“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Is it Ahmadinejad bye bye?

Ahmadinejad draws support mainly from the urban poor and rural areas, while his rivals, mostly Mir Hosssain Mousavi, have huge support among the middle classes and the educated urban population. There will most likely be a runoff election as any candidate must win 50% of the vote. That seems sensible to me.

Regardless, who ever wins, must pay the piper, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the "Supreme Jurist."

Recall the scenes of joyous crowds in Tieneman Square. The Iranian military and the mullahs do as well.


  1. Count on it, nothing is really going to change.

    The internal security forces are going for the bomb.

    They won't be denied, absent outside intervention.

    That means Israel.

    Because we've backed out.

    I have no idea what Israel will do.

    Ron Paul says they should have the bomb, deserve it even. In his incredibly stupid reasoning.

    Ron Paul, Libertarian.

  2. MAJOR NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    NATO mortar rounds kill Afghan civilians

    Bring the troops home…NOW!!!

    Better the Third Reich stand a thousand years than one innocent German die at the hands of the Sons of Light.

  3. No, bob, there is no guilt, only recongnition of historical facts. Whether in Tucson or Santa Fe.
    San Fransico or San Diego or Los Angles or Las Vegas.

    Spanish names of American cities, why is that, if the Spanish/Mexicans were not there, first? If there were no residents to speak those names?

    bob is both a "birther" and a "history denier". Whether that makes him as 'conservative' as that Von Brunn fellow is open to debate, but his thinking is similar.

    Selective data sets are rejected, despite the historical truths they represent. Especially when those truths do not fit the pre-programed propaganda that is held so tightly to their busom.

    History viewed through a prisim of propaganda, a malady that must get worse, with age.

    As to the Iranian election, the sanctions are working, which was Team43's application of "Soft Power" and were effective, but late.
    Late, which is almost not better than never, since the negotiator on our side of the table has changed.

    If the State of MN had the same election rules as Iran, then they'd have had a run off election, there.
    But no, Al Franken wins because Norm Coleman was a Senator that did not represent the majority of his voters, proven by his failure to beat Franken in a three way race.

    Because he did not attract voters to his Standard or his cause, because he was a loser, deep down where it counts. Whipped by a "Not ready for Prime Time player", which says more about MN voters than either candidate. But that Coleman went to litigation, rather than accepting the will of the people, as represented, makes him no better than aby Democratic hack.

    The people of MN's wisdom vindicated by Coleman's post election behaviour.

    But that Coleman could not eeek out a plurality of the vote, exemplfying his percieved ineffectiveness.

    Another Republican REJECTED by the voters as they also were in Idaho's 1st District.

    One should look to their own fields, before critizing the farmers across the way. A glance in a mirror sometimes instructive, for history deniers.

    Sometimes not.

  4. Mr Bush and Team43 planting the seeds of success, in Iran.
    Leaving it to Mr Obama and Team Obamamerica to wear the laurels of victory and reap the rewards of 'Soft Power' diplomacy.

    Ain't life grand!

  5. Those years of going it alone, not taking our Muslim allies into our ranks. Not permitting the Iraqi to stand with US, shoulder to shoulder as a free people, a grave error.

    One that took Mr Bush years to recongnize and even longer to rectify.
    At great long term cost to the US.

    To allow others to make a similar mistake in regards Iran, morally abhorrent, even criminal.

  6. Oh when will you stupid westerners learn...

    "the PLO is the sole legit representative of the Palestinian people and must be recognized as such"

    The PA accepts the right of Israel to exist... (however the PLO doesnt)

    Fatah attacked this time, no Force 17 did, no Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade did, no islamic jihad did, no moslem brotherhood, no hamas did...

    It's a scene out of "Life of Brian"

    It's a ballcap world...

    The elections in Iran? A show...

    Means NOTHING

    the MODERATE running against Mr Dinnerjacket?

    Was the PM in the 1980 that laid out the NUKE PROGRAM...

    THIS has been going on for DECADES.

    But Americans will swoon that the Promised ONE has brought hope and change to IRan..

    Then IRan will get the bomb and the middle east will go up in flames..

    Oil will be $400 a barrel and the Promised ONE will be happy as then Americans will learn to conserve...

    Never let a good crisis go to waste...

