“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, August 31, 2007

Guess Who is Leaving the Senate.


  1. hehehe--That picture kind of reminds me of the days of yore when OSHA had ruled that farm workers had to be provided restrooms(not a bad ruling) and some of the farmers hitched outhouses on wheels to the back of the tractor or combine as a protest or joke.

  2. Now we just gotta teach illegals how to use them, Bobal, and leave their 3rd World Diseases at Home.
    Better yet...

  3. I agree with Doug. Hillary is leaving the Senate, and then we're all in the crapper with her.

  4. Still laugh of that picture of the Crapper Bomb.
    Great Set for any number of creative Videos.

  5. "And, yes, you've made it abundantly clear that you beleive the US and its citizens should act and be considered superior to all others on the planet. "
    Guess who?
    You know: The Guy that thinks Sharia is as good a way to go as the US Constition.
    6 o' one,
    Half a dozen of the other.

  6. Man, I'm spellin like 'Rat today.
    Hope I don't smell that way.

  7. Damn,
    'Rat's pics of Panama City look like Ny Ny.
    Kid just got back from the Big Apple, took some nice pics from the Empire State.
    Also went upstate and stayed with one of his million friends, swam in the Hudson!
    Guy's gonna get addicted to Govt work at this rate.

  8. It's not you, per say, 'Rat, it's that damn urine smell in the closets.

  9. Although i am not a fan of the Senator from Idaho, I do find this whole story to be crap...

    I do find the fact that his homophobia was wide spread and well known to be an issue, but the problem here is the fact that if we were as enlightened as the Dutch for example, one could arrive at the airport, take a quick trip the the sex house of your choice, spend 50 bucks and get what ever you like, legally, safe, and virus free...

    I for one, know that, as a married man, the concept of rent a wife is appealing, even if for an hour, or in my case 3 minutes, the thought i could go to the john, take a crap, get some head and not be late for the plane is a wonder to behold, the major problem that i have with the Senator is I hate finding major lip hair on those "suckling" my small, but personally prized peter...

    Not that I have much ability to find strangers, nor my spouse (unless tied down or drunk) to perform this act the good Senator must have been wishing for...

    I could only imagine the release of stress he must have enjoyed for years doing that weekly romp through the MN airport, using his "special" john for tension release..

    So please america, setup a booth for us chubby married men to go to, to legally rent a spouse for a few minutes, and please provide gals that look like halle berry, jennifer aniston or sharon stone, not jeff foxworthy

  10. Halle needs a little more meat on her:
    I'd take Vanessa Williams.

  11. Since we're talkin Dark Meat.

  12. Occupation picks up girls with the smell of his soybean Exhaust.

  13. lol

    sorry I bow to Vanessa... (and I've seen her neked)

    well for that matter, i've seen all of the neked///

  14. I'd prefer to see her bow to me!

  15. doug: Occupation picks up girls with the smell of his soybean Exhaust.

    You'd be surprised how many hippie gals w/ armpit hair and ugly tats find chubby 50 yr old jews w/ benzs running on cookin oil sexy....

  16. Mike Savage and I both have a warm spot in our hearts for hippy chicks.
    Somethin about the call back to the natural world, where we could express our inner Cave-Man.

  17. Here's a cute 3 second clip of a chubby femail moto crosser.

  18. I love the way she body surfs them handlebars.

  19. Excellent post, WiO. You seem to take a liberal, wide stance on these questions. This writer thinks it will all blow over, the deeper question not being about Craig himself anyway.

    Craig filed bankruptcy on his ranch long ago. I don't know if he still owns the land or not. He's probaly squirreled away considerable cash by now, so should make out well. Even if his wife takes a hike, as bless her she should, and takes some of it with her.

    I claim dubs on Paris Hilton. I don't want any intellectual talk.

  20. That gal sure ain't no Evil Knievel.

  21. Wow, in Slo Mo it looks like she didn't tuck her head.
    Maybe she's a dead .....!

  22. Pictures, of naked women?

    We'll never get on that library computer, again.

    Panama is an urban wonderland, doug.

