“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, May 09, 2008

Blacks Reject White Candidate by 90%

I don't think I can stand one more white pundit tut-tutting about Hillary appealing to white voters. She is not supposed to notice that blacks have been voting for Obama in the 90+ category. White voters, if they go for Hillary greater than 50 percent are somehow racially tainted. Blacks however get a pass from scrutiny. Men, woman, rich, poor, rural or urban, the numbers are the same. Blacks are voting for Obama, because he is black. Obama has no family roots in American slavery.

No honest person can accuse Hillary Clinton of being racially bigoted against black people. An honest person can question the integrity of black voters who reject a white candidate by 90%.


  1. I'm not so sure. Perhaps they are supporting him because they are change hope marxists.

  2. When it was the Democratic candidates, regardless of race the blacks supported, no Democrat thought it racist.

    In fact Bill was proud that he was the first Black President. The blacks still support the Democratic candidate with 90% solidarity.

    Nothing new there, that Billary will not be the nominee, well that just seals the deal.
    The Plantation owners never thought the black wing of their Party would ever field a suitable candidate. Well, they were wrong.

    The blacks are just doin' what they've always done, just now some folk are more uncomfortable about it, than they were before.

  3. "The blacks are just doin' what they've always done, just now some folk are more uncomfortable about it, than they were before."

    Damn. I wish I had written that.

    Jim Webb as Veep. Yeeeeessss, indeedy.

    Pat Buchanan's got a message for the (GOP/Scoop Jackson) troops today: Man up.

    Keeping in mind O6, so do I: BOHICA.

  4. (Because it's not 06, sadly we will not be able to savor the shit-canning of Rumsfeld a second time. One can't have everything.)

  5. Al Giordano rewards the faithful at Rural Votes/The Field:

    “Rasmussen Reports will soon end our daily tracking of the Democratic race and focus exclusively on the general election competition between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama. Barring something totally unforeseen, that is the choice American voters will have before them in November. While we have not firmly decided upon a final day for tracking the Democratic race, it is coming soon.”

    Wretchard says McCain and the Republicans need a cause, and of course he is right. Let me suggest the ardent protest of the prematurely collected corpse in (Monty Python's) Search for the Holy Grail: "I'm not dead yet!" Verrrrry popular bumper sticker, that would be.

    (If you've seen that movie a thousand times like I have, you know how that scene ends.)

  6. Hillary: "I'm NOT a witch, THEY dressed me this way. And this ISN'T my real nose, it's a FALSE one!"

  7. : D

    Shorter Hillary: "It's just a flesh wound!"

  8. 2164th: An honest person can question the integrity of black voters who reject a white candidate by 90%.

    Gosh, I wonder why they did that. Could one of the reasons be what the Hillary Campaign did to this image of Obama in Photoshop? By making Obama look darker, they were subliminally steering voters away from him.

  9. And as everyone knows, we here at the EB are an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

  10. The photoshop can be nothing more sinister than a different laptop screen.

  11. Nothing wrong with a little tribalism, dear host.

  12. trish said...
    (Because it's not 06, sadly we will not be able to savor the shit-canning of Rumsfeld a second time. One can't have everything.)

    Would the "shit-canning" of the Republican part count as "everything"? If so, you might be in luck...

  13. This "black voting black no matter what" thing has been going on for a long time, but not necessarily at the national level.

    It has been going on in Memphis, as one example, for over 30 years (where I was raised).

    Check out the political history of:
    Harold Ford, Sr., John Ford, Marion Barry (Memphis and Washington DC), Ricky Peete, and many lesser known local politicians. They do time, get out, and get re-elected.

    Serving time for extortion, bribery, theft, tax evasion, smoking crack with prostitutes, etc. has no bearing on the ability for these people and their likes to get 90%+ of the Black vote over and over again.

    At least the Black Memphis voters are honest. They will tell you they voted for someone because and only because they are Black. It's quite the phenomenon.

  14. Would the "shit-canning" of the Republican part count as "everything"? If so, you might be in luck...

    Fri May 09, 04:03:00 PM EDT

    I'm working my way there.

