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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Racial Distress Hits Baseball

In the eyes of baseball Commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig, the sport he oversees is in a golden era. Attendance at major league games is at an all-time high, TV and Internet revenues are robust, and competitive balance never has been better.

Amid the good news, however, baseball is fighting a distressing trend: The number of black Americans in the game has dwindled to an all-time low.

Stop the presses! Imagine the horror, revulsion, shock, awe, vexation, pity, pain and platitudinous nonsense that would be generated if the article were written about basketball and the diminished presence of white players. Change two words in the sentence and we get:
...Amid the good news, however, basketball is fighting a distressing trend: The number of white Americans in the game has dwindled to an all-time low."
Who cares how many blacks are on a baseball team and who is distressed?

MLB makes pitch to recruit blacks
By Tim Lemke
August 14, 2007


  1. To some degree, it is apples and oranges:

    Whites have been out-competed in Basketball, whereas Blacks are giving up on Baseball as they give up their once-civil culture for Rap-Trash, non-culture.

    Victimology Cultured by the Welfare State, compulsory value-free public schools, Pop Culture, and etc.

    So, the distressing thing is not Black-free Baseball, but the cultural meltdown that caused it.

  2. I think there may be just as many black-skinned players, but from Latin Countries, not Black "Americans."

    Recently learned that Tommy Lasorda's roommate when he pitched was Jim Gilliam.
    Walter Alston was shocked when he saw Jim carrying a purse!

  3. Bill Russell, KC Jones, Sam Jones, Bob Cousy,John Havelchek--there's the team, used to watch the old Celts every time. I've wondered how they would do, at their best, against some of the teams today. Get clobbered I think. Red and his cigar. Ah.