“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007



  1. time to whack the iranian...

    he's traveling all over the place...

    just one car bomb by some black ops....

    and poof...

    no more despot....

  2. The US is not at war with Iran, in fact we subsidize them to the tune pf $270 million this year. Promised to send another $870 million over the next four years.

    Obviously the US is not at war with Iran, if we are funding their developmet projects, through the World Bank, to the tune of almost $1 BILLION USD over the next four years.

    "Whacking" Abracabra would make no more difference than having Arafat being put into the ground.

    The first two generations of Hezzbollah leadership were inept and incompetent. After Israeli forces assassinated Seyyed Abbas al-Musawi in 1992, Hasan Nasrallah was chosen as the secretary-general of Hezbollah. Israel made an error with that assassination, that proven just last year, south of the Litani river.

    Assassinating GW Bush would not defeat the United States, the death of Mr Olmert would not destabilize Israel, Abracadbra is but a poster boy for a culture, not the keystone of it.

  3. Beyond that, a picture is worth a thousand words

  4. dr...

    if israel had whacked arafat when they could have it WOULD have made a dif...

    dont confuse the american system ie you cannot kill the office of the president, but you can KILL the cult of personality of leadership of the pseudo-cult figures like hitler, stalin, arafat and what's his name in iran.

    you are correct we are not at war with the people of iran, some of the most pro western islamists in the world!

    however your statement reminds me of those that argue you cannot a military solution over gangs of death squads, and the truth? you can...

    no, it's time to pluck the feathers off of some really bad apples, BECAUSE they are MURDERING the killing of americans for decades..

    if they do it with plausible deniability then so can we...

    wake up, the death of one crack pot mass murderer like Ahmadinejad is not a bad thing... in fact the BEST was to seal with the islamic hoards the the old saying, talk softly and carry a big stick

    Leadership in the arab/persian world is MUCH more than important than here.. here we DO lose a leader every 4 years, so to speak, in the arab/persian world whacking a turdhead in the middle of the night, with a nice rpg up his ass sends a great message to them "if you fuck with us, we will hunt you done PERSONALLY and kick your ass, no matter where you hide"

    the question is simple to me, if there are men who seek the destruction of the usa and our way of being, i say, fight them sooner than later.... do not give them a fair fight, listen to their words, and tak what they say as true... and BOMB accordingly

  5. sorry about the typos, new keyboard!

    yeah, that's the ticket....

  6. The 36 ton F-22 has internal bomb bays, to enhance stealthiness. Thus it can carry two half ton smart bombs, or eight 250 pound SDBs (ground penetrating Small Diameter Bombs), in addition to internally carried two heat seeking and, of fewer bombs are carried, six radar-homing air-to-air missiles. Using the external hard points, which makes the aircraft more visible on radar, an F-22 can carry about four tons of bombs and missiles.
    I think Tony said the Phantom could carry it's weight in ordinance.
    The F22 has the most advanced radar and electronic warfare gear of any jet fighter. When you include the cost of research and development, each F-22 ends up costing nearly $400 million. But for pilots in combat, it's money well spent.

  7. Empty 30,328 lb (13,757 kg)

    Max Payload
    16,000 lb (7,257 kg)

    So, the F-4 weighed 15 tons and had an 8 ton payload!

  8. vs the 36 ton F-22's
    4 Tons?

  9. damn it bob, I'm trying to get some sleep.

  10. The Mayor speaks out in Foreign Affairs

    If you think Rudy is going to win you might want to buy some defense stocks.

    Sorry, deuce, thought you were already asleep.

  11. Classic, BobAl!

    Enemies R Us.

  12. We gotta enlist these guys in the WOT!
    Vic is Toast!
    "Embattled NFL quarterback Michael Vick, facing federal charges related to his alleged participation in dogfighting, has been hit with a "$63,000,000,000 billion dollar" lawsuit filed by a South Carolina inmate who alleges the Atlanta Falcons star stole his pit bulls and sold them on eBay to buy "missiles from Iran," FOX News has learned.

    Jonathan Lee Riches filed the handwritten complaint over "theft and abuse of my animals" on July 23 in the U.S. District Court in Richmond, Va.

    Click here to read the filing against Vick.(pdf)

    Riches alleges that Vick stole two white mixed pit bull dogs from his home in Holiday, Fla., and used them for dogfighting operations in Richmond, Va. The complaint goes on to allege that Vick sold the dogs on eBay and “used the proceeds to purchase missiles from the Iran government.”

    The complaint also alleges that Vick would need those missiles because he pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in February of this year.

    “Michael Vick has to stop physically hurting my feelings and dashing my hopes,” Riches writes in the complaint."

  13. Open Borders scores three more points.

    Accused killer not legal

    CNN's Jason Carroll looks into why an illegal immigrant accused of killing three people was previously granted bail.

    Not an immigration Issue:

    Those who favor strict immigration enforcement say the ability of murder suspect Jose Carranza, an illegal immigrant from Peru, to roam the streets before the killings despite pending assault and child-rape charges underscores the need for stepped up contact between local authorities and immigration agents. Many say police should routinely check immigration status during the normal course of their work.

    But advocates for immigrants argue that the killings are not "an immigration issue" and expressed concern that all illegal immigrants would be stigmatized as potential killers.

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    Gingrich 'sickened' with Bush, Congress

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday he is "sickened" that President Bush and Congress went on vacation "while young Americans in our cities are massacred" by illegal immigrants.

    Gingrich, who is considering a run for the White House, was referring to a recent crime in Newark, N.J., where three college students were murdered execution style in a school playground.

    One of the suspects -- Jose Lachira Carranza -- is an illegal immigrant from Peru who was on bail on charges of raping a child when the murders occurred.

