“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran video links not shown on MSM. Warning very graphic videos

Iran Links- Warning-some very tough video and pictures


  1. Here is where religious ignorance leads.

  2. Why those shits over at Google feel they have to censor the dirty work of the Iranian government is beyond me.

  3. So much for soft diplomacy with Iran.

  4. "Why those shits over at Google feel they have to censor the dirty work of the Iranian government is beyond me"
    Loyal Obamacrats.

    And our president is "troubled," but doesn't believe we should "meddle" in Iran's internal affairs. (Meddling in Israel's domestic affairs is just fine, though.)

    We just turned our backs on freedom.
    Of all our foreign-policy failures in my lifetime, our current shunning of those demanding free elections and expanded civil rights in Iran reminds me most of Hungary in 1956.

    For years, we encouraged the Hungarians to rise up against oppression. When they did, we watched from the sidelines as Russian tanks drove over them.

    For decades, Washington policymakers from both parties have prodded Iranians to throw off their shackles. Last Friday, millions of Iranians stood up. And we're standing down.

    That isn't diplomacy. It's treachery.
    Is his program of negotiations with apocalypse-minded, woman-hating, Jew-killing fanatics so sacrosanct that he can't acknowledge human cries for freedom?

  6. We gave in Iraq. Let's let someone else have this fun.

  7. doug,

    Looks like you too need to move to Israel, under the rufus rules of debate ;-)

  8. Cain't let it go, can you?

  9. I don't recall Obama ever asking the Iranians to "revolt."

  10. I agree, Deuce; this is what "religion" is good for.

    I can't help but think that no matter who wins the Iranians will be doing 5 butt-ups/day this time next year. And, still sponsoring Hezbollah, and still chanting "Death to America."

    I'm with Bob. The wimmin look like good breeding stock, but the men look . . . . uh, expendable.

  11. rufus,

    Nope...It's too much fun...and you make it so easy...

    "breeding stock" - Ja! Ja!

    No doubt spoken as the American policy to which you aspire.

  12. You DO understand that you seem to Never have anything good to say about America, or Americans, right?

    And, absolutely, positively, Never anything Bad to say about Israel.

    Mat was the same way.

    I haven't really tracked WIO on this. He must not be as bad, or, surely, I would have noticed.

  13. Shit, I just got it. You called ME, a redneck from Mississippi, a Nazi. FUUUuuck you.

  14. I'm quite frankly surprised that Israel has been on its ass here. Surely the motivation to arm up a half million Iranians must be pretty acute in Jerusalem.

  15. I was thinking the same thing, Trish.

    I've recall hearing all three, Mat, WiO and Allen, praising America to the skies, myself, at times, though Mat was, admitedly, a little more critical, once in a while...:)

    If your country goes completely to the shits, then what, really, do you do? I don't think there's any really hard and fast rule.

    Religion can be a great thing, alas, easily perverted, and as in islam, truly demented.

  16. Alas, secularism can easily become demented as well, as the last century so plainly showed.

    A world were there's always a territory out west to excape to is the best kind world.

  17. Obama's ignorance of history is on naked display -- no sense of the brutality of Iran's Islamist regime, of the years of mass imprisonments, diabolical torture, prison rapes, wholesale executions and secret graves that made the shah's reign seem idyllic. Our president seems to regard the Iranian protesters as spoiled brats.

    Facts? Who cares? In his Cairo sermon -- a speech that will live in infamy -- our president compared the plight of the Palestinians, the aggressors in 1948, with the Holocaust. He didn't mention the million Jews dispossessed and driven from Muslim lands since 1948, nor the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Christians from the West Bank.

    Now our president's attempt to vote "present" yet again green-lights the Iranian regime's determination to face down the demonstrators -- and the mullahs understand it as such.

    If we see greater violence in Tehran, the blood of those freedom marchers will be on our president's hands.

  18. America typically supports like minded countries whose values we share...--

    That's it for me, basically. If you saw the video of those thugs killing that beautiful young Iranian woman today....

  19. rufus said...
    "Shit, I just got it. You called ME, a redneck from Mississippi, a Nazi. FUUUuuck you."
    Well, you ARE from Mississippi!
    (so we expected it would take a while for you to get it! :-)

  20. rufus said,

    "And, absolutely, positively, Never anything Bad to say about Israel."

    You have got to be kidding. That is just about the most intellectually dishonest statement I have ever read.

