“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Obama Calls for Collectivist Action

Visionary Obama, head elevated 15 degrees to the left.

Obama claims that one of his qualifications for the Presidency is his experience as a community organizer. Just what does a community organizer do for a living?

They are collectivists. They offer the down-trodden a redefinition and a new communism of defined entitlement and left wing ideology that takes from those that have and redistribute to those that do not.

Here is what they say they do:

The Roles and Responsibilities of Community Organizers
from The Community organizing Tool Box

Organizers challenge people to act on behalf of their common interests. Organizers empower people to act by developing shared relationships, understandings, and tasks which enable them to gain new resources, new understanding of their interests, and new capacity to use these resources on behalf of their interests. Organizers work through "dialogues" in relationships, understanding and action carried out as campaigns. They identify, recruit and develop leadership, they build community among that leadership, they build power out of that community.

Organizers develop new relationships out of old ones - sometimes by linking one person to another and sometimes by linking whole networks of people together.

Organizers deepen understanding by creating opportunities for people to deliberate with one another about their circumstances, to reinterpret these circumstances in ways that open up new possibilities for action, and to develop strategies and tactics that make creative use of the resources and opportunities that their circumstances afford. Organizers motivate people to act by creating experiences to challenge those feelings which inhibit action, such as fear, apathy, self-doubt, inertia and isolation with those feelings that support action such as anger, hope, self-worth, urgency and a sense of community. ...

Organizers work through campaigns. Campaigns are very highly energized, intensely focused, concentrated streams of activity with specific goals and deadlines. People are recruited, battles fought and organizations built through campaigns. Campaigns polarize by bringing out conflicts ordinarily submerged in a way contrary to the interests of the organizing constituency. One critical dilemma is how to depolarize in order to negotiate resolution of these conflicts. Another dilemma is how to balance the work of campaigns with the ongoing work of organizational survival.

Organizers build community by developing leadership. They focus on identifying leaders and enhancing their skills, values and commitments. They also focus on building strong communities: communities through which people can gain new understanding of their interests as well as power to act on them. Organizers work at constructing communities which are bounded yet inclusive, communal yet diverse, soladaristic yet tolerant. They work at developing a relationship between community and leadership based on mutual responsibility and accountability.


Obama urges Wesleyan grads to enter public service

May 25, 2:15 PM (ET)


MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) - Filling in for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and tying himself to the family's legacy, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama urged college graduates Sunday to "make us believe again" by dedicating themselves to public service.

"We may disagree as Americans on certain issues and positions, but I believe we can be unified in service to a greater good. I intend to make it a cause of my presidency, and I believe with all my heart that this generation is ready and eager and up to the challenge," Obama told Wesleyan University's Class of 2008.

The Illinois senator peppered his speech with references to the Kennedy legacy: John F. Kennedy urging Americans to ask what they can do for their country, the Peace Corps and Robert Kennedy talking about people creating "ripples of hope."

He devoted special attention and praise to Edward M. Kennedy, the longtime Massachusetts senator who had planned to deliver the graduation address but backed out last week after he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

Obama, who leads in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, said he and Kennedy had talked last week about Obama delivering the speech. Kennedy has endorsed Obama in the nominating contest against fellow Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and has campaigned for him.

Obama said Kennedy has helped provide health care to children, given parents leave time to spend with new babies, raised the minimum wage and let people keep health insurance when changing jobs "and I have a feeling that Ted Kennedy is not done just yet."

Kennedy's stepdaughter, Caroline Raclin, is a member of Wesleyan's Class of 2008. Her mother, Kennedy's wife, Vicki, attended the ceremony.

Obama, with a presidential campaign appealing to youth and emphasizing change, often evokes comparisons to the Kennedys, particularly Robert Kennedy and his 1968 bid for the White House.

Clad in a black academic robe, Obama received an honorary doctorate. Some of the graduates had stencils of Obama's face and the word "hope" - a theme of his campaign - on their mortarboards.

Only briefly did Obama veer into campaign territory, rattling off a list of education changes he promised to make as president. The rest of the 25-minute speech urged students to focus on more than "the big house and the nice suits and all the other things that our money culture says you should buy."

"At a time of war, we need you to work for peace," Obama said. "At a time of inequality, we need you to work for opportunity. At a time of so much cynicism and so much doubt, we need you to make us believe again. That's your task, Class of 2008."