    Gingrich said another suspect is an illegal immigrant from Nicaragua with a long record of arrests who was ordered deported in 1993 but never left.

    However, The (Newark) Star Ledger reported Tuesday that the man -- Rodolfo Godinez -- obtained permanent legal residency in 2001.

    The Newark Police Department did not return requests for comment.

    Gingrich said that the "war here at home" against illegal immigrants is "even more deadly than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan."

    "The federal government's incompetence, timidity and uncoordinated efforts to identify and deport criminal illegal aliens have had devastating consequences for innocent Americans," Gingrich said, in a newsletter.

    Gingrich said that the "war here at home" against illegal immigrants is "even more deadly than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan."

    "As an American, I am sickened that the political leadership of America could continue to go on vacation and do nothing," he said. "Why are the August vacations for the president and the Congress more precious than the lives of young Americans who are being killed because of government incompetence and inaction."

  16. Gingrich' Column:

    The War at Home Is Just as Important as the War Abroad

    The issue is simple: Either Congress and the President want to defend innocent Americans from violent illegal aliens or they don't.

    Either the killing of three young Americans is a horrendous event that requires us to act or we will go on with politics as usual while young Americans in our inner cities are massacred by people who should not be here.

    There is a war here at home that is just as important as the war against terrorism overseas.

    There are combat casualties here in America just as there are combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    When you watch the President and the members of Congress on their August vacations, ask yourself why they can't spend a few days honoring the lost lives of Dashon Harvey, Terrance Aeriel and Iofemi Hightower by passing a law to save their younger relatives from the same tragic end.

  17. Speaking of dogfighting Idaho and Wyoming I think it is are the only two states without dogfighting laws.

    Can't testify about Wyoming but Idaho has never had a problem, probably never a dogfight, other than those started by the dogs themselves of course.

    With all the other problems around, what does our legislature start to talk about doing next session, after reading something far away in another state, in the papers? Of course, take up the issue of enacting a dogfighting law.

    We have cruelty to animal laws, but that's not going to be good enough, to cover a non existant problem.

    We got to get on board with this.

    And if there have been any dogfight parties here, my hunch is it came in with the illegal immigrants.

  18. We do however have dog racing, and the losing greyhounds, bred for the purpose, are given a reprieve of a few weeks to be possibly adopted, and if not, then euthenized. Go figure.

  19. All the while having reintroduced the wolf, so as to insure horrific death to many innocent elk and deer.

    I want a law to protect the non existant big foot.

    O democracy!

  20. Misreading Venezuela

    Contrary to what Americans hear constantly from the media, Venezuelans have a poor opinion of their president, Hugo Chavez, and a positive opinion of Americans and the United States.
    However, few still know that his buddies in the U.S. include:
    • actor Danny Glover, who received $18 million from Chavez to make a movie. Glover has been known to compare Chavez to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.;

    • Joseph Kennedy Jr., who runs Citgo's distribution of “cheap” Venezuelan fuel oil for Chavez in the northeast;

    • Jesse Jackson, who was decorated by Chavez in Venezuela;

    • Ramsey Clark, a famous anti-war activist from the Vietnam era and one of the lawyers who defended Saddam Hussein;

    • Don King, the boxing promoter;
    • Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist; and
    • Massachusetts Congressman William Delahunt.

  21. It seems to me wi"o" that States cannot effectively make "war" on individual leaders, but other States.

    I used to advocate fermenting revolution in Iran, but that is beyond the capacity of the current US Administration.

    I had hoped that Shah Jr would make good on his promises of a coup and restoration of the monarchy. But the due date came and went without a whimper.

    The very idea that the US or "West" can attack the leaders, and thusly "liberate" the people has proven itself hollow, in Iraq. Where a small undefeated segment of that population did not consider itself liberated, but occuppied, tying the US down for 4 years, to the tune of $500 BILLION USD.

    No, the idea of decapitating the opponents, and achieving "peace" is a faulty construct.

    Proven in Iraq and south of the Litani in 2006.

    There are only the two basic options, war or retreat. The US is not at war, it is in strategic retreat.

    Arming the wahhabists of Saudi Arabia, those that funded the attacks of 9-11 upon the US, with the most modern of weapons, $20 Billion bucks worth, is proof enough of that.

    No, if he US wants to stop the terror, wants to defeat radical mussulmen, Nation States must be defeated, in detail, not "liberated".

    Faulty thinking, to believe that there is a low cost, low risk solution, short of a real war. Especially against the Iranians, or the wahhabists, who are the real threat to the US. Much more so than the Iranians ever have been, or will be.

  22. Giuliani Warns on PLO State

    Stance Puts Daylight Between Him and Rice

    WASHINGTON — In a sweeping repudiation of the conventional wisdom that America's war on terrorism must address Palestinian Arab national grievances, the leading Republican contender for the presidency is warning of the dangers of pressing too soon for Palestinian statehood and is asserting that Israeli security is a "permanent feature of our foreign policy."

    "Too much emphasis has been placed on brokering negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians — negotiations that bring up the same issues again and again," Mayor Giuliani writes in an essay published yesterday in Foreign Affairs. "It is not in the interest of the United States, at a time when it is being threatened by Islamist terrorists, to assist the creation of another state that will support terrorism."

    In some of the boldest language on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict used thus far by any presidential candidate, Mr. Giuliani writes: "Palestinian statehood will have to be earned through sustained good governance, a clear commitment to fighting terrorism, and a willingness to live in peace with Israel."

    That language appears to be a direct shot at President Bush and Secretary of State Rice, who are making just such a push for final status negotiations between President Abbas and Prime Minister Olmert in September, despite Hamas's takeover of Gaza in June