    I'll give any odds you like that an audit of my opinions of both governments is a wash.

    But thanks for the seque. Eric Burdon recorded a Leonard Cohen song, My Secret Life, in which appear the lines:

    “I do not want you thinkin’ that it’s either black or white

    Thank God, it’s not that simple. in my secret life.”

    While probably inconsequent to most, last time I checked Cohen was a somewhat lax but professing Christian.

    My Secret Life

  21. In his Cairo sermon -- a speech that will live in infamy--

    I agree. Half or more of his facts were untruths, the overall tone apologetic grovelpalooza.

  22. I have yet to see a single one, al-Bob, sure glad they are out there though.
    Heard the woman who played the part of the Stonee in the upcoming film on Ingraham telling how much her seeing one of those interfered with her sleep.
    Last thing I, (or you, Mr Late Nite) need.

  23. "fuck you" your dreams, Big Guy...

  24. Not just a Nazi, a DUM Nazi.

    I guess I am Dum. Cause I sure am Surprized.

  25. I'm with Bob. The wimmin look like good breeding stock, but the men look . . . . uh, expendable.--

    I rise to the defense of Rufus here. That's just his way of talkin', sometimes. Mine too, by the way. Little rough around the collar sometimes, nothing more.

  26. rufus,

    Lee was the product of a few generations of Colonial Americans. I am the product of hundreds of generations of rebels. So, you are correct, there is relatively little comparison.

  27. Well, you can be as gray as you like in your private life, Bubba;

    but you stated on the previous thread that (I'm paraphrasing) if push came to shove you would have to think hard as to whether your ultimate loyalties would be with Israel, or the U.S.

    I'm not buyin it, chum. If you will go that far, in public, and on the record, I don't think it's all that close.

  28. I "aint" as bad...

    I love America, warts and ALL...

    I have no problem with American Exceptionalism

    I believe in American Manifest Destiny...

    I am critical of American policies and aid to hostile countries and peoples...

    I believe that America should finish off the islamic war against us by making oil as valuable as table salt (credit to james woolsey who spoke to my cock sucking zionist group aipac 6 weeks ago in washington)

    I believe that America owes NOTHING for it's failure to stop the Holocaust

    I believe America should stop apologizing for Slavery, since over 500k americans were killed and wounded fighting to end slavery

    I believe that the Indian wars were brutal and that the Indians lost...

    I believe that Israel fights for survival for it's citizens and that it fights to live and not have an empire...

    I believe that Israel has held NON-god title to Jerusalem for 3100 years, far longer than any 99% of any nation or people in the world can claim ownership of any lands..

    I believe that Israel has made major mistakes... It has withdrawn from 99.2% of all disputed lands for sham peace treaty with liars and murderers

    I believe that the arab world (who expelled 1 million jews in 1948 and stole their property and businesses) have ethnically cleansed it's 649/650th of the middle east and they also sided with the nazis during ww2

    I believe that Europe made it clear of it's feelings to the jews by murdering them for the better part of 1600 years and in the end murdered 6.5 men woman and children..

    I have ZERO problems with Israel shooting to kill terrorists..

    I HAVE ZERO problems with AMERICA shooting to kill terrorists..

    I believe that all islamic terrorists that are captured should be waterboarded, electrocuted in their nuts, and have acid poured down their throats, they I believe they should be stitched into pig skins and fed to the sharks, all while being taped for utube as an example of what to expect if you try to murder Americans or Israelis

    I believe that America spies on Israel

    I believe that Israel spies on America

    I believe that America and Israel share so many common values that this is the reason (NOT AIPAC) that Congress, Law enforcement, our military, and a hugh % of Americans (and on and on) support Israel. (state dept and select potus's excepted)

  29. Lee was torn between loyalty to His Home State, and His Country.

    Your problem is between Your Country, and Another Country.

    I know a little bit about Robert E. Lee, buddy; and You ain't no Robert E. Lee.

  30. I have nothing but admiration for the waves of young Iranians standing up for freedom and against tyranny.

    I thought the government would have broken them by now but they have not. Keep in mind that everyone of those police and militia have never participated or seen anything like this. This is new and shocking to them.

    It is very possible that some of these police will have no stomach for the fight and will sympathize with the obvious courage of the demonstrators. This is a situation very much in flux.

  31. "I was thinking the same thing, Trish."

    Probably not in the same vein, however.

  32. I remember years ago someone demanding a little gun running in that direction. Came the response: "Sure. If they've got a self-destruct function."

