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Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Wake Up Call for McCain

A little advise from Dick Morris.


August 02, 2008
McCain Should Hit Obama Where It Hurts - on Policy

By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
Real Clear Politics

When is the McCain campaign going to get serious? It seems to be marking time with softball ads, more appropriate to the soundbites campaign media spokespeople exchange with one another than to strategic paid media hits. One ad talks about how the media loves Obama. Another mocks him as a celebrity. Each throws pitty-pat punches, far short of the kind of knockout blows one would expect from a presidential campaign. Were I a donor to McCain's campaign, paying for these pathetic spots, I would demand a refund. Or sue for malpractice.

Yet despite this softball nonsense, Obama remains vulnerable, no better than two points ahead despite the bounce from his overseas trip.

Are the McCain people waiting for September to get serious? If so, they are making a big mistake and missing an important opportunity. History indicates that the best time to beat a new candidate is in the summer. August to be precise.

Dukakis, Mondale, and Kerry all were destroyed in the summer, long before the fall campaign began. In 1984, the offensive against Geraldine Ferraro crippled Mondale well before Labor Day. In 1988, the pledge of allegiance, revolving door, and Willie Horton ads all ran in the summer. Dukakis was dead by September. And the swift boat attack on Kerry defeated him well before the summer was over.

McCain needs to make voters afraid of Obama. Not, as he suggests self-servingly, by emphasizing that he "doesn't look like all the other presidents on dollar bills," but by hitting him on the two fronts where it would really hurt -- the economy and national security. Obama's inexperience and the wildly liberal proposals he has made in his primary campaigning, both set him up for a crippling blow this month.

Oil drilling is an issue, but it does not provoke the fear that the McCain campaign needs to elicit to win. It's just an issue disagreement with bad consequences for the nation. Obama's position on the issue is not a recipe for national disaster.

But his tax plans and their likely economic consequence are very much a plan for catastrophe. Doubling the tax in invested capital, and ratcheting up the top tax bracket to an effective 60%, will plunge the nation into a real depression. Not a recession or a downturn or a correction or a slowdown. A depression. McCain needs to hammer this point home again and again and again in his advertising. He has to put top level economists on television talking about what the Obama tax program will mean to America. Obama is suspect as an ideological liberal, anyway. And nobody thinks he has the experience to be a good president. So the potential to scare voters by accurately elaborating what his tax plans will mean to the entire country -- not just the rich on whom the burden will directly fall -- is enormous.

When Obama says he will only tax the rich, it's like saying he won't shut down the entire ship, just the engine room. If McCain just talks about Obama's tax program in the abstract, most voters will shrug and note that the tax hikes won't really apply to them. Only 2% of Americans earn more than $200,000 a year and only 6% make more than $100,000. But if McCain explains the economic impact of Obama's tax proposals on all Americans, he will score points and could score a knockout.

The national security offensive should have two parts. First, McCain's ads should portray Obama as naive. By taking off on his comment that Iran is a "tiny country" that couldn't hurt the US much, he can show how the Democrat is not prepared to cope with the serious national security problems which will face the next president. The more the crisis with Iran ratchets up, the more dividends this approach will reap for McCain. But, as with the argument of an impending depression if Obama wins, McCain needs to begin the argument now and let it pile up by the fall.

Secondly, McCain should take Obama's proposed changes in the Patriot Act and show how they would weaken us in the face of domestic terror threats. Don't let the liberal media fool you. Bush's domestic security initiatives are very popular. How will Obama explain his legislation to notify suspected terrorist groups seven days after Homeland Security begins an investigation of them? Or how will he explain his opposition to the wiretapping that saved the Brooklyn Bridge from destruction. McCain needs to paint Obama as weak on homeland security.

This race is there for the winning, but McCain is using his paid media ads as mere press releases, touching on the events of the day without really using them as a strategic tool to destroy Obama. He needs to start doing so now

Morris, a former political adviser to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and President Bill Clinton. To get all of Dick Morris’s and Eileen McGann’s columns for free by email, go to


  1. As I've been saying ...

    A NV & AZ bank had a big shake-up over the past few days, Maverick's son, a Director of Silver State Bank resigned in the reorganization

    Silver State Bank's board chairman and chief executive resigned Friday as the commercial bank announced a worse-than-expected net loss due to real-estate loans gone bad in Nevada and Arizona.

    Michael Thorell, the former president of Silver State's Arizona region, will take over as acting president and chief executive officer.

    Silver State said Corey Johnson resigned as president and CEO of both the Henderson, Nev.-based bank and its parent company, Silver State Bancorp. Bryan Norby resigned as chairman of the board.
    The moves came less than a week after Andrew McCain, a son of presumptive Republican presidential candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain, resigned from Silver State's board of directors for personal reasons.

