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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Iran is Ready to fill Vacuum in Iraq.

Of course that means after the Americans pull out. That does put a political problem up for those calling for an American withdrawal from Iraq. The very act of an American withdrawal fulfills Iran's destiny of becoming the major power in the Gulf. It would be the culmination of the perfect storm of political stupidity, historical ignorance and naive ideology. Mission accomplished.

Mideast power vacuum ‘benefits Iran’
By Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran Financial Times

Published: August 28 2007 23:53 | Last updated: August 28 2007 23:53
Iran’s president said on Tuesday that diminished US political influence in the Middle East was creating a “power vacuum” that would benefit Iran and other countries in the region.

Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad went on to say that that the US’s “weakening” of the Iraqi government – an apparent reference to recent criticism of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki by senior US politicians – would not help the US maintain control over the country.

The comments are a reminder of Iran’s long-standing ambition to be the top power in the Persian Gulf, as it was before the 1979 Islamic revolution – a nightmare scenario for some of the other countries in the region.

Iran’s nuclear programme – which Tehran says is purely for peaceful purposes – has fuelled Sunni Arab countries’ fears of Shia Iran.

Mr Ahmadi-Nejad was speaking before US president George W. Bush launched a fresh verbal attack on the Tehran regime’s nuclear programme which the US and other western powers believe is designed to produce nuclear weapons.

“Iran’s actions threaten the security of nations everywhere, and the United States is rallying friends and allies to isolate Iran’s regime to impose economic sanctions,” Mr Bush told a US Veteran’s rally. “We will confront this danger before it is too late.”

But Mr Ahmadi-Nejad called for co-operation with some of the regional nations who have expressed concern at its growing influence.

“With the help of neighbours and regional friends like Saudi Arabia, we are ready to fill up this vacuum to the benefit of regional nations and Iraq,” Mr Ahmadi-Nejad said in a press conference. “This is happening… and those who close their eyes are fooling themselves.” more here


  1. Perfect Storm.

    Was it ever.

    I thought AQ would be filling the vacuum, though. Hard to keep up.

    If AQ and the Iranians are going to fill the vacuum, I say let the vacuum be filled.

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  3. All this time I thought it was al-Sadr that was going to fill the vacuum

    "I first wanted to go after him when he had probably fewer than 200 followers," Bremer recalled in an interview with Newsweek last week. "I couldn't make it happen ... the Marines were resisting doing anything."
    L. Paul Bremer

  4. LOL!

    I've yet to hear an Iranian tell the truth, and I guess I'm not about to now.

  5. The falsehood of pan-arabism/islamism acts as the progenitor of wars, tyranny, and the cultural and intellectual squalor that is found in the Middle East.

    The deep and hidden reason for the tyrannical oppression practiced throughout the Middle East is the imposition of pan-arabic/islamic cliques that intend to dictatorially "arabize" the various peoples of the Middle East, who are – all – not Arabs."

    The solution, is authentic ethnic nationalism, staring with the Kurdistan. But instead, the US continues to weigh in its support for pan-arabic/islamic imperialistic formulas.

    Progenitor of Wars and Tyrannies: the Falsehood of Pan-Arabism

  6. Maybe the Iranians will fill the vacuum in the south, the Saudis in the west, and the Turks in the north, leaving the Iraqis s.o.l. and immigrating to America.

  7. Barney Frank, the old male whoremonger Slaps Down the Republicans

    Male prostitution in the basement not mentioned.

  8. Bob,

    The "Iranians" can barely "fill the vacuum" within the border of "Iran". The Turks, the same. The Sauds, face a similar situation. These mini empires and multi ethnic states are barely holding together. The only reason that they do is because of brute force and tyranny.

  9. 4th25 is the rap group that got some press a few years ago because it consisted of a number of soldiers in Iraq who created a CD in their spare time. A bit ago I posted something from one of their songs, but it might worth it to take a look at the entire CD.