  15. Whit said...

    Speaking of the Brave New World, Diana West says We're deluding ourselves. She writes:

    "...a crazy new government guide called "Words that Work and Words that Don't" urging federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, to eliminate all references to Islam when discussing, well, Islamic terrorism.

    Not only does that mean no more talk of "Islam," it also means no more talk of "jihad." ("Extremism" is the new "jihad.") And forget about the "caliphate." (Try "global totalitarian state.") Even such politically correct terms as "Islamist" and "Islamofascist," which
    About 3 years ago Trish went into exquisite detail "explaining" why "Islamofacist" was somehow not descriptive.
    Not "wrong" of course, since proper governmental etiquette knows that "wrong" is is wrong.

    Just not descriptively accurate, you see.

    I tried really really hard to see, but never did.
    Did it just to be "good" for a few days, then went back to my fallen ways.

    Wo, verily, I shall spend eternity in Hell, but at least it won't be any worse than the socialist New World Nightmare we're getting ourselves used to.

    I deserve it anyway, being a total racist for disliking the turning of the once beautiful state of my birth into a bankrupt, racial cleansing, racial-hate based, socialist Latino slum.
    Trish reminded me that was way beyond the Incorrect Pale.
    (almost "wrong" even)

    Accept your fates, Dhimmi Infidels!

  16. I call Shit Canning of America what it is:

    Surrender of the very best of what our ancestors sacrificed so much for.

  17. ...all to prove that the correct are so much purer than us infidels.

  18. Larry Johnson for Sec of De-fence!

  19. What was there before dhimmitude, granadpa?


  20. Trish also professed not to be bothered by Barry sending his kids to a race-based Hate America Factory.
    Just doesn't care for his policies, you see.
    To be offended by racism would be...
    you got it:

  21. All systems go, Trish:
    California much "better" off than it's ever been befo.
    Full Speed ahead, Infidels!

  22. Grandpa and your mom gotta be incorrect because they're OLD.
    Not wrong of course, just incorrect and OLD.
    The New World Order better in every way than the OLD.

  23. Trish picks up her snarky sarcasm in her left wing reading.
    Larry Johnson a good example of the style.
    Also, Bernie Ward.

  24. My mother's voting for Obama.

  25. Got that tax rebate check yet? Yes? Good ! The Nader Team has an idea for you! Deposit half, send half to Team Nader, feel good about yourself.

  26. Hey, Ash, that admired civilizing force Hezbollah is on the move again. Expect free pizza and medical care soon.

  27. y'know, bobal, back before the Iraq invasion some folk speculated that doing the deed could fracture the region and bring about regional war. Lebanon descending into a Shiite vs Sunni war (as opposed to the many factions fighting each other in the last Civil War) could portend a nasty future where the regions Sunni battle the Shiites. Could get real ugly.

  28. You know what pleases me about this?

    None of you jackasses will win.

  29. Everyone knows the Lebanese Civil War from 1975-1991 was all our fault.

  30. A short sighted view in your case Trish. President Bob would deal fairly with all sides, and lead the nation to the uplands of prosperity, the sunny high blue plateau of plenty, and meaning too.

  31. Why is everyone upset by this? What's wrong with blacks voting for blacks?

  32. Given the nature of the two candidates, their past esperiences and histories ...

    One would have to bet the odds that the skeletons and and the potential for a "blow up" are higher in the McCain camoaign than in the Obama.

    Start questioning the relevence of Cindy's family in McCains life, a subject verboten in AZ but for the "New Times", and John may just blow a gasket.

    Gonna hammer on Mrs Obama?
    Be careful, amigos.
    Betcha she is made of sterner stuff than Cindy.
    With fewer personal failings or as shady a family tree. If one is to speak of her "elitist demeanor", remember Cindy has committed fraud, theft, perjury and the use of Schedule II controlled substances.
    Then skated from prison time or a felony conviction, duuue to the influence of her father and her husband.

    McCain can be made to appear dumber and/or dirtier than most any other person in the electoral field, just based upon his marriage of opportunity.

  33. Blacks for blacks, Mexicans for Mexicans, Polaks for Polaks, Italians for Italians, etc, etc., I see nothing wrong with it.

  34. "Nothing wrong with a little tribalism, dear host."

    true trish true. but don't deny me my fun with ironic twists.