    The outlands are nice and pristine, if one goes for that, as well. But the city, it never sleeps.

    wi"o" would be happy there, for a lot less than $50 bucks.

    all one needs to know about sex in Panama, a girl has to eat, you know.

  23. "lots of people, just like in Costa Rica, want information on the topic"
    Now we know why the site is hosted from CR

  24. Too bad the Senator didn't read this:
    Bathroom Etiquette
    Oh yes, taking a leak or dump in a public bathroom is risky business for many folks, much of the time a downright blasphemy to even suggest it. Why, though? What is the difference between defecating on a public toilet bowl than on the one in a friend’s apartment? Why do some people hold it all day to take a crap at home? Why are so many people scared of others smelling one’s shit?

  25. Evil Knievel Jumps Snake River Canyon!

    Evil tries to jump the Snake River Canyon, but comes up a little short.

  26. Simpsons had a Hilarious one of Homer bouncing down the mountain:

  27. Looks like Evil misjudged the angle of the dangle.

  28. I'll leave it to you all to decide what This means - Crossing Anbar

  29. Thought Warner was in until '10, oh well.

    Real rats, doug, they get,
    while the gettin' is good.

    They don't really mind goin' down, but not on a ship, that much I know, for certain.

    Furburger in Paradise
    Heaven on earth with an onion slice.
    Not too particular, not too precise.
    Medium rare with mustard'd be nice
    Makin' the best of every virtue and vice.
    Worth every damn bit of sacrifice
    To get a furburger in paradise

  30. That baby is not OSHA approved for the field workers, is it, rufus?

    Or maybe it is, and the fellow had to many fijoles.

    A whole lot of methane, goin' on

  31. Craig's already got a gig lined up to do a Tap Instruction Video.

  32. "Tap your way from Boysie to Pokeafellow"

  33. Carpet Kitten calls Miller:

    "Craig got Cocky with that Policeman, and now his Career's in the Crapper."

  34. Bush talks Craig into staying til '08!
    Stay the Course til the Mission's Accomplished!

    RIP, GOP

  35. There's money to be made in getting blown up in a porta-potty.

    Potty Lawsuit Filed

    10 million$ they are asking.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Mitt Romney has called on Mr Craig to resign
    John McCain has called on Mr Craig to reign
    Mark Foley has called on Mr Craig.

  39. LMAO Bob, I'm still laughing

  40. I'm all for Coal, Doug. Unfortunately, it won't last, forever.

    They're starting to build ethanol plants near coal plants (Blue Flint was the first one, I think) and use the waste heat to distill ethanol. Great move.

  41. Gateway Pundit has a petition you all need to sign.

  42. The Port potty's alright, but, personally, I prefer this little number. Jet-Powered Barstool

  43. Rufus, did you see the skate boarder I posted--0 to 110mph in practically nothing flat? Jet powered. World's record.

  44. c'mon, Rufus, let's you and I get a couple of These and show the younger people how it's really done!

  45. Doug, I think the whole "Climate Change" nonsense is, . . . . nonsense.

    The only thing I'm against is letting the world be dependent on a bunch of barbaric, islamist assholes for our energy.

    That, plus the fact that in the long run (well, medium-run, anyway) we're going to have to rely on biological resources for a whole lot of our energy.

  46. Which at over 100 mph is quite interesting

    Yeah, I can understand that.

    God, I LOVE people :)

  47. A Mexican and a Black Guy Saving Los Angeles

    Welcome to Los Angeles
    Non Sanctuary City


    Black guy says none of the Big Name Black Preachers, Politicos, and Victim Groups want anything to do with it.
    "We're all Colored People"

    Plenty of real folks and grassroots orgs though.
    Romney is in touch, will come out and check plight of Blacks in MexicanVille.

  48. Yeah, I know, Rufus, just joshin you.

  49. Back before they had high tech wheels on skateboards, in college I used to tow people behind my VW:
    One gal hit a manhole and wiped out.
    Unfortunately, her brother was my boss!
    Just for a little while after that!

  50. The cool thing about the old fashioned wheels was that after a few trips around the blog, you'd come into the pits with smoke coming out of the bearings.
    Again, just for a little while.

