develop an core insugency corps, in Iran.

    Our previous "Decider", did.

    Decisions that have consequence far beyond mere rhetoric.

  3. Allen,
    What's your take on a Jericho Model 941 FS/R:S in .45 ACP?

    I'd ask wio, but already know he'd praise the Glock.

    I like the 45 for stopping power. If the gun comes out, the gloves are off anyhow. I had a brand new Sigg some time back, but had to part with it to pay some medical bills. Your daughter is a girl close to my heart. Any young lady who favors 000 buckshot has her priorities straight. I need to stock up myself, come to think of it.

    Home invasion is not a laughing matter hereabouts, and hasn't been for over 30 years.

    Gotta run. Family matters. Having a wonderful Father's Day, and hoping the same for the rest of y'all.


  4. DR,

    ...good try, but no cigar...

    ..."subconscious"...Kewl beans, Dude...

  5. Despite his subsequent denial of that assertion. Seems he has already made his decision, as did Mr Lee of VA, just that in allen's case, it may just be at a subconscience level, today.

    Ah, jeez rat...

    Parsing and nit-picking just like that redneck Chevy guy...

    Can't you two give it a rest for one damned day?

  6. Rockin’ the Casbah - Iranian Style #3

    Published in June 21st, 2009

    More videos and commentary from Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at her Noisy Room. Good links there.

  7. One must wonder, just how many of the 1.2 million Arab Israeli will be amongst those 700,000 militia that allen tells US of?

    Another point, concerning the USS Liberty and the US government report of the Israeli attack upon her. I happen to think that the report was politically motivated and amounted to a whitewash.

    wi"o" and allen hold that the US report is sancrosect. Obviously because it was created by and for US. The "Gold Standard" as it were. If this is to be then Standard which US Governmental reports are to be held, well, okay, I guess.

    Israel was found, by the US government, to have created a Jim Crow enviorment for the Palistinian people, in Israel and the occupied lands. This report, much as the one concerning the "Liberty', must be held as truthful and representitive of the reality, on the ground.

    It is sancrosect.

    Beyond reproach or question of finding, apples to apples.

  8. No, not after being referred to in such derogatory ways, by the some of those 'Friends of Israel'.

    It will not stand that their half-truths and outright lies pass without comment.

  9. linearthinker,

    Re: Jericho 45

    I've never owned or fired one. On the whole, I prefer a 40cal...sorta the best of both worlds: manageable from almost any posture and lethal with the right load.

    Both my children learned to shoot and swim at an early age. With weapons we have four rules:
    1-3) The gun is ALWAYS loaded.
    4) Shoot twice.

    Best to you as well...Shalom...

  10. DR,

    I would just love nothing better than to make you a rational neutral, but that ain't ever gonna happen...


  11. DR,

    I will make this a simple as possible (no slur intended, I just tire of gazing through the fog of battle).

    If Israel ever attacks the United States, I will encourage my son to fight his cousins.

    If the United States ever attacks Israel, I will encourage my son to fight his cousins.

    I have made a moral choice and can live with the consequences. Doubtless, you have made your own.


  12. The Sons of Zorro Master
    Christians, Msulims and Jews
    They share moral equialency

    Sharing the Zorro Master's foundational good vs evil and messiah myth.

    Such an intellectually secular way to deny the divinity of any of the Abrahamic religions.

  13. Reagan = Obama
    Reagan = Khamenei
    Fits the title of the thread.

  14. Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

    But Obama is not likely to take this path. He is a man bound by forces outside himself and by a practice that is central to the minority experience in America: masking. As the word itself makes clear, the mask is not an authentic representation of one's true self; rather it is a presentation of the self that angles for advantage. Today we blacks have two great masks that we wear for advantage in the American mainstream: bargaining and challenging.

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  16. Well, certainly doug, there is a moral equivalency between the different US Administrations, past and present.
    We must judge each one's performance against the others. For simularities and differences. Looking for the 'common thread' that creates the clothe of America.

    I have a rational distaste for countries that attack ships of the US Navy, at sea.

    There is a moral equivalency amongst those that do or have.

    The three that come to mind, Libya, NorK and Israel.

    All three have operated outside the International norms of the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty.