  1. Can you lead me out of the wilderness?

  2. Can YOU lead me out of the wilderness?

  3. I'll give Bush some credit, we have always had socialized Military and he's been trying very hard to farm it out to the private sector. Here in Washington they now toll the Valley Freeway HOV lanes for single-occupancy vehicles, a decidedly free-market approach in comparison to the collectivist idea of light rail or raising taxes to build another lane. But at the same time Bush has grown the government faster and bigger than any President in our history, even Clinton, so it's a little disingenuous to complain about the collectivist impulses of the Democratic presumptive nominee. Point not at others' faults with a foul finger.

  4. I have seen the light!

    i believe!

    I am saved....

    Does this mean I still have to go to work, mow the lawn, take out the trash and wipe the kid's nose?

  5. "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.
    Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary re-constitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes."

    -Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei

  6. T, I doubt McCain will have the stones to take Obama on for what he is. He wants to play nice.

    To your point, Bush is not a collectivist, but he certainly is Wilsonian and a believer in big government when it suits his purpose. He brandished his own ideology, compassionate conservatism, which to me had a whiff of condescension towards conservatism and a poof of paternalism found in the US political gentry.

  7. 2164th: T, I doubt McCain will have the stones to take Obama on for what he is. He wants to play nice.

    If so, this might be a remarkable general election season, where we see actual issues debated rather than who's pastor said what.

    To your point, Bush is not a collectivist, but he certainly is Wilsonian and a believer in big government when it suits his purpose.

    It seems McCain is cast from the same mold. Here's how Americans for Tax Reform summarize his voting record:

    * McCain voted no on 6 tax cuts including the two big votes - final passage of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

    * McCain voted yes on 3 tax cuts including 2 which received near unanimous support in the Senate and were relatively non controversial.

    * McCain was not present for an additional 3 tax votes, including 2 on the very important American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.

    * McCain does not support permanent repeal of the estate tax, a major goal of the taxpayer movement.

    * McCain has told reporters "off the record" that he would raise taxes if elected President

  8. What a lot of gibberish. Time to head out to the territories, if there were any left.

    Organizers deepen understanding by creating opportunities for people to deliberate with one another about their circumstances, to reinterpret these circumstances in ways that open up new possibilities for action, and to develop strategies and tactics that make creative use of the resources and opportunities that their circumstances afford.

    Organizers hang out with Rezkos, developing strategies and tactics that make creative use of the resources and opportunities for getting that big upscale house, first thing on the list. Organizers enhance parasitic possibilities.Organizers are bounded yet inclusive, communal yet diverse, soladaristic yet tolerant.Organizers empower people to act by developing shared relationships, understandings, and tasks which enable them to gain new access to the public honey comb. Organizers are parasitic off the organizations they create, off society at large, off one another. Organizers always want more, as good dialectic theory demands. If you see one coming your way, flee.

  9. We booted the organizers out of city politics for awhile in Moscow, Idaho, which now proclaims itself to be 'open for business again.' Since these ebbs and flows of city ideology wax and wan about in tune with the orbit of Jupiter, and since I'm personally running out of time, I'm taking the opportunity to rezone my remaining land while the pot is boiling. Once rezoned, you have a new property right in it, which can't be taken back, so the strategy is, just wait the bastards out, as my father taught me. Sooner or later the opportunity arises, then you reinterpret these circumstances in ways that open up new possibilities for action, and develop strategies and tactics that make creative use of the resources and opportunities that... circumstances afford.

  10. Can you LEAD me out of the wilderness?

    Can you lead ME out of the wilderness?

    Can you lead me OUT of the wilderness.

    Can you lead me out of the WILDERNESS?

  11. CAN you lead me out of the wilderness?

    There, that covers the waterfront.

  12. If you can name it, presidents are responsible for it. The name for this is infantilization.

    In 1992, Gov. Bill Clinton promised a "New Covenant" between government and the governed. That, Healy dryly notes, was "a metaphor that had the state stepping in for Yahweh."

    Caesaropapism Rampant

    George Will's thoughts of the day.

  13. Didn't our other collectivist savioress go to Wesleyan? Place must be crawling with 'em.

  14. :)

    Looking up the definition of soladaristic via google I was sent right back here--

    Did you mean: solidaristic?