    Silver State has struggled this year as the economic downturn slammed its real-estate customers. The bank said its net loss for the second quarter that ended June 30 totaled $62.7 million, or $4.15 a share, compared with net income of $6.2 million, or 44 cents a share, in the year-ago period. The loss sent Silver State's stock down 29.7 percent, to 90 cents a share at the close of trading Friday from $1.28 a share the day before.

    The bank said its net loss came as it boosted its provision for loan losses to $58.6 million. Non-performing loans, or those 90 or more days past due, more than tripled as conditions for its home-builder customers continued to deteriorate.

    The bank also took an $18.8 million write-down on its acquisition of Scottsdale-based Choice Bank, which it bought for $31.2 million in 2006.

  2. WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic candidate Barack Obama on Saturday backed away from rival John McCain's challenge for a series of joint appearances, agreeing only to the standard three debates in the fall.
    In May, when a McCain adviser proposed a series of pre-convention appearances at town hall meetings, Obama said, "I think that's a great idea." In summer stumping on the campaign trail, McCain has often noted that Obama had not followed through and joined him in any events.
    On Saturday, in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said the short period between the last political convention and the first proposed debate made it likely that the commission-sponsored debates would be the only ones.
    "We've committed to the three debates on the table," campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Saturday in an interview. "It's likely they will be the three appearances by the candidates this fall."
    Asked by The Associated Press if that meant Obama would not agree to any other debates, Psaki said, "We're not saying that." She said the McCain campaign had rejected Obama's proposal for two joint town hall meetings.
    McCain's campaign disparaged Obama for backing off. "We understand it might be beneath a worldwide celebrity of Barack Obamas magnitude to appear at town hall meetings alongside John McCain and directly answer questions from the American people, but we hope hell reconsider," spokesman Brian Rogers said.

  3. "beneath a worldwide celebrity"

    That's rich....

  4. Responding earlier, the bama boyz said:
    "We've already had 19 debates."

    As tho session w/other craps = debates w/GOP oppo.

    Somebody should start a
    "do they really think we're that stupid" list blog, starting with the
    "he just meant he had bigger ears"
    than Geo Washington and Company lie of the day.

  5. Our one good columnist here, a research tech at WSU, had a good article today, on and on about Obama's energy policy of pumping up the tires on our cars. Maybe we can laugh this sucker to politcal death, if nothing else works.

    Been having trouble with my computor. Going to have someone work it over for me Monday. Harvest has started here.

  6. I can think of one thing Obama hasn't changed on--raising taxes.

  7. Doubling the tax in invested capital, and ratcheting up the top tax bracket to an effective 60%, will plunge the nation into a real depression. Not a recession or a downturn or a correction or a slowdown. A depression.

    Guys like Ash don't seem to get this.

  8. When Obama says he will only tax the rich, it's like saying he won't shut down the entire ship, just the engine room.

    Ash, think of it as a sailboat without the sails.

  9. Wake Up Call For Humanity

    Disclosing slowly. They could have just as well dropped that lander by Cydonia(Sedonia?) and got down to the nitty gritty.

  10. Hey, al-Bob:
    Did you see my IE note in a previous thread?
    I couldn't get into blogger in IE, so installed Firefox.
    Today IE gets in fine, so blogger must have done something, I guess.
    Don't fix it if it ain't broken!

  11. Leave it to Badger

    Tape Officer said bus killer ate part of victim -

    "Okay, Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it," he says at the end of the approximately 80-second recording.

  12. At least he had the decency to go to the back of the bus to eat.

  13. I mucked around with something called "Big Fix" and screwed everything up. I can't go directly to EB now, but am using bailing wire and duck tape, so to speak, and coming in the back door. I found an entry in google from months back, and followed the tracks in the snow, to here.

  14. Now for six years of the last seven years that Mr Bush has been trying to get his temporary tax cuts made permanent, he could not do it.

    The Democratic minority in the Senate stopped him, cold, each time he tried.

    Meanwhile it is August of 2008 and Maverick is doing the best Bob Dole impression ever seen.

    The hope for the future, it's in the Senate and the Republican stalwarts that can be entrenched, there.

    If there are 41 laoal a true votes, no Obama tax plan can be passed. No Obama property redistribution scheme can go forward. None of the nightmares can happen, if the Republican can hold the center, in the Senate.

    That, not a McCain Presidency is the only conservative fallback position, for 2008.

    If McCain gets a faster beat programed into his pace he may make 'er, yet. But he's already running, flat out. It's his style, he's never run in a tough political race, that he won.

