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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can Anyone Identify This Historic Figure?

Found in the Archives

Recent Montana Event for Hillary With Bill Clinton


  1. Trish and Doug's favorite Blog:
    Obama Freakout Over Michelle Video The Ticking “Whitey” Time Bomb

    (Kevin James says he has heard the same rumor from different sources)

  2. US Warns Tourists of 'Small-Unit Combat' at Mexico Border
    ( - The US State Department has issued an alert, warning travelers that the "equivalent to military small-unit combat"
    is taking ...

    CNN 2 top Mexican police officials killed in 2 days
    CNN - May 9, 2008 But the violence appears to be at its worst in northern Mexico, prompting the US State Department to issue a travel warning for American citizens. ...

  3. Those Mexican police killings, doug ...

    President Calderon says it's the "last gasp" of the Cartels, their death spasm.

    I, myself, tend to doubt the reality of that particular scenario.

    The counter-revolutionaries will not be so easily dissuaded from their task.

    Good to hear that the FARC has lost their one-eyed Comandante. We'll soon see if another of their cadre is ready to fill her panties.

    Or if that movement is having its' "last gasp", too.

  4. Al Gore, his nomination will take all the joy out of the Obama stalkers. Their well laid traps, all for naught.

    No one cares much about the VP candidate, let alone his wife.

    Al Gore
    Fully vetted.

    Took McCain's position on the enviorment, when it was not "Cool"

    Way ahead of John on that "experience" curve.

  5. "Good to hear that the FARC has lost their one-eyed Comandante. We'll soon see if another of their cadre is ready to fill her panties."

    Given the circumstances of her "surrender," no.

  6. Then, trish, the hundreds of million of dollars and the arms shipments and caches that have already been delivered by Hugo or are in the pipeline, will all be wasted.

    Good news.

    But killing or capturing the "top dog" never seemed to put a dent in Hamas, HB or aQI, Those Arab insurgents may be made of tougher stuff. Or not.

  7. But killing or capturing the "top dog"...

    - Rat

    Except that's not been the focus of their efforts, attritting leadership.

    And in this case, the object is largely political. Her element had already been taken down and she was simply next on the list.

  8. So the Colombians have been rolling them, from the bottom, up.

    Taking out the networks, before they targeted the anchor. Knowing that it was not "Dan Rather" who was the problem.

    Even better news.

    The US Government must not have to "fully invested" in the program.

  9. Speaking of panties, how about pansies. I hate Republicans in pampers:

    "Tennessee Senator Takes On His Own Party
    Talk about internecine upset.

    The office of Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee, has weighed in today, siding with Senator Barack Obama’s objections to the state’s G.O.P. Web campaign against Michelle Obama.

    To recap, the officialdom of the Tennessee G.O.P. posted a Web spot that mines remarks Mrs. Obama made in February that “first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” The ad repeats footage of her speaking those words, interspersed with comments from Tennesseans, talking about how they’ve always been proud to be an American."

  10. No one identified our historic portrait.

  11. McCAin and those close to him, duece, know Cindy, and her family.

    If it is "Open Season" on the First Wives Club, well, Kelly bar the door.

    The Hensley family album is ripe for harvest, on a National Level.

    They'll leave her in tatters, John by association with the terrorist car bombers and assassians and other organized crime figures that her father and his mentor have utilized in the past.

    Those that live in glass houses, they are afraid of stones.

  12. I think its' Thomas Jefferson, with a little photoshoping of William Jefferson Clinton, thrown in.

    But ...

  13. "Even better news."

    You betcha.

  14. But killing or capturing the "top dog" never seemed to put a dent in Hamas, HB or aQI, Those Arab insurgents may be made of tougher stuff. Or not.

    actually KILLING the top dog DOES scare the piss out of them and works...

    this is the humane way to fight the islamic terrorists, kill their top dogs...

    btw, you are so correct this time, they are "dogs"

  15. Jackals. Tiz a much closer psychological match.

  16. This was a serious question, by the way. It's driving my wife crazy. She claims he's some kind of famous pundit or something, but can't place him. I say he's just another nice old nordic fart. He'd wonder around with a benevolent, knowing look on his face, and visit with people. My daughter said it might be Michael Douglas. I noted he didn't have a pundits equipment of notebook, camera and pen.