  33. I believe that America owes NOTHING for it's failure to stop the Holocaust.

    Just eddycate me; Who, exactly, DID lose 650,000 kids liberating those camps?

    Oh, wait .. . . We WERE late. Well, there was, you know, a little delay at Normandy, and, then, there was Bastogne.

    Well, hell, you're right; it was ALL OUR FAULT. please forgive us.

  34. "The sting of insult is truth."
    ___Ben Franklin (another notorious traitor)

    I have rarely called anyone a "Nazi". The language of some does come dangerously close to the mark, though, e.g. "breeding stock". That is right out of Mein Kampf, you...

    Israel might be doing a lot more in Iran on this very day, except that some of its "best friends" compromised its well run show, which led to the disintegration of its operation and death to hundreds of its operatives. I'm sure the French were the culprits...that's the ticket...that's the party line.

  35. It is startling to me as to just how far most of the major news media are behind the curve of the internet and bloggers. You tube is getting real good stuff , but as I said before the shits over there are taking a lot of it down. Damn them.

  36. I, also, am proud of them, Deuce. I'm afraid they're going to be betrayed.

    I have to admit, I'm very much frustrated by what I'm seeing.

  37. Islam is simply incompatible with democracy, and if anyone examines the moral relativism and equivalency of our president objectively, Obama will be in trouble.

  38. Probably not.

    I wonder what's happening out in the other cities, and countryside.

    When Spain broke apart they had one village declaring for the Republic, and a few miles down the road some other village declaring for the Nationalists.

    Wonder how long this will go on. They haven't brought in any tanks. Why is that?

  39. "Israel might be doing a lot more..."

    Like arming the Iranians?

  40. Obama, Ayatollah of America, is the sign I'm taking to the Forth of July Tea Party we are attending.

    Hearty protester that I am, in a city with a good fireworks display, and a nice bar, like say, Coeur d'Alene.

  41. That video of the life flowing from the body of that pretty young girl will cost more that a few mullahs their heads.

  42. rufus said,

    "I know a litte bit about Robert E. Lee, buddy; and you ain't no Robert E. Lee..."

    Without question you do know a little bit about Robert E. Lee.

    As was written of William Penn, "He was no man's copy." Nor am I. Lee was Lee; rufus is rufus; allen is allen. Eureka!...another brilliant insight brought to you here first, thanks to rufus.

  43. I'm against giving money to Israel so they can build settlements on the West Bank, and keep the shit stirred.

    So, you call me a Nazi.

    I mentioned Ad Homs; and all I heard was, "What Ad Homs?" "Not us."

    Horseshit, Rat has it right. Typical lefty, "tax-Rufus for my favorite projects," crap.

    If Rufus says, "No, I don't want to finance Zionist settlements in Palestine," he a Nazi.


    By the way, Nazism was a "Liberal" movement, not a "Conservative" advent.

  44. YOU, Good Buddy are the one who compared his predicament to that of Robert E Lee.

    I just called, Bullshit.

    I did date the Great, Great Niece of Robert E. Lee for awhile. So, I guess you could say, "I know the family."

    (for the humor-impaired lefties among us, That was a Joke.)

  45. Moving towards her leisurely as clouds through the shimmering air came a great company of human beings, and Miranda saw in an amazement of joy that they were all the living she had known. Their faces were transfigured, each in its own beauty, beyond what she remebered of them, their eyes were clear and untroubled as good weather, and they cast no shadows. They were pure identities and she knew them every one without calling their names or remembering what relation she bore to them. They surrounded her smoothly on silent feet, then turned their entranced faces again towards the sea, and she moved among them easily as a wave among waves.--

    jeez, I love that. Copied it out, put it in my desk drawer.

  46. That puts Katherine Anne Porter firmly in the western camp, by the way, as in the great east, all the buddhas are the same. No true individual identities there.

  47. The audacity of hope...imagine the audacity of an American President lecturing about the use of interrogation techniques just two weeks ago, and
    making an equivalency test with Islam. What on earth does he think he will have to talk about with such men?

  48. rufus said...
    I believe that America owes NOTHING for it's failure to stop the Holocaust.

    Just eddycate me; Who, exactly, DID lose 650,000 kids liberating those camps?

    Oh, wait .. . . We WERE late. Well, there was, you know, a little delay at Normandy, and, then, there was Bastogne.

    Well, hell, you're right; it was ALL OUR FAULT. please forgive us.