    If Maverick continues on course, rejecting Morris's sage advise, he'll be toast when Team Obama smears back.
    Watch him explode, in one of those three debates.

  15. Obama will stutter and hem and haw, Maverick will go red in the face, steam will jet from his ears and it'll be reality tv.

    Just a step away from Jerry Springer

  16. How 'bout the anthrax specialist, the one advising the FBI in the hunt, being the perp!

    What a plot line, to unbelievable to be true, but it is! Stranger than fiction, with the Feds paying Doc Hatfill a bundle.

    $5.82 million
    Prosecutors said the payout means that the former Army scientist will likely never be charged in connection with the deaths of 5 people who came in contact with the deadly spores.

    Lucky for him he had a good lawyer, or he;d have been with Jose Padilla, held without charge or bail, until trial on another charge, years later.

  17. Maybe the Republican National Committee can fix up--call it the "Big Fix"--some kind of cocktail for McCain before the debates--steroids, Viagra, and lots of tranquilizers, all in one, to keep him alert, strong, but not prone to explode.

  18. Forgot what the guys brother said, something like
    "it figures"
    hadn't talked to him since 1985.
    To everyone else he was "normal."

  19. Sean Connery, in the 1987 movie "The Untouchables" explained how Chicago works: "He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send of of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way." Senator Obama echoed these words at a Philadelphia fundraiser in June, addressing his strategy for taking on the GOP: "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

    The Chicago way is Obama's way--and it is everything but change we can believe in.

    from Obama's Chicago Ties in Townhall Magasine

    The ties go deep, folks.

  20. In a video sent to donors, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe says the campaign received 100,000 contributions yesterday, a third of them from first-time donors.

    "I think John McCain has harmed himself in the last week, really eroding any capital he had built up in terms of what kind of politician he is," Plouffe says. "But he's really helped our campaign, because so many of you have contributed in the last week. Our field offices had people pouring into them yesterday."

    In the primary, Obama's most successful fundraising came during moments of conflict, and McCain's decision to go negative seems to be bearing the same cost.

    By Ben Smith 04:40 PM

  21. "I have said in the past — and I'll repeat again — that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed," the Illinois Democrat said recently.

    Some two dozen members of Congress are co-sponsors of legislation to create a commission that would study reparations — that is, payments and programs to make up for the damage done by slavery.

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People supports the legislation, too. Cities around the country, including Obama's home of Chicago, have endorsed the idea, and so has a major union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

    Obama has worked to be seen as someone who will bring people together, not divide them into various interest groups with checklists of demands. Supporting reparations could undermine that image and make him appear to be pandering to black voters.

    "Let's not be naive. Sen. Obama is running for president of the United States, and so he is in a constant battle to save his political life," said Kibibi Tyehimba, co-chair of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America. "In light of the demographics of this country, I don't think it's realistic to expect him to do anything other than what he's done."

    But this is not a position Obama adopted just for the presidential campaign. He voiced the same concerns about reparations during his successful run for the Senate in 2004.

  22. hmmph-computor cleaned itself up, couldn't get anything the other day.

  23. This is where the focus should be, but it's all Obama, all the time, in the energy vortex of the Sedona compound.

    In Senate, GOP Braces For Cold November
    Republicans are in such perilous shape heading toward Election Day that they argue a four-seat loss would count as a "moral victory."

    by Jennifer E. Duffy

    The Republicans are going to lose a bunch of Senate seats, upwards of seven, most likely. Unless the GOP steps up and starts something.

    At least here in AZ, the GOP foot soldiers have gone to ground. Maybe they are busy in FL or MO, but you'd not even know an election was 94 days away, by the lack of activity, here.
    Don't know about the Democrats, here, they've never called us before, or now.

  24. "I have said in the past — and I'll repeat again — that the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed," the Illinois Democrat said recently.

    So instead of a Bulls game, teach your kid a work ethic, a skill, a craft, a trade, teach and MAKE your kid READ BOOKS with words that do not include the terms: nigger, ho, whatsup, downwitat, bro..

    Oh that doesnt require someone to kiss your ass?

    Forget it...............

  25. Midnight basketball?

    Never heard of Jr Achievement, scouts, 4h?

    ok, you keep midnight basketball, I'll keep mine..

  26. The one retirement that might actually benefit Republicans is in Idaho, where Craig's well-documented legal troubles would have made him a prime Democratic target. Today, GOP Lt. Gov. Jim Risch is favored to hold the seat, although he faces an aggressive competitor in former Rep. Larry LaRocco.


    LaRocco is a turd.

    There's a third guy in the race whose name I forget, but he ran in the primary, I believe, and is going kind of pub/independent. He's a rancher, and might get some votes away from Risch, so it might be closer than imagined now.