    Covers rules of engagement, deployment, prosecutions of soldiers, infidelity at home, high command malfeasance, hiding fear from home, etc, etc...Traditional ground level stuff in a war zone. Not rose-covered at all. Much profanity, but really, a work of art. They've also donated most of their profits to military support organizations.

    Lyrics, here, if interested.

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  11. Just kind of tongue in cheek Mat, but what about Turkey--any chance the military will step in again as they have in the past?

  12. Fundamentalist Sunnis vs. fundamentalist Shi'ites.

    "Too bad they can't both lose," part II.

  13. Just a sample from above, "The Deployment":

    To a
    Future unknown and I say damn I really hate it
    Cause I know if I was to die today they’d
    Go find myself a replacement

    Gave me more of a reason
    To ask god and myself why
    But I was saved by my manhood
    Stayed in tact didn’t let me cry

    Made me more of a man
    Knowin the normal couldn’t hack it
    Feelin like im Jordan or something
    Risin above and beyond the fuckin average

    Equipped with anger for any stranger
    That tags along thru my journey
    No goodbyes to my family
    Addin pages to lifes story

    Slowly and surely
    Closing up all unfinished business
    Dead all my affairs to the rear
    Cause my social life now is finished

    And with god as my witness
    Im not the only one that’s goin thru it
    And I’ll never be alone
    Cause my comrades is goin thru it

    Addin gas to the flame
    Knowin life it isn’t fair
    But really pissed me off the most
    Is half my country didn’t even care

  14. Bob,

    They all fear other submerged ethnicities may revolt and unravel the whole thing. That applies to Turkey as well.

  15. Vacuum being created in Pakistan Army as Musharraf said ready to step down as Army Chief

    Deal said made with Bhutto so he can have another term as pres, says report.

  16. Just as doug and I postulated, the Haditha Marines were prosecuted for political purposes, the enviorment poisoned by the Marine Commanant and other officers. They going to Iraq and explaining to the Command "Core Valuess".
    Sam linked, last thread to the collapse of the case. Just as doug and I foretold. The lives and reputation of the enlisted Marines devestated by the witch hunt.

    Prosecuting the Haditha case has been especially difficult because the killings were not thoroughly investigated when they first occurred. Months later, when the details came to light, there were no bodies to examine, no Iraqi witnesses to testify under oath, and no damning forensic evidence to help support a murder charge.

    No bodies to test forensicly, no testemony from Iraqis, no ballistic tests, no legal case at all, it seems.

    When Wuterich, the soft-spoken squad leader who faces the most extensive murder charges of anyone in the Haditha matter, walks into court here today, "all the prosecutorial attention is now going to center on him," Solis said.

    Regardless of what happened to charges against the other defendants, there is still great public pressure on the Marine Corps to investigate and punish any wrongdoing in a case in which so many civilians died.

    "We can't say those guys didn't commit a crime," said Michael F. Noone Jr., a retired Air Force lawyer and law professor at Catholic University of America. "We can only say that after an investigation, there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute."

    But prosecute they did, under political pressure the Marines abandoned the enlisted men to be mauled in the Court of Public opinion.

    "We can only say that after an investigation, there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute."

    Where is allen to tell US it's all good. All's well that ends well?

    The Marine Corps officers cut and ran on those emlisted men when pressured by the politicos.

    Took a retired Air Force officer to tell the truth of the matter.

    "We can only say that after an investigation, there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute."

    Was not enough now, was not enough then, obviously

  17. The conservative thing to do, mat, is maintain the status que.

    There you go with your radical retrogressive proposals, again.
    Regressing the region to ethnic tribalism, what the elites of the East & West fear most of all.

    Back to the 7th Century,
    for everyone. Away from the post modern dream of one world, one people.

    That'll be a hard sell in DC, Brussels, Beijing and Turtle Bay, impossible really.

    Even if it does make sense.

  18. dRat,

    It's the old tower of babel project. These people never learn.