    They share a moral equivalency, to include beautiful artwork and poetry that emanates from their ancient pasts, which include many episodes of cultural repression and slavery.

    Israel and NorK stand together in that light, since the Libyans have since confessed and have been redeemed. Both refuse to allow IAEA inspectors free reign.

  17. DR,

    Re: Liberty

    In the words of Dr. Ruth, "shit happens." Get over it.

    There has never been a war without mishap and tragedy.

    Admiral McCain and several IG reports cleared the Israelis of overt, blatant, malice aforethought. They could have all been lying or in the pay of AIPAC. To believe so, not to put too fine a point on it, is NUTS!!!!!!!!!

  18. Both Ronald Wilson Reagan and Barack Hussein Obama represent the United States of their time.

    There is a moral and historical equivalency to Obama's actions, in regards Iran and past incidents of similarity.

    Do you venture that Mr Pennetta thinks it's a "slam dunk", one way or the other, the outcome in Iran?

    All poker players worth their salt play their cards close to their vest, early in the game.
    While looking for the 'tell'.

    Mr Bush did not enable US participation in this Iranian revolution, the monies allocated but, as bobbie reported, left unspent.

    The will of the people, undone.

  19. No, it is not nuts.

    The Israeli were redeemed, without confession
    The Libyans with one and lil Kim, he has no advocates in the US.

    Unlike both Libya and Israel.

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    ;-) ;-) ;-)

    It's all better now...When you awaken you will be in the arms of the nude Scarlett Johannson...She will be begging you, "More, Bigdaddy!...More Bigdaddy!"...YES!

  21. Poem for 6/19/09
    Obama to the Iranians
    If it Weren’t So Serious, It’d Be Funny
    By Tarzana Joe

    I’ve taken some abuse
    Because I haven’t spoken out
    Sometimes it’s best to whisper
    When the world expects a shout.

    You’ve taken to the streets
    Despite the edicts and the bans
    (Who know that you Iranians
    Were such rabid Laker fans?)

    I don’t want it to appear
    That my intention is to meddle
    I don’ think our way of living
    Is a system we should peddle

    Sure, I know there are some preachers
    Who can stir up real dissention…
    That’s why for twenty years
    I just didn’t pay attention

    Of course I’ve taken notice
    That your anger has been rising
    After all I made my living
    Community Organizing

    And if you organize your outrage
    No power can resist you
    If I’d known what you were planning
    I’d have sent Acorn to assist you.

    Now the world will long remember
    Your bravery and your pluck
    On behalf of all Americans
    I’m here to say…Good Luck!

  22. Somebody needs to take a vacation.

  23. Sometimes I agree with Rat; sometimes I don't.

    This time I do. I believe Rat is an American. In soul, and attitude. He's not a dumb American. He's read history, and lived it. He and his ancestors have carved out a good life in a difficult land. They've probably made a few enemies along the way, and a lot of very good friends. Probably earned a boatload of respect.

    I'm sure Allen is an honorable man, also. He is a brother Marine. But, his heart, I'm afraid, is in Israel. I think he, sometimes, longs to be there.

    That's okay. But, I'm afraid, it makes his judgement suspect in matters having to do with Israel, and the Middle East.

    That having been said, either one can cover my Six any time. I'm quite sure no member of my family will ever carry arms against any members of the families of either. It's quite possible they might be comrades in arms at some time against the forces of another.

    They will prevail. Of THAT, I have NO doubt.

  24. I hope you all had as good a Fathers' Day, as I did.

  25. Ahmadinejad appeared to be courting his own clerical support. State television showed him meeting with mullahs at the presidential palace and telling them the election had demonstrated popular love for the regime.

    He criticized British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and President Barack Obama, who on Saturday urged Iranian authorities to halt "all violent and unjust actions against its own people."

    "With that behavior you will not be among Iran's friends," Ahmadinejad said, in a potentially ominous sign for Obama's recent efforts to warm relations with Iran.

    Standing by Protesters

  26. I agree with Allen--great juxtaposition.

    Neanderthal Steak

  27. Democrats Fleeing Obama's Health Care Plan--

    Article includes another phoney New York Times poll.

  28. Showcase Solar Project Near Nellis Has Problems--

    Does have a method of storing solar energy so it can be used at night. Uses mirrors to heat molten salt.