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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Atten- Hut !!

An example of much vaunted Chinese nuance.

You want a hint as to how the Chinese get things done? Here are two hints, pins pointed and poised at the neck. The Chinese understand human motivation. While we discuss subtleties and look for people to do the right thing, the Chinese go for the human jugular. It conforms a long held believe that a Leader could end welfare and unemployment by announcing that anyone without a job in 90 days would be shot.

Explain to me again how free trade with the Chinese was supposed to work.

How China gets its troops to stand to attention - pins in their collars and crosses on their backs Daily Mail


  1. It was supposed to keep the Soviets in check.

    The same basic thinking was at work in the 30's, propping the Nazis in the hope they head East..

  2. hmmm, maybe a domestic application to rebellious teenagers is a possibility.

  3. Give them more sharp objects to pierce their nose eyebrow whatever with?

  4. A little irony in youth being motivated by the application of steel or the absence thereof.

  5. That's an ancient form of acupuncture to make sure troops standing for review don't fall over like they did back in the NAV when we had personnel inspections.


    (And why morons shouldn't play with guns designed for morons)

  7. For al-Bob:
    Godtalk, w/Bernie Ward:
    NBC11 Learns New, Disturbing Details About Bernie Ward Case

    In the conversations, the Oakdale woman sexually humiliates Ward by calling him "slave." He calls her "mistress."

    About 50 minutes into the conversation, Ward admitted, "I love trading pictures," the documents show.

    According to the documents, Ward proceeded to share pictures and discuss them with "Sexfairy." Ward said in the conversation that the pictures included a 14-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl.

    The woman then called police to report Ward. They asked her to continue the chat and save copies for the authorities. According to the police documents Ward asks "Sexfairy" permission to engage in sexual acts in front of his children, or with a client, but "Sexfairy" tells him he is not allowed to, according to the documents.

    There is much more in the police reports that cannot be printed on because it is too graphic.

  8. What is the sense to a 50 cal hand gun?

  9. Almost the same, only .05 of an inch larger, than a .45cal handgun, one of the most prolific calibers in existance. The .45ACP.

    It's not the caliber of the bullet, duece, but the size of the casing that really maters.

    But that extra .05 of an inch could well deliver more mass and thusly kinetic energy to the target.

  10. ...just watched Mat's Video, sorry:
    The mistake was sticking out her tongue prior to pulling the trigger.

  11. (she focused on servicing Mat instead of holding the weapon)

  12. Happiness is a Warm
    Yes it is.

  13. (just watched Pelosi do a nice tribute to Tom Lantos, followed by a TOTALLY embarassing Bono singing Lennon:
    All you need is love, the family's services)

    (just let the Bernie Video roll, al-Bob, you can see it too)

  14. Deuce, I once owned a 500S&W barrel for my TC Encore. It had a muzzle brake and the recoil was moderate compared to the semi auto in the video. I hope that skinny girl in the vid kicked her two buddies in the balls after the shot. That would have made for a fitting end to the vid.

  15. "The mistake was sticking out her tongue prior to pulling the trigger."

    No, the mistake was telling her to stick her toungue back in.

    As for that piece of junk, anything with that much recoil is next to useless in pretty much any serious application.

  16. How many Teresita's does it take to populate 2 blogs?

  17. Did anyone ever comment on my post re:
    the tighter rifeling on the production M-16 to meet Air Force Specs that destroyed the tumbling/killing power of the weapon?

  18. ...same old exploitation ploy.

  19. Yeah,
    The kid said that the accuracy at long range was not sufficient to meet AF Specs, so they made it spin faster, destroying the killing power at normal ranges.

  20. Why would AF "specs" even be a consideration? How many of these would they buy?

  21. Why did we fight for 5 years w/fucked ROI's?
    Why did we let the Iranians kill our troops w/no payback?
    Why do we now?
    How the Hell do I know?

  22. Remember when Trish argued w/me that the Iranians in Iraq were not acting on the Iranian Govt's behalf? she lectures me on the difficulty of dealing w/the Iranian influence in Iraq!

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  24. Maybe she's trying to one up dRat?

    "The Iranians influence in the Region is basically sectarian, not ideological or military."

  25. Lucky:
    Are you Teresita in drag, or what?

  26. Oh, yeah, Mat, I forgot it's not military, 'been listening to too many idiots over there that say it is.
    (What would Petraeus know?)

  27. (Bolton says Bomb em, Baby!)
    ...sadly, 5 years too late for team Bush and the rest of the World.