    America TURNED away Jewish refugees in 1938 (S.S. St. Louis)

    America companies such as IBM could have been stopped by the US government but pleas were ignored

    America we BEGGED to bomb the train lines leading into major camps long before normandy (about 12 miles off course from bombing runs)

    America did not go to war in Europe to liberate the camps....

    Try learning history of AMerica during the 1920-1940's... From Henry Ford to Charles Lindberg, from the German American Bund to historic anti-semitic quotas to keep Jews out of country clubs, hospitals and universities... Reverse affirmative at it's finest...

    No I dont blame America for not lifting one finger when it could have during WW2, Jews were NOT in it's interest...

    So dont get your panties in a wad, but dont you tell me that Normandy was to liberate Camps... It wasnt...

    In 1945 - American forces liberated Dachau, it started murdering Jews 1933...

    And why could America NOT BOMB the train lines, the ovens?

  49. Look at it this way, dear host: Media driven events can and sometimes do contain real tragedy, real heroism, real passion, real heartbreak, real good, and real evil. And still be media driven events.

  50. trish,

    Would the past Israeli government have supplied guns? Doubt it. Will the current government? Doubt it now has the contacts.

    Israel used to supply Lebanese Christian militias with guns...then the Israeli government went wobbly, leaving the Christians to fend for themselves. Sorta like the US did to the Vietnamese.

    By the way, rufus, if you are keeping score, that was a direct kick to the testicles of an Israeli government. Knowing you are a fair and honorable gentleman, I didn't want you perplexed by any perceived ambiguity on my part.

  51. Did you know her Biblically, Rufus, that is what I want to know, peeking through the window of my mind.

  52. Iran's closer and more endangered nemesis wouldn't pick up on this - no way, no how. Neither would the Iraqis and they cannot get the fucking Iranians out of their hair.

  53. When I get back to Ohio again, I'm going to Virginia in search of the other half of the family. Whether I'll find anything in church records, or prisons lists, I don't really know.

    I agree deuce, those videos are going to cost a lot.

  54. The media driving this event is twitter and youtube and tens of thousands of tech savvy twenty somethings. it is as unique a use of technology as was the spur, bronze swords, the saddle, armor and gunpowder.

  55. What on earth does he think he will have to talk about with such men?

    Their Common Religion?

  56. It's not the counterrevolution, dear host. It's a bid to save the Republic, not to overthrow it.

    We may be God's own Romantics; it's just not what we would want it to be.

  57. What on earth does he think he will have to talk about with such men?

    Their Common Religion?

    Exactly. A meeting of the Ayatollahs.

    How in hell did this country fall for that piece of crap?

  58. "Doubt it now has the contacts."

    What a bunch of crap, allen. The Israelis have an easier time running Iranians than we do.

  59. I'm getting those videos out of my mind. I'm going to the Casino, where people get along.

    Remember, no ad homs, now.

  60. Which. Is. Not. To. Say. It's. Easy.

  61. I have no problem with Iran being a republic. I just want a rational player. I am also so very please that the duopoly of dour in Moscow so recently sided with the murder of buzzards.

  62. The United States did not fight WWII for the purpose of liberating European Jewry, rufus. That was another of your little detours into blustering nonsense and disingenuity.

    Millions of Americans fought to stop two aggressive, militant tyrannies. Hundreds of thousands were killed and millions wounded in the struggle (some being my own kinsmen). Oh, and by the way, rufus, my dad and innumerable uncles fought in both theaters of that war. We do like to do our little bit to help keep the country free for all Americans - even those who have never learned the first thing about Americanism or its history.

  63. "I have no problem with Iran being a republic."

    You entirely missed the point.

    I'm going out on the rooftop to have a smoke and when I come back I expect you will have understood it.

  64. Duopoly of Dour?

    Holy Moly, that's a Classic.

  65. I may have, and I will not blame it on this excellent bottle of "Parson's flat" which will soon be history.

  66. trish,

    Re: crap, allen

    Yes, they do, which is like saying...what?

  67. "Israel might be doing a lot more in Iran on this very day, except that some of its "best friends" compromised its well run show, which led to the disintegration of its operation and death to hundreds of its operatives."
    Where could I read about that, Allen?

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  69. I'm havin' a nice and reasonably priced bottle of something white myself.

  70. even those who have never learned the first thing about Americanism or its history.

    Nope, no Ad Homs, here.