  35. It's not that, mat, it's the double standard that bugs duece, it's that Billary is bashed, just today, when she mention how well she does, with WHITE voters.
    That is reported to be an acceptance of racism, when the black for black or black for Democrat voting that is seen, is not reported with that same spin.

    Seems to me.

  36. The West Virginians too will vote color. In their case, white. Be interesting to see what the score is there. Won't be 90% but it will be getting up there, I'd bet.

  37. " not reported with that same spin."

    Wow, some here still get upset by the MSM. Why not just tune that shit off?

  38. Why is everyone upset by this? What's wrong with blacks voting for blacks?

    Nothing, but the idea is whites voting for whites is racist. In a colorblind society, which is what we're told we'
    re supposed to be, everybody will end up just voting one's own race, right down the line. Fair is fair. Which will show just how much progress we haven't made towards the ideal we are supposed to be shooting for.

    It would be interesting to see how much black support for Obama would be peeled away by a Rice or Powell.

  39. Obama will score at least a 45%, bob, I'd bet.

    Though there may be even fewer yuppies, in WV, than blacks.

    Well, almost
    Obama's strengths are among black voters and college-educated voters, but only 3.3 percent of West Virginians are black and only 16.5 percent of residents have bachelor's degrees, more than 10 percentage points below the national average, U.S. Census figures show.

    For Clinton, the state is nearly ideal: She has consistently outperformed Obama among white, older and blue-collar voters in competitive primaries.

    Exit polling in the 30 Democratic primaries in which both candidates competed shows whites favoring Clinton over Obama 55 percent to 40 percent, voters over age 65 favoring her 59 percent to 36 percent, and rural voters favoring her 52 percent to 42 percent.

    West Virginia's median age of 40.7 is four years older than the national median, more than nine in 10 residents are white and the median family income is roughly $12,500 below the national median of about $58,500.
    Obama, though, may benefit from a new wrinkle for state Democrats — the first-ever open primary, Rupp said.

    There are roughly 154,000 voters in the state with no party affiliation, compared to more than 660,000 Democrats and about 348,000 Republicans. Since the 2006 elections, roughly 19,000 people have registered as independents, double the number of new Democrats and triple the number of new Republicans.

    For the first time this year, those independents will be able to vote in either party primary. Exit polls show Obama with a 54 percent to 40 percent advantage over Clinton among self-described independents.

    Clinton does better than Obama among Democrats, 50 percent to 47 percent.

    There are 39 delegates at stake in West Virginia that both candidates dearly want to claim. Obama is less than 200 delegates away from the 2,025 delegate needed to clinch the nomination. Clinton lags more than 150 delegates behind Obama.

    So maybe 43%, of the Primary voters

  40. Well,
    Cindy McCain vows she won't release her tax returns. Never, she says, for some damned good reason, too, I'd bet.

  41. "It would be interesting to see how much black support for Obama would be peeled away by a Rice or Powell."

    Powell and Rice have a black constituency of voters? You live and learn.

  42. Don't know if they do, or not:)

    Why isn't anyone concerned that the mad scientists might turn on CERN, create a black hole, and we all vanish? Sucked into the netherworld.

    How far will all this political talk get you then, huh,huh?

  43. Live as if there were no tomorrow.

  44. Sucked into the neither, nither, niether, never, never nether world.

  45. Not even a fair fight, amongst the elitists, Ms Cindy or Michelle.

    Lil Ms Hensley will smack her down, or hire it done.

    From pre-prohibition until today, with Capone and the boys, the Hensley's are connected to it all, by virtue of Kemper Marley, Sr.

  46. "None of you jackasses will win."

    Join the club.

  47. "Live as if there were no tomorrow."

    If there be no tomorrow, the effort is wasted. :)

  48. About halfway through hour 3, Feith alludes to Wuss Bush giving in to the troika of Bremmer, Powell, and Rice.

    After that, he mention's Armitage's (leaves out Powell) traitorous behavior.

    Says Tenet's Book is 500 pages w/o a single footnote!
    Douglas Feith, Pt. 3
    Hewitt: Hour 3 - Hugh concludes his three hour look at the war in Iraq
    with former Pentagon Assistant Secretary of Defense, Douglas J. Feith, author of War And Decision.