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    B.熱毛巾(當服務生送熱毛巾給消費者使用後 摺整齊後放在旁)
    C.水果盤(把面積較大的水果 細分小塊後送至消費者面前)

    A.當消費者要點歌時 要主動起身(不等消費者開口) 拿麥克風歌本(或遙控器)
    B.千萬別讓消費者自己倒酒(或水) 甚至要主動按服務鈴請服務生入內(如倒熱茶 熱毛巾)
    C.若消費者有拿煙的動作 記得協助點煙


    a :合約內容本身要件要有【商營利事業登記編號/還有政府認證核發蓋章】因為這些文件都是要繳稅的….一但登報稅了,您自己想想妳在職期間這幾年{妳}家人~早就會知道你在八大行業了…..反而家人卻沒發現,每年也都沒有繳稅單更沒有勞健保,因為這份是假合約【法律用語:偽造文書】
    b :合約內容常有一段話:幾年以內不能離職/幾年內不能更換經紀人。這番話已經觸犯【法律用語:強制罪】
    c :從一開始的違法合約到內容的不人道,甚至離職還又要賠償..。我梁曉尊跟妳說【妳被唬了】
    d :重頭到尾觸法的假合約,真的到警察局/法院 {妳}是贏家。
    e :我梁曉尊做經紀人快十年了…我還沒見過有經紀公司拿著合約去警局敢賭這件事。
    1.其實酒店所謂的規定 取決於是人與人之間互動的生意
    所以特別狀況不一 但不見得常發生
    2.現在條例都寫的十分清楚 若會有扣錢的規定 主要是針對調皮的小姐
    一般小姐不會犯錯 是不會扣錢的 這點請放心
    3.例如桌面服務沒做好(Google搜尋:梁曉尊/梁小尊 網站內有專文提到) 跟客人互動不熱絡或是喝醉不能上班之類的。
    還有上班不遲到不早退(會扣錢) ,不跟客人報消費價錢(要一問三不知)
    到班的日子~不亂請假 上班時要服裝儀容整齊乾淨 不可帶違禁品
    2.和客人保持和諧的氣氛 畢竟消費者不是來受氣的
    也別在客人面前提及消費方式 其他就如同和朋友互動一樣喔
    3.其實不要喝醉 這些就不是大問題 清醒時當然會行事更謹慎些
    4.八卦事件聽聽就好 千萬別過嘴 否則公親變事主
    酒的種類繁多 .客人喝的酒不止一種.也許第一桌喝啤酒.
    因此閃酒的技巧非常重要!.如何不讓客人發現的情況下.讓自己少喝一點.要和客人玩什麼樣的遊戲.才能把時間拉長.自己少輸點少喝點. 這些都是基本功!

    下午:3點班、4點班、5點班、6點班 (每個班次往後推7小時,就是妳的上班時間)
    晚間:7點班、8點班、9點班 (每個班次往後推7小時,就是妳的上班時間)
    註:有床的地方不能去 汽車旅館/飯店,包括私人辦公室!。不用擔心得罪客人,也不用怕被扣錢! 當下可立即離開~ 切記先保護自己。
    酒店小姐出場接S 純屬個人行為。有些人想賺這個錢….但有些酒店小姐認為不需要!
    但是不會有任何人去逼你 為難做自己不喜歡的事。
    我梁曉尊舉個例子 女孩們會覺得更貼切 也比較淺顯易懂的邏輯 :
    八大行業商品是(人),今天(妳)面前站3個人有~ 王陽明 康康 NONO
    (妳)肯定會問 王陽明 可不可以出場接S ?!
    至於王陽明是否同意 決定在於自己~。
    在去酒店上班之前,一定要給自己定一個目標及方向,你必需了解自己為何來酒店上班,目的何在? 出發點是什麼?

  36. 2020.05.06新冠肺炎疫情肆虐,由於先前有台北某知名酒店工作酒店女公關酒店S確診,因此指揮中心下令全台酒店上班暫時停業,連帶造成許多小姐生計出現困難。不過也正因為如此,大家開始討論八大行業酒店內秘辛、玩法、價位等等,一些不為人知的事情,浮上檯面;一名酒店小姐就分享,曾遇到狐臭味超重的客人。根據【酒店PT】鍵盤大檸檬網站真人真事,一名酒店打工酒店小姐因為經濟困難到酒店上班,卻遇上「超級狐仙」客人,對方味道濃醇不香,期間不斷手舉高、腋下對著她;回家洗澡完,她發現身上仍有客人的狐臭味,因此再次坐檯時,請求對方不要再點她檯了,結果男客居然犯賤,每回來都點她。隨著酒店停業,想必該位小姐暫時不會再被男客的狐臭味侵犯了。回顧先前本刊記者調查,台北市合法登記的酒吧及視聽歌唱等特種行業約30家,以每家平均40個包廂(桌數),單店每日營收60萬元至240萬元為計,停業一個月,損失最高飆破20億元,若計入不合法的地下酒店,損失將逾30億元。而有業者為了求生存,因此轉為「地下化」,更有酒店女公關轉戰應召市場,宜蘭甚至出現付1500元就能獲得全套服務亂象。目前台灣疫情逐漸趨緩,對於酒店何時解禁,中央流行疫情指揮中心指揮官陳時中表示,解禁沒有時間表,但只要大家願意好好配合,那開放的時間就越快。