  28. Doug asked, "Lucky: Are you Teresita in drag, or what?"


    Okay,, now Hillary is faced with a difficult choice. No, not whether to wrap up her campaign this year and get out, but whether to put up with Bill Clinton as her husband for four more years. Everyone knows that's nothing but a marriage of political expediency. If she files divorce papers soon after the convention, you can take it to the bank that she won't run in 2012.

  29. Interesting point, Pierre. Is that why they call you lucky?

  30. First you said you were a Lesbo.
    Then you said that was a facad.
    Now, you say you are a lesbo again.
    ...what's wrong w/stickin w/the truth?

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  32. For drama I have my 12 ga pump. ching-ching, the pause that reconsiders.

  33. Doug: The kid said that the accuracy at long range was not sufficient to meet AF Specs, so they made it spin faster, destroying the killing power at normal ranges.

    This is an M14 being used in Fallujia, Iraq. When you have a whole squad using weak-ass carbines and modified M16s, they designate one soldier to carry one of these to take out baddies at long range.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Doug: First you said you were a Lesbo. Then you said that was a facad. Now, you say you are a lesbo again....what's wrong w/stickin w/the truth?

    This isn't a Christian blog, so that topic has almost nothing to do with the Elephant Bar, except maybe very obliquely when it comes to calendar girl posts. As I indicated to Trish, I had to redact my online profile a little bit when my focus was on Godblogging as it has been for the last six months or so. And that, Doug, is truly all I have to say about it.

  36. Wow. Sorry Ter, I'm going to follow Kat and decline your invitation for this one. Some of the other ones are okay.

  37. my comment, in case there is any misinterpretation, was not meant for any person to move on. i was merely affirming T's comment

    ...."And that, Doug, is truly all I have to say about it." It is a boring subject.

    You are welcome to discuss it. I do not moderate comments, but reserve the same rights as all others to express an opinion. My opinion is no more or no less than any other.

  38. Tes,

    What's the idea here, overwhelm us with estrogen power?

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  40. So, boys, if the border between Iran and Iraq were policed, to stop the arms smuggling, the Iranians would have no further influence in Iraq?

    You honestly believe that?

    al-Sadr takes refuge in Qum because that is where the arms shipments are originating?

    No, the Iranian influence, in Iraq is sectarian, more than ideological or military.

    Just as the conflict in Iraq cannot be won, militarily.
    If General P is the knowledgable source we all accept.

    While the Iranians may supply some hardware, there is more than hardware to a military influence, is there not?

    Where are the Iranian troops in Iraq? Not covert agents but uniformed Battalions.
    There are none.
    The ideology of mullahocracy is not being trumpeted by any Iraqis of note.
    But Shia sectarian unity definately is.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. "Where are the Iranian troops in Iraq?"

    Why not ask the blue helmet guys, or Trish.

  43. Desert Rat: While the Iranians may supply some hardware, there is more than hardware to a military influence, is there not?

    It depends on the quality of the hardware. Russia will never forgive us for sending Stinger missiles to the mujahedeen in Afghanistan. We will never forgive Ahmedinejad for sending Enhanced IEDs to their proxies in Iraq.

  44. We sent a lot more than stingers, to the Afghans. But not many GIs.
    Our influence there, in Afghanistan was technological and financial, not military.

    There are no Blue Helmets in Iraq.
    Just as there are no Iranians, in uniform, in Iraq.

    Just a bunch of radical preachers.
    Doing the Lords work, they say.

  45. Without the indigs to use those stingers or IEDs, there is nothing but scrap being shipped, in both cases.

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

  46. The Iranian influence, with the people, is sectarian.

  47. There's lot more than just Stinger missiles to the mujaheddin. There's a whole infrastructure that needs to be developed to supply and field such elicit weapons.

  48. DR: Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

    Guns don't kill people, massive organ failure due to hydrostatic shock kills people.

  49. If they're using Iranian weapons and Iranian training and Iranian logistical and intelligence support, than the Iranian influence, with the people, is military.

  50. Ward's gonna be a ward of the state. Sex-fairy flies away, to play another day. Ward was wanded.

  51. "There's lot more than just Stinger missiles to the mujaheddin. There's a whole infrastructure that needs to be developed to supply and field such elicit weapons."

    Not only that, but there's a whole chain of command that needs to approve this. To say that the Iranian government is not involved, is to be deliberately stupid.