  51. Block, Block!
    Out, out damned Blog!

  52. Guess what; They've figured out they can pick fruit with MACHINES!!

    Surprise! Surprise!

    The Orange Picker can pay for itself in 2 years.

    Saw it on Fox News. Don't have a link.

  53. Back in the Old Days when we had "Snow" in Missouri, and I was a little bitty kid, we would hook a sled up behind a Ford Tractor. Man, That Was FUN!

  54. At least it was fun if you were a 5 year old kid:)

  55. Told Ya So

    The 9th Circus is nothing if not predictable. And expeditious too, when they want to be.

  56. GoogleMania

    Who’s With Gwyneth? The Google Guy
    Tan Chade-Meng

    A Google engineer with a big smile, has had his picture taken with more than 100 luminaries who have visited the company in Mountain View, Calif.

  57. Yeah Rufus,
    That really IS/was work US Citizens can't do.
    (Worth a shit), anyway.
    Great news on the Picker.

  58. We used to hooky-bob, we called it, which was when the snow was packed on the streets we'd sneak up on an unsuspecting motorist, and grab on to the bumper, and get pulled around town, usually at night. But those man-hole covers, they were a bitch, no kidding. You had to have a pair of well worn work boots to to make it work out good.

  59. Craig thot he'd be real sexy with a tanned Wiener, so he put some of that liquid sun on it.
    Turned him into an Orange Pecker.

  60. Hooky-Bobbing in Alaska

    They do it a little different there, get towed around on a rope.

  61. "Ah, yes, divorce, from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet." Robin Williams

    "The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less." Brendan Francis

    Funny. Divorced, I spent my day buying a new boat motor, went fishing, stopped for dinner at Hooter's. Tomorrow, dove season opens and I have a spot on 1500 acres, and a BBQ afterward. Sunday, I'll ride my BMW motorcycle like it's stolen. Monday, golf. Live free, then die alone like everybody else.

    From a commentor on this thread at Maggies Farm.

  62. "Not only that but you get the benefit of experiencing the human sexual rsponse from someone other than a person with a headache, or who is a headache.

    When you get old you can always find a widow with an insurance dowry who is lonely and vulnerable and marry her. The country is full of them.

    Women who have given their late husbands the hypertension that caused the cerebral vascular "accident" and death.

  63. You didn't tell us you grewed up in Missourra, Rufus.
    What Part?
    Ever hear of the "Tarvins?"

  64. You know, I really don't have a problem with the trucks as long as they let our trucks deliver down there. I think efficient trade is good for all of us.

  65. Yeah, we could take semis of Illegals down, and bring back Watermelons.

  66. Man, I drank 10 or 12 beers, smoked a fourteen foot long "Cuban" I brought back from Aruba, and now I'm working on what's left of a bottle of Crown.

    I'll try to remember to apologize tomorrow for all that I'll probably say later. Then again, maybe not.

  67. Before you pass out, see my
    Sat Sep 01, 01:10:00 AM EDT
    If you please.

  68. Frigging Aruba!
    Weren't they in the News about somethi?

  69. The Bootheel.

    I thought we hung'em all; are there any left?

  70. Somewhat off-topic.

    But I just had to hear two "American" drinking partners express their opinion that they actually were glad the Duke LaX players were innocent, so they could feel how it was to be railroaded.

    Blood grievances and majority rule. Welcome to the world. Hell meet handbasket.

    I'm going to bed to sleep it off.

  71. Yeah, that's where all the little Southern Debutantes go for their last (and, I do mean, "last") sparkin.

  72. On the other hand, the guy to my right was mighty impressive, though perennially in the defensive. Easy to be offensive when you're ignorant.


  73. Cutler, shop around for some "Brighter" mates.

    Unless they were "buying," in which case where are y'all going to be tomorrow night?

  74. Fourteen foot? That's a hell of a cigar, but maybe you meant fourteen inches?

    They'll be bringing semis of illegals up here, and taking back I don't know what, as we don't export anything anymore, and the corn's going into the fuel tank.

