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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Brings a Knife to a Gun Fight

You want to talk real estate? You sure?


  1. Let's see. How many houses did Kerrey have? And the Kennedys? What about Al Gore? Going back a little further, what about Roosevelt?

    Hannity was in good form today, talking about taking up collections for Obama's half brother, living in a hut, in Kenya. And it seems to be true, Obama hasn't sent him a twenty dollar bill. Hannity is half seriously considering doing a marathon for the poor kid. The kid said the last time he was with Obama, it was only for a few minutes, and it seemed to him Obama was from another world. Only met him, two or three times. It seems Obama doesn't believe in the idea that charity begins at home. But he'll happily take your money, and spread it around.

  2. The Donations for Obama would be a slap in the face, it'd make for a great story.

    We'll see mow if Obama is from Chi-town, if he really has the mettle to be President.

    McCain's personal life is a target rich enviorment, just have to see if Obama has the balls and goes for the jugler or let's himself get characterized, without an inkind response.

  3. Wasn't Obama's father a marxist type, even though muslim, and had some kind of good job with the government? Didn't seem to work out so well for the kid in the 10' x 10' board hut.

    I didn't know McCain had adopted a child either, until today.

  4. That would be a great story. Hannity raising that money.

  5. That child is all wrapped up in Cindy's perjuries, bob. Back in her OxyContin days of felonious behaviours. Had to commit perjury to gain custody, she was not medically or morally fit to be an adoptive mother, at the time.

    Never prosecuted for her crimes, there was a Special Relationship with the prosecutor, revolving around her family ties.

    The Vortex Whitehouse, I'm to understand there are four homes on that compound in Sedona. A nice condo in Phoenix, some smaller places in California and where ever they live in DC.

    Plus Cindy has a multitude of real estate holdings through Hensley & Company, and the McCain Family Trust.

  6. Seems like the senior Obama was quite the cocksman, bob.

    Leaving little Obamas scattered to and fro', a;; around the world, to get by on their own, or not, with no fatherly responsibilities falling upon his shoulders

  7. Sam, you're our best prognosticator, whose gonna be Number Two for The One? We're supposed to get the Big Announcement in a day or two.

    ---Hannity said her mother or his mother, can't recall, lives in one of the houses.

    It's a darned sad state of affairs when the brewer is the richest family in Arizona.
    He must have been potent in that regard. Though he wasn't much of a muslim I quess, as it seems he more or less drank himself to death.

  8. Likewise, Obama has never been to jail, despite the fact that as a black man, he is seven times more likely to have done so than a white man. The Census Bureau estimated in 2006 that nearly 60 percent of black men who dropped out of high school had spent time in prison, 72 percent of those who had been incarcerated were unemployed, and even black men with no criminal record have a significantly tougher time finding a job than white men their age.

    What Obama does share with black America, and what he represents, is its Christian faith, its aspirations, and the hope of turning these grim statistics around. The candidate hasn't claimed to be the panacea for all the ills of black communities.

    He has repeatedly stressed that it takes a combination of government, individual will, better parenting, a greater focus on education and a strong work ethic to make the dreams of Dr. King come true for Americans of every color. Obama - the fact that he is so close to the presidency at all - is a symbol of that dream's possibility.

    Obama Represent Blacks?

  9. I predicted Zinni 6 months ago. I'm sticking by it.

    If he picks Clinton, McCain's toast.

  10. McCain has one biological child, a daughter.

    Man, he really took a lot of punishment in prison in Vietnam.

    Reading a little more of his biography.

  11. The Marleys never brewed, bob, they were middlemen.
    Smugglers and whiskey runners.

    The Hensley brothers, just part of the gang. Did time for the Federal ctimes that they were caught and convicted of, in a criminal enterprise.
    Mr Marley used our best AZ lawyer at the time, William Rehnquist, to beat the rap, himself.

  12. If he picks Clinton, McCain's toast.

    I think so, too.

  13. Has a son from his first marriage, bob. At least one. Sat on the Board of the First National Bank of Arizona, which failed, a weel after he resigned from the Board.
    Mutual of Omaha Bank took it over, no harm, no losses to depositors.

    Another or the same son also works at Hensley & Company.

  14. ah jeez, they had Rehnquist. Figures.

    It's really odd about that bombing. I remember that. And I asked my wife, she remembered it too, back there in Ohio. But it was nothing I or her took much notice of, just remember it happening.

  15. Prejudice against McCain in the laughing world--

    Big Surprise: Late night comedians lay off Obama

    Rick Moran

    A study to be released later today by the Media Center for Public Affairs and previewed in the LA Times blog will show that John McCain has been the butt of far more humor by late night comedians than Barack Obama:

    The center found that the network shows broadcast only 169 jokes about Obama, compared with 428 about Bush. McCain drew 328 jokes. Hillary Clinton, who dropped out of the presidential race and much political news in early June, still drew more than twice as many attempted yuk lines (382) as Obama.

    On Comedy Central, Obama and McCain were close, with 207 and 201, respectively, while Clinton and Bush nearly tied at 179 and 177, respectively.