    The Elephant Bar Organizers work at constructing communities which are bounded yet inclusive, communal yet diverse, soladaristic yet tolerant. They work at developing a ... - Similar pages - Note this

  15. A saladaristic is an aristo/cat who eats his salad with a silver spoon, like Obama.

  16. I just can't get enough of Rocket Man

    Rocket Man for President.
    No collectivist action here. No community organizing. Just daring do and individual initiative, and the Alps beneath one's feet.

  17. Fidel recognizes a fellow traveller when he sees him:

    HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Monday called Democrat Barack Obama the candidate most advanced on social issues running for U.S. president but said his speech on Cuba last week was a "formula for hunger."

  18. It does seem quite odd how all the bastards of the world, think the world of Obama.

  19. "Obama's speech can translate into a formula of hunger for the nation (Cuba), the remittances like alms and the visits to Cuba as propaganda for consumerism and the unsustainable lifestyle that he sustains.

    "How is the very grave problem of the food crisis going to be confronted? Grains must be distributed among human beings, domestic animals and fish, which year by year are smaller and more scarce in the over-exploited seas," Castro said. "It's not easy to produce meat from gas and oil."

    Nope, it's not. Takes some private enterprise and dedicated farmers.

    I'm blogging like crazy today, hoping to evade having to mow lawns. But after the mail comes, I'll get hauled out of here.

  20. Bobal quoted: In 1992, Gov. Bill Clinton promised a "New Covenant" between government and the governed. That, Healy dryly notes, was "a metaphor that had the state stepping in for Yahweh."

    People think marriage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of religion, but it's actually a function of the state. That's why Muslims and Mormons only get to marry one woman, not four. That's why the pastor says, "By the power invested in me by the State of Washington" etc. So if we change the laws of the state to allow Adam and Steve to get hitched (or Madam and Eve), then they can go pack sand.

  21. Bobal: It does seem quite odd how all the bastards of the world, think the world of Obama.

    Not all of them. The bastards over on the Belmont Club who want to throw American citizens out of this country merely for being Muslim don't like Obama very much at all.

  22. The bastards over on the Belmont Club who want to throw American citizens out of this country merely for wanting to overthrow the Constitution and kill gays don't like Obama very much at all.

  23. I learned last night from "God's Crucible" that when the muzzies first got into Spain and whipped the Goths, or the Visigoths, in many of the towns they set up governing bodies that included many Jews, and some Christians, who saw the muzzies as liberators, having been treated so badly by the Arian (non-trinitarian) Gothic Christians. An odd alliance of Jews, muzzies and a few orthodox, as we now think of them. Then of course, much later, when the Christians got back on top, they kicked both the Jews and the muzzies out. So things go.

  24. Bobal wrote:

    "It does seem quite odd how all the bastards of the world, think the world of Obama."

    It isn't only the bastards but a whole load of other folk as well. I think you might be quite amazed at simmering disgust and frustration many people in the rest of the world feel about Bush's America. If you think he is unpopular there at home it's worse 'out there'. Even I've been surprised at the reaction I've encountered in a few folk just last week. One guy, who is moving to Boston this summer (his wife just got a big promotion/transfer), is not really very keen on it. He's with IBM and he'll get transferred there as well. They'll make loads of money but the harsh nature of American culture (the venomoous politics, lack of tolerance) and the militarism really has them spooked. These folk are pretty traditional conservative Canadians to boot.

  25. It'll be a cultural shock for them for sure. Getting used to freedom of speech, and all. And the militaristic culture that protects Canada.

  26. Thankfully the pay check will be a 'whopper', making up for some of the stress.

    When they've become rich, they can head back to Canada, and continue to criticize the United States, an allowed topic, there.

  27. "They'll make loads of money"

  28. Why, just last week I was talking to a foreign fellow who was buying a house, and settling in Moscow, and he said to me, "How can you stand it here"

  29. They'll make loads of money but the harsh nature of American culture (the venomoous politics, lack of tolerance) and the militarism really has them spooked.

    The left wing has spread so many lies about the US it's no wonder the world hates us. I have heard all kinds of miserable lies told by Americans to the BBC. It must be the preferred way to curry favor with other America haters.


  30. Bobal, you should try making a trip beyond the borders of the USA, you might actually find it interesting.

  31. I know that today especially, the militarism is exceptionally frightening. Most people don't want to leave their homes.

    The fear is palpable.