  37. 2020.05.11中央流行疫情指揮中心在4月9日下令,全台八大行業酒店工作有女陪侍場所無限期停業,讓倚賴八大經濟鏈的酒店上班女公關、酒店經紀、幹部、泊車小弟頓失經濟收入。本刊訪問多名在北市酒店上班的女公關,發現俗稱「酒店S」的她們,為了求生,轉攻各大KTV,跨界過起如「傳播妹」、「飯局妹」的日子。之前在「便服店」酒店上班的「艾可」(化名)說:「八大行業沒辦法上班後,酒店經紀(安排酒店PT酒女工作事宜者)就開始跟各大連鎖KTV訂包廂,我們上班的地點就從酒店變成各大KTV。」「可是KTV跟酒店打工不一樣,客人也不多,收入大概從原本每天八千元到一萬二千元,腰斬成四千元到六千元,如果有接到飯局或私人招待所的攤,收入才會跟原本的差不多。」艾可大嘆。此外,由於台北市林森北路「條通區」上百家的「日式酒店」,營業登記為「餐廳」,因此不受影響可以繼續做生意,外傳台北市的酒店停業後,許多酒店女公關轉進「日式酒店」。艾可卻狠狠打臉這個說法,「疫情蔓延後,日式酒店很多早就關門了,本地酒客根本不可能去那邊消費!」本刊日前實地走訪,果然發現以往晚間九點至十二點間擠滿人潮的「六條通」至「八條通」,大部分「日式酒店」都沒點亮招牌,連路人都寥寥無幾。

  38. 2020.05.12酒店、舞廳解禁酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容開放有望!新冠肺炎台灣疫情緩和、穩定控制,中央流行疫情指揮中心昨日我在酒店上班的日子宣布,目前暫停營業的酒店、舞廳等酒店小姐一定有S?業者,在符合防疫安全條件下,八大行業可開放營業,且不受室內100人、室外500人人數限制。巧合的是,今日職場須知 【酒店PT 】剛好是酒店、舞廳停業滿月,指揮中心此話一出,相關酒店打工行業人士都很期待。記者實訪一名在北市中山區酒店工作的女公關軒軒,她表示若酒店真解禁,實質上生意一定會爆好,因為台商、業者都「忍很久了」。軒軒說,她所服務的地方為私人招待所,受酒店禁令也暫時歇業至今,這一個月來她都沒進店裡上班,與其他公關們大多轉戰KTV、卡拉OK或是飯局模式;而客層方面,多為熟客與幹部所介紹的友善客人,故在安危顧慮上較放心;但即便如此。收入仍大受影響,跟之前比少了六成,不過因她沒有家計負擔,故這段時間她也當做休息,更規畫了東部旅遊。而對疫情這段時間的感想?軒軒說,其實酒店業並不是四月時有酒店公關確診才受影響,而是台灣確診1月下旬有確診者後,2、3月生意就明顯下滑,因為「有錢人超怕死!」也擔心來消費後確診,很難對親友交代,故2月起收入就已下滑。軒軒也說,而酒店業是「連動」、最能反應「台灣經濟」的產業。經濟好時,來消費、甚至談生意的客人就多;而一蕭條,酒店、幹部、旗下小姐收入銳減,連樓下賣花、賣香腸、一整條賣衣物、精品的店家都受影響,是一層接一層環環相扣的。軒軒跟記者分享一個特別觀點,就是酒店停業這一個月時間,她的總收入雖大減,但是「客單」(顧客單筆消費)收入卻超高。她解釋,因為這段時間都轉戰如錢櫃KTV、卡拉OK等方式,客人消費、開酒遠比在酒店時便宜、小費也多外,收入部分因不用透過酒店營銷、幹部等關卡,少了中間抽成,故費用都是「實拿」,也算是這段時間的特別之處。