  75. Yeah, my favorite Uncle had about a Zillion Family members back there.
    When he died, my Aunt married his best friend who grew up with him there in some tiny farming area. "Gibson"
    Great guy, got screwed by cancer.
    His mom was still alive, pushing 100.

  76. McCall, Idaho

    This mountain town is on shimmering Payette Lake. "Summer visitors enjoy water-skiing and wakeboarding, plus rock-climbing routes, mountain-biking trails, fishing holes and the 2.3 million acres of the Payette National Forest," says Tuff. "Two major ski areas — Brundage Mountain Resort and the new Tamarack Resort — are just a few minutes from McCall. A highlight of every year is the Winter Carnival (January-February) for snow-sculpting, tubing races and snowshoe golf." 800-260-5130;
    Nice Place, AlBob/

  77. Dunklin Co, Missouri. My family is originally from there. My Grandfather bought 10,000 acres of swampland down there for $0.50/acre. Owned 5 large general stores. Could cut the pieces for a barn in his back yard, put it on a trailor and take it out to the customer's farm and erect it without recutting a piece, it was said. Depression came along, nobody could pay him, lost the storres, sold the swampland for $0.75/acre. Came WWII, the Cypress was worth a fortune. Ammo Boxes, doncha know. Shit!

  78. Doug, your 10 great small towns link doesn't work.

  79. "Owned 5 large general stores."
    Things were goin good!
    ...then they weren't.
    Never thot about the Cypress Ammo Box Trade!

  80. Delete that 1:34:00, would you, Doug? We got enough tourists.

    The snow sculpting is neat, I can tell you that.

  81. My "Nutz" link above,
    Choose the "Pond Skimming" Slideshow!

  82. Those Cypress swamps built one of the largest lumber companies in the United States. Gideon Anderson.

  83. As in Gideon, MO.

  84. On my mom's side, which goes back to Virginia, before the Revolutionary War, that line had a place in Tennessee during the Civil War, got wiped out, tried farming in Kansas, failed, moved to Puget Sound. Poor as church mice.

  85. the annual North American Wife Carrying Championships that take place at Sunday River Ski Resort every October.

    Huh? Never mind.

  86. My daughter came down to stay awhile after her surgery. She found a "scenic" overlook type place where she liked to spend a few hours every now and then.

    Got me to thinking. She probably had relatives doing the same thousands of years, ago. Did I mention we're stone Cherokee on my father's mother's father's side?

  87. bin Laden? I don't need no stinking bin Laden!
    (prior to having "Chicken Little" Clarke demoted)

    As Her Star Wanes, Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy
    Condoleezza Rice’s gloss is diminishing with a stream of exposés and tell-all books about the Bush administration.

  88. Damn they got Livingston Mt. on that list too. But I know some other places they haven't mentioned.

    Yup, you mentioned that. My aunt used to say, "Bob, if I could be anything I chose, I'd be 1/2 Native American, and 1/2 Swede. She was full Swede, like my dad.

    I'm 1/2 Swede, the rest blended good.

  89. "Pond Skimming." Guaranteed to get you laid (up in bed with pneumonia:)

  90. She was full Swede, like my dad.

    I'm 1/2 Swede, the rest blended good.

    Huh Full Swede + Full Swede = 1/2 Swede?

    Somebody's got some 'splainin to do.

  91. That's cool, Chief!
    What'd your mom's folks do in Puget Sound besides shiver?

  92. My best friend had a bit of Injun. His dad a bit more.
    Big, Tough Guy, great dad too, if a little "abusive" by today's standards.
    Kids turned out successful tho.
    Had that same alcohol Gene you got!
    (tryin to remember if they were Cherokee too.)

  93. They don't have to worry at Stanford; She'll go to Harvard.

  94. My aunt,Rufus, my aunt. Mom was English, French , German. Dad full Swede. 1/2+1/4+1/8+1/8=1 :)

    Music teacher, antique shop. Her brother was a painter, still have some around here that he did, pretty good too, painted stuff around Seattle mostly. Died in his thirties. After graduating from U of Washington, mom got a job in Moscow with the U of I and met dad.

  95. English, French , German
    Think that's my Mother in Law.
    Wife and sis light skinned red-Blonde and Blond.
    Little sister Olive-Skinned, brown hair.
    ...more like mom.