  7. Well. It might not have OUR name written all over it, but Ahmadinejad goes the extra mile in the eleventh hour and selects from the enemies list a more proximate culprit. Josh Marshall:

    "Late Update: I hadn't heard this yet. But in his final television appearance, which I think was Wednesday, Presidnet Ahmadinejad accused his presidential rivals of conspiring with the Israelis to falsify graphs and documents to discredit him (presumably on his management of the economy)."

    The foreign conspiracy angle sometimes works (Venezuela). Sometimes doesn't. In this case, the conspiracy doesn't acknowledge and draw upon popular discontent; it is rather disconnected from it. 'The management of the economy has actually been quite successful, but my opponent, in league with the Israelis, is making shit up.'

    Hard sell.

  8. The democracy revolution continues, we should appreciate its' virtues. It is the "Plan" unfolding, years of work by Team43 to secure our future are coming to fruition, and you boys scoff and dismiss it as "nothing".

    Little wonder then that Mr Bush was held in such low regard, by so many. As the success of his program is not even acknowledged, but to be an object of derision, by his past supporters.

  9. The democracy revolution continues

    Israel had an election, they VOTED to hold historic Jewish lands promised by the League of Nations in 1917...

    Fuck going back to 1967 borders, let's go back to 1917, the 1st Modern world wide legally binding statement about the middle east after the colonializing , genocidal ottomans lost power...

    Yep... From the river to the sea, including much of transjordan... The homeland for the Jews, not a created place but a RECONSTITUTED one...

    After all If the Jews have no rights to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, by what right does ANYONE people have to any lands anywhere?

  10. Very little, wi"o", as bob has discovered, in Moscow. The "title" is transitory and never absolute.

    Property taxes must be paid and standards of behaviour adhered to, per the Homeowners Association or local Planning Czar.

    It takes a village to legitimize the title. In the case of Nations, its' the global village.

  11. How the Afrikaners lost title to South Africa, instructive in how the global village can delegitimize a Governmental System.

    Another case where obtaining nuclear weapons capability was wasted effort and misallocation of assets.

  12. The Wash Times:

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Netanyahu yields on Palestinian sovereignty

    Eli Lake (Contact)

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a major shift, will accept the notion of a Palestinian state -- a policy pushed by the Obama administration but resisted until now by Mr. Netanyahu, Israeli officials and Americans briefed on the Israeli leader's thinking said.

    The policy reversal, which is expected to go public this weekend, could help restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and allow the Israeli leader to steer a course between Mr. Obama's view and those of his own hawkish base.

    The Israeli and American officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Washington Times on Thursday that Mr. Netanyahu, in a major speech Sunday, will, however, set Israeli parameters for recognizing Palestinian sovereignty.

    The officials said Mr. Netanyahu will emphasize Palestinian obligations under the "road map" to peace in the Middle East -- a three-phase process for negotiations initiated by the George W. Bush administration, which so far has not been followed.

    Any discussion of a two-state solution and negotiations on so-called final-status issues -- including the borders of a future Palestinian state would represent a major modification of Mr. Netanyahu's campaign platform in which he promised a "bottom up" approach to negotiations focusing on economic issues.

    The conditions he is expected to put forward include:

    • Any Palestinian state must be demilitarized, without an air force, full-fledged army or heavy weapons.

    • Palestinians may not sign treaties with powers hostile to Israel.

    • A Palestinian state must allow Israeli civilian and military aircraft unfettered access to Palestinian airspace, allow Israel to retain control of the airwaves and to station Israeli troops on a future state's eastern and southern borders.

    • Palestinians must accept Israel as a Jewish state, a nod to the hawkish side of Mr. Netanyahu's governing coalition that has raised concerns that the Palestinian Authority, which nominally governs the West Bank, does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

    The State Department declined to comment on the details of what Mr. Netanyahu is expected to say.


    IOW (and contrary to the aricle's headline) exactly his position on sovereignty as stated in his 2000 book A Durable Peace.

    So if he intends to throw a bone to the admin, it's not listed above.

  13. The funny thing?

    A state is being offered to the Palestinians the MOMENT they embrace Ghandi not Hitler..

    The fact is that the Palestinians WILL NEVER CHOOSE GHANDI....

    So make all the offers in the world, the only problem with that is that every time an offer is sweetened, the arabs feel like they are winning...

    That is why I now have decided to go back to the 1917 League of Nations offer...

  14. "Power comes from the barrel of a gun" ___Mao

    ...or a sword, crossbow, ax, stick, or stone...

    Governing authorities have always been the creations of violence.

    Israel has BIG guns. Whether it chooses power remains to be seen.

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