  39. 2020.05.27酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容酒店兼職很好賺?小姐入行心得:想得太簡單!
    傳播工作與我在酒店上班的日子酒店工作有什麼不同傳播小姐與酒店小姐的工作內容其實大同小異,不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因但在工作內容以外卻有許多的大不同,我來為各位做出酒店上班-酒店兼職-兼差如何達成人生的第一桶金者不同的差異性,給各位做個酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?而且只要做酒店工作,這些都是無法避免的「有人覺得做禮服店就賺很多,又不會出場,我都覺得是幻想。你不是模特兒等級的,哪間禮服店收?時尚經紀公司 | 職場須知 【酒店PT 】時尚酒店經紀‬‎應徵酒店打工、酒店兼職、暑假打工、寒假打工、商務會館、國外打工、酒店小姐。解決您的急需與困難,勇敢追尋您的夢想,放心交給時尚娛樂,讓我們為您打造美麗的未來!酒店小姐藝名用疊字感覺活潑易記
    雙雙 寶寶 安安 依依 佩佩 菲菲 婷婷 飄飄 麗麗
    蓉蓉 師師 小小 圓圓 蕊蕊 水水 珊珊 堯堯 嘉嘉
    冰冰 霜霜 柔柔 寧寧 薇薇 佳佳 露露 娜娜 暄暄
    茶茶 琪琪 巧巧 妞妞 玲玲 妍妍 晨晨 莎莎 芳芳
    點點 慧慧 真真 嬋嬋 珍珍 佳佳 婷婷 芊芊 多多
    凱茵酒店娛樂兼職@酒店兼差@酒店打工@酒店上班@酒店兼職@飯局@酒店打工遊學@酒店part time請問在酒店上班的女生都怎麼上班?是不是沒有休假?那個是有簽約的對吧? 不可違約?薪水大約多少?怎麼領的? 應該不是月薪吧? 女孩子去那裡上班會不會 ?夢飛翔酒店經紀公司│酒店上班 酒店小姐 酒店打工 酒店兼職 酒店兼差 酒店經紀 高薪兼職打工 視訊主播 小額借貸,有一些沒有接觸過酒店的姐妹來找我應徵酒店小姐的時候,我們談的都很融洽,實際上她們也很需要來酒店上班賺錢,可是後來卻沒有來上班,有的甚至失聯。我檢討之後 不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因@酒店經紀阿妹分享酒店上班經驗☆未經同意而任意複製盜用1/3以上者視為偷竊行為,將以違反著作權法追究到底,請勿以身試法。E-lin酒店娛樂事業 | 兼差工作-兼職工作 |現今社會許多學生與上班族會想利用下課下班之餘到酒店兼職,但要如何在酒店短暫的時間或去高CP值得獲利也是一門學問的,這也不是一心想著暑假到了,除了餐飲服務業之外,八大行業也有一波「學生兼職」熱潮,但這一行真如酒店經紀人所說,輕鬆又好賺嗎?最近就有位剛入行的酒店小姐。

  40. 2020.06.17酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容今年4月國內出現首例酒店女公關確診武漢肺炎,為防堵疫情,中央流行疫情指揮中心宣布,自4月9日起,全國酒店、舞廳停止營業,直到5月中疫情趨緩,各縣市才陸續解除禁令,但在我在酒店上班的日子八大行業歇業期間不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因,淋病感染卻意外激增,5月底確診數竟比過去3年同期平均數上升逾8成,醫師推測酒店上班-酒店兼職-兼差如何達成人生的第一桶金,這與性交易轉往地下化有關。根據疾病管制署酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?傳染病統計資料,性傳染病中淋病感染者近期顯著上升,比較2017、2018、2019與今年1月到6月初數據職場須知 【酒店PT 】,發現2017年在這段時間累計有2166例,2018年同期則有1903例,2019年同期為1875人確診,但2020年同期則有2574人確診,比前3年都高。再細看國內八大行業禁令與淋病成長趨勢,可發現淋病確診在八大行業4月9日喊卡當周有109例,到了5月第2周升高至135例,接下來有些微下降,但到5月最後1周又飆到142例,創下今年單周最高紀錄,和前3年同期平均數相較,更足足暴漲86.6%,且到了下一周、即6月第一周,仍有133 例,顯示疫情仍在高峰。至於同樣是性病的梅毒,確診個案則未明顯增加。針對八大行業禁令與淋病感染增加的關係,林口長庚醫院男性學及婦女泌尿科主任陳煜說,應與消費生態與客群產生變化有關,因酒店的消費較高,帶出場的門檻也高,但酒店歇業後,小姐還是要生活,只好轉入地下,進行性交易的頻率可能提高,才導致淋病增加。陳煜解釋,過去有研究發現,私下進行性交易的客群,以中下層、低消費的族群較多,而這些人使用保險套的情形也較不普遍,發生性病的風險偏高。淋病感染激增,梅毒疫情卻沒有擴大,對此陳煜認為,染淋症狀明顯,常有尿道灼熱感,且性器會流出黃綠色濃液,而梅毒感染初期可能僅有輕微的皰疹,較不容易發現,所以才有兩種性病趨勢大不同的特殊現象。疾管署副署長莊人祥說,近期確實發現淋病確診明顯增加,從年齡層分析,以20歲到29歲增幅最大,比去年1月至5月增逾300例;30歲到39歲也增約百例,且男多於女,增加個案以六都為主;至於與八大行業禁令的關係,他則說,詳細原因仍待疾管署進行相關調查。