    Michael Yon
    Hewitt: Hour 2 - Hugh spends the hour with America's preeminent war correspondent, Michael Yon, and talks about his wonderful new book, Moment Of Truth In Iraq.

  49. The club of losers, that is.

  50. "That is reported to be an acceptance of racism, when the black for black or black for Democrat voting that is seen, is not reported with that same spin."

    I take it you subscribe to the spin that it is racism? After all, Zionism = Racism

  51. "(Because it's not 06, sadly we will not be able to savor the shit-canning of Rumsfeld a second time. One can't have everything.)"
    Feith and Rumsfeld had the original Garner plan for no occupation:

    Bremmer, Powell, and Rice eventually got their way.

    Blame Rumsfeld!

  52. Edited and updated from the original version.

    JOHN McCAIN is married into the Phoenix-Arizona mobster network.

    To understand the background you need to know about the Kemper Marley organised crime network which runs Arizona. Marley was the protégé of Sam Bronfman which owned the liquor giant Seagrams and Universal Music, the biggest music company in the world. Marley had also been connected to what remained of the Al Capone operation.

    Kemper Marley, now dead, owned the Arizona liquor monopoly, United Liquor. In 1948 two employees of this "company" were jailed for federal liquor violations and one of them was Jim Hensley, the general manager, and father in law to…John McCain.

    Marley himself was saved from prosecution by his personal attorney, William Rehnquist, who went on to be the present Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

    When Hensley came out of prison he was rewarded by Marley with a Budweiser distributorship, which is now in the hands of…John McCain. The last estimate of its' worth was worth $300 million.

    When a reporter on the Arizona Republic, Don Bolles, threatened to expose the Marley rackets and the big names involved, he was murdered when a bomb exploded in his car. Bolles was wheeling and dealing with these guys and so knew the truth. His last words were: "Adamson, Emprise, the mafia."

    John Adamson was a hit man and Emprise was a dog track operation which changed it's name to Sportservice. Emprise. under its late founder, Louis Jacobs, father of current president Jeremy Jacobs, Emprise had some dealings with organized crime figures. Congressional hearings revealed old company practices that included secret cash payments to politicians in the 1950s. In 1972, Emprise was convicted of conspiracy and fined $10,000 for concealing mob interest in the Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
    They were "partnered" up with Kemper Marley.

    Marley, with his massive wealth and influence, controlled all the congressmen and senators in Arizona, as his successors still do. These include John McCain.

    Another Phoenix figure, the Marley-connected Charles Keating, paid John McCain $112,000 and a deal between Keating and McCain's wife involving a shopping centre, netted half a million dollars in six months. Keating has faced criminal charges for corruption.

    You will never be told the true background to any of this by the Arizona media, like the Arizona Republic. It was started by Eugene Pullium, at the instigation of, Kemper Marley.

    Eugene Pullium was, in turn, the grandfather of Dan Quayle, vice president to George Bush41.

    Quayle grew up in Paradise Valley, near Phoenix.

    These are the webs and networks in which we find, John McCain.

    The obit for Kemper in the NYTimes.

  53. Mr Jerry Jacobs, of SportServices, was a Forbes 400 member when I first worked for his horse show operation, he fell off the list for a few years, but then made it back on.

    Always paid on time.

  54. al-Bob planted that wheat just for the Hell of it, Mat, being that there was no tommorrow!

  55. I think it's prejudiced to be sure.

    Is Zionism = to racism?
    No idea, myself.

    Is pure blood breeding of people, a tribe or religion, racist?

    Are the Islamic "Honor Killings" really racist actions?

    The marketing of the "AntiIslam" faction is so poor it has to be sabotaged

  56. We must not deny our junkie his habit. :)

  57. I'm glad you have pointed all that stuff out, Rat. I would never have known much about it.

    Kind of sad, real sad, having no one to vote for that's worth a shit in what's supposed to be the great country on earth, home of the brave, land of the free. I'm not looking for a saint, just an intelligent honest person. I search the land, lantern in hand, looking for an honest man, a faithful woman....

  58. "Is pure blood breeding of people, a tribe or religion, racist?"