  52. The indigs are Trained by Iranians.
    The weapons are Iranians.
    The money is Iranian.
    The Quds are Iranian.
    The Imported Hezbos are trained by Iran.
    ...but there is no Iranian military influence in Iraq.

  53. Free The Fish!

    Outlaw fishing. They're smarter than you think. Fish liberation!

  54. You just have guilt feelings about the genocide you committed w/them rock-ballasted depth charges.

  55. That was fun! Also, you could put one on a log, under a pepsi can with the top taken off, blast it about sixty feet in the air, up over the pine trees!

  56. We taped them onto 45 records and had flying kamikaze rock and roll saucers.

  57. Har! And who was is that supplied you with all that paraphernalia?

  58. ...had to try for the second stage explosion on the rocket can, which rarely worked.

  59. My dad had an apothcary.
    Free Sulfur, Charcoal, and Saltpeter!

  60. The American Iranians, importers of weaponry, aka The Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe. They got the explosives from the Blackfeet in Montana, they told us. Where they got it, I don't know.

  61. Seems like we mighta used potassium chlorate, too.

  62. Honestly, I'd pay some real money to get my hands on some of those again, bring back my youth, even if it is 'illegal'.

    "Retired Man Arrested For Depth Charging Fish", headline reads.

    AP--A retired man lost lost his fishing priviledges today, after pleading no contest to a charge of....

  63. Powdered Sugar and Potassium Nitrate was our rocket fuel of choice.

  64. You'd be hauled in as a Domestic Terrorist.
    Big headlines:

  65. Needless to say, they made one hell of a 'boom' too, wake up the whole neighborhood.

    Powdered Sugar and Potassium Nitrate was our rocket fuel of choice.


    I'm writting all this down:)

  66. And I suppose that the Chiefs were totally clueless to the sales of explosive to little blue eyed white devil boys..

  67. Let's see, hmmm, grind charcoal fine, mix with free sulpher, add saltpeter, stir in a little potassium chorate as desired, add potassium nitrate, and powdered sugar, make into a paste with a teaspoon of gas, and equal amount of diesel, put into pipe, cap ends , add fuse, light, and run like hell.

    Chief keep um tight lip.

  68. Your Honor, it was the Fourth of July. Our ancestors of long ago...

  69. Damn, why yall running all of the women folk off? A bunch of old farts eating stale beer nuts and reliving their explosive youth aint much to look at from my end of the bar.

  70. They got the explosives from the Blackfeet in Montana, they told us.

    Devil blued eyed white boy thinkin' to cut out the middleman.:)

  71. We're tryin' to blow 'em all down your way, Joe.

  72. Weren't them Injun Cheifs Persian?

  73. (that's why it's spelt wrong)

  74. I dont think I want to pick up a little piece. Rather sit here and drink.

  75. Never drink alone, Joe. That's what they say.:)

  76. Attention: Israel A Stinking Corpse

    I think if Obama should get in, the chances of bad stuff happening go up dramatically. Just my opinion.---

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that the state of Israel is a "stinking corpse" that is destined to disappear, the French news agency AFP reported.

    "Those who think they can revive the stinking corpse of the usurping and fake Israeli regime by throwing a birthday party are seriously mistaken," the official IRNA news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as having said.

    "Today the reason for the Zionist regime's existence is questioned, and this regime is on its way to annihilation."

    Ahmadinejad further stated that Israel "has reached the end like a dead rat after being slapped by the Lebanese" - referring to the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006.

  77. Campaigns are a microcosm of the management style of the prospective President. Obama and McCain have both proven thrifty. Clinton continues to spend more money than she raises, and she has to write checks to herself to cover the millions in red ink. If she was President, these profligate ways would be scaled up by many orders of magnitude.

  78. The Clintonistas made a real mistake, overlooking those caucuses, as they seem to have done.

  79. Well, fellows, the amount of influence that the Iranians have in the Sunni triangle is about, nil.

    Because of the sectarian differences with the people, there.

    The amount of influence the aQ has there is only a tad higher, because of the US military and monetary influences there.

    Byt, since the entire Insurgency is militarily insignifigent, just how much military influence could the Iranians be bringing to bear.

    But next to none.
    The Saudi influence has killed more US troops, in the last five years, in Iraq.

    The major influences that the Iranians bring to Iraq are sectarian, not military or ideological.

    The weapons invlved not worthy of a single airstrike upon the supply train or logistics chain. So, militarily it is not a real issue, or it'd have been dealt with, by US, militarily.