    Let me see if I have this right: If you don't agree with spending your tax dollars on settlements in Palestine you're a

    Dum Nazi.

    Is that about it?

  71. memory of elephants...I like that.

  72. trish,

    It would not be easy.

    Is it doable? Sure. To a limited degree, but nothing on the scale needed in the timeframe needed, unless both the US and Israel are willing to fully cooperate. Is Mr. Obama up to that?

    The Kurds would seem the logical conduit, if our other Iraqi friends can be bypassed.

  73. rufus: Let me see if I have this right: If you don't agree with spending your tax dollars on settlements in Palestine you're a

    Dum Nazi.

    No your mistaken

    US economic AID to Israel never paid for settlements in the west bank...

    try again...

  74. Disingenuous?

    WIO said we didn't STOP the holocaust. We DID. You're just bitching because we didn't do it quick enough to suit.

    We had a War to Win. We had Troops (American Troops) under fire. We got there when we could.

    And, we bombed every damned rail line in Germany, and France a few dozen times (maybe YOU should read the history of the 8th Air Force.)

    They stayed destroyed on average, I'd say, about 12 hours.

    You're just talking simplistic bullshit. You're not playing with kids, here, asshole.

  75. doug said,

    "Where could I read about that, Allen?"

    You can't...

  76. Says you.

    I recently got a little tired of it. And have returned to the white. Which, after so many years in Germany, I just didn't want any more.

    Variety is key. Except when it's not.

  77. The German whites are rather excellent with tobacco in most of its forms. Too bad you have to retreat to the roof.

  78. rufus,

    I don't agree with spending US tax dollars on settlements.

    That is not the cause of dispute. Your undifferentiated bitterness is.

    Will someone share a sip of wine, PLEASE! Mad Dog will do.

  79. "It would not be easy."

    Going up to the roof to have a smoke?

    It's my second floor. Done.

  80. rufus said,

    Well nothing really, but let's try this:

    "You're just talking simplistic bullshit. You're not playing with kids, here, asshole."

    What is your fixation with cock sucking and anal intercourse. We're talking politics here.

    By the way, I never complained about the speed with which either the US or USSR liberated the camps. You are conflating.

  81. Don't forget to sign your chits and put the dog out. good night.

  82. US economic AID to Israel never paid for settlements in the west bank...

    Even a Dum Nazi, nay, even a Mississippi Rednek knows that money is fungible.

  83. I copied, and pasted WIO's statement:

    I believe that America owes NOTHING for it's failure to stop the Holocaust.

    THEN, I Responded.

    I don't think "Conflating" means what you think it does.

  84. Then, stick with "Politics," and quit calling me an ignorant Nazi.

  85. Night, Deuce. Nice little brawl you hosted, here.

    Send the bill for damages to AIPAC. They can afford it.

    p.s. You were right, early, about this Iran, thing. I was behind the curve.

  86. Here's the key to it, Deuce. They've GOT to turn, at least, one official group that has guns. The Police might do it.

    The Army is the Nuts, but they might not kill civilians if the Police refuse to arrest.

  87. Re: pistols

    May I recommend the Jericho 941F. Although it lacks the sophistication of the Baretta, it is relatively inexpensive, extremely durable, highly reliable, and readily available in quantity.

    Never leave home without one.

  88. Oh, "Lord Have Mercy," You've all GOT TO SEE This.

    Jib Jab does SuperObama

  89. Great post, Ruf. I'd read about the
    Xhosa before, somewhere.

    The resurrection of the dead was predicted to occur on the full moon of June, 1856. Nothing happened. The chief prophet of the cattle-killing movement, Mhlakaza, moved the date to the full moon of August. But again the prophecy was not fulfilled.--

    An old ploy.

    And if the Madhi doesn't appear, after so much time, you try to force him to do so.

  90. You gotta check out that jibjab "SuperObama" video.

    It's a Hoot.

  91. Nah, the best collective noun I've come across is 'unkindness of ravens'.


  92. Yeah, I watched it, Rufus. heh

    Along the line of Wobbly Guy, a murder of crows isn't bad either.

  93. And, then, there's---

    a congress of baboons

  94. They Killed Neda--But Not Her Voice--

    What about the oil/gas industry workers? How about a general strike?

    Whose 'side' would they be on?

  95. I recommend the Glock 22...

    15 shot 40 cal...

    4 parts...

    can field strip in in the dark and put it back together in 25 seconds...