    Combining the laugh lines from all five shows, Bush was the most mocked, with 605; Clinton had 562; McCain got 549; and Obama trailed, with 382.

    Grrnite, big day tomorrow

  16. There was Marley and Jerry Jacobs of Emprise Corp, then Sportservices, now Delaware North Companies.

    Sportservices was a major player, everywhere. The current Mr Jacobs, son of the founder, has been on, off and back on the Forbes 400 list.

    During the 1995 baseball strile, in the 7 stadiums they supplied concessions they sustained a $40 million USD loss of revenue.

    Dog racing, gambling and the horse track in Ruidoso, New Mexico all factor into the McCain family story of financial success.

  17. Intellectual brilliance is limited to the invisible range:

    Consider the relationship between death by violent crime and abortion. Seems that as abortion rate increased, the rate of death by violent crime has decreased. The net effect, a reduced cost to society. :D

  18. Their nominee's message aside, Republicans realized from the start that it would be virtually impossible to equal the hype and hoopla surrounding Democrat Barack Obama's acceptance speech in front of 80,000 chanting fans at the football stadium used by the Denver Broncos.


    When it comes to telling John McCain where he personally stands on a selection for vice-presidential candidate, veteran conservative activist Richard A. Viguerie does not mince words, especially if rumors are true that the Republican's ultimate running mate will be a supporter of abortion rights.


    "Welcome to the inaugural issue of our newsletter," writes Denise A. Herbol, USAID deputy mission director in Iraq, introducing Volume 1, Issue 1 of USAID/IRAQ.

    "This newsletter is about United States assistance to Iraqi people, about building lives and restoring confidence, about partnership and possibilities, about honor and dignity."

    Inside the Beltway

  19. I gotta tell ya.

    I've got a really bad feeling he's going to pick Clinton.

    Remember the hour long meeting right after the primaries in Boxer's house in DC?

    What did they talk about for so long?

    You know he's smart enough to figure out he can seal it with that. Just whether he can stomach a threesome for 8 years and be president in name only.

    I really hope this doesn't happen.

  20. What a ga-ga spectacle that would make upon announcement at the convention.

  21. Tom Gosinski's is a story worth re-telling, since it's been parsed so much in the national press.

    Sometime in the spring of 1994, I'd started hearing the rumors that Cindy McCain was addicted to prescription drugs. Bummer for her, but not a story — at least not one that I'd be able to get.

    Then I learned something that turned Cindy McCain's personal tragedy into a real news story. Two unrelated sources told me about Tom Gosinski
    Gosinski was in his mid-30s, working two crappy part-time jobs to stay afloat. He'd been fired months earlier from his position as director of government and international affairs for the American Voluntary Medical Team, McCain's non-profit charity, which brought medical relief to poor countries all over the world.
    ...shortly after he was fired, Gosinski went to the Drug Enforcement Administration. He'd suspected Cindy McCain was addicted to prescription drugs and was getting a doctor who worked with AVMT to illegally prescribe them in her employees' names.

    Later, in an interview with New Times, Gosinski said he was not trying to blackmail the McCains. He was worried about his own culpability, so he asked the DEA officials a rhetorical question: "'If a person knows that prescriptions have been written in their name, and they never met with the doctor and they don't know the whereabouts of the drugs, what is their responsibility?' And I was told it was my responsibility to turn it in. So at that moment, I began to cooperate with the DEA."

    Gosinski's suspicions were right. Dr. John Max Johnson, AVMT's medical director, had written two prescriptions for painkillers in Gosinski's name, at Cindy McCain's behest. He'd written more, too, in other people's names. Some prescriptions, the DEA found, were for as many as 500 pills at a time. Johnson told investigators that he never traveled with the drugs; Cindy McCain kept them in her personal luggage. (Johnson later surrendered his medical license.)


  23. Or does a deal with AlGore.

    It'll be news worthy and prove to the world and the electorate he really is a uniter.
    Someone that wins over the "grey whites", at least the 30% he needs to win.
    75 days

  24. bump in the road.

    the desert rat should voluntarily submit to having a leg broken, both arms broken and then tortured for five years and see what a tough guy he is and what a "bump" in the road it is.
    of course he won't. he's just a loud mouth who has all of you afraid.

    but he's no hero, just a big mouth asshole.

  25. After reading some of obama's bio, he is a coniviver.
    His first electoral triumph came from challenging the nominating petitions of his opponents, in the Dem Primary. He won by default.

    Obama was able to keep the Federal money out of Edwards hands, by holding the FEC Board members nomination in limbo.

    Then winning the presumptive nominee title by organizing the caucas States, getting that edge on Billary.

    For McCain, they'll be something in the offing.

  26. Gore - hadn't thought of that one.

    Does he want to be VP again?

  27. I've never claimed to be a hero.

    But then I do not have five years worth of daily KGB files on my mental background, either.

    Studied like a rat in a cage.

    I have always thought that as a Senator, Mr McCain, as one of one hundred could recieve the best regards and votes of tribute from my fellow Zonis and in return keep the Air Force bases open, and the Apache on the buy list.

    He's done both.