  17. Geraldine Ferraro says Obama is a sexist. This is good news. If this turns into a sexist, racist contest, Obama's cooked. Some of these women know how to go right for the balls.

    I remember Ferraro's famous line: "Whattaya wan me to do, hurt the man?"

  18. With regards HB, I do believe that the Israeli have killed the two previous HB leaders. Leaving them with the current and most successful Commandante, yet.

    Decapatation of a network does not work, another of the network nodes takes control.

    As in the case of the current HB Commadante, while he may live in fear of assassination, that fear does not temper his actions, with regards HB policy towards Israel.

    In fact I'd venture to guess it further solidifies the radicalism in his heart. As long as the HB networks is in place, there will always be another Commadante ready to step up.

    The news that the Colombians rolled up the network before taking its' "Head", well, that's old school professionalism.

  19. Sheik Ahmed Yassin
    The founder and leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, Ahmed Yassin, was killed on 22 March 2004 in the northern Gaza Strip. The Hamas leader had narrowly escaped an Israeli military attempt to kill him in September 2003. In January 2004 Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Zeev Boim said Israel would hunt down and kill Sheik Ahmed Yassin, in retaliation for a deadly attack that killed four Israeli border guards. Yassin, who established Hamas in 1987 and remained its most central authority, seemed to defy Israeli threats on 21 March 2004 in what may have been his last television interview, broadcast by Arab television station Al-Arabiyah. "The Israeli threat to eliminate Hamas leaders and leaders from other factions is not a new threat but an old one used repeatedly. Every time there is a martyrdom operation [suicide attack] or an operation which hurts the enemy, Israel begins to threaten [that it will respond]," Yassin said. The next day he was dead, targeted in an Israeli military operation that drew widespread international condemnation


    Rantisi publicly called, at every possible opportunity, to continue armed attacks and specifically to increase the suicide attacks and attempt to kidnap Israeli soldiers. These public calls were taken as operational directive of the Hamas leadership.

    The following are statements by Rantisi (source- Hamas internet site, 26 January 2004):

    "There will be no concession of one inch of Palestine, because it is Islamic Land."
    There will be no recognition of what is called the 'State of Israel.'"
    Any solution which includes recognizing what is called the 'State of Israel' or concession on one inch of historic Palestine is unacceptable and void, and doesn't obligate us at all."
    "[Violent] Resistance is the only option for the restoration of our stolen rights."
    In an interview on April 9, 2004:

    "We say to the Muslim people of Iraq, we are with you in your struggle against American terror and destruction, we are with you in your war in defense of Islam. We say to the fighter and commander Mokutada A-Sadr: Hamas stands by your side and blesses your Jihad (holy war) and wishes you with the help of God, that you will win and be victorious."

    On 10 June 2003 Rantisi was injured when Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles at his jeep on a busy thoroughfare in Gaza City. The first missile missed Rantisi's vehicle, and that he managed to run from the jeep just seconds before a direct hit by a second missile. President Bush sharply criticized that operation, saying such actions would not enhance the security of the Jewish state and would make it more difficult for the Palestinian leadership to persuade militant groups to halt their terror attacks.

    Abdel Aziz Rantisi was killed in an operation by Israeli security forces on 17 April 2004. The IDF fired missiles at a car carrying Rantisi. Rantisi was pulled out alive, but he later died on the operating table. After Rantisi was killed, Hamas said that their new leader will remain nameless and hidden from view.


    Abdullah Qawasmeh
    Hamas has vowed revenge for the killing of the senior Hamas official, Abdullah Qawasmeh, in a raid that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has hailed as a "successful operation." Israeli officials say Mr. Qawasmeh was the mastermind behind a series of suicide attacks carried out by Hamas, including a bus bombing in Jerusalem that killed 17 people.


