“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Democrats Adapt the Paris Hilton Case for Obama

The Grand Poobah of the MSM (Misogyny Stream Media),Tom Brokaw, on "Meet The Press" has defended the deep inexperience of Barack Obama by saying his experience is augmented by the fact that he has been running for President for twenty months. That is obviously a new Democratic talking point. Let me remind the Democrats and Tom, Pompous of Mumble, that this is the same resume of Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is famous because she is famous. Barack is qualified to be President because he has experience running for President.


  1. I'll take THIS over that, any day of the week.

    I think one of the best metaphors for life is that of the journey. You can put meaning into it, as Sarah Palin, husband and child are doing, or, you can go the Paris Hilton way.

  2. Hey Deuce, I just heard Brokaw say that too. Obama is more experienced than Palin because he has been running for the Presidency for 18 months.

    Obama has been campaigning while Palin has actually been governing as Chief Executive.

  3. The Dems and media got clocked on Friday. They almost did not answer the bell and have come back into the ring flailing.

  4. Although, politics is not my cup of tea, actually it bores the hell out of me, but the thing about coming to the bar is, that every once in a while, I see some tits and ass.

    I never know what I'm going to find and it keeps it interesting. Nice work.

  5. Just kill your television set. I did. You'll get over it. Now I go about my own life, and, hear rumours of what is going on out there in TVLand.

    And I still have my vote!

  6. Who needs television when there's The Elephant Bar.

  7. Book the Seventh: The Final Battle for Demos

    [h/t BC]

    All the torments suffered by Obamacles had steeled him for this final epic test.
    The cliffs of Demos resounded with the approaching screeches of Hildusa
    And her army of soul-eating Morpheons, spinning and faxing and conjuring position papers.
    But Obamacles was unmoved, and with his right hand summoned
    the Subterranean Creepos of the Nutroots to do his bidding,
    Kos and Ariana and Demos Underground.
    Hildusa was enraged for she thought them allies, and shot them the stink-eye.
    "Destroy Obamacles!" she bellowed at her Eunuchs,
    But they were retards and got busted for DUI on the chariot ride over.
    Then Obamacles shot the arrow of Iowa across abyss of Dukakis,
    striking Hildusa true in her cankles, no more to freeze men to stone,
    And all of Demos roared approval.

    "Citizens of Demos," screamed the hobbled gorgon, "fair Obamacles is not what he appears!
    Look, behind him! A phalanx of Chicagomon, the demons from the pits of Illinus!"

    When the Demos people saw the Chicagomon they shrugged,
    but Obamacles was taking no chances for the general battle;
    He had no more further use for the Chicagomon and thus he summoned
    Underbus, the destroyer of memes. One by one he disposed them,
    The Jeremiad and Phlegeron and Ayres, all sacrificed to Underbus.
    When Hildusa saw this her eyes boiled with rage,
    and she summoned her Amazon Pumas
    But they were too fat and old and employed
    to battle the snarky college assholes in official Obamacles tunics.

    At last Hildusa summoned Bubba, who in principle was her husband.
    Though the mightiest god of Demos, he trembled before her gaze;
    For once she saved his sacred bacon, but yet had him castrated and banished.
    "Destroy! Destroy! Destoy!" she bellowed, handing Bubba sharpened talking points,
    But Obamacles would not yield, and from beneath his tunic
    withdrew his razor-sharpened race card, filleting Bubba into tiny pieces.

    The crowd at Demos was breathless, hardly believing their eyes.
    And then winged Media lifted Obamacles across the abyss to where Hildusa
    lay supine and helpless, and, grabbing her by the asps,
    took one more mighty swing with his race card,
    and held her severed head before the cheering crowd.

    "That Which Is" Fair and Balanced

  8. By tapping the anti-abortion and pro-gun Alaska governor just ahead of his convention, which is set to start here Monday, McCain hasn’t just won approval from a skeptical Republican base — he’s ignited a wave of elation and emotion that has led some grass-roots activists to weep with joy.

    I'm one of those fellers. I am going to dig deep, and mail off a check to the Palin/McCain campaign tomorrow. :)

  9. With Gustav approaching New Orleans, I think back to three years ago, same time of year on a Sunday and about this time of day. Blanco and Nagin are first holding a press conference to declare an emergency and begin the evacuation of the NOLA area.

  10. thinking back 3 years ago...

    the incompetent mayor of New Orleans was mayor...

    Now that the much hated Bush admin has pumped over 1.2 BILLION dollars into a city that could not pay for it's own ass to be wiped the city has now a grasp that severe weather can be an issue for cities that reside 10-20 feet below sea level...

    So, as a democrat, how can my party say that Bush 43 did nothing? adding in the amounts spent on reconstruction for other states the amount fema and us corp of engineers spent was close to 12 billion. seeing that fema has completely IMPROVED it's plans, positioning and response times

    can one truly praise bush 43 for shaping up a branch of the USA?

    one last thought, where else than america can an incompetent african american mayor literally allow his city to be destroyed due to his own inaction, corruption and cronyism, cry racism and get the "MAN" to rebuild it? Only to still be in power 3 years later and act as if he actually lifted a finger to fix, improve or better the situation

  11. "I do not understand this. I think this is wrong. She is a good woman, an American woman, who has her way of looking at things, has and is a good mother, and, I do not know what you are getting at with a statement like that.

    I think you are very wrong."


    "What in the hell does that mean--she is some kind of an affirmitive action choice?

    That's pure bullshit."


    "O fuck you moron.

    That is the last thing she is. Take that to the inner city, fool."

    Blah, blah, blah.

    If she wasn't a good looking female, and perhaps if there wasn't this idea that Obama was vulnerable with women, she probably would not have been picked. The Republicans are playing identity politics, that they've got a decent candidate to use doesn't change that, even if it makes it a little easier to swallow. Nothing new in politics (see Obama, an even more obvious case), but still distasteful. Her first speech demonstrated they know what they're doing (glass ceiling, 18 million cracks, etc).


    I agree about small-time rule, I've actually said it elsewhere. The problem is that we've built the Presidency into such a role that only a superhuman could fill the shoes. I'd knock both the office and our leadership class down a couple pegs simultaneously.

  12. Although I probably would not have put it so strongly, given the political environment they need to operate in. Besides, Ms. Macdonald's a woman, so she can obviously say it, whereas if I do I'm suspect. (/sic)

    Still, as I've said the selection makes me more enthusiastic for McCain's election - though not for that reason.

  13. That may all be true, Originally Sinless, but she seems to be a bright lively girl, certainly not in the same category as Patty Murray, and I admit I am enthused and apologize for my intemperate language.

  14. Sshe's certainly no Paris Hilton either, thankfully!

  15. Fuck Heather MacDonald, and VDH, too.

    Palin is a Wonderful pick. Unless, however, you're pulling for that eminently qualified conservative, the Obamamessiah.

  16. I used to joke that what the dreary old Rupublicans needed was a Paris Hilton to kind of stir things up a little:)

    Well not joking now, I think we have a fine young Republican woman who doesn't have to wear a short skirt and blouse to stir things up.

  17. Now that the much hated Bush admin has pumped over 1.2 BILLION dollars into a city that could not pay for it's own ass to be wiped the city has now a grasp that severe weather can be an issue for cities that reside 10-20 feet below sea level...


    That's right.

    A realtor fellow I know here, had a friend down that way somewhere. He said his friend had three homes over the years, all wiped out by one natural disaster or the other, and the government came to his aid every time. And, each time he got a better home:)

    Since I know this realtor to be a truth telling man, I think that story is true, though the details may be a bit mangled.