  32. The Stars and Stripes everywhere. Oh my!

  33. Whit, there certainly is hate, but the primary mood I run into is one of sadness, disdain, and disbelief. It really is incredible how much has changed in America from a foreign perspective - Guantanamo, Abu Gharib, Race, Illegals, Church/God, Death Penalty, Incarceration, Wiretapping, and Homeland Security are a number of items that stand out evincing the above noted sadness, disdain, and disbelief. It is really quite remarkable how America has become so fearful and paranoid. This is the view many of us see from the outside looking in.

  34. Yes, all that, and the MILITARY. The big fucking gigantic military machine with the shadowy private military lurking in the not too dark shadows.

  35. I've been to Europe. I thought it sucked, for the most part. Drugs and whores all over Amsterdam, people everywhere, the streets in Paris smelled like piss. And that was in the good old pre-muzzie days. I'm afraid to go to Mexico. I have thought about buying a place in Canada for the fishing, if I can come up with the money. I'd be outstanding there, defending the good ol' US of A. Probably get rode out on a rail. Probably jailed for mis-speaking about something. Saying muzzies are hate filled fools, or something.

  36. I'm frightened to death of the police force right here in town.

  37. This is the view many of us see from the outside looking in.

    Stop looking.

  38. The Dreaded Police of Moscow, Idaho

    With that, and the ROTC program at the University of Idaho, I'm froze like a deer in the headlights.

  39. Which reminds me, the Canadian "Snow Geese" seem to flock to Hawaii in the winter, regardless of that Imperial Naval Outpost there at Pearl Harbor.
    They don't even come for the jobs, just the good times in fascist amerikkka.

  40. The cheap dollar makes it even more attractive to go to America to play.

  41. Well, the cheap dollar is good for exports and tourism anyway.

    Iran Keeps On Keeping On

    drafted for lawn mowing, later

  42. The Doha agreement states that:

    1. All parties involved will meet by Sunday to elect a president for Lebanon. The presidential seat has been vacant since November 2007 and although all parties agreed on bringing current army commander Michel Suleiman to office, nobody seemed to know how to do that through parliament.


    2. A new 30-man cabinet will be created within the next week by someone from the March 14 Coalition. No early parliamentary elections will take place, and the Hariri bloc will continue to dominate parliament until 2009.


    3. All parties pledge not to resign from the government or hinder its work. This was made to secure that Hezbollah will not walk out on the government, as it did with Siniora in November 2006.

    History in the Making for Hezbollah

  43. LIfe is about to get harder for many people in Lebanon.

  44. Tzipi Livni tops the polls as the favored premiership candidate, and the doomsday weapon being used against her by those who are not doing as well is one that we thought already died off a while ago along with the ethnic demon and other irrelevant demons: A woman, say the other candidates, simply cannot run a state facing an existential threat such as Israel.


    Tzipi Livni is currently taking a prominent place not as much because of her abilities, but more so because the men around her do not quite arouse any appetite or a sense of security among potential voters. She still needs to prove to us that she’s ready and deserving, but there is no room for demanding that she undergo a sex-change operation.


    Political commentators point to two major manly strongholds in the war against Livni as a woman. One comes from the direction of former Shin Bet director and current Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter – the man who managed to turn the appointment of a new police chief into an embarrassing farce. And the second one, how could it be otherwise, is the man who Israel’s leading political satire show identified a longtime ago as Shaul “manly man” Mofaz, reflecting his prominent political characteristic.

    Can a Woman Lead Israel?

  45. Bill Clinton is right, Obama's going to lose.

    "We're seeing that in state after state Obama has trouble drawing beyond his own base. His coalition has been secular liberals, young people and blacks. (Amd the occasional Rufii) That's proven to be enough in the Democratic primaries, but he's going to have to go beyond that to win the general election," said Frank Donatelli, the McCain campaign's chief liaison at the Republican National Committee.

    Obama's Toast

    And George Soros is right, oil's going down shortly.

  46. Democrats, their own worst enemy.

    Since when are you plugging for Soros?

    How's the hay fever season there this year?

  47. Does science make belief in God obsolete?

    This is the third in a series of conversations among leading scientists and scholars about the "Big Questions."

    Templeton Foundation Asks The Big Question

    Can Science And God Ever Get Along

  48. Can't stand Soros, but I think he's probably right about oil being overpriced and probably going down.

    Hay fever season not so bad, it doesn't hit me all that much. My wife suffers.