  96. Lots of painters died young in those days.
    Brother in law's dad was a painter, but his Irish Blood carried him into his sixties.
    His non-painter dad lived a lot longer than that.

  97. "Online comments on the newspaper’s Web site were even harsher, a veritable stream of vitriol. One of the milder posts came from Jon Wu, who did not give an affiliation: “Please go away, Rice. We don’t want someone who is responsible for the slaughter of an entire nation teaching at our school.”
    Great Stanford Product.

  98. "And it was before furious Lebanese hung a huge banner depicting Ms. Rice’s face, with blood dripping from her lips, from a bridge in central Beirut."
    That's something I'd lose sleep over too!

  99. Mitt says he will nuke em' back. And that's a campaign promise.

    My sis is red-headed, really light beautiful red hair. She used to hate it, but it's beautiful, light red, long and soft. Goes way down her back now. I had another aunt whose hair, when she let it down at night, and she was sitting in a chair, would touch the floor. I used to sneak up and pull it, and get whacked with her hair brush.

    I think my mom's brother may have died of TB, but I can't remember for sure. TB got my grandfather on my dad's side, for sure. There was a lot of it around back then, and it is working up from the south now, with the Mexicans.

    Face it Doug, people in California no longer have the ability to think or reason. In California, the land of the environmentalist, the legislature and the Dept of whateveritis have ruled--no more nuclear plants. The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters. Goya had a painting titled something like that.

  100. "Beyond trying to influence the historical record, Ms. Rice is trying hard to rewrite her legacy to include something more than Iraq. Her colleagues and friends say that she has accepted that Iraq is a stain that she probably cannot remove before she leaves office. So she has thrown herself into shoring up the rest of her legacy, zeroing in in recent months on Arab-Israeli peace, as a possible source of redemption."
    Oh, please, Lord!
    Not THAT!

  101. SHIT! I used to (before my forty-seventh drink) know HOW TO READ!

    Auntsy, Momsy, you're just tryin to confuse the poor old drunken injun, aren't you. G'Damned Whites. A couple a ships and the next thing you know the neighborhood's gone to hell.

  102. Yeah, the frigging Hawaii Supremes said the SuperFerry's gonna have to have an EIS!
    Three YEARS for an enviro Statement?
    NOW They tell them.
    What are they supposed to do for money in the meantime?
    Maybe use the Boats somewhere else? other boats ever had to get an EIS.
    Sierra Club rules Supreme.

  103. El Sueno de la Razon Produce Monstruos

    Hell Rufus, I can barely keep em apart myself, don't feel bad. And they might not have told me the truth. I might be Polish, for all I know.

  104. We be the Mongrels Rufus.
    Better known as Hybrids.
    Before our time with Vigor.

  105. My injun friend and his brother both built Breweries!
    Brother was retired AF, enjoyed visiting the Bars where his beer was served.
    Injuns and Fire Water.

  106. Doug, they'd have had to have some kind of Hawaiian state permit for those ferries. If they were given the go ahead, I'd think they'd have some recourse against the state, regardless of what the Hawaiian Supreme Court has said. Shit, they shouldn't be able to just whip lash people around like that.

    Hy-breds R Us All

  107. I recently switched to Coors light, and never get the same Headache I got w/bud and millers.
    Never could get it fresh here in the old days.
    Costco changed that.

  108. Sixteen months to go? Why hell, "Peace in Palestine" should be No Problem at all.

    Shit, I wonder what the weather IS LIKE in that world those silly fuckers live in?

  109. Hell, Bob, We're probably ALL Polish. Momma's baby, Daddy's maybe, right?

  110. I finally broke down and bought some driving glasses--at Costco. Eighty nine dollars, plastic rims, glass, that tinted stuff that changes with the sunlight. I was looking at over $300 at some other places. I kind of like Costco. I bought a big searchlight there that I have never used--3 million candlelight or something--lights up the mountain over there. It was under fifty bucks.

    I wouldn't even know how to prove it now Rufus. They've all been cremated, so DNA testing is out. Just have to take it on faith I quess.