    Five years of torture at the hands of Russian proxies is not a qualifier to being President.
    It really is a disqualifier, if one thinks the ramifications of Mr McCains incarceration through.

    But then I'm still a fan of Frank Sinatra movies.

  28. Who has the book on whom, as the US may go toe to toe with Russia, in that arc of liberty, across eastern europe?

    Who's seen whose soul?

  29. ...Yet Washingtons menu of options pales by comparison to Moscows.

    Russia could also turn up pressure on Kyrgyzstan to evict American forces that support operations in Afghanistan and could block any large-scale return to Uzbekistan, which expelled the Americans in 2005.

    Even beyond the dispute over Iran, Russia could obstruct the United States at the United Nations Security Council on a variety of other issues. Just last month, Russia vetoed sanctions against Zimbabwes government, a move seen as a slap at Washington.

    Undermining American Interests

  30. All could and was forgiven of Maverick, thought he'd retire in 2010, and my Congressma, Mr Shadegg, would most likely gain that seat, at least in my mind.

    Mav could retire to the Vortex Ranch and life would go on.

    Instead he is about to become President, or at least stands a chance, and that would be an unmitigated disaster for the US.

    Which is not to say that Obama would no be also, but with Obama we won't suffer an overreach of rhetorical promises that can't be supported, successfully, on the ground.

  31. "We're all Georgians, now. on the Iranian Pakistani border."

    To paraphrase.

  32. Florida authorities are investigating a threatening letter sent to Gov. Charlie Crist that contained a suspicious but nontoxic white powder.

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Heather Smith says the letter was intercepted Wednesday at the mail center at the state capitol.

    Smith says investigators believe the letter was unrelated to one containing powder that was received at a John McCain office in Colorado on Thursday.

    Florida Governor

  33. You know, that Barack is such a visionary, he's let two of his real policies slip, Jerusalem united but the capital of both Israel and Palistine, which makes it a UN City and
    the 57 United States of America.

    See, he already forsees the reality of an expanded US. By adding the border States of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California & Baja California Sur, we get to 57, no worries.

    Back to expanding the United States as a continental power, as Mr Washngton described.

  34. This was posted over at free republic. A man named Phillip Berg "has sued Obama in Federal court. [The suit] might bring to light the headline topic that a African newspaper published back in the Early part of June 2008." The graphic is still there at this link... of the headline posted by the african newspaper.

    According to posters at FR: ", first African-owned U.S.-based professional newspaper to be published on the internet, is listed among the world’s hot sites by the international newspaper, USAToday.
    USAfrica has been cited by the New York Times as America’s largest African-owned multimedia company. 8303 SW Freeway, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77074. Phone: 713-270-5500. Cell direct: 832-45-CHIDO (24436)"

    The suit brought by Phillip Berg contends that Obama was born in Kenya.

  35. You'd be my hero if you just wouldn't keep bringing that up!

  36. The Anti-Reformer, Barack Hussein Obama
    Chicago Political Machine Man Extraordinaire

    David Freddoso, Part 1


    David Freddoso, Part 2

  37. Ayers Rocks
    Here’s a YouTube video of Bill Ayers describing his educational philosophy to Luis Bonilla-Molina, President of the Centro Internacional Miranda, a foundation created by Venezuelan decree
    Nº 3.818. Bonilla-Molina’s blog is at
    Here are more videos starring Bill Ayers.
    And you thought education was all about the ABCs.

  38. This blog makes an interesting connection between Obama, Ayres, Annenberg, and ACORN:

  39. The Library of Babel

    a large cache of documents housed in the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)… that document cache contains the internal files of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The records in question are extensive, consisting of 132 boxes, containing 947 file folders, a total of about 70 linear feet of material.

    As Kurtz prepared to board his flight to Chicago with written permission in hand to access the documents, he received a message informing him his access to the CAC documents had been pulled.

  40. Bungled raid in Diyala threatens political developments, military operations - The Long War Journal

    Rhyno327, no I don't believe the Sunnis have any intention of fighting us again.
    In fact we are their only strong ally in Iraq right now, which is part of the reason why now the religious Shia want a timetable for us to leave.

    The Maliki government is trying to dissolve the Sons of Iraq program and include only a handful of their members in the security forces. That could however give al-Qaeda a chance to come back in large parts of Northern Iraq given the power vacuum as the ISF is probably two years away from being able to secure all these areas.

    I really believe the current Iraqi government for all its non sectarian talk is very sectarian and will treat the Sunnis not much better then Saddam treated the Shia when we leave.
    That is why a free and fair election at the local and national elections over the next year is so very important. These elections the U.S. needs to monitor closely and keep the parties in power from fixing the result.

    The Shia tribes want to challange the religious parties for power just lke the Sunni tribes. The next election could usher in a much more non-sectarian government that doesn't view most Sunnis as ex-Saddamists and the enemy as certain advisors of Maliki seem to.
    NY Times Version
    Iraq Takes Aim at Leaders of U.S.-Tied Sunni Groups

    Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government is driving out many leaders of Sunni citizen patrols, which have been a major pillar in the decline in violence.

  41. The obama campaign has produced a new birth certificate. Its the short form--but it does have the raised seal, the serial numbers etc