  80. It was all going to be over on Super Tuesday, bob. That was their scenario. They had no Plan B.

    Judgement not worthy of prime time

  81. But since the war cannot be won, miltarily, the Iranian influences are in the other fields, where the US has failed to match them.

    Where the US cannot match them, because of the sectarian divide, tween US and them.

    Heard Gen Sanchez speaking to Joe Scarbough on MSNBC, this morning.
    Did not speak highly of the decisions made by the civilians in his chain of command.

    Rummy and Bush, to be specific.

  82. And Yon says Sanchez was worse than Worthless!

  83. Yon says just the opposite about whether the war can be won:
    He, that was so honest about losing, about the insurgency, about the Civil War, NOW says it would be foolish to quit now that we are doing most things right, and the Iraqis know it and respect us, and are getting better themselves.

  84. » Evidence Of Iranian Involvement In Iraq Mounts And Is Expansive

    Michael Gordon of the NY Times notes today that Iran has allowed military training camps to be set up near Tehran where Iraqi militia fighters are trained by Hezbollah trainers (trained by Iranians originally, of course):

    The reports of Hezbollah’s role at the Iranian camp offer important details about Iranian assistance to the militias, including efforts Iran appears to be making to train the fighters in unobtrusive ways.

    The thing to take away from this snippet is someone is running a military training camp outside Tehran. Here in the US we arrested people for attempting to perform military training using paintball guns.

    Does anyone think Tehran would not notice a bunch of armed Iraqis undergoing military training just down the street?
    Clearly Iran is providing the kind of ’support’ to Iraq that gets people killed.
    Iraqis and Americans.

    I’m going to come back to this article in a moment because there are some really dense statements that leave you scratching your head if you read more than just the NY Times.
    For example, if one perused this news article one would find much more evidence of Iran’s deadly role than simply training - we found massive amounts of deadly weapons:

  85. Yon,

    "The Shia down there will tell you this is not about, this doesn’t have anything to do with religion whatsoever. It’s all about power, its all about money, it’s all about influence.

    And the Iraqi government cannot allow the militias to have that power, money, & influence if a Iraqi government is to succeed.

    The civil war ended, especially, when we started beating down al-Qaeda.

    The Shia militias are not intractable forces like you have with al-Qaeda. With al-Qaeda we had to kill em, capture em, run em’ out, demoralize them…you know, all those things.
    We had to physically beat these people.
    Now with the militias, the Shia militias in particular, a lot of these people are using violence as a negotiating tactic.
    So this is not necessarily, again this is not a theological splitting of Iraq.
    Its all about resources and power."

    Clausewitz said that warfare is the continuation of policy by other means. "Politcs," it is said, "is the art of the possible." In a democracy, the strategic center of gravity - and thus, the fulcrum of national policy - is always public opinion. Taken together, these aphorisms explain why US and the Iraqi Army are busily rooting out Sadr's Iranian-trained special groups from Sadr City, even if it raises the butcher's bill, as Michael Yon reports :

    With the Sunni west now not merely pacified but actively assisting in the hunt for Qaedist butchers and Baghdad violence sharply down as a consequence of the surge, the remaining major barrier to lasting peace - and the withdrawal of most US combat power - is the Hezbollah-style alternate government of Sadrists, their militias and the so-called “special groups,” trained by and aligned with Iran.

  86. "The weapons invlved not worthy of a single airstrike upon the supply train or logistics chain. So, militarily it is not a real issue, or it'd have been dealt with, by US, militarily."
    Since Cowboy George DIDN'T permanently take off his hat years ago, as he repeatedly observed everything he declared unacceptable to be taking place, w/NO response on his part.

  87. "The amount of influence the aQ has there is only a tad higher, because of the US military and monetary influences there."
    Yon says aQ's brutal methods esp regarding children, has turned everybody against them.

  88. G-D Damn! Just let them pour on in here. In Idaho, Ten Year Old Gives Birth, Raped By Mexican Illegal

    Riiightttt. Thank goodness we will have a new Mexican consulate in Boise to make sure this prick gets some help.

  89. They got consulates in almost every state, al-Bob.

    Los Angeles spends half a million a month for Illegals on welfare and foodstamps alone.

  90. Every one of your last posts, doug, concurs with my statement about Iranian influences.

    The aQ, whether supported by Iran or not, have little influence in Iraq. For what ever reasons.

    The Iranians have no influence in the Sunni areas.