  111. Well, Bob, if they wasn't from there, they was from "Somewhere."

    My Cherokee kin was here a long time; but, before that, they was from somewhere else. We all started in the ooze a few milyun years, ago.

  112. I just wish I could have a minute to glimpse it 500 years, or a thousand, from now. I bet it will be something.

  113. Interesting, anyway.

  114. Best glasses I ever got, alBob.
    Titanium Frames with plastic side thingies for comfort, polycarbonate transition lenses like yours but lighter, thinner, stronger, $131.
    Used to be a fortune in Paradise.
    Bought my last pair about 15 years ago.
    Costco guy twisted the frames almost 90degrees and they spring right back.

  115. I saw that Searchlight!
    Looked like a Steam locomotive headlight!
    Shoulda bought one.
    I got a smaller one on sale at Radio Shack for five Bucks!
    Great for when things disappear, then magically re-appear under the glare of the searchlight.
    Grandma shoulda had one.

  116. The glasses guy got a law degree too, recently.
    I asked him what possessed him, after getting his eye thing from Beserkley in the 70's.
    He said he sleeps about 3 hours, and figured he'd do something!
    I'm workin my way down to about 4.
    Probly die that much younger.

  117. Democratic Party is urging members to Counter-Protest for Defeat.

  118. Cute little Japanese gal kept comin back with problems with her glasses.
    Now she's his wife!
    He ran a Helicopter Simulator down in SoCal for the Marines.

  119. Hillary's Money Man Goes Home

    I'm with on that Rufus. Things have changed so much in the last couple hundred years, what does the future hold? I want to at least last until that new James Webb space telescope gets up there. Then I can bug you all to death posting more space pictures, back to the beginning of time, if there is such a thing.

    That's the one, like a big steam locomotive headlight. I turned it on once, kind of scared the hell out of me for a minute, lit up the whole mountain almost. I don't know what I would ever use it for really. Morse Code to the space shuttle I quess.

  120. That sucks.
    All the Pubs in Reno oughta go down there.
    We got married in Virginia City!

  121. Chapel guy looked like a drunk.
    Fitting, I guess.

  122. One of these days those crazy women in California will probably be protesting in favor of sharia law.

  123. (Esp since my drunk injun friend was by my side!)

  124. Virginia City was named Verona, after Verina Davis, pres, Confederate States of America. Then they changed the name.

    Chapel guy probably was a drunk. But he got you through the ceremony anyway. The question is were you drunk? I'm thinking of a story I read not so long ago, where the person simply didn't remember getting married. Everybody said he did, so he finally accepted it--fait accompli.

  125. I thought I saw where he just posted his two mil and walked.

  126. They could just hook a radio transmitter up to James Webb and get tranmissions from Space and save big bucks.
    A real Cadet, that one.
    Head always on the verge of exploding.

  127. James goes Jihadi.

  128. The guys gotta be crazy as a freakin loon.

  129. Somebody got me drunker'n Amos; Good night y'all, I'm going to bed. If I can find it. :)

  130. Why are they naming it after him anyway. He's still alive, sorta.

    Verina Davis was the wife of the pres, Conferate States of America. jeez

    The money man has bailed out already? Figures. He really ought to go to Hong Kong, or someplace, now, I'd think.

  131. Nite, Rufus. Sleep tight, as I'm sure you will. I'm going to bed too. Nite, Doug. I have no idea what time it is there, maybe I should say afternoon, or something.

  132. Take the Webb tour before you hit the hay!
    Second thot,
    Who needs nightmares?

    Man, I'm glad I got sent to Koorea!

  134. What, would your feet rot off if you didn't paint them?

  135. That is way more urban than I got, Doug. There wasn't that many chickens in all of I Corps. Believe me. If Charlie hadn't eat'en them, we would've.

    Now, I'm REALLY goin to bed. Nite!

  136. Had a cool Patch:
    Black and white Bullseye Sorta.

  137. Them chickens is now.
    Times are Flush.
    Don't cook tonight,
    Call Chicken Delight.
    I'd rather eat chick, but then I'm a nasty old man, just as 'Rat is a rasty Rat.

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