  49. And what happens if Obama doesn't win Montana or South Dakota, states he's expected to put in his column? Will he regret his time in Las Cruces?

    The math is the math, yes, but Obama acting as if this is all a done deal certainly might rub some Democrats the wrong way. What say you?

    Is he being arrogant or pragmatic? Presumptuous or wise?

    Obama Moves on to General

  50. Hay fever used to clobber me there. Especially in June.

  51. FRONTLINE Mexico . Crimes at the Border PBS

    In "Crimes at the Border," a joint project of FRONTLINE/World and The New York Times, airing Tuesday, May 27, 2008, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS (check local listings), correspondent Lowell Bergman investigates the increasingly lucrative business of human smuggling along the Mexican border.
    Short version of video now available on the front page of the NY Times.

    ...smuggler who utilized corrupt guard, says her clients were often CRIMINALS who could not afford to be caught, even once, trying to get across.
    (no doubt quite different in character and makeup than a kindly washer woman.
    Believe it or not, not all Latinos are the same, and there is a strong selection pressure for CRIMINALS to go for safer, easier pickings north of the border where rewards are greater.)

  52. If Obama does poorly in the last two States, sam, the Gore/Obama option becomes more realistic for the superdelegtes. If one believes that was always the scenario, Obama as a stalking horse, then his attitude makes perfect sense.

    Obama alone WILL lose, Gore/Obama, would clean house. Sweeping the election.

    doug, for four years, or more, I've advocated for border security, to no avail, other than being calld a racist at the BC.
    That there was no threat to US security in that open frontier to the south.

    For four years the "Reactionary Compassionate Right" has denied there was even a threat.
    They were wrong.

    But that does not change the reality or the status que.

    Just as the incremental gains made by the Socialists and One Worlders have never been "turned back", the cultural impact of the illegal residents is not going to be turned back, either.

    Those folks are dug in, like a Louisiana tick

  53. Still ridin' that Gore horse. When you goin' to euthanize that injured pony?

  54. I'd seen articles about her before, Doug.

    Armstrong, a religious historian who has written several popular books including one on the Buddha, says there are odd parallels between his story and Dr. Taylor’s.

    “Like this lady, he was reluctant to return to this world,” she said. “He wanted to luxuriate in the sense of enlightenment.”

    But, she said, “the dynamic of the religious required that he go out into the world and share his sense of compassion.”

    An old, old story, the journey of the hero, who departs from the everyday to some realm of power, attains a boon, and brings it back to share in compassion with his group. Jesus, Gautama, Black Elk.

    Some say you can live an even more spiritual life without any brain at all, it being a reducing valve, restricting consciousness. 'We are hyperdimensional beings of some sort, and we cast a shadow into materiality, and that shadow is our body.' They also say don't try to get there quick, by blowing your brains out, a mistake. Live out your life in peace.

  55. And, doug, to be flogging the efforts of the NYTimes AND Frontline, why, I be flabbergasted!

    The vile NYTimes and the leftists of PBS are now telling the story that the "Right" denies has importance.

    US "Security" now all topsy turvy, not fitting into the "old" definitions.
    McCain as the "Conservative" candidate is oximoronic.

    The One Worlders have won, the issue is not even brought to the table to be discussed.

  56. Mr. McCain also kept alive a debate about a new G.I. Bill to provide tuition assistance and other benefits, which he opposes, arguing that his own counterproposal would be better for the military. The bill sponsored by Senator Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, passed the Senate last week by a vote of 75 to 22.

    Mr. Obama supports that plan, but Mr. McCain favors an alternative that would give returning service members education payments based on years of service.

    Mr. Obama, who did not criticize Mr. McCain over the matter as he did last week, sought instead to use Memorial Day to continue the task of introducing himself to a wider swath of voters. He reached for a military lineage, too.

    Messages on Iraq

  57. The gored horse.

    If it ends up Gore/Obama or Gore/ somebody else, I'd say this year takes the cake.

  58. McCain says Obama should go to Iraq

    Hillary would probably add, he should take a slow late night walking tour of Sadr City.

  59. Well, this seems to support your theory.

    Have to admit, I haven't dug into all the possible scenarios. Supers sitting out the vote and what-not.