    Are Japanese pure blood breeders? Are the Chinese? Are the Koreans? Are the different Black Africans? Are the different Native Americans? Are the white Swedes?

  59. Sen. McCain is routinely is ranked among the richest lawmakers in Congress, but he and his wife have kept their finances separate throughout their marriage. A prenuptial agreement left much of the family's assets in Cindy McCain's name.

    That Cindy, she's nobody's fool.

  60. The original Aryans, I'm taking this from J. Campbell, of somewhat mysterious origin, didn't seem to put much emphasis on racial purity, incorporating the captured ladies into the tribe, and breeding away. This may have changed somewhat when they entered India. He says the philologists have found traces of many a tongue in the lingo, even Eskimo.

  61. Bob,

    How do you go from India to Sweden and remain a white blue eyed devil?

  62. Tom Wolfe is Bullish On America and a nobby dresser too. I want some socks like that.

  63. I think there's reason the white devils headed away, and will always head away.

  64. In the Japanese, I know it is.
    The others, I'm not so sure, but tend to think so to some varied degrees in each group.
    Under the current definitions of US culture.

    Depends upon the cultural attitudess to inter-breeding, with other groups, rather than geographical obstacles that may impead it..

  65. Hmm,.. The Japanese you're sure about.

    When the Chinese resisted the mongols was that Racist?

  66. That Petraeus Interview mentions they are STILL fixing stuff dumb fuck Bremmer Screwed up in 2003!
    (In this case, extending the pensions that he eliminated, along with the Army)

  67. Doug, when we won World War II, do you think we should have kept paying the pensions Hitler promised to the SS, and not disbanded the Wehrmacht?

  68. Bobal: That Cindy, she's nobody's fool.

    At least she's not a ketchup magnate.

  69. Bobal: Why isn't anyone concerned that the mad scientists might turn on CERN, create a black hole, and we all vanish? Sucked into the netherworld.

    Bobal, even if they create a black hole,
    Hawking Radiation means it will last for about 2 microseconds, maybe. Sheesh!

  70. Tes,

    Hitler's soldiers didn't receive a pension?

  71. Nay, T, Hawking Radiation was discussed, not been proved, according to my source there at C2C.(if I understood the discussion which is iffy)

  72. Bobal: It would be interesting to see how much black support for Obama would be peeled away by a Rice or Powell.

    I've already "come out" for McCain, but if he picked Rice for veep that would be some great chocolate frosting on the vanilla cake, where I'm coming from. It would be covering two or three minority bases right there, depending on whether there's anything to those rumors.

  73. Doug: Surrender of the very best of what our ancestors sacrificed so much for.

    Would you say that our ancestors sacrificed much for our right to vote? Yes they did. And Druggie Limbaugh turns around and runs Operation Chaos, sending dittoheads into Donk primaries to cancel the votes of honest Americans.

  74. Dems do the same thing all the time, here in Idaho, which is why we have been trying to close our primary.

  75. Doug: Larry Johnson for Sec of De-fence!

    Under Obama we get Cindy Sheehan for Secretary of Defense, Jane Fonda for Veterans Affairs, Al Gore for DoE, Sean Penn for Secretary of State, OJ for AG, Sandy Berger for National Security Advisor, and George Soros for Treasury.

  76. How about prove your bonavides, T., and vote for Rossi?

    He won the last election, you know well, and it was stolen from him, but noboby hears about it, cause he's a Republican.

  77. From a Chinese, Mongol or modern perspective, mat?

  78. Bobal, Rossi supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, which should have been addressed by the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. (I realize Dino isn't in Congress, but that indicates his willingness to use this as a wedge issue). Here's McCain's speech in the Senate against the FMA, which I find to be well thought out:

    I think the Defense of Marriage Act represents the quintessentially federalist and Republican approach to this issue. The constitutional amendment we are debating today strikes me as antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans. It usurps from the states a fundamental authority they have always possessed, and imposes a federal remedy for a problem that most states do not believe confronts them, and which they feel capable of resolving should it confront them, again according to local standards and customs.

