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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Repeat Offenders from Guantanamo

al-Ajmi, 29, was picked up in Afghanistan as he tried to enter Pakistan after the 2001 U.S. invasion. He claimed to have fought for the Taliban, the records show, and said he fought in a number of battles against the Northern Alliance.

Though he was never charged with any crime, al-Ajmi was held at Guantanamo through 2005. Military documents show he later claimed that his statements about fighting for the Taliban were made after he was threatened while in U.S. custody. He asserted that he was in Afghanistan to study the Quran.

Al-Ajmi was transferred to the custody of Kuwaiti authorities in November 2005, with four other Kuwaitis, and was released after a trial there, according to Pentagon officials.

Al-Ajmi is not the first former Guantanamo detainee to reportedly return to the battlefield after being released. Pentagon officials say there are more than 10 people once held by the U.S. at Guantanamo who have been killed or captured in fighting after being released from the detention facility.

'Guantanamo man' in Iraq bombing


A former Kuwaiti detainee at the US camp at Guantanamo Bay carried out a recent suicide bombing in northern Iraq, the US military has said.

A spokesman for US Central Command told the Associated Press that Abdullah al-Ajmi took part in an attack in Mosul on 29 April that killed several people.

Ajmi and two other Kuwaitis blew up two explosive-packed vehicles next to Iraqi security forces, media reports say.

The US transferred Ajmi to Kuwaiti custody from Guantanamo Bay in 2005.
He was later acquitted by a Kuwaiti court of terrorism charges.

According to Kuwaiti and pan-Arab media reports, Ajmi and his two alleged accomplices, Nasir al-Dawsari and Badr al-Harbi, were able to leave Kuwait a month ago without alerting the attention of the authorities because they had wrongly been issued new passports.

They then travelled to Syria, where Ajmi is reported to have told his family of his intentions, before heading onto Iraq.

The families of Ajmi and Harbi reportedly later received anonymous calls informing them that the men had died in Iraq.


  1. Just leave it up, deuce. We'll all vote 'loved it' and get good press.

  2. Watch your ratings soar when you post the next calender girl.

  3. He asserted that he was in Afghanistan to study the Quran.

    Yes, he was there to study the Quran, particularly these passages:

    "Seize them and put them to death wherever you find them, kill them wherever you find them, seek out the enemies of Islam relentlessly" (Sura 4:90).

    "Fight them until Islam reigns supreme" (Sura 2:193).

  4. Repeat Offender Bernie Ward to pull not guilty plea, report says.

    Bernie the Great has fallen, fallen.

  5. Idaho, Arizon tops in new entrepreneurs this year, Washington State is in bottom 10. Other sane Western states faired well too, Montana, Utah, says radio report.

  6. Interesting that the retna scans and DNA samples, taken at Gitmo, did not stop this fellow from committing further acts of violence.

    It is just those two procedures which, we are told, will keep the Awakened Baathist Brigades at our side, in Iraq, in the future.

    This fellow proves the fallacy of that position.

  7. But, lucky, were not the Northern Alliance fellows Muslims, too?

    Hard to see the Northern Alliance as an enemy of Islam, really.

  8. DR: Interesting that the retna scans and DNA samples, taken at Gitmo, did not stop this fellow from committing further acts of violence.

    Gosh, all that high tech and the bad guys keep getting around it.

    ...Sabrina was raped by David Torrence in a random act of violence 14 years ago. He told her he'd shoot her if she yelled for help....

    ...He went to prison after pleading guilty. So it was a shock for her last night when she found out on the news that the rapist was out of prison and nowhere to be found...

    ...On top of that, she learned from TV, Torrence had cut off his GPS tracking bracelet on Wednesday night and the Department of Corrections (DoC) had no idea where he'd gone...

  9. Maybe, Ms T, he's gone to Oraq, where we have 160,000 US policemen on the beat, keeping the peace.

  10. Will Bernie Ward slip his bracelet, head for Mexico, before sentencing? I'd be tempted, at his age, his weight and shape, and reputation.

  11. If anyone wants to know what I do when I'm not on the EB or BC, I'm on Cakewalk Kinetic making pretty little songs.

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  13. There you go, trish.

    My "side" of the political debate has been totally routed, across the board.

    While the US military is beginning to implement, in Iraq, tactical strategies I supported years ago, it is now to little, to late.

    Merely eyewash, for the Inspection & Parade.

    The northern migration continues, unabated but for the economic downturn that has created those new entrepreneurs bob mentioned.

    No new job creation and real estate downturn equals new entrepreneurs, in Arizona.
    But new entrepreneurs are not indicitive of economic growth, as the State is facing massive budget shortfalls due to a shrinking economy.

    Thanks to the Republican controlled Federal Government under Team43

  14. The strategic goals of the Iraq War, post invasion have been totally abandoned.

    The US now looking for a "good way out", not a change in the cultural mores of the Middle East. A change that could have been accomplished if we had spent five years with a respectable effort. As you noted, earlier, and can see in Colombia, it is something we do know how to do.

    The border fence is unbuilt, the illegal aliens still illegal. No route to legalization in sight. Those 20 million illegals living in the US, still unlicensed and uninsured, while driving on highways.

    The two greatest security issues facing the United States have been left to festor, while the political party I have supported, for years, has not only abandoned its' past positions on US security, it has led the charge against them.

    Moving the Federal Government from "tax & spend to "borrow & spend" is not an advancement of principle. Far from it.

    That the Democrats could be worse, if elected, is of little comfort.

  15. What was that "Star" thingie? I forgot to hit it, and when I came back it was gone.

  16. Some type of a rating gauge, rufus.

    Just appeared, according to our hosts. Seems they were able to remove it.

  17. Should'a left it up. I feel guilty, now.

  18. I read that about 38 or so of these released Guantanamistas have ended up back on the jihad.

  19. The Pentagon tested its new $12 million war court complex Wednesday with the arraignment of an alleged al Qaeda propagandist -- and the state-of-the-art facility was plagued by technical tribulations.


    During the hearing inside the windowless, razor wire-ringed and eavesdropping-proof Expeditionary Legal Complex, which was rushed to be ready for the trials of six alleged 9/11 co-conspirators, the power also went out. That triggered alarm bells and sent guards scurrying to surround defendant Ali Hamza al Bahlul.


    ''I'm telling you now I will never deny any actions I did alongside bin Laden fighting you and your allies the Jews,'' Bahlul told the judge, Army Col. Peter E. Brownback III. ``We will continue our jihad and nothing will stop us.''

    War Court

  20. It's been Bermie Ward night on KGO. Discussion ban lifted. Evidently, Bernie wanted to plead the old 'doing research' defense, but the prosecutors didn't like the idea, and said, look pal, if you make that motion, and you fail to persuade the judge that you can try it as a defence, we go for

    1.) Receiving porn--5 years
    2.) Storing porn--another 5 years
    3.) Distributing porn--another 5 years
    4.) Enhancement--another 3 years

    18 years,

    so, Bernie is copping a plea, hoping for something less than 4 years.

    Most of the callers seem to think and have convinced themselves that poor Bernie has been ill-treated, have themselves believing it's a politically motivated witch hunt.

  21. And, in related news Wikipedia Is Being Investigated By The FBI For Child Porn

    Do NOT search for this image in Wiki, as you will be violating the law by viewing it. The Feds are serious about this topic.