  60. She could position snipers around his route.

  61. Instead of Hillary dodging sniper fire, it would be Obama doing so, snipers paid for by Billary:)

  62. So let me get this straight.

    If nobody has the 2,025, the supers can offer the nomination to anybody?

    Is that right? Is that the rule?

  63. One of the realities of her mind.

    Since she has never taken sniper fire, anywhere. Any story involving Billarty and sniper fire is a complete fabrication.

    The Iraqi Security Forces could guarantee Borats' safety, in Sadr City.

    They own the daylight

  64. Anyone's name can be put into nomination, sam.

    If the 2025 is not reached on the first ballot, there is a second.

    After the first ballot, none of the delegates are committed to vote for any particular candidate. They are all "free agents", after the first ballot.

    A divided Party turns to its' "Elder Statesman" who comes out of retirement to run.

    Obama becomes the VP candidate, ensuring the black bloc's 92% support. AlGore will woo Billary's senior citizen women and a viable share of hillbillies, no problem, there.

    Obama gets 8 years of resume and organization building, runs for Pres in 2016. Still a young man.

  65. And Hillary gets SOS and debt paid off.

    Crazy shit.

  66. Yhere you go.

    It's a scenario that plays well, for all of them.

  67. Another Panama born DC player, Juan Williams of PBS and FOX News.

    Says he is a "African-American", he's right.

  68. Even the "committed" delegates, are not. Legally.

    While there is moral and ethical pressure, in most of the States the primary results are not legally binding upon the delegates.

    So there could even be some preConvention manipulations. It'll be interesting to watch it unfold, regardless.

  69. I wouldn't say it plays well for Obama and Clinton. More like no choice in the matter and look towards the future. This is the best you're going to get. If it came to pass.

  70. Obama becomes the heir apparent, with 8 years to build a better base within the Party, and the American people.

    Billary gets her money back and stays at the table.

    Together they all dominate US politics for the next 8 years, united.
    Divided they fight McCain and a minority of GOP Senators, tooth and nail, for four years.

  71. It's possible I quess. Hard to see those super egos settling for anything less than number one. And the blacks might say, hell no to 8 years of VP, attending funerals, and no promise of anything after that.

  72. Are women really discriminated against in politics? Sen. Hillary Clinton surely thinks so.

    Indeed, she believes this year's presidential campaign has shown that sexism limits women's influence in politics. She claimed last week that "every poll I've seen shows more people would be reluctant to vote for a woman [than] to vote for an African American."

    It's possible that Democrats are particularly sexist, but with women making up the majority of voters, one would think that politicians were ignoring women at their own peril.

    In 2004, women made up 54 percent of voters. At least through early February of this year, women made up a much greater share of Democrat primary voters — accounting for between 57 and 61 percent of the vote in primaries and caucuses.

    John Lott
    Women know well enough not to vote for women:)

  73. They own most of the wealth, got the most votes, and bitch, bitch, bitch....

  74. ...but they know enough not to vote for themselves! And cry sexism!

  75. Two weeks ago, on the night of Barack Obama's big win and narrow loss in the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, respectively, I turned my television set to MSNBC, as I normally do on election nights. It was early in the evening, and Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were discussing the first exit polls that were trickling in.


    Now, the question of whether the network's coverage is healthy for Obama supporters is a little more subjective. If you are someone who gets his international and "hard" news elsewhere, MSNBC is particularly appealing.


    Dangerously, too, MSNBC's coverage can lead to a perverse sort of cognitive dissonance in viewers like, well, me. Throughout the primary process, I often found myself much more bullish on the Illinois Senator's chances after watching MSNBC than I had any reason to be.

    Dangerous Liason

  76. Bush was mislabeled a conservative. Jonah Goldberg is right about "compassionate conservativism" being the RINO version of fascism, as compared to Democrats' victim-class-based apartheid.

    That Alinsky-style community organizer list is frightening. You can glance through and tell where they replaced "revolutionary elite" with "leadership", "revolutionary vanguard" with "community", "proletariat" with "relationships", and "agitation" and "revolution" with "organization" and "campaign." It's prettied up Leninism. And both Clinton and Obama were trained in Alinsky-style community organization.

    "Polarization" isn't quite as neutral as they make it sound either. It's the demonization as practiced on Kulaks, counter-revolutionaries, reactionaries, capitalist running dogs, and in numerous other Communist purges throughout the democidal 70 years of the USSR.

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