  79. From the great wall of China perspective. :)

  80. No, it was no racist from the Han point of view, as described here by Q. Edward Wang in "History, Space, and Ethnicity: The Chinese Worldview"

    The Han would assimulate non-Han ethicities and cultures into theirs

  81. So as long as you're running an empire "assimilating" other entities into your Borg Empire, tiz all kosher.

  82. The Veep of Choice (wish he could be Potus)
    Bobby Jindal
    Hewitt: Hour 1 - Hugh talks politics with new Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal

    (Trish goes for crazy old farts like Paul and Webb)

  83. T:
    Do you think you know Iraq better than Petraeus?

    Were Shia Veterans all Saddam Thugs?
    (or, for that matter were all Sunnis? the dentists)

  84. Well, no, it's not always kosher, and in the case of the Mongol and the Han, the ruling elite lost their lives, but the buerocrats stayed on.

    Eventually assimulating the Mongols, so, from a Cultural survival perspective, the Han won and the Mongol lost.

    But from either a tactical or shortterm strategic military perspective the Mongols won.

    Genghis and his highly developed staff studied the problems of the assault of fortifications. With the help of Chinese engineers, they gradually developed the techniques to take down fortifications. Islamic engineers joined later and especially contributed counterweight trebuchets, "Muslim phao", which had a maximum range of 300 metres compared to 150 metres of the ancient Chinese predecessor. It played a significant role in taking the Chinese strongholds and was as well used against infantry units on battlefield. This eventually would make troops under the Mongols some of the most accomplished and most successful besiegers in the history of warfare.

    As a result of a number of overwhelming victories in the field and a few successes in the capture of fortifications deep within China, Genghis had conquered and consolidated Jin territory as far south as the Great Wall by 1213. He then advanced with three armies into the heart of Jin territory, between the Great Wall and the Yellow River. With the help of Chenyu Liu, one of the top officers who betrayed Jin, Genghis defeated the Jin forces, devastated northern China, captured numerous cities, and in 1215 besieged, captured and sacked the Jin capital of Yanjing (the modern-day Beijing). But the Jin emperor, Xuan Zong, did not surrender, but moved his capital to Kaifeng. There his successors were eventually defeated in 1234.

    But the Mongol culture was assimulated, so who really won?

  85. Webb as Obama's VP makes an awful lot of sense, really.

  86. After sixty years of aggression, the Mongols had it all.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Occuppied Baghdad
    Reached into Poland

    On a whim and then for Honor, those pesky Muslims cut off some Mongol ambssadors heads.

    It was an error in judgement, for those individuals, but the Muslims remain, the Mongols, long gone.

    But as noted in an earlier thread, the descendents ready to expand, again. New techniques, same goals

    To sell them short, an error.

  89. The moral or the story, occuppying Baghdad, no one does it for long, the results are always fleeting.

    Those pesky Muslims still cut off heads.
    Only the response of the occuppier differs, the results, a fore gone conclusion, as the current pudding is tasting.

  90. who really won?

    It depends on who you see as the aggressor. From my perspective, I see the chinese emperors as the aggressors. The analogy being that Alexander of Macedonia and the persian empire.

    As to who won, Mongolia is still on the map, is it not?


  92. doug: T: Do you think you know Iraq better than Petraeus?

    No, I just know a little bit about a lot of things. So for relaxation, I blog.

  93. Sure, it is still there, along with Tibet and Hong Kong.

    I'd say that while the Chinese lost the battle and the war, the Han culture, though modified by the assimulation, won.

    As the battle of the Americas progress. 320 million in the US and 150 million fom Mexico to the Canal and 30 million in Canada. 500 million folks to assimulate into a common culture.

    That's the dream of the revolutionary Unionists, extending the self evident rights of man.

    Who is the spokesman for the American Revolution?

  94. Hulagu didn't just destroy Baghdad, he realy destroyed Baghdad. Maybe even with a little help from the dastardly Shia. Some centuries later Baghdad's back in business, repopulated from the surrounding desert. Here

    I didn't know Rossi's position on that, T. He did win the election, though.

  95. Interesting map at that link, mat....

  96. I never knew Jindal was a Hindu. Had seen the name, is all. Interesting, Republican Hindu, governor of a state, will wonders never cease.

  97. "That's the dream of the revolutionary Unionists, extending the self evident rights of man."
    --- defined by Karl Marx

  98. You should change you're name to "Christmas Turkey," 'Rat!