    They have influece in the Shia areas, because of their relious connection with the people.

    Within the Shia community the Iranians are supporting each group, to varied degrees. Some economic, as in the trade deals they've signed with Malaki and the projects they are funding in Basra.
    Some is theological, with Iraqi Shia going to Qum for training and some is, yes, military.

    But the miilitary component is the least influental, in Iraq.
    The sectarian influences are much greater. They have access because of the sectarianism. Access is what gains them influence in all the other spheres.

  91. Evidently their gangs are doing a good job of infiltrating Calif schools.

  92. Are we about to finally get the Advisor Corps ?

    The commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, Admiral Eric Olson, confessed that the U.S. special operations community is failing to fulfill all of its missions :

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are making such heavy use of the nation's Green Berets and other elite warriors that they cannot fulfill their roles in other parts of the world, the military's top commando told The Associated Press.

    "We're going to fewer countries, staying for shorter periods of time, with smaller numbers of people than historically we have done," Adm. Eric T. Olson said Monday in his first interview since becoming commander of U.S. Special Operations Command last July.
    To illustrate that point, Olson said that when the 7th Special Forces Group, which is based at Fort Bragg, N.C., and whose normal area of focus is Latin America, rotates into Afghanistan for seven-month tours, it takes two of its three battalions, leaving just one in Latin America.

  93. Two ways of looking at the same evidence I guess.

  94. And what else is new, doug?

    That piece at westhawk is a rehash of what we've been discussing for three years or so.

    Except for the General now concurring.

  95. Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq was captured today in the northern city of Mosul according to the Iraqi ministry of defense.

    In other news, the Burma disaster gets worse, as the junta sits on it's hands. Bodies everywhere, rotting, disease becoming a major concern.

  96. My original point was about Trish's argument a year ago that the Iranian govt was not involved in Military Activities in Iraq.

    Training camps near Tehran, IED's and NEW missiles in Iraq notwithstanding.

    Quds an NGO.
    Likewise Hesbos training Iranians.

  97. And, Olmert seems to be getting bogged down in corruption do-do.

    Call elections, somebody. Get that moron outta there.

  98. Lose the Americas to gain Afghanistan, but then not win in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    Sanchez has written a book, from what Joe said, this morning, its' a real indictment of the Bush Administrations ineptitude, blindness and demands of loyalty in the face of realities, in Iraq.

    Bush and Company not showing well, across the board. Failing at their primary mission, since they could not define it, in military terms.

  99. (I forgot to take the "Brand New" sticker off that post.
    My Bad)

  100. Well, Doug, Ash says Hezbollah and Hamas are organizations to look up to, keep things in perespective, will ya.

  101. Yon says Sanchez fits right in.

  102. Mine was that Iran's influence, in Iraq, does not derive from its' military.

    But from Islamic sectarianism.
    Which makes their access to Iraqi society, amongst the majority anyway, possible.

    Not that the Iranians did not particpate in arming the Shia militias. But that it has a minor role in their influence in Iraq.

  103. C-4 once said that about the Hezbos, long ago.

  104. More of our guys have been killed by "IEDs" than anything else.
    ...I'd call that a significant MILITARY effect.

  105. Yon says Sanchez fits right in.

    Meaning what?

    Yon sometimes misses the forest, for the trees.

  106. Ahhh, doug, you have to go back and see where they were planted and when.
    An IED is just a command detonated mine. The Sauds paid for hundreds of them.

    The casualties, over the past five years were taken, mostly against the Sunni, in the Triangle.

    The IEDs that the Iranians supplied have only been in use for about a year, now.

    Casualties that, while heartbreaking for the families, are militarily insignifigent to the US effort.

    Or we'd react to the logistics chain

  107. Those that the Iranians are said to have supplied were not IEDs.

    By definition of an IED
    IMPROVISED Explosive Device.

    If the mines supplied by the Iranians are high tech wonders, they'd not be improvised.

    All they are are larged shape charges with a metal component in the concaved area of the explosive.
    When detonated the metal melts and it is discharged. It is just a large anti-tank round, fired in place, not mounted on the end of a rocket, like a LAW.

    Nothing to difficult to build.

  108. Once again, Yon says just the opposite about the devices killing our troops, however you want to define them and call them.
    He says that Iran supplies the shaped charge devices, and other weapons.
    ...but he's there, so probably cannot see what's happening.

  109. Yon

    "Iraqis, both Sunni and Shia, are quick to point out that Iran is a Huge Cause of the problems in Iraq."