  41. 2020.06.25酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容我在酒店上班的日子@【酒店小姐】【酒店公關】做酒店真人真事的故事
    客人:不管因為什麼也好,你在這理上班所得來的一切 ,我都可以給你。
    但這個小姐拒絕了,並且給了讓他震驚的回答 。
    她說酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?:我在這裡上班 ,每天上班可以拿到6000-8000元,並且只是幾個小時,我只需要坐在那裡唱唱歌 ,吃點心,我甚至可以不用喝酒,並且不用和客人發生關係,一天6000-8000元,一個月就是18萬-20萬元,扣休息,除了一切開支,我盡可能的可以存到最低10萬元,你能保證你半年甚至一年的時間,可以每月為我定期存入10萬元?並且不發生關係?
    退一步來說,我上班如果必要和客人發生關係,一次是10000元,就以你一個月來我這10次,也就是10萬元,你能保證 ,你一個月會願意花在我身上20萬元?
    並且會考慮我以後的生活?我之所以來這裡上班,可能在別人眼裡 ,我是貪暮虛榮,好吃懶做,想賺快錢,無法吃苦,但我不在乎別人怎麼看,我也是做了很大決定才來這裡上班,我希望以自己現有的資本在這裡上班2~3年,那麼我可以為家人買一間像樣的房子,會讓父母過上好一點的生活,身邊很多和我一樣的姐妹同事,覺得找一個大戶客人包起來,聰明的,二年也可能買得到房子,但是她們並不開心,而且並沒有表面看得那麼亮麗和容易,有些甚至是變得不如現在,我何必要委屈自己每天為別人而活?取悅別人?
    職場須知 【酒店PT 】結論:職業不分貴賤,只要自己賺得心安理得,能明白自己人生的理想和目標,並且清楚知道自己的路該怎麼走,工作都是一樣辛苦的!

  42. 2020.07.09弗洛伊德曾說過一句意義深遠的話,真實酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容的暗疾是渺小,偉大的暗疾是。 希望大家能發現話中之話。 問題酒店小姐上班通常會取什麼名字?的核心究竟是什麼? 我們不妨可以這樣來想: 酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?在這種困難的抉擇下,本人思來想去,寢食難安。 而這些並不是完全重要,更加重要的問題是,儘管我在我在酒店上班的日子看似不顯眼,卻佔據了我的腦海。不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因我們不得不面對一個非常尷尬的事實,那就是,當前最急迫的事,想必就是釐清疑惑了。 每個人的一生中,幾乎可說碰到我在酒店上班的日子這件事,是必然會發生的。 韋斯利曾經說過,「人要隨時隨地利用所有的方法,使用各種手段,在有生之日,盡力為善。 」這段話可說是震撼了我。

  43. 2020.07.15不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因在酒店上班必須經營的【人際關係】酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容會影響妳的收入!
    我在酒店上班的日子這行業所面對就只是"人" 你把人性搞定了 其他就簡單了很多人離開這行時會覺得應對進退的能力變好了。
    因此人際關係-酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?真的是非常的重要 在這行就是大家常說的【手腕】。
    手腕不只是對客人 對其它人【姐妹們 業績幹部 店家行政和少爺】酒店小姐去酒店上班都一定要出場接s嗎?也是非常重要!
    1. 酒店小姐上班通常會取什麼名字?和其它姐妹的互動關係要好:姐妹們在上檯時可以互相幫忙!
    今天你幫她 下次換她幫你 和客人不會天天碰面,但她們可是天天見面的人若在同包廂時 同事彼此默契良好 氣氛很熱絡 客人自然開心 姊妹們賺起錢來也開心不是嗎?
    2.和幹部關係也要好:因為店裡客人都是幹部們努力帶進來的 ,一家店的生意量絕對是靠大家的努力,所以要有幹部緣 當幹部喜歡你 她帶客人來消費時 就會特別說你的好話 讓客人選擇妳 增加上檯機會。
    3.和行政關係要好:他們可都是很辛苦的呢!一個月薪水又沒有我們多 每天要做這麼長的時間 且他們腦裡有很多寶等我們去挖掘呢!若他們給妳工作上的方便 是好處多多(如遲到不扣錢)(甚至請假可以不用補班)
    4.和少爺關係要好:千萬不要覺得他們只是服務生 想想自已喝醉時 少爺是會適時的保護你 貼心的送杯熱茶 和他們好最簡單的方式就是~幫他們跳小費!