    Yasser Taha
    On 12 June 2003 Israeli helicopter gunships fired several missiles at a car carrying Hamas activists. The car was destroyed, and one of the dead was identfied as Yasser Taha, a leader of Hamas' military wing


    the problem is not whether we SHOULD kill the leaders of those groups that advocate genocide, but rather how fast we kill them...


    i say daily....

  20. That's the point, wi"o" the Israeli have killed the "Leaders", but it has not gained them any respite from Hamas or HB.

    They leave the networks intact.

    Shows that the Colombians knew the "real dea;" while the Israeli play for headlines, while maintaining the Status Que.

    Or they'd be wiping out the Hamas network, daily, as you say, which they are obviously not doing.

    The Colombians destroyed the Network, then they took the Leader.

    Which, if the reports are accurate, the Colobians did, in spades.

  21. "Or they'd be wiping out the Hamas network.."

    That would involve some enterprising Israeli soul(s) raiding some IDF arms depot(s) for heavy mortars, to begin applying pressure on that Hamas network, which btw, comprises some 70% of the Gaza population.

    Start with simple stuff like money ransom. Then slowly graduate to men, materiel, territorial concessions, political concessions, then life itself.

    It's not complicated stuff. Just requires little will, and a little humor.

  22. gee whit you get your knickers all in a twist about negotiating with enemies yet:

    "George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.
    The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

    His business dealings, which continued until his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy."

    I guess sticking your head in sand and shouting "I can't see you. I can't hear you" is going to cure the ills that plague the middle east.

  23. To be fair, the Colombians went down a lot of dead ends over the decades before reaching this point.

    As one colonel put it to me, "Twenty years is a *long* time to be a soldier in Colombia." Encompassing, not to put to fine a point on it, about fifteen years of losing.

    When Reyes was killed in Ecuador there were guys on the General Staff crying like babies.

    Reyes himself had said proudly in an interview last summer that though FARC was taking it in the pants, the government had not, at least, been able to target any of the leadership. Seven months later he was the first to go. Hoo-ah.

    Bottom-up involved, obviously, an element of grim necessity. And FARC is, after all, an armed movement. Not a cult.

  24. No one guessed that the portrait is none other than our Bobal.

  25. if you click on the photo you can see his name at the top....I thought at first it may be Roger Clinton, Jr. No offense, Bob.

  26. I was gonna tell 'im he needs a haircut.

  27. "It's driving my wife crazy. She claims he's some kind of famous pundit or something, but can't place him."

    "No one guessed that the portrait is none other than our Bobal."

    Not even his wife. :D

    Honestly, going by the eyes and the whimsical smile, I was going to say el-bob, but this stuff about being a famous pundit threw me off completely.

  28. NumbersUSA Faxcenter

    bobal said...
    Shit, there's just no way--we're ruled by idiots--

    Tell Congress to Stop the Amnesty Bill Before it is too late!

    At last week's markup of the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill, the
    Senate Appropriations Committee committed an outrageous act of disrespect
    for our men and women in uniform and to the citizens of this country by
    adopting an amendment by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that gives
    amnesty to illegal-alien agricultural workers. The amendment indicates a
    maximum of 1.35 million illegal alien ag workers could obtain "emergency
    agricultural worker status" for a five-year period. Since their families
    also can obtain this status, it is estimated that the total number
    receiving an amnesty would reach 3 million.

    The committee also adopted other immigration-related amendments, including
    one that drastically expands the H-2B visa program for non-agricultural
    seasonal workers.

    The full Senate may begin work on the bill on Tuesday, May 20, so please
    contact your Senators now to urge them to work to strip the amnesty from
    the Iraq spending bill on the floor, as well as the other amendments
    increasing immigration levels.

    Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senators'

    The most important point to stress is that there is no need for an amnesty
    to provide growers with workers. There already is an H-2A foreign
    agriculture worker program that provides growers with an unlimited number
    of temporary workers if the growers agree to pay a decent wage and ensure
    that they go home at the end of the season. Feinstein is just trying to
    protect the abysmally low wages and bad working conditions that
    farmworkers labor under. (Source: Numbers USA)


    TAKE ACTION: In addition to calling you may use your computer to send a
    fax to Congress NOW!

    Our friends at have a fax center which will allows you to
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  29. Seems like there's been so little said about this that it will sail thru unmolested, esp now under cover of Ted.

    Moron on Limbaugh just yawned right through it.
    Anybody heard anything positive?

  30. "House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices..."
    We've been reduced to a level of ignorance and stupidity that few 6th graders from 50 years ago displayed.

  31. Golly, doug, looks like
    "the fix is in"

    Rollin' rollin' rollin'
    Keep them bodies movin'


    Assimiliation by incrementalism
    Comin' at ya, amigo.

  32. I knew it was bobal because I had seen his Missoula pictures on Picasa. This is where we will follow his Great '08 "Back East" trip. (Provided he masters the processes.):)

    It seems that the more things get under my skin, the more I get under others' skin. :)

  33. For all you climate alarmists out there, Google Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer.

    Breathe deeply, read thoroughly and relax. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" or the Climate Hysterics taking the reins of industry.

  34. Mail In Voting Clouds Oregon Vote

    :) The truth is I'm not the guy in the picture, though after all the unexpected attention I thought about substituting that nice man for my trap wagon driver for awhile. But then I thought that wouldn't be fair to whoever he is. I wouldn't want my picture being used, even once, on somebody's blog.

    He is not me.
    I don't know who he is.
    My wife thought she recognized him from somewhere.
    He is not Roger Clinton

    Thank you for my fifteen minutes of fame!

  35. I didn't mean it's inappropriate to put the guy's pic up there, I meant I wouldn't want somebody using my pic in their bio.

  36. At one time, to call someone "green" was to disparage them as inexperienced or immature. Today, to call someone green is to exalt them as one of the environmentalist saviors of the planet. But it is amazing how many people are green in both senses. Some people who think it is wrong to tell children to believe in Santa Claus nevertheless think it is all right to tell adults to believe that the government can give the whole population things that we cannot afford ourselves. Believing in Santa Claus is apparently bad for children but OK for adults. Thomas Sowell.

  37. Another article about Oregon mentioned some of that crowd may have been drawn by the warm up concert of the "Decembrists" a local widely popular rock and revolution band. Free concert and all.

    That there's Billy Carter.

  38. The Decemberists - Named for the Bolshevik's December Revolt.

  39. actually dr kiling leaders like hezbollah does work and it does temper how violent the hezbollah or hamas or fatah for that matter do things...

    historically arafat has been know to say "stab a jewish women once a day rather than shoot them since this is acceptable"

    again, kill the leaders, cut off all food, water and electricity to the gaza strip and in the end if they want real war? carpet bomb them JUST like they would do if they COULD.....

  40. The U.S. official said al Qaeda remained able to project itself beyond its Pakistan base to North Africa, Europe and possibly elsewhere through mergers with other militant groups.

    Brookings Institution analyst Daniel Benjamin was also unwilling to count out al Qaeda. "Do they want to be the only show in terrorism, absolutely.

    Does it mean that they're feeling like they're on the ropes -- I'm not so sure.

    Islamist Rivalry

  41. The Decemberists open with the Soviet National Anthem.

  42. The Decemberists are in the dustbin of history--right where Obama will be leading us.

  43. Not a coincidence there, picking that rock band, to fire up the crowd.

  44. And hey, they got to see a pretty sweet opening act too. Calling themselves the Decemberists and led by lovably literate Steve Novick endorser Colin Meloy, this feisty fivepiece charmed the gathered for a good 45 minutes before Senator Obama took the stump.

    They even closed out with a sing-along entitled "Sons & Daughters", which had the masses joining the band to declare "Here all the bombs fade away..." Something tells me this Decemberists band is going places.

    Just like Senator Obama.

    Obama Rally