  110. "The IEDs that the Iranians supplied have only been in use for about a year, now."

  111. Rush Puts Hillary Over The Top In Indian, Home Of Courthouses

    "Operation Chaos" is now called off. Rush says Obama is weakest nominee. The dems can have the latte sippers, the professors, the kids, and 100% of the black vote. Still lose, he thinks.

    Hillary says Rush always did have a crush on her:)

    I didn't use to like Rush much, but I got to admit, he's kind of funny.

    If we'd known what we were doing, I bet we could have built shaped charges with those Salutes.

  112. DR: If the mines supplied by the Iranians are high tech wonders, they'd not be improvised.

    You quibble, DR. Everyone knows what an IED is, and if the Iranians deploy a fancy land mine that didn't start life as a 155mm round, we just say "Enhanced IED" and everyone knows what we mean.

  113. Bernie Ward Pleads, or Admits--Update--

    (05-08) 15:02 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Bernie Ward, a prominent radio talk show host and reporter in the Bay Area for more than two decades, admitted today to distributing child pornography in a plea deal that will send him to federal prison for at least five years.

    Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker was prepared to accept Ward's guilty plea at a hearing in San Francisco to one count of distributing child pornography, but agreed to hold off at the request of Ward's attorney, Doron Weinberg. Had the guilty plea been officially submitted today, Ward could have been sent to prison immediately.

    Instead, Ward is to be sentenced Aug. 28. Weinberg said federal prosecutors intend to ask Walker to send the former talk show host to prison for nine years. Under federal law, the minimum term Ward could receive is five years.

    As part of the plea agreement, two other child pornography counts against Ward will be dropped.

    Ward, 57, has admitted that he downloaded and sent pornographic images of children on the Internet in 2004, but said he had been doing research for a book. Federal law, however, prohibits receipt, possession and distribution of child pornography regardless of intent.

    A former Roman Catholic priest, Ward was known for his outspoken liberal views on a weeknight talk show on KGO AM 810, where he had worked since 1985. He also hosted "God Talk," a Sunday morning program on religion.

    The station fired him in December, three weeks after his federal grand jury indictment was unsealed. Since the indictment, Ward has been confined to his home, with electronic monitoring, as a condition of $250,000 bail, and has been allowed to leave only for work, to drive his children to and from school and to go to church.

  114. No, the supply chain from Iran is fairly new, doug.
    Not from 2003.

    We've been through this before. Now that the Sunni are subsevient, yes, the Iranians are the major suppliers, but not prior to 2007.

    Are the Iranians a HUGE part of the problem, sure.
    But not militarily.
    Any more than Saddam's military supplies were from 2003 through 2007.

    But have it your way, doug,
    The Iranian military has more influence in Iraq than the US Army.

    Each State's power projections can only be measured in military terms.

    In which case, we should have had that problem solved, in 2004.

    But Iraq is not a challenge that can be solved by the military, as General P has often said.

    So, if Iran's huge influence is military, our military must be totally inept. Which they are not.
    Because the answer to Iranian influence is not military, because their influence is not primarily a military one.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. There you go, Ms T, time flys when you're havin' fun.

    So, it was almost 2006, D-Day plus three years, before a Coalition member saw Iranian techniques used in weapons in Iraq.
    Those weapons seen first in Basra, in the British Zone.
    But no charge of supplying the weapons, just the technological knowledge to build them.

    When did the US military first report their use, Ms T?

  117. Same info can be found in the Anarchist Cookbook or other sites on the internet.

    Just need some knowledge and a few machine tools

  118. DR: When did the US military first report their use, Ms T?

    August 4, 2005:

    U.S. military and intelligence officials tell NBC News that American soldiers intercepted a large shipment of high explosives, smuggled into northeastern Iraq from Iran only last week.

    The officials say the shipment contained dozens of "shaped charges" manufactured recently. Shaped charges are especially lethal because they�re designed to concentrate and direct a more powerful blast into a small area.

  119. Well and good, Ms T, when did they report that the "Enhanced" IEDs were used against US troops, not shaped charges intercepted on summgling routes into Kurdistan.

    Without the metal component, it's not an "enhanced" weapon.

    Smuggling of weapons in the region is nothing new, but the use of "enjanced" IEDs is what is being discussed.

  120. A dozen shaped charges not that influental

  121. DR, you should go to work for Hillary's campaign, you keep moving the Goal Posts.