  44. 2020.08.03【18禁】酒店小姐深夜保健室不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因曾經做過酒店小姐雞排妹近來化身性愛大師,在節目《酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容深夜保健室》中大談18禁話題,最新一集找來八大行業老司機涼圓,分享我在酒店上班的日子按摩養生館和酒店的差別,不僅列舉養生館裡的「酒店兼差不是一個複雜的工作環境?」,還透漏曾有客人肖想無套,竟瞎扯懷孕更好,讓雞排妹怒轟「好噁心」。在養生館做幹部的涼圓說,按摩養生館和酒店的氛圍大不相同,因此客人TA(酒店小姐上班通常會取什麼名字?)也不一樣,會去酒店小姐去酒店上班都一定要出場接s嗎?大多以商務、談生意為主,希望小姐能幫忙帶氣氛,所以會較熱鬧;但會去養生館的人,主要是想達到身心靈放鬆,能和身材姣好的正妹有所互動。除了揭開養生館的神秘面紗,涼圓也爆料,這行很常遇到無良奧客,曾有做「全套服務」的按摩妹妹跟她說,有個客人想要求她無套,但她婉轉回應「可是我怕我會懷孕怎麼辦」?沒想到對方竟口出狂言,認為懷孕更好,因為「就可以接3個月的無套,之後再拿掉就好」,讓雞排妹大喊噁心,認為對方根本就是沒有同理心。而前陣子疫情關係,有小姐因酒客染疫,導致整個台灣的八大行業同時歇業,讓雞排妹關心起八大行業小姐失業狀態,不過涼圓透漏小姐心態,「今天酒店不能上班,難道我就不賺錢」,爆料這些小姐全跑到按摩店打工,讓雞排妹聽了恍然大悟。

  45. 2020.09.06不敢來酒店上班-酒店打工的原因每個小姐剛踏入這個八大行業都希望可以找到一個合法正派的酒店小姐的基本介紹跟工作內容酒店經紀公司,一個好的酒店經紀不僅僅只是安排店家讓妳上班,會懂得傾聽我在酒店上班的日子酒店小姐的心聲,設身處地的為酒店小姐想,能站在酒店小姐的立場為小姐爭取更多的福利安排更好的店家。
    大多數的酒店小姐都不會透露自己的真實身分,我們也會提醒小姐做好自我保護,每位酒店小姐上班都有自己的理由跟目的,別期待別人對妳說真話,更別輕易相信別人口中說出來的話,酒店小姐往往滿腹委屈不知道該向誰傾訴,這時妳必須找到一個值得妳信賴的人,除了傾聽妳心裡的話之外,並且提供妳多元的意見,我不敢說 我是聖人 更不是偉人,但我是能幫助妳的人。我相信,適時適度的抒發情緒對工作上是有很大的助益的,讓梁曉尊帶妳走過人生中最低潮的時刻,陪妳共同創造出屬於妳的美麗世界。

  46. 2020.11.04酒店小姐的上班經驗與酒店上班技巧一般人誤以為當酒店工作公關酒量一定要很好,其實90%的客人是來應酬的(如招待廠商談生意)。並非找酒店打工小姐拼酒的,(況且酒錢也不便宜啊.酒店內販售的酒比外面貴不少)而是男生們把酒言歡時,【酒店小姐】【酒店公關】只要在旁當忠實的聽眾,當客人傾聽的對象,酒店兼差提供他們情緒出口的平台(如你在哪當兵的啊.男生最少屁2小時以上!!)而你只要打扮美美的.在旁附和就行,至於喝酒的機會 沒有想像的多 我們會教導如何閃酒(我們網站都有專文提到)或排換資深小姐來應付酒客桌,其實還是可以上酒客桌的,若以柔剋剛讓客人不灌妳酒,客人自己喝的盡興,而我們仍然可以全身而退(我們網站有專文提到)而打扮不外乎就是衣、髮、裝.我們合作的店家都有專屬化妝師和髮型師,至於服裝的問題,我們都會提供專業意見。若有治裝費的問題.我們有禮服店/便服店可以配合